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i am ALWAYS in! biggrin.gif

has it really been another goddamn six months!?
oh, and, alis1nner: i know i'm totally a month late on this, but i just thought of the mamas and the papas! so many awesome ungendered love songs--"dream a little dream of me", anyone? biggrin.gif
um... uh... um... uh /indecisive

my wallet says no, but I want to...

ah, count me in.
okay once i get my wits about me, i'll start getting it together the usual info... let me know by Sunday, if anyone else wants in... i'll edit this post later, i'm sorta at work wink.gif
aight aight, here we go, yo:

PM me:
-your bust name (& real name, if you want to)
-your address
-how many swaps (general #) you want to do
-if you are willing to send outside your country
-if you want some sort of theme, i.e. angry girl folksinger compilation; get your drink and your smoke on lounge mix....

once i get the addresses arranged, i'll PM each of you with who/what/where/when/why/how for the CD exchange.

alright kids, you have until fri to get the goods to me, then onward!

if you already PM'd me, thanks, i got your info.
yay! oh, and can the people I've swapped with before tell me the names of the mixes I sent? I don't want to replicate songs...
Is it too late to get in? I've been tryin to get you guys started for months.
torch, i got your goods.

i'll be back later this afternoon to divvy up the matches. i need to shower 'cause i smell like sticky beer and used cigarettes.


i lied, i totally didn't take a shower until 8 pm, 'cos i was watching movies all day on the couch. BUT, i have everyone's info, and i'm getting the list together, so i will have it ready to go by tomorrow. sorry i'm such a lazy whore. smile.gif

you all should have gotten PM's from me by now, hopefully i didn't fuck anything up. you got questions? i got answers. lemme know.

happy swapping!
yay!!! smile.gif
very exciting!
I sent off my swaps, hope you guys like them.
Ditto! Keep your eyes peeled on Monday-Tuesday-ish.
mine are still in progress, and unfortch, i'm skipping town this weekend. next week i should be locked and loaded...
I received a disc from Lananas the other day. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet (plan on doing that today) but it looks interesting. Check it out.

1. Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) - Wyclef ft. Akon
2. Apologize - Timbaland ft. One Republic*
3. Call The Shots - Girls Aloud
4. Striptease - Hawksley Workman
5. Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
6. All My Loving - Jim Sturgess
7. Angels - Wax Poetic ft. Nora Jones* (I have the album, nice song)
8. Lovestones/I Think She Knows - Justin Timberlake*
9. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
10. Not Big - Lily Allen*
11. Hypnotized - Notorious B.I.G.*
12. All I Want For Christmas - Olivia Olson
13. The Way You Move - Outkast ft. Sleepy Brown*
14. It Won't Be Long - The Hives
15. Show Me Love - Robyn*
16. Too Lost In You - Sugababes*
17. Mo Money, Mo Problems - Notorious B.I.G.
18. Letter Song - Tyler Hilton
19. No One - Alicia Keys*

Thank you Lananas, appreciate it.
oh that's hot torch, i don't think anyone's posted playlists in here before, just noted the ones they liked/didn't like.

mine are burned, and i'm tryin' to make 'em all purty before i send 'em out. they go through a rigorous screening process just to get to the burning step wink.gif
Yeah I just thought that everyone puts time and energy into these mixes. We might as well let others see what goodies we have. And at the same time, it gives props to the mixer. They need some acknowledgement too. So every mix I get, I will post the tracklisting. I hope everyone else does the same.
i am slackking hard on this one sad.gif i got yours, nick, thankyou!!!
dahhhhh, i didn't get to make my cd covers before i left for the holidays..... :( i'll hafta send mine out after the new year. so sorry.... i got yours tho, faerietails! they rock!

it's all good, i'm out of town until the new year anyway.

but i got yours before i left lananas. it's awesome; i listened to it on my plane ride. thanks! smile.gif (i don't know if you got a million PMs from me to that effect because the lounge kept going screwy on me this morning! rolleyes.gif)
done and done, sent out today smile.gif
I didn't get the PM's faerietales, but I'm glad you like it! And the one I sent to torch, that's just sort of what i felt like at the time. I'm glad its interesting, haha.
mine got sent out earlier - they should take about two weeks to reach you! I apologise for the lack of prettyness, I've been busybusybusy with work and school but wanted to get them out before christmas!
I got Crazyoldcatlady's Mix today and I am currently listening to it. It takes me back a lil bit as I remember most of these cuts. Being that my hubby is a HUGE hiphop fan, I'm looking forward to it. Check it out:


