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erinjane--i think there's actually a good program here at SFU... i only took one ws undergrad class, but it was pretty intesting.

ANNOUNCEMENT: by this time tomorrow, my defence will be done! eek! yay! eek! yay! (not sure whether to panic or be excited...)
Ooodles of luck midge! knock 'em dead.
wow, that was the worst sleep i've had in months, and now my stomach is not happy with me. i would kill for some powerade right now.

blah... maybe the worse it is beforehand the better it will go during?
big news flash: I PASSED!!! (with minor revisions.) that was seriously the most stressful thing ever, but it went pretty well, and now the race is on to finish the revisions and reformat to get it into the library for monday (deadline to make fall convocation).

it is such a relief to be done. i can't even describe it. i don't think it's even really hit me yet, but WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
awright Midge! Congratulations! All that hard work and angst finally paid off. Sweet. Celebration time!
thanks anarch! a year ago, i never thought this time would come. i am so happy with myself! i'm so glad that i stuck it out.
Congratulations Midge this is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're my Heroine!
aw, thanks!
Congrats (again)!
thanks!!! revisions... almost... done... wrists... so.... painful...
Belated congrats midge! I've been avoiding this thread - my Master's dissertation is due 4 weeks today...

Does anyone know approx. how many words a 20min (to present) paper is please? May submit a proposal to my first conference - on gender in November.
About 2500 words, or 10-12 pages, double-spaced. Go for it!
Or 2,000 words and 8 pages, if you're me. (How do you do it, Sybarite?!)

Er, in other words, I really think you need to time yourself.
Definitely time yourself. And a little shorter is better than a little longer... people get annoyed if you go over time.

I still get paranoid about not having enough to say so maybe I write a bit too much; I should take my own advice!

I'm not allowed to present at conferences until at least next year (I'm supposed to be full speed ahead on thesis writing now, to the exclusion of everything else). I miss them: it's easier for me to write a conference paper than a 15,000 word chapter.
Me too on the not allowed to go to conferences. I know how you feel!

My trick is to time how far in I should be in 5, 10, 15 and 18 minutes and put a pencil line there in my text. Then when I get there I glace at the time. If I'm behind the mark I speed up, if I'm ahead I slow down (and maybe bring in a couple of casual asides based on my footnotes or references).
d'oh. Timing myself would make sense, everyone is going to read at a different pace so some will have more words than others. I'll use an existing piece and see how far I get through in 20mins.

thanks for the advice; I'll think I'll go for it.
BTW, y'all, I finally got the UPenn CFP to work with the She-Mail software! So, if you want to be able to read the CFPs, PM me/LJ me (if you're on there) for the name and password: though it hasn't changed since I first created it...

ETA: wow, Midge, super congrats, we're all so proud of you!!!!!!
thanks lys! i still can hardly believe it's over!
Very belated congrats to you midge!!! I love seeing other people's progress; I live vicariously through the light at the end of the tunnel for you guys!

20,000 words just sent off to my advisors, words that have been chopped, written from scratch, rewritten, agonised over... I couldn't let it go, I kept putting in 'one more thing'. Argh. But it's gone now; now I wait for feedback. blink.gif

Oh, and start the next chapter.

Lys, I'll sign up again when I'm not so sick of my computer! Thanks!
this is the true academia nuts. let's kick the other ones bye bye.
Hello all.
Just joined, although I've been lurking in this thread for a while - you ladies give me hope that there might be light at the end of the phd tunnel. Congratulations Midge and go Sybarite, too!! I've been writing a rough draft of a chapter for about a month now and I can't bear to finish it. Think my supervisor might be about to kill me. I just want it to be perfect...which is why I'm here instead of working hard. Ugh - back to it.
Can I request some busty vibes please?
4,000 word essay to write by Friday. Gah. Why do I ALWAYS do this to myself?
Ack, Funny, I'm sure you got your paper done and it was marvelous. In an effort to NOT put things off until the last minute, I'm trying to get a conference paper done early - the next two weekends are totally jammed, first with yoga training and then with another conference, so it this is my only full weekend to work on the thing before I have to give it to my commentators. And I'm so over it. I don't care, I'm burned out, I really, really have no motivation to work on this thing. Plus it's a beautiful day, and I could be sailing with my family instead of sitting in front of my computer. BAH!

