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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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I just got a package from e-bay, it's a vintage, unopened bottle of L'Heure Bleue (still in the original box!) by Guerlain. It's DIVINE! I was so nervous during the last 30 minutes of the auction that I was trembling all over.
tes darling, yes, you must have Boomslang, its friggin' amazing....but so far, that's the only one I MUST have...the others are very nice, but not enough snake oil for my taste...I still have a few more left to try in my decant set, though, so I'll let you know of any others that strike my fancy! And the pit will be up for a year, so maybe Mr. HB could suprise you with a few snakes next time you come home?

Nice score coela!!
Time for a new scent - it's been Lily of the Valley for too long.

I wish we could all extend our wrists to one another through this board.
Wouldn't that be great, Ella? It would take the heat off Tartman, that's for sure... poor guy. His nose is shot from snorting steroidal gunk for his asthma, and it all smells virtually the same to him - spicy powder.

If you're into floral stuff, I have a handful of BPAL impage I can send you - PM me your mailing addy if you're interested...

Stupid MRG - my beloved Anne Bonny has taken on a decidely whiffy note of eau-de-BO today. And yet I keep smelling my wrist. SDER rolleyes.gif
Should I regret not buying Sugar Skull when I had the chance?
oh, poor anoushh baby...I swear non-buyer's remorse is so much worse than buyer's remorse! but never fear -- I saw someone selling a bottle on the bpal forum just an hour or so ago. get thee to the forums!

today I'm swaddled in priala, the human phoenix. it's all cinnamon bark and smoke, with a gentle myrrh. lovely and warm and slightly electric.
Just bought one of the Neil Gaiman inspired scents from BPAL. Can't wait! smile.gif
Hi Busties- How's everyone? I got my Pink Moon order yesterday. I really like Pink Moon......not sure about Ostara yet. It has a slight green smell at first on me....but I like the dry down. Must test more.

I have a few bottles that have been sitting on the Forum. If anyone here wants them, let me know ( & put BPAL in the title line so I don't delete it) - thought I'd offer before I Ebayed them.

CottonMouth Viper
Mr. Jacqual
I heart the Crazylibellule & The Poppies solid fragrance sticks, especially the Encens Mystic.
It's sooo good and dark and woodsy/spicy, and the packaging is very pretty too.

I'm back............more goodies up for me with BPAL in title line if you're interested.........otherwise, I'll Ebay them over the weekend.

The Knave of Hearts - tested only $13
Croquet - tested only $13
Bien Loin D'Ici - tested only $13
The Dodo - tested only $13
Aires - partial - full to top of label $15
CottonMouth Viper - partial - full to just below top of label $17.50
Oborot LE - partial - filled to top of label $11


hey doll, I just wanted to let you know I got mr jacquel, safe and sound. wearing him right now, as a matter of fact. thanks so much -- I appreciate the easy deal and excellent packaging! (and the frimp wink.gif)
Eep! April fools day update is up! I am destined to be poor and smelling lovely. I thought the Milk Moon and two of the Monster Baits seemed interesting. It's to bad I have no idea if I'll like them in time to know if I'd want more than one bottle!
well, tokyo stomp will *have* to be mine. maybe two bottles...and has anyone been over to new look -- rainbows and unicorns! laugh.gif
Bought Aries and Ostara. I warn you, I am a terrible reviewer.
I really liked both of them.

I've tried Aries three times now and it's peppery, gingery, warm like a spice such as cinnamon would give, that same sort of warmth, but not cinnamon. Assuming it is the opponax, or however it's spelled, because there is no mention of another spice. I also hate cinnamon and am wary of smelling "craft shop"y. This doesn't. It just smells pleasantly gender neutral in the bottle, and conformed to my skin, really, making me feel rather sexy. It is strong, so be careful. The throw is surprisingly short though; must be the ginger. Funny fact: I was wearing this with Orion, and our birthdays are within a day of each other's. We were out, and someone asked me if it was one of our birthdays!

I've only worn it once so far, and I'm just sitting here. Average throw, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention! I would put it at 2 or 3 hours. It smells very perfumey on me, very grown-up. Like something you'd buy in a Coco Chanel bottle, but with a slightly springier undertone. I wasn't prepared for it at first, but then I went with it. I decided I liked it. This is sort of a dark beauty, a spring wearing an evening gown.
Okay sad but true I brought a JLO perfume in Chinatown and have no idea of the name--I live in NYC--anyway the scent is FABO!!
It's sweet and strong--the bottle has her name engraved on it with a blinged out effect--anyone know the name?

