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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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*folds arms and sulks*

mouse, I am *so* jealous!!! When, oh when is Bethie going to come out to Chicago with her lovely wares!! Come play with us in the midwest, Beth.....pleeeeeease!!!

This is so exciting! I'm just crossing my fingers so none of these new delicious smells turn bad in my skin... OH WOW! I JUST noticed that I have red circles in my arms were I put "Love me". is this bad? I do have sensitive skin, but only regarding chemical substances in it(maybe I should start wearing sunblock? haha But I don't want it, I want to be DARK so I'll look more latin biggrin.gif )
Does anyone else gets this same reaction with other/the same oil? It doesn't itch, it's just 2 red circles in the arms.(Weird, since I put it on both sides of my neck too and I don't have any red circles there)
YAY dani - I'm so glad you got them! I find that the insides of my elbows are the most sensitive part of my body, but also where the scent gets the best throw. I always get the red circles with a lot of the heavier oils - patchoulis, red musks..the thicker oils. It goes away after about 15 minutes or so, usually.

Oh, and on the topic of scents turning on you, you may notice that right before or during your period, beloved scents may go "off" on you - its just a reaction based on the change in hormone levels. Consequently, there are also oils that LOVE my skin when MRG comes to town, that I don't wear the rest of the it goes both ways!
i have sensitive skin, too, and i find that anything with a lot of cinammon in it will make my skin red. i don't know "love me", but "silk road" is guaranteed to make me red and faintly burny.

in other bpal news, i got some imps at the fair this weekend and "morocco" is now next on my "big bottle" list. biggrin.gif
i hadn't had any reactions to any oil until i tried silk road. it immediately made be turn red and itchy. and it was soooo disappointing because it smelled so yummy and i was really looking forward to trying it out. sad.gif

i absolutely love morroco! it's what i had hoped that snake oil would smell like, warm vanilla spicy musky. unfortunately, snake oil smelled like bug spray on me. even after months of aging, it still smells only OK. strangely, snake charmer smells great.

i can't wait for the halloween update today!!! please let there be an all saints 2006!!! biggrin.gif
I also have to give Jenn thanks, I lurv lurv lurv them!!!! so far snake oil and kari are my favorite, kari is a little sweeter and nice in the morning, and snake oil is perfect for the night life, (like i have one)
my only beef with morocco is that it has hardly any throw. that's why i need a big bottle so i can SLATHER. hehe.
dirf - I think it was Kali I sent you - its probably my bad left handed handwriting that made it look like "kari"...Kali was one of my first loves, and then, one day, anything with a cocoa note started to go afoul on me...oh well.

Snake oil is my #1 favorite, maybe tied with Snake Charmer, but since you can't get that one anymore, I dole it out very carefully, and then slather my snake oil on other days...
I'm getting snake oil, bordello, wanda,blood rose, love me(yep, AGAIN haha!) and O as imps, hopefully soon! can't wait to try them!
I tried Endymion today, and it was sooo yummy! Unfortunately the smell is very light so it dissapeared after like 2 or 3 hours sad.gif
"The term amber generally refers to either Baltic amber or to fragrant amber resin. Baltic amber is fossilized tree resin and is used primarily in jewelry. Although it is often called "Baltic" amber it actually is found in many parts of the world. It is found in colors ranging from pale yellow to reddish, brown and green. Although it is not thought of as being fragrant, it is! In order to experience its balsamic aroma, take a piece of pure amber (not reconstituted) and shave off small pieces with a knife. This will release a faint aroma."

Amber is a very warm smell to me, it's frequently described as musky. It's sweet like vanilla cookie scent but deeper and warmer.

P.S. I had my Lush cherry popped this weekend .. I'm giddy with delight over my Tramp and Flying Fox shower gels .. not to mention the Lite Lip balm. smile.gif
Wow - what an update today!!! I need more money!!
blink.gif *opens wallet and hears ear-splitting screams*

OMG....first the Carnivale rolls into town, and now Halloween scents too? Seriously, Beth is too good to us! And the Halloween scents are always my favorites...damn, I'm really going to have to make a substantial order here soon! This one is gonna hurt.....
got an imp of dorian at the fair, a little hesitantly cos all their other "popular" scents i don't really like....snake oil's too headshoppy, alice went completely sharp dishsoap, etc......but dorian is really lovely. i didn't expect it to be so sweet! and a halloween update too? good lord......and i'm still waiting on 2 5mls in the mail.....ahhhhh.....
Dorian is my ultimate comfort scent. If I'm feeling crappy - its a sure fix to make me feel a bit better, and I love it in cool fall weather, the sweet lemon with the musk is just divine!

