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Full Version: NYC Busties: Does it have to be August to make plans?
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Dear NYC Busties,

It is with deep regret that I write to inform you that I will be unable to make it to the Mandoparty. Try not to be too broken up about it, as I hope to pay a visit to your city this summer.

Your Official Resident Lurker and Supplier of Cadbury Eggs

p.s. I bet the humidity will be truly atrocious by then. Yeah, baby!
I, too, am otherwise committed that day, else I would be so very there. But I'm looking forward to meeting Raisingirl, and her eggs.


Also, I'm throwing a big-ass benefit for the shelter where I used to live, Covenant House NY, at Bowery Poetry Club on Tuesday, May 9 -- featuring ex-homeless authors Nick Flynn (Another Bullshit Night in Suck City), Jeannette Walls (The Glass Castle), me, and others. 7pm, sliding scale admission $5 - $25, free re-gift bags you can keep or give to street kids, free book raffle, etc. Please come, if you're of a mind to!
Me and my eggs look forward to meeting you, too, GB. (hah) Oh, Nick Flynn! I've got a copy of his book on loan from the library while I wait for yours to come in, GB.
GB, looks like i might be able to make the benefit, as i have off that tuesday from el work.

awesome. can't wait to see you after all these years...and i LOVE the bowery poetry club.
Forget the Devil wears prada - Debbie Stoller hasn't got taste enough to buy prada. She calls herself a feminist?????? What crap! What feminist borrows everyones ideas craftsters or people in general.? I know everyone in publishing does it,but come on.

I loved this magazine because I thought that the idea was coming from an indie mag. Meanwhile the Editor in Chief is picking on a small business. Maybe she'll give them credit. Don't pay no way then she takes Sew Fast Sew Easy's idea for her books and the stupid bitch doesn't even check to see if its trademarked.

Then she files two applications for trademarks - gets refused and then smacks it to them. Uhhh! Miss Debbie hits SFSE with a petition to take their trademark. SHe thinks everything is hers. She wants it even if she's the bully devil.

Take it first hand from an intern who watched her at it every day. You are being lead down the stoller road to HELL! Boycott BUST! By JANE or other magazines that do good with their money!!!!!!
Um, yeah. Um, does this really belong here?

*waves at NYC BUSTies*

I'm here!!! Yay!
Misspissed, it'll be great to see you!

And Debbie Stoller rocks!
Also: Hi, lucizoe!

*waving, grinning*
So, I've been here for just under two weeks and not necessarily doing a ton of walking around...just working on getting the apartment in order, etc. The first day I was here I walked a few blocks down my street and saw Elijah Wood. He's short.

Yesterday Mr.Luci and I were walking and wound-up in the west village. We were crossing the street and I saw a woman with two big dogs walking past. I was about to do my usual puppy-gushing voice, especially since they were big dogs, not chihuahuas or pugs, and it was nice to see that. Well, the woman and I locked eyes and it was Janeane Garafolo and I got too scared to say anything. She's short too. I lurve her.

That is all.
Awww, Lucizoe, that sounds great! Congrats on the move to NYC, too.
APRIL 29th-Is anyone marching in the United for Peace Justice and Democracy March/protest tomorrow? It's supposed to be huge.
Woot! Lucizoe's in DA HOUSE!!!! We need to have a welcome to NYC throw down, girl. Are you doing to Mandopolozza?
Argh! You've been here less than two weeks and already saw 2 famous people! I've been here since July and have seen a total of zero famous people. I need to get with it! Where's a good area to go star-spotting? (Though if I bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal or Nicole Kidman I'd have to try really hard not to get outwardly excited. Inside my head I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs. lol)

Katie, I might go. I really want to, but I have 2 massive papers to work on that are due early next week. If I don't make it, I do want to go to one of the immigrant walk-out events on Monday, though!
just got back from the march nyc much fun, bought alot of tshirts for really cheap with cool comments on them and whatnot. did you end up going faerie? really alot of fun.
*fans self*

Why, Jem, I do believe I AM attending the Mandopalooza. I shall see you there, no doubt.

*folds fan genteely*
Delurking - Ok, so it's too early to start with the squeeing but I think I maybe coming to New York in August! I know it will be sweltering but I don't care!
I am so excited! squee!

I hope that I can meet some (ALL) of you lovely ladies while I am there!

Just as warning, I will be in here asking all sorts of annoying questions while planning my trip. I hope you guys don't mind.

Is there some sort of secret horrible reason not to be a dog-walker? I don't need a job that will pay rent, and dog-walking seems good for me - I won't have to interact with anyone in a retail/food service setting, I loves me the puppies and I'm good with them, and I'll be able to walk around all day learning the various neighborhoods.

However, if anyone has a reason why I shouldn't do it, please do NOT hold your peace. I can take it. :-)

Yay, oceandessa!

i'm gonna be at mandoparty!!!! squeeeee!!!!
Jealous. Very jealous of ¯.
Me too.

Um, consider me the newest addition to the NYC busties (something I've been wanting to become for, oh, six years or so!). I will be officially moved there at this time next week! *scared* *excited* *scared*

I'll be at mandoparty too ;)

sunny! oh my god! where are you moving and do you wanna be bestest friends?? a little excited there...

No shit! Wow. Sunny. In NYC. Sweet.
Hi y'all,

Does anyone have a gynecologist and/or GP they would be comfy recommending? Nothing urgent...just trying to get things can PM me if you'd rather.