What's that I smell? JLO with a hint of spam? *stinky*

I'm still trying to work up the cash for a bpal order - its been ages and ages since I've done anything but swap, but other priorities have taken me away from my beloved bpal. Soon, I'll have to make an order for a snake or two plus a bottle of Mr. Ibis and Shadow. Mmmm....good stuff.
GlamourDiva: maybe you'll recognize the bottle from pictures here:
It seems that she has a bunch of them.
I have to say, now that I've given all of the snake pits a solid try a couple of times from my decant set...none of them hold a candle to my love for the original snake oil....I think I may order one bottle from the pit - either western diamondback or boomslang...and another bottle of snake oil, so I can properly age it before it goes into rotation.
Momentary lapse of sanity. I doused myself with Barbie perfume from a drugstore display. It's like Sunflowers on 11. I think my coat got the worst of it. Thank god it's cheap and machine-washable.
Bleh, that sucks, Curioushair - must be something heavyhanded in the air, 'cause I inadvertantly slathered on the Devil's Night this morning, and now smell a bit more... festive than the workplace generally calls for. Whoo, boozy.... eh, fuck it, I'm only here another week. It'll make for good speculation after I'm gone.

(Momentary topic derailing: speaking of, Turbo, I finally sucked it up & am reading American Gods - only a couple of chapters in, not completely sold yet, but I'm willing to keep going & see where he goes.)
Keep at it, tart - there is a lot of exposition before it really gets interesting, but when it winds up - hold onto your seat, you won't want to put it down! (and it was definitely our inspiration for visiting the uber-crazy House on the Rock last summer).

I'm with you on the boozey scents today - I'm slathered in Mr. Nancy, which has quite the bay rum kick at the front. If only I were in the carribbean on this freakishly snowy april morning....
I'm so excited for the update tonight to honor Friday the 13th of April. I have my fingers crossed that it's either a new formulation or the most recent reformulation that came out in the winter of 2006. The original formulation did nothing for me at all. Hopefully Beth won't add in any special limited editions because I fear my wallet can't handle too many new limited editions. I still need to get the Monster Baits and the Dogs Playing Poker set.

Did anyone notice the solid perfume section on Black Phoenix Trading Post? I heard there were several different Snake Oil variations at the will call recently. Plus I heard there is a Trading Post update in the works as well. I'm hoping a Twilight Alchemy Lab updates comes along as well. Those blends are killer.

I seriously have no money left over to buy anything from the other niche small business bath and body companies I like. Beth gets all my money.
meabh - welcome to the lounge! We love new sniffie busties! I totally missed the solid perfume thing, somehow, though I have *definitely* been drooling over the snake oil soap - I just have so much soap stashed already, I can't justify buying more right now. And the dogs playing poker set - I clearly need to check that out!

I haven't tried any of the 13 blends, but we'll see what this one brings!
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Apr 12 2007, 06:35 PM) *
meabh - welcome to the lounge! We love new sniffie busties! I totally missed the solid perfume thing, somehow, though I have *definitely* been drooling over the snake oil soap - I just have so much soap stashed already, I can't justify buying more right now. And the dogs playing poker set - I clearly need to check that out!

I haven't tried any of the 13 blends, but we'll see what this one brings!

Thanks for the warm welcome! biggrin.gif

I'm so dying to get some of the soap especially Dorian and Snake Oil. Bliss reminds me so much of Lump of Coal that I might even have to grab up a bar of that too. I can't imagine what else they might release. Even like a limited edition soap. Those would be gone in seconds!

The Dogs Playing Poker set is the limited edition scents in the Salon. It was kind of like an April Fool's surprise like how we had Monster Bait: Underpants the year before. Though I so wish she rereleased that as it smells amazing. I'm hoarding my two lovely bottles.

Also Beth mentioned the next round of the CD scents coming out in the near future in one of the updates so I'm definitely excited about that plus Rose Moon with the added Blue Moon scent for the second moon in one month. Beth seems to be doing a lot of reformulation so I'm looking forward to what she does with Blue Moon. I know Rose Moon will probably be horrible on my like all the rose scents but who knows it might actually work. And the celestials! Beth is totally killing my wallet hahaha. She mentioned all the celestials are new formulations too and I was too new to try the older formulations so I wish I could compare those as well.

And the Monster Bait: Critter Musk?! The reviews are making me want it soo bad. Can't wait til it comes out next month.

