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Full Version: Sniff, sniff,mmm. What is that perfume you're wearing?
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oh my word, I'm luring monsters from under my bed. can they resist this? I'm a baked goodie waiting to be snatched up! where's my boy, anyway?
I'm sorry -- I never got your message. Can you send it again? (I think it might've gone into my trash folder) Sorry!!

end thread hijack!
voodoo_princess - yeah, definitely have to give BPAL oils a chance to dry down on the skin. It's amazing what changes they go through, no?

So yeah, I'm somewhat of a BPAL junkie now, I guess! I went perm at my place of employment and am no longer an overpaid contractor. As a last income hurrah and present to myself (and besides putting money back into my house), I ordered a set of Chakra oils and 6 imps. So now of course I have more imps than I know what to do with because I got about 17 imps in addition to all that I ordered. So far out of what I ordered I really like Bordello and Tamora on me. The Mr. really likes Bordello - described it as "deep" and "rich" and says it makes him hungry. Heh. Perversion, Belle Epoque, Zephyr, and Embalming Fluid I'm undecided on, but I definitely don't dislike any of them.

turbojenn, did you get any chakra oils yet? I'd love to discuss if you have.

Also, unrelated to the above: I have noticed that when Mean Red Grandma is in town, I am really drawn to Persephone. It even smells better in the bottle to me then than during the rest of the month.

And one last thing, non-perfume: has anyone ever had to deal with an order problem with the Trading Post? I didn't ever get my t-shirt and my email has gone unanswered. I'm sure there's a good reason but I'm not sure what to do here.

Okay, done rambling now!
amywoman there's been some sort of horrible meltdown of the trading post computer. you can find out the details in the announcements area of the forum.

ritahayworth- i *replied* to your pm, but maybe that didn't work for some reason. i'll try pm-ing your directly.
altargrrrl, thank you! I see that post from Elizabeth now. Explains much.
amy, I have two of the chakra oils #2 and #4, and I've really enjoyed using them so far. I annoint my body with them before meditation, and play some meditation music that is the sound of the chakras with singing bowls...I've got great benefit from them so far.
I have noticed that some of my oils that I have worn before, maybe smell weird on me now, or if they smelled weird in the vial, they smell great now. Has anyone else noticed this with their oils? Like today, I put on some Follow Me Boy. I have worn it plenty before and always smelled GREAT but today it just smelled REALLY funky and harsh. For some reason everything is beginning to smell like cat pee and bug spray to me!!!! After about an hour or so, the funkiness subsided and I was smelling much better. This has never happened with that scent before, or with any other one really. I mean, some of mine have smelled funky in the vial, but never on me. I was wondering if maybe it had something to do with my recent switch in soap brands? It seems to me that something like that could be possible. I have heard other BUSTIES talk about how they can't wear some oils bodily, but they can in a pendant. I just have never had this issue, especially with an oil I have worn PLENTY of times before. Any thoughts on this? I hope this is not some weird hormone thing!!!!! I don't want to smell bug spray and cat pee all the time!!!!!
voodoo_princess, are you having your period? Or has this been going on longer than that?
No period.... this has been going on for like a week or so. It started with the Aizen Myoo smelling really rank to me, but ending up ok after putting it on. Now the Follow Me Boy, which I have so been in love with up to this point, smells so bad ON ME (for about an hour or so), but smells great in the vial. It's just too strange that everything that's smelling bad to me smells like bug spray and cat pee..... I don't even own bug spray or a cat..... Like I said, I was wondering if my bath soap was maybe reacting with my oils? Maybe that's really reaching, but I am so not happy about this. I LOVE MY BPALS.... I don't want them smelling like bugg-y pee!!!!!
Did you start a new medication? That happened to me with Prilosec. All my favorites smelled horrible on me.
O started smelling like "peanut butter and jizz" and Morocco like "butterscotch lifesavers and malt liquor" and Tombstone smelled like a dentists office. Not that Tombstone was a favorite, but I tried it a year or so later and it smelled OK.

Weirdly enough, I could wear the fruity ones like Katharina when I was on it, but after that they were just too cloying.

Good luck in figuring it out!
lady ell - No medication either. I don't know what's going on. I just ordered Monsterbait-Closet, so when it comes in, IF it goes funky on me, it will be up for grabs.....
I will report back when my new order of imps come in and when my Monsterbait comes in.... got my fingers crossed, maybe all will straighten out and be smell-a-licious again!
oh, maybe I'm just SSSLLLOOOWWW but let me ask again..... is there any type of "tracking" at BPAL or is the email (you) receive when they are ready to ship, the only way you know the status of your order? I went to the "chatter" area and saw all these people talking about "click and ship" so, is that the email notification they are talking about? I've seen some really long wait times being talked about on here, so I will just remain patient on my imp order.
yes, you'll get an email notification (stupidly called click 'n' ship by the US postal service) when they print the mailing label. it usually comes on the day (or a couple of days before) they mail it. it will tell you the date on which they are going to ship it. it also has a US postal service tracking number, but that is vestigial only. the USPS only tracks express mail, not priority, like what bpal uses. however, generally speaking, USPS estimates that priority mail takes about 2-3 days to get to you (i would be more patient during holidays or if you live on the east coast).

