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How is school everyone? Let me live vicariously through you - I miss school!!
It's horrible!
How come so horrible, what's wrong?
i just handed in my thesis to my other committee member fot approval today!!! my supervisor FINALLY let me free from revision hell...i'm actually making progress!!!!
That's so cool!!

Aw, I'm just entrenched in thesis writing, Suffering. I'm not teaching so I feel really isolated anyway, as I'm working from home, and my second supervisor is about to go awol (the other one is) so I'll be all alooooone. /whine
i know!!!

ugh, i feel your thesis writing pain though. it took me way longer than hoped. and i totally hear the whole isolation thing. it's hard working at home for so long...
bump again...
I know I haven't posted here in ages, but I just need to say...

I got the final comments back from my 2nd reader today, and corrected them, and...


My dissertation is, um... totally finished.

I defend on June 13.
Off to buy acid-free paper now...
Congrats lady ell! You must feel amazing...
fantastic, lady ell!
oh my gosh! yay! WOOOOOO!!!!
Lady ell, wonderful!! That is awesome!

In related news, um, I defended a week ago today. I've been Dr. Dragon for a whole week! That's a whole week of heavy drinking, interspersed by wanting to do nothing more than lay around on the sofa and watch Buffy dvds. Eeek!
Oh wow, CONGRATS Dr. Dragon!

and congrats lady ell and good luck on June 13th!
Congrats Dr Dragon!! The world is now officially your oyster... have fun!
yay Dr. Dragonbait!
yay! more congrats dr. d!
hi to dr L and midge... it's weird to be out of lj but I just thought I'd throw in a "woot" for thesis writing/defence. good for both of you! I know you're both smart cookies.

to all of you still in the midst of grad school... I'm there with you and feel your pain. bleh.

long time no see around here spacedog!

my committee member has approved my thesis, but i have to get my supervisor to look at it again, cause he's been away... except i'm going away tomorrow!

so much to do, so little time!
Not to change the subject, but I'm curious about how all of you went about financing your educations. I finished my bachelors degree six years ago and would really like to start grad school soon, but just can't seem to get an adequate amount of money scraped together.
I'm curious about the same thing. I expected to go to grad school right away and embark on an academic career. I really enjoy what I do now (I work in marketing) but am starting to feel I have let too much time laspe to not start to get serious about returning to school.

My 5 year reunion will be this summer and many women there will already have their doctorate. . .
I will be financing my education by attending a university that is willing and able to fund it. I previously self-funded an MA by working many hours in crappy jobs, and I dare say I learned a lot from it but I'm never doing that again. I'm going to the US (from the UK) for my PhD, and money was a big motivator. I've got some savings from the job I've worked in the year between MA and PhD that will hopefully pay for the move, but there's no way I would be doing this if I wasn't going to be paid (not paid all that much, but paid) to do it.
I'm in a similar boat. I took out a small-ish loan for my MA, for living expenses only as my tuition was paid for and I got a small-ish stipend as well. However, I took some time out before going back for my Ph.D, and I have to say, if I hadn't gotten the funding I have now I probably wouldn't have gone back. It's a competitive grant and I feel privileged to get it. Having paid off my first loan, I recently took out another one, which is big to me but small-ish for overall spend on arts PhDs from what I understand.

It was very very important to me not to go into (much) debt. Until this spring I worked p/t to avoid debt, although in retrospect I was over-extended. Jobs in academia are competitive so going into considerable debt for your Ph.D is risky, IMO.

Then again I'm not in the US so the above probably isn't that helpful...
Yes, I have undergrad student loans from the government but I have always been adamant that I wouldn't take out any private loans to finance my education. Hopefully I won't have to. It's not an investment - I would be earning much more if I weren't going for my PhD. Afterward, I hope I will find a job in academia, and if not there are other routes I can pursue - all difficult, unreliable and competitive. I really don't want to face massive debt on top of all that uncertainty in five or so years' time.
5000 words in the last 12 hours. Okay, some of it was transcripts but still...

