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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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No Love For Jem? Ha-rumph.
Did any of you go to that craftie fair thing in the park (McCaren,I think)on Sunday? I got le Hubby a "What Would Tom Waits Do" t-shirt.
jem, i gave you the love in the birthday thread. AND i bumped it for you yesterday. so ha-rumph yourself.

hope you had a good day, sweets!
((((loves me some Mando))))
happy birthday to JEM! have a super day!

shameless promotion:
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Hey, I sent you an ecard yesterday, Jem!
I got it I got it! The monkeys totally cracked me up. Aural enough is enough. Kill your mother and come to New york.
harumph! jem has guilted me into being a big ol' hypocrite and I'm negating my "goodbye cruel board *massive hair flip*" post of a few days ago to come out of anger-induced hiding to say: Happy Freaking Birthday, you crazy funky-monkey!! I posted a happy birthday dance to you on LJ, but Noooooo...I have to come in here instead

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Happy birthday, Jem, you crazy kinda-sorta Gemini, you!

Oy, so, um all you NYCers who live on a low floor and don't have bars on your windows, may I suggest that you demand that your landlord put them on asap?
Break-ins = craptacular
JUNGLISTA, my somewhat belated email was returned as undeliverable.
oh no!

Hmmm...can I email you? do you have a bust email account?
damn double post.
hey, i just realized the mermaid parade was last weekend - did anyone go? wasn't it pouring all day?

anyone got any fun plans for the 4th?

my dream is to watch the fireworks someday from the east river or the harbor. from a boat. anyone have any boating connections ...

not that i even like fireworks. i actually kinda hate them. and crowds. i hate crowds too. but i love boats.
mando, my plans to go to the mermaid parade were foiled again by my evil job! i also inconveniently pulled a neck/shoulder muscle last friday and was in stupendous pain, so i prolly wouldn't have gone anyway
my sources tell me it was fun despite the weather.

where the hell are you?!! how the hell are you??!!!

I miss seeing you around!!
Not bad Zoya, how are you? I miss you too! Shoot me an email if you ever get a chance and I'd love to see you if you're in town!
Junglista, I'm dusty UNDERSCORE grrl AT excite DOT com
The parade was fun if sparsely attended. But that meant it was easy for us to get a seat on the boardwalk afterwards. It didn't rain during the parade, but it poured an hour or two afterwards.
I wish they'd learn not to do the Mermaid Parade on Pride weekend. There's just too much going on as it is.

When is Siren? That should be coming up, right? Wonder if anyone worth seeing is going on. (I suppose I could look it up...)

Humid enough for y'all?
I went to the Parade but left soon after because of the weather.
ris, yeah siren is coming up a little later in July.

don't forget the NY Burlesque Festival is happening in September. I won't be performing due to my schedule insanity, but will definitely be in attendance to support my girls (and boys).
What are the dates of that?
NYBF is the weekend of labor day, and i am not sure of the exact dates of Siren. they usually have Siren mid/late july. though nothing is posted anywhere yet!

Morning NY Busties! What the heck is up with the "I'm gonna kill myself and take a large building with me so you don't get it in the divorce settlement" FREAK?! I hope none of you were near any of that....
Dear NYC Busties,

Me and my broke ass will not be coming to your city next month after all.


I miss you already. I'm wanting to come for a visit in the fall if finances and time permit it.

Still your official lurker and Cadbury egg hooker-upper,
Anyone familiar with Bay Ridge in Brooklyn? Might be working there, and probably live close by too. Just wondering is it clean, safe, is there places to eat and shop? If not what's a close neighborhood that would provide my criteria. Thanks.
Siren was yesterday. I really wanted to see She Wants Revenge but didn't get a chance to because them and Art Brut were back-to-back and SWR ended up going on about 25 minutes late. We left just as they started playing the first few notes, but by that time we'd lost our spot and had wiggled our way out of the crowd toward the second stage. sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

That NY Burlesque Festival sounds fun!
The spangly newness of this joint is blowing my fucking mind!
I left a lamp on in my room and it fell over and lit the bed on fire. No one was hurt, damage was minimal BUt...I got fired. dry.gif After 3 years .For an accident. I am very sad. If any NY girls wanna hang out let me know. ANd if you know anyone looking for a FABULOUS nanny (luckily they're giving me a good reference) let me know that, too.

(((((Jem))))) Bummer! Sorry, babe. (((((Jem)))))

Aw, that sucks! I hate coming home to a huge dark apartment, but I own several vintage lamps & am terrified that one will burst into flames if I leave one on over night. That's one of my big OCD fears.
Anyone go to the NOW Conference in Albany? It was pretty cool.
Omigod, Jem! That sucks! And, frankly, a bit much. What, someone can be your nanny for 3 uneventful years and one accident chops them off at the knees? Weren't you also friends with the mom? This smells wrong.


Let's get drunk.

