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I'm tempted but I'd be really slow as I've never done mixes before (although in the world of itunes it must be quicker than the old days of recording each track individually).
bun, everyone usually takes a good few weeks to get thier mixes out, so don't worry about being slow. (and if you want to dip your toes in, as it were, I'll swap with you, 'cos I take aaages over them)

This is a great idea and I'd love to join in. Are there any guidelines?

And I've pm'd you fairietails.

i'm in. and already all excited. i can only make mix cds and can only receive mix cds since i don't own a tape deck. so you guys will have to consider this. ;-)
okay, info has been sent! contact me if you didn't hear from me.
since i'll be heading to spain on saturday and i won't be back for another week, my mixes will have to wait. sorry gals. but i already have some ideas in my mind. ;-)
ooookaaay. I clearly make too many mixes. Can everyone who had one of my last mixes tell me what they were called? I'm trying not to duplicate songs... I tend to repeat myself otherwise.
I'm a newbie here but this sounds like a great idea. How can I join?
hey torch, this round is already in session but check back in a few months, i'm sure we'll start another one! and swing by the newbie thread if you haven't already. welcome to bust!
Hey folks, if you are like me and can't wait for the next round, I found a club over here at FTOTZ. GIve it a looksy.

Join the FTOTZ Mixtape/CD Club
Here's the thread :: Here's the FAQ
wow, faerietails, you are fast! :-) i haven't listened to it yet but i will later tonight.

i haven't even started my mixes yet - sorry.
wow, you got it fast! hee!, the past it's taken me forEVER to send these out. the only thing that got these out quickly was that i was in a hardcore procrastination mood and wouldn't stop until i finished designing the inserts. i figured i should actually burn the cds too while i was at it, so...voila! lol
yay! i got mine from faerietails too! can't wait to listen to it
mine will hopefully be out this weekend...?
ok i lied...right now i actually don't have access to all the songs i want to put on so it might take a little longer!
mine went out yesterday, but i don't know how long they'll take. a week, possibly less for indiechick.
thanks, mornington, i took it out of the mailbox this morning. i love the artwork! wub.gif

i haven't made mine yet - sorry. i just started a new job and will be moving soon but they are still on my to-do-list so they will be going out.
So when is the next round starting? Hopefully next month. I have some goodies to spread. tongue.gif
Oooh, I'd like to join in next time too! Making CD's is one of my favorite pass times! This should be fun.
Gosh I have missed the swaparoo so much! Count me in the next one!
OMG i am so bad at's taken me over a month and i STILL have 3 cds worth full of songs i want to put on. i simply can't pare down. i hope you guys don't mind, uh, 3 mixes. and i hope you don't mind eighties.....cos that's kind of all i've been listening to lately. AND I WILL FORCE THREE VOLUMES OF IT ON YOU TOO

watch mailboxes soon oks?
uh huh, i'll believe it when i see it...tongue.gif
keep that up, faerie, and you won't get any of 'em! tongue.gif

mornington i've been listening to your mixes a lot lately and GOD emmy the great is awesome. the one you put on the last mix has become one of my favorite songs ever and i think this one will too. and hells yes for the television personalities....i actually that i included a tvp song on one of my mixes too, oops...but it's a different one. so you'll probably know (and love) it but maybe the others will be new.
i am also way behind... but right now, all my cds are packed up in boxes. and most likely, they won't come out of them for a little while since i have to go to ikea to get new shelves first. sorry.
woo! got yours today, mouse!
I've been away for a few days, but I got home to your cds, mouse! I love 'em already - and omg, I was looking the other day for that jeffrey lewis song! laugh.gif and i heart that of montreal song cos F sings it at me when he's driving. Yay!

(what was track five on "when will i love again"? started with I'm a nut by tiny tim)
i left one out????

CRAP. I DID. it's "that fink, jazz-me-blues boy" by the marine girls.

SORRY! glad you are loving them! i can't get enough of emmy the great, and that modest mouse cover is lovely! you always find such interesting covers. oh and i like the pirate song too.
yay! *promptly adds* I like the marine girls and it's all your fault...

which pirate song?

I have an absolute fascination with covers... it probably shouldn't be encouraged.
aren't they awesome? you know it's the girl from everything but the girl, right? isn't that crazy? they don't sound ANYTHING alike to me.

i should've thrown some covers on there for you, i've got some you might like *briefly contemplates making covers mix for mornington, dismisses idea as being borderline obsessive*

the pirate song about taking manhattan and berlin. where is my tracklisting. at least he SOUNDS like a pirate. i like it.
ah... kid harpoon. that's another cover song, but I do like him - he always sings like that.

migod, i didn't know that about marine girls! nothing like... although her new album is pretty good.

edit: talking of covers... Puritan Blister always has loads. borderline obsessive, no... although I'd have to make you something in return, and maude knows what would happen then...
oh, lawd, what are we getting ourselves into here! tongue.gif

what is the kid harpoon (what a great name, btw) song a cover of? i don't know it.

i also have an inordinately large collection of songs about birthdays....

