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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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eeeek, the Trick Or Treat Inquisition has begun! *le sigh*, why am I so broke that I can barely afford to pay attention? I am running low on BPAL and need to rectify that situation, post haste. I think I am going to have to see if there is any way I can squeeze this in to my budget, I really want one of those tees!
I hear ya! The Lab has been pumpin' out the updates. I used to keep tons of money saved for that purpose....but the well has gone dry.

Anyone have an imp of that Voodoo blend to help Prostitutes attract customers? I can't think of the name of it now....but it sure would come in handy....cuz at this rate, I'm gonna need to go work the Street Corner!!!!

I have a birthday coming in October....maybe I can use my Libran charm and persuade the husband into getting me one. (i mean an inquisition....not an imp to go whore myself out.....I wouldn't ask him for that when I have you ladies...he..he)

I ordered the Kindly Moon Tee and didn't see the Black Moon cuz I couldn't see the picture ., I have to place another order! Need money!!!

I'm wearing The Candy Butcher today and it's yummy! I love's it and I'm not a chocolate scent lover but this has enough cream in it that it's exquisite.

Beth must be on a real creative roll!! Go Beth...Go Beth!!!
I just have to say that I LOVE bpal...... thanks alot jenn.. mad.gif .j/k I think they ALL smell good on me, the ones that I smell in the bottle and think I don't like.... smell wonderful on me in about 45 min. after putting it on, I mean I haven't found one that I didn't like, I passed one on to the lady that owns the store next to my mom's and she said she is trying to get them to wholesale to her. I can't wait, but she hasn't heard back from them and it's been about a week....

today I am wearing Chiroptera, and it smells better and better as the day goes on smile.gif

eta: the only problem is that bees seem to like the smell also
Bleh. My order has been backlogged. Boo--hiss!!
dirf, I'm glad you're enjoying the *bpal!* Oh, the lab doesn't wholesale, for a lot of reasons - not wanting to see the oils marked up since they sell them with a slim profit margin to begin with, but also because as it is too many people have taken advantage and sold other oils as bpal, or cut them with filler oils and then re-sold them. Bpal protects their interests by retaining control of the wonderful product as much as they can. smile.gif

Ah, I just saw the trading post update, and I WANT the black moon tee AND the CD tee-shirt...and I haven't even ordered any oils yet!!! Argh!! I'm gonna be broke this month, that's for sure.
i bought the bat-woman id case and the skeleton librarian tee that i've been eyeing for a long time. this is my first trading post order. i just couldn't resist the pull of this cool update (i wanted the triple dagger imp case and key chain and the imp box, too, but luckily they sold out before i could decide to buy any of them). i hope the bat-woman picture isn't too risque for daily use. i mean, it *is* art, right? wink.gif
i lovelovelove manhattan. in ways i can't explain. i love how it morphs from this bright citrus-tea scent to something that's more like a wood-floral with a hint of the citrus. and it lasts forevvvvver in the woody-floral.

doc constantine also lasts forever, but when it's wet and dries down, it's a really strong, masculine leather-smoke-wood, way too strong for my tastes but i may try messing around with diluting it a bit in a carrier to get it down to something more managable. that said, i love how it smells now (about 18 hours after i put it on, so it's a light smoky wood - not as in your face masculine as it is initially).
Think I may buy the skelton librarian tee-shirt as well, also love the trick t-shirt, but I don't think I could wear it to work... and the ID cases are so damn cute... .

I want some more imps, but have to wait to get my pay check again.

I love Bpal!
Well, I did it...finally placed my CD order....Mme. Moriarty, Theodosius and Carnivale Diabolique....I had much much more in my cart, but finally, had to choose three, since I think I definitely need a Black Moon tee too!

The Halloweenies will have to wait, since I have imp sets on order for those...

