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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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magickal, very cool that you make your own perfume. Do you make it from raw ingredients?

OK, so I guess I'm a freak, because I just feel so very "eh" about pumpkin queen. It was just too baked muffin-y for me. I'm kind of let down cause I felt like it was so hyped up with the delay and all. I'm glad I didn't jump the gun and order a bottle. Dia de los Muertos, however? Mother-trucking divine. It is, oh, I can't describe it. I ended up ordering a bottle, plus black pearl, and sol invictus.
QUOTE(ohmaude @ Nov 14 2006, 06:31 PM) *

magickal, very cool that you make your own perfume. Do you make it from raw ingredients?

When I can. Since I work out of an urban apartment sans balcony, I generally have to obtain essentials from suppliers and create tinctures myself. I've been looking for a home distiller though, and I just drool at the possibilities.
Oh gads. When it rains, it pours. I haven't placed a BPAL order for nearly a year, and now suddenly I'm a frickin' sniffy whore. $100 bucks in real orders (most of it Xmas gifts, but still), and easily the same in Ebay/Bustie purchases. And we're supposed to be saving for a house blink.gif

Fuck it. I smell good, and I rarely splash out for myself anymore, especially on girly things. I deserve it. Right? Right.

Aside from the bottle splurges, I got a frimp of the Coiled Serpent from an Ebayer - holy yum! It starts off with the biggest, hippiest patchouli & sandalwood funk ever, but settles down into this incredibly warm, dry scent, like peppery warm wood. Just the thing on a cold, damp day. My other frimp, Wings of Azrael, was not so fabulous, proving once again that Tart + florals (even trace florals buried under myrrh & cypress) = teh ick.

Off to stalk the postman...
frickin' sniffy whore ... hee.

i just ordered the panacea imp pack:

... because i'm in dire need of soothing aromatherapy.
i've skimmed the reviews on the forums, but i was just wondering if any of you sniffy whores have had any experience with any of them?

and what's the delivery time these days? hopefully less than 2 weeks. *hopehopehope*
Part of my uber order is a bottle of Safari, Mando - I haven't tried it, but the sweet, grassy lavender described in the forum reviews was enough for me to risk it...

By the looks of things, Beth, et al, are currently whipping out orders in about 3 weeks, but that may change with the inevitable holiday crunch.

Here, postiepostiepostie....

ETA: It's here, it's here! Lorajc, you fucking rock!
So Jolasveinar and its weird curryness on my skin has forced me to look at scent lockets for Christmas. Everything I'm finding online is a little... look-at-me-I'm-soooo-Pagan-ish. I'm not bashing the pentacle & Celtic knotwork lovers of the world, it's just very much not me. I'm looking for something plain, in sterling silver. I found some sweet ones with just a pocket in the back of a pendant, rather than a true hinged locket, but again with the fussy artwork on the front. Any recs?

Tart's 10-second review round-up:

Jolasveinar - gorgeous in the bottle, but sadly lacking in the pine & clove department once it's on
Devil's Night 2006 - whoo, boozy! fading to smoky sweet musk, oh so tasty & loooong lasting
Juke Joint - boozy with a flash of mint drying to straight demerara sugar
Hurricane - something's rotten in Denmark. Oh wait, no, it's me. Off to my vetiver-loving sister...

Any ideas for creative packaging for imps as holiday gifts? I'm trying to enable here, and want to do the hard sell... I'm thinking a tiny card for each with the description & a bit of artwork, plus a BPAL postcard or sticker. But what to put them in...
Hmmm...I've no experience with the panacea, mando, but I look forward to your reviews!

No new sniffies here...unemployed husband has pretty much put a nix on any ordering...I just hope beth waits until after the new year to do the next carnivale update, as I know I will be powerless in its grip!

Tart, I've given imps in those little drawstring silk bags that you can kind of see-through - I've gotten them at craft stores and cost plus....there will definitely be some imp gifting in my future this holiday season as well!
ooh tart, imps with a little card that has a description of the scent for gifts is a great idea. I'm stealing it!

I just ordered TKO and Moxie with bday moolah. I'm curious to hear what you think of them.