ETA: omigod LEONARD COHEN? no WAY! also that blog is AWESOME and you are EVIL for telling me about it!
i didn't know it was cohen... as far as I knew, it was REM.

*evil cackle* I have a terrible thing for music blogs. I'm also obsessing over edith piaf and marlene dietrich these days, and I have no idea what started that.
have at this one, then: smile.gif

also... I posted in the video thread. you might likey...
mouse, you must name more french music for me to listen to!
must i! hmmmmmmmm........plastic bertrand, serge gainsbourg/jane birkin (i meant to put "orang-outan" by her the mix but clean forgot--seek it out if you can)...eileen has a rad cover of nancy sinatra's "these boots"....oh hell just go here:
mornington, that puritan blister blog keeps pimping my coworker's band! that is so rad. i have to show it to him. HINT i put them on your mix.
sunset rubdown? or if i'm wrong... which mix? that is most cool, nonetheless.
So is there a Fall Mix Exchange here?
I found this at another site. I am not trying to take away from the club, but shed some light on what else is happening out there.

Hello! I thought I'd cross-post this as you ladies seem pretty clued up with your music and could probably provide some indispensable help.

I already have my thinking cap on for Christmas time and I'm going to make mix CDs for some people but want it to be all really cool/funky/outside the box Christmas songs instead of some of the over-played, nauseating Christmas songs you hear in shops from October onwards.

So far I have potentials from the Barenaked Ladies Christmas album, The Dandy Warhol's version of Little Drummer Boy, Tenacious D's Things I Want (featuring Sum 41), Rooney's Merry Christmas Everybody, Smashing Pumpkin's Christmastime, No Doubt's Oi to the World and the Dave Matthews Band Christmas Song and considering one of the Chrismukkah songs from South Park. They don't all have to be upbeat and I'm thinking of Joni Mitchell's River, Tori Amos' Winter, Sarah McLachlan's song from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas or something from Wintersong, Fiona Apple's version of Frosty the Snowman and something from Jewel's Christmas Album Joy. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I want these mixes to be pretty unique as well as a rockin' good listen so any help would be much appreciated (hey, I may even send you a copy!)

eta: I'll probably add Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah too (as I said, it doesn't have to be upbeat!)
bun, I know you've already found some of mine, but...

Marah - Christmas in the snow/new york is a christmas kind of town
jon spencer blues explosion - big yule log boogie/christmas wish
james brown - funky christmas
arcade fire - jinglebell rock
belle & sebastien - oh come emmanuel (is gorgeous!)
fountains of wayne - I want an alien for christmas
manic street preachers - last christmas
phantom planet - winter wonderland
elvis presley - blue christmas
eels - christmas is going to the dogs
badly drawn boy - donner & blitzen
beans on toast - christmas at tescos (comedy song)
the holloways - christmas (everybody loves it)
reverand horton heat - run rudolph run
rilo kiley - xmas cake
sufjan stevens - come on let's boogie to the elf dance/it's christmas let's be glad/sister winter/that was the worst christmas ever/jingle bells/only at christmas time/the winter solstice/amazing grace (why yes he did a christmas album, and no, it's not very cheery)

sting did a cover of I saw three ships that was good, i think... and I think the pogues' fairytale of new york should be obligatory on all occasions, but that's 'cos I love kirsty maccoll.

i'll send you one of mine if you send me one of yours... wink.gif

edit: you got me started now...
john mellencamp - i saw mommy kissing santa claus
cyndi lauper - santa baby
bon jovi/sheryl crow/vanessa williams/run dmc - santa claus is coming to town
stevie nicks - silent night
jon bon jovi - please come home for christmas
soundgarden - ave maria
the pretenders - have yourself a merry little christmas
alison krauss - and the angels cried
eurythmics - winter wonderland
run dmc - christmas is
yeah sufjan has a beeeeeeeeeeeellion xmas songs!

i would also like to recommend:

belle and sebastian's "fox in the snow" as a beatiful winter song

superchunk's "pulled muscle" ("i want to cut your christmas tree/drag it through the snow/leave it at your knees")

"anorak christmas"--originally by nixon, a really hard to find swedish band, but sally shapiro does a lovely cover

"the little baby hefner's christmas song for holland" is heartbreaking, sung from joseph's point of view ("mary tell me when's it going to be/ i find it hard to realize that god went down between your thighs/ and put a little child there for you/ now there's three mouths to feed/ i find it hard to see/ why his real dad can't provide a little more/ and if i let you down/ i know he'll be around/ sending nasty angels to my front door")

"december will be magic again" kate bush

"long way around the sea" low

"angel in the snow" marine research

"2000 miles" by the pretenders

"christmas wrapping" by the waitresses is always a classic

"i saw my baby wearing santa's beard" they might be giants

"i heard the bells on christmas day" johnny cash

"blue christmas" elvis!

