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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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good to hear everyone made it home safe and sound. thank you all so much for coming, especially in such crap weather. and thanks for everything you brought, even if i sort of lost track and had no idea who brought what (except for w-bitch's superb artichoke/spinach dip, the recipe of which i MUST have!). everything was super yummy.

profuse apologies, tho, for my "off" timing with getting the desserty things out. and for not hanging with the dining room folks more. the whole reason i wanted to throw a house party was to be able to sit and chat outside of a noisy restaurant/bar. but i forgot how flitty i am at my own parties. i so canNOT just sit and relax! it's not an anxiety-thing. it's just a hostess-y thing, i guess. my bad.

anyway, again, many thanks ... and we should definitely do it again before summer's end, and the sorely-missed girlbomb and raisin can join us. hopefully we'll have better weather next time, and can enjoy the deck & mr mando's exquisite landscaping ... *tongue firmly in cheek*
thanks SO much, mandi! It was a wonderful party, and so great to see/meet everyone.
Mandolyn, no "my bad"s allowed! You threw one helluva party and were such a gracious hostess to all of us.

"All of us" meaning one kickass group of people! It was excellent from top to bottom.
It was great! No apologies, Mando! It was lovely to see/meet everyone.

And now I have to do my usual paranoia thing and ask that all photos (of me at least) only be sent around via email or posted on friends-locked LJ entries, okay? I don't mind Busties or LJers seeing me, it's lurkers I worry about. Thanks!
Mando, that was a great party. I had an amazing time. And I want to second what everyone else has said about you being a fantastic hostess. So cool to see everyone!
::ahem:: I am dying to see the pictures and read lengthy anecdotes. :-)
Oh Mando! You do such good work! No fretting allowed. it was a wonderful party and you are truly the hostess with the mostess!

I can't figure out how to start hooking up with you all on LJ, but my name is Jemisoutrageous (shocking I know)and I would love to see pictures/be in the LJ loop so if anyone wants to add me/Teach me how the hell it works I would be so very grateful. Heeellllppppp!

It is SO COOL to read all the Bustie handles and be able to picture your sweet little faces. I am so happy to have met all of you!

I too had to pop in to say how great it was to see/meet so many of you! I know I'm not around BUST much (at all) these days, but I still consider myself a Bustie at heart. I only wish I could have stayed longer....
I'm thinking about flying out for a lost weekend in a couple weeks before it gets insane hot out there. Do some shopping, some milling around. I am an experienced subway navigator & I'd like to maybe meet some Busties, buy ya'll a drink or two... ('cept for my poor Jem. I'll buy you an Italian ice, my non-alcoholic sweetie.) I was *thisclose* to meeting Zoya out in Cali. She was here a couple weeks ago, but I was out of town...

AP, don't you DARE come the weekend of July 14, as I am out of town. And I will weep (WEEP) tears of unfathomable sorrow and regret if I miss your presence on the East coast

car - lil' munchkin car was such a sweetie!!
Just wanted to stop by and say how swell it was to see all you NY gals and thanks again to Mandi for throwing a kickass party. I was commenting to my other half how odd it is that I have hung out with some of you gals on NUMEROUS occasions now and still can't seem to keep in regular contact with anyone. I am so socially inept it hurts.

OH, and I curse Mandi's pub mix. It beckons me when my breath is clean and my gut is growing. Curse you foul pub mix!!
Lucizoe, I'm shooting more towards the 16-19 of this month. Jet Blue gets me to NYC for under $200. It costs more for me to fly the 400 miles home. My mom is gonna be in town/staying with me that week & I will need to blow off some WICKED steam once it's all over & done...
Auralpoison, I wanna meet you whenever you get to town. Please to pencil me in and tell me grody stories.
I will gladly gross you out to your heart's content, Fuego.
jem, I just friended you on lj!
Oooh Jem, I'm gonna friend you, too, and there's nothing you can do about it except friend me back.
I get my own gross stories from Aural! (I desperately wish I had more to contribute to that thread, but I lurk there all the time.)
And seriously, stop apologizing! You are an amazing hostesss!

I was thrilled to meet all of you that I hadn't met before. What an amazing group of brilliant, hilarious, fun ladies, y'all are!

