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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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Thanks for the thoughts, y'all. Lots to think about. I've just got to find time to sit down and peruse the descriptions. For me, that's something that's so much better done with a paper catalog, not in front of a computer. Oh well.

I'm too embarassed to reveal what common people perfumes I like. Or not embarassed, but... I dunno... it's too revealing. I know, that's dumb, isn't it? There are some weird things I like to keep secretive, and I think my choices in common people perfume is one of them (also for the fact that everything can smell different on every body on different days, too).

I can stay logged in all the time!!!!

Thanks mods!

And in perfume news: I bought Harvest Moon because I was very very intrigued by the ingredients.

Otherwise, I remain extremely boring.
Ohmygod, I love this new forum - qspice, did you have anything to do with this? Or is it just the same board type as the BPAL forum?

Anyway. A certain someone sent me some BPALLY awesomeness and SHE ROCKS MY WORLD.

I also have found a new favorite... Oblatala. Like Chaste Moon but with coconut instead of flowers. Milk and sugar and coconut. Fuckin' A. So glad I bought a 5 mL unsniffed, which I normally have bad luck with.
Obatala is gorgeous! i love it. i don't normally like coconut but Obatala is just so pure and perfect. it's so fresh.

i bought harvest moon. the ingredients sound great but i'm hoping that it's not like Hanging Gardens where it's great on paper but not on my skin.

i finally tried Whip and i loved it. but it didn't last an hour on me! so sad.

my top 5 (gen. catalogue) in no particular order:
1. Cobra Lily
2. Bordello
3. Obatala
4. Dorian
5. Shanghai

raisin, before you order let me see your list and if i have any i'll send them to you.
that reminds me, i need to send duchess K a package.

(oh, and if it's not obvious i'm miss_shuggah)
QUOTE(lady_ell @ Jul 13 2006, 12:59 PM) *

Ohmygod, I love this new forum - qspice, did you have anything to do with this? Or is it just the same board type as the BPAL forum?

when celina asked for opinions a few months ago, i submitted quite an essay discussing the merits of a number of boards, and later compared them to other ones she was considering. it IS the same forum software as bpal because ... there's just no comparison (administratively speaking) between what this does and what other forums do. vbulletin and phpbb are both close, but they've got some critical problems (not particularly secure methods of password encryption and a search engine that breaks HARDCORE if you don't change it) - and neither have the flexibility for specifying what others (mods or other administrators) can do.


and, i am just TOO excited about carnaval diabolique. seriously, my wallet, it screams. loudly.
QUOTE(quantumspice @ Jul 13 2006, 07:07 PM) *
and, i am just TOO excited about carnaval diabolique. seriously, my wallet, it screams. loudly.

Me too! I didn't have much luck with the last carnival run, but I have a good feeling about this one. And my parents just gave me birthday money! Yes!
I second the notion that my wallet is going to scream when Carnivale comes out....eeep! And now, thanks to ya'll, I have to get some Obatala too! I *love* coconut scents - on me snake charmer is the most perfect combination of snake oil and coconut, and it is simply divine. I must have more coconut!

qspice - I am SO glad you lobbied so effectively for Invision....I run a couple boards for work on phpbb, and well, they're kind of cranky. This is just gorgeous, and I am so happy for the upgrade!
hahahaha your wallet certainly will scream, turbo! wink.gif
Does anyone know when carnaval diabolique is supposed to come out? I know the site says this month, but I'm impatiently waiting! I have the carnaval noir scent from last year and was bummed I missed hall of mirrors and snake charmer, don't want to make the same mistake this year.
Does anyone have the new PHILOSOPHY fragrance yet?

REVIEWS, please!!
Quantum, I love you for the board input you gave to Deb. This is awesome! (And I don't even know what I'm doing.)

