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so i went to my doctor for this rash on the side of my face and he perscribed me cleocin-t which is for acne. my skin has never looked better!! it takes about 6 weeks to see total improvement and i have only been using it for a little less then 2 weeks but i notice a HUGE improvement. the great thing is that with insurance it cost me $15 to go to the doctor and $8 for the medication. that is cheaper then just buying more fancy stuff from sephora. so in case this helps anyone this is my face routine: (AM) i wash with MD formulations cleanser for oily to very oily skin apply the cleocin-t and let it dry, spot treat with Murad sulphur lotion and let that dry, put on a small amount of patricia wexler serum for all skin types (optional), and then a moisturizer. (PM) same cleanser, cleocin-t, benzoyl peroxide lotion, serum, and moisturizer. it has really worked wonders for me. hope this helps. now i do have really oily skin so those with sensitive or dry skin may need to use a different routine. but i have had no dryness, redness or flaking.

sorry double post. but i also found a great web site: if any one is interested.
thanx ladylibrary.
my doc just prescribed my differen gel and I've been using it about two weeks. I like it but I'm PMSing now and breaking out again. he also prescribed me antibiotics w/ it but I never filled the script. I don't want to take antibiotics forever! or at all really. I just got off of proactiv and I was just curious if I'm on the right track or if I should be doing something else. Maybe I should try the cleocin-t?????
everyones skin is different. cleocin-t kills bacteria on and under the skin. i tried proactiv years ago and it worked for about a month and that was it but i know lots of people who have had brilliant results on it. you might try cleocin-t and it may not have good results. i really want to try retin-a for my stubborn blackheads. my doctor said that i could use both meds just not at the same time and the retin-a only at night. i am thinking about it. i want to give the cleocin-t more time and see if it clears up my skin completly. that would be a dream!!
Help!! I went off BC recently and all of a sudden my chin breaks out with very red pimples, right?. So I put Neosporin on it to bring the redness down, --bad idea. The Neoporin dried out my skin bad and now the whole area is red, dry and rashy. What do I do now!?! OOooo, I hate it!
Greenbean--maybe try some really gentle moisturizing cream, like Cetaphil? I wouldn't use any anti-acne stuff until the irritation is all gone. BC-related acne sucks. I had pretty good luck with Neutrogena's "advanced solutions" anti-acne set from the drugstore, but you might need to experiment to find something that works for you. Also once the hormones stabilize, it might decrease on its own. Good luck with it!
Hey - used to lurk on this thread, but haven't been around for a while - hope this hasn't come up before!

I've dealt with adult acne - on the chin - forever. Horrible, cystic stuff. And it felt like I'd tried everything. I used to bounce back and forth between drugstore stuff, doctors and was really sceptical of the cosmetics counter.

I couldn't tell you what got me to take the plunge, but I gave Clinique a try. Guys - I don't know if it's the cleanser, the toner or the 'gel formula' moisturizer, but I haven't gotten a single zit in three months - with no medication necessary. Unheard of, for me. I'm using their #3 line.

Just spreading the Clinique love. Hate the price, but I won't budge now. They've got me. Just saying ... : )
*bump for octinoxate, is this the one you were looking for?

anyone who wants to re-start an old thread that got lost in the renovation - just search for it then post.
hey, panoxyl was the topical stuff i used for years, before retin-a. i remember it being more gentle than retin a. putting toothpaste on a zit at bedtime can help dry it out.
thanks, bunny! This is exactly the thread I was looking for.
it's the weirdest thing--either the pill is starting to finally do its skin-clearing job, or the cleanser i've been using really works! the latter would be hilarious, because it's the stuff my nephew left behind when he moved out--clean and clear blackhead scrub. i've been too poor to buy any "good" cleansers.
I just discovered that Zapzyt works for me.
Hm. I just took myself off the antibiotics that the doctors have been prescribing for my acne for years. I finally got sick of taking a drug that is really not good for you at all in the long term. I had accepted the fact that I was going to break out like crazy without that aspect of treatment, but much to my surprise, my skin is actually better so far. In fact, I haven't had a single zit the week I've been off the antibiotic. I'm still knocking on wood here as I say it, but... I think maybe sometimes our skin (our bodies in general?) just need us to stop f*cking with them! (I am, however, still using proactiv so far--I'm not ready to say screw *all* of it just yet.)
My friend who has always had the same skin as I do (black heads, break outs etc) has recently had 7 sessions of microdermabrasion, and it has cleared up her skin! It has even gotten rid of her acne scars! It's freaking expensive though. For one session it is $125! I don't think I can afford that right now. I notice some at home micro kits, and I am of course, very skeptical of these. Has anyone ever tried one before? Or has anyone here ever had an actual microdermabrasion session done?
So, after I got off birth control, my skin got a bit worse...I was mostly worried about my back because that's where my skin used to have problems, not really my face. I've been using a benzoyl peroxide gel for my back but after a while, my face started breaking out constantly, especially around my jaw and neck.

