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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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I just saw the update this morning! I thought she wasn't gonna update until the 22nd. I was surprised.

How the heck is everyone? I haven't been around for a while again. It's been really busy at work.

The update looks good. I can't wait for the new Carnivale scents.
Just got my 4/4 imp order today!
The only downside was my VELVET wasn't even 3/4 full and I absolutely adore it, so I will have to order more sooner than I thought, but oh well. I could stand to buy 5ml of it anyway, right? Over all, just thrilled to death to get my order and when the monsterbait:closet gets here, all will be right in the universe!
Mmmmm....this thread sounds yummy. Speaking of warm vanilla, and musk, my favourite scents are Bath & Body works' Warm vanilla sugar and Moonlight path. Most other body splashes from there are just as yummy. Bath & Body works anyone? :-)
I'm with you on the warm vanilla sugar!
You know who else has a delish-ee-us warm vanilla sugar product? GOLD CANYON.... they are primarily a candle company but they also have a small selection of bath and body products and the WVS Body Butter is to die for!
Voodoo wrote: "they are primarily a candle company". Are you saying they have Bath & Body works scented candles? *wags tail* :-)
I'm sorry hunny, I should have been more clear.... when I use the term "bath and body products" I don't mean the name brand, I mean the general use of the term....
Thay have super yumm yumm candles but I can't say that they are Bath and Body Works scented...
This place has been quiet.

It was cold here this morning I'm wearing my past Winter fave, The Cracked Bell.

I wonder if there's gonna be an update in the next couple of days???
lora - I've been diving into my winter stash too - how funny! Snow White, Talvikku and Sugar Cookie have been making frequent appearances on my bod lately!
today I'm wearing Fenris Wolf, which I got from the ever so lovely ((turbojenn))BTW.....
i just love this scent! it's made me feel all nature-y all day.... yummy smellie!
Okay .........still quiet around here. I'm in desperate need of more Al-Aref. Anyone have a bottle they want to sell me? I'm wearing it today and it's lovely. I need more!!
I love the fenris - Its all earthy muskiness on me, and on turboman - it smells like grape jolly ranchers with a musky base!

sorry lora, I don't have any of the al-aref. Good maude, I haven't made a bpal order in ages...probably will jump back on the bandwagon soon when the new carnival scents are out.

today's scent...snow white...because it was in my bag when I got to work...I need to stock my bike bag with some scents, so I have something to choose from. Its been snow white all week, here...
BPAL status report! ;)

I'm going to lay out the quick story for you guys, the Lushies and the guys on the forum so you know where we're at. A less detailed commentary is going on the web site tonight.

Our landlord at the last location went batshit, most of which I'm not at liberty to talk about, and among other things, he decides at the last minute of our lease that he wants to give over our space to his son, who wants to put on raves there. We had very little time to move, but found a good potential location that we could buy. YAY, no more moving. We find a temporary warehouse 1/3 the size, but it isn't available til about two weeks after time's up in our old place. We split the Lab into three houses and a storage space, and try our best to keep working in those conditions. The temp space opens up, and we move part of production there. The problem is that the place is almost uninhabitable... something we didn't realize until it was too late. The temperature hits between 90-105 in there every day, which will ruin the oils and everyone's temperament, to boot. In the meantime, we lose all of our part-time help, and have to let three employees go. We're suddenly on skeleton crew. 15 days into escrow on the new place, we find out that the listing was bogus, and it is rated CR [commercial restricted] which means that not only can we not manufacture there, we can't even put a retail presence there. We have to pull out of escrow. During this moving extravaganza, a hot water pipe breaks in my house, forcing us to move all the bottles that I was housing here. My floors and walls in three rooms are trashed, the house is uninhabitable, my computer and the brand new server goes down in the flood, and we lose one storage and work space.

In the meantime, we were still looking for somewhere to move and are trying to hire in new people. The hiring process is clunky, as out of 14 resumes that were sent to us, only one person bothers to show for the interview. We post the job again, and are interviewing again this upcoming week. CM+ rated space is hard to come by in LA for a reasonable price, but yesterday [AT LONG LAST] we found a spot. We're not going to know til Tuesday-Wednesday if this is going to work out, but hope springs eternal, as they say. SOoOoooo... cross your fingers for us that the jinx is broken and things will be back to speed asap.

