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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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Yeah, I think I'm back to full-blown bpal-addiction again! But the new LEs just make me salivate - I *have* to try them, right? I think I need to sell a bunch of bottles again...

I've been wearing Mme. Moriarty the last two days, and it is spectacular. Wet, I get a burst of plum and patchouli, but when it settles down....its a near match for my favorite bpal ever - snake charmer. Mme has a little more roundness from the vanilla, but I'm wearing one on each elbow today, and they're pretty close on me. I'll definitely need a second bottle of this one.
turbo-ditto on the Mme. Moriarty. The stuff is liquid yummy. Having never tried Snake Charmer, I can't comment on their simmilarities. But I am wearing the Mme. today and it is sooo good. I want to try CD and Melisandre and, and...crap I'm going to the poorhouse.

I made bath salts this weekend with an imp of Paris I received in my last order. Though I love lavender, and I loved the smell in the imp, I don't favor wearing lavender based scents, so it was a perfect candidate for bath time goodness. It was fantastic. My housemate asked me to make her some.
i KNOW there is going to be a package waiting for me when i get home tonite! dorian, morrocco, devil's night.......woooooo......

there wasn't!!! whine whine whine. i forgot it was stupid federal slave-trader holiday.
Well, mouse, I hope you have a lovely scented package waiting for you today!

I'm wearing Dorian's older, more manly brother today...Theodosius the Legerdemain...Mmmm....I like it. I get a lot of bergamot laying on top of a lovely white musk...and then about an hour in, the earl grey tea comes out - this one is simply stunning. I think I still like it on turbomann more, but I'll definitely be wearing it on occasion too.
Right now I am wearing Kiehl's Musk that I bought three or four years ago. Perfume oils last forever.

Most perfumes give me migraines. Angel is the worst. I have absolutely no tolerance for it, one whiff and I'm lurching toward the bathroom. Plus it smells like old man underpants. My mom wears Fracas beautifully, but on me it just smells like chemical crap. Mitsouko (sp?), I love, but I can't afford. I wore Channel 19 for years, but it appears to have been discontinued. (Why? Wasn't 19 Coco's signature scent?)
(curioushair, i LOVE angel. funny how noses can be so different!)

i DID get my smellies yesterday, and am wearing the hell out of dorian right now (my coworker keeps going "it smells like a sugar cookie factory in here!"), and am also excited about the full bottle of morrocco waiting. i also got a bunch of frimps i'm excited to try; i tried dragon tears last night and it is exquisite...i generally like warmer, sexier scents but oh, it's lovely to smell.

sadly........i am SO not loving devil's night. i had such high hopes for it and am super dissapointed. i can't distinguish the smoke or the musk at all, and the rest smells like somebody mixed bliss with jack.....and jack, on my skin, makes me NAUSEOUS. i was so hoping it would be the crystalline, granulated dorian sugar but instead it is the syrupy sweet cloying grog and jack sugar and it's thisclose to giving me a headache. i'm really, really bummed about it......but if anyone wants a tested-once bottle of devil's night 06, i'm selling.
Consider yourself lucky that you can wear Angel.

Body chemistry has a lot to do with it. Mine won't let me wear heady orientals or anything with a vanilla base. I have to stick with moss and grass or "natural" (yet animal friendly. I'm not sure Kiehl's is) musks.
yeah, i have trouble with a lot of florals and woody scents. i can't wear sandalwood or pine or lavender or rose.....
Mouse, I have an uneven relationship with my Devil's Night 05...some days, I looooove it, and others, not so much. Its actually better on me in warm weather, yet I don't want to wear it until its chilly out. I'll have to give it another try this week....but not until after I give Carnival Diabolique a test run tomorrow.
I have issues with florals too. They always seem to go to this weird dusty smell that I do not like. Rose always ends up reminding me of old ladies on me. Except Kali, which goes on boozy and keeps what I can only describe as a wet rose scent that dries down to a mellow cocoa. It's nice. But it's definitely the exception. I do love the sweet foody scents though. I wanted to like Dia de los Muertos but it's nothing but floral on me. Alas.
Count me in on the floral hatin'. Seems like almost any floral amps on me to extreme levels - notable exceptions so far are the more herby flowers, chamomile, lavender, myrtle, etc. I didn't wear perfume for years, because I though they all smelled like old ladies' toilets. I have a bottle of Jacob's Ladder on the way from Altargrrl, and I'm praying that the rockrose plays nicely & stays in the background...

