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How soon do you need a reference by, lananans? I would definitely contact another professor while you await to hear from the professor you contacted. One week without calling you might not seem like a big deal to the professor you contacted, but with deadlines for applications looming, I'm sure it feels like a lifetime for you. sad.gif

Good luck!
my application isn't due until january 12.. but I wanted to get in in this week if possible. The way the references work is that once I have profs who have agreed, I submit my completed application, and the school electronically contacts the profs to submit their references, reminds them etc...

I am going to contact another prof today. Just one question though. I got an A in a lecture course about Vietnam History, but I never had any personal contact with the prof. Theres another prof who would remember me, because I was in his small seminar course, where I got a B+, but I took his lecture course afterwards and only got a 75.. although I think the TA's mostly marked those. Im leaning towards asking the second prof, but I need some advice.... this is proving to be very stressful.
(((lananans))) i think it is great that you are getting confirmation about references now. don't put added pressure on yourself to get all applications out this week. you want to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row, you know.

my suggestion would be to go with the second professor who knows you well. grad schools not only wants a student with good grades, but they also want a student with a solid character that can manage grad school. your professionalism communicated by your references and your interview can be deciding factors into getting into your grad school of choice.

good luck! keep posting in here if you need to vent.
I went with the second one after all, contacted him this morning...

We don't actually have an interview, for my program I send the bio sketch, clippings, resume, transcripts and references and they decide based on that. But I feel better now.

Thanks for your advice star!
Yay lananans!

Star, I finally found my new USB port this morning. I don't think my parents have any of my old papers, because they threw out my old computer. I may try to contact one of my old professors(I found a few of them that still teach at my alma mater), but I was considering just starting over on the paper.

Tommy, I still don't know if getting my M.A. will give me hired. I know the program in UW is really good, but it may be the same case I had when I left college. It's the whole "What do I do with a B.A. in English?" I'm now considering special education, library science, or speech pathology.
Grad school applications. Ugh!! Still don't have a clue about what program, and need to talk to a school counselor. I may set up an appointment next week at our local university.
Counselors are a very good idea. I have found that they can be helpful...

I got a second reference! The third prof that I contacted said yes!!

Congrats lananans!
Congrats lananans!!

Everyone have a great turkey day!
I wish I could make up my damn mind. UW has a degree in masters of arts. Now I'm thinking curator would be really interesting. I still think I'm going to head to our local university and chat with some people. Also, thinking of contacting some professors online. My thoughts with speech pathology are a general reaction: I really don't like hospitals. The career is growing, but would it make me happy? I was also in special ed in college, but left the program. I want to do something that I'm passionate about, but I'm also considered about a career.

I need to vent for a moment. What the hell was I thinking going back to school? I admit my current situation is mostly my fault but GOD! I don't even understand this project that I have to write 20 pages about. mad.gif

grumbles out of the thread
sassy, i think it is smart to think how your education can be turned into a career. speech pathology is not strictly based in hospital settings. also, with library science, i know you did not want to study the electronic system of UW in library science, but, you might want to consider that we are moving into using technology more and more. UW is highly competitive in most fields of study. definitely don't rush into your decision. take your time to research programs.

kitten, dude, call me if you are confused about your assignment.
That's what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to just think about me (not in an selfish way), and where I want to take this program. UW sounded more like an IT program which seemed boring to me. I thought rare collections might be interesting. My old alma mater had the biggest collection of Flannery O Conner books, and I got to do a research project on one and loved it. Could you write me star??

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

i guess i just need to vent. i know the data analysis part can be a bitch. i'm reviewing my results for my qualitative research and realizing there is some redundancy there. so, at the worst, i just need to decide what i want to cut out which in the end will save me time in writing up my results section. i just want to scream at this point. i have to remember that when i get this frustrated that i end up writing really well. this part is gonna be tough though. fuck you results section! dry.gif
Argh, I'm trying not to be so stressed out. Does anyone else feel that November and March are always the worst months of the year in terms of school workload? I'm frustrated in trying to do a group project with people that apparently don't check their email. Ever.

Also I have a horrible stats assignment due soon that I just don't feel like tackling at all!
CandyCane Girl, March and November are totally the sweaty, unwashed asshole of academic life.