I know I don't have to explain all this, but I'm nothing if not bluntly honest.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Say an agnostic's prayer for us!
fingers crossed..... praying double time!
so sorry to hear about your troubles! that's terrible! i hope everything works out at the new place and that you find some good new employees soon (i'd definitely work for you if i still lived in l.a. how cool would it be to be a labbie?!).

i was wondering why there had hardly been any click'nship posts on the forum, as i'm axiously awaiting my dragon moon order. thanks for the honest update.
(((((((turn of positive outcomes for Beth and all the labbies))))

That new space is yours, Beth. Do not doubt it for a second, keep your intentions firm that it is yours and we'll all do the same.

((((((safe, beautiful new home for bpal))))
looks like the forums down at BPAL.... or maybe it's just my PC.....
Nah, me too. Withdrawal has set in already... I'll go put on some more perfume to make me feel better.

Beth, I admire you for your wonderful nose, of course, but sometimes I think I admire you for your ability to keep your cool and your sense of humour and generosity in times of dire crap even more. *Many* good vibes in your direction.
y'all talk too much at the forum :P

no, seriously, the hard drive (the least technical word i can think of) that the forum database is on filled up, so we have to move stuff around to give it more room... our techs think it maaaay be done tomorrow, but it could be tuesday.

it's not really a big deal, because we've got something like 110gb free, it's just in the wrong places!
qspice!!! We haven't seen you 'round here in a bit - we meeece you! Thanks for keeping the forum up and running for us!
BPAL forum's back up and running..... weeeeee!
Hey everyone!

I am selling a a few LE's for charity. I have full bottles of Freak Show, Devil's Night, and Pink Phoenix. PM me if anyone is intrested.
Oh my oh my..... I am so looking forward to my Monster:Closet....... I do hope it turns out to be well worth the wait and I am thrilled to see the labs found a spot as I put off further orders until they are settled again..... I figured why add to the flood, right? They seemed to have enough to do already........
Hi everyone - My Dragon Moon order came yesterday!! Yay!! Haven't had a chance to try anything but King of Hearts. I love King of Hearts. I hope we have a nice update this weekend......even though the Lab has just gone thru a major move.
Oh,'re right, I suppose we are due for an update soon, here. That's a good thing, I think I'm finally ready to make another order. If the Carnival scents come out this month, I'm totally in for it.
I can't believe nobody's talking about Hungry Ghost Moon. This sounds like the most unique blend ever. I ordered 4 bottles. I'm REALLY bummed about no cinnamon in the Chaos Theory III. I am the cinnamon freak and the first Chaos Theory yielded my VERY fave BPAL which was a cinnamon Chaos Theory. Wearing Chaste Moon today in honor of the full moon. I love Chaste Moon.
gah, lora, I am such an idiot...I forgot to even I'm sad. I guess I'll go look on the forums for the description, so I can just drool and pout. ;)
Just put Kunstkammer and Yog Sothoth on eBay. Wish me luck!
i sure could use your input!
i really want to order "there was a great cry in egypt" from the salon collection. i am hesitant because i placed an order on may 1 and have not received it. i understand that the lab is under duress because of having to move several times. is a month and a half the "usual" wait time at the lab? this is my first order, and i'm not sure what to expect. i don't want to sound mean and impatient, i'm just excited about my stuff!
they're in the process of reducing the wait time down to 7-10 days (and i'm not sure if that's *days* days or business days)... they juuuuuust started getting things going again not that long ago, and they've got a 2 yr lease (so this isn't gonna be happening again any time soon)

but yeah, 6+ weeks is not unheard of. this time last year, 8-10 weeks was the standard....
really, for me, the weeks of waiting was like this delicious anticipation...waiting everyday for the blessed click and ship to magically appear in my email box....and then waiting for my special package in the mail...I love *bpal*!

Speaking of which, next update, I am definitely due for an order...I've been away from the bpal for too long!
i remember when 2-1/2 months was normal.
i don't really mind the wait because i have lots of untested bpal imps to keep me busy. waiting for a good thing is never a problem for me. :-)

i made sprays! i love them but now that they are in spray form i go through my bpal a lot more quickly because i get trigger happy.
damn bust! i always double post.
my first few orders from bpal (early this year) came in about a month or less (i think my shortest turnaround was 2.5 weeks). apparently that was really fast, considering that in the early days of bpal orders often took 2 or 3 months to process. as the business grew and beth hired more staff, the wait time got much shorter.

but in april things got crazy at the lab and i think order processing was put on hold. unfortunately, people just kept ordering (myself included) since there were the monthly updates and everything, so a large backlog has built up.

things are back on track, though. i just got a click'n'ship this weekend for my april 13th dragon moon order (a bottle of gypsy queen and a bottle of snake charmer! i'm so excited!). now i'm just waiting on my 3(!) other pending orders, one of which also includes a bottle of there was a great cry in egypt and a bottle of penitence, which i think will become by signiture scent, and it seems like forever since my little imp ran out. oh penitence, come to me!!!
My auctions sold! Yay! I'm so happy! I got all the money back I spent on the bottles in the first place. Life is good.