My last order was christmas, so I think I can probably sneak an order in here sometime stash hasn't really diminshed, but oh well! rolleyes.gif
christmas?! how can you be so good? i didn't get into bpal until after christmas, and i don't want to admit how many orders i've made. rolleyes.gif

so, even though i have some bills to pay and it looks like i might be unemployed this semester, i'm definitely ordering all saints and all souls. a big student loan check will be arriving next week. i'm hovering between also ordering *either* samhain *or* devil's night. but can't decide. i'm leaning towards devils night, if for no other reason than that many people complained in their reviews that last year's samhain had a strong medicinal and/or piney eucalyptus smell, which i hate. it's what really disappointed me about pit and the pendulum. i guess i could just order the first two and hold off on the other until reviews come in, but i'm such an impatient person. *sigh*

i'm also thinking of throwing in an imp pack with misk u and al azif along with a few other scents i've been curious to try like dorian and alice and i died for beauty.

please... someone stop me! ohmy.gif
altar - I *swear* the first year of the bpal addiction is the worst...your wallet just seems to empty itself in the direction of the lab. When it got to be January, and I realized I had waaaay too many bottles, I did a huge purge, and sold or swapped a bunch. A couple of them I miss (my doubles of midway and house of mirrors), but it was good to clean house. I have about a dozen bottles left, and they're all ones I love.

last year's samhain definitely went piney on me, and I liked it, but it wasn't LOVE. Devil's Night I still have as one of my beloveds, it is slightly sweeter, but still has that essence of fall and burning leaves. I love it.
Got my lush bath bombs and bubble bars in the mail today. Which means my imps from the lab are on the way!! smile.gif The Lush lip balm (it tastes like expresso) is lovely....
Suave for Kids Mango and Orange shampoo. This stuff rocks and it's only $1.46 a bottle.
I'm currently thrilled at my Machu Picchu lotion that I made. I took the Equate version of Aveeno unscented and mixed about 4oz with half an imp of MP. It's a little strong but doesn't last very long so it's OK. I just wanted to be able to layer my scent and/or have a lighter all over scent. I think it's working out well. The lotion is surprisingly good too ..

I may may another blood scented one but not sure yet.
Tali - I'll often swipe the palm of my hand with the wand from an imp, and then pump unscented lotion into my palm, and then apply the good-smelling lotionness to my bod - works like a charm, and then I don't have to have a zillion little pots of lotion floating around! Also, some scents will get gobbled up by the lotion, so I always test the lotion-ability of the oils this way!

congrats on getting your LUSH goodies! I think I stopped ordering from bpal just about when my LUSh addiction kicked into high that I'm more settled on my LUSH stash, I can refocus on the wonder that is bpal!
oh, jesus, dorian just gets better and better. it kills me that even if i order a big bottle today (which i shouldn't do, as i am saving for vacation this weekend, and since i leave friday won't get my next paycheck till i come back, on wednesday), my imp will be loooong gone by the time it arrives. *whine whine whine*

off to the swap boards.........AFTER vacation. but WOW i love this scent.
I was recently reading an article in some beauty mag where they interviewed a few women who run beauty blogs, and asked them for their top 10 favorite products. One of them listed this perfume made by a copmany called Bond No. 9 and the fragrance is called Chinatown. The perfume is really expensive, but I found someone on eBay selling sample vials of it, so I ordered some for a couple of bucks. It's amazing.

Here's a really good description of it. There's so many notes to it and it goes really well with my body chemistry and I notice a new level of it every time I wear it.

I think I'm going to put it on my Christmas list!
My God what a great great update.

I am so frickin broke, and won't be paid until the middle of Sept (I hope!). But there will be some spending. I joined a small decant circle for All Souls.........I also want to try the new Devil's Night. Last years was very nice, but nt quite what I wanted.

Also - it appears that my body chemistry has decided to chill the fuck out, which means less acne (yay!) and perfume that doesn't stink (Double yay!). I am wearing Spellbound today, and I think it has been two months since I have worn anything at all.
I really need to get better about checking for a decant circle as soon as an update goes up....there's nothing open right now for either CD or Halloween...I'll just keep watching. I'm too lazy (and clumsy) to do a decant circle of my own....

But yes, I am also interested in All Souls and Devils night...even though I have a nearly full bottle of Devils Night from last year....

Polly, that perfume does sound amazing....I can't even think of ordering non-bpal at the moment, though...and I haven't worn a commercial perfume in ages....I have a hard enough time choosing my daily bpal!
They updated the lab when I wasn't looking! No fair!

