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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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Hey..does anyone else have room for one more? I just realized I have no idea how to get there. Help a Canadian out?
Dolly, check -- they've got a price ceiling of $200ish, but most of the hotels they list are around $100/night.

Sukouyant, I think I can fit you in. We'd be five in the car, but I think it'd be okay. Can you get to my 'hood? I'll PM you and Lucizoe the info.
Eurocheapo had a lot of nice-looking things, but unfortunately the cheap ones were all booked, or had a 3-night minimum! (2 of the East Village B&Bs had that). But we found a solution!

Fuego, you have the same kind of car I do, and 5 people can totally fit in it.
Oy ~ grazie Fuego. Otherwise I would get lost for sure.
Hey, Fuego, can I sign up as an alternate teammate in the event that someone punks out?
Ris, of course. At the moment, I've got Artemis, Minouska, Lucizoe and Sukouyant coming with me. Should space open up I'll call you.
Oh, just toss me in the trunk. I'm small.
Well assuming that no one is comfy with tying me to their roof rack, I'll be taking the train up. Anyone who wants to join me, let me know...
Hey all,

I'll most likely be driving up in a rental car - so no idea how many will fit, but at least four. Will be driving from Washington Heights or UWS. Anyone want to come?

You'd have to make your own way back, though, unless you want to sleep over at Casamando and then come to Boston with me! ;)

ETA: Also, Fuego, since your car seems packed, maybe I could poach one or two of your crew.
oops, never mind, looks like i'll be taking the train. who's with me?
FWIW, i'll be able to help folks get home (or at the very least to manhattan), but not to mando's. (unless anyone is coming from North Jersey?)

:-) see you all next week! yay!
hey y'all,

Lunasol, I'll take the train with you!

Fuego, I'm in Manhattan and not too familiar with Brooklyn. I don't mind taking the train, so then ris can jump in my seat. I think it'll be better for me, too. Thank you so much for the offer, though!

carnescarnes, I guess that's me, you, lunasol...anyone else for the train?
(((misspissed))) & (((fuego))) you guys are wonderful for your kind chauffeur offers! please do check LJ for driving direction revisions. if anyone needs them emailed, let me know.

and fyi, i won't be checking in here or on LJ or my email on saturday, and possibly not fri night either. so if you need me for anything, please make sure you have my digits.
I'll be taking the train.

Hee. I'm posting in the NYC thread...
And I'll be EATING MY FEET with jealousy.

Stupid previous commitment. Argh.
I am going to be up north the day of Mandopolooza so I can't really offer anyone a ride (unless you're up here,too) but I would be happy to pick anyone up from the train. PM me if you need a ride. I'll be going home to brooklyn after tthe partay,so I could drive anyone who needs a ride back as well. PM Jem.
(((jem))) thank you for your offer too, luv.

(((girlbomb))) if i remember correctly, darlin, you had something important going on, not stupid a t'all.

i'm tres excited!!! this is turning into a mini-bustiecon!
So, is it true what they say about there being a Prom option at Mandopalooza?
i just PMed lucizoe, carnes, and dusty. anyone else up for the train?
...and the bust site seems to be temporarily unavailable.

so, i guess just post your replies to me here. sorry, everyone!
xpost from LJ: and, um, even tho somehow formal attire was initially woven into this party picture (not sure i ever knew how that happened, either, i'm about as anti-prom as you can get, i just threw that into the evite for shits and giggles), neither i nor sunny nor heven will be wearing anything resembling gowns. just so you know. but if anyone else wants to, by all means, go for it.

since bust seems to be going wonky again, you guys might want to keep checking LJ or the evite/emails from me for travel hook-ups/email addresses.
Ha ha, well I'm totally wearing my long summer frock cause god knows when I'll have the chance again...

I'm planning to visit the Museum of Sex while I'm there on Sunday is anyone else game? Has anyone been there before?
ahh, sukouyant! we were supposed to go there for Mr.Luci's birthday weekend, but since that was just a day or two post-surgery, he was a bit too sore.

Maybe we'll join you, though...*ponders*

Lunasol, I emailed you back...
I got yer email, Luna, and the Sweet Pickles Bus (aka my subaru) will be at the train station to pick you guys up, Just let me know who is coming and what time. I will totally make a sign that says your names and hold it up,too so you know who I am.SO EXCITED!
I am coming will be taking the train up and am presently going to check the metro north info. anyone needing to contact me can reach me at walkingbytchATlivejournalDOTcom
*picturing jem holding a limo sign that reads MANDOPALOOZA*
ohmygodJEM I can't believe you referenced Sweet Pickles!!!!! I love those books!