I always hated group work as a student. This doesn't stop me from having my students do group work. Of course, I have little precautions in place so that the one student, and there's always one or two students, who actually does the majority of the work is rewarded and the slackers are put in their places. I hope your prof has a similar strategy for grading group work.
You'll get through it candycane! Periodmonster - in my experience most profs do not adopt that strategy. I often wished they would.

I'm not in school right now, but I will be all throughout the summer - just got accepted to a MA Journalism program. After a year off following undergrad, I'm ready to go back. Very happy that I didn't apply right away though, I needed to recharge for sure.

So, while my friends are enjoying their summers, I'll be in the library. But I couldn't be more pleased, haha.
There's a small portion of our project that involves grading each other but it's pretty much just like, "how much did this person contribute on a scale of 1-5?" I just wish that there was a chance for us to also write in comments. The presentation is tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I just want to get it over and done with.

Now if only I could deal with my stats class.
Don't know if this is the right thread to post this in, but for some reason, even though I quit smoking a long while ago, when I am in the editing process of writing, I always break down and buy a pack of smokes. For some reason, the smoke break with my paper copy of an article on a friggin clipboard is some inescapable part of the writing process for me. Luckily, I think of these as short relapses and not a return to the world of smoking. Have to overcome this nasty habit. Grr.

Candycane_girl, saw elsewhere that you survived the group project. I can assure you that unless your teacher is a total dolt, your effort did not go unnoticed, and will be figured in in other portions of the grading process, attendance, participation, etc.
ugh. I may have just fucked up my GPA on my last exam of my last semester.

I went to take my final final at the scheduled time on my syllabus / University website, but when I got there it was only me and one other girl out of a class of thirty. I was told that we had missed the exam and had to take a "make-up". I have never missed an exam in my life.
I checked my syllabus when I got home, and it was the time I went. I attended class regularly and was present the last day. No mention was ever made of a final rescheduling.

I don't know how, but I obviously didn't get the memo. I'm going to be ridiculously pissed if this fucks up the GPA that I have worked so hard on for five years.

The proctor obviously thought we were slackers who never attended class and her demeanor was less than pleasant. When I tried to ask her about the situation she said "I'm not about to discuss it with you. You can try to appeal to your instructor" I actually spent the first five minutes of the (seven essays in two hours) exam trying not to cry.

Oh crin, that sucks. I hate when people talk to you like that, I get the "Please don't cry" feeling pretty bad myself when a person of authority speaks to me like that. I hate it. Can you not talk to someone else? At our university the times of exams couldn't be changed without 100% agreement from the entire class or else students could appeal their marks and the University has no recourse. Hopefully your school has something like this.
i also wonder, how well does the professor know you? it sounds like you've worked hard in his/her class, and if s/he knows you and your work, this person may be willing to work with you and help get past this. i guess i attend a small school at which everyone knows everyone, but if you've worked hard i would hope that your professor would recognize your effort and attendance and overlook this strange circumstance. maybe that's idealistic? good luck!
Ahhhhhhhh! I'm going crazy this semester. First I was having trouble writing an essay proposal because the prof made it so open ended that I pretty much didn't have any direction at all.

Now I'm trying to find articles about a specific author and how she uses perspective, focalization and community and I feel like I'm getting nowhere! It's such a short essay but I have to use at least one secondary source and it's due Friday.
This semester has been rough for me too, cc. Usually fall is a breeze and it's spring term that has me stressing, but this school year it's been far. Any chance you can talk to your prof and ask him/her to narrow down the topic a bit for you? Remember you're paying a ton of money for those college credits - you deserve to feel like you have a little sense of direction, and it is their job after all!
Actually, I sent in my essay proposal on Tuesday and it was approved! So I guess I'm doing something right.

As for the essay that's due today I'm going to read it over again and see if I can make any changes. Otherwise it's being sent off and that's that.
I finally took the plunge and I'm applying for PhD programs. I've talked to potential supervisors at Texas A & M and Oregon State. I feel like I should be applying to a third school just in case, but I really really want to study with the guy at Texas A & M and I don't know if I should waste the money and time for a school I'm not that into. I mean, at A&M I'd have a great project, the potential supervisor wants me doing fieldwork this summer, and in the area I want to study. And both A & M and Oregon have good possibilities of funding for fieldwork. what more do I need? But I know I should be talking to as many people as possible and giving myself as many options as possible...

