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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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oh, I just crumbled in the face of the snake pit. I was hoping to join a decant circle but those went so quickly, and for some reason I suddenly felt that I should just *invest* there will be four new snakes crawling around my bpal collection. I'm so weak! (but I smell great)
i know lots of bpal addicts, but i'm a bit overwhelmed by all of it. i'll probably get into it at some point, though right now i know v little about fragrance, really.

i was thinking about buying some of the aromatherapy oil mixes from mountain rose herbs...has anyone tried them?
I haven't ordered any of the mountain rose herb aromatherapy, but I *was* just drooling over them the other day, and feeling a little sad, because I just got an order in from them a couple weeks ago.

gogo - I know exactly the pull you're feeling toward the snake pit! I managed to get in on a decant circle over on the LUSH forum....and I'll make my purchase decisions from there.
I need some advice on men's scents. I'm totally open to bpal, if anyone has any good ideas from there. I've never ordered anything from there, but I smelled a bunch of them at the party at turbo's a couple years back.

Le Boy needs a new scent. He's been wearing Polo Blue for over a year now and it didn't really bother me before, but now it makes me queasy. Part of it is that he puts too much on (despite me telling him not to) but I think it just doesn't mix well with his chemistry or something and I get all irritated, nasally and stomach-wise, everytime I smell it now. I feel terrible for his co-workers because he has no idea how strong it is and I've been the victim of an overzealous scenter at work before ("nice perfume, must you marinade in it?")

I think he'd prefer something with a clean outdoors-y smell, like with some pine, cedar or sandalwood notes. Any ideas from bpal or a regular cologne? Preferably the lighter the better so that I can tell him "one spray/drop/whatever" and it won't be overwhelming.
Polly -

If he likes clean masculine scents - Villian from bpal
Deep musk - Czernobog, Satyr, Fenris Wolf
Light white musk, a drop of lemon and sugar - Dorian
Same light musk, hint of lemon, but grown up, hot and manly - Theodosious the Legerdemain (new Carnivale series scent)

OR....just bring him over to our place, and we'll apply different scents, and you can smell him up and decide what works! wink.gif

For non-bpal, my very very favorite is H2O's Black Ice for men. Its got juniper, a little pine, hint of lime and I don't know what all, but when turbomann puts it on, I just want to jump him. Its good stuff. They have a nice gift set for about $30 with a bunch of different stuff in it, and it lasts forever....there's a H20 at Old Orchard.
I'll check out the H2O one. The little sample vials from bpal are called imps, right? Maybe I'll order a bunch of those. Theodosious the Legerdemain sounds awesome!


ETA: I was going to do the six imps for $19.50, but Villian is no longer available, so I need a 6th one. Maybe one for myself, though- I'm still addicted to Bond No. 9's Chinatown (I've resisted buying a full size bottle, since it's f-ing expensive!)'s described as peach blossom, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli and cardamom. Here's a blogger's description of it....anything on bpal seem similar?
hey, for those of you looking for a snake pit decant circle, i believe the one i'm in has an opening or two - the lady running it decided to order before it was full.

polly, villain is still available, it's in diabolus. i double checked at the forum (where my OCD reviews mods are fairly quick to update the status of oils for d/c and not) and at the bpal website.

but, that said, there's one with several of the notes (gardenia, patchouli, sandalwood, orangey and cardamom) alone (from the demon in my view collection), but it's an old limited edition. if you like the dry down (described as woods, cardamom, patchouli, and vanilla), morocco may work - it's got sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon (which is kind of similiar to cardamom).

aaaand theodosious isn't available in an imp. i did get to smell it this weekend, and it's fabulous... his kissing cousin, dorian, is available as an imp.

other manly ones that i would suggest, based on what you've said - jolly roger (all woody and salt), death cap (a little dirty and spicy and woody, but dirty in a good way), burial (juniper, pine, patchouli, and a hint of floral), black forest (musk, pine, juniper, ambergris), loup garou (juniper, cypress). i'm also a fan of dee (leather, musk, incense, parchament) on men, as well as loviatar (red musk, leather) and voodoo (lime, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, pine, clove) and fallen.
Bummer about Villain - next time I see you, I'll try and toss my imp of that in my bag for you...its not getting any play currently. I'm not sure about a bond-like scent...I wear pretty masculine stuff mostly, but maybe Pele, or Dorian if you didn't already pick that one. You can also use their fabulous search engine, and search by note, and see what you come up with. Beth's patchoulis are stunning, though, and often very un-head-shoppy. My fave scent, Snake Oil, has patchouli in it, but I can't really pick it out...its just musky, sweet, vanilla wonderfulness on me.