Still haven't decided anything about BPAL, but I'll definitely run my list by you expert sniffers here, either by posting or a PM or email... wub.gif
i believe it's going to be the end of the month, but that's my speculation tongue.gif

it's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge update, though... blink.gif
i can't wait for the new update. mr.shugga told me i could take some money out and buy bpal on monday when he gets paid but i pretended like i didn't want to. i'm saving my money for the update!
we've been so broke lately that i could only buy the lunacy and nothing else, not even imps. it was so hard!!!

i was looking at the CB hints on the bpal forum and i'm so excited. the last CB didn't really work for me but this new one looks great. siamese twins!

qspice- thanks so much for suggesting this. i love this new format and i'm already familiar with it because of the bpal forum.

I ordered Chaos Theory today as well as an imp pack. I'm excited, I haven't ordered any imp packs in a long while.
And someone bought my Kunstkammer and Yog Sothoth on Ebay! I'm so happy. Finally got rid of 'em.
Anyone else order Chaos Theory?
Holy crap. I've just started to wear perfume again (was pregnant, then didn't want to confuzzle BabyChin with too many scents on my body, also I've just been tooo busy and neglecting the finer things in life). I'm almost afraid to look at the BPAL site!

Plus I have a shoebox full of BPAL that I need to go through ... and now that it's aged for a year or more, the oils will probably smell a bit different. Ai Caramba.
I'm going to get a chaos theory, maybe two, don't know yet. I was hoping the carnival stuff would come out soon so I could just make one order. I just went through and finally tested all the rest of the imps I had around. I had different spots of scent all over me. When I was done I just smelled weird.

i don't know what to DO about the bpal love!! i can order things, and have them "scent" to my addy where mr. hotbuns is, but i won't get to SNIFF anything for forEVAH. meh.

that does remind me, however, that i need to get more $$ into my paypal, so that i CAN order anything that i just

q, can you remind me what i got in the order you made??? just so that i won't repeat myself?? muito thank you.

and now, dear friends, i am off to the bpal craziness, just to see what might be there that i MUST have. kiss kiss!!
it was just the tal yemaya and underpants smile.gif supposedly mum sent them on my way this week, but she's such a slacker, who knows. fo sure, i'll have them in time to get them to mr hot buns before you guys shack up!
Hello Busties!

I realise this has become a BPAL thread, and that's cool but I have never smelled any of their scents. Are they perfumey or is it an essential oil sort of thing? Please excuse my ignorance.
I would like to share my complete adoration for a perfume I just purchased. It's Miami Glow by j. Lopez. I am completely enamoured with it. It reminds me of when I used to spend my summers in Sicily. It's friggin addictive. Kind of reminds me of suntan lotion as well. I feel like a SouthBeach Supermodel when I wear it. biggrin.gif .

I'm almost ashamed to admit this but I was looking for something new, sniffing a bunch of stuff and I tested Jessica Simpson's sweet kisses....and ended up buying the Creme smells yummy and tastes really sweet....again I can't believe that I admit to buying it...but it really is awesome.....

*hangs head and wonders off smelling fabulous*
Citruss, the great thing about BPAL is not only are they perfumes, but they can be used in so many different ways. They are all alcohol-free so they just smell like what they are supossed to smell like. They can change on your skin for better or for worse. You can burn them in an oil burner to make your house smell nice, you can make stuff with them or you can just rub it all over your bad self and revel in smelling good.
ginger kitty, you are not alone! I bought a couple of the jessica simpson things. I think it's body frosting? I dont know. they seemed to keep their scent the best of all the different products. I have a butterscotch one and a vanilla cupcake. I seem to end up just slathering myself in lush, B&BW, bpal, and jessica simpson. All at once.

ok now I feel ashamed. I am a product whore.
Speaking of celebrity scents (and please don't kill me for saying this): underpants smells a lot like the Brittny Spears Curious scent. I swear I am not joking - on my skin there's almos no difference. Weird, isn't it?

How do I know? The nice lady at the perfume counter tried to convince me to buy it. Rest assured, she failed. But for those who like Underpants, this may be your substitute when you run out.

I want some money to drop out of the sky so that I can buy lots of BPAL. Fall is coming, and fall is for the perfumed.
angelle, I assure you that you are in good company with the product shower and bathroom make turboman shake his head in shame daily...I just can't help it...I like to smell good, and I like a variety in good smelling things.