Now, the delicious waiting!
I just made *another* bpal order. Just when I though I had enough stuff (and really, I probably do) the Halloweenie update came. So I ordered a Creepy, a Dia De Los Muertos, a bottle of Cockaigne (tried my imp of it a few days back and it's really growing on me) and 2 imps- Cairo and Miskatonic University. My last order had a bottle of Candy Butcher and a bunch of imps I mostly ended up not liking.
I've got a ton of imps and a few bottles to get rid of and I really should get around to photographing and posting on ebay but I haven't managed to motivate myself to do it yet. There are just so many of them. It will take a long time. *sigh*
TurboJenn -you chose wisely (IMO).

I'm wearing MME Moriarty today and I LOVE this scent. I'm taking this one and Carnivale Diabolique to Vegas with me at the end of the month. If my Mum moon order comes before then, I'll probably take that one I have a strong feeling I'm going to love it.

I placed my Inquisition order this weekend. I plead one Trick and one Treat. I can't wait for these.

I feel bad cuz I got a cyber friend interested in BPAL and she hates everything she has tried so far. I tried to tell her some of the popular ones, but she picked ones like Come to Me, Hunger, and I don't know what else.....but how can anyone not like BPAL?

lora, I can understand your friend's experience....when I got my first sniff, I got so excited, and ordered a bunch of imps and a couple bottles based on my previous perfume likes, and then upon receiving them...they were all wrong for me...but the freebies would always be wonderful! So my love grew more from the freebies, and the imps busties sent to me, than what I picked out on my own. So I hope she has the same experience, and starts feelin' the bpal love!

I can't wait to get my order! Oh, I need to make my trading post order soon too, if I'm going to get the black moon tee.

Yes, the Black Moon Tee. I ordered me one of those. I still want the Carnival Diabolique one and a couple others. I'm quite the walking adverstisement for BPAL!!

I spoke with my cyber friend again. I gave her the entire list of my favorite catalog blends and limiteds. She is asking for me to decant the ones she chooses after she reads the reviews (ughhh- what have I got myself into). I won't dare part with a drop of my Formula 54. I only have about 2 imps of it left in the bottle and I no it's never coming back. However, I'm not sure if her tastes are the same as mine. Who wouldn't like Hungry Ghost Moon, Snake Charmer, The Hesperdies, Dorian name a few of my favorites.

I can't wait for Mum Moon to get here. I was reading the last review on BPAL and I'm going to be in love with it. I'm glad I ordered *ducks* six bottles. I got a little frightened of running out of this one when I heard it would be Snake Charmer/Noirish..................oh lord....commit me!! I'm such a BPAL addict. I can't think of a better place to spend all of my hard earned money though.
lora...*six* bottles? Oh my...well, you know you *have* to post a review here, since I missed that one. If it really is snake charmerish, I shall have to try and pick up a bottle from the forum.

Yeah, I really want the CD tee too, but then I look at my tee-shirt drawer and think to myself, "how many bpal tees do I *need?* As many as I can afford, as it turns out. cool.gif
For some reason I'm really into smells right now. Lately I've been loving Body Shop's Indian Gardenia but I dab it on over other scents to give them a little zingy shove. I also got a great scent called Vetiver the other day in this gorgeous deco packaging but I can't recall who makes it. Old faves: Gap's So Pink, Marina Marinoff's Nothing but Happiness.
Duplessix -sorry, I am not familiar with Body Shop scents, so I don't know what you're talking about.

TurboJenn - I know...I know. 6 Bottles is the most I've ever ordered of a Limited. After I fell in love with Snake Charmer, I had to have 5 bottles to feel comfortable. I have severely dry skin and tend to slather and the oils don't last as long on me as *normal* people. I guess it's not really supposed to smell like Snake Charmer, but the comment was made by Macha (the forum member who does the artwork at that when Beth was creating this scent - she was thinking Snake Charmer/Noir like essense. Have you been around to smell Noir? If so, you can only imagine how lovely this lunar will be.