Looks like I'm going to have to sell some bottles in order to afford some of these lovely scents. I'm thinking of getting Renfield for Ben.
hey everyone!

the new update rocked my little world. i'm super excited for the Halloween scents. none of the order of the dragon scents really appealled to me...except for MAYBE Lucy.
i'm excited to try:
PUmpkin Queen
Punkie Night
All Souls

i joined a decant circle on LJ.
Hey Jenn, try livejournal bpal communities for decant circles but you might want to be careful and check and see if they have feedback. i can recommend some people for decants in the future.
I think I'm a LJ moron, I've never taken the time to figure it out....what's the address for the bpal community there?

I did PM someone from the LUSH forum for a Order of the Dragon decant set....strangely enough, most of the OD scents sound right up my alley. I'm on the fence about a decant set for the halloween scents....there's too many that I know I don't want - the sweets are mostly a miss on me....
Oh, Turbo, I think I've made a conscious decision to not even start the BPAL thing. I smelled some of the samples someone had at that Bustie gathering at your place last summer and I know that if I got some of my own, I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage. If someone were to give me some (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, to a certain sister!!) I wouldn't have a problem with that, though!
OMG, I think that sounds like a DARE!! Oh, no you ditn't! I dare you, no....I *double-dog-dare* you to send me your address....OR, stop over for a personal ennabling session!! heh. We'll get you yet, my pretty. Oh yes we will.... cool.gif
the forum's decant circles will be starting soonish... we're redoing the rulez to make it easier to follow.
I'm thinking about getting creepy, too...and the organ grinder, and maybe the one that smells like dark chocolate. sorry, bank account!

here's my sad tale of woe for the day: I put on shattered, thinking it would be a bright a fresh scent -- but it went straight to soap on me. so sad! when I have time, I'll have to post it for sale on the bpal forums...
I want to get some halloween scents. Also thinking of trying to get my mom addicted to BPAL. I think she'd love it. I want to get creepy as well. I should be getting my imps in the mail very soon! Yay!
so, i did it. against my better judgement. i ordered all saints, all souls, and devil's night, as well as an imp pack with miskatonic u, al azif, st. john the conquerer, i died for beauty, alice, and dorian. i almost just up and bought a whole bottle of al azif, because i LOVE incense scents so much and the reviews were really good. but i bought the pit and the pendulum unsniffed for the same reason and was very disappointed. besides, my bank account needs the rest, and i already have full bottles of penitence, wolf's heart, and gypsy queen which are all incensey, as well as midnight on the midway, all saints and all souls on the way, so i think i'm good rolleyes.gif .

speaking of wolf's heart. i wore it yesterday in the hopes of getting into a class that i thought might be full, and i just made it in. i also wore it today and found out about a job opening, had an interview, and got the job offer. all today! i also found out that a state global warming emissions caps bill that i worked very hard all summer canvassing to sign up members in support of it passed yesterday. that's some strong voodoo!

i need to put a few bottles up for swap/sale. anyone interested in jacob's ladder, pit and the pendulum, or a light grapey-maybe orchidy-woody CTIII?
I've been wearing the Bow and Crown of Conquest lately and I love it to death. I think I might order a 5 ml bottle and get someone to turn it into bubble bath for me. There's a shop down the street that sells unscented bath products and you can pick what they smell like. No idea if they'll let me bring my own oil in, but it's worth a shot.
I've been running around making people smell me. I love this scent so much. It might have replaced Rose Red as my everyday wear.
Ah, Bow and Crown is one of my favorites too! I definitely need to wear it more...its been lonely for awhile, because I ran out of roller ball vials to decant my 5mls into....must go make a pilot vials order.

AND, I just got in on a Order of the Dragon Decant group, so I'll give those a whirl before deciding to order, though Dracula's Brides sounds dead on perfect for me...

Altar...that is a very fine order, indeed. And I too, love Beth's more intentional scents. TAL's Helping Hand is one I always have on hand for tough times....
Gahhhh. My eBay prize of Pumpkin #5 is AWOL. Stupid post office. Now I'll have to place a real order.
I just spent a lot of money on BPAL. I grabbed an imp pack, 5 mls of Bow and Crown, Wolfsbane and Renfield. I almost ordered a bottle of The Bloody Sword, but I think I'm going to wait on that one. Ben asked me to order Wolfsbane for him, he wants to turn it into aftershave, if that's possible. He loves the stuff. Ha ha, my boyfriend loves BPAL. Yay!
I am so jealous of those whose partners love BPAL. Sigh.