My skin also got SUPER oily. I've always used very gentle products for sensitive skin so don't know what the hell my skin was reacting to. After a while I also started using BP on my face since the acne was only getting worse and more widespread. BP didn't help on my face at all and just irritated it, although it works great on my back.

So, understanding that acne is caused by bacteria, yesterday I grabbed my tea tree oil and rubbed some on my skin. The smell is STRONG. I then did some research, probably not the order one should do things, but found where it's worked for a lot of people, often better than antibiotics and other prescribed skin medicine. It also didn't work or made things worse for others. All I can say is that my skin looks better than it has in months and I have used it for one day. I rubbed it on my face undiluted last night, and wet a cotton ball and dropped about 5 drops this morning and rubbed it over my face like a toner - avoid eyes of course. Then I used my normal moisturizer.

TTO dries your skin so you need to moisturize but I'm ecstatic that my face doesn't have this layer of oil 10 minutes after I wash it anymore. I hope this continues to work for me but was too excited not to share!!!!! FYI, I use Australian TTO.

Thanks for the heads-up about tea tree oil, klee! Sounds awesome. I might give it a try... although since the proactiv is keeping my acne in check pretty well right now I think I may let sleeping dogs lie for the time being, you know?

Klee, don't you find that the BP on your back bleaches your clothes out-? If so, try the soap version (one brand is Panoxyl), which worked great for me.
Thanks for the tip about the soap! I usually use BP at night after my shower but there have been a few ruined tank tops.
QUOTE(klee @ Oct 4 2006, 09:26 AM) *
TTO dries your skin so you need to moisturize but I'm ecstatic that my face doesn't have this layer of oil 10 minutes after I wash it anymore. I hope this continues to work for me but was too excited not to share!!!!! FYI, I use Australian TTO.

Hmm, where would you get tea tree oil? Something tells me I should try Trader Joe's, but yeah...any tips?

I also have super-oily skin, and it's seriously annoying when the only time my skin is matte is right when I get out of the shower. mad.gif

I've been using Proactiv for a few years, and it's gotten rid of the redness, so I've been trying to wean myself off of it since it is kind of expensive...I did splurge on Dermadoctor's Porefect solution so we'll see how that works. I don't think my pores are smaller, but it does seem to be making my skin smoother overall. *sigh* My pores are absolutely ginormouse. I've also got these tiny pimples all over my face. They're small, not cystic at all, but it makes my face look so bumpy.
I just happened to be lurking in this thread and there's a question about buying tea tree oil, something I know all about!

You could go to Trader Joe's, but unlike their food, their deal with TTO is not so good- it's really overpriced there.

This is where you want to go. I've been getting my TTO from them for years (I use it on my face, as a household cleaner, in hair products) and it's really good quality and about as inexpensive as you can get.

That list is in alphabetical order, so just scroll down to tea tree oil!
this is just a general warning to all those out there dealing with skin problems AND mood disorders--Lithium can cause serious acne issues. My doctor didn't tell me that when I went on it, even though I've been struggling with my skin for years now, so you can imagine my surprise when--overnight, literally--my entire face was broken out, like a rash, it was so bad...
I've even heard about people trying to go on Accutane to clear up the acne caused by Lithium--it's serious. just a tip to keep in mind, in case you're not interested in exchanging mood problems for self esteem problems.
And then of course, going on Accutane for the skin issues could exacerbate the mood issues... that's bad stuff.

Thanks for putting the warning out there, ace. I hadn't heard that about lithium.
Hey everyone! I used to use Dove Essential Nutrients lotion, and it was pretty much the only lotion that has ever worked well on my skin. However, I am having a hard time trying to find it now. Is it discontinued?
accutane is very harsh on the liver (as well as litium). i was on accutane for 3 months at 19. it worked. but, at 31, thanks to my genetics...acne returned in a nice cystic form (insert sarcasm). i struggled with it for the past year. had all kinds of treatment...antibiotics, topical creams, injections, and laser surgery. still getting the cysts here and there. i stopped treatment in october. i did the oil cleansing method. um, it brought up the cystic acne full force all over my face at once. hard on my self esteem...but, i feel it is deep cleaning.

there used to be a cuss and discuss thread on skin care in the Lounge...alas, i think it got eaten up in the last shutdown of the Lounge. there was a great discussion about using a different approach to acne.