Note to self: writing chapter drafts from scratch at the last minute is a bad idea.

/procrastination fuelled whine
OMG!!! you may not believe it... i had my doubts... but... I HAVE A DEFENSE DATE!!!!! it is really late in the term, august 8, which only leaves me 6 days to submit to the library in time to make the fall convocation deadline, but i am just going to go with it and hope for the best! YIPEE!!!

syb--holy cow. seriously. holy cow.

re: financing MA--i didn't have any debt from my bachelors cause my folks helped me out a LOT, but most of the $ for my MA came from TAing and RAing. a full load only pays about $15,000 per year, but if you budget really well and don't have any dependents, it can get you through!
That's so exciting Midge!

Late to the party but I financed my grad through various competitive scholarships which pay full living costs as well as tuition, and I apply for extra funding for conferences, and generally I work part tine tutoring ("TA"ing) on top of that, plus I take on odd jobs here and there. By doing all this I've actually saved enough to pay back most of my BA loan as well.
congrats, midge, all that hard work's paying off! Good for you. You'll blow them away.

re funding, I paid for my BA and MA through scholarships, retail jobs, TA and RAships (for MA), and most of all, living at home (thanks mom). For PhD, scholarships and TAing. I've been lucky. And Canadian tuition is (or was, anyway) significantly cheaper than US.
*does happy dance*
Ughh... it feels like I'm killing neurons in my brain while learning about neuron functions and processes. Physiological Psychology (7 week summer school class) is driving me to an early grave! I hardly sleep anymore, and when not at work I am zombie-ing at home, textbook and pencil both becoming a part of my body. I always have a damned headache, too.

I planned a camping trip (that's happening in three weeks), and it turns out that it's right in the middle of my semester. I didn't think it would be a big deal when it was planned, but missing class alone is going to axe my grade.

Anyone else indoors cramming this beautiful summer season? =S
I'm starting to look into going back to school (MPH program most likely) and need to start planning for the GRE. Anyone have any words of wisdom, advice, or book recommendations for me? I seem to learn well when I can buy a book, read it, take practice tests, etc. so if anyone used a book and liked it, I'd love to hear about it.
so...i guess i should start working on my defense presentation at some point...anyone have any pointers or advice to get me started on the right foot?

it's so great that there are so many academic chicas around here! (says girl who disappeared off boards for 7 years in order to spend time getting a PhD).

myself, my defense is on July 27, and i have just a handful of simple revisions before then.

re: defense presentations, midge. keep it simple. have no more than three major points. be able to justify every decision you've made. anticipate their questions. sleep well the night before.

(i haven't defended yet, i'm actually just repeating what my advisor told me to do.)
Hi everyone, it's the first time I've posted on this thread, amongst you intellectual titans! biggrin.gif I'm planning on trying to get in to do my PhD starting Sept 07....staaaaarting...NOW and was wondering if you have any advice on timing - am I giving myself enough time for this whole application process? I'm freaking out a bit about GREs, MATs, application deadlines, financial deadlines etc etc. Would any of you recommend I take my time and apply in 08 or is 6 months enough? Most of my application deadlines are around 1 December. Especially the GRE - how long do you need to study for this thoroughly?

Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!
of course, i haven't done my phd, but i definately think it's reasonable to apply for fall 2007 at this point, that leaves you a lot of time yet. i wouldn't stress over timing for the exams too much... what all do you have to take? what program is it for?
Its a PhD in Clinical Psych, which is hyped to be SOooooo hard to get into, yadda yadda, I guess I just got a bit freaked about the guide books saying 'start early' and all that.

I have to take the GRE general, MAT and the GRE Psych. The Princeton Review seems to have an online course (very expensive!) that is supposed to get you ready in 8 weeks. The stressy guides say take them no later than October, which I guess is reasonable if the application deadlines are Dec 1. I took a look at the GRE Psych and it looked fine but in terms of the GRE general...lets just say I haven't done algebra since eighth grade! Yikes!

Thanks for the reassurance midge, made me feel a lot better. What degree are you working on?

