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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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Zoya you done broke it. smile.gif

emmy photos, they may make you sign in for em.
So...I suck, 'cause I missed Jem's halloweenie party. We had just moved and stuff. Totally broke, no costumes, monster PMS, etc. Yeah. I sucks.

Anyway...does anyone want to be our witness on Friday? We're getting married at the courthouse/clerk's office/whatever in Brooklyn and we have no witness! I'm thinking we might try to snag someone off the street, if we can find someone willing to sacrifice twenty minutes or however long it takes. I have no idea. So, if anyone is let me know wink.gif
I told you I would do it, biznatch! I was even on Jorlemon today. Nontheless, congratulations...yer the missus now!
Awwww, Lucizoe! Did you find a witness? Congratulations!!
anna k
Friday night I'm going to a dance party on E. 13th St. It's only a dollar to get in, starts at 10 pm, and which feature funky music and free giveaways of a Serge Gainsbourg tribute album. Anyone wanna come with me?
Isn't it about time we had a Bustie get-together?
Hi NYC Busties!!!
well, looks like I am going to be in NYC for at least two weeks at the beginning of January! I may be out there sooner. So if ya'll are having any get-togethers, or wanna have a drink or eat... I'd love to join and meet you!!

ps - sybarite - thanks for the info! I don't know how I missed your PM, but I just saw it for the first time yesterday. dammit.
Zoya, if it's relevant I think the situation still stands. PM me if interested?
Heh, that would be me...

My agency charged $15 for half an hour and $25 for an hour, $35 per visit to feed and play with a cat, more for a dog, and $55 for overnight visits, but this was all Manhattan.

So I'd say you're undercharging, but I have no idea what rates in LI are like. Go with the higher numbers wink.gif

I quit school so I'll be doing it again soon, too. Winter-walkies. Whoo hoo! Anyone in Brooklyn need their dogs walked?
i agree with luci, blanche, go with the higher numbers, or at least close to them. i'm in westchester, but i know long island, and i think they're pretty comparable. kennels & doggie daycares charge way more than that. if i had a dog, i'd definitely pay luci's prices, for the peace of mind & personal touch.

what a great way to make a buck, exercise and playing with puppers! i should make my kid do that!
hi all -
well, i am going to be in nyc Jan 1 - 13, so if there is any kind of Bustie get together, i would love to meet you all (or even just some of you...)

btw, does anyone know how to get ahold of junglista?

January's coming... perhaps there will be yet another winter Bustie gathering? Maybe while Zoya is in town? And perhaps others will be in town...

Zoya, if you haven't already figured out how to reach Jung, PM me your email addy and I'll pass it along to her.

I don't have a dog, Lucizoe, but welcome to Brooklyn! What area are you in?
Oooh, yes! Gathering!

Hi ris!! I'm right on Atlantic where Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill meet. Very posh, very monied, very not us. But, we got an amazing deal and the kitties love it. I know, I know - everyone else is in Greenpoint. Still not sitting at the cool kids'
Not ALL the cool kids are in Greenpoint these days! You are in a very monied area indeed! But it is really pretty and there must be lots of rich people with no time to walk their dogs. Speaking of which, I was just perusing my neighborhood forum and saw someone looking for a dogwalker who is available evenings and weekends.
Here's the link if you're interested:
You can hop on the 2 or the 3 to get over here in about 10 minutes.

So, while we're talkin' about gigs... is anyone interested in private or small-group vinyasa yoga lessons? I just got certifed to teach. (Which explains why I was MIA for 4 months.) Even though I'd like to make a living from it eventually, now that the program has ended I'm more concerned with keeping my teaching practice going than finding students who can pay the going rate. My schedule's going to be fairly flexible in January, so I'm offering free lessons to all my friends who will be so kind as to share their practice with me. And that includes absolute beginners too. That's probably the level that I need the most practice with. So if you're interested, you can PM me.
Hey, guys. Long time no see. I hope everyone is well!

