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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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Look, I'm flexible. I just want to meet me a gaggle of Busties. Gaggle? Are we a school, a murder, a pack, an etc? A murder of Busties, yeah?
Sept 14-18. $130 RT JetBlue.
heh - I like murder.

That sounds really bad.

I like the sound of "a murder of busties"

Still sounds bad.

Or like a really rad band.

Oh my cod. That's it. No more "accident prone" for my fictitious band's name...


And yes, indeed, woooot!

Too much wooting, not enough planning! What are we gonna do? Where we gonna go? Huh? Huh? HUH? I wanna squeeze as many people in as I can!
AP, i gots me something for you to see on 9/15!
i am performing at this show called the shimmy at jimmy's. you all should come for some goodtimes.

and i think i have some days off after that weekend, too, so iffen you want to hit a museum or lunch or some such thing, lemme know.

i like a murder of busties, too. gigglesnort
AP, if you're on LJ, you might want to post something there. most of the local gals frequent there more than here. it's also easier to plan there, since it's more private.

also, unfortunately, you can probably count me as a no-show that weekend. (see note about mamasan's party.)
*heavy sigh*
AP, you can come apartment hunting with me. There. Something fun for all to enjoy.

(Slight tangent - I really hate being done up the ass with a splintery flag pole, as we are experiencing in our current apartment. Since the place we looked at today is in the same neighborhood, costs $40/month over what we pay, and is twice the damn size. And which we'll never be allowed to rent, since we're not trustafarians with wealthy guarantors. We're quiet, responsible, kind, professional...but oh no, because the credit score is less than 700, we have no chance. Bleh. Manhattan blows).
AP! Fabulous! I can't wait! Count me in. Sept craziness will ensue, but I can block off some time most evenings.

Yeah, Lucizoe, Manhattan does blow. Come to Brooklyn.
hey all.

thought i posted this before, but guess not.

Anyhoo, I'm thinking bout coming to NYC in the last weekend of September. w00t!
ha, ris, I wish we could...I have to commute to white plains every day, though...looked at Astoria today, since we've decided to behave like grown-ups and actually save some money smile.gif . I actually really like it there; felt good. We're very old souls and like things to be quiet; currently we like to shake our fists at all the NYU students in our neighborhood. Plus, cheap. smile.gif

lunasol, if we weren't going to be likely moving that weekend I'd offer you our air mattress, as long as you're not allergic to cats...but if our timing changes and you need a place to stay, that would rock!
Bumpity bump bump.

QUOTE(lunasol @ Aug 17 2006, 11:52 AM) *

Hey All!

Ima try to come to NYC in late September. Would love to come in August, but I'll be broke. Maybe the last weekend in September? I'll try to bring Raisin with me.

oh, i guess i DID post that after all!

not that i'm trying to be an attention whore or anything! wink.gif
Okay, so maybe I should re-schedule for the end of Sept so I can see Luna & Raisin, too?
ap, just FYI: please don't revamp your trip as per my schedule. unfortunately, i've got mega-happenings sucking my time dry throughout september - including the first weekend in october. i may be able to put in an appearance at any bustie gatherings, depending on when & where ... but alas, i can't offer any hostess-with-the-mostest-ing. i truly wish i could pick up the magic cat-herding wand this time, but i just can't. sad.gif
The more the better! There are so many of you that I've been dying to meet. AP, I noticed you said you're flexible on the dates. I'm pretty flexible, too. Luna will have to speak for herself on her flexibility. But if we could coordinate this for the same weekend, that would KICK ASS. So I'm just going to throw this idea out here: What if we were to skip September and say the end of October instead? But really, I'd work with almost any weekend. I just wanted to make a trip to NY sometime this fall or winter (meaning, before heavy snow season is here).

Maybe we can get Heven to come, too. Hmm!

I'm totally ashamed at the number of years it's been since I was last in NY.

If you want to take this to email, my email address would be an obvious guess @ bust dot com.
End of Sept or Oct works for me. I haven't been back to NY since last year.... Let me just see when I can get some time off... I'd love to meet some Busties!! smile.gif
So... is this turning into a BUSTie con?
Oh, if only I didn't have to save for course fees!
Okay, so maybe I should re-schedule for the end of Sept so I can see Luna & Raisin, too?

Oh, it would be awesome to meet you!

My fall might not be my own - I'm volunteering on a gubernatorial (ha! I love that word!) race this year. The primary is Sept. 19, so anytime before that is def. out. and then if/when my guy wins the primary, the weekends before Nov 8 are prolly out too.