But I keep telling myelf, this is it, this is my LAST obligation to this topic (a paper from my recently completed diss)... If I want to work on articles or something later, fine, but this is the last thing I *have* to do... So just suck it up and GET IT DONE.

Sheesh, maybe I'm not cut out for academia - I'm not in it right now, I just took a curator position, which I'm really happy with. But I always thought I'd want to work on my articles, work on my book, etc etc... but now that school is over, all I want to do is work my happy little job (which is very interesting and which uses my education), do my yoga and veg out. I dunno, I'm probably just burned out after 10 years of graduate school.

Thanks for listening to me vent! How is everyone else?
You probably are a bit burned out, dragonbait. As a curator, isn't there several ways you can keep a foot in academia without pursuing it full-time? Curating can be creative I believe, depending on how much leeway you have, and could even add to your CV, no? In the meantime you can always do the odd conference paper; that's what I did when I was working full-time at something esle, just to keep my hand in.

Enjoy the job for a while. It's got to be amazing not having an unfinished Ph.D hanging over your head...

I'm writing mine up and hope to be done by summer 2007. I'm enjoying the work but finding it hard at the same time, never completely sure my arguments are right or in the right place. The sheer scale boggles me. I do have a clear run at it now though, with no other big work committments: such a luxury and so much better for my focus.

I'm not allowed to present at conferences anymore; too much to do!
i haven't posted in here for awhile...i think 'cause i was avoiding the topic of school altogether...

i understand the discussion of wanting a real job and having a simple life. i hit that wall all overachiever's hit eventually in their careers. and the actual reality of not having 10 things going on at once was frightening as hell for me. my friend would always say she worried about me when i was done with school. i didn't understand what she was talking about until this summer....

i hit a number of roadblocks on the way to finishing my psy.d. in clinical psychology. a couple of failures and self doubt in myself. but, being at a presentation this saturday helped me to put things into perspective. and now i'm focusing on things full steam ahead. although this cold makes me feel like i'm moving at half throttle, but i will be up and going in no time.

so, i'm reapplying for internship positions this Fall. i didn't get a position last year. and i was really bummed. really bummed. but, as my family and friends would say, all things happen for a reason. i've actually asked for help from numerous people this time around, which was pretty good. i've started collecting my data. i'm hoping this year will help me for next year. kinda like a rebirth for me.

yeah, dragonbait and sybarite, i hear you with the burn out and the whole completion anxiety. at 31, i'm done with being a student. i just want to be a doctor already. when i think of all of the education i've had since 4, it is unreal. i'm tired of school dictating my life. i'm ready to be my own leader...
I passed my MLitt biggrin.gif. Relieved but tired and it's only a short reprieve as I need to get things together for embarking on my PhD come January.

I'm with you all on the burnout factor but, at the same time, I'm not anxious at getting out there into the real world. I can't see myself doing anything else just now but be a student and be in this world of academia. Not that I, for one minute, think I'm cut out for it but I do have my heart set on it and what the heart wants... One of my closest friends jokes that I'm going to be a student for life and it's true, I love learning and I'm not having that taken away from me. I'm taking this as far as it goes, I have found two writers (one living, one dead) whose work I want to devote the next 3 years plus to (as well as the past year) and I'm going to do it and enjoy it. I'm not doing this for any academic aspirations but simply for the enjoyment factor; it's all for me and what I can hopefully bring to the table to help other students enjoy these writers. Looming ahead, though, I still have the dark tunnel of "what then?" Sigh.
good that you found your inspiration to continue your work bunnyb!

I could get lost in the field of academia as well. i really enjoy my work.

but, then there is that looming financial aid loan. uh, it will get paid eventually. right? blink.gif
Why don't you think you're cut out for it, bunny?

