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GT: except for cross stitch, most embroidery patterns are just regular drawings, but with very clean lines and without the shading. Think of the drawings in coloring books. I have patterns on transfer paper and on regular white copy paper, I think either is fine. There are a lot of free pattern sites on line, so competition for sellers is fierce. That said, I would pay for patterns if I liked them enough. I think people (like me) who hate those insipid patterns with geese wearing aprons, etc. are always looking for something that reflects their personality. Hope this is of some help...the hot link I wanted has disappeared from my bookmarks. I wanted to direct you to an embroiderer called "bad bird" who publishes free patterns (and sells some) on her blog. Anyway, good luck and let us know if you have success with etsy...I've thought of selling some stuff on there, too.
That's what I was going to say. When I make my own patterns, I just transfer them on with a solid line.

Here's two projects.

The first is love birds I put on a hoodie, that hoodie is a work in process.

the second is a sugar skull I made for a friend for his birthday.
thanks koffee (and Culture) i think i was thinking about cross stitch. but regular embroydery is just as cool. culture, can i enlist you to sew some samples? i would do it myself but between drawing painting and some collabs, it would be forever before i could do it. on the upside, you could tell me what you think would be fun, and i will draw it....
Movie buff that you are...I would love for someone to make a series of of patterns surrounding Hitchcock, or something unexpected like "Man with the Golden Arm" (who wouldn't love to embroider syringes all over the place? That sounds sarcastic, but I'm only half kidding) or especially Japan's Studio Ghibli movies.
I know you already have your own ideas; these are just a few things I keep hoping to find. Don't forget that any drawing you make into "graph" form (for cross stitch) could also be sold to knitters. We knitters are much more accustomed to paying for patterns than embroiderers.

Culture- Your sugar skull is beautiful...I can never get my french knots to look even and all the same size like that.
GT, Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I would Love love LOVE to do that for you!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Awww thanks Koffee. wub.gif that sugar skull was actually my first big project. By the end, I just wanted it to die, I was so sick of the detail.
Here are some links to Bad Bird Embroidery.
I remember seeing her work on Crafster and was totally blown away by her talent and her fun subject matter.

Love your work, CH! You're an inspiration!

::returns to knitting madness::
oooooo i like that a lot, rosey! her stuff is purrrrrrty. sp. the tiger.

koffee, i love the idea of hitchcock stuff, or better some of the graphic design of hitchcock posters....

culture gimmie a day or two to figure out what i need, and we will get to it. i'm a ball of stress today, so i need a bit of a break.
Take yer time my dear. I need to pick up some material and thread anyways, not that I need more thread, but you can *never* have enough embroidery thread.

~*~*~*~soothing vibes for gt~*~*~*~*
GirlTrouble- Hope you're still out there...I was over in Say Cheese for the first time and I came across your Lil Stinker sketches/tats and I LOVELOVELOVE them. I mean, I really, really love them. (I love skunks and don't come across very many great skunk sketches). I would buy the sketches to embroider on baby onesies, etc. in a heartbeat. I hope you are serious....we poor souls who cannot draw our way out of a paper bag could really make good use of your talent.
awwww. complements will get you everywhere, koffee. i did a pin up version of lil stinker, i need to redraw, since i miss drawing legs... i'll do an outline of little stinker and post it in the next day, and see if i can get the pin up done. i'd love to see that embroidered. and i love skunks too, wink.gif
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