AP! Girl, you best getcher ass to NYC this month!

Jem, it was really great to meet you.
OMFG AURAL BRING YO' SWEET ASS HERE!!!!! My birthday is June 19th and that would so be the best b-day present evuh!!! You can totally stay with us if you wanna (we have the greatest couch but bear in mind that I am now an old lady due to my heart and go to bed before 1 and we have a railroad apartment, which means you'd be in our living room which is connected to our bedroom with no door, but you are totally welcome.)!!!

We totally talked about how fabulous you were and how much we loved you at MandoPalalooza.

(Doing a split I am so excited that THE Aural Poison is coming.)

Hooay for all the friends on LJ...Keep 'em comin' love!!!

And Ris, I really enjoyed meeting you,too.
That was a fabulous party, Mandi!

It was wonderful to meet everyone, really a thrill!
Ooh, I want to be friended, too (la_girlbomb on lj), so I can read about the paaaaaaarty!

You canNOT come to the east coast while i'm in the midwest (um, all summer).

::cries, stomps feet::

oh, well, i'll just have to live vicariously through this thread.
Hi all, I have been in and out for a while but I have a NYC housing question...hopefully one of you smarties can help me out. Big rant coming:

I have a problem with my downstairs neighbor. I have been in this [rent-stabilized] apartment in Morningside Heights for four years, and my boyfriend and his 4 year old are moving in with me this weekend. Downstairs neighbor (nicknamed 'Crazy Shirley' by a former roommate) can't deal with any sort of normal apartment noise in the main living/dining room (walking from hallway to kitchen, pushing in chairs at dinner table, putting ANYTHING on the floor). She is constantly banging on her ceiling with a broom and screaming at the top of her lungs.

The problem has gotten worse over the years, and, in particular, the last four or five months. When I first moved in I put down rugs so as to muffle some of the noise (even though I have gorgeous hardwood floors and would prefer to leave them uncovered. I don't wear heels, and I have everyone who comes over take their shoes off at the door.) Yesterday I was leaving the building and she was coming in, so I put down my laundry bag and unlocked the door for her. Before the door was even open she was screaming at me.

I've sent letters to the management company (it's a new company as of last summer; the old management company told me to ignore her since they'd become accustomed to her rants) and left messages; no responses. Yesterday I filed a complaint with 311 and was told by the department of housing that I am legally entitled to what's called 'quiet enjoyment' of my own home, whether I rent or buy, and if she's interfering with that I can file a claim of harassment against her. 311 connected me with the local precinct, and the woman there told me that I can call the cops on her if she screams at me (or the boyfriend or the bf's son) again.

I don't want to call the cops, I don't want to issue claims of harassment against her! I just want to be able to live in my own apartment and walk from one room to another without being screamed at.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Or any suggestions? I'm at the end of my rope.

(thank you.)
hey chicken.

dude. you have to go about this the legal way with 311 and the policia.

Obviously being nice and the management isn't helping.

Send her a set of ear plugs, report her and write a letter to your management company that you have had notorized that you want placed in a "file"

I've dealt with this. Sometimes, you gotta chaulk it up to them being a freaking irrational whack-job and call it a day. That and if she wants completely silent she should find out about renting a unit on the top floor. problem solved. Don't feel bad or think twice. She obviously hasn't and doesn't.
oops, late to the party again. Thank you mando for yet another lovely party at your digs. You are indeed a great hostess.
Mando you throw an awesome party;thanks for being such a totally gracious host. Who made the mixed CD we were listening to?
Ah, late as well...It was great to see familiar faces and meet new Busties. Mando, thank you so much for hosting a lovely shindig!
(((chicken))) i'd follow w-bitch's advice and file the complaint. she obviously needs someone in authority to check her hysteria. seems like the only way to go.

blanchedeveraux, not to worry. there will be other parties. i'll try not to pick such a crappy weather day next time.

thank you for all the party love. it's so nice to hear, specially since i overstress so much about my soirees. warms my cockles to know that y'all had a good time, specially since most of you came from great distances!

sukouyant, all the cd mixes were courtesy of my superb DJ bitch, heven2mrgatroid, who has the best fucking taste in music period! she graciously left all NINE cd's with me ... they have been rocking my commute all week! if you remember any particular songs, let me know and i'll send you copies.
I live on the top floor and I can hear my downstairs neighbors walking around.
thanks for the support, all- much appreciated.

