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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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Mouse, did you say you ordered on the 12th? Oh joy for you, and for me, cause that means my little order should probably be sent this week. Oh yay!

ETA: Thanks for the imps comments. I am totally in agreement with you all. The samples are what makes me end up buying bottles. I have a tendency to be paranoid about breaking unspoken rules, especially around other women. Must be some sort of Junior high baggage or something.
gogosgirl kids should be smellin' me right now. I grabbed a bottle of carnaval diabolique off the forums, and this shit is *fine*. creamy lemon coconut with vanilla...I am in scented heaven. my other wrist is sporting theodosius -- I'm gonna have to wait for the drydown before I make my final determination. but cd? yes indeedy!
Hi Ladies -

Up for grabs:

Lucreita - Salon Blend - Partial bottle - a little less than half full $7.00
Organ Grinder - Brand new $19.00
Pontalier - brand new - full $14.00
Shango - tested lightly - $14.00
Cloister Graveyard in the Snow - Partial - small amount missing (just below label) $17

Turbo Jenn - I think Mum moon smells like carnations also. I don't know what Mum smells like.

gotta run
yayayay! thanks for the review, gogo - I've got both CD and theodosius on the way - can't wait to try 'em!

Turboman came home last night and - gasp - commented on how much he liked the bpal I was wearing (mum moon)...and he *never* notices! He said it was more feminine than my usual choices, but still smelled like me. smile.gif

I got a cns that said my bpal was shipped yesterday, so when the postman rang the doorbell today I was like, oh! could it be... but no, it was for something else.

I am wishing there was a bottle of mum moon near me so I could sniff it out, it seems like it is one of those love/hate type of scents.
good for you, turbo! you'll love the artwork, esp. for theo. I'm wearing cd today -- love myself! must I buy another bottle?..
Can I just say how amazing Beth's TAL scent, Helping Hand, is?

Things are really going awry at work, keeping me up all night, and I did a little meditation with Helping Hand early this morning, and my bottle is sitting on my desk for when I need backup, and its definitely soothing my shot nerves....thank the goddess for Beth!
i got my order!
wow, that was FAST. and awesome. i guess it makes sense though, cos i could pretty much walk to bpal hq. *whine* i want them to get a real sto-ore!!! */whine*

okay, so, xiuhtecuhtli, which is the love of my nose's life, and will be forever, and constantly stuns me with its awesomeness and subtleties and sexiness. standard.

i also got macchu picchu, which i'm wearing today, and trying to decide how i feel about it. it's a very pretty scent, but, hmmm. i dunno. on first application it smells like a fruity empyreal mist, but then it fades down to something dryer and warmer, almost nutty or cocoa-y and bordering on cloying. i wish it were a little deeper of a scent. i'm not sure about this one yet.

excited about trying out the frimps too! biggrin.gif
yay me too mouse. My order is here.

I am so excited to be trying different imps. But I have a question for you guys: My fave bpal of all has been Hamadryad. I just had an imp pinkpoodle passed on to me and I fell in love with it. I finally ordered a bottle, and it doesn't smell the same at all. It smells like wintergreen certs instead of woodsy-cinammon apple. I am not sure if this can be aged to the scent I know.

I'm wearing Has No Hanna right now though, it makes me smile! I am not getting too upset about it, but "Wha happened" to my all-time fave?
taligator, i don't think macchu picchu's doin' it for me. do you want my bottle?
Nevermind, after much searching I found my answer about hamadryad. Darn.

I am in love with chimera though. It's so yummy and I wore it to dinner last night with the boy and guys would walk past me and grin and our waitress kept calling me sugar and gave me the eye behind my boyfriends back. Craziness!

(Am I covering covered ground here? if so I'll pipe down)

what was the answer? my guess would have been that it had to age. i do know that there seem to be differences from batch to batch. i think that might explain why in the reviews you often get a string of people posting *yes, this smells just like blah* and then another string of people saying *no, blee note is much stronger, i wish it smelled like blah.* i haven't been at this bpal thing all that long, but my big bottle of wolf's heart does smell a bit different from my imp, sharper or something. but it's not as big of a difference as cinnamon-apple to certs! huh.gif

i'm glad you like chimera, though. i haven't tried it. but some scents just merge with your body chemistry in just the right way as if it comes right out of you. for me that's penitence. it's the only scent that i consistently get compliments on, and i have this feeling that it really smells differently on me than on others.

oh, oh, oh! they're shipping out black moon orders from the early 20's of august. that means my halloweenie scents are just around the corner!!! wheeeeeee! biggrin.gif
ohmaude - yeah, what was the answer - inquiring minds want to know! If its a batch or reformulation issue, I have about 4ml of it if you want it. a wonderful scent...I always mean to order a bottle, and then I forget.