And I know who one of your writers is, but who's the other?

I haven't been on Bust much lately, but right now I'm half way through my first semester as a PhD student in the US and in love with my program.

I'm working with or at least talking to all the professors I hoped I'd be able to work with here (and several others), and they seem to be genuinely interested in my work. I'm genuinely interested in my own work and seeing all kinds of exciting ways it could go that I would never have been able to see had I stayed in the UK. I'm learning so much, changing and growing intellectually, getting deeper and wider into my field and getting new, different, clearer ideas of what my field might ideally be; I feel excited and optimistic about my work and my career. I'm super-busy and about to get exponentially busier, but feeling like I did the right thing and made the right (enormous) move is just wonderful.

For lots of people, the first semester of grad school seems to be practically a hazing process. For me, it's an absolute honeymoon period so far; but then again, I am clutching pretty hard at the intellectual joys, because there's plenty else that isn't easy. If I had the choice between the intellectual vistas opening up to me now and a familiar city, a relationship, closeness of my social support networks, though, I'd choose this. But that's just my own particular insanity.
Hey this is a long shot - but can anyone recommend me any seminal/important historical texts on indigenous people under colonization in the American reconstruction era and beyond? Proving strangely elusive.

It's good it's going so well for you, Maryjo!
Thanks, ven!

I don't have any texts to suggest for you, though...
Venetia~Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. sad.gif

MaryJo~Congrats on your first semester in your program! It sounds very exciting. Your post was inspirational for me. I am in the process of applying to predoctoral internships all over the country. One of the last hurdles in completing my Psy.D. program. I feel I need to take a risk and change my location. I've lived in the same place my whole life. It is cool to read that you moved to a new country and found the move exhilirating. It is one of the things I'm remaining open to as my prospects open. Keep up the networking with your professors! It makes a big difference in getting support in your work.
hi everyone!

i know y'all probably already took these and are over and done with em, and have careers and whatnot in "the academy," but i wanted to ask for some tips/advice.

I just took a practice/diagnostic GRE test for the first time. it was sobering. is the GRE exactly like the SAT, in the scoring sense, i.e. verbal possible = 800, and math/quant. possible = 800?

if so, i've got a lot of work to do. i did better on verbal, which is typical for me, but i'm gonna have to study up on this. it's been a long time since the SATS (well, at least five years).

thanks for any test-taking tips! i've been googling GRE and am gonna do practice tips, read a lot, eat better, exercise, and do math puzzles! ha ha! overhaul my life, basically.
it'll be good for me.

GRE tips are much appreciated! keep rockin out the academy, everyone!

you might try:

Biographical dictionary of American Indian history to 1900 / Carl Waldman

Native American history : a chronology of the vast achievements of a culture and their links to world events / Judith Nies.

Handbook Of The American Frontier : Four Centuries Of Indian-White Relationships
Heard, J. Norman (Joseph Norman), 1922-

i'm not sure if you're looking more for a comparative history or a focus on the effects of colonialism. there are also some transcribed oral texts, such as "[url=]An Indian on the Problems of His Race"[/url] by potowatami chief po-ka-gon. good luck!
Dang! I don't know where to post this, cuz the librarian thread seems to be gone...but there's a position open for a women's studies librarian at The Newcomb College Center for Research on Women of Tulane University here in New Orleans...sounds like a peachy job. PM me if you're interested in more info, anyone! Or if you can think of a better place to post this.
I'm about to have a nervous breakdown over my MA thesis. I just changed my thesis topic 2 weeks ago because it just wasn't working for me. I thought my new thesis topic would be a lot easier to do, but--as is my luck--I think I've screwed myself over more now. I just can't find literature or films that have thesis-worthy representations of U.S. immigrant Mexican women that were made by Mexicans/Mexican-Americans/Chicana/os. Everything I'm coming across is by Latinos other than the aforementioned groups of people. This sucks. I have exactly 2 books and 1 movie to work with and that's not going to cut it.