I'm wearing my other favorite from the Carnivale series today, Carnivale Diabolique. It's not quite as addicting as Mme Moriarty but it smells really good. I think I'm due for a touch up. Need an aromatherapy lift!
Ah, I see, your skin eats scent...that's the difference. I have 3 bottles of Snake Charmer, which I wear 1-2 times a week, and I *just* finished the first bottle about a week ago. I just apply with the rollerball vial in the morning, and that's pretty much it. I'm not a re-applier....if it fades out, oh well.

I had an imp of Noir once upon a time....that was a beautiful blend.

Today, I am wearing the lovely very favorite of the Poe series, and very fall-ish, with its pepper musky spiciness. Mmmmm...
Aieeeee. wacko.gif

Now I remember what drove me batty about ordering bpal (as it has been a year). The. wait. ing. My order was placed on 8/15...and the CNS are all for 8/8 and 8/9. I am twitchy with impatience.

I never got to try Snake Charmer, what exactly is the difference between that and Snake Oil (which I have tried)?

Lora...Six bottles of Mum moon? Wow. I'd be saying come to mama too, that's a whole litter of bottle babies!

ETA: I am a sentence constructing moron sometimes.
I think Snake Charmer is a bit lighter wearing. When I wear Snake Oil, I never have to touch up and I can still smell it faintly the next morning. Note wise: Snake Charmer has Arabian musk, exotic spices, Egyptian amber, vanilla, black plum, labdanum, abrette, benzoin and black coconut whereas, Snake Oil is a vanillaish blend with exotic spices.

ohmaude, i feel ya. i ordered on the 12th----eeeeeeeeeee......

i have two new favorites and my imps are empty!! i don't wanna wait another month! anyone wanna sell me some dorian or morocco? tongue.gif
Right with ya ladies, I believe I ordered on the 7th or 8th....

Delicious waiting.....
oh, god, i want candy butcher............i also need a new fridge.......but...........wah!
QUOTE(lorajc @ Sep 12 2006, 08:07 PM) *

I think Snake Charmer is a bit lighter wearing. When I wear Snake Oil, I never have to touch up and I can still smell it faintly the next morning. Note wise: Snake Charmer has Arabian musk, exotic spices, Egyptian amber, vanilla, black plum, labdanum, abrette, benzoin and black coconut whereas, Snake Oil is a vanillaish blend with exotic spices.

Thanks lora, I have always wondered how they compared. Seems like most of what I heard is "Snake Chamer is Snake Oil, but different!"

I've been spending a lot of time on the internets lately (if you haven't noticed), and I sort of got wind that constantly ordering imps instead of bottles is not being very nice to the lab. As I am mainly ordering imps as I continue to figure out what is good and not good for me in terms of notes and blends, I was wondering if I was being a big ole poohead.

Where do y'all stand on this very controversial issue?
candy butcher does something funky on my skin. boo! bottle-wise, i think i prefer the chocolateyness of lump of coal to that of candy butcher.
Ugh......I've been having a hellish time at work with my boss. Haven't been able to visit.

I got my Mum Moon order and love it .........but someone walked in my office this morning and said something smelled like cat pee! WTF??? I'm so pissed. I don't think it smells like that. It smells really good. I wonder if there was another foul smell they were smelling.

Mum Moon is the bomb. It starts out sort of perfumey but dries down to a spicy Mum scent (smells like carnations to me). I love carnations and I don't think they smell like cat pee!!
Oh goodie - I'm so glad you like your mum moon, lora....I nabbed a bottle last night in the swaps forum, so I shall have my own next bpal obsession is definitely having a the last week, I've either ordered or swapped for...let's see....5 bottles?! Eeep.