Now, if only my damn CnS would arrive for my Dragon Moon.
actually, the early days of bpal (and i'm talkin pre-forum here), the orders only took about .. oh .. a week. from order to receiving. even the super busy yuletide season only took two weeks!
ah, i guess the tales i've heard are from times well before me, but after the crowds discovered the wonderfulness that is bpal.

so, i got my order yesterday and it contained several really great frimps including nefertiti, which smelled so good in the vial that i decided to try it out yesterday before i even tried out the bottles i ordered on purpose. i put on the same amount that i normally do, but it has quite a lot of throw. when i was standing at the bus stop yesterday morning one of the three homeless drunks who hang out on the bench there told me that i smelled pretty and offered me a quarter. i guess that's a pretty big complement since they're usually *asking* for quarters!

by the way, today is the last day to order the lush discontinued round winners (off of the website anyway, i'm not sure about phone orders). i was tempted to buy a bunch of each since they aren't normally available. but after i analyzed my shower gel usage, i figured that realisticly one bottle lasts me about 6-9 months so i only need to order two bottles of blue skies (even though i love the smell sooooo much). i'm getting two bottles of potion. i don't wear lotion as much as i used to, but i love the smell of carnations and the reviews were fantastic (why did they discontinue that one?). i'm getting one bottle of b never to busy. and i think i'll get several melomints, because when they arrive it will be the height of heat here (the hottest months in the bay area are actually late august through october, weird).
dammit...I wasn't going to do it, but you just tipped the scale altar...I caved, and ordered some discons from LUSH. I kept telling myself I could resist the shiny this time, but no, I could not. I *needed* that bnever and back for breakfast, I tell you. I needed it!!
Me too!

I got me some Potion and some B Never. I almost cried when they discontinued the latter. Heart-breakin' bastards.

I have been so borring with my 'fume lately. Mainly because I am trying hard (and failing) to save money for a trip in August, and have not tried anything new in aaaaaaaaaaages.

Summer staples are: Pele, Cheshire Cat, Maiden, Scherezade and Spellbound. Smut smells extremely sexy in the summer heat (not overwhelming at all). Cobra Lily and Al-Araaf make the occasional appearence.

I have a very long list of things to try, but sadly, it must wait (and grow, I am sure) until Sept. Sigh. The pecuinary (sp?) woes of a graduate student :-)
from the lush discontinueds, i ordered whitewash. also, earlier today i won two discontinued things from ebay- the merry xmas bar (my FAVORITE EVER) and a buttercream thats supposed to smell like rum, butter, and cocoa. i can't remember the specific name, its got the word Randy in the title. i wasn't looking for it, i'm just a sucker for combined shipping!

also today, i received three imps i got from ebay. its my first bpal experience, so i am looking forward to trying them all.
turbojenn- i love being a bad influence! bwahahaha!

oceandessa- did you know that you can order a newer version of b never from the b never company site? it's rather spendy because it's in pounds and you have to pay international shipping, but the option is there. i'm hoping that i don't fall in love with it, so that i don't have to order it internationally. eek! i'm developing too many expensive habits. i've heard that they sometimes do group orders to b never on the lush forum.

did everyone see the latest announcement from bpal? they are completely filled and shipped through 5/1, but click'n'ship has been acting up, so most orders haven't and won't receive one. also, they're working up to a 10-day turnaround time within 3 weeks! yea! i can't wait for all of my pending orders to get here! i'm especially excited about the one that's already on it's way, as i've been waiting for my bottle of penitence for oh so very long. yipee!
I am very much looking forward to getting my shower gels from the discon order...hopefully we'll have them by the end of August. The gels last sooooo long, I figure ther expense evens out. I've been using the same bottle of skinny dip since march, and I've only used about a third of it. A little goes a long way!