I can't handle this anymore. I feel like the biggest loser in the program for not knowing what the hell I'm doing. I am so freaking burned out already and I just want to go far far away and live as a beach bum for the rest of my life. sad.gif

Being aimless for a long time before a paper is due is typical for me, then I get my shit together and turn in something fabulous. But this is sooooo different. First off, it's not just a paper. Second, it's almost the end of November, hell, it's almost the end of the semester, and I'm still in uhhhhhhhhhhh mode. Shit. Shit shit shit.

*sigh* Sorry, I just had to vent and freak. </rant>
Faerietails, off the top of my head there's this film by Allison Anders: Mi Vida Loca

You could also look at the California/Mexico section of Traffic, contrast that with the film's treatment of the WASP-y family.

I'm sure there's others I can't remember...

Maybe look at (other) films which address the subject of those communities in some way, contrasting that with (again) their representation of other groups?

I've written about and taught film and IMO there's no such thing as 'thesis-worthy' interpretations: it's what you read in a film that counts. Good luck and try not to panic!
A friend of mine is doing work on Coco Fusco's plays, you might want to consider her.

What about the film Quinceanera?

What are you going to argue in your thesis?
(((faerietails))) sorry you are freaking out over this matter. i totally understand your pain. i was thinking of the film "mi familia." there is a great scene where they show how the mother crossed the river with her firstborn to enter the states. it is a great story and film.

maryjo~that's a great question! maybe faerietails if we knew your argument we could be of more help.

sybarite~oh, mi vida loca is a great suggestion.

of course, being mexican myself...i'm trying to rack my brain with suggestions. unfortunately, not many movies are made about the mexican immigrant experience. are you interested in documentaries or just movies?
I liked sybarite's suggestion of a comparative approach towards Traffic; and -please excuse my ignorance- is one of the stories in Crash of Mexican or Latino characters? Michael Pena is Latino but I think he was described as Mexican in film - that would be interesting to talk about.

Pity Pedro Almodovar is Spanish as there's so much material!

Guillermo del Torro and Alfonso Cuaron have each done quite a few -and varied- films, but it obviously depends what your new thesis argument is.
Oooh, I'd forgotten about some of these movies! Thanks everyone! These suggestions have definitely opened up part of my brain.

I'm trying to pull out imagery of Mexican immigrant mothers in literature and film since 1965, so for instance, I'll point out the stereotypes of the suffering, selfless mother, symbolism tying mothers to the Virgin Mary, etc. And I'm going to try and find case studies of Mexican immigrant communities to compare "reality" so to speak with the representations being presented in texts. How to word that into an actual argument eludes me, but I'm working on it.

*sigh* Last night I sent an email to my thesis advisor about how horribly this is all going and she sent me back a somewhat-mean response, so I've been sulking on and off all day. And I know it's totally my fault because the email I sent her was worded quite badly, so she probably thought I was trying to bail on this topic, too, or something. But that wasn't what I meant at all! I'd told her I found all kinds of secondary sources but that the primary source thing was just not happening for me. So (of course, as is my luck), she responded with a list of possible primary sources and scolded me for not putting any efforts into my research. sad.gif I really did try looking, though! I spent a lot of time on it, too, but I couldn't find any more novels for the life of me, so now I just feel incompetent. I should never have sent that email.

This has just not been my semester. I have complete faith in myself that I'll get through this thesis, but yeah. My brain and my soul want a vacation.
Btw, I meant no such thing as thesis-worthy repesentations; i.e. a film doesn't have to be especially sophisticated or 'good' to yield a good analysis... although more complex films may problematise race, ethnicity and community more interestingly.

It doesn't really fit into your argument but John Sayles Lone Star may be worth a look.

If you're looking at case studies, keep in mind that they too can have an agenda, depending on who collated them, did the interviews etc and for what organisation. It's a good idea to read them against the films, but they have their own narrative as well... they don't simply represent 'reality'.