x-post with qspice! ha! I knew you'd have the answer, q...all I know these days is what I like, the notes don't hang around in my head much. Glad you're here to help!
Hi Polly

If you aren't already overwhelmed by suggestions, I think Nero from Bpal is a great men's scent. It's rosemary, bay, pine and lemon. I've tried to get my boy to wear it cause it's subtle, sexy and fresh outdoorsy , but he stubbornly refuses to let me cover him with any kind of bpal. I have even tried the postive reward system... wink.gif

I have an imp that I could send you.
I'll second the recs for Hemlock & Jolly Roger, Polly... Lear (sage, cedar & bay leaf), Mag Mell (verbena, fresh grass) & Antony (grass, leather, a bit of incense) might also work - none are too overpowering, missing that distinctive "cologne" scent that I think tends to whap one upside the head.

For yourself, I will say that Morocco smells like a churro on me. A very nice, expensive churro eaten in an incense-scented shop, but a churro, nonetheless. Have you tried Bastet? The almond & lotus go crazy on some folks, but on me, it's all spicy & warm & subtly sexy. I have a spare imp I could send your way...

So I got a frimp of Tweedledee in my last order, and it's just gorgeous... Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom - not something I'd EVER pick out (fruit amps way, way big on me, and I end up smelling like a bag of Jolly Ranchers). But it's not candy orange, rather that lovely zest & pith smell of a fresh peel, with the dryness of the pepper & tea rounding things out so, so nicely. One I'm definitely saving for warmer months - it screams spring to me...
Hi Ladies - Remember me?? I lost yet another job and just started a new one a few weeks ago ...AGAIN so I was missing in action. I worked at a hospital that was downsizing and got bumped out of my job by a more senior person. I'm now in a Law office........big difference.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say that the Lupercalia/Carnivale update floored me and busted me. I'm hoping to get a C&S any day now so I can start gushing about them. I'm especially excited about the Snake Pit.......the cinnamon one!!!

wow...the latest carnaval scents have made it to forumites on bpal (not me yet). all kinds of new reviews out there, including the snake pit! now I'm really psyched for my order!

polly, I recommend aureus for boys. for girls too, as it's a lovely warm sandalwood.
i have a little sale going on. free shipping for busties. i have this sale on bpal forum (i'm shug on there) and lj sin and salvation (i'm miss_shuggah). i'm trying to get rid of everything so that i can buy from the carnival diabolique update. i'm not working so i had to sell some of the precious to get more.
Full LE's all $15.00 dolla
-Dragon Moon
-Lotus Moon
-Peony Moon

gogosgirl- i saw the that! i want to try Coral Snake

tart- i really love tweedledee also

i LOVED theodosius. almost as much as dorian. for the male scents i did like F5 if your man likes citrusy scents. mine doesn't unfortunately...that's why it's for sale. sad.gif i wish mr.shugga liked bpal on him.
for non-bpal scents i really like vera wang's cologne for men. it's light and clean...don't really know the notes in it though.
Hey ladies... long time no post!

I have a question of sorts - I just made my first BPAL order in like a year, and I didn't get a confirmation email from them. I ordered via PayPal. Are they still doing those confirmation emails or not? I've been avoiding the Forum because it's just so big now and I get overwhelmed.

Anyway - I ordered a couple of Snakes from the Snake Pit.

Polly - for men I recommend Severin (lemon and tea and leather), Aureus (for men or women, I love Aureus!), and maybe some of the LE's like Taalvikku.

I'm also considering doing a massive purge of my BPAL box. If I never reach for it, I have to get rid of it. More to come on that - I like swapping rather than selling... and if anyone's got a bottle of Snake Charmer they want to part with, you get whatever you want, in whatever quantity you want. I know the chances of that are about nil, but I thought I might as well ask.
'Allo, 'Ell! I was a dumbass & used CCNow for my last order, so I can't weigh in on the confirmaion emails, alas... The Snakes sound incredible - maybe I'll troll Ebay & the swaps for my birthday...