BP is terribly drying for the skin. it is still not regulating the production of oil. i stopped using BP products and other drying toners on my back...and rarely get breakouts. i was using the oil cleansing method for a short time on my upper back and noticed a difference.

i've gone to a ND to help with my acne. he said to think of acne as a form of diabetes of the skin. food is connected to acne. as much as dermatologists say it isn't. all of the sugar in your body has nowhere to go but get out through your face. think how when you get your want sweets, chocolate, and load up on carbs...which result in PMS breakouts. plus, there is a connection between bacteria and your digestive system. so, if your digestive system is backed up, then you face will load up.

i thought i would just share this info. i wish i had a link. but, i'm kinda excited to see how it works. my skin is sensitive to all of these chemicals for the face. i build up a tolerance after awhile and my skin just dries out.
Star, what is the oil cleansing method-? And what sorts of things does your ND do for acne? Is the primary thing dietary recommendations? Have you/the ND/anybody else heard of this "all natural" vitamin/supplement thing for acne? I think it's called something that sounds a lot like accutane, actually. (acnezine?)

God, accutane is very harsh on everything, I think: can give you joint problems, hearing problems, eyes too dry for contacts, cracked and bloody lips, reduced night vision...

I've been off the pill for a month now and apart from two ginormous zits this week, it's not so bad on my skin so far... It's common to break out right before your period anyway, right?

Here's a very good description, written as a post in a forum, on the Oil Cleansing Method.

You can use any oil with the castor oil. They suggest extra virgin olive oil, but you can use avocado, sesame, almond, or jojoba, which is a very stable oil (it won't go rancid like the other, more fragile, oils above--so you don't have to store it in a cool, dark place).

Making a castor oil pack (rubbing it into the skin over an area that is painful or inflamed) and covering it with a heated flannel also relieves a great deal of pain. Lots of people use this as a pain relief method for back pain, joint pain, and period cramps.

Whatever oil you use for your Oil Cleansing method routine, it really should be the purest and best quality--expeller/cold pressed, organic, with no bleaches, deodorizers, or hexane used in the processing. I can usually find the Palma Christie castor oil brand in most good health food stores or drug stores; same with the pure skin oils (I think Aubrey makes organic pure oils). Most high quality oils can be found for less than $20 a bottle, and they last a long time with this method of skin cleansing.
thanks chacha for the link and other suggestions! i was thinking of you as i was posting yesterday. smile.gif

octinoxate~my ND is working with me on clearing the gastro-intenstinal system. the first part is discovering your sensitivities to certain foods. there is an elimination of these foods from your diet initially. (eventually, these foods will be slowly worked back in when your body is stronger.) then, there is a detox while following the rules to promote healthy digestion. i will get accupuncture to help promote waste removal in about 2 weeks. my ND discussed with me how dermatology prescribes antibiotics, which cause constipation in some patients. his take that the digestive system needs to be cleared and strengthen to promote and prevent clear skin. he was fairly confident that if i follow his rules and the detox that i would not see anymore flare ups. he said he has seen in his adolescent patients the results when they don't follow his rules--i.e. acne.

dermatology works for some people. it just didn't work for me. if you want to try a different approach and can afford it, then i encourage you to go to a ND. you will learn alot. it is common sense stuff, but it is information that will help you in the long run healthwise. i guess do whatever seems to work for you.
I've suffered with pimples (not a level of serious acne) till I was 19. Now I'm 28 and almost free from that problem. After a long and exhausted journey with general skin care products, I’ve switched over to herbal products according to the suggestion of my co-worker. I’ve been using Gold Turmeric Cream with 24k Gold. At first I clean my face with cleansing milk and rinse with lukewarm water to remove extra oil. Then I gently apply Gold Turmeric Cream with 24k Gold on my face.

