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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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Hi Ladies- I've been MIA recently. Very depressed, as my job search has not been successful since December. I'm getting very frustrated and as a result of not having income, I have been having to sell my precious collection off.

I have the following LE imps for sale if anyone here is interested:

have the following LE Imp packs made up for your pleasure -

B2 - Temple Viper, King Cobra, Saw Scaled Viper $8
A4 - The Emathides, Dark Delicacies, Black Moon $8
H18 - Fire Pig, Midnight on the Midway, Creepy $8
A - MWE 05, Carnivale, Singing Moon $8.50
B - Mum Moon, Red Moon (my other new fave), Virgo $8.50
G - Abhisarika, Berenice, Nite's Pavilion $8.50
B1 - Sugar Skull, Minotaur, Samhain $9
B2- Black Moon, Budding Moon, Mum Moon $9
B3- Dolce Sil Nuovo, Kindly Moon, Lady Luck Blues $9
B4 - Dragon Moon, Fortunato, Chintimini Dhupa $9
B5 - Bakeneko, MB Bloody Mary, MB Tokyo Stomp $9
3 - Singing Moon, Tamamo-no-mae, MB Underbed $9
9 - Blue Moon, Poisson D'avril, Al-Araaf (for the lover of lighter scents) $9.50
8 - Punkie Nite, Sugar Skull, Pumpkin Queen (the Weenie pack) $9.50
6 - Boomslang, Candy Butcher, 13-07 purple label (chocolate lover) $9.50
4 - Midway, Pink Moon 07, White Moon $9.50
3 - Red Lantern, Lyacon, Tireasis (caramel and resin lover) $9.50
C1- Khandita Snake Charmer, The Oblation $10
C2 - The Longing (small amount), Heartache (small amount), True Love (almost full), Midnight Mass $10
C3 - Leo, Candy Butcher, 13-07 pink label (newest) $10
C4 - Svadhinapaotika, Green Tree Viper, Smut $10
C5 - Schwarzer Mond, Vasakasajja, Litha $10
C6 - Rose Moon, Pink Phoenix, Pink Moon 07 $10
C7 - Genivre, Midway, Gibbous Moon $10
C8 - Arachnina the Spider Girl, Red Phoenix, Mme Moriarty $10

I accept all forms of Paypal and shipping is $ can email me at but please state Bust Member in Subj line of the email so I know it's not junk mail.

I hope everyone here is doing better than me. I haven't even been able to find a job in a lousy store outside of my profession.

my "signature scent" is xiu and the other night i was at a club and some girl came up to me to ask what it was. she said "i've been smelling you all night!" the benefit of xiu is that you can just say "jeeze, i have no clue how to pronounce it, i'll just write it down" instead of having to try to explain everything verbally, and then you can write the website down too. i think we may have a new convert, though, heh.
Off topic, but lorajc, I hope your job search starts to bear some fruit soon.
I feel sacriligious asking about a non-BPAL topic, but has anyone smelled/tried SJP's new Covet? It was described as geranium and dirt in a recent article and that sounds right up my alley! I'm far from a dept store tho.
I'm thinking bpal scents would make good gifts for my three brothers.

Brother #1: The Baby. He is 15 years old, with a "serious" girlfriend. He is the only one of them that wears cologne; he drowns himself in Axe anything, but mostly Phoenix. I would like to find him something that he will actually want to wear on a daily basis, so that my home does not constantly reek of Axe spray. He is very masculine, with a tendency toward temper and violence. He has the coloring of Adonis, blonde curls and gold skin.
Here are the scents I'm considering for him, something masculine and war-like, maybe?:
Fenris Wolf , Jolly Roger (maybe too salty? We live on the coast) , Buck Moon , Dragon's Hide , Cthulu, Arizaphale , Crowley

Brother#2: The Middle one. He is 18
Villain , Mad Hatter , Trstran , Wilde , Dorian

Any suggestions or advice?
Beaver Moon is live. Wee! Also, there are a couple forumite only things. A tee and a scent. I ordered the tee and a couple bottles of Beaver Moon. (Wild cherry with vanilla cream accord, and a hint of strawberry. Sounds yummy!)
OMFG. Pirate Moon! :thud:
My reaction exactly!!! Must order now....
My favorite: Charmed, by Salvatore Ferragamo. First time I got it was when I was in Singapore. Then I came back to the US and spent months searching for it, until it finally arrived to the US. It's DELICIOUS. sweet and yet sexy!
Yule update! They brought back Rose Red! Yay!
i like musky scented oils myself...
marc jacobs! i love it smile.gif
*drags thread up to the top* ooof!

Been a long time since I made any bpal orders, but - *gasp* - I am approaching near disaster! My very first bottle of bpal, my dear Snake nearly out! A five year old bottle, round and luscious with age....why, oh why did I wait so long to order!! Its going to take awhile for the new bottle to age to where it smells *perfect* on me. Oh well, I do have my Mme. Moriarty to tide me over for awhile.