I just noticed catsoup that you asked about the GRE too - maybe have a look at the Princeton Review site. I know what you mean - it seems like there's a million guide books out there - how to choose the right one??? Let me know if you find any good ones!
I'm doing an MA in Health Geography. My defense is in just over three weeks!!! I'm a little scared cause I hate public speaking and have IBS which flares up when I'm stressed, but I am just so bursting with excitement to finally be done!
That sounds really interesting. Are you in the UK? Its just that Health Geography sounds like something they do there...I did a double major in Psych and Geography for my undergrad in the UK. It was awesome.

I would be nervous too but I'm sure you will be absolutely fine - they are not there to torture you, just to hear what you have to say. And you must be an expert on the subject by now! Do you know what they're going to ask you? What is IBS (sorry am very dumb)?

I so wish I was you, on the home stretch, instead of just beginning... :-)
Nope, I'm in Canada actually, but there are a few people in the UK studying it too (as well as here, USA, and New Zealand). I wish I knew what they were going to ask, but I think that would defeat the purpose somewhat!

IBS=Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or I have to go to the bathroom at the drop of a hat at the most inopportune times disease)

I am so glad to be nearing the end, I can safely say that this will be the last degree for me!
Grrr, I can't get it to stop centering my text!!

Well best of luck with your defense, and thanks for the advice. Someone just told me about a good thread on the GRE on Anyone interested in this topic should definitely have a look, there's lots of good tips.
2 weeks to d-day (defense day!) dun, duh, dunnn (creepy music...)
QUOTE(midgemcgrath @ Jul 26 2006, 05:21 AM) *

2 weeks to d-day (defense day!) dun, duh, dunnn (creepy music...)

Awesome! Knock em dead!
would it be wrong if i said i'll do my best? (to knock em dead, that is.)

Does anyone know of any northeast/new england colleges with a good women's studies program?
Simmons college in Boston is an all female college and I'm almost positive they have a women's studies program. I'm not sure how good it is, but maybe that will at least give you a start to your search.

I recently decided that I'm going to go back to school after taking two years off. I'm kinda feaking out about it because my employer is going to be paying for it and in order to be reimbursed, I have to pass every class with a C or above. And I'm thinking that between working full time and trying to support myself, it's definitely not gonna be easy...
What are you thinking of going for, CStars? I just finished my Master's (at Simmons College, actually. I was surprised because I never even heard of a women's studies program at all while I was there) and I worked full-time for the whole two years I was doing grad school part-time. It was definitely stressful but I think you can do it. It's just one of those one day at a time things.
I'm thinking of going back for Marketing. I'm just kinda dreading it because I know I'm only gonna be able to take one or two classes at a time, which means that I'll be in school for SUCH a long time. I'm not looking forward to that AT ALL. sad.gif

I'm sorry that I suggested Simmons if you already went there. I wasn't aware that they didn't have a women's studies program.
No problem! I should look into it - maybe they have one I don't know about.

I definitely hear you - I had to take only two classes at a time at Simmons and it felt like it took forever to be done. Once you get started, it'll probably fly by though. Is the school your thinking of going near you? The less you have the travel the less of a pain in the ass the whole full-time-job-and-school thing is.
I'm actually living in Boston now, and I'm moving to RI at the end of the month. I'm transferring to another location for my work (also in RI) and then the school I'm going back to, is also in RI. Actually, pretty close to where I'm going to be living. So, it'll definitely be convienent for me to travel to and from school. It just makes me nervous to think I'm gonna have so much on my plate at one time.

And I soooooo wish someone had told me to just buckle down and not slack off in school the first time around. Bleh.
Does anyone know of any good schools in Canada with women's studies master's programs? I have two more years before I finish my BA, but I want to start thinking about this soon. There are no MB schools that offer a masters for WS. If I have to go somewhere else for a couple of years I'd ideally like to go to BC or Toronto or somewhere big.

Also, I've heard all sorts of different things about what marks schools look at from only looking at the the courses in the department you're applying for to only looking at your last years marks. Any help?
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