Last year I asked for recs for a gyno but I never went and now I've forgotten who was recommended to me (the pages from back then are gone so I can't search) and I'm currently signing up for new coverage, so...

If you guys have any recs for good lady doctors in Manhattan (west side/uptown preferred, but not essential) I would be so, so appreciative.

Thanks so much!!
OMG OMG OMG Cristina!!! I am in nyc for a few weeks! we share the same tatooist! OMG!

if you have any desire to hook up, please PM me! (or any other busties..)

Hey laydeez, long time no see. I'm going to be in town this weekend, if anyone is interested in coming along for Birthday Vietnamese food, let me know! Zoya, if you're still around, it would be SUPERCOOL to see you again - you'd be the first BUSTie I've seen on more than one continent! :-)
nice! I will be around. It would be great to see you! PM me and let me know where / when you're gonna be here!
Hi girls - I'm so sorry I didn't make it, I need to PM Lys and let her know why, also.

I had a friend in town and went out literally all night friday and felt so shitty on Saturday, I took a nap and didn't wake up until like 10 pm. ugh. I'm SOOOO bummed to have missed Lys and meeting a bunch of you! ick.

however it's looking good for me to officially be a nyc bustie soon!
I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm not living in NYC yet, i'm still in Maryland, but I will be moving to NYC this summer and I don't know anyone. yikes. it's a little scary. I'm hoping to get to know some like minded people through this thread.
girls.. send me some bustie vibes... i just checked out an apartment / roommate situation and if it pans out, I could be an nyc bustie in 1 week!

ETA: I didn't get it. boo. but something better will come along.
Good Luck Zoya! I'm hoping the apartment works out!

QUOTE(zoya @ Jan 13 2007, 03:27 PM) *

girls.. send me some bustie vibes... i just checked out an apartment / roommate situation and if it pans out, I could be an nyc bustie in 1 week!
ETA: I didn't get it. boo. but something better will come along.
No more greenpoint for us---we're moving to Gravesend February 3rd.

Wow, jem! That's quite a change...may I ask why the move?

And yes, these flakes are huge and amazing. I had to run outside like an idiot and stand in them. Snow, people! SNOW!!!!
anna k
Does anyone want to go with me to Le One Night Stand?
bump for mornington, for your possible NYC visit!
Anybody want to see ME naked?

Cause you can't. Ha ha.

But you can come to my paperback release party at the end of March, if you want -- just PM me for an invite.
Girlbomb, I'd much rather see you naked than "Terry" the 13 year old pornbot.
thanks nickclick! it took me a while to get sorted.

so... mid/late march. i've got five whole days with my F, and I'd love to go somewhere non-touristy as well. We'll probably only do a day-trip to ny, and i might try and wander in on the day he has to work... so not long.

you busties seemed like good busties to ask...
yes shopping! i love -

Pearl River Mart, on Broadway near Chinatown, clothes, pottery, stationary, cheap stuff you didn't think you'd need. stay on Broadway for Yellow Rat Bastard , and the usual chain stuff. nearby on Houston are the Angelicka arthouse film center and Katz deli, home to giant pastrami sandwiches and where sally faked her orgasm in when harry met sally.

Century 21 , right across from the WTC site

hit the farmer's market at Union Square, even tho you might not buy groceries, but great atmosphere and always home to artists/crafters tables, and the square is surrounded by chain stores and good eats. my favorite is chat n' chew for mac n' cheese and coca-cola cake. mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

oh no, forgot about st. mark's place in the east village! this site seems to have links to some good punk rock stores, landmarks and places to eat.
I always grab a burger at the Cozy Cafe 43 E 1st St. There is a hookah den below that can be hella fun. I loves the East Village!

Love Saves the Day is in the same 'hood. It's where Madonna traded her jacket for boots in Desperately Seeking Susan. 119 2nd Avenue. Down the way is the Kiev, if you like Ukranian food. 117 2nd Avenue. I love me some borscht. The whole St Mark's area is full of interesting places.

