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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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Nope. I'm alllll goooood!
Heh. Yeah, we're in negotiations. One of us will post when we've come to a decision. wub.gif

I know for sure (like, fer shure, dudettes) I won't be there the weekends of October 27 and November 3.
Drum roll, please.

Lunasol and I have reached a decision of when we will grace your fair city with our presence.

Okay, so, like, I'll let her do the honors of posting the dates.

Enjoy the suspense, now, ya hear? ph34r.gif


Raisin "big fat motherfuckin' tease" Girl

::scampers off::
Oh, you teasing hooers! I'ma punch each of you in the tit after I give you each a hug!
Raisin - evil tease!

The weekend? We're thinking Columbus Day weekend. That's the weekend of October 7. Girlbomb, I know that wasn't one of the weekends you mentioned, but it works very well for me cause I can go for two days and still have a day for schoolwork.

So....let the planning begin!
November 11 is also a strong contender, so there can be planning for a Part Deux as well.

Planning both weekends on LJ and/or email might be better. Maybe? I know not everyone's on LJ, but I know y'alls got email addresses up the wazoo -- and the PMs (not to be confused with PMS) right here in ye olde Lounge.
um, remember when i said i had mega-happenings going on, including "the first weekend of oct"? yeah, well, DUMBASS that i am, i meant the weekend of the 7th. that's a no-go for me. (maybe early fri 10/6 evening & late afternoon 10/8 sunday ... maybe.) sorry for the confusion.

the weekend of nov 11th, i'm available the evening of the 10th and the 12th. possibly the 11th, but i'm not sure yet.

as for GB's kind hosting offerings, oct 22nd works better than the 21st, and nov 4th works better than the 5th.

which is why i've been keeping quiet. because there are just too many question marks for me going on the next two months, and i don't want to hinder any plans. especially where airfares are concerned. and now i sound like a broken record. so i'll be shutting up again.

please keep me in any planning loops, though? mandolyn462 at yahoo dot com, or PMing here works too. i've pretty much abandoned LJ these days.
yeah, mando, raisin pmed me right after i posted that to say you weren't available that weekend. grar!

so here's what i said to raisin: i will definitely be coming to NYC Columbus Day weekend. However, I can also come pretty much any other weekend this fall, except the first weekend in November. I like coming to NYC as much as possible. So, yeah...I don't really know what that means. Except that whenever the big bash is, I'll be there.

Sorry AP! Don't punch me in the tit!
((NY/C Busties)) My thoughts are with you today. Sorry dubya will be there. Yesterday's journal entry on Moby's site was pretty accurate.
anna k
I'd love to meet with you guys and have a ball.
hey guys, whenever is cool by me since i wont be traveling to get here:)
Oh, goody! Even more New York busties to meet!!!!

I wanna know when and where, dammit! So excited...October is a good month. Tony Kushner is going to speak at my school, friends are visiting, a bustie-con...

can't hold it all in

I might wind up bringing a tag-a-long or of whom I believe reads the boards but doesn't participate. Fabulous women, both...

(((pollystyrene))) thank you for that link.
and thank you for your compassion.
Anyone know a good gynecologist or pcp in Brooklyn? I need to go for my annual exam really soon, and i just want a nice clean office.

Also keep me in the loop of any get togethers. I'm good to go anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

designermedusa at yahoo dot com
Major,Major,Major halloween Party being Planned by Myself and My Friend Michael---get your costumes in order girls, because we're going to PARTY!!!
I'd love to get in on a bustie get-together too--I'm just a (ridiculously expensive) bus ride from manhattan.
I'd love to see everyone again. The October weekends that have been mentioned (10/7 and 10/21) are no good for me as I have a friend coming the former weekend and the Keene, NH Pumpkin Festival planned for the latter, but the other weekends that month are good, as are weekends in November.
I will be at a wedding in PA. the ekend of the 7th. In other news, do any of you know a seamstress who would be able to make me a plus sized"Dorothy' gingham apron dress by Halloween? I ordered one online and it's ghetto and too short and looks ridiculous and I really want to be Dorothy this year. HELP!
Help Me Jeebus!
sorry jem dear...I'd do it for you, but school and my own costume needs must take precedence...and I don't know anyone local...but I'll keep my ears open
*pops head in*

hey NYC chicas...just wanted to see who is actually gonna be around the weekend of Oct 7. I know a lot of you won't be (sad!) but for those who are, we were thinkin we could start planning, via email. so if you'll be around and want to be involved in festivities, drop me a PM...

ETA: Oh! Lowredmoon, that would be soooooo cool if you could make it. i'd loooove to meet you!
jemisoutrageous, i'll be at a wedding on oct 7th in PA also. perhaps we'll be dancing to "shout" and "hot hot hot" together?!

sorry i'll be missing you, lunasol. *hugeass pout*

also sorry i don't know of any seamstresses, jem. don't punch me in the tit, k?
I'm around on the 6th, but my fucking 20th high school reunion is on the 7th.
Lucizoe, you are SO selfish.

See you in PA, Mando!

i didn't realize jem would be gone that weekend too! boooooooooooooooooooo! i need my masshole, shiksa-looking, weightloss-rocking sister in arms!

and girlbomb, i would totally tell you to skip your HS reunion, but since you wrote a BOOK on your high school years, i guess you kinda have to go. wink.gif

it's cool, tho, cause i'll be back...i have no classes on fridays, and only afternoon classes on mondays, so there is no reason for me to not come to nyc a bunch this semester. i'll be harassing all y'all to hang out with me again!
Luna! I didn't realize I was goint to miss you! (Sobbing)
HA-RUMPH!!! You had better get back by October 28th---we are having a MASSIVE Halloween party.