I think my order should be rolling into my hands in the next week or so...yay! But I do have the wonderful Mum moon to keep me happy.

And Helping Hand has been saving my sanity these last few long days of work. When I get frustrated with the work load, I just dab some on my pulse points, and I settle down. good stuff.
Oh sorry! didn't mean to leave y'all in the lurch. I did some serious search engine-type stuff on the forum. It took some digging, but I found some previous inquiries into the issue. Apparently the imp I have is a result of aging and an unusual batch a ways back that had a very low mint quality. If you read the reviews of hamadryad some of them are "ooh delightfully cinammon and forest" like my imp or "ick. wintergreen certs and forest." like my bottle.

There have been other people who loved the odd hamadryad, ordered a bottle and got the same minty suprise. I'm going to put the bottle aside because it sounds like if you age it it loses some of the stronger-mint quality. Upon sniffing them both more I can make out some similarities, but I fear the hamadryad I have come to adore is not the real one. Sigh. The sad thing is I was being all reckless with my imp because I had a bottle on the way.

But not to knock bpal, 'cause everything else I got in that same order, including the frimps, has been utterly delightful. I stink a beautiful stink right now.

I have an imp of xiu-siewhatsit coming in my next order I am excited to try it.

Turbo, I have been curious about the TAL stuff. Do you use it much? So far, I find the voodoo blends to live up to their reputations...I was wondering if that was similar with the TAL blends.
The TAL oils that I've used are truly potent...sure, alot of it is that I'm really using them with intent, and sparingly, but I always feel assistance on whatever's going on that I use them for. For me, I never want to be without some Helping Hand and White Light on hand. I also really like the chakra blends from bpal if I'm doing work specific to a particular chakra.

Well, ohmaude...I've never gotten the mint note from bottle is about a year and a half old, so if you really decide you want an aged bottle, let me know, I'd sell it to you.
Got my imps in the mail last night! Happy Happy Joy Joy! smile.gif

Here's what I got: Chimera, Blockbuster, Jabberwocky, London, Bordello, Amstedam, Red Devil.

Now, which one to wear first??

I'm going to order some halloweenies one next me thinks!

YAYY I'm gonna get mine next week, hamdallah!
Maybe I should order halloween ones too? hmm creep and dia de los muertos maybe? Those ones are sweet right? But the question is, how sweet? Are they also floral?
OMG! they're starting to ship out halloween orders!!!!!squeeeeee!!!!!! biggrin.gif i'm more excited about this order than any other. i hope i'm not setting myself up for disappointment.

dani- glad to hear your imps are on the way. yay! i don't believe creepy has florals. if i remember, it's butterscotch-apple flavored. i think that, though dia de los muertos has a lot of sweet foody elements, it also has a slight floral note. i would go to the review section of to see what people thought of past incarnations of it. creepy is coming out for the first time this year, so i doubt there are any reviews yet. but if you wait just a few more days (probably wed. or thurs.) reviews of the current batch of halloween scents will pop up and you can get a more solid idea of what they smell like. i'm anxiously awaiting reviews of samhain, samhainaphobia, carfax abbey, and the castle before making my next order.

sassygirl- glad to hear your imps arrived, too. let me know what you think of blockbuster, particularly what you think of its efficacy. i love my wolf's heart and was thinking of ordering blockbuster. perhaps, though, i should just get a paypal account and order some TALs.
is anyone a BPAL Red Lantern fan? i purchased a vial (not an imp- i believe they are 5ml, not sure if that is correct) from ebay. although i was really excited about the description, its just not what i'd hoped. would anyone like to trade me for another 5ml or a set of imps?

it appears to be a full bottle, although i did sample it once. the seller sent it in an ivory, embroidered drawstring bag- not sure if that is a BPAL thing or something the seller did.

some scents i would like are- devil's night, there was a great cry in egypt, and the seward scent from the dracula series.