I'm taking the GRE next Saturday and starting to get pretty scared about it! I've never taken it before and it's my only chance before the application deadlines for funding. I've only been studying for about 2 weeks, and this girl at work told me most americans study for months before taking it! Everyone wish me luck!

Hey Angie, congratulations it sounds so exciting! I took the GRE a few years back and I thought that not a lot of the study materials were all to helpful except for the frequent word lists- a lot of those words are actually on there! I would try to study as many of those lists as possible, it should really help. Other than that, my advice to you would be don't get too freaked out about it. It's just a test, just one thing on your list of wonderful things you've done. I studied pretty hard and I didn't do the greatest, and I know people who didn't study at all and got close to perfect scores. But even though I didn't get anything great I still got into one of the top schools in the country, so they really look at so many other things besides GREs. There are girls in my program who got perfect scores and we all ended up in the same place, so I'm sure you will do great and get into wherever you want to go, best of luck!!

<3 buttercups

Ahhhhhh! My prof just emailed me to say that the thesis statement for my essay is contradictory. He's right but I'm frustrated.
Okay, I am really pissed off! Today one of my profs sent an email to everyone in class saying that anyone who hasn't been attending and continues to miss our Wednesday lectures (which is when he lectures, Tuesdays are for group presentations) may be required to provide a written rationale for missing class before he will even accept their papers.

Now, this doesn't affect me as I have only missed one class the entire semester, but can he even do this?! We already have 10% of our grade devoted to attendance and participation. It's pretty obvious that anyone who just doesn't bother showing up would get a 0 for that grade but I don't think it should go any further than that.

Not only that, but we have been allowed to come up with any essay topic we damn well please. For example, I'm doing my essay on Wes Anderson, one of my friends is doing hers on British sitcoms and another girl is doing hers on Barbie. Our essays do not relate in any way to what he has been teaching in class and even in other classes when the lectures totally relate to the essay topics, no one is actually required to come to class.

I think this guy is not only being an asshole but I really question whether or not he is allowed to do this.
i don't know how the regulations are at your school, but if there is nothing on your syllabus that says attendance is required, then he has no right to demand extra work from those who have chosen not to attend his lectures. you can't just come up with new requirements in the middle of the semester. you could send the department an email and ask if they think it's ok? i can understand if you don't feel like doing this, since you get grades based on participation, and this might not make a positive impact. i'm so glad we get graded anonymously, so i can send as many complaints as i feel like!
Candy, I think that's ridiculous. When I was in University most of my profs would go through the syllabus first class and go over the "attendance/participation" portion. They never took attendance and made it clear that we were all adults and if we missed that classes, it was our money and our responsibility to keep up.

I don't know who you could bring this up with, but it seems sneaky.
Thanks ladies. I went to our VP of education today to talk to her about it. She said that if he is trying to apply this even to students who are submitting their essays on time that it is not fair. Also, since it was not stated anywhere in the syllabus then he can't just pull this out of his ass and think it's legit.

Like I said, this wouldn't affect me but I still think it's unethical or at the very least unfair. The way that most of our classes are broken down is that we will have a two hour lecture and a one hour tutorial which is usually when attendance takes place. He has been passing around attendance sheets for us to sign on both days.

I fucking hate this "professor" (that is put in quotes because he is the only uni level teacher I've ever had without a PhD). From what I've heard, he is a failed actor and I wouldn't be surprised, given how theatric he is in class (also I looked him up on IMDB and he has had very small roles in two obscure movies). Anyway, today while in the middle of the lecture he started yelling at this girl for using her laptop. Sure, there wasn't really any reason for her to be using a computer but she was being quiet, was at the back of the room and wasn't interrupting anything. He kept saying that it was "outrageous!" of her to be on her laptop and not be paying full attention to him. He acts like a fucking child who can't handle it if everyone isn't giving him all their attention. GAHHHHH! This idiot is a fucking joke.

Oh, and in a class called "The Entertainment Industry" so far he has lectured about public hangings, pageantry, trains and today...animals. I can see how the first two relate to entertainment but give me a fucking break on the other ones.
Candy, folks like that really bug me. I really enjoyed my time at university because I felt like most of my profs treated the students as equals. We're all adults and here to learn and I felt, respected each other. Your prof reminds me of a teacher I had in grade 7. He was normally a really nice guy who was easy to get off track during class so some of the guys took advantage of that. Eventually I guess he realized what the students were doing and got really angry one class, but I'll never forget when he told us that we weren't his equals. That fucking pissed me off. Yeah, you're the teacher, but telling your students they're not worth as much or equal is just bad education.
I have to admit, I don't feel like I'm totally an equal to my profs because I look up to them. They have more experience than me and they all have PhDs (except for the bad one). However, I do feel that they respect me and that they want to give me a great learning experience. A lot of them are encouraging and want to help us succeed.