stargazer, what you said about your face showing you what you've eaten, particularly in sugar volume matches my experience. I can feel my skin burn and see flareups of sizes proprotionate to the amount of sugar I ate.
really ophelia? wow, i've never experienced burning. that's interesting. my ND said to view acne as a form of diabetes of the skin. i thought that was pretty cool. it is also the breakdown of sugars in other foods like wheat, chocolate, and other almost becomes toxic for the skin. so it has no other place to go but your skin. hence, PMS breakouts. how many busties gorge on sweets and carbs during this time?
I have a really embarrassing problem. No matter what time of year it is, I always seem to get pimples on my butt! I have no idea what to do to get rid of it! I have had this since I was 16, and I have never found an effective way of getting rid of it. All that harsh benzol peroxide stuff is was to harsh and it stains clothes! does anybody know of any effective ways of taking care of this! I am tired of being ashamed when Isee myself naked!
fantaz, first of all, welcome to bust. Now then, as far as your question goes: have you ever actually had a doc take a look and confirm that you're dealing with pimples? Sounds like it could be other things, like heat rash, folliculitis... that would explain why the usual acne treatments aren't working for you. I'd make an appointment and find out if you're even barking up the right tree.
fantaz~do you sweat alot? i agree that you might want to check out a dermatologist. but, your body could be clearing out some toxins stored up in your body too.
Thanks guys! I do sweat kind of a lot. I think that it might be due to heat as well. THe other day I was using a heating pad on my back, and then the next day I saw little red bumps were I had it. what do you guys think i should do about that?

also, what do you guys know about those pore vacumms? i had tried almost everything to get rid of the blackheads on my nose, and nothing works. pore strips only seem to make them come back with a vengence, and creams drie my skin out really bad, even if i use them occasionally (i have really sensitive skin).

Pugs mentioned in "cuss and discuss skin care items" that the clinique acne line got her skin in great shape. Anyone else have experience with it? Does it work? Is it super pricey? And so on...
Let me be clear that it didn't miraculously take me from bad skin to fabulous skin. It’s clearing up gradually but quickly in my opinion compared to other lines I’ve tried. Plus it makes my skin soft and more even. I have dark spots from old pimples that I picked at and I think the toner is really helping them to go away faster. You can go to their website and answer some questions and they’ll suggest which products are best for you. The first thing is to get into their three-step treatment. Cleanse, tone/exfoliate and then moisturize. When I do get pimples on this treatment regiment they are very small white heads. I pop them and the next day they are already drying up. My biggest problem area is my chin. I only do this regiment in the morning and I don’t wear makeup. I love this line. The acne soap isn’t drying but it does make your skin flake a little. Then the toner, which smells so good to me, you wipe over your face with a cotton ball. You can actually see on the cotton ball when you’re done what looks like dirt but is really just the flaky skin cells that the soap brought up that usually clog your pores. Then when the toner is dry you moisturize with the moisturizing gel, which is so light and soaks right in leaving your face so soft. Mr. Pug loves to touch my face afterwards cause it just makes it feel so soft and smooth. Mr. Pug shaves his head and face and sometimes he uses my moisturizing gel cause he says it so light and a little goes a long way. I bought him an after shaving lotion from Clinique’s men’s line and he uses it all the time which is great cause now he doesn’t use mine. My Mom is the epitome of “Your skin looks terrible. Stop picking. What are you using? You’re going to get scars.” Blah, blah, blah. She saw me on Saturday night and said, “God your skin looks great. What are you using?” She went to the mall to the Clinique counter the next day. She and I have very similar skin although she’s older and has different needs. I highly recommend it. My three step line is $44 but all the products last a long time. I'd say about three months or more.
I hear ya, girl. You're not alone. I get them in the summer mostly or after workouts. I used to get them when I was dancing since 11 years old primarily because I was sweating profusely in tights and leotards. They've been a bit better lately, but I still get pimples from time to time, just worse in the summer. I've also tried a body scrub, but I'm afraid that would just spread the heat rash or whatever around. I've heard lavendar works to soothe and heal irritations, of course diluting it in it's essential form. I'll dig around and keep you posted cause I would like to combat this before summer arrives! Plan on visiting a doc., as well to pinpoint what it is so i may receive proper or suggestive treatment.
QUOTE(fantaz @ Dec 9 2006, 04:27 PM) *

I have a really embarrassing problem. No matter what time of year it is, I always seem to get pimples on my butt! I have no idea what to do to get rid of it! I have had this since I was 16, and I have never found an effective way of getting rid of it. All that harsh benzol peroxide stuff is was to harsh and it stains clothes! does anybody know of any effective ways of taking care of this! I am tired of being ashamed when Isee myself naked!
I know I'm pushing the Clinique line hard but it really does work. For the acne on your biggrin.gif you could try this.
I take it the icon would be face only..... makes one wonder if it would work on me bum, as well.
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 14 2007, 11:50 AM) *

I know I'm pushing the Clinique line hard but it really does work. For the acne on your biggrin.gif you could try this.