I have trouble with fruit & the more foody scents, too - again, waaaay overpowering. Gluttony & Jester were washed off within minutes. Pumpkin #5 is touch & go at first, but as soon as the buttered popcorn note dies down, it's all good. Morrocco smells just like a cinnamon churro on me - not bad, but not quite the mystique I was hoping for...
no florals for me either...I just mostly like scents that are more spicy and leaning towrd the masculine. Just about any bpal with musk in it is my get BIG on me real quick - especially the nightblooming flower notes. I don't go in for the foody ones either, though Midway is a notable exception there...that one is freaking gorgeous on me, and I love wearing it in the summer.

Gluttony got the lemon juice treatment on my arm - I couldn't get it off fast enough! But my SIL looooves all the foody stuff, so anytime I get things like that, they go to her. Gluttony smells really nice on her, and doesn't fill the whole room, like it does on me.
Huh. I just went down to IT to use their microwave, and got a whiff of really nice cologne - sort of woody/spicy, but with a green lavender edge to it. Subtle, but yummy. As M was the only guy down there, I inquired as to what he was wearing. Wait for it, Curious... Angel. Go figure. So M & I banter about cologne/perfume for a second, and he asks what I wear. I give him the BPAL schpeal & have him sniff my Bastet-swiped wrist.

Just got an email from him, damning/thanking me for the BPAL link. He's composing his first order as we speak.

Can world domination be far, Tart? smile.gif

I am wearing Hellfire today. Dang, I always forget how much I love this scent. I can't wear it anytime outside of fall/winter, though as it's definitely a cold weather scent. Makes me feel all sexified and confident.

BPAL Madness is abuzz with speculation about the Yule update (I guess people think it will come tomorrow with 13). I hope it does; I love the Yule update, even though I had such bad luck with last year's scents, and even though I probably will not be able to afford anything. But I can ogle and drool, can't I? can't I?!

way to go, tart!! I looooove getting people hooked on bpal, and passing around imps that I don't need anymore....then other people can understand why I'm broke!

Oh...the wonderous yule update...beth is leaning hard on my bank account these days! I haven't even received my impies from the Order of the Dragon decant group, and I know I may want a couple of those...oh, the horror! I yuled it up pretty good last year, though, so I'm not sure how many of them I'll need...I can't wait to see the update though!
heheh world domination! i've enabled....hmm, two people i think. my closest friends here, as much as i love 'em, are kind of fashion snobs and i don't think they would "get" it.....i got all excited about the bpal stand at the sunset junction fair this summer, and ran over to talk to the girls who were there and snag some impies (morocco and dorian, in fact, both of which ended up causing my last order...) and when i came back to them they were like "what were you doing?" i said something about perfume oils and they giggled and said "oh. we thought you were signing up to become a witch!"

whatevar, i smell better than they do!

yeah, herby florals all turn really sharp and piney on me; so does sandalwood (i LOOVE bliss, but i cannot wear velvet). the only rose blends i've found that i can wear are moon rose and aged two five and seven, but neither of them are deep enough for me to really love. alice turns pure sharp dishsoap on me, which makes me so sad as i had huge hopes for that one since it's my name. i do okay with soft, watery florals like empyreal mist, danube or ophelia, and lily/violet scents are okay. but i really like the warmer ones.

the only foody scent i can stand is bliss, which i love, but it's not syrupy-smelling like the other foody ones i've tried. i want to stay as far as possible away from gluttony. i never want to even try it.
The Yule update is live! But... no sugar cookie! I must go off to cry now.
Hmmm....another lovely update from the lab!! BUT.....I'm still swooning over CD and Halloweenies, so I don't think I can bring proper attention to these lovelies for awhile yet! I do think I'll order Yule, but may not get any of the others...I got so many of the Yule scents last year, I'm pretty covered on wintery if my Order of the Drqagon decant set arrives pocketbook may really be in trouble!
Wow - what an update. I have no idea how to even imagine these in my head. A lot of the notes are hard to imagine together. I hope they work on me! I ordered a bunch of stuff. I'm really excited about 13. I totally wasn't expecting a reformulation and it sounds really good. I ordered multiples of that one.
Wow, crazy update. I haven't even smelled my Halloween decants yet because of the PQ issue. I ordered 13, but I'm going to hold off on the yule because I have never tried any of the yule scents, though jacob's ladder and Haloa sound good.