This guy, on the other hand, just wants an excuse to have people listen to him blather on and on for two hours. And it's very evident that he thinks we are all beneath him.
I guess that was more my issue - I felt like he had no respect for us as students. I felt respected by most of my university profs and it made such a difference in how I engaged in a class.
I agree that any lecturer who seems to use class time as an opportunity to 'perform' a lecture without engaging with the students or ensuring they are understanding the lecture is possibly teaching for the wrong reasons. I teach, and I try to make sure that what I'm saying is making sense to my students. If someone wants to use a laptop to take notes that's fine. However, if someone is sitting and browsing online in my class, they shouldn't be there. Go online in your own time.

Also, while I wouldn't go as far as requesting a written rationale for repeated non-attendance, I would expect a student who habitually misses classes to provide a reason. I worked part-time through my undergrad degree but I made sure that my job never interfered with my uni attendance. If you simply want to submit essays for assessment and not attend lectures--which, ideally, help students to write better essays--then you may as well sign up for a distance or part-time course.

I know you've said you attend lectures CCG so I'm not directing this at your activities, and it sounds like this lecturer in particular has provided somewhat random guidelines. I'm just addressing some of the points you bring up.
The issue that I have, syb, is that this is a liberal arts course. And for almost every single class that I have had, no one is required to show up. We have 10% of our grade allocated to attendance and, more importantly, participation and if you don't show up then you get a 0 for that portion. That's why I think that outside of that, there is no way that professors should demand that students show up to class. Obviously I go because otherwise I'll just be lost and confused in most of my classes but really, as long as the university has its money, then they don't care.

Also, like I said before, these lectures have absolutely nothing to do with our essays so there's really no way that attending class will help me to write my essay.

As for the girl with the laptop, I honestly didn't even notice her until he started yelling at her. What I hate is people who go to class and then sit there with their laptops, type loudly, don't turn off their audio IM alerts and (I think this one is the worst) laugh at whatever silly thing they are looking at and get their friends to look at it too. THAT is annoying and distracting. But really, if someone is sitting at the back of the class being totally quiet and non-disruptive, then that's their business.
CC -- When I was in undergrad I once had to turn around and tell a group of girls to be quiet because they were laughing over pictures on Facebook very loudly in the middle of a second year history lecture. I was BEYOND pissed off. I don't see why people who do that even bother going to class.

Now I have a class where the lectures have absolutely nothing to do with the assignments, so I understand. It's my online journalism course, and I feel like it was a total waste of time because the guy was paid to tell us how to use social media - twitter etc. Which most of us were already doing in September when the course started. I agree CC, as long as the university has money, they don't care. There is a real problem with my journalism program - our electives are really shitty and I heard that one of profs told someone in secret it's because they can't afford to pay the people who would actually do a much better job teaching us. It's beyond frustrating.

That's a lot longer than I expected it to be... probably because I'm feeling pretty despondent right now. I've been home with pneumonia for over a week and am really far behind on my schoolwork and am so overwhelmed that I'm having trouble sleeping. It's really bad.

Anyway, good luck to academia busties who are trying to survive to the Chrismas break! We'll make it!

I just need to vent this. It would be awesome if anyone has any ideas, but I know this kind of thing has no real answer. I'm terrified to make the wrong decision.

I applied for grad school for next year and just got my first acceptance letter with an offer for funding. I am caught between being really happy, and really terrified. Now I am going to have to start making decisions. I only applied at two places. One has the academic program I really want, where I would get to do my dream research. It has a great reputation. The other has a much smaller program, but is much more laid back and my potential supervisor is a really great person, who has worked with people I know in the past and everyone has wonderful things to say about him. This is the school that just offered me funding. It is in a beautiful, trendy, liberal-minded town that is only a few hours away by plane. The school with the better program is in a shitty small town in Texas (I already visited to check it out) It would be like not even leaving Alberta, except for the 10 hour flight) It's also more formal and the potential supervisor is very nice but it wouldn't be the same comraderie, not even close.