"corpus christi carol" jeff buckley

anything off of this album especially of montreal's "christmas isn't safe for animals" (!) and the sixth great lake's "always after christmas, boring"

more to be added as i think of them!
whoa, that "little baby hefner..." song sounds awesome.

*sigh* i used to have a folder with a billion awesome christmas songs, and now its gone. sad.gif
(cross-posted to General Knowledge, What Bands Are You Listening To, and A Day to Remember)

Hello! So my question to you all concerns wedding music. I need help coming up with fast and slow songs that would be appropriate for a lesbian wedding - i.e., no "Cause I'm your lady...and you are my man". The invitees will be very mixed, from our crazy friends to relatives for whom this will certainly be their first gay wedding, so we want a good mix of music that will appeal to everyone - some classics, some things you wouldn't expect. Here's our list so far (it's short...we're having a tough time!!) Feel free to stray out of the genres represented here...we like everything!
Dance Songs (Slow)
Beatles – Something
Joan Osborne – Make You Feel My Love
Del McClinton – Sea of Love
Flamingoes – I Only Have Eyes For You
Dance Songs (Fast)
Abba – Dancing Queen
Blondie – Heart of Glass
Joan Osborne – How Sweet it Is
Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
Other Cute Songs
Aqualung – Brighter than Sunshine
Queen – You're My Best Friend

I would love to hear your suggestions!!!
morning, your "Satan Said Dance" post in the satan thread (biggrin.gif) made me start thinking about danceable spooky/Halloween party music possibilites.

Have any other suggestions?
there's this mix I found the other day...

ok, a mix made by going through itunes with "halloween" as word-association (running alphabetically, I'm afraid)
banjo kate - zombie jambouree
Baron Daemon & The Vampires - the transylvania twist
the zutons - nightmare part II
the zombies - spooky little girl like you
xiu xiu - brian the vampire
white stripes - little ghost
washington social club - dead kid town
tom waits - little drop of poison/cemetary polka
tom petty - zombie zoo
tilly & the wall - nights of the living dead
three headcoatees - pinhead
tangiers - spine to necklace/I suggest a crypt
springbok nude girls - food for the demon/unworldly beauty/roses for the soul
siouxie & the banshees - halloween
ryan adams - note to self: don't die
the rapture - the devil
rem - I walked with a zombie
puppini sisters - mr sandman
psychid - digging for victory
placebo - sleeping with ghosts
patrick wolf - lycanthropy
the noisettes - malice in wonderland
Nick Cave & the bad seeds - i put a spell on you/supernaturally
modest mouse - doin' the cockroach/satin in a coffin/this devil's workday
marylin manson - sweet dreams
los campesinos! - we throw parties you throw knives
le tigre - after dark
klaxons - four horsemen of 2012
kirsty maccoll - can't stop killing you
jonny cash - devil went down to georgia
i, monster - backseat of my car
guns 'n' roses - sympathy for the devil
franz ferdinand - shopping for blood
flogging molly - devil's dance floor
devotchka - curse your little heart
jack off jill - clear hearts grey flowers
the decemberists - eli the barrow boy
dead milkmen - you'll dance to anything
the darkness - black shuck
cyhsy - satan said dance
british sea power - something wicked
bloc party - hunting for witches
belle & sebastien - suki in the graveyard
the awakening - vampyre girl
the automatic - monster

I have too much time on my hands...
stephin merrit's always good for creepy:

future bible heroes: she devils of the deep
the gothic archies: the divine comedy
magnetic fields (covering gary numan actually): i die, you die

so is of montreal:
chrissie kiss the corpse
old people in the cemetery
it's easy to sleep when you're dead
scenes from my funeral

and of course my beloved they might be giants, i only need point you here: and here:

and the unicorns:
sea ghost
ghost mountain
tuff ghost
i don't wanna die
ready to die


thee headcoats: strangler of boston town
slint: nosferatu man
scout niblett: your beat kicks back like death (features her screaming "we're all gonna die!!")
white stripes: dead leaves & the dirty ground
barcelona: haunted by the ghost of patty
her space holiday: happy as a ghost
tori amos: happy phantom

beck: devil woman OR satan gave me a taco
dandy warhols: the creep out
eleni mandell: nightmare song
hefner: the sad witch
donovan: season of the witch
low: fear
m83: don't save us from the flames ("house of flames/ a piece of brain in my hair/ a ghost is screaming your name"!)
mirah: special death
moonshine willy: river (a list of all dead relatives--based, incidentally, on a dorothy allison short story...)
smiths: cemetery gates
smog: dress sexy at my funeral
the ventures: slaughter on tenth avenue

i also have too much time on my hands tongue.gif and this is just my itunes...god knows there's tons more in my album collection but i don't have THAT much time on my hands wink.gif

mm i'm itching to get another round going. i'll even coordinate ya'll, unless someone else vehemently wants to...
Count me in!
I'll be in!

By tape... we mean... CD, right?
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