What have your guys experiences been with the yule scents? Are they truly "cold weather scents"? I'm not familiar with many of the notes.

I have only slightly enabled a couple of friends with some imp. Not enough so they are ordering from the lab, though. Maybe it will take them awhile, I was not an addict until some imps aged awhile and I grew to adore them.
I ordered 13, krampus, and lick it again...I had the original 13 and it just didn't work for me, but this new incarnation has some really good notes, so I'm trying again. and krampus...oh, if it had some booze in it, I would buy a gallon, but I still think it will be fab.
I have the Jacob's Ladder from last year. It smells wonderful in the bottle, but on me it tends to turn "powdery." It tends to be a warm scent, it doesn't have those cold winter notes. I got Stardust too and I love it! It's just fun, kinda sparkly and New Year's Eve like.

If anyone is a fan of last year's Jacob's Ladder I would be willing to trade. It's still quite full.
ohmaude- i think the yule scents are very wintery. so much so that i can barely stand wearing them throughout the rest of the year. i think it's the same for the halloween scents. i just have to pair my scents with seasons and different events/themes. i don't want to wear Dia De Los Muertos in May for example.
snow white is cool, rose red is sharp and cold, lick it is all candy cane, gingerbread poppet is gingerbread smile.gif.

Thanks Shugga! I know what you are saying about the seasonal scents staying in their season. I keep reaching for Samhain these days. It is so perfect to wear now.

Another warm scent I love and am wearing today is Black Pearl. I didn't think I would want to wear coconut outside of summer, but the other notes like hazlenut make it warm and smoky/musky, a perfect scent to throw a sweater over, and kick up leaves as you walk down the sidewalk.
mm, i love black pearl and wore it a lot last winter! i'd almost forgotten about it....i'm sure i've got at least a quarter of a 5ml left....hmm smile.gif thanks for reminding me!
ohh *cries*
devil's night is even worse than i thought on me! i gave it a second chance today, it was syrupy graham crackers in the bottle and when it went on my skin; halfway through my commute to work it had changed to that sharp, piney, too close to industrial floor cleaning solution smell that my skin makes a lot of bpal do, and now at work it dried down to subtle but gave me such an awful headache i just had to run to the bathroom and scrub my neck and wrists with handsoap and paper towels.

so. sad.

Just got a lovely package from the most benevolent Altargrrl - Jacob's Ladder 2005 in all its ambery goodness, and a frimp & some sweeties besides!

What a wonderful way to break up an otherwise lackluster Friday - now I smell divine! (and oddly like my dad...)
yea! i'm glad you liked everything, tart. velvet was actually an imp i ordered on purpose in an imp pack because it sounded good but, alas, sandalwood smells like pencil shavings on me. so i'm glad it's found a happy home.

i like amber a lot, but there's something in jacob's ladder that smells very masculine on me. i'm not really a girly scent person, but i just wasn't wearing it that often. i think i'd only worn it three times in the 7 months i'd owned it. so i'm also glad you liked that. there's a jacob's ladder '06 out now, but, as i've found out with all saints '06, there can be some pretty big differences from year to year. if you've fallen in love with an older incarnation, the new one may not satisfy.

oh, and the boy and i both take public transportation everyday and are obsessed with airborne. i keep the empty airborne tubes because they're the perfect way to ship bpal. i highly recommend them.

i can't believe how fast the lab is shipping right now. they're already sending out white moon orders. i have a feeling it will slow down with yule, though. white moon was such a mini update. i'm sure more people oredered more stuff for yule and it will cause a bit more of a back up.
Okay - raise your hand if you're ready for an update! I certainly am. I hope we get the next Act of the Carnivale with the next Lunar.

Yes, I know...I'm nuts. I can hardly afford another update, but I still love them.