1. Things That Make You Go Hmmm - C&C Music Factory (Never got into this cut at all, sorry)
2. Pop Goes The Weasel - 3rd Bass (I loved them just not this song. Never liked the Peter Gabriel sample)
3. I Got A Man - Positive K (His only hit but it was a big one)*
4. Do You Want Me? - Salt-N-Pepa (not a favorite of theirs)
5. Let Me Ride** (One of my favorites from the Chronic album)
6. 2 Of America's Most Wanted - 2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg* (Not the biggest Pac fan but this is ok)
7. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See - Busta Rhymes** (Nice cut)
8. Absolute Power - Tech N9ne (Talented cat but very different)
9. Crowd Pleasa - El Da Sensai** (Its good to see some underground hiphop on here, nice touch!)
10. No Diggity - Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre* (Good song, not really a hiphop song though)
11. Could You Be Loved - Damien & Stephen Marley (okay song)
12. Lapdance - N.E.R.D. (I love NERD but not this song)
13. Bossy - Kelis (She always releases the worst songs off of her albums)
14. The Flyest - Nas ft. Pharrell** (Love Nas)
15. My Life - Foxy Brown (One of the reasons I don't like mainstream rap)
16. Drug Ballad - Eminem (Past his prime now)
17. Closer In Da Club - NIN & 50 Cent (Not a fan of mash-ups)
18. Mario Twins - Group X

Thank you COCL, I appreciate it. Nice artwork to boot!
wow torch, sorry i couldn't get you something more up your alley. i was inspired by a past post where you had lamented the state of rap today in contrast to the old days.

i'll be back lata to post rec'd playlists...
i finalized my playlist, just gotta burn em and send em out! soon!

mailed! FINally! enjoy!
Hey Crazyoldcatlady, don't be discourage. The comments were coming from my hubby. He's a Rap Music Snob, so don't even sweat it. Appreciate the disc, I really do.
dayum torch, you didn't have to send THREE discs. i know what i'm doing this weekend.

and faerietails, i rocked out to your disk last weekend whilst i baked. the amy winehouse cover was/is hott shitt.
I enjoy swaps so much I get generous. So I sent all of you guys 3 each. I love music and I have alot to spread so enjoy and be enlightened. Don't be a radio slave and think that's all that's out there because there is a ton of music that goes unheard biggrin.gif
Thanks Torch! I got your CD's today. Very exciting.
I got CD's from bunnyfluf today too! So much listening to do!
glad you liked it, catlady! i loved yours, too! it's a great cd to chill out to.

got yours a couple of days ago bunnyfluf! i listened to the "what do i do now?" today and i loved it (that smiths song is like the story of my life, lol). i'll get to the other one tomorrow.
yay, i'm glad you liked! i hope i fulfilled the "depressing, but bonus points if it sounds happy" requirement!

*sticks head in*

any sign of mine? I'm offering sacrifices to the post gods that they arrive...
Hi ladies

Is it too late to join this thread?
Hey Sandee, glad other people are checkin out this thread. Hopefully we can have another round sooner than later. I really enjoy this.
Bump. Lets hook up another round.
Yes, yes, do that so I can join
April 18th looks to be a special day. Go to your local independent record shop and support the artists you love.
I'd be down for joining. Can i make an actual mix TAPE?
torch, i've got your cd's on heavy rotation in my car right now, esp. digging taste the pop tart wink.gif
haha i listen to taste the pop tart ALL THE TIME because its SO GOOD. Had to capitalize. Was necessary to emphasize the goodness.
is anyone else on this site?

i love it cause i can share a mix and still be lazy!
I've heard about it but I'm not on it - looks really cool!
i'm diggin' that site, star. i'm in the mood for new music. which reminds me, perhaps a new round of swaparoo...? ::sniffs the air:::
*raises hand* count me in!
Thanks for the love you guys. Count me in for the next round. I have mixes ready to go.
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