And don't worry overmuch about your advisor: at least you have the primary sources now!
faerie, if you're looking for novels, have you tried "the tortilla curtain" by t.c. boyle?
hey faerietails, i am a first-timer in this thread but i thought i could suggest "house on mango street" by sandra cisneros and "pocho" by jose antonio villareal. i am not sure about the first book but the second one is written by a mexican american and there are also some female characters in it.

maybe i'll hang out more in here. i just received my magister artium (which can be compared to a master degree) two months ago and although i am quite sure that i will not go into academia, i kinda miss the intellectual part of it. my master thesis dealt with autobiographies by japanese american women who were interned in wwII.
The T.C. Boyle and Cisneros suggestions are great! I haven't read Cisneros yet (is Caramello her most famous book?) but have received recommendations and I love T.C. Boyle.

faerietails, I forgot you were doing Motherhood! Is Volver out in the states yet? If it is I would recommend you seeing it as all about mothers - even though its Spanish it would make a good comparison and certainly give you more ideas.

I'm graduating next week and being presented with my Master's Degree in Modernities (English Literature) but I've not made my mind up to continue with academia at the present time or take some time out... Will I still be eligible to post in her if I decide to do my teaching (high school English) diploma?
I think we'll allow you to post in here, Bunny... you can always be a part-time independent scholar on your spare time! Or just in your mind... smile.gif
faerietails~don't forget there is some truth between stereotypes, which are presented. there is research, which connects the worship of mary in latino culture and latino women. being mexican myself (and raised catholic), i'm too aware of this part of my culture and i fully embody it. it is part of my conflict of being part of a selfish, western culture, which looks at other cultures where family is central as being dependent. just thought my view might help you. good luck with your thesis!
Thanks maryjo smile.gif.

From the experience of those of you who have presented at conferences or chaired a panel: what are you expecting from the introduction of a panelist by the chairperson? I'm chairing a panel at the weekend and the individuals presenting papers have kindy given me a short bio, I obviously have thei title of their paper and abstacts so should I provide a quick introduction covering all three? should I stay away from humour (one of tha panelists has included fun info as well as academic). I'm nervous but very excited; I am chairing a panel entitled "Gender Identity and Masculinity".
Most conferences I've been at the chair gives a general intro explaining the panel title/theme and reads each person's bio before they give their paper... I don't see any reason to stay away from humour, though if only one of your presenters gave 'fun' info it might seem unbalanced between them and the others.

I really need to write an abstract for a conference right now... I know I want to write it on one of the two papers i'm also currently working on, but they are both really densely theoretical and I don't know how to make the abstract comprehensible to the normal human race... which it has to be as it's not a conference where everyone will speak fluent queer theory.
Good point, stargazer. I'm Mexican too...which makes me feel all the more pathetic for not knowing more relevant literature off the top of my head!

I had a pretty decent-sized list before this last meeting with my advisor, and it got cut down to three things because of the time periods they covered (I'm looking at post-1965), and because I'm looking for work from Mexicans/Mexican-Americans. So a lot of the stuff has been weeded out, like Lone Star and Mi Familia (since it's set in the 20s). And my book list has been whittled down too. I had The Tortilla Curtain, but since it wasn't created by a Chicano writer, it's off the list. And honestly, I don't even know why I can't include those texts, because they're good books. It wasn't my intent to stick only to Chicana/o auteurs or whatever, that was my advisor's insistence. All I wanted was Mexican immigrant representation in general, and now this is much harder!

Quite honestly, the only reason I went with this topic is because I'd already started the background reading on immigrant motherhood because of my original topic. If it were three months earlier, I would've gone with rape and womanhood in film or something, because I would've loved to analyze Almodovar and von Trier and Tarantino. My new topic is fine and everything, and I do think I'll really enjoy it once I get past my current spazz-out, but it wouldn't have been my first choice.

bunnyb, the last time I chaired a panel I didn't read the entire bios they gave me (they told me to keep it short to move things along), but I definitely mentioned their education, their research interests, some of the highlights of their accomplishments, etc. And it should be fine to add in a little humor.
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