Sorry I was misleading in my post. I put the smilie face cause Fantaz seemed embarrassed about having acne on her butt. I was trying to make light of it. I can see how my post was confusing. If you click on the link you'll see that its a product for body acne not face acne.
It would be funny had the face made like a horn sound or something. heehee.
The booty acne is embarrassing only when you got a guy checking it out in various situations. Though, I've found men don't really care essentially, but it would just make me/us feel more fly.
Thanks for the link... I'll give it a go!!
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 14 2007, 03:26 PM) *

Sorry I was misleading in my post. I put the smilie face cause Fantaz seemed embarrassed about having acne on her butt. I was trying to make light of it. I can see how my post was confusing. If you click on the link you'll see that its a product for body acne not face acne.

Hey pugs, thanks so much for the info on the clinique line! I think I'm gonna wait til i run out of this proactiv stuff in a couple of weeks and then go try clinique.

moonpie, are you sure the booty stuff is real acne? Like the same sort you'd get on your face? My NP told me that some stuff I used to have going on on my butt was actually more like irritated follicles, and to use this special moisturizing/exfoliating lotion on the area to keep it all smoothed out. It's a lotion you can get at the normal drugstore, but they keep in behind the counter even though it's no prescription needed. If you want I'll find out the name of it...
Octinoxate -

I switched to Clinique from Proactive as well. Clinique is such a better quality product. It just seems more natural to me. It smells better, feels better and just seems to bring about change quicker. I hate the way proactive felt on my face. The lotion was so thick and drying. The cleanser was gritty and smelled bad. The toner didn't seem to exfoliate enough for me. I was just very unhappy with Proactive. I think if you switch to Clinique you will be much happier and see better results. That's just my opinion though so you don't have to take my word for it.

_octi, i'd love to know the name of that exfoliating lotion, for my butt bumps. especially in the summer, i hate shaving my legs and not feeling totally smooth and shiny.
Octi, I would say it's irritated follicles seeing as I get them on my arms, upper stomach-ish under bra area, and thighs in less ouchy forms. Those are more like whiteheads/clogged hair follicles. Me booty bumps can get rather irritated and swell up a bit. Sometimes I can get one on my love handle or back fat fold, ya know. Areas where moisture builds up. I used to get the whiteheads on my face when I was younger that would manifest in red/warm patches. I've tried the body scrubs... I may return to them.. L'Occitane has a great almond and lavendar one, as well as the Alba scrub.
I'd like to know of the product you were referring to! Thanks if it's not too much trouble.

Proactiv (sic - the lack of "e" on the end still drives me nuts wink.gif ) worked amazingly well on me when I first starting use it (well, as soon as I realized that you only have to use, like, a pea-sized amount of the repairing lotion; anything more, and my skin dried out), but it's not as effective as it used to be, which I understand is a common complaint people have about the product, though I think that happens with many products across the board once you get too used to something.

You're also supposed to wear sunblock (which you're supposed to do anyway, I guess - I did, but I'm anal that way) - even in the winter - every day because it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, which can also make it way too drying.

I may eventually switch to Clinique (RL friends have also recommended it), but I'm going to wait awhile first. Even now, it's still the best thing I've tried.
That lotion I mentioned is "AmLactin 12% moisturizing lotion" by Upsher-Smith.

Snaf, that's exactly what happened to me with Proactiv.

Definitely gonna get that clinique on.
thanks _octi. and where can i buy the clinique stuff? my roommate had proactiv(e) and the bit i mooched didn't work well for me.
nick, clinique is usually a department store thing... over in their makeup/perfume section. if you go to you can locate a retailer.
Nickclick -

I'm not sure where you are from but if you have a Macy's near you can get Clinique there. The good thing about getting it at a store is that the salesperson will ask you some questions about your skin and they will tell you which line is probably best for your skin type based off your answers. You can also also answer these questions on line and the site will suggest a product line but there isn't really anyone to answer questions unless you are willing to wait for an email response. Plus the salesperson actually SEES your face infront of them. They may be able to pick up on problems you are unaware of. For example I thought that I had bad acne but really at the worst I'd have 5-8 bad pimples at one time usually around my period. The rest were just residual markings from pimples that had cleared. The toner the saleswoman suggested for me helps to clear them up faster making my skin look even. So instead of having a face full of marks, my marks are clearing up and so are my few pimples. Octinoxate is right about going onto the site and finding a retailer near you. Good luck! I hope it works for you the way it's worked for me.

I recently had a facial, which was so good. I was so relaxed at the end, I fell asleep.
Anyways, I got suckered in (as I always do) to buying the over priced products at the end. I purchased some hydrating masque and exfoliant. My question is, when exactly do I use the exfoliant? Before washing my face, or after?
I don't want to call and ask because I always feel like such a newb at spas.
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