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I've been fooling around with our playlist site and created one of my own (Rogue) - I haven't had a chance to listen to anyone else's but I definitely plan to. I love finding new music, too, and it's definitely a huge part of my day. It depresses me that I can't listen to it at work because I'm on the front desk. *sigh* But as soon as I get home on it goes! =)
Boo, it won't let me take part because of 'licensing restrictions!'

I was going to post the following, because I'm feeling especially perky today:

Grace Kelly (Mika)
Generator (The Holloways)
La Camisa Negra (Juanes)
Harmour Love (Syreeta)
One Night Stand (Pipettes)
Persi, I LOVE Grace Kelly! Such an amazing & upbeat song!

I used to sing it in the shower all the time but the (ex)BF used to yell at me to stop because he hated it. I think it's my favourite memory of that song. laugh.gif
QUOTE(nickclick @ Nov 18 2009, 06:12 AM) *
speaking of 90s girl rock, have you seen Carrie Brownstein's NPR blog? she's awesome. here's her post about how rock is what moves her most.

What IS it with the Beards though, I guess I've been missing the cultural signifyer as soft rocker. Shaggy hipster beards always seem macho to me even on the "sensitive dude". Like, maybe the beard is a defensive maneuver "Remember to treat me like a man, cause that's what I am, (even though I'm a sensitive guy.)"

Persiflager arg that's a drag. If I can find those tunes im'ma add them to the playlist in your honour. The Pipettes are a blast.

Rogue looking forward to checking out your list when I get home.

I love hearing what everyone's listening to especially when it's something I'd never look for on my own.
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Nov 20 2009, 06:05 PM) *

it takes like 3 minutes to set up a playlist, so lurkers hop to it.

Yeah and you don't even need to make a whole playlist - you can just add a song or two to the main playlist and you're sailing.
rogue, i listened to your playlist at work today, totally digging it. esp the techno(ish) transition toward the end... which inspired me to make another list on the site tongue.gif

and girl logic, i'm assuming the other 3 are yours? also really good. i love hearing what everyone's into, and this shit's free, too!
So . . . I put up a playlist. It's not so great. A lot of the newer stuff I wanted to put on isn't on yet. But it doesn't entirely suck.
Okay, so I put up three because I am procrastinating today.

ETA: I am champing at the bit to see what you all think. I like ya'lls.
Aww, thanks COCL. I've been a trance-girl ever since I started getting into music when I was about eleven. So many people I know hate it so I always try not to push it on people and I'm usually reluctant to share it in "fear" of being rebuked. I actually got into a fight with a girl that I lived in residence with when I was on a school exchange to England in university once because of it. We were travelling from our school to Bath (it was about a three-hour bus ride) and I purchased a trance compilation album that I found at a pitstop along the way for two pounds, ninety-nine pence (great deal for a double album!) and she just went off on me for no reason. It's not like I wasn't going to listen to it without my headphones on. It was very strange. She was one of those emo kids who listened to depressing music so I don't know, maybe that was why. Anyway. She told me that I was so lame and NO ONE listens to/likes/appreciates the kind of music I do and I was kind of like, Hello? I'm pretty sure most of Europe does because that's where most of this music comes from, and that's where we are. It was odd.

Wow, that was a really weird tangent just to say that I try to keep my love of trance and stuff to myself, hehe. But yeah, I like that and a lot more mellow stuff, but I am a sucker for anything with a beat or anything that sounds dreamlike, you know? That's why I love Signs by Bloc Party. So pretty. And Embers by Just Jack. And I love how spooky Closer by Kings of Leon sounds.

AP, I will have a listen to your stuff when I get home tonight! I'm going to batten down the hatches and do some writing so it will be good to have some new music to listen to. =)

ETA: I just added some more tunes to my list - a new Gaga tune and the new one from BEP because I like the sound/beat, and also my all-time favourite song ever, Hopeless by Train. It's sad but it's pretty.
Sweet!!!! I finally got around to checking this out and it is great!!!!!
did you put one up, ch?

i haven't had a chance to check out the new playlists yet, but i'm back at work tomorrow (SIGH) and i will be needing some sonic therapy.
I luuurve trance, Rogue. Scrapes up the residual MDMA from the sediments in my old raver soul and sends it back into the bloodstream.
COCL, I'll work on putting one up soon. It's been a curious sort of weekend (see okayland for details).

ETA: Okay, half the stuff I listen to isn't on there! ROAR. I realized my musical tastes were eclectic, but really? Hmmph. I'll have to figure it out. I will probably end up making one, but posting the songs in the comments.
ch, i've noticed that their selection is lacking and the site freezes up easily...

and aural, i got a chance to listen to some of your stuff today (yay for tv on the radio and jose gonzalez!) but a lot of your other songs stopped about 1 min or so in... is it just me?

i'm going to xpost this in the "what bands are you listening to" thread, but is a better playlist building site? (i also personally use, which has a large selection... no, i don't work for them)
Things have been so crazy busy here with craft fairs and stuff I haven't even had a chance to listen to your lists yet (COCL, Aural) - but I don't want this thread to die! I'll be back!

Rogue I listened to your list awhile back - it was the first two tracks that did it for me. I feel so out of it, I'd never heard them before, but it was like eating something really fine and nuanced...with my ears...if that makes any sense at all.
That definitely makes sense, girl_logic. Signs by Bloc Party is one of my top songs of the year. I never get tired of it. I just think it's so hauntingly beautiful that it kind of hurts me to listen to it. That sounds weird, too, I think. I think it's a perfect rainy/snowy day song.

As for Come Back When You Can by Barcelona - I've just discovered it recently. Their stuff is really good - a nice mix between more upbeat music and then songs like that - nice and slow. I love them.

I need to get on to listening to everyone else's stuff! I just haven't had the time as of late but I am in desperate need of new music - that isn't radio crap - so I'm going to get on it. If not in the next two weeks definitely after Christmas when I get some time off. =)
I wish more folks were into this. I added a new playlist.
Is this on or Pandora? When I type up the username it doesn't let me?
auralpoison, bustradio/bustradio. It worked for me, so I dunno why it's punkin' on you.
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