If you're going to Pearl River Mart & are into Asian stuff, set aside a few hours. It's huge & has tonnes of cool schwag. I walked out of there with a decidedly lighter credit card. It was the one day that we decided, "screw the subway" & took a cab because we were loaded down.

One of my fave things to do in NYC is take the Staten Island Ferry. It's free, they have White Castle, & beer. My best GF & I did it for lunch on an off day because we were too lazy to actually go see the Statue of Liberty. We chowed down on some sliders, drank a few Miller Lights & relaxed.

If you hit Central Park, you can also see the Dakota. They shot Rosemary's Baby there & John Lennon was shot in front of it. It's beautiful!

haha AP, great minds think alike... I was just going to say the staten island ferry! but I'll add one to that - take the ferry to staten island just at sunset. when you're going away from the city, you get to see the sun going down over the city and the statue of liberty. you'll have to wait like 10 - 15 min for the ride back, and by that point the sun will be down and you'll get to see the city all lit up as you go towards it. it's awesome.

if you wanna go somewhere SUPER non-touristy, go to the Cloisters. its the gallery owned by the metropolitan museum of art that is devoted to the art and architecture of medieval europe. its way the hell up there, in Ft Tyron Park, about a 10 min walk from the 190th st. stop on the A train. but it's worth it. totally secluded and awesome. Even if you're not into the art its worth it.

I'm a fan of the Lower East side, there are some great stores if you just wander.

If you're into going out at night, even though Ludlow Street gets super crowded these days on weekends most of the bars there are good.(there are bars all up Ludlow between Houston and Rivington) I'm still a huge fan of Max Fish. (its a bar on Ludlow) It's been there since way before the area got trendy. There are some great restaurants on Clinton st. between Houston and Rivington, pretty much everything on that block is awesome. Not super cheap, but not insane. if you wanna splurge a little without being snooty, i like that block. Oh and there is a great, CHEAP crepe shop on Ludlow near Rivington.
Ahhh, the East Village. I would recommend avoiding St. Mark's Place on weekend evenings. I've been much more chill since I moved offa that street. Couldn't bloody walk for all the teenage punk tourists most nights.

Vaselka's (9th st and 2nd ave) is pretty good Ukrainian and Polish fare, but if you go down to Avenue A along the park there are even more choices. You must go to Pommes Frites, between SMP and 7th street, along 2nd ave, for the best french fries and dipping sauces in the known universe.

The part of the East Village that borders the West Village is filled with Asian restaurants and grocery stores, and lots of sushi restaurants. Surprise Surprise on 3rd ave, between 11th and 12th (I think) is a fun junk store to root through.

East Village Thai, on the south side of 7th street between 2nd and 1st avenue - it looks like a hole in the wall, but it's the best thai food ever!

There will probably be really slim pickings at the Greenmarket, if anything, but Union Square is good for other reasons. Watching the US national debt go up and up and up on that huge sign is good for the blood pressure, and there's a Trader Joe's wine shop for cheap and tasty pinot noir.

There's a small flea market over in Chelsea, at 17th and 6th. In fact, if you like secondhand stores, Housing Works Thrift stores (google it) are really great. They just put one in Brooklyn Heights, in fact, and it's super cool.

The Library is fun for running up the steps singing the Ghostbusters theme it's right next to Bryant Park...Monday nights in summer = free movies on the lawn.

If you like pretty buildings, I really cannot say enough for Brooklyn. Especially the Heights area - brownstones abound, and the promenade affords a really incredible view of lower Manhattan and the statue of liberty. It's gorgeous at night - lights reflecting on the water. I would also recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, if you bundle up real good.

I love the Lower East Side. There are some cool little shops. Perhaps I'll move there next year.

My fave haunt is the Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery...nothing but cupcakes! It's on Rivington, just east off Essex.
I've been meaning to try teaNY, Moby's restaurant. It's about two blocks west of the cupcake place on Rivington, crossing Essex.

so lucy, East Village Thai, huh? I'll have to check that out. I loves me some good Thai.

*sigh* Another cold front. long as I don't have to shovel my car out again. That sucked.
teaNY is okay, but I thought it was way over-priced.
hee hee!