I just got all of my Trick or Treater oils last night. I ended up with 2 Treat 2's and one of each of the other ones. I'm not sure which is my fave yet. I'm wearing Trick 1 today. It's very subtle on me. I never expected it to be this light wearing from the description. '

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be testing my Trick or Treat blends!
my friend lisa gave me some surprises yesterday!

1. a lush merry xmas massage bar (my favorite)
2. lush's marathon bubble bar
3. a perfume from bathed and infused called pirates booty. it smells like coconut and tobacco. it is supposed to have rum scent, too, but i can't quite pick it up. i love how warm it smells, and how it lasts all day. i've never bought anything from bathed and infused, and honestly, did not care for the other stuff from the brand that lisa had in her stash. pirates booty is great, though, and i've worn it all week.
aahhhh, the merry xmas bar is my favorite massage bar too - I still have one in my stash from last year, and I just got a fresh one too. And marathon is my #1 bath - it makes me feel so relaxed and tingly after.

lora....I'm excited for the update too...but I haven't even had time to try all my halloweenie decants that I got this week, and haven't even taken a good look at the Yule stuff - I'm way behind on my bpal perusal....but I *really* want another carnivale update too!! I am SO in love with the CD scents I've got so far!
Hi ladies - I'm wearing Treat #2 today. It's my favorite Treat blend and Trick #2 ended up being my favorite Trick blend. Wish I could get more!!

I don't think the Carnivale series is going up this weekend, as Macha (the artist) said she's not ready for that update. I think there is some speculation we may get a BPAL Anniversery blend.
From the latest BPAL Trading Post Update "Coming soon: more imp cases, more bling, stuff that pops, fizzes, and suds, and some wacky fuzzy things!"

If this means BPAL bathproducts, then I will be very very very pleased.
Oooooo, BPAL bath? I'm in.
bitter moon, some resurrections, and purple phoenix are live!
I think I may have to get the bitter moon tee on this one - Macha's design is just gorgeous!!! And I'm always excited when its not a black tee - because how many black bpal tees do I really need?! Ok, that was silly, of course I need them all, but the color variance is nice.
I agree - I love the Bitter Moon tee even though I don't really care for red. I like to have some different colors. I'd like to see plum.

I think Bitter Moon sounds like a lovely oil, as well as Purple Phoenix. Can't wait to try them.

I got my Yule order last night....but I'm at work so I can't go into detail now....but standouts are Winter of Discontent -- surprise -- the drydown is lovely and spicy - Snowflakes which resembles a slushy Snow White and Haloa and Jolesveinar are lovely.

I'm wearing 13 today and the drydown on this smells like Monster Bait Underpants!!! Quite lovely. Me likes!!!
Geez -nobody's around??

I have an extra bottle of Jolasveinar if anyone wants it for $'s yours! Also, I have a little over half full bottle of Devil's Night that I don't want - it's yours for $8.50. Email me if interested at

I'm at work so I gotta run for now.
I'm here, lorajc! don't feel lonely...I was wondering if anyone has tried krampus yet. I just got my cns for that, lick it again, and 13. my fingers are crossed that krampus has spanked overtones, 'cuz I want more of that scent! and thanks for the info on 13 -- mmm, underpants...
I am here too. I want updates on Snow Flakes and Snow Maiden, please!
I haven't worn either yet, but on testing - Snowflakes is like Snow White with a slush note in it. Snow Maiden reminds me of Skadi on testing. I will post more when I wear them.

I'm wearing Haloa today and it reminds me of a cross between Beaver Moon and Eat Me. Sadly - I don't think it's a "me" scent, so I'll probably be selling this one also.

I ordered Krampus just the other day when I got confirmation that the leather note is not real strong in it, as Beth's leather tends to amp on my skin and I can rarely wear it....with the Trick scent being a recent exception.

My favorite so far is Winter of Discontent. The very last remnants of the drydown are so yummy. Dark musk loves my skin and the clove and nutmeg makes it slightly spicy......I love it.
Oh man, I can't even be thinking about the yule scents yet. I don't get my halloweenie decants until tomorrow! (long story). Mercury is soooo in retrograde now. So I had a couple of lost packages to contend with...which just arrived.