And for the LUSH addicts among us, I am absolutely in love with the new bubble bars, particularly comforter and marathon....mmmmm.....

word, ocean...fall is definitely for the well-perfumed. Its my favorite season, warm cuddly sweaters and musky spicy scents...yum.

However, for summer, bpal is saving my sweaty sodden bike-riding self when I get to work every morning...
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jul 25 2006, 11:52 PM) *

my shower and bathroom make turboman shake his head in shame daily...

I can definitely say the same about Oceanboy smile.gif

"How much soap and perfume do you need?!" asks the clueless.
oh, god love the morphing of bpal!
i am here to celebrate just that fact: i've been really sad for the longest time that i can't wear two, five, and seven--i generally just don't care for beth's rose scents except for moon rose, but 257 went downright gross on had this kind of (dare i say it?).....vomity.....overtone to it. acrid and sickly. gross. but yesterday i was reading some of the reviews on, just browsing, and decided to give it another try. and lo and behold, the vomitiness is GONE! now it's supersweet candycoated GOOD beth rose (like moon rose) and i'm thrilled. i don't know if it's because it's aged over half a year now, or whether it just works better in hot-as-balls weather, or what, but i don't care, cos it works. wee!
I got a box of Lush bubble bars in the mail last week. I bought one each of the new ones plus a couple others. So far I've tried the Sunnyside (which makes me laugh now cause apparently that's what one of our large local gangs is called, their gang sign is the OK sign with the hand... snerk) and I cocktailed half of it it with a christmas party bomb. It was lovely. And last night I did half a Flosty Gritter with a Twinkle bomb. American Cream-y goodness. And twinkly! Yay!

Today I'm wearing Monsterbait- underbed. Something in it makes my skin itch a little right after I put it on I think. Hope that doesn't become a problem.
Oh no! BPAL prices going up. How am I to continue to afford my addiction??
I saw that too, but at least they aren't going way up. In my opinion, they are still way affordable and I'll be happy to keep purchasing some from time to time. Did you see that the debut date of the new LEs is August 3rd? I can't wait to see what's new and exciting!
Yeah, I was sad to see the prices going up, but there's serious need for it, so really, I don't mind. Beth isn't out to rip us off, and it is important that there be some margin of profit for all the amazing work the labbies do for us. I am waiting eagerly for the Carnivale release this week.....wheeeee!

okay, this may sound silly but can someone please tell me what BPAL stands for?
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Jul 31 2006, 11:39 PM) *

okay, this may sound silly but can someone please tell me what BPAL stands for?

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
bpal stands for black phoenic alchemy lab. they sell very unique perfume oils. beware. it's like crack! smile.gif

i got my hungry ghost moon and chaos theory 3 in the mail a couple of days ago. i'm surprisingly happy with the first and disappointed in the second. hgm is fruity and vanilla-y in a very non-foody way. i like it a lot. my ct3 is just... weird. i want to swap it, but i can't think of any way to describe it that will make people want to take it. it smells kind of grapeish or maybe orchidish in the bottle, but when i put it on it just smells, blech. once one, i think i detect a wood undertone, but it isn't very stong and it goes kind of acrid. i wish i could put a better spin on it.

as for the price increase, it is a little sad, but the prices are really pretty cheap for the type of product that it is. i mean, $15-25 for a bottle of handmade perfume is pretty darn good. and if it allows them to hire more and better staff so that i can get my precious faster, then i'm behind it.
This is my first post here, and I came just for the BPAL! After getting loads of imps, I just placed my first "big" order: Snake Oil and Queen of Sheba! I'm excited, but I wish I'd gotten And There Was a Great Cry in Egypt, too. Oh well!
hehe, i totally converted my friend who just visited. she was hanging out at my house while i was at work so i was like "here, you can experiment with these while i'm at work" and gave her my box of imps. she was instantly sold.

also, am i the only one who says "bee-pal" in my head?
I wish I could convert someone Mouse! I've been trying, handing out imps and that, but my friends all say, "Oooh, that smells nice." and it ends there.

Oh, and I also say "bee-pal."
The update is here!

And I third the "bee-pal" thing.

Sweet merciful crap!