Don't forget about Katz's deli. It's kind of the Anti-teaNY, but if you like meat, it's damn good, and an institution in and of itself.

if you're up late, there's also Yaffa Cafe on St. Marks. It's been around forever, so people are kinda like "whatever" about it, but I don't know anywhere else you can get a decent tofu teriyaki veggie stir fry over brown rice at 3:30 am...

oooh, also Zozo's on Stanton and Orchard has the BEST ice cream. Kyria's ice cream is amazing.
Does Max Fish have a few very dark rooms, a little backyard and cats wandering around? I think I may have been there many moons ago...
sybarite - no, it's pretty small, just one long room with pool table in the back, great jukebox with everything from metal to punk rock, and generally an older, rock clientele (well, except weekends) I can't for the life of me think of which bar you are remembering..

BTW, Max Fish is about to become my local bar... wink.gif anyone want to join me some night in a couple of weeks for a bustie hook up?
anna k
I'd love to hang out there again. I went last year and chilled with a friend.
i'm in !
ok local ladies... I posted this on the LJ, but here it goes... send me an email to walkingbytch AT livejournal DOT com, if you would like to come and watch me not kill my sister, I mean have a SILPADA jewelry party. you DON'T have to buy anything. I swear to god/goddess/eternal everlasting being of choice inserted here.
I was like, fuck it, I'm inviting, I live in Greenpoint Bklyn., and I think it would be fun... thus zee pahtay.

It will be on Saturday March 31, from 2-5, then my sinister, I mean sister, leaves and we can have more

Let me know who's up for it. The L and G train are next to me, as are many buses, and there is parking, especially round that time.

Out of towners are welcome too, just let me know who needs to crash ahead of time, so I have a place to rock I mean put your body at night's end.

hugs and love
come play with us! you too MANDO_LICIOUS.
Z the WB

I'm having a paperback release party on Thursday, March 29 at the Bowery Poetry Club -- want to come? It's free, and there will be dancing, and I understand that one Miss Walking Bitch may be attending, so please PM me if you wanna join us. Hope to see some of you there.

ok local ladies and gents...
I have amstel light, corned beef and cabbage and red potatoes.... so who wants to come by?
QUOTE(girlbomb @ Mar 17 2007, 05:27 PM) *

I'm having a paperback release party on Thursday, March 29 at the Bowery Poetry Club -- want to come? It's free, and there will be dancing, and I understand that one Miss Walking Bitch may be attending, so please PM me if you wanna join us. Hope to see some of you there.


Awwwwwww....damn! The one week I'm leaving the state is the week this is happening! Hmph! dry.gif sad.gif
This Thursday! (Ursday! ursday!)

Party! (Arty! arty!)

(That's me trying to reproduce the sound of a decreasing echo.)

Be there! (Air! air.)
oh shit, girlbomb - I completely spaced out your party. dammit. I was not even far from there. crap.

well hopefully next time..
sorry to crash in, but is there still an NYC BUST book club?
Doesn't Jem have a book club?

Hey, NYC Busties, do you know about Tartan Week? At the risk of sounding like a loser, I want to go to the parade on Saturday! Pipers, drummers, pipe bands, and proud Westies & Scotties! wub.gif
hi raisingirl! I have a funny Tartan Week story.... I was walking in Chinatown last week and heard bagpipes... I followed the sound and ended up at a park where an entire pipe regiment, in full regalia, was marching around on the basketball court, practicing! It was awesome!! I sat there for like 2 hours watching, alongside a crowd of chinese, street people, a few businessmen on thier way home, and a couple of LES hipsters. Only in NYC!! It made me so happy!

PS - you're not a loser, scotland rules! (as do men in kilts)
Aw, that sounds like so much fun, Zoya! Only eating a wonderful Pavlova would complete the picture for me (I used to have a Scottish friend and she introduced me to the Pavlova).

I meant I sound like a loser because I actually want to go to a parade of my own free will.

If I lived in NY, I'd totally be there.
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