Raisin, you can hear your DOWNSTAIRS neighbor? That's crazy.
Yeah, isn't that fucked up? And I don't live in a shack or anything, just what I think is a poorly-constructed 1960s building. Too bad these things can't be found out before moving in! At least downstairs neighbor isn't psychotic about my walking around, right?
Hey fellow NYC'ers, is anyone planning on taking part in the Until the Violence Stops festival that starts this monday and goes for two weeks? They have some pretty cool stuff lined up.

AP if you come to NYC we are SO hanging out.
My evil cooze of a mother has postponed things. I really wanted to be in NYC this coming weekend. I am considering how I can use my CSI shit to whack her & go anyway... I really wants to meet my NYC Busties. Evil satan bitch!
ap, we must meet and greet iffen you are in the area. keep us posted!
"Aural's mom's a bitch she's a big fat bitch she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world Aural's mom's a bitch she's a big fat bitch she's a bitch to Bustie boys and girl..."

NO high kicks or jazz hands, I am too pissed to dance. HUMPH. This is wrowng. It's wrowng!!!!
Two questions for the lovely NY ladies:

1) I tried finding the bra rabbi's store on Sunday but couldn't figure out a name or address. Does anyone have this?

2) Did anyone post pictures from Mando's get together?

It was good seeing everyone on Saturday--I could get used to this being a regular thing!
First off: FABULOUS party Mando!!!


Orchard Corset Center
157 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002-2214
(212) 674-0786
ha, jem, I love you

and yes, AP, your mother is indeed a big fat bitch. And not in a good way.

Sunny! Where are you? Have you moved yet? We must get drinkies to celebrate when you do!
a friend of mine is looking for a roommate, available july 1. The rent is $787, it's a small room in a 2 bedroom apartment, 2 blocks from the Nassau G stop in greenpoint brooklyn--- huge apartment with large kitchen.

i don't think she cares if it is a guy or a girl, non-smoker please, and i'm pretty sure she is allergic to everything so pets won't work :-(

i wish i could move in, but my commute to the daily grind would be incredibly ridiculous.

if anyone is interested, or knows someone who is interested, pls PM me at misspissed @

i promise to circulate an email with my pictures soon. i believe we were asked not to post anything publicly, jung.

sorry i missed out on saturday's festivities. working weekends is sucking my soul outta my ass. but the next early-ish get-together, i'm there!
I have a wicked picture of you, Junglista, that I could send you if I had your email addy...
dusty, try

Awesome, thanks!
God, my teeth are so on edge. GRINDING, even. I wanted to leave on Friday, but that's the day that she's having her redneck brigade come & get her furniture. I do not trust her or them to not rob me blind & I'm sure as fuck not hauling her shit. SWAMPWITCH! I have so many people that I wanted to meet this weekend & Jem's birfday, dammit! As cod is my witness I'ma be in the goddamn city ASAP. It's been too long to not actually have met any of you. In so many ways I feel like I know you already...
(((ap))) you poor thing. but i hope it's ok that swampwitch made me lol and is now my new favorite phrase o'venom, hee.
It's okay as long as you say it with proper inflection. Sssssswamp-witch! You have to drag out the s & make it sound like two words.
Oooohhhhh! Just a public thank you to Mando for the pictures. I wish I had been there. Are you sick of hearing me say this? Okay then.

And I DEFINITELY recognized some of you (um, hello, gorgeous), and there were others where I was like, "Who IS that?!" Like I just had no clue. But it was all good.

I better still be coming to NY in a couple of months (barring my $ situation taking even more of a nosedive)... I miss having Bustie friends. Hell-A seemed so long ago.

xoxo from your Official NY Lurker
are the photos by email only open to those who were lucky enough to be and casa mando?
i promise to offer them up soon via email, bunny, i just have to caption them!
It's my birthday, LOVE ME!!!
Can you please keep me posted on the pix as well Mando? Not that I'm nosy or anything...
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