The update is just amazing. Well done Beth and the labbies!
jesus mary and joseph! it's the mother of all updates! and i can't believe that all those wonderful carnival scents are only the first 2 of 7 acts. wow.

and best of all, one of the additions to the salon is the penitent magdalen, my very own avatar (which has been my profile pic for years). i must buy it scent unsniffed!

i'm swooning!

and i also say bee-pal.
bee-you-tiful bee-pal! Sweet goddess, what an amazing update!! Were I not planning on a big vacation here in a couple months, I'd be all over buying the whole lot!! Somehow, I'm going to have to wittle my desires down to a couple of bottles for now....I'm gonna have to simmer on this lot for awhile!

Thank you thank you Beth & Co, for another dazzling update....and the artwork is so devilishly delicious!
Oh my I'm speachless I don't even know where to start..... blink.gif
Forgot to mention - I say bee-pal too.

I want the entire CD set. I WANT IT BAD. I WANT IT NOW.

But 1) I know a few of them won't work on me (orange blossom, jasmine, chocolate) 2) I don't have the money. But damn damn damn. I am so tempted to just blow my budget. It has been ages since I splurged on BPAL.

Money. Yet another reason why grad skool sux.

I am very intrigued by the Jasmine sambac note - it is my favorite jasmine variety of all time. I know that it is almost impossible to capture its scent in an oil, and that even if it is absolutely heavenly and perfect my skin would still butcher it. But I am very very intrigued.

Unlike the rest of humanity we seem to be experiencing unseasonal coldness here, which means I get to slather on the Snake Oil without everyone on Vancouver Island smelling me. I need another bottle though - mine is running dangerously low.

I'm kind of relieved that each member of the Carnival series seems to have something that makes me wary, just because I'm dribbling money out every orifice (moving bites!).

However. Some of the new GC additions seem very intrigueing!

I'm in kind of a rut lately... wearing only Oblatala and Smut and Snake Charmer and Snake Oil and DORIAN (default) and Shanghai... and I have so many other things to wear, but these (did I say DORIAN) are just so appropriate for almost every occasion.

Can anyone recommend a lemonade-rose (or a damp citrus/rose) blend? I love the rose in Seance, and I've been using Lush's wreath of roses buttercream... which I don't care for as a soap but I love love love the smell.
Um, this isn't bpal but my boy brought home some Annick Goutal samples of Eau d'Hadrien and it is gorgeous.

Now I want some but it's $$$.
Hey, the order I placed on the 1st shipped yesterday (the 2nd)! Since when is BPAL all super speedy? Awesome!
holy crap, are you serious? a one day turnaround??????????????????? i will totally pay an extra five or so bucks for that kinda service! WOW.
Yep, those labbies are working hard for us....beth said that the carnivale line won't be ready for shipping for another few weeks, so don't get too excited for shipping times on those. Still, I bet the wait'll be less than a month!

I am very relieved to see that the carnivale oils will be available for a year, as I am broke at the moment, and would love to read some reviews before I commit. However, if Macha releases any prints of her CD portraits, I will be *all over* those!
omg...the update!!!!!
i'm in heaven right now. just last week i was telling mr.shugga that maybe i should give bpal a rest blah blah blah and he told me to not even start... he knew that i was bullshitting!

of course, i'm in love with so many things. right now i'm all over the CD. the new Wanderlust looks fabulous many things i want. i'm already planning my christmas list! all i want is bpal for christmas!!!

the great halloween scents are coming up too....then yule!!! too much for my heart to handle
I'm also still reeling from that update. WOW!! The Carnivale blends are sound so good. I placed a huge order and I can't wait for it to arrive. I think I need to order a few more bottles on the Full Moon though. Even though we just had that large update, I'm sort of hoping Beth saved us a little surprise for the Full Moon. I'm a greedy BPAL addict........what can I say?

I haven't been here for a it's difficult to go online from work. I like the site's new look, although I had trouble logging in.
lora - c'mon and tell ussss what all you ordered, so I can live vicariously through you for awhile! I have to wait a few weeks before ordering as we've got too many visitors in town this month that are draining my bank I'm going to rely on you for reviews - HA! ....And then I'll place my order!
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