I've been in the mood for tropical lushness lately. It must be the rainy, windy weather. Do you guys have any recs for warm balmy scents?
Hi Busties -

I'm pondering what to wear to the Buckcherry concert tomorrow night?

What does everyone think? Mme Moriarty, Snake Charmer, Smut, Hellion or a drop or 2 of Formula 54 (which I'm hoarding).

Anyone have any Formula 54 they want to sell me? It's worth a try, huh?

Lora, its a special occasion, I'd definitely go for the F54!!!

Ohmaude, when I'm in a tropical mood, I looooove Pele...its like a warm tropical breeze, and makes you want a fruity cocktail! I love the warm ginger in it, and its slightly aquaticness.
Steal away, Maude! The bags are a good idea, Turbo, and easier to ship than the rigid boxes I've been looking at...

So the big winner today is the Darkling Thrush, which by all rights should smell like cheap dishsoap & toilet cleaner on me. But no, it's incredible... wet, it's sweet & clear, like the nectar I would suck out of the honeysuckle that grew on our garden fence back home. Dry, it's so, so soft and gentle, down-quilt soft and just as comforting. It's not an everyday scent for me - I tend to want something with more balls, if you will. But to come down from a cold, wet, crap winter's day & curl up with my bebe & a cup of tea & dream of spring, it's perfect.

Have an awesome time at the concert, Lorajc - I have to give some thought to what will go well with the Wilco show we're going to on Friday...
oh, wilco! tart, I am jealous. I saw them a couple years ago in denver, and they were so wonderful...but back to the topic at hand. today I am all baked cocoa spicy delicious, wearing my monsterbait: underbed. tomorrow, for the holiday, I'm thinking of gingerbread poppet, but we'll see.

has anyone tried count dracula yet? I have an imp coming to me off the forum, but I want to hear it first from you kids -- so trustworthy!
Count had something funky in it that I didn't care for, but my friend liked it. Maybe it was the Coffin Wood?? I dunno.

I wore my Hellion the other night. I will wear Formula 54 to Monday night's concert.........Buckcherry again. I'm obssessed.....what can I say?

I'm wearing Mme Moriarty today..........mmmmmmmmm.....
QUOTE(curioushair @ Oct 11 2006, 09:42 AM) *

I wore Channel 19 for years, but it appears to have been discontinued. (Why? Wasn't 19 Coco's signature scent?)

Oh no, I don't think it's been discontinued. I would be so sad. Curious, are you in the US? Because No. 19 is available for purchase on the Chanel website. Maybe it just isn't being carried by the store you normally buy it at? I love No. 19 so much.

Still working my way through some imps given to me by a special Bustie. wink.gif Making bath salts scented with imps is a genius idea for homemade gifts.
If anyone's interested - I have a bottle of Krampus and a bottle of Snowflakes I'm selling. They don't agree with me. Brand new......tested only $16.50 each.
Must... resist... gahhh!

So I made a few batches of BPAL-scented salt scrub today, and they turned out really well. I went easy on the salt mix, figuring I can add more if it starts out too strong (Cairo, I suspect, will have to be diluted - yowza, that's strong stuff...)

For those of you following along at home:

2# epsom salts (half of a large carton)
2# fine sea salt (got mine at Whole Foods for 59 cents a pound)
1 4-ounce bottle pure glycerine (found at CVS)

Mix it all together & work the glycerine through by rubbing the salt between your hands. I divided the mix up into 1.5-cup portions (I got about 6) & added about 1 imp of oil to each & tossed it through. They're currently double-baggied & resting in the hall closet for a week or two, when I'll revisit each scent & decide if it needs to be diluted with more salt mix. It's a dryish mix, but a bit more glycerine or unscented body oil would moisten things up nicely. It's pretty & sparkly, and I'm thinking of adding some appropriate bits to each mix (lemon verbena to Arcana; green tea to Apothecary; vanilla paste to Velvet; etc.)

Good fun, and at $6 for the raw ingredients & a handful of imps I wasn't wearing anyway, a pretty inexpensive holiday project... /Martha moment

PS - Wilco rocked, BTW, but I started falling asleep about 4 songs in... nothing like being a mom.
mmmmmmmmmmmm wearing Purple Phoenix today and the drydown is simply amazing! I can't stop sniffing myself. Glad I got multiples!