I just got word that there maybe a bonus cheque coming my way in the middle of Sept. It will go to either bills or
Hello lovelies! Just a drive-by to say hi. (I don't post on bust much these days)

I just had to drop in and say thanks, dudes. Thanks for my raging Bpal addiction. I hold you all responsible. A little over a year ago I didn't even know what bpal was. You all are such enablers, first with the glowing descriptions in this thread, then some sharing of imps for me to try out.

I tried to hold out, just living off the small set of imps I had. But somehow, as they aged they became extra yummy, and I wanted more, more! Now I have a friggin' spread sheet tracking all the imps I have tried and two pending orders from the lab.

I love/hate you all. tongue.gif

ETA: I hope I didn't silence this thread. I take back the hate, cause I always smell good these days. I just got my housemate hooked on some sudha segara, so the cycle continues...
I got my massive Carnivale Order on Sunday and I'm so excited. Love Carnivale Diabolique!!! and The Phantom Calliope, as well as Mme Moriarty. Heck...I'm also lovin' Theodosius, Genivre and Midnight on the Midway! These are all very nice!!!!

I also placed my Halloweenie order. All Saints, All Souls, Creepy, Punkie Night, Samhain, Devil's Night. I'm really going broke from BPAL lately and after receiving my CD order, I know I'll be needing additional bottles.

BUT the scent I cannot wait for is Mum Moon!! Oh my Lord --Macha (from says Beth was thinking Noir/Snake when she made this. Of course, I had to have multipes unsniffed!!!

I'm wearing Midnight on the Midway today.
you are welcome ohmaude!!! Even if we're all broke from bpal - we smell fabulous, right?!!!

Oh, man lora, now I am so sad I didn't order Mum Moon!!! Bummer. Maybe I'll see if I can pick some up on swaps if the reviews seem like something I like. But, then, I'm pretty sure Mme. Moriarty will be a pretty good match for me, so I'll have to pick up a bottle of that.

Give us some proper reviews, when you get a chance, lora!! Make me *want* to order!! (as if I don't already...I just haven't gotten over my screaming visa)
ooh yes, lorajc, reviews, reviews! I'm very curious about Mme Moriarty..

I'm wearing Samhain '05 today, as there is a bit of a chill in the air. Oh sweet lordy this one aged well, it is the bottle that did me in regarding bpal, well that and my imp of Hamadryad.
Mme Moriarty took my nose a bit of an adjustment period. I liked it a lot more after I had it on for several hours. The Patchouli leaf is foreign to my nose. It smells nothing like patchouli to me. It's not really heavy on the red musk. It's well blended and fairly light wearing on me. I would have rather had this for the warmer weather, as it's starting to get colder here already. I don't really smell the plum in it either. It's really hard to describe how it smells cuz it's totally unique. It's resiny and spicy and something in it grows on you and becomes oddly addicting. I wouldn't say it's TOTALLy different from any other BPAL scent, even though scent comparisons have been made to Snake Charmer/ really smells like neither. You have to experience it. I love it.

Carnivale Diabolique - Wow!! My favorite so far...but also a bit light wearing (these will age well since aging tends to strengthen mine). Don't let the opium smoke scare you's so well blended that again one note stands out. I can smell the heliotrope slightly sweetening it as heliotrope does amp a bit on my skin...but it melds the musk, vanilla and other notes into a sweet, sensual air of goodness surrounding you. I slathered this on and it was a bit light on me. I tend to be a "cold" person and I have extremely dry please take this into account when I say this. Again, too hard to compare to anything else in the BPAL line. It's slightly sweet and just fave of the batch so far.

Midnight on the Midway - Again light wearing on me. It's only VERY, VERY slightly reminiscent of is a floral...but not too floraly and it's slightly incensey...but not too incensy. It dries down really quite lovely. Again, hard to describe as it is truly unique. I'm doing real good here explaining this!! Geez.

The Phantom Calliope - I love sweet and smoky scents and I love cherry, cassis, I knew I'd like this. I thought this was my favorite when I tested it, but after wearing....CD still gets the top vote. Phantom needs a period to calm down. This one is pretty strong at first and dries down to a spicy, smoky, sweet deep cherry scent. Also quite unique and unlike any other BPAL. Beth gets lots of votes for originality here.

The Candy Butcher - TOO DIE FOR - I'm not big into chocolate blends ...but this has the creamy vanilla in it that really tempers the chocolate. I LOVE This and it will be the one chocolate scent I will keep.