Does she ever sleep? LOL! tongue.gif
omg, there's soap?? I don't read the site enough--tis too tempting...but aaaaaaaah! soap??? I NEED soap!
count me in on the soaplust ... and on the self-induced poverty due to bpal addiction. damn! but how can a girl say no to her zodiac scent, a greek myth that smells like schwarzer mond, and 13? I blame you people for hooking me in the first place.

and I thought I haunted the site often enough, but critter musk? where is the writeup about that? unsure.gif
Hehe....this forum dragged me into the bpal addiction too, and I try my best to return the favor, as often as I can! laugh.gif

Yeah, the soaplust is gettin' me right now, but I'm waiting until Snake Oil comes back into stock. I definitely need to make an order again sometime soon, maybe in a couple weeks. I'll be getting Mr. Ibis, a new bottle of Snake Oil, and maaaaaybe one of the Snake Pit, but I have to say, none of them do it for me like the original. To think of being able to bathe with snake oil is almost too much decadence to bear! tongue.gif
for a while, I had some fairly good unscented shampoo and conditioner that I dosed with perversion. god did my hair smell great!
opheliathemuse - The soap is located at their sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post.

gogosgirl - Critter Musk is supposed to be in honor of the lovely kritters Krissy makes. Krissy owns the company biggerKrissy.

Monster Bait : biggerCritters - A deceptively sweet scent; just like the Critters themselves, the perfume is fluffy, poofy, soft, snuggly, and googly! Five vanillas with Moroccan jasmine, white gardenia, and pink grapefruit.

Still deciding what to order from the 13th update. It's another reformulation so I'm getting behind in my sampling of 13 blends. Off to ponder..
Thanks meabh=) I couldn't resist; as soon as I posted that I went and looked at everything new. I want the soaps! I want the Theda clutch! mmmm, lots of new stuff to want, really. Beth's always adding things under my nose! I swear, I've got BPAL on my el jay AND my myspace, you'd think I'd notice these things. There're just TOO many cool things. I'm going to go broke at this rate.
Hahaha! You could join the forum AND the mailing list as well. I'm connected to them in too many ways. One update goes live and I have like five notices of an update in my mail box.

I need to grab an apron and the clutch, omg like hell I so need that. laugh.gif

What I love is there is still more stuff they are adding. They just did a small update today, who knows in a couple days another update could go up! Food? Bills? Gas? What are those things?! LOL
Wow you ladies have sold me on the Bpal. I have never worn perfume because I am allergic to musk and much too lazy to find a scent that is both musk-free and pleasing to me. However just reading the scent descriptions from Bpal is decadent.

Here is a list of the scents I want. If anyone has tried one and would recommend it, or NOT recommend it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Jailbait - (it sounds so naughty and delicious)
White Rabbit
Eat me/ Drink me (not sure which)
Vice / Gluttony (not sure which)
New Orleans
Poisoned Apple

Umm... I'm very fond of vanilla scents, I also like other sweet, food type scents, like cake, chocolate, honey, etc. I love honeysuckle, orange blossom, and just a hint of roses. The scent of clean linen is also very nice.

I'm trying to narrow it down to six so I can order a set of Imp's ears, thanks for any help!
Crinoline -

If you like vanilla and sweets you MUST order an imp of Dorian...its got a little musk in it, but it is the lightest, whitest musk, and the major notes are a sugary vanilla with a light, sweet lemon - it is in my top five scents.

Gluttony...oof, that one makes my teeth hurt, its so sweet. smile.gif Definitely very sugary, caramel...for a lighter sweet scent, I really like Mr. Nancy from the Carousel collection, but those are unimpable. I don't think I have imps of anything you're thinking about ordering, but I'll check this evening when I get home, just in case...I'm a little low on impies at the moment.
crinoline you should also look at the descriptions of Alice and Antique Lace. If you let O age for a little it becomes much softer and more vanilla. I sometimes layer it with Bliss or Lump of Coal (which was a past limited edition). Bliss is a very chocolate scent on me, which might be another one to look into. Be careful with Jailbait though. It can cause some skin irritation as I think it might have a little cinnamon in it, however it's not listed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that. Look for Whitechapel as well. Can't remember if it has musk or not but it's a light scent in my opinion. If I think of more I'll let you know. wink.gif
Okay, revised list, thanks for all the help so far!

Dana O'Shee
Eat Me

I'm still contemplating Vice, Poisoned Apple, and now Carnal and Hunger as well.
has anyone tried possets? i followed a link to that site and ended up buying a bunch of samples impulsively. smile.gif
I haven't ordered from them, but I've heard good things about them from the LUSH forum!
Hi Ladies -

This place was dead for a while so I quit checking in for a short time. I'm still job searching! Wish the economy would pick up around here.

I've been LOVING Temple Viper and Tireasis lately. They are my 2 new fave's.

I have a couple bottles of for grabs that are full and brand new: (discount prices for the ladies here! )

MB Ventriloquist Dummy $17
Hunger Moon $14
Bitter Moon $14
I also have some sample packs made up if anyone's interested. They are all made up in packs of 3's and are a wide variety of LE"s. I have them listed over at if you aren't a member there, please PM or email me and I'll be happy to give you a list.