Thanks to the BPAL forums, I am now the owner of one fabulous scent locket - specifically, the wide oval near the bottom. For $1.99, even! It's obviously silver plate over mystery metal, but at that price, even if it only lasts 6 months before corroding, I'll be happy.

Jolasveinar went all weird & curryish on my skin, but in the locket today, I'm awash in a gorgeous cloud of pine, snow & dried currants. Every once in a while, I get a waft of the buttercups - very much the sweet crushed petals, rather than a "floral" note. Fan-fubu-tastic. (sigh) Now I'll just have to revisit all those scents that I loved in the bottle but went funky on my skin... o the burden... rolleyes.gif
Tart - I ordered a decant set of the snake pit, so when I receive it, I'd be more than happy to bring them along to the next gathering at the Heartland and let you sniff them, so you can make a better call on what you want to order....they all sound sooooo delicious, though! I know its going to be hard to choose. I love me some Snake Oil/Charmer/Smut!

Nice score on the locket too, tart!!

My most favorite perfume is “Still” by Jennifer Lopez. I could bath in it. Mr. Pug’s favorite perfume on a woman is Angel. He says he loves the scent, which kind of freaks me out cause that’s what my mom wears. blink.gif
elle, i don't know about the paypal thing but i was planning on using it on my upcoming order so hopefully someone knows.

i want coral snak from the snake pit but i'm not sure what else to buy. i finally have enough cash but now i just can't make up my mind.

i like plain snake oil but i didn't like smut. i wonder if i would have loved snake charmer?
Hi again - I lost my job the day I posted down below! I can't believe it ......jobless again.

Anyway, I have a few partial bottles up for sale if anyone wants them before I Ebay them.

Lupercalia - (last year's version) - half full - $7.00
Teresina & Pucinella LE - Carnvale D - substantially more than half full $12
Calliope - Aged bottle - a bit under half full - $5.50
Punkie Night LE - a bit under half full - $7.50
Snow Bunny LE - slightly under half full $6.00

I got my Lupercalia order and Svadhinaopatika is the most gorgeous scent ever. I am in love with it. The few Snake Pits I got are amazing also. Beth is a genius.
Holy crud!!! The Neil Gaiman Update?!!!! Beth is truly going for my visa card now - between snakes and Neil Gaiman, what more could I want??? And I want ALL of those Gaiman scents...sheesh, turbomann had better find a job soon, 'cause I need to make a large order!

Lora, I'm sorry to hear that you're out of work again...(((((lora find the perfect job vibes))))
Oh, Lora, that sucks... ((((doubling up the perfect job vibes))))

And Turbo... could the update be any more you? I was skimming the speculation threads yesterday, thinking "ohhhh Turbo, look out!"... I may have to finally read American Gods in your honor.

Edited 'cos I can't spell, apparently...
I think you should definitely read American Gods...its good stuff, and if you like mythology at all, its kind of a fun read to see where he's pulling threads from, and connecting it up in your head. The man is a genius, AND writes one of my favorite blogs ever...he's very good to his fans. *swoon*
Mr Ibis is one of the yummiest vanilla musks I have ever smelled. Mmmmmmmmm. Heart it so very much.
YAY!! Thanks for the review - mr Ibis was the one that I really want most up front...anything with musks in it is good by me. What did you think of Mr. Nancy?

I adore Mr. Nancy so much, I have to have it either way. smile.gif
Mr Nancy smells like cake, but a completely different kind of cake than, say, Beaver Moon. More like rum cake. But not so foodie as to be completely icky (says the person who mostly doesn't like smelling like food - though, the foodies will prolly love it too).