some scents i already have and like are: juke joint, hetataire, khephra, snake oil, bengal, endymion, the highwayman, hymn, and carnivale. i only have imps of them, though. i'm generally into the smoky, woodsy, spicy stuff. cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, amber.

so, if anyone would like my Red Lantern for a trade, let me know!
I have some questions.
Been looking at the TAL site and many of them say that they are to be used in rituals. Now, what is a ritual? I don't know anything about that kind of thing and I would be interested in buying some of these oils, but at 25 bucks a pop, I don't want to use them incorrectly. Can anyone explain how you use these oils to me? Or perhaps point me in the right direction? I read some of the BPAL forum bits about it but it all seems like a secret code that everyone understands but me and I'm feeling quite ignorant.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Sep 23 2006, 02:54 AM) *

Well, ohmaude...I've never gotten the mint note from bottle is about a year and a half old, so if you really decide you want an aged bottle, let me know, I'd sell it to you.

Thanks Turbo. I'm going to wait until my bank account recovers a bit, and then I may take you up on the offer!
zora - try not to be intimidated by all the high-fallutin' chatter about TAL scents. Make no mistake, they are made for intentional use, and are not made to "smell good," - some of them smell quite rank, but they are made specially for specific uses, to add a little oomph to whatever situation you are seeking assistance with.

There's as many ways to create "ritual" as there are ways of praying...all that's really required is a focused intention toward a specific outcome or desire. Often I'll light a white candle, annoint the candle with a drop of TAL, and then lie on my back (that's what's comfortable for me) and meditate for a few minutes, invoking guidance, or that my intent be granted. In a way, I am "connecting to source" and asking the universe to fulfill my desires. Other times, I'll apply the oil to pulse points, and just take a few seconds to remind myself of what it is I am seeking, and then resume the task at hand.

If you feel a draw to a particular TAL, give it a try, or start with some of the imps available from the chakra series, sephiroth, tarot, or voodoo series, and see how they work for you.
Hey gals, I plan on wearing Blockbuster tomorrow. I need it for work... smile.gif I will let you know.

Red Devil was nice, but it wasn't too strong. I never know how much to put on myself...Still playing around with it.

Then, I'll be picking up some TAL scents.
biggrin.gif *does the happy click'n'ship dance* biggrin.gif

my halloweenie order is on the way!!!!!!! squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Wheeeee! A slurry of cns' in here this week! make mine next! me! me! me!

I ordered on the 28th of august, so I should be up any day now...and then my Carnival Diabolique, Mme. Moriarty, and Theodosius shall be mine!

I still keep hoping they release something with the CD artwork that we can buy...the artwork is simply amazing. I'd love to make a devilish kitchen and hang some prints on the wall!
My order is for 9/1 so hopefully my CnS will come soon.


Please. I want my awesome order!
You know, I love it when I dig through my bottles and re-discover an old favorite. This morning, its Vechernyaya. I ordered all three of the Zoryas because they were my favorite characters from Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," silly, I know...but anyway, Vechernyaya is the *only* one of the three that works on me, and it is *perfect* for a crisp fall day - its clean, musky and spicy all at once, and I had really forgotten how ME this one is. yumyumyum.
Click and Ship! Eeeeee!

I am so excited now! I can hardly contain myself!

Let's see....This order is Renfield, Wolfsbane, Bow and Crown 5 mls, and an imp pack.
I can't even remember what imps I ordered but I'm sure there'll be a whole pile of freebies in there too.

Ben wants to turn Wolfsbane into an aftershave. I'm going to see if my local unscented bath shop sells unscented aftershave for him. He'll be excited.
Turbo, I love that book!! And being I just got paid today, I'm off to buy it.... (the imp). I wore Bordello the other night, let's just say the boy was super impressed.

Plan on trying Blockbuster today for work deadlines, and seeing if it helps.

okay, not to sound like y'alls echo... but the CnS, they fly! I am greatly anticipating my order of kindly moon, and mme. moriarty that I placed on 9/6. IF there are CnS's for 9/1, mine will be here so soon!! These two will be the 2nd and 3rd bottles I have ever purhcased w/out sniffing an imp first. Which could be risky, BUT, the other time I did that was with Samhain and I was def. not sorry. So based on that and the reviews I'm not worried about Mme. Kindly moon is a gamble though.