I also put in an order for one of the Gaimans - Spider, as I had an imp of it, and it smells lovely on me, but on Turbomann...super sexy. Mmmmm.
Got myself a yule order I did. 2 Rose Red and one Snow Storm. I also threw in a bottle of Coyote. Anyone a fan of that one? It's so sweet and dusty dry. I love it.
I'm with you zora, I love Coyote....but not during my cycle, then - holy crap does it turn sickly sweet on me! Most of the time I get pronounced dusty dryness, with just a hint of sweet grasses. Good stuff.

I so wish rose scents worked on me - I LOVE them on other people, but on me, they turn all soapy. boo.
They've brought back Midway! I could not be more excited!!! And, also, the birthday update is up. There are 4 phoenixes. But really, what I care about is the Midway!!
Hehe. As soon as I saw Midway, thought immediately of you, angelle!! I'm so glad you'll be able to finally stock up! I can't decide whether I really need another bottle....I probably have 3ml left from the original 2005 batch....I just don't wear sweet ones that much, though I have a huge weakness for the glory that is midway!

I saw it written in the update last night and I almost started hyperventilating. And doing that squeely hand flappy girly thing. Good thing I was alone at the time. biggrin.gif
I got a couple of the Pumpkins with my last order. I do like them, but I'm trying not to have more than I will actually use, so I'm being picky about what I keep while I downsize.

That doesn't mean I'm not ordering new things, however! tongue.gif I've found that a lot of the LE oils are really good, so I'm trying several out and getting rid of what I don't end up really liking a lot. I have never sniffed any of the previous years' but this year's Snow White is really nice. There are many LE's that come around every year that I have never tried, so I'm sort of having a first year of BPAL all over again. I shouldn't go ahead with it, but I have an order I'd really like to make. After all, I'm still waiting on a second batch of Halloweenies.

turbojenn, I'm one of the rare folks who isn't all that crazy about Snake Oil, and I have a bottle that's not quite 2 years old. I never wear it - every once in a while I test out an aged imp I have just to see if it's going to become magic on me and it never does. And it never compares (on me) to Snake Charmer and Mme Moriarty. Are you interested? I know you made an order already but this one is already aged.
I alternate Demeter's - Kahala Hawaiian Surf and Laundromat (G-d I love the smell of fresh laundry), and I wear Ralph Lauren's Romance for those extra special evenings. I almost forgot: if I feel like a need a hint of courage, I spritz on a little RL's Turquoise, and charge out the door.
Anyone know how long it's taking these days to get a CnS from BPAL? It's been about a year since my previous purchase and I heard it's faster now, but I don't know if that holds true this time of year.
The CnS thread at the forum is showing CnSes from a little more than 3 weeks ago (11/4-11/7)... it's slower than it normally is, but that's the season for you.
amy - thanks for the generous offer...I'll take it!

Qspice - nice to see you 'round these parts! I hope all is going well with don't get over there much anymore, one board seems all I can manage these days! smile.gif

I got a CnS for my Yule order! WhoooooHooo!
I'm happy now.
What did you get, zora?
It's going aight. I'm almost to the crest of finishing up the wiki (which is to be "live" right around the time we hit the big 4-yr old mark in mid-January), and of course, it's down to the last 2 weeks of class (plus the week of finals), so it's busy busy busy. Doesn't help my laptop screen died this weekend and I've effectively lost everything I worked on last week (namely, my big design project for one of my classes whose final design is due tomorrow)... bleh. Laptop won't be back for another three weeks and my old desktop is so old that the program we use for the designs won't run on it.

BUT I did get to sniff the new Yules at Beth's wedding, and many of them smell great! I'm hoping work recalls me for break, so I can earn some cash to buy a few smile.gif
Snow Storm is wonderful on me. One of those scents that I can't stop sniffing. I got an frimp of Highwayman and boy oh boy. It smells like someone put burning in a bottle. I'm impressed by the scent but I'll never wear or use it.
Got my CnS for my last minute Halloweenie order this morning and it shipped yesterday. I should have it tomorrow or the day after. Yay! The Perilous Parlor, Halloween II, and Sugar Skull '07.

And then I have a Yule order coming sometime after that contains another bottle of Snow White as well as bottles of Midwinter's Eve, Midway Resurrected, and The Fruit of Paradise. I mostly ignored the LE's in the past because I didn't want to get attached to them, but there's also satisfaction in sending them on to new homes if they don't work for me, and I'm finding that my favorites list has a lot of LEs on it.