Everyone else, PLEASE PM me your email addresses (I promise not to abuse them) so I can send you an Evite. My fried Micheal and I are planning a ridiculous Halloween party and I would love love love to have soem of the gorgeous NYC Busties there.
so when IS bustiecon happening? i am so confused by all these dates.
By the way, I will be around Friday night and Sunday night, just not Saturday and I would love to have dinner with any stray busties who flew in from out of town and boy are thier arms tired.
I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Feel like my life is on hold until mid-November (career shit) and like I'm the parent and I need to ground myself or something so I BUCKLE DOWN AND FOCUS. Fuck.
raisingirl posting... probably not posting again until this weekend...

Well, get out your hankies, because I won't be coming to NY on Columbus Day weekend after all.

I'll be free from self-imposed grounding, like, after Election Day.

My apologies to those who made special arrangements in their schedule, but I know you'll have loads of fun with the other hardcore BUSTies. Just not this one. ::weeping::
When is Bustiecon? I don't think I can make it for Columbus Day weekend. Are there any good weekends in Oct? If anything else, I plan on coming up round Christmas b/c it's becoming a new family tradition... gorge ourselve of good musicals, and shopping.... smile.gif

i live around here so seriously, when anyone is coming to town, please pm me. i will pick you up from whatever airport or whatever. all is totally cool with me!
katiebelle, you are a sweetheart. can't wait to meet you.

ok, so...i may be the only one coming next weekend, but i will definitely be in NYC next weekend and i want to hang out with any and all busties who are around. PM me with your email address and we'll plan something!
Don't forget to bring cameras, all of you! wub.gif

ok, does anyone know a good salon in NYC for naturally curly hair?

you may now go back to your regularly scheduled conversation-
Okay. So I REALLY need a getaway right now. Not this weekend, but the next. I want to meet as many NYC Busties as humanly possible. Distract me from the hell that is my life! Keep me booked. I'll do ANYTHING! Wanna watch grass grow, paint dry? I'm yr gal!
OT, but maybe relevant to some of you:

A good friend of mine is casting for a PAID GIG as a panelist on a sex-advice internet show. Casting is this weekend, so if you're interested, let her know! Here's the info:

We are looking for cast members for a new – for women by women – Internet TV sex discussion show. Auditioning panelists with a variety of perspectives to discuss sex, relationships and intimacy. Production will take place in a safe, inclusive, fun environment. A little experience, a lot of experience, it’s all good – we’re just looking for great women to be candid about and talk about this important subject called sex!

This is a paid gig. If interested, please email Come be part of this cutting edge female-friendly Internet production!
The countdown has begun! Ap is gonna be in the big bad city next week!
AP, are you finally coming? When? If you and the NYC BUSTies plan something, please keep me in the loop. Things are NUTS right now, but I might be able to swing by for a quick meet-up.

Thereshegoes, a couple of months ago I started going to this woman named Maki who cuts at The Powder Room on E 9th St in the East Village. My best friend has curly locks, and Maki has been doing a great job with her hair for the past year. She's super sweet, talented, has late hours, and only charges $60 for a great cut. 212-677-2020

GB, how was the reunion?
Ris! How YOU doin'?

Cross-posted everywhere: upcoming BUST Holiday Craftacular and you can read more about it here. Happy happy joy joy!
Ris, I am desperate to get out there! I need a goddamned break. I gots more drama than a telenovela. I was going to come this weekend, but it looks like next weekend might be better for me.
*does AP is a-comin' cabbagepatch*

damn, ris...I spent almost 80 bucks last week and my hair looks a bit like I took a suck-n-cut to it...I think my skull is bizarrely shaped or something
Couch is fluffed, bitch. Bring that ass.

Halloweenies, gimme your email addies so I can send you the Halloween Party Evite! It's going to be off the hook, y'all! (Word.)
Hey, y'all...

Does anyone have any recommendations for movers? We're doing an East Village to Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill move and I really don't want to deal with renting and returning a U-Haul or lugging all these boxes around. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Idon't know nuthin' 'bout no movers, BUT I work in Broooklyn Heights and we MUST get lunch!!!

Aural, are you coming next weekend? I feel like the last 2 months have been one continuous cock tease from your frontin' ass. COME SEE ME, DAMMIT!!!!
The last 2 times I moved, I've found my movers on CraigsList. I think I paid about $200-250 both times, not including tip. Just call around to places that seem to have decent rates -- ask if they charge extra for things like stairs or blankets to wrap the furniture, or if there's a minimum charge -- and see who can pick up your stuff when you want it picked up.

Aural, when are you coming to town? I don't want to miss you!
Heh...thanks fuego...we got a u-haul and hired the same people who helped us move down here...all went well...

God, I love this place. It's huge!

Yeah, Aural, wtf? I mean, seriously, dude. Get with it!!!!!

And Jem...heh...we'll totally be at the party, but costumes may consist of masks. Broke broke broke. But will bring booze!!
Hi Girls -

I've about had it with the left coast. I'm in a mood to put all my stuff in storage and just go somewhere else for awhile. The project I'm working on now enables me to work from anywhere, so I might as well take advantage of it!

so... if any of you know of any (cheap - well, reasonable) subleases or rooms for rent in the city or vicinity starting probably December or so - or if any of you have an extra room you want to rent for awhile, please let me know! I'm fairly open as to length - probably around 4 months-ish, but it just depends on what comes up.

I'm a good roommate and I'm gone a lot, so that helps..

so yeah. I'm thinking of becoming a NYC bustie for a little while. Why not?!!

PM me if you know of anything or have any suggestions!!

argh... did I kill the thread??!
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