Of all the new imps I have tried from my last order the two that make me full of scented glee are Chimera and The Apothecary. I have alternated wearing them the past few days and can't stop sniffing myself. I'm sure my office mates think I'm losing it.
I am hotly anticipating my cns! I placed my order on 8/28, so it should be soon soon soon!

I think I decided today that Vechernyaya is like a sweeter, lighter Lenore, from the Poe series last year....and Lenore is in my top 5, so no wonder it smells so yummy on me. Its got the musk that I love, with a dash of pepper and spiciness...both are great for fall weather!
I got my order. sad.gif

They didn't include my bottle of Wolfsbane.

I sent them an email, but has this happened to anyone before?
Yep, its happened to me before. Not to worry, they'll get back to you, and ship your missing bottle out right away!
Would anyone be willing to send out a sample of Mme. Moriarty? Not a whole imp, maybe more like 1/3 of an imp. Just enough to try about twice on my wrists. I'd supply the empty imp and a dollar or so for postage.

I know if I go and track down an imp to buy somewhere I won't like it and I'll be stuck with a whole imp that I don't like and since I have a big pile of stuff to sell that I haven't gotten to, chances are that I'd just end up keeping it. And all I really want to know is if I want to order a bottle! smile.gif

I'm anxiously waiting for the day I get the cns for the order I made at the beginning of sept. I almost have to make an order and then forget about it cause I get so impatient! It's like waiting for christmas or something.

hey angelle- how did the underpants work out for you?

i got my halloweenies. i really love all souls, definitely a winner. trying devil's night today. i generally like it, but i wish it had more throw. it's very light. but i'm really disappointed in all saints 06, and that was the one i was most looking forward to! sad.gif it doesn't smell anything like the imp that turbojenn sent me (not sure if that was 04 or 05). i can't smell any incense, and there is some very strong, almost chemically floral note to it. i haven't given it a full day's wear yet, and even if that doesn't go well, i'm not sure i'm going to give it up. maybe it will age well. so sad.

anyway... i'm giving busties a first crack at any of these before i post on the bpal forum:

I'd like to trade or sell some of my bottles that just didn't work for me or that I don't see myself wearing that often. Add $5.00 for USPS or $7.00 for UPS shipping (unless it's a trade, of course).

Mme. Moriarty $20.00
Chrysanthamum Moon $17.50
CTIII-XXII (a light grape-wood scent) $15.00
the Pit and the Pendulum $16.00
Beltane 06 (full to just under the shoulder) a deal at... $18.00
Jacob's Ladder $15.00

I'd prefer to trade LE for LE and a CT for my CT. I like resins, incense, vanilla, light musks, amber, coconut, carnation, rose. things that don't seem to work for me: woods (especially pine and sandalwood), a lot of florally scents, cinnamon (it seems that i'm allergic to it).

However, I would trade the above for these GC scents that I know I want: Persephone, Alice, Dorian, Loviatar, Nefertiti, Intrigue

I also have a bottle of Lush's Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bath foam, fresh from the discon rounds, unopened with the plastic cap seal still on it. $17.50 (shipping on this would be more, because it's so heavy)

Ooo! Mememe! I'll take that Jacob's Ladder off your hands, Altar - alas, I can only offer moolah, as I have a pitifully small BPAL stash. I'll PM you...

I'm wearing one last round of Brisingamen before the cold weather really sets in - it's too light & springy a scent to stand up to Chicago winters...

Quick question: anyone ever make BPAL bath salts? I have a few imps that I don't wear & I want to experiment with an eye to easy holiday gifts. Epsom salts? Sea salt? What's good for the skin but not too spendy?
Tart, I do a mixture of half epsom, half seasalt. You can order seasalt pretty cheaply online - I think I got 5lb, for under $10 somewhere - the shipping is what costs. I've made them where I put a full imp in about an 8oz jar of salt with some soap coloring (don't use food coloring - I discovered that the hard way), and shake shake shake! I also make bath bombs too, those take a bit more scent, so I order scents for those from have yummy stuff, for not too much cash. I've also made solid lotion bars and bubble if you have any questions, just let me know!

Tart and Turbo, if you have a food co-op around, that's where I get sea salt for bath salt in bulk. It is super cheap, about .75 a pound, and no shipping! I made lavender bath salts last year for people.