To be honest? I love all of the NG scents I've tried. Seriously. And my success rate with the longer LE series (Lunacy, SIA, CN, DimV, Maelstrom, and even CD - at least, the first chunk) has not been that great. They're all so different and yummy and they all work, even the ones with honey or beeswax or lily or notes that usually are iffy on me. It's hard to pick a favorite out of so many good ones, but Mr Ibis is definitely a winner for me. My perfume rotation has shrunk to basically the NG collection...
I can justify it by the fact that it supports CBLDF, right?! hee. I just ordered a decant set of the whole series, so I can test them out before jumping in and getting all of them...which will probably happen anyhow at some point. I'm just glad these are part of the catalog, so I can get them whenever I have some spare cash. nancy sounds divine for me...Beaver Moon was too much for me, but poppet and midway are wonderful on me...sounds like that'll be another bottle...
oh god, i'm dying of happiness. i barely started reading neil gaiman this past summer and i fell in love. i'm not sure which one to order. i think i'll go for mr. nancy and maybe join a decant circle for the others. thanks for the review quantum!

i'm also going to buy the Fire Pig since i was born in the year of the pig. it sounds awesome except for the dragon's blood. i'm hoping it works out. i'm iffy on crow moon... i don't think i'll get it. i am getting the forum scent fo shizzle. i'm sure it's going to smell great. i heart black cherries. +

sending lorajc job vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Turbo, I made a mall run yesterday and stopped in at H2O and smelled Black Ice. At first, I thought, "eh, it's okay, kinda smells like a lot of other men's fragrances." But I sprayed the strip a couple more times so it would still smell when I got home, so I could get Le Boy's opinion. I smelled it a couple more times before then and I liked it a lot more. When he smelled it, he liked it too. The only issue is that they seem to only sell it in the gift pack, which includes shaving cream, after shave and a facial scrub. He uses an electric razor, so he doesn't use shaving cream (should he? I don't even know; I just know he doesn't.) I'd rather have a bigger bottle of fragrance and skip the other stuff.

I haven't ordered any bpal stuff yet. I did enough damage with other stuff I bought yesterday so I think that will have to wait.
Question for the more experienced BPAL swappers- I have three bottles 13, Jacob's Ladder('05) and Samhian('06) I want to swap them for other LE scents. I have read some of the stuff on the BPAL website swap guidelines and such, but I'm still a little confused on the proper protocol for swapping. I'm a newbie on the BPAL site, so I'm wondering if I will get any response about these swaps. Any advice? I'm not sure what the right verbage is to describe the bottles condition. For example. the bottle of 13 has only been tested once, Samhian tested 2-3 times and Jacob's Ladder maybe 6 or 7 times - I was hoping it would work for me, but alas no. What does this translate to in BPAL speak - I've seen terms like "cleanly tested" and so forth, just not sure...
If anyone here wants to swap these, I'll be happy to!
yeah, polly - we had to buy the gift set of black ice too, and he certainly hasn't used the facial scrub, but he really likes the aftershave moisturizer and cologne.

october - on the swaps, just make a post outlining what you have, as you said - how many times tested...for the one you've tested 6-7 times, maybe state the level of oil in the bottle (above label, testes several times). Being a newb isn't such a big deal over there - if folks want what you've got, they'll swap it with you. And if you have good feedback from other boards on swaps, you can state that as well. Another good thing to do is troll the "wanted" section to see if anyone is looking for what you have.
Thank you, turbo! I'll post those over there, if anyone here wants them I would be happy to swap.
I'm trying not to get too excited, but I had a cns on Friday and hope to be greeted by my new snake pit friends when I get home from work...please oh please ph please.
*drools* Oh gogo - you MUST come back here with your reviews, once you've tried them all out!!

I'm reviving my love affair with Lenore right now...its such a warm, spicy scent for these cold bristling days...and its just a really comforting one for me.
the snake pit!!! i'm jealous gogosgirl!
i really want to try coral snake. i can buy a decant for $7 with shipping but that's almost halfway to a bottle so i don't think i will. i might just go ahead and buy it unsniffed.

obatala used to be a really comforting scent for me. but i don't like how my imp aged!! i got it when it first came out and it was gorgeous. very fresh smelling. now the coconut overpowered the water and shea and it's sooo strong. sad.gif
well, I've discovered a drawback to living in takes forever for mail to get here. maybe I should invest in a carrier pigeon. but according to the usps, my reptiles left the honolulu delivery center today, so when I get home from work -- finally -- I get to try 'em out. my patience is getting a workout! blink.gif
Hi ladies - got my snakes today.