So I have to chose between the good school with the awesome project, or the great location with the really awesome supervisor. I know I'd probably be happier at the more laid back school, but I also wouldn't get to do the really awesome research. I know the decision should be (and probably will be) based on the quality of the program, but I'm not so young anymore to think that money/status is the most important thing. Quality in terms of coursework and projects is one thing, but that doesn't mean you learn more. And doing well in archaeology has its downside in that the higher up you get, the more miserable you are without earning any more money. This would be a lot easier if I could judge the schools on similar qualities, but it's like theu're complete opposites, and both really good for very different reaons. It's going to be 4 years of my life and a LOT of money and I have to make the decision in the next couple weeks, hopefully sooner. It doesn't help that no matter what decision I make, I'll be uprooting my life and endangering my long term relationship and it's a lot harder to face that in reality than when you're writing an application.
If I were you, I would go for the nice town with the nice supervisor... I don't think I would be as happy in the shitty town, even if the research project is theoretically better. But it is an extremely hard decision to have to make, and my advice may not be the best, but that is what I would do...
QUOTE(angie_21 @ Feb 14 2010, 11:26 AM) *
The other has a much smaller program, but is much more laid back and my potential supervisor is a really great person, who has worked with people I know in the past and everyone has wonderful things to say about him. This is the school that just offered me funding. It is in a beautiful, trendy, liberal-minded town that is only a few hours away by plane.

(((angie))) Congrats on the offer!! It sounds like this program is the one you really want to go to. Good luck with your decision! Keep us updated with what program you choose. smile.gif
QUOTE(angie_21 @ Feb 14 2010, 11:26 AM) *
I know I'd probably be happier at the more laid back school, but I also wouldn't get to do the really awesome research. I know the decision should be (and probably will be) based on the quality of the program, but I'm not so young anymore to think that money/status is the most important thing.

Dunno if this will help, but in case it might, here's what a friend suggested when I was in a similar situation and it helped me: weight each factor on its importance to you, on a scale eg from 1 to 10 (10 being most important). So eg, desirability of 1. living conditions / how much you'd enjoy living there, 2. proximity to home (friends and family), 3. supervisor, 4. program, 5. funding, 6. how far the school's reputation will get you in applying for jobs afterward you graduate (I guess that would go hand in hand with your "money/status"?), etc.

Then add up the numbers. Objectively speaking, the one with the highest number would be the one to accept.

On re-reading...since you say "both really good for different reasons," then itemize the reasons for each, weight each reason's importance to you, then add them up.

And then of course, if you get a sinking feeling at the result, you should probably choose the other one, heh.

Got to agree with star and iananans, though. From what you've written, it sounds like you'd rather be in the small funded program in the liberal town. Congratulations, and good luck!
Thanks anarch, that is good advice and I will probably be doing that today. And thanks everyone for all your nice words smile.gif Despite being awfully stressed out about it, I can't believe my hard work has paid off so well and given me two such awesome opportunities. It just hurts that I have to turn down something good in order to accept one of them, especially when I feel they are equally good for different reasons.

I was actually planning on the Texas school when I applied, and was trying not to overemphasize the reasons to choose it when I wrote yesterday. Guess I ended up overemphasizing the other program instead! The thing about the research is that I would get to work exactly where I've always wanted to work, since I was a kid. The program is one of the best for archaeology in north America, especially for studying early prehistory, compared to the smaller school that doesn't actually have any grad students enrolled in archaeology at the moment. The only reason to go to the smaller school is because of the potential supervisor and the town itself.

I had a talk with my boyfriend yesterday, he has actually done a lot of research about these schools for me, and even though we both know the small school would be so much easier and we could visit eachother more (the fieldwork is closer to Alberta too, close enough that he could take a friday off work and drive to visit me every weekend in the summer) and because of the cost of flights might even end up being cheaper. But despite all that he thinks it would be crazy to turn down my dream research for those reasons, especially at a school with a great program. I would enjoy the coursework more, and be able to make more friends interested in the same research as me. (also it's only an hour away from austin, which isn't so bad, and you can rent a 1 bedroom apartment for amazingly cheap since it's such a crappy small town, lol)

Thanks for letting me sound off some more about this. It's helped just to get it written out and know that I'm not making the decision 100% by myself. A lot of my friends from grad school dropped out or are nowhere near finished because they had babies halfway through the program, and I feel like an asshole talking about a problem like this with them.