In other news, I'm slathered in Devil's Night '05 today, and it is the perfect sugary-sweet, smoky scent for a crisp fall day. YAY!

ohmaude - I have no standing on the imps issue...they sell them, so I order. I'm thankful the lab does sell samples, as I'm sure in the long run, they sell more perfume because you can get a small sample first to see if you like it. They get paid for them, and I'm sure cover their costs, so I don't quite understand the "controversy" of it....imp away, I say!
I wish Bust would do an interview/article on Beth and BPAL. I would totally love to read something like that and it would be wonderful for her business.
That's all I have until my order arrives. Oh, the waiting.
ooooh sugary sweet and smoky....

actually, do you lovely ladies have any recommendations that maybe fit into that category? i mean, not that i NEED any more incentive to buy more bpal........but......ya know!

my favorites so far are xiuhtecuhtli and dorian--i strongly dislike anything incensy (i don't find xiu to be incensy at all--more smoky) and i don't like rose. but i love the sugary scents i've tried (except jack. jack is WAYYY to strong).

any sugary/smoky or sugary/musky, non-incensy recs?
I would say order the Devil's Night 2006, then! Check out the reviews for it from last year, just to be sure its something you think you'll like!
Ahhh I ordered my imps like, not kidding, a month ago and I haven't gotten them yet! I saw the webpage were it tells me the status of my order, and it was shipped 2 weeks ago! And I haven't got it yet! My dad sent me stuff from Singapore around the same time and arrived here one week ago! how can this be possible? sad.gif
dani - if you received a click n' ship email 2 weeks ago, and still haven't received it, I'd email customer service at, and I'm sure they'll help you figure out what's going on.
turbo--my god, it sounds exactly like what i'm looking for! smoky sweet AND musky? can it be?
do the yearly scents change much, or can i expect something the same as the reviews for '05? also, is it very cinnamony? cos cinnamon makes me break into a hurty rash (*shakes fist at silk road*)

dani, a month is standard (if not even short) wait time from the lab.
ccnow will give you a link to a "status page" in your receipt email right after you order, but even though it will say "shipped" that only means that they've received your order and have put it into the cue. unless you get a usps notice that says "click-n-ship" it hasn't been shipped (well, sometimes they mail 'em without a click n ship, but that still wouldn't happen for at least a month). the lab is only run by a few people, and what with making the oils, keeping track of all the orders, and shipping them, there's a long wait for turnaround. (worth it though!)

i find the best way to keep track of whether your order is delayed is to look on the "i got my order" or "click n ships" on the forums. it looks like they're up to click n ships for orders by august 10th today. so if you ordered after august 10th, you still gotta wait. if you ordered before then, i'd contact the lab.

i only go so longwinded because i was really confused by all of that too the first time i ordered!
i didn't think it was cinnamony at all.
Well I don't think we've received any email from UPS (and I say "we" because my roommate ordered for me-I don't have a credit card haha! my dad was too wise to cut mine for the 2nd time). And I just looked at the cc-something webpage and it says it was shipped on august 29th dry.gif
Reminded me to check CC page...
August 29th as well... maybe I'll get it before end of Oct hopefully... right around Halloween.. haha!
dani- yeah, it definitely wasn't actually shipped on Aug. 29th. all that means is that bpal got your order from ccnow and has put it in line to be filled. it was really confusing to me when i first started ordering, too. the lab is currently taking about a month (a few days over, actually) to fill orders. i put in an order on 8/9 and it didn't ship until 9/13. i just got it yesterday.

like mouse said, you should join even if you don't really post very much (i'm mostly a lurker) it allows you to read reviews, look at the "click'n'ship" and "i got my order" threads to see where the lab it in filling orders, swap or buy oils off of forumites (which can often be a lot faster than ordering from the lab), and just generally get a better idea of how the lab works.

just another note, though: if you do start stalking the click'n'ship thread to see generally where the lab is in filling orders, don't get frustratred if they are filling orders made days after yours and haven't sent yours yet. the lab generally works in first come first served order, but things like availability of ingredient oils and filling similar orders at the same time also comes into play.