AND I am very very very much looking forward to this summer's bpal carnival series....3 of my very very favorites are from last year's series. Mmmmm.....cannot wait!
I got my dragon moon. I love it. :-)
this has been an exciting few days at my mailbox! on thursday, i received the imps i ordered from bpal a while back. today, i received the merry xmas massage bar and randy buttercream i got off ebay. (and, unrelated- my new rubber stamp from sideshow stamps!) i'm thinking of taking a shower with the randy buttercream (rum, spice scent) then following up with the juke joint imp for an extra boozy finish. i really want one of the red lantern 5ml bottles from ebay, but the bidding goes up past my then i have this guilty feeling of beating someone on an auction and depriving her of the red lantern she so desires. i'm going to keep at it, though, the right time will come.
::tiptoeing in:::

Well well well. I'm a BPAL virgin. I'm too chicken to post in Quantum's forums, so I'm asking here: how did you guys decide what to order your first time? I have a perpetual case of wanderlust, so I've been drooling over the descriptions of the wanderlust fragrances. I thought maybe that would be a good place to start. Is that a dumb reason to order, because I like the names and the descriptions?! I'm talking about getting those little imps -- those are sample-size, right? I don't really speak BPALese, so please forgive me. Advice, etc.?
raisingirl, actually what I did was I came here and told people what my favourite notes were and got a few recommendations. What kind of scents do you like (flowers? particular flowers? spicey? foody, incensey? etc.?
And welcome to the obsession!
Thanks, Berenguela, I think! Ummmmmmmmm... I don't know what scents I like. I've never used essential oils; I've always used those kinds of perfumes for the common people (what is found in department or cosmetics stores). I don't want to smell like food or patchouli, that's for sure. Anything else, I'm at a loss for what to say. That's probably no help!
I don't like smelling like food or patchouli either, though many, many very nice people do. Hmm, it sounds like you probably like at least some florals. My fearless recommendation, almost completely uninformed except by my own prejudices, and made in an effort to help you try a widish variety of scents is:

London (since you like wanderlust. it's a lovely rose)
Queen Mab (gorgeous orchid, very unusual)
Alice (tea and carnation, very popular, quite light)
O (amber and honey but not especially foody. a BPAL classic)
Thalia (pear and plumeria but not overwhelmingly foody, despite the fruit)
Ozymandias (because it's my current favourite, that's why)

If you order 6 imps (samples) it is slightly cheaper. You might want to read the reviews of these on the forum. If any sounds nice, or awful, let us know and I'm sure someone in the collectivity can suggest more, or less, of the same.
what do you mean when you say "not like food"? are you thinking more along the lines of "not like a bakery/bar/candy" or are spices, herbs, citrus, and fruits included in that?

my personal top six:
* queen mab (orchid! sandalwood! mmmm)
* deathcap (an earthy/slightly woody warm scent)
* baobhan sith (a floral citrus)
* dorian (vanilla musk with a little bit of a lemon tea!)
* psyche (floral musk)
* perversion

but in all honesty: sit down, read the descriptions... make a list of what sounds interesting. send it my way (via pm), and i'll see what i've got ;)
aw i totally forgot about this thread!!

i have posted on the bpal forums a few times and actually went to an open house they had in november or decemberish.

raisin, what "common people" (hee) perfumes do you usually like? you can do a search for those on the bpal forums and most likely you'll come up with a bunch of posts saying "[bpal] smells just like [common people perfume], only better!" start with those, and then from there look for other frangrances that smell like the ones you like.

my personal faves:
*xiuhtecuhtli (stunning. smokey, sweet, warm, spicy without being headshoppy like a lot of her fragrances)
*black pearl (sexy deep rich coconutty)
*bliss (CHOCOLATE)
*imp (spicy peach)
*ophelia (light, fresh, floral, but unusual)
*empyreal mist (exquisite watery floral)

ones i DON'T like:
*alice (which i was so pumped about, but sadly smells like dishsoap on me)
*silk road, or anything else with cinnamon (gives me a rash. also sad, but not so sad cos i can still use it in an oil burner)
*iambe and two five and seven (beautiful beautiful scents with really wierd overtones i can't get over :-( )
*jack (waaaaaaaaay too sickly sticky sweet)

but keep in mind, scents morph differently on different people, so what you may love, may smell awful on your best friend, and vice versa. i was blown away by xiu, i feel like it was made for me, and i wear it constantly, but when i went to the open house and asked for a 10ml bottle, two of the other girls looked at me in disbelief and asked "you can WEAR that???" hehe.
i kind of love gucci rush.

(am i a bad person for brand loving-ness?)

p.s. new boy i'm seeing told me i smelled delicious. (yes, a man. what can i say? sexuality is malleable.)
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