I understand your dilemma quite a bit actually. I am just finishing grad school (in journalism) and am looking to apply for reporting jobs for after I finish school on April 16. However, I live in Ontario with my boyfriend of four years and he is here for another two years finishing med school. Most of the jobs I'm seeing available are out west in Saskatchewan and Alberta. I really don't know what to do. Career or relationship? My best friend hates relationships and she is not objective at all and said "well I think you just have to decide if you want a career." And I just don't know.

If you think Texas is a better school, then maybe it's a good choice? I wish I could give better advice.
oh wow, lananans, that's a bit decision too! Relationship or not, there's another thing to consider which is how much you would want to move out west. alberta especially can be pretty tough on the BC-ers and easterners I have met. A lot of people move back home because the money isn't worth the shittiness of the alberta attitude. I guess I am being pretty cynical at the moment, and shouldn't say these things about my home province because it can be great, but it can also be very frustrating sometimes! Saskatchewan is lovely and full of awesome people though. Good luck with your job search, if you start early maybe you can find something closer to home! although there's something to be said for moving away to do things on your own... either way it will be exciting!

I am still unsure for myself. I have a few weeks until Texas gets back to me and then I have to decide. I will probably go with texas just because it will let me continue studying the subarctic, which I would love. It would be nice to get to live somewhere more liberal-minded for once, but maybe I should consider that as an albertan I have the advantage of knowing I can easliy adjust to yet another small-town kind of place, even if I won't like it! tongue.gif
angie -- it sounds like you do really want Texas.. I think it makes sense if it really is the research that you want to do. Albertans are resilient! And you never know, the small town could turn out to be cooler than you think!

My best friend from undergrad was from Edmonton... so I've heard a bit about what it's like in Alberta, but she didn't like it too much there. She's working for the government now in Ottawa. I think that a small place is a small place, and it will be pretty much the same attitudes and things (although maybe more conservative in Alberta?) I don't know. Saskatchewan is also a viable option... as is looking at home! I am actively looking it's just that I haven't found anything yet. So we'll see.

lananans, it sounds like it is important for your boyfriend and you to be together right now. I hope you can find a school nearby. From what I've known with couples in graduate and doctorate school, alot of decisions about schools, training, and living arrangements really require a couple to be open with each other on the communication front. Good luck with whatever you decide!
Stargazer has a very good point. These things can be done. I have moved twice for my sweetie's work, once when I first met him, and once when he switched jobs. We've talked a lot about what it will mean to be apart for a few years for school, and what might happen if I end up getting a job at a far-away university 5 years from now. His job is transferrable so he would probably be able to move to be with me. But I would look for work at home first. As much as I don't want to stay in Alberta, our families are here and he loves his job here so I understand, and I could probably get good work here.

Moving away for work doesn't have to mean the end of a relationship. Especially since you are starting out, you could get a few years experience then have a better chance of getting a job back home. Maybe he could arrange to transfer for a year or two, depending on what his job is? It can be tough to talk about it, but once you do things get a lot easier. I know I feel a lot better now that I know I have my sweetie's support and that he is willing to work through a long distance relationship despite his past bad experiences with them.
star -- you're right. It is important for us to be together right now.

angie -- My boyfriend is in med school right now, he has two years of clerkship after this year, and then residency. I moved to the city where we live right now about two years ago after we finished our undergraduate degrees and he was starting med school here. Luckily for us, I got into journalism school here so that's what I've been doing this year. Basically, it's going to be my job that is transferable for the rest of our lives I think... he doesn't really get to choose where he goes for another... ten years I think... with residency and specialization. I think I'm going to look for a job locally.. whether it's in journalism or not.. as long as I get a job I'll be happy! I just don't think I can leave right now.

It's really great that your boyfriend is willing to work through the long distance relationship and is so supportive. That is the most important. As long as you're both dedicated to making it work, it definitely will.
Wow, this page hasn't been written on in a long time.

Yesterday was my final day of classes for my first semester being in the Education Faculty. I feel like a lot of my classmates are more like family than people I've only known for 2.5 months. I start my first practicum on Monday, I'll be teaching English and Art classes in a high school. Teaching art will be a breeze, but English is only my minor, so I'm freaking out a little bit. I'll be teaching grade 12 English for 3 weeks, full time.
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