Habu was the first to get the test... I'm not crazy about it for the first 1/2 hour, it's got an astringent thing that's amping up on me, but once it settles, it's great. The cinnamon gets warm and brown smelling (rather than bright red smelling) and it becomes all gingerbready snake oil.

Today I'm testing out the others - back later with reviews.

I still love Snake Charmer best of all. I wish it would make a reappearance someday. I was thrilled to see that Shub is back as a GC scent! Now I can use mine without worrying about never having any more.

I think I'm going to order the Gaiman vanilla-musk thing that Q-spice was talking about.
oops, I meant saw-scaled viper, not Habu.

Now I'm wearing the Australian copperhead, and it's very, very aquatic.

I think this would be good on a man.
Verdict is still out on this one. I hope the drydown is more earthy.
hi lady ell - good to see you 'round these parts!!! I should be getting my decant set of the snake pit in the next couple of weeks, and I cannot wait!!

AND, all signs point to turbomann getting hired today for a job, which means....BPAL rewards for me!! Really, it will be a massive order, I'm sure - between the snakes and the Gaiman scents, its gonna be good!

Snake Charmer is still my favorite too, lady - but, I have to say my 3-year aged snake oil is running a very close second these days.

If anyone's looking for Smut, I'd be happy to swap/sell my bottle of that one for something else - its a bit too sweet for me, plum just amps right up on my skin!

okay, so far I've tried three of the snakes: australian copperhead, death adder, and saw-scaled viper.

ssv: I think I need to let this one age a while. in the bottle, it smells AWFUL. like meat or something that I just don't want to put on my skin. but I did anyway. that bad scent stays for quite a while, and when the drydown finally happens, it becomes a bearable, but not fantastic, scent. I was hoping that the cassia would remind me of monsterbait: underbed, but something ain't right. maybe the way it works with the cinnamon? or maybe I can blame this all on the red ginger, which I have no experience with. after it dries, I can start to smell the snake oil, but really it's buried under the other red scents. please let time heal this particular wound!

ac: I'm wearing this one right now. the acai berry is brightly fruity, but the blend with amber (mmm, I love amber) and vanilla makes this a great snake from the get-go. much sparkier and less languid than the hit I usually get from snake oil -- really the energy from the acai is terrific.

da: this is my fave so far. the coconut is not sweet and cloying like I find it to be in elegba, nor as nutty and delicious like in spooky, but it brings a needed levity to the oil. the vetiver makes this a dark and dangerous scent, and having just discovered my love for opoponax (thanks to the fabulous schwarzer mond), I knew death adder would be a definite keeper for me.

I can only imagine that all the snakes will improve with time (and aging) -- and I have my fingers crossed that it will be especially true for ssv, 'cuz that one hates me right now.

back with more as I try 'em!
I have tried six of the CDIII/Snakes and I have to say DAMN. I am loving Faiza and Meskhenet. Death Adder and Temple Viper are rocking my world. I agree with you gogosgirl, SSV needs a time out until it learns to behave itself but it has potential to be glorious. Coral Snake is good, but it also needs a couple of months before I will be wearing it regularly.

Alas, these are all so good I want to try all the other snakes. Like now.

ETA: Shugga if you want a decant of Coral Snake it is all yours. PM me.
happy valentine's day! mr.shuggah is letting me choose some scents as a present so i'm going with The Oblation and Cupid Complaining To Venus. i have a 1/2 decant of Cupid and i love it so. i don't know if The Oblation will work or not but i love the poem and some of the notes.

is snake charmer really that great? i'm glad i didn't try it and fall in love then. i never see it for sale anywhere.

thanks ohmaude! i'll pm you. biggrin.gif

I just got my Snake Pit decants this afternoon....and I can't wait to try them out! They all smell soooo good! I even got a teensy sniffy of Anaconda, and I'm pleased that I really don't like it, so I'm not tempted at all to get the whole pit! Anaconda really smells like Gluttony with Snake Oil base. But I am really grooving on Boomslang right now - cocoa and Snake Oil - who knew?!
Hi Ladies - Still trying to find a job. I've been sort of depressed and staying in my own little world. I thought I'd finally pop in. I see everyone is enjoying the Snake Pits as much as I am. My favorite is Coral Snake so far. I really like Saw Scaled Viper, but once it gets past the heavy initial cardamom phase on me. I love Fire Pig and from the Inquisition, Heartache, True Love & Passion. I like Mr. Jacqual and Mama Ji is the BOMB. Love that one!!