the lab is a small business, and they make the oils fresh for you. there's not a big stock of bottles all ready to go. in the long run, this makes for a much better product, but it's hard if you're an impatient person (like me! smile.gif) we've all gotten used to big e-tailers that can turn an order around in 24 hrs., but it wasn't all that long ago that practically everything mailordered took "four to six weeks."

so i got my chrysanthamum moon, midnight on the midway, and mme. moriarty yesterday and gave them a qucik try. i'm not sure if any of them are going to work! sad.gif so dissapointing! i'll give them a full try before i really decide they're not for me, though.
Hello sniffy chicks!

It just occurred to me that I need to look at the BPAL boards/site ... or maybe one of you can tell me quickly ... is there a Samhain 2006? I have the 2004 version and it is still lovely, one of my favourites. I will run out soon though.

Ohmaude ... I love BPAL and I am among the throng of peeps who think that Beth is a genius ... but my thought on retail in general is that if something is for sale and you want to buy it, then do. Feeling guilt for a business's pricing policies isn't something the consumer should have to consider.

If a business has priced their wares properly, they have factored in a profit and there is no harm done. There are always "loss leaders" that are not priced the same way as the normal retail catalog (again, I emphasize that I am talking about retail businesses in general, not specifically about BPAL) - but it is erroneous to consider the margin (or lack thereof) as a "loss" of sales revenue. It is more properly considered as an advertising or promotional expense, one of the many expenses of doing business.

*end of accounting / marketing lecture*


yes, there is a samhain 2006, and word is that it's closer to 2004 (like you have) than 2005, which, from the reviews, a lot of people thought smelled medicinal.

and, yeah, order as many imps as you want. the lab offers them for a reason. i think that in the long run, they sell more if people can try more without investing in whole bottles. i figure that's why they "frimp" so much too. i mean, i know they're nice and care about their customers, but in the end it's just a really good business practice to give and sell samples. it sure keeps me coming back for more! smile.gif
I'm kicking myself for not ordering Chrysanthamum Moon, so if anyone has a 5ml or an imp, let me know! I really need to place an order one of these days but I've been really busy and none of the super time-limited LEs has caught my eye lately. Plus I haven't had time to read all the reviews to see what I want.

I haven't posted in here in ages...been sticking to my Spellbound/Alice/Snow White/Eos quartet, with an occasional (very rare!) switchout for something else like Blue Moon or Endymion or Lithia or Midway, but I just love those first four. I never even wear my imps anymore. It's about time to bring in some of my fall scents, though...I'm excited for Samhain and Gypsy Queen. In fact maybe I'll wear Samhain tonight. It's a little cool.

I really need to put more stuff on Ebay too. I just never wear some of my rare stuff anymore, and I'm sure lots of people would love it.
Thanks altargrrrl! I will see if Samhain is in my tight (stay-at-home-mom) budget.

Ditto what you said about the frimps too! Some of my very very favourite BPAL oils were frimps that I never would have ordered for myself. Masquerade, for example, is one I love - and I never would have picked it based on components.

I am daunted by the number of new oils released since I last ordered. I think I will be making huge use of QS's search engine!
As far a businesses giving samples out, I think it's a great idea and I never ever would have ordered any BPAL if I couldn't get samples. At my work, we have a department that was created (from the very begining) to give out samples. We get tons of buisness and people love it.
Plus imps amass so quickly that it kind of feels cool to have a ton of them.
QUOTE(altargrrrl @ Sep 16 2006, 01:13 PM) *

dani- yeah, it definitely wasn't actually shipped on Aug. 29th. all that means is that bpal got your order from ccnow and has put it in line to be filled. it was really confusing to me when i first started ordering, too. the lab is currently taking about a month (a few days over, actually) to fill orders. i put in an order on 8/9 and it didn't ship until 9/13. i just got it yesterday.

whaaaaaaaat? I ordered it like a month agooo, ayayayy sad.gif
And yep, I'm a member of bpal already tongue.gif But there are so many forums that I get confused tongue.gif
mouse is down! HORROR!


wait time from the lab, from placing the order to having them in your hot little hands, is about 35 days. this is normal, everybody waits this long.