BUT otherwise either the last weekend in September OR Columbus Day weekend are good for me.

Sorry if that is long and rambly.

Also, I love that, once again, Raisin and I have hijacked this thread for our own nefarious purposes. dry.gif
I'm extremely flexible on my travel times. I just don't want Jem to punch me in the tit. I want to meet me some Busties & have a little big city fun. NYC BustieCon 2006!
BustieCon! I love it!
I would skirt responsibility and trek the 4 hours to see what sort of shit you ladies will stir up smile.gif
"I just don't want Jem to punch me in the tit." *BWAH*

um, hey now ... bustiecon in NYC does not happen without ME. don't make me hurt y'all.

Laughing with Luna...

Ooh, Columbus Day weekend! LONG WEEKEND! Love it. That would give me Monday for doing laundry and so on and so forth.

Please don't call this BustieCon, because while I am very much pro-Bustie, in my mind ANY kind of convention means that there will be people I don't want to see. And that's not gonna happen.

Of course, if we wait until November (I can't do the first weekend in November), it might be cold enough to bring Choco Tacos to replace all the Cadbury Eggs I polished off MONTHS AGO, yo. haha!

I'm going to start making a list of places where I can spend my money in NY. Whoo! I'm so fucking broke already. Good times.
What about mid Nov? Just a thought. I could probably get a Friday off to trek up to NY...that would be sweet... and I'll bring the Cadbury eggs... smile.gif
Don't tease about the cadbury eggs, sassygrrl. You best deliver.

I like bustie gatherings.

If I can't find the eggs, what about a shitload of Dairy Milk bars? So addicted to Cadbury. smile.gif

bustie meeting this fall? count me in! also, if anyone needs rides from any airport -JFK, La Guardia, Newark NJ etc etc- let me know cause i would be happy to come and get you. ditto for any train/bus/whatever station within a 2 hour radius of nyc! its not a problem, so dont be hesitant to ask.
I could host it at my place (which comes with three cats, but my allergic friends always seem to do all right here anyway). And I'm good the weekends of Oct 21/22, Oct 28/29, Nov 4/5 or Nov 11/12. But I'm not good at picking dates, and really wouldn't want to be the event organizer. So maybe you can consider me as a really cool restaurant/meeting place that allows you to bring your own everything -- if y'all want to meet at my restaurant, those days are good for me.
My GAWD! This all sounds so fabulously exciting that I think I just about near peed a little.

GB, you're so sweet to offer your place as a venue! And if I know Busties, we'd all pitch in.

Lucizoe-- do you drive to White Plains? If so, would you consider Inwood? I have a friend who lives in a beautiful building up there that's CHEAP. She told me recently that an apt just opened up. Lemme know if you want info.
Mando, I don't think she was kidding. I think she'd really punch me in the tit if I disappointed her again. AP likes her tits & doesn't want them punched.

Okay. So it sounds like September is out for most of y'all. Like I said, I'm open. I'm just hungry for the city. SOON!

Wow. The generosity of the GB knowns no bounds! It would be fun to do a progressive like my Gran used to. Go from Bustie home to Bustie home. I'll bring party hats & liquor!
Maybe in Oct? I know that Nov is weird for me, due to having a bunch of holidays, so insane deadlines at work. Ugh.

GB, that would be cool. You're so rad. smile.gif

I'm free as long as I can figure it out soon enough in advice to tell my shitty job.

Getting so excited!!!

AP, bring some liquor girl!!
Heh - a booze progressive dinner. This tickles me in all the right places.

Ris, that is so nice of you and your friend. Unfortunately, I am a trainwhore. I am flipping out about this lately; I love Brooklyn, but it's too far, and except for a minute section (astoria and lic), Queens is barely any better. I want to stay where we are, but add an extra room and knock the rent back down to where it actually is (in other words, minus the twenty-plus percent our sublettor is bilking us for) and I'd stay here forever. I really don't want to have to wake up at 5:30. I'm so whiny.
GB - you're! (sorry, i had to say it) that would be lots of fun.

oh, btw, luci, forgot to thank you for your very nice offer to let me crash at your place if you're not moving. anyhoo, i usually stay with my bro in the Village, but your offer was really, really nice.
Aural, I am glad you recognized thew severity of my threat and plan to bring yo' ass accordingly.
<<---Tit Punching Jem means business.
You are so welcome to come and stay on the giant, fluffy couch in my railroad apartment in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) and I want in on any and all NYC Bustie plans!!!