Speaking of scents......i've got BPAL bottles coming out of the woodwork around here. I've got all sorts of stuff for sale on Ebay and up on the BPAL forum.....including partials of Mr. Nancy, Parliament of Monsters, Doll Girl, Oborot, Crow Moon, Pulcinella & Teresina, Genivre, Theodosius, Snow Moon and a small amount of Purple Phoenix. If anyone's interested in anything (for a very reasonable price) feel free to email me at be sure to label the email BPAL or name of scent or I'll most likely delete it thinking it's garbage mail.

Beth has done an amazing job with scents lately. I'm looking forward to Pink Moon. It was one of my fave's in the past. I'd be happy to see the same version or an updated version!
Lora - I just emailed you about Mr. Nancy...

And HELLS YEAH I'm enjoying the Snake Pit...I have no idea how this works, but Boomslang is freaking amazing on me, and I've never had one with cocoa work...but then Snake Oil is my favorite scent ever. I'm wearing Death Adder today, and its very nice, but disappears on my very quickly, leaving just a whiff of Snake behind...

Hey everyone!

New here and still trying to read all of the posts/threads around lol. This one piqued my interest.

I am a HUGE fan of Maybe Baby by Benefit. I've gotten lots of yummy compliments. It's the one perfume that works perfectly with my body chemistry. Love it!
BPAL update! Whoot! Whoot! Thankfully, nothing LE is jumping out at me, except maybe Aries - if it weren't for the dragon's blood, I'd be all over it. As for the GC additions, rose would normally send me screaming for the hills, but The Knave of Hearts, with its black curranty goodness, might be the deal-breaker...

ETA: Anyone got an imp or bottle of Kathmandu they want to part with? My imp finally bit the dust, and I'm missing it, but not enough to place a whole order just for that... I have a modest collection of impage & LE's to offer up, or I can pony up some kickass chocolate.
I'm with you, tart.... I was actually a little relieved about the update, that nothing was screaming BUY ME!!! I have quite the running list of stuff I need to order, and I just got my decant set of the gaiman scents yesterday, and I definitely need to get Mr. Ibis, Spider, and Mama-Ji...and then there's the Snakes....oy. Knave of Hearts did catch my eye too...mmmm, currant. But Rose is definitely out for an imp is possible, but not bottle.

Though the interesting thing I'm finding is that overall, I'm not as in love with the Snake Pit as I expected. Most of them aren't as strong as Snake Oil is, which makes sense, but I think I just am a die-hard for the original, as well as Snake Charmer. I'm sure I'll order a couple of bottles from the pit, but its probably a good thing that I don't NEED the whole horde.
I noticed at Target last night all the Britney Spears fragrances are on CLEARANCE. I was so happy. (Could it be that there are a few moms are no longer going to stand for their pre-teen & teen daughters being marketed to with products having themes of a *very* *mature*sexual nature while also telling them to *not* HAVE sex?) Wow, huh?, cool.

(So sick of people telling their girls to BE sexy, or an object of sexiness - but they're not allowed to HAVE any sex).
oh, no. why, why WHY did i have to peek in here???

i must have all of the snakes in the pit. i ADORE snake oil, and snake charmer is EVEN BETTER. gah. i am not even sure if i remember the password to my paypal account.

boomslang, i MUST have it. we saw a boomslang relative up in one of the northern provinces. lucky all we did was SEE it. their venom acts on the blood, not on the nervous system. you need to get a transfusion. which is not something that i would care to do here. *shudders*

ne'ertheless, i MUST have it.

*covets everyone else's nearness to the lab*

Hi Ladies - Pink Moon sounds good. So .......nobody else was really thrilled about the update? I spent enough!

I have a few more partial bottles for sale if anyone here is interested: Parliament of Monsters, Hearth, Oblation and The Masque. Most of them are about half full or slightly under and Parl of Monsters only has a small amount missing. If anyone's interested, please email me (with BPAL in the topic title - so I don't delete it thinking it's junk mail)

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