It really is for the best, though. Now I can live in Brooklyn and work in the city and life is less ridiculous. I would LURVE to get drunk. I'm free all week. Live Journal me.

Lets do it--let's do it soon!
jem...can a jersey bustie join in on a possible bkln outing? unsure.gif

i love this silly little smilies. gah!
I'd definitely be up for a Brooklyn gathering. McCarren Park? Prospect Park? Barbecue? Drinks at Gowanus Yacht Club?

I can only do weekends, thanks to my work schedule, but please keep me in the loop even if the future get-together is during the week.
count me in.....just someone email me what's
Oh wow, my first post in the new digs. This feels really weird after five years of Discus.

I'm sorry to hear that Jem. Sucks to lose a job, but thank Maude no one was hurt and the damage was minimal.

Yeah, count me in too for Brooklyn Bustie stuff. And yeah, MissyPee, you better be there too!
When do you think? I'll try & get my shit together. I don't care that it's a million farking degrees out there.
alright, so this isn't for a few weeks, but i am gonna start promoting the hell out of my new show!
xposted in shameless self promo....

Tempted! Burlesque's Pin-Up Show brought to you by Blackie Deuce, Roslyn Tabor, and Rubie Fizz. Vintage Burlesque Revue bringing the classic stylings of the golden era to the stage. Featuring Miss Scarlet Sinclair, with Ginger Fringe, Moxie Block, the girls of Tempted!, and hosted by Nelson Lugo.

tempted. burlesque @ gmail. com (no spaces in the real email addy, of course)
we are on myspace, too!

Tuesday August 22nd @ 10 PM. FREE ADMISSION!!
Nightingale Lounge
Club # 212.473.9398
213 Second Avenue btwn 13 & 14th

Trains: L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 to Union Square/ 14th Street
L to 1st Avenue
I'm looking at the first, maybe second week in September.
*squirrel-like squeaky squeal*

Okay. Why don't ya'll come up with a consensus & I'll plan my trip around that?
I am merely a social ineptness enables me only to flit about the periphery of gatherings. Unless you get me drunk. Then I will love you all.

My transformation into sleep-deprived student begins in August, when I crawl into the theatre basically, I have no demands and no idea about time constraints...or any idea about what fun shit is going down in NY in basically, this rant serves no purpose except to reiterate my AP and NYC bustie love and, again, to squee like a squirrel

Posted this in the wedding thread but maybe you locals will be better able to advise...

I'm getting married in Feb 07 and need to pick a venue asap. We'd like to avoid church and do the ceremony/reception in the same building if possible. We're in Brooklyn but could do any of the boroughs or North Jersey. We've seen a few places and just want a sophisticated, non-frilly place that could accomodate 150 people for dinner, dancing and a band, that has decent food and doesn't cost a seems hard to find!
Aural if you tell me you're coming and then dissapoint me again I swear I will punch you right in the tit.
I got a new jobin brooklyn Heights.
AND "let's get togetha, yeah,yeah,yeah..."
I swear on my mother's grave (Were I so lucky that the harpie was dead!) that I want the second weekend in Sept. My buddy Brad was here a couple of weeks ago, he'll be out of the city until then & I can't go to NYC & not see the Brad. I'm leaning more towards the second week. Let us plan! I don't care if we get sliders & drink Miller Lights on the Staten Island ferry all day. Kick ball in the park! I MISS NYC! I wanna meets me some Busties!
drink Miller Lights on the Staten Island ferry all day

well, count me in.

i am taking my vacation in mid-late september, so i believe my schedule will be quite flexible.
I'm a Brooklyn Bustie now, specifically Bay Ridge. If there's any future Brooklyn Bustie gatherings during the weekend I could probably make it.
designermedusa, welcome! somehow i meeced your mention of the move, profuse apologies ... but hearfelt congrats!

jem, congrats on your new jobbie, too! must be nice to be close to home now.

kbot79, i'm more than clueless about wedding venues. but a friend was married at the brooklyn botanical gardens many moons ago. i didn't attend, but as per her photos, it looked like the perfect combination of sophistication and laid-back fun.

please keep me in any email loops for any gatherings? it's doubtful i'll be able to make it - hosting a suprise shindig for mamasan sept 16th, so tis time to seriously spruce the house up, which spells crazy busy since i've slacked off since, oh, mandopalooza - but if i get enough done by then, and don't have to work, i might be able to sneak away for a few. i'd so love to meet the celebrated auralpoison in the flesh!
Aw, now Mando, yer makin' me blush. Celebrated? More like tolerated! I like to think of myself as the court jester of Bust. Always willing to look like an ass for a gas.

San Gennaro, anyone? It's the 14-24 & loves me some sausage & peppers...
All right bitches. Somebody needs to get proactive here. I want an excuse outside of work to come to NYC. SLACKERS!
Hey All!

Ima try to come to NYC in late September. Would love to come in August, but I'll be broke. Maybe the last weekend in September? I'll try to bring Raisin with me.
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