I hope everyone here ordered!!

I wore my SnakeCharmer for the Buckcherry concert last night. For some reason Snake Charmer has turned into my Rock Concert scent.

Me crazy........just spent $100 on E-bay for 2 bottles a few days ago. I'm addicted to it.
Truly, Lora, Snake Charmer is my ultimate bpal, so I don't think you're crazy at all for buying it on ebay - even for a $100!!

Tart - thanks for the salt scrub recipe, I'm gonna give that a go this week - I already have all the ingredients at home, so I can just toss it together, and give it a go....and cheapie xmas gifts to boot! I can appreciate that!

Lora, you are a devilish temptress....must. resist. ordering bpal. really. I have to. for real. My hubby needs a job, so I can afford my smellies. hmph.
Hey, I have a bottle of Chaos Theory 3 that's up for sale. Does anyone here want it? It's a bit masculine for me and I tried to sell it on ebay and there were no bids. It's full, I only tested it and the label is perfect. I figure 15 bucks including shipping seems fair.
Zora - I know, my e-bay stuff is not selling either. I think all of us hardcore BPALers are waiting for the update on the full moon next week! Always a bad time to sell something.
Well, I just went and ordered 80 bucks worth of BPAL. I got two imp packs, The Great Sword of War and Count Dracula for Ben. Anyone here sniffed the Count?

Maybe I'll relist the Chaos Theory in the spring.
It's been so long since I've been with it in BPAL terms. I still have last year's xmas perfumes that I seldom wear. Anyone know if Snake Charmer is still around or if anyone here is selling it? It's the only one that I wear when I feel my prettiest and it works so well with me.
dander, darling, where've you been....we've meeeced you!!!

Snake charmer made a brief reappearance this summer, but is gone once more...I've seen it being sold for exorbitant prices on ebay, but if you love SC, I highly recommend checking out the new Carnivale scent, Mme. Moriarty - its also a snake oil based scent, and just as good, IMO.
I've missed you too turbo! I still have the coco butter you gave me last winter. I will have to check out Mme. M. But I so love SC! So much!
Well - Did everyone place their Lunar order? I did. I got each Limited, as well as 2 Salon's - Venus & Cupid one and Sabbath and the Devil one. It has caramel in it and I can't resist caramel in anything.

I'm wearing Kindly Moon today. I'll be wearing Bitter Moon tomorrow for the Bitter Moon!!

Snake Charmer is my all time favorite BPAL. I just paid $100 for 2 bottles on Ebay last week. There's a bottle of Frost Moon I have my eye on .....but I can't afford to.
i'm so excited for the 2007. y'all are going to seriously FLIP when you see what's in store.

you did see the remarks about things that "fizz and bubble" for the trading post, yes? mmmm bpal baths! i will seriously get deer-in-headlights trying to decide if i should spend my money on new oils or bath products!
naughty, naughty qspice - you are such a tease!!! I am on the edge of my seat, awaiting what wonders beth has to unleash upon us! My visa quivers in fear!

Bpal baths....cod save my wallet!

...and btw qspice, I just launched invision boards for the org I work for...Soooooo much better than phpBB! I am very happy with them so far!
your visa, especially, should quiver! between the bath bombs and the .... sfaf vxzlfdsa

well, let's just say one of the LE series i heard about possibly coming up is just right up your alley. which alley? i'm not telling tongue.gif

(i am such a tease tongue.gif)

and, yay for invision! you know they're releasing 2.2 soonish, yes? it's a little nicer than 2.1 and has a few security fixes (and probably new holes) and has optimized the sql quite a bit. we're working on converting our mods over to 2.2 but my guesstimate is that it'll probably be two months before we move over. maybe three.
I'm going broke just thinking about 2007. It's not even possible for me to save enough money for BPAL anymore!!!!! I can't wait for the Valentine Inquisition and Lupercalia!!!!
Alls, I'm sayin' is that turbomann best get himself employed, right quick! I have a feeling that all discretionary funds are going to be headed to LA! Qspice, you are like santa, promising the goods -- only to be delivered at an undetermined time! tongue.gif

Yep, I saw that invision 2.2 is coming up soon...we'll likely upgrade when its released, I imagine...I still need to get a test board up and working first, though. Our board is so much simpler than bpal's at the moment though, hopefully an upgrade will go smoothly.
What joy waiting for BPAL and looking forward to updates!
I placed my order like, three days ago and I am already antsy.
Me, too, Zora - I keep stalking the C&S thread on the forums... I ordered on the 17th, and all kinds of stuff is starting to ship from that week, so it's just a matter of time... but still, I'm Miss Antsy Dance.
Dance, do your dance, do the BUMP!