I can't wait to see what Blue Moon's going to be like this year. I'm hoping for a reformulation.
Oh the shame! Between ebay, the lab and the trading post, I spent nearly as much as I will make this week on bpal. Some of it I know I want. Some of it I may or may not like. I'm hoping I love all of it. I'll feel better about it. smile.gif
Hi Ladies -

It's not been too chatty around here lately. I have a few things for sale if anyone's interested. Great prices.

Imp Packs:

The Masque, Heartache, Infatuation & Devil's Night- $11.50(13)
Budding Moon, Midway & Freakshow $10.50 (14)(pending)
Harvest Moon '06, Arachnina, & Boomslang $10 (18)
Vasakasajja, Wilhemena Murray & Enraged GroundHog Musk $10(EE)
Mme Moriarty, Chrysanthemum Moon & Harvest Moon '05 $10(23)
Minotaur, Milk Moon '07, Dia De Los Muertos '05 & White Moon $11 (ZZ) (pending)
Fee, The Brides of Dracula, Dolce Sil Nuovo $10 (1)
Treat 2, Green Tree Viper & Bitter Moon $8.50 (2)
Minotaur, Creepy & Ostara $10 (3)
Pink Moon '07, Candy Butcher, & Fruit Moon $10 (4)
Phantom Calliope, Schwarzer Mond, & Kindly Moon $9 (5)
3 Brides, Lotus Moon, Wilhemena Murray & Snake Charmer $10 (6)
Midwinter's Eve '05, Crow Moon, MonsterBait Bloody Mary & Dragon Moon $10 (7)
Chintamini Dupa, Punkie Night, & Abhisarika - $10.50 (10C)
Bitter Moon, Priala, Doll Girl $10.50 (cool.gif
Frost Moon, Bakeneko, Saw Scaled Viper $10.50(AA)

Also a Value Pack of Imps - Enraged Bunny Musk, Jacobs Ladder, Samhain, F5, The Oblation, Snow Moon, Lick It Again, Red Lantern, Sugar Skull 05, Dia De Los Muertos 05, Carceri Divenzione (Salon Blend) -- all for a low price of $17
aunt agonist
can i ask for some help from you lovely and intoxicatingly scented ladies?

i really loved my october 13 (LE) from bpal, and i missed the most recent opportunity to purchase it. anywhoodle. i really love it and was wodering if you gals (or guys) had any recommendations for similar scents. mostly what i liked about it was it's sweet warmth, and the fact that it managed that without being too foody. sorta lavendar, orange, chocolate, pumpkin pie-y. oh god. i'm so sad that i'm almost out!!!! help would be greatly appreciated!
hello auntie! according to all the reviews on the bpal forum, the april 13 was very different from the oct 13 (which was different from the very first incarnation, too). some people are loving it, others feel it doesn't hold a candle to oct 13. but I bet you could track down a bottle (or at least a decant) from someone on the forums. good luck! and I'm with you on the oct 13 love -- that stuff is dee-lish!
aunt agonist
ack! i know! it's so luscious that i want to scent EVERTHING with it but i only have a weensie bit left. waah!!!
p.s- your puppers is ludicrously cute. those furrowed concerned puppy brows are killing me!
aunt agonist, I have a bottle of the 13 before this most recent one. I think you probably like it more than I did. I tested it once from the rim but haven't taken any out. So it's as full as I received it from the lab. I'd be willing to sell it if you wanted. I would like to make back what I paid for it if possible.
aunt agonist
angelle, that would be great!! it was about $20, right? how can i pay you??
Does paypal work for you?
I think it was 17.50 actually. So 20 would cover shipping too. Sound good?
my email is angelle321 at hotmail dot com.
I'm glad to have it go to a good home. smile.gif
(tap tap tap)

Um, heylerhe? Anyone stinky in da house?

I am tempted by the Blue Moon update - Selkie sounds gorgeous, but could go so horribly wrong on me... same with Thunder Moon. Tartman thinks I should go for it, and start getting into resale on Ebay. He's right in that I'd likely make back what I spent, but I dunno... Lorajc, if you're lurking, I know you do a fair amount of resale - is it worth it, do you think? I'm not looking to make fat cash, just break even if something goes rank on me.
Reselling prices seem to really vary. Some things go really high, some don't (even things I would expect to) and sometimes things seem to sell better than at other times. I don't understand it. I wish there was a better way to sell imps. I have a ton but it's just so time consuming to list them one by one but they don't seem to sell well at all in lots. Alas.
Tart, I re-sell a lot, but not on ebay. I re-sell just on, which feels to me like a more reliable, mature group for the most part. You can't make big bucks as you can't sell for more than you bought it for, but you've got an interested audience, and I can often move stuff pretty quickly, and no ebay fees to pay.
How does one get started buying/selling on the forum? I think I started doing things on ebay because the forum intimidated me. I'm a member on there but even more of a lurker than I am here!
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