Ooh, I never thought about doing imps and bath salt, but that is a awesome idea, a great way to use up those imps you aren't planning to hold on to.
Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! That's a great idea about the co-op, Maude. Turbo, have you been to the Home Economist in Skokie? They have both coarse & fine sea salt, pretty durn cheap from what I remember.

Yeah, I have a fistful of otherwise lovely imps that I simply don't wear - all GC, not enough to trade. I looked on the BPAL forums & found good ideas, too, like using a glob of aloe gel or glycerine for moisture without oiliness. Finally, a use for all those neat jars collecting under the sink...
i like to add a little bit of unscented oil to make it a little moisturizing, and if it's a milky scent like alice or dana o'shea, some powdered milk...

one thing about adding oils or gel, is that you'll get a slight odor from 'em.. so match up your moisturizing oils with what's in the scent - eg, coconut with perversion or sesame with a slightly nutty smelling oil.
I still need to give it at least another test. But I'm not liking the way I hoped I would. Alas. That's just the way it goes sometimes I guess. smile.gif
Squuueeeeee! I just got my CNS for my carnivale order! Wheeeee! Mme. Moriarty, Theodosius, and Diabolique are on their way to me!! YAY! *dances around thread*

This is my first order since december, so I'm excited about this one!
best bpal compliment ever last night, standing outside a comedy club waiting to go in, some guy passed me on the sidewalk and exclaimed, "somebody smells like an ANGEL!"

funny cos i was wearing xiuhtecuhtli, which often gets compared to the commercial perfume angel (though i love angel too but don't find them very similar), but he definitely used the article. that was pretty great.
oh. my. I got my order of Kindly Moon and Mme. Moriarty this afternoon. Let me say that I loooooves me some Mme. Kindly moon, on the other hand, smells like shampoo. Strong, strong shampoo. Body chemistry is so weird. I'm hoping that if I sleep on it, and wake up tomorrow and try it again, it will be the pretty floral I want it to be. I drank a gallon of spiced cider tonight and some Bitch wine perhaps it needs another chance.

If no, I have a bottle of kindly moon up for grabs.
Hello sniffy Busties, I finally recieved the imps from the CD decant circe I joined, and I must say Beth did a FANTASTIC job with this collection. Everything smells divine - especially Candy Butcher. Yep. I loved a chocolate scent - miracle!

I will review the details soon, but I pretty much like everything. And now it's only a matter of finding some money to actually buy bottles.

holy cns batman!
ordered sept 15th! not even a month ago!
Bwaaa haaa haaaa haaaaaaaa.

I just went to a place down the street that sells unscented bath products and got them to mix in Bow and Crown in some bubble bath and for Ben, Wolfsban aftershave. They didn't even charge extra for it! And I have plenty of perfume left for slatherin'.

I'm gonna bathe in BPAL! I'm too excited!
I just got my bpal today!!! OMG, I love it ALL!

Theodosius, I made turbomann wear, and it is *perfect* on him and makes me want to just snuzzle his neck all night - it is GOOD. I'm gonna need a second back up bottle of this for him.

Mme Moriarty also smells amazing, but I haven't worn it yet....ditto for stay tuned for my reviews on that. I did think that Mme Moriarty was supposed to come with a tarot card, which I did not get - so that was a bit of a bummer, but not too much, since I'm so excited about these blends...

zora - that is awesome that you got bow and crown bubble bath - YUM! I love that one - I like most of the scents that are a little more gender neutral/masculine, and that one is beautiful on my skin.
Woah I haven't posted here in ages.
Still wearing mainly Dorian, Snake Charmer, Oblatala, Shanghai.

However. Today I wandered into The Body Shop and tried on their Woody Sandalwood oil blend and found the sandalwood blend I've been looking for. For some reason the BPAL sandalwood goes powdery on me, but this is the headshop waxy hippie dipshit sandalwood that I love (and so many people hate, but oh well).

Actually, I haven't been wearing much perfume lately. My new boss is pretty sensitive to smells so I try to not wear it when I have to work in the same lab with her.
Hi Ladies - I haven't been here for a while. I was away at the end of September.....trip to Vegas.

I just got a C&S for my Trick or Treat Inquisition. I'm soooooooo excited. Can't wait to see what I get. They all sound fabulous! I want to order more but I'm sort of hesitant cuz I think we have a big Yule and Carnivale Act coming soon. BPAL is sure getting costly........not that I'm complaining. I love all of the LE's.......they're my favorite!
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