The Organ Grinder - Oddly alluring....but not my thing....although it does draw you in. Again, foreign notes to my it grew on me, but not enough to keep it.

Pulcinella & Teresina - this was like a perfected version of Desire. I really liked Desire...but for some reason, it went funky on me during the dry down. This is like Desire for those of you who couldn't wear Desire. I'm not a huge rose fan either and I liked this one. I also don't like strong cedar notes but the cedar didn't jump out at me in this one. This is also longer wearing and I liked that it wore a bit heavier.

Melisande - I had to sell this. I can't wear Beth's jasmine note (amps on my skin) but it really wasn't the jasmine that stood out in this scent by itself....but I don't really care for the combo of the 2 made it not worth keeping for me (I ordered the whole Al-Gazam).

Doc Constatine - This is very nice...but not my cup of tea, as I don't really care for fir needle and leather. Beth's leather note also amps on my skin.

Xanthe - I only tested this, but it's no where near as sweet as I imagined it and it is very light.

Gennivre - Wow....this one's fabulous. When first applied, I smelled a sharp note that I didn't really like, but the dry down is fabulous and the mint doesn't jump out at you. Very well blended and gorgeous.

Theodosius - OMG - Dorian's sister!! This is freakin' amazing. I love it and will definitely need more. If you love'll love this (I bet). It's slightly different but every bit as yummy as Dorian. Jasmine leaf smells nothing like jasmine either....and I can wear it...Yay!!

Antonio - this one was a real surprise for me. I can't usually wear vetiver blends but I couldn't detect it in here and this is actually not very masculine smelling. It was quite pleasant and I think it is very gender netural.

I also love Les Bijoux - to DIE FOR and I need a 2nd bottle. Knew I'd love it.....what's not to love ....Frankincense, apple, myrrh, peach, honey and musk. Drydown is unbelievable and the honey doesn't amp on my skin either.

The Jersey Devil - I liked this but the pine in it turned me I won't be needing this one. It is really lovely though and I was a little afraid of the tomato leaf...but it's cool.

Pontalier - I was picturing more blackcurrant and sugar and it was more ferns, rose and lavender on me.

Cloister Graveyard in the Snow - mmmmmmmmm ....reminds me of Ice Queen. Have only tested though.

The Pentinent Magdalen - Quite complex...only tested....need to sniff this more but this is not exception to how complex the Salon blends are. It's not particularly floraly.

Three Brides - the rose doesn't jump out at me (good for me) and I only tested this...but again it is quite complex.....need to sniff more.

Well that's about it! Hope this helped a bit....I know I didn't accurately describe many but like I said....they are so unique.

I just think Beth is getting more creative and more creative! She's truly the Goddess! All hale to Beth!!

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, lora!!!

I always appreciate your reviews, since we like a lot of the same notes. You just helped me firm up my decision to order Mme. Moriarty, Theodosius and CD....will make an order later this evening!

Thank cod I have an imp set coming of the order of the dragons, so I don't have to worry about those for awhile!

Nice reviews lorajc! You may have persuaded me to order one of the carnivale scents.

How did I miss mum moon!?! blink.gif When was that available?
more I try MME MOriarity the more addicted I get!! I'm at work...gotta run
I'm wearing Genivre today and while it has the sharp note at first, it dries down mellow. The honey is not strong at all. It's comparable to the honey in Litha....mellow. I like's it!

Old Scratch today .. it was a new one for me. This smells really nice in the imp and initially on my skin. It's a very clean and yummy smell. It quickly turned very rosy and then soapy. I've got Dove soap on again. It's not bad but ... after a few hours I just smell the amber scent that lies underneath everything else. It's nice but really doesn't last long on me.
I'm wearing Pucinella & Teresina today. It dries down to a woody rose scent and is very nice...but I have 2 bottles, so I'm selling the one I've used a bit out of. If anyone here wants it, please let me know.

My "signature" scent is Chloe Narcisse. It's cheap (30 bucks) for a big bottle, and you can find it at Walgreens and the like. It's one of those that blends well with your body chemistry and smells just a tad different on everyone. I swear I get asked all the time what perfume I'm wearing (in a good way) - usually by guys, but the ladies seem to like it as well. I lovvvvve perfume, but the boyfriend complains if I'm not wearing CN. Too bad for him when I want to try something else.

On that note - I think men's cologne is awesome. It usually smells better than ladies' perfume. I seriously want to attack men just if they're wearing Kenneth Cole Black or the Lacoste fragrance.....yum - or guys or gals who use that Lavender/Vanilla fabric softener from Downy.
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