AND I broke out Snake Charmer again. Mmmm. I wish I'd hoarded this one or that Beth would bring it back like she has for Midway. wub.gif

Was Snow Storm all you got in this order, zora, or was there more?
Oh my. No wonder people love Midway so much! wub.gif I wouldn't even call myself a bpal foodie and I love this! I wasn't expecting it to smell better on me than in the bottle, but it does. Yay!
ambersienna maria
sensual amber from bath and body
mixed w some baby oil
Lancome's Miracle So Magic!
I love it
Damn, big huge BPAL update with lots of things I want to try, but it had to go up *after* my contract was up. Argh.
Yep, nice big update, for real! I'm taking a pass on this one too...going on vacation next week, so I can't buy pretties this month.

Enjoy your time off, amy!!
I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant BPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love Chanel oldie but a goodie
I got a $50 gift card for Bath and Body Works from my Grandpa this Xmas. So I've been going "yuck, what am I going to do with this?". I can barely walk by the store in the mall without gagging.
So I went online to see what they had, and lo and behold, they sell Jaqua products now! I looove Pink Buttercream Frosting. The scent is divinely delicious, and the packaging matches my apartment beautifully. I have the hand lotion, and it's a quality product with a gorgeous texture.
I decided to maximize my gift dollars and am ordering:
The body mist
The new shower creme
and this really awesome deal on a full size product package. And bonus! I can try new scents at little risk!

I'm so excited! Thanks Grandpa!
that stuff looks good enough to eat crinoline

I recently discovered Givenchi Organza. It's my new fave smile.gif
Thanks, turbojenn, and have fun on your vacation. I compromised and asked to join some decant circles. The update is up until March 20-something anyway, so no need to get them right this second if I like any enough.
I just made a deep conditioning mask for my hair using some olive oil, coconut oil, honey, Lush American Cream and about 10-12 drops of Mr. Nancy. The resulting mixture smells a lot like flea powder. Ew. I hope that's not what my hair is going to smell like all week!
crinoline, same thing happened to me! A dear friend of mine gave me a gift card there for my b-day, and I was thinking oh crap, what am I going to do with this.....but I actually found a Sweet Pea perfume that's subtle but smells great. It was a seriously pleasant surprise.
I've only been to Bath and Body Works once but they had this glorious Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and I wish I could get more. Strangely enough, The Body Shop now has a line with the same name but I haven't gone in to smell it yet.

Sometimes I think I should just stick with my Lush soaps but I really like the smell of Chanel no. 19. I just wish I had the money to buy it.
I just bought a bottle of that Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion. I also picked up a bottle of the sensual amber. It smells like warm, smoky sugar on me.
I have been wearing and loving BPAL's The Perilous Parlor from last year's Halloweenies. Mmm, good stuff!
Anyone else as excited about the Halloween update as I am? I had been trying to figure out how I was going to swing 7 bottles because there were a bunch I wanted to try but I found a circle for them so now I'll probably end up buying fewer. Unless I love them all. Then I'm just screwed.
I opened up Marie Claire yesterday to find the most delectable scent ever: Ralph Lauren's Notorious. It smells like a combination of RL's Romance and Clinique's Happy. It was soft and oh so delicate (IMO). I may have to swing by Sephora to give it a real test drive.
Queen Bull
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 5 2008, 01:58 AM) *
I just bought a bottle of that Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion. I also picked up a bottle of the sensual amber. It smell
s like warm, smoky sugar on me.

i basically LIVE in japanese cherry blossom. its has got to be the best scent they have put out in years.

and i really like calvin kleins euphoria.. its essentially a nose-gasm. happy.gif
I am surprised by how much I love Calvin Klein's Euphoria. Years ago I found a men's perfume made by Halston, in a package that was so similar to the Euphoria--silver wrapped glass with the deep blue/purple juice inside. I can't remember the name of it, it was hard to find even then, and I hung on to the bottle forever because I knew I wouldn't find it again. Euphoria is its twin.

Finding some amazing deals on perfume lately--feeling incredibly lucky but really overspending anyway:

Pierre Balmain's Balmya (insanely good, the shipment must have fallen off a truck as each bottle was $4,
normally it is much, much pricier than that).
Madame Rochas
Hermes Rouge
Yves St. Laurent Nu (also like Euphoria! more like warm skin)
After Five/Fifth Avenue
Alfred Sung's Jewel

For only the second time ever, I love a perfume that's not BPAL. Escada Moonsparkle. Unfortunately, it's a bit over what I can afford at the moment so I don't have any yet. But the couple times I've sampled it I've just sat and smelled my wrist over and over again going 'mmmmm'.
I thought I'd bump this thread to let anyone not stalking the BPAL site know that Beth resurrected Snake Charmer until the middle of January. Oh yes she did. wub.gif

ETA: And Beaver Moon from 2005 - of which I am getting a decant before committing to a bottle.
I've been wearing Gap Dream and I love it. It smells like new clothes to me.
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