DO NOT listen to the ccnow status page, it is WRONG. it says "shipped" when it means "put in cue for preparing and then preparing to ship order".

you will get a united states postal service (USPS) email with the subject line "click n' ship" when your order is shipped.

i know, it sucks, the wait sucks, but it's worth it.
i ordered august 12th which means ANY DAY NOW. and the forum is down so i can't see when other people who ordered the same day are getting theirs ah ah ah AHH.

i also placed a new order for devils night, dorian and morocco. thanks, turbo tongue.gif thanks a lot.
I'm here to help, mouse! tongue.gif Really, you won't regret ordering any of those scents....those are three of my top favorites!

I got my Mum Moon that I bought in the swaps forum, and I just dabbed it on, smells a little to girly for me, I think. I forgot that mums just amp on me like crazy. I'll give it a second try, but I'm not sure its going to be sticking around. Its beautiful, for sure, but maybe not for me. If I decide not to keep it, I'll send you a pm, mino.
yeah, i'm not digging the mum moon, either. it smells very *generic drugstore cologne* on me. i'm not sure what the problem is. hamadryad smelled that way, too. i should look them up to see if they have anything in common.

after a second try, i've decided that i really like midnight on the midway! yay! the first spot test i did went soapy, but the full try smelled great. a little flowery at first, but dried down to a lovely sugared incense with the flowers in the background. if only it had more throw and lasted longer, i would totally be in love. the boy said that he *half liked it*, that it had an *aftersmell.* but, what does he know?! i'm sure that if i tell him he likes it later, he won't even remember. this is from the guy that says absolutely everything *smells like flowers* even when there aren't any in the blend. whatever.

i want to like mme. moriarty, because everyone else does, but i'm not sure it's working for me. the first 2 hrs. all i smell is red musk and what i swear is mesquite (but i'm guessing is the patchouli leaf). eventually the plum and pomegranate come out and it's very nice, but i'm not sure if i can put up with the first part. i like red musk (for instance, i really like loviatar) but this is really ridiculous.

Yup I wish the forum was up. I have started trying to catch up with the releases (the last time I was really actively looking at the site was about a year ago) and I am thinking that the Jersey Devil will be amazing ... I want to read reviews! I was wondering if tomato leaf would show up anywhere. Has anyone tried it?

I've started playing BPAL Roulette - picking out an oil without looking at the label (I've decanted most of my big bottles into smalller ones). Today I'm wearing Snake Oil, which may not seem strange at all since it is (used to be?) the big seller ... the thing is, I thought I'd given all of my Snake Oil away. It used to go all powdery on me, in the bad way. So far so good though ... maybe it's the aging? This oil would be nearly three years old now.
Hi Ladies -

I've been having some bad days at work and unable to check in. I'm wearing Mme Moriarty today. I think you need to give this one a few days for your nose to adjust to this......the patchouli leaf is a new smell for me, but once I got used to it, I became addicted!!

Mum Moon does smell perfumey at first (first 1/2 hour to 45 min) and then it smells really good in the drydown.

The Jersey Devil smells great......but I'll have to test it better. I don't really smell anything weird in it. I've got an imp at home I'll try to test.

Gotta get to work........later.
click n ship! click n ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SQUUUUEEEEeeeeee! Yay mouse!! I love it when I get click n' ships!! Makes the day just a touch brighter.

Okay, so I'm rockin the mum moon again today, and I definitely agree with lora - after the dry down, its gorgeous. But I don't think I'm getting what other noses are - I get a back wash of carnation, but a smoky musk, almost cocoa or tonka on top. Its good. Worth keeping, I think.
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