*dances excitedly*

Ahhhh! This is so exciting!

Me and my stupid pink dress wish we could be there with all of you.

NYC Busties:
Anyone know anyone in Park Slope/Prospect Heights/Fort Greene that plans to vacate their apt Aug 1st? My guy and I are looking for a large 1 br or 2 br, the cheaper the better. We're in the The Slope already but our landlords suck and we don't wanna pay broker's fees or look at craigslistings anymore.
Okay, so Luci and I are taking the 1:17 train up. Anyone who wants to join us, just send a PM.
lunasol, there is no 1:17 train for saturday, either departing or arriving at that time. did you mean the 1:10? you sure you got the right schedule? *fret*
kbot---my husband is a realtor in Park Slope. PM me fi you want his #, but bear in mind that he charges a fee.
That's TOTALLY what the sign is going to say,Mando!!! (Then I'm bringing it to your house.)
lunasol, you emailed me that it was the you want to meet earlier than 1:00, just to make sure?

mando, don't fret! we'll get there! don't go all mama-bear on us :-) Lunasol may be a Boston gal and I may be a city neophyte, but we'll manage!
Where the hell are you on on Live Journal?
Everyone have fun at Mandopalooza! I wish I could join, but alas I live too far away.

sukouyant, I've been to the Museum of Sex twice. I thought it was a fun museum, but I haven't seen the new exhibit yet.
jem, my LJ name is mandiblue. tell me yours and i'll add you.

d-medusa, i shall have a special party in your honor when you move here!

don't go all mama-bear on us ... but luci, that's what i do best!

heads up, trainsters: i just read a notice that "metro-north will be unable to accept credit or debt cards payments at ticket offices & vending machines from noon saturday to noon sunday because the power will be shut off for maintenance in the building that houses the system's software."

not sure if that includes the main ticket office at grand central or not. but i'd bring cash, just in case.

bastids! don't they know i have busties coming from all corners that day?!
mandi, thanks for catching my error!

luci and carnes, let's meet earlier, to be on the safe side. 12:45? i'll email both of you too.
you're welcome, lunasol.

xpost from LJ: any chance anyone who hasn't rsvp'd what they're bringing could bring a raw veggie & dip thingie tomorrow? i just realized the menu - such as it is, it's really sort of hodgepodge, but sure to please! - is pretty carb-heavy.

not that that's a bad thing, says the Queen of Carbohydrates!
oh, yes!! I can just buy that! I was agonizing over my chocolate recipes and the rising's hard to do fudge pie if it's 90 freaking degrees out...

I'll splurge at Whole Foods or something...

Got it covered
oo! i should bring a fruit platter thing. i can buy that at the market.

no, thanks - car's bringing fruit.

actually, i'll go post what people are bringing in LJ, fyi.
cracks up. this is quite an event mando.

I'm geeked. Y'all be nice to this old hobbled bustie from ages long ago in a galaxy far far away.

oh hush you. you know you're a legend!

could you guys go check my LJ posts and see if you can see the party-filtered posts? pretty sure i cocked it up somehow. which would splain why no one has commented on any of them. *frown*
ok. all fixed. please go back and read all my witty party banter & important direction revisions!
I get the first after party post! It was so wonderful to finally meet so many of you! Thanks for the fabulous party, Mando!!!!
just arrived back in boston! had soooooooo much fun with all of you today!

and of course, thanks, mando!
I am so tired today. I had a great time Mando, before end of summer we need to do it again. Dude I fell asleep on the train and got woken up by some nice old man sitting behind me who leaned forward and yelled in my ear, "WAKE UP MISS" when we got into Grand Central, scaring the piss from me swear-to-god. snorts.
It was so awesome to meet everyone! Thank you Mando - I had a wonderful time - so much fun!!
thanks, mando! yesterday was loads of fun, and it was nice to meet some new busties :-) and hang out with familiar faces, too.

i wanted to post the following event...i am going to be away this week, therefore cannot attend, but it will be a good time had by all (except me):

Burlesque for Choice has...

-swanky burlesque
-sexy gogo
-luxurious prizes
-smart aleck musical comedy
-stars like Carmen Mofongo, Little Brooklyn, Clams Casino, Nasty Canasta, and many more..
-and the sweet feeling of having done a good deed.

we only need you to come

So, on Wednsday, June 7th, 8-10 pm, please get your sweet selves over to the Lucky Cat
245 Grand St, btw Driggs and Roebling
Willimsburg, Brooklyn
$5-$10 suggested donation
$25 VIP seats
$5 raffle tickets (and those raffle prizes are damn cool!)

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