In other attention hawgging news, I survived my first week of work in Brooklyn Heights.

Oh, and I wanna hang out with Luna!
wub.gif I'm soooooooo excited to visit! I'm just warning you all now that I really want to go to that vegetarian dim sum place that you always mention. I might also want to go to Teany, but that doesn't need to be a group field trip. $3.50 for a vegan muffin? Yeah, I don't think so.

I still don't know which weekend I'm coming down there. I have to consult with Luna (this coming week or next weekend?), especially since she's the one who said she was going to bring me with her. I should be so lucky.

I'll post again when I have news.
I wanna hang out with you too, Jem!

Kay, Raisin, Ima email you now.

That would be so sweet if AP could come the same weekend too!
Ya'll got anything worked out date wise Raisin & Luna?
Let me know... I'm getting excited ,and will bring the cadbury... smile.gif

Join mah book club! Join mah book club! Join Mah book club!
cool it's a big-book book club. is it for brainiacs only or can posers like me join too? how often do you guys meet?
QUOTE(kbot79 @ Aug 10 2006, 11:39 AM) *

Posted this in the wedding thread but maybe you locals will be better able to advise...

I'm getting married in Feb 07 and need to pick a venue asap. We'd like to avoid church and do the ceremony/reception in the same building if possible. We're in Brooklyn but could do any of the boroughs or North Jersey. We've seen a few places and just want a sophisticated, non-frilly place that could accomodate 150 people for dinner, dancing and a band, that has decent food and doesn't cost a seems hard to find!

Hey Kbot-

I'm getting married at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden next October. It is really beautiful and not crazy expensive relative to other places around the city. It is also really cool inside which I know will be important to you since the blessed event is happening in Feb. Feel free to PM me if you have questions about how much $$$ or anything else. I totally understand the frustration of trying to find a nice, non-frilly place, but sophisticated venue that doesn't break the bank.
QUOTE(sukouyant @ Aug 29 2006, 03:04 AM) *

cool it's a big-book book club. is it for brainiacs only or can posers like me join too? how often do you guys meet?

We meet once a month. Sometimes we do big books, sometimes we don't It's very cool and laid back and fun---there are boys and girls---we've all become friends through it. Get the link and check us out.
Any plans yet? I really don't want to have to buy a catcher's chest protector so I don't get a poke to my boobehs.
Nothing yet, AP. We're working on it! Luna and I are both occupied with house-type crap this weekend, so no hanging out yet so we can plan our course of attack -- er, I mean, our visit. rolleyes.gif
NYC busties, i have a confession: i live in new jersey, and i hardly ever go to the city. and i've never gone by myself, except when i needed to go to port authority on the bus to other places. thus, i have NO IDEA how to travel the subway system. i'm meeting someone at 8th street and broadway, but first i want to visit poet's house, which is at 72 spring street. i think i can take the C line to spring street, but i don't know if that'll take me to the right block or not. i think i can walk from poet's house to 8th & broadway, right? oh maude someone help me.

incidentally, if anyone has friday off and wants to meet up and hang out for a while while saving me, let me know.
Hey there, lowredmoon. The C will take you to the wrong end of Spring Street, and will leave you with a 20-30 minute walk to Poet's House. Try the 6 to Spring Street -- that'll get you a lot closer to number 72. Then it's about a 10 minute walk from there up to 8th and Bway, or you can hop back on the 6 and take it to Astor Place. I recommend the walk, though -- from Spring to 8th on Bway is an interesting strip.

Anyone still interested in a meet-up chez moi? Oct 21/22 and the first two weeks in November are still good for me. Want to start a poll thread and choose a date?
That might be a good idea, Girlbomb. I am just waiting on Luna & Raisin to figure out their plans.
Heh, lowredmoon, I live on 8th street (st mark's place)...8th and broadway is astor place on the 6, which is my stop! hee!

okay, that was silly...but it made me happy to see my train (slow and crowded though it is) get a mention.
lowredmoon! i am a jerseygirl, too. living it up in bergen county....
but i admittedly spend most of my free time in NYC doing something or other. i need to bite the bullet and just move across the river soon.

AP - sorry raisin and i are being lame. we are currently in negotiations. wink.gif are there weekends you can't make it?

and girlbomb, you are, um, the bomb.
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