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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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I can't believe this thread still has the same title, it has got to be from as far back as 2001.
Good to know you remember this thread. If you can, please introduce or reintroduce yourself in the Newbie Thread. Thanks!
So I'm coming to New York next Monday (Aug 31st) for the first time and would love if anyone had ideas of what to do that's a little off the beaten track. I'll be there until Saturday afternoon, September 5th and I'm staying in Manhattan's Lower Eastside.

What I'd really like to do is find an indie craft market, explore Brooklyn (not too sure why, I just have a feeling that it would be amazing), eat some vegan or vegetarian food, and perhaps visit a great feminist organization or woman's centre, or go to an event like the GEMS party that girlbomb was mentioning. I work with women, children and youth who have experienced violence and/or exploitation so anything along those lines would be really interesting. Also, I'd really like to see some live music and burlesque.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or if you have a personal must-see that you'd like to share, I would love your input.

Thanks NYC busties!

Hey there, NY Busties. I can't remember who here originally introduced me to photographer Andrew Marks, but I'm about to go ballistic on him, and I just wanted to know if there was any good reason why I should not do so.

Here's the story: I used him in 2005 for my author photo, and I liked him and the shots I got. I recommended him to a friend, who used him for head shots -- he took a while getting her the photos, but ultimately she liked him and the photos, so I went ahead and hired him again to take photos at my wedding. Again, it took a few months to get the photos, but they were nice enough, and he was nice enough, so okay.

I asked him to shoot the GEMS benefit in May of this year. As detailed in a post below, GEMS is an organization that helps young women, ages 13 and up, who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation -- i.e., who have been prostituted by adult men to adult men. Many of them were kidnapped, coerced, beaten, raped, and terrorized. They're all amazing young survivors, and I love them dearly. At the benefit, they read their poems and stories, sang, rapped, danced, showed off, and had fun, for a change. They were dressed to the nines -- I'd arranged to get everyone's hair done special for the event, and a stylist friend donated her services to dress them. I asked that other guests refrain from taking pictures, as I didn't want the girls' privacy compromised, and I knew that Andrew was there to get all the shots we might want.

I gave Andrew a check for $600 that night. I have received one photo from the event. That was seven months ago.

I have sent numerous emails and left messages, but Andrew refuses to get back to me. I have posted queries to him on Facebook, and he has deleted my posts. So he can delete my posts, but he can't get me the fucking pictures of the GEMS girls. Why?

Every time I go to GEMS, the girls ask me when they're getting their photos. Every time, I have to tell them I don't think I'm ever going to get them. They are so disappointed and angry. As am I. He currently has testimonials on his website from my husband and my best friend. I have paid him more than fairly for a number of gigs. That he is choosing to blow me off is fine; that he's choosing to blow the GEMS girls off is unacceptable.

So is he incredibly depressed? Addicted to something? Physically unwell? Did I do something to deserve this treatment, something I'm not aware of? Is there some other side to this story that I'm not understanding? Because I am seriously about to go shithouse on him, and I am EXTREMELY creative and dedicated to my cause when I am angry.

Any information would be most appreciated. I hope all the NYC Busties are very well, and hope to see some of you around and about sometime...
So immediately after I post the post below, the subject of the post writes and says he's sorry, and that he's been going through a hard time, and now I feel like an asshole for berating him. I can't seem to find a way to edit the post below, so I guess I'll let it stand. I don't know how many times I've told myself: Don't post anything to the internet while angry! But god knows, if I never posted while angry, I'd never post. Heh.

Still hoping all BUSTies, NYC and otherwise, are very well.
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