In one was white moon. It is pure heaven. The lilac and Sandlewood....yum!! This isn't a "gonna go get me some" scent. It is more calm and contemplative, but I can see myself wearing it all the time...very lovely.
Eeep....lora, I always like the same notes as you, and I'd been pondering and pondering Winter of Discontent, and now I *have* to buy it!! I really wasn't planning on even ordering any Yule scents this year - I have too much perfume I'm already not wearing! Ah well, I'm always happy to support beth!

ohmaude - I just got my Order of the Dragon decants this week too...they got held up with the pumpkin queen component issue...I haven't even had time to try a single one yet!
okay, I got my scents. I am in love with the new 13 incarnation -- someone likened it to underpants, and I get that hit, too. sweet and complex and lovely! the new lick it is good, too. just as minty as before, with perhaps a better depth or roundness to it. and krampus is delightful, though it's not a revamp of spanked, which I was praying for. it's got a light aspect to the leather and a bit of a green note (the switches, I guess) -- very interesting and wearable. I'm very happy with my purchases!
gogosgirl, I agree, 13 is delightful. It's a very sweet, young scent, which is interesting because it's still very morphs so much over time.

Today I get to go pick up my decants of PQ, DDLM, Sugar Skull and the Carpathian Mts. Finally! I have a feeling I'll need to order a bottle of the queen before it's too late...but I want to test it first. Well it's my bday next week, so I might as well, yeah?

Do you guys ever feel like you have just too much bpal to keep track of, and deciding what to wear every day can seem overwhelming? That's where I'm at. I want to wear them all at the same time.
Hi Ladies - Well- the only Yules that ended up working on me are Winter of Discontent, maybe Lick It Again and Sol Invictus. I'm currently hunting down all of my favorites from last purchase to make up for this unfortunate event!! LOL

I'm wearing Snow White today..........mmmm ... I smell good If I don't say so myself.

Speaking of having soooooooo much ladies should see my "back up BPAL box". It's the box I put all of my extra bottles in. It's a largish shoe box and I'm on the second layer of bottles stacked neatly. I hoard my all time favorites like crazy!! I never even have time to get to all of my general catalog collection cuz of the amount of Limiteds I have!!!!

I'm the one that said compared 13 to Underpants. I think the drydown is similar.

Oh no - Krampus = leather and green..........that's soooo not me.....yikes.

I just ordered a 3rd or 4th bottle of Pumpkin Queen - I think that was my favorite from the Halloweenies. I also loved Sugar Skull and Creepy. Beth did a good job with those this year!!

I also really like White Moon!! It's strong enough to be worn in the cold weather, but it's not your traditional "cold weather" sort of scent.

If anyone wants Yules for a good price, I've listed mine on Ebay for cheaper than the Lab's price and some are just partial bottles......thus even less expensive.
Ha ha!! Lora - we're scent twins today! I'm wearing snow white today too! It seemed like just the light antidote for a dreary monday!

Holy love of bpal - sounds like you have quite the backup collection lora!! I did a big purge last year and got rid of a lot of my backup bottles, so for now, I only have backups of snake charmer, lenore, red phoenix and snake oil. I'm really resisting the urge to stockpile, because I know I haven't even gotten to use any of my back-up bottles yet because I have so many bottles in rotation already. Its a hard thing to resist, but I know Beth will always be creating new and wonderful oils for me to try, and so long as Snake Oil and Dorian remain, I'll have my two main scents always in my collection.
That's funny ........both wearing Snow White. I guess we truly are scent twins (I almost typed Snake Twins LOL). Snake Charmer is my #1 fave BPAL followed by Hellion, Smut, Mme Moriarty, Snake Oil, and for Summer ...Al-Aref...Endymoin, Midway......and there are many more, but I'm having brain freeze right now.

I forgot that I LOVE Jacob's Ladder this year. Last year - I was just so/so on it, but this year either my taste has changed or it's better this year.

In a way, I can justify having 4-5 bottles of a fave on hand, as a bottle only really lasts me about 7 wears.......I slather....have dry skin and I'm a cold the scent hardly ever wafts on me.
I'm wearing Sweet Rose', it's one of my own. Lots of rose and amber; it turned vanilla on me in the aging process and I love it.
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