Can't wait for Mandopalooza!
hee! sure we can!

hi ris!

I don't know where I'm moving yet - I have a good lead on an apartment in the village at 4th & macdougal. till then I'm crashing w/ friends and maybe subletting in June (the apt isn't available until July).

And I'm working in the financial district. eek!

(I still can't believe this is happening. Really.)
Congrats on the move, sunny!

I wish I could come to the mandoparty!

(Also, benefit for Covenant House, this Tuesday May 9 at 7, Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery at First Street. With Jeannette Walls and Nick Flynn and me! $5 -$25 sliding scale admission. Woot!)
hihhihihihi,new york city busties!!!!

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

can anyone say get together this weekend???

proposed dates: Both thursday night and friday night

why both nights: Because snarkout_rat can't make it friday and because minouskaminou can't make it on thursday and greedy tes wants to see them both!

where:at the bar in the lobby of my hotel, which is near times square, w 52cd and 7th, on 135 w 52cd. we can decide where to go from there, or if there are too many of us, try to make a reservation

time: around 19:00 (7pm) some people can get there earlier, some people later.

let me know as soon as you can, so that we can get a reservation somewhere if there are a lot of us. i'm proposing dim sum for friday, and snarkout is going to check out places near my hotel on tuesday night, when she is in the city for other reasons. (YAY! and muito thank you, snarkout, querida!!!)

if anyone does not have my US cell and wants to have it, drop me an email at my livejournal address, and i'll send it to you. i'm not sure how often i'll have access to my email, don't think i'll be taking my laptop uptown with me every probably only in the mornings and then afterwards, when i get back to the hotel.

busties flip my skirt up!!! can't wait to see all of you!!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes
Anyone planning to go to the NOW feminist summit in July? It's in Albany.
Hi tesao! I hope you'll have fun times while you're here. I'm on my way out of town for a week, but had to say that I MET MAPLE LAST NIGHT! And she is the most excellent kind of tree you could ever hope to meet.


Mermaid, I thought the summit was in June, when I'll be out of town again! If it's July, I'm definitely going. And you?
hi, girlbomb! i'm really sorry that i will be missing you :-(

but really happy that you got to meet MAPLE!!! and yes, maple candy is about the only kind i like other than chocolate. most excellent!

have a great trip, and i hope that we catch up with each other some other time that i'm in NYC!

PS: i cant believe that i'm going to miss the mandopaloooooooza!!! :-(

soooooooooooooo bummed!!

mandomyheart, consider yourself hugged tightly!!!

The new issue of Bust tipped me off to it being in July. July 21-23. Looks like a lot of good stuff is happening on Friday, but I can't take off work, so I'll probably head there Friday night and be around for Saturday's stuff.

Here's lots of details.

I'm really pysched that one of the speakers is the President of the South Dakota Oglala Sioux tribe who's die-hard in support of reproductive rights.
Maple? Wow, there's a name I haven't heard in ages.

Tes! I don't think I'll be able to make it this week! So sorry! :-(
But you'll be in NYC every few months, no?
Girlbomb I have to ask, is it the same bad ass, bass playing, sweet as pie Maple who posted on Bust in 02?
It is indeed! And she is both sweet AND bad-assed!
whoa, maple?! i didn't realize she was a local gal. it's nice to know she's well. i so loved reading whatever that girl wrote.

so bummed i'm going to miss tesao again. :-(
i missed tes, too :-( so bummed.

when will you be back in NYC?
Does anyone know how far in advace one would need to book at appointment for Fringe salon? My sister will be in town in early July, and is thinking of getting her hair cut. No specific cut, just something cute. Any other salon suggestions? Thanks.
DM, it never hurts to call way in advance. That way, you definitely get the date you want, and you get your choice of times, rather than just whatever's available.

FWIW, I love my salon, and have gradually gotten many of my friends to go there, too. I go to Paulie at Panyc, on 15th near 8th Ave. He's great with curly hair, and with short cuts. I think he charges $65ish for a cut.
Thank you fuego, my sister's cut would be a short cut I'll have her call the place you recommended.

Fuego, I might check out your guy when I'm in NYC for the Mandoparty. Or, can you tell me again who you used to go to in Boston? I forget.
Luna, I used to go to Anthony at Twilight (on Beacon between Park Drive and Kenmore, closer to Park), which is open late. He's awesome -- I still stop by when I'm in Boston and need a cut. Tell him I sent you, and tell him I said hi!
You mean you haven't gone to the Italian lady on Mass. Ave.? I'm going to see her again soon. Oh, I get it, Cambridge isn't good enough for you?! ::gigglesnort::
haHAH, raisin, i KNEW you were gonna call me out on that. how come we spend as much time in here as the Nyers?

thanks fuego!
Hahah! Well, her cluttered window display kind of scared me off at first, so I can understand your apprehension. I know, why are we here so much? Because the NYC Busties are awesome?!
Damn straight.
Does anyone else going to Mandopalooza wanna meet me at Grand Central to take the train together? We can split the cab that way, too...just a thought.

Scared but can't wait!
Re: Mandopalooza, I've got space in my car for one more person. Lucizoe, if you can get to Greenpoint, you're welcome to hop in.
oooh, yay! definitely!
Hey all! Random question: Does anyone know anything about the UN Crowne Plaza hotel in Manhattan? Is it decently nice? Thinking about it for an out of town guest's stay.
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