Click & Shitmypants! Woot!

Eight! Eight fucking frimps! It's like Christmas! Oh, wait...
I discovered BPAL last night and I'm hooked! Don't even have any imps, yet, dammit!
And can somebody tell me what LE is?
turbojenn they say, the first hit's always free...if you want me to send you a few impies, PM me with your address and the kinds of scents you like - sweet, spicy, musky, etc, and I'll pop a few off into the mail to you!

...I'm always happy to enable busties, as that's how I found bpal too...its all tart and qspice's fault! tongue.gif
hi jsmith -- welcome to the addiction. LEs are limited editions of scents, only available for a short time (sometimes only for a day!), and most always delicious.

for example, schwarzer mond, which I missed and am trying to find via the forums, but I'm having super bad luck out there right now. I've been swaplifted with an imp sale (sent the money 3 weeks ago -- hello!), and then I thought I had a bottle of the mond but it was sold out from under me. boo hoo! just gotta stick with it...unless anyone here has a stash? rolleyes.gif
Oooooh, I hope you manage to get what you want gogosgirl!
*GASP* How sweet, turbojenn! I'll be pming you!
Helloooooo sniffy chicks!

I made my first order at the end of November, the first one in about a year and a half. I am so excited ... BPAL BPAL BPAL smile.gif

What did I order? Well, since you asked ... Samhain 2006, Pumpkin Queen, Sol Invictus, and a six pack of imps: Black Hellebore, Alone, Alice, Bengal, and two more that I can't remember right now (mom brain strikes again ... Thalia?? maybe).

I am excited. Oh I said that already ...

It's a little odd, I do have a fairly big stash of BPAL but now it's all been aged significantly - I started ordering in 2003. Yep my marriage ended but I found BPAL so all was good! Anyway all of my oils are at least 1.5 years old and some of them are from my very first order at the end of 2003. Some of my imps are still the old style, with the sinew and handwritten tags. Ah it makes me all nostalgic. I have noticed some changes in some of the oils, but as far as I can tell none are "off" (as in "bad") although they might have changed from Beth's initial vision.

I'm not really going anywhere with this, just noodling away and thinking about my order! I guess I can expect it in January sometime (I'm in Canada).
I did the same thing, Chin - sat on my meager stash for nearly 2 years, then suddenly got the BPAL bug back! My aged imps of Anne Bonny & Bastet are definitely better than the new bottles I got, so a little time is a good thing, I'm thinking.

Today I'm test-driving Strangler Fig, and holy wow. It started out wet & sticky & overpowering, but 3 hours on has deepened into this gorgeous dried-fig-rolled-in-incense-ash scent that I can't stop sniffing... Neo Tokyo was very pretty, but vanished in 15 minutes. Ah well, it was for my SIL, anyway. (Is it morally wrong to cleanly test oils you're giving as gifts? Too late now...)

Anyone got anything to say about vetivert? I suspect it's what went screaming pink pepper & laundry soap on me (Queen & Hurricane), and want to avoid it at all costs, if that's the case...

Funny, Turbo, I blame you for my BPAL obsession! I'll have to dredge the archives sometime & see when I first posted here...
Oh, no, I think it was definitely you and qspice that are to blame for all of this, tart - oh yes, and tes too!! You brought your stash to the bustie party at my house last summer (or was it two summers ago), and that was my first real sniff...I already had some imps on order, but it was that first sniff of Cairo that did it. Of course now that my sniffy senses are honed, and I know what I like...cairo just doesn't work.

Vetiver is the same on me, tart...all soapy, and makes me sneeze. Amber is the same, sadly.

I'm slathered in Smut today, just rediscvered it this week in my stash, and *my* is it aging beautifully!
Ah yes, now I remember... guilty as charged then! (It was 2 summers ago, 2005 - both Mox & I were freshly knocked up...) Funny, I was all about Cairo then, too, but have also "moved on". It's now a super scrummy salt scrub waiting to give as an Xmas gift...

I have confirmation over on the BPAL boards that vetivert is, indeed, my mystery ick... shame, as I have Samhainophobia for my sister that I wanted to test run, it smells so good in the bottle. (that was just about the worst sentence ever crafted, but I'm too lazy to fix it...)
Hello sniffy ladies!

I would just like to announce that Sol Invictus is quite possibly my favorite scent ever. It is so so so good. I may need to get another bottle. It is warm and glowy, I keep smelling and thinking, "Damn, I smell G-O-O-D." It is such a great retort to gloomy dark winterness. It's like getting your own personal ray of sunshine. I know some of you can't handle amber, but if you can.. you must. try. it.
*hauls thread up to the top*

Holy mother of all things good and smelly!! Beth has truly outdone herself with the latest Carnival Update...OMG, are the descriptions beautiful, the artwork truly *amazing*, and 13 different versions of my beloved snake oil?! My wallet truly quivers!!! ....And the fizzy bpal stuff isn't even up yet!!

Its a damned good thing that these will be live for a year, because with turbomann unemployed, I can't afford to order this moment, but there are a few in this update that I MUST have.

Beth, you prove your genius once again!
Turbo--When I read your post I went "whaa..? snake oil versions..?" since I have been trying to avoid the bpal website on account of my finances. So I looked, and...Oh sweet goodness, THE SNAKE PIT!!

Damn. I gots financial priorities. Hmm.. I'm pretty healthy, I wonder what I could get for my kidney?

ETA: Y'all remember my hamadryad bottle not smelling like hamadryad at all dilemma? Well I aged it for a few months..and I'm wearing it today for the first time and it is getting closer to the hamadryad I know and love. I'm very happy about this.
Yeah, EXACTLY, ohmaude! My wallet is seriously crying on this one! BUT, its a good thing the carnivale will be up for many more months, because I don't have a lot of cash right now, and I can't buy the bottles from this update that I know I'll love. BUT, I did get in on a Snake Pit decant group, so I'll be getting an imp of each one, and then make the painful bottle decisions from there.

I've been wearing my 2.5yr old snake oil a lot lately, and OMG, does it ever get more beautiful with age. I really should order a new bottle now to start aging it before I really need it. smile.gif

The bombs are very seductive indeed, and I can't wait to try them...but that'll have to wait until my xmas LUSH stash dwindles...and I'm more of a bubble girl anyway.

Glad you're liking the hamadryad more now!
the bpal bombs are totally awesome! there were a few formulas they considered early on that i didn't care for, but the ones they ended up using are great. silky water, moisturizing without being so much that there's an oily residue, great smelling, and (imo) the aromatherapy works quite well, though seduction just relaxes me, not makes me wanna seduce (though perhaps it'd be different if i was seeing someone, eh?)

and, best of all: they don't have all of that crap (glitter, flowers, etc) that the lush bombs had. i know some like them, but i hated taking relaxing baths and then having to clean the tub out! or, having to put it in hose or something.

i'm definitely buying more detox, seduction, quietude, and tko once my current bomb stash is gone.
fizzy bpal???? bath bombs???????????????????

*runs, doesn't walk, to the site*
exactly, mouse, exactly!! You could even go to the next will call and get 'em right there!

I have to say, though, I'm not as much of a bath bomb girl, though...I go in for bubbles, big time. I suppose if I had more than a 30gal hot water heater, I'd use more bombs, but I need those bubbles to keep my boobies warm! laugh.gif
um...what is bpal?
gasp!! girltrouble, you need to go to this site right this second! ...And should you find yourself swooning at the beautiful descriptions of the smellies, then you shall come back here and PM me you address right away, and we'll fix your lack-of-bpal problem. wink.gif

And BTW, your paintings are awesome - I saw your link in one of the other threads, and you're very talented!
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