as for tracking the order while it's being processed and filled by bpal, as far as i know, that's not really possible. the best way is to check in the click 'n' ship thread because you're supposed to post when you ordered as well as when you got your email notification. but as i complained below, that will only give you a vague idea because bpal doesn't seem to fill orders in a strictly first come first served basis. they probably fill them in that general order with some finagling due to availability of ingredients and overlap of oil use in particular orders (say filling a bunch of orders that all ordered the pit and the pendulum or all have frankincense in them). i've found hat my orders take about 3-4 weeks to be filled. that seems like a really long time to me, and i'm a really impatient person. however, i've been told that this is a recent speediness and that in the earlier days of the lab is would often take 2 or more months for an order to be filled. as far as i understand, the oils are mixed specifically for your order, they don't keep bottles of pre-mixed oils standing on shelves, so that accounts for most of the wait. also, bpal is a very small independent business. i don't think they have a huge staff or assemblyline type set up, so they can only work as fast as time and resources allow them. i'm willing to put up with that because, the hand-madeness and independentness of the product is a big part of its appeal for me. it doesn't stop me from getting all wriggly and impatient when i'm desperately waiting for an order, though!

as for orders, i got my pit and the pendulum as well as a bunch of imps. i tried pit yesterday and was a little dissapointed. it was VERY cedary, which almost drowned out the incense. and it didn't have much throw. i really loved penitence which is only incense and has tons of throw, so i guess i was expecting something more like that but darker. i'm going to keep it around and wear it and try to keep an open mind. i think i didn't like it at first because it wasn't what i was expecting. i should form an opinion on its own terms. i think i'm going to try my imp of the caterpillar today. it smells very good in the bottle.

i also got some tramp body wash from lush in the mail yesterday. i wasn't sure about the scent in the bottle, but i washed my hands with it and it smelled a lot better. i think this is a scent that will grow on me and i will eventually be unable to live without, and then i'll be really sad because, as of right now, it's discontinued (i think, that's what they told be at the SF lush store. i got mine online).
turbojenn of today, Tramp is officially gone...for good....booo-hissssss. So savor your bottle! I don't mind the discons so much, really, there's so much more to try all the time with LUSH....speaking of which, my UK group order just shipped and I should have it in a day or two! That was a *major* order....
I'm so sad about the monsters under my bed. It goes right to "Wal-Mart Carmel Candle" with my chemistry :o( I should've known, as O and Snake Oil do funny things on me as well.
oh oh.... I am nervous about my closet monsters. I do hope it does not smell funny on me.
I think the bug spray / cat pee thing I have been experiencing has maybe subsided, woohoo! I put on some Sri Lanka yesterday was was just super smell-a-licious, not even a hint of the funk! I'm going to go back through and try the others that have been funky lately and see how it goes....
double post - sorry - but I was just so excited to share my new discovery! This is going to seem OFF topic, but read on, it does tie in..... I used to be in candle sales, Gold Canyon, as a favor to a friend. I had to purchase this HUGE kit with over 100 small candle scent samples which turned out to be burnable, mini candles in tins. So, since I really don't do shows or anything, I started burning the mini candles around the house because they are just too smell-er-ific! Usually I burn them in clusters, different scents burnt together. This brings me to my point..... I have discovered a scent combo that smells just like one of my BPAL scents!!!! I can't really pinpoint, just yet, which scent it is, but it is definitely something closely resembling a BPAL scent cause I have been walking around the house all day thinking that someone had spilt (spilled?) one of my BPALS... and then I would remember the candles burning. OH, I am sooo happy. Now my whole house smells like a BPAL oil! Here is the scent combo.... (Gold Canyon) FIG, AUTUMN WALK and GARDENIA all burnt together, side by side on a plate. This gives one of the earthy, inscencey, mystical, musk-y scents.... It is so strong and so so divine. If anyone is familiar with these candles, or has any, try it out.
well, of course i had to check out the gold canyon website. i'm a yankee candle whore, but these look much nicer. gah. something else for me to spend money i don't have on!

i was just pipetting my bpals into my new roll-on vials (thanks again for the pilot vials tip, turbo!), and the mr walked in. pretty sure he thinks i'm into satanic worship now. hee.

this may sound silly, and it sure as hell sounds whiney-vain, but no one has commented on how good i smell when i wear my bpals. i think i smell heavenly, but maybe i smell like crap to everyone else? i always get compliments when i wear name brands, like 'white linen' and 'chance'. it's sort of bothering me. even tho i know it's silly-whiney-vain. as long as I love how i smell, that's all that matters.

bathed in 'eden' as we speak. last week, it was all about 'coyote'. this week, i can't get enough of 'eden'. must be a cycle thing.
Glad you're enjoying your pilot vial experience, mando! I like to take the used pipettes, and then fill a sink with hot water and then rinse them out - my whole bathroom will smell yummy for awhile from the residual oil. (I do throw out the used pipettes, though)

I really only get compliments from one person in my office, and shockingly - its the boy on our floor. This morning he came in and said that I smelled awesome, like cookies....I was wearing Midway today. YAY!

Mmm....I love me some Eden too...that's a good one. I'm really cycling out of my heavier winter scents into more light and airy scents for summer. Endymion, Pele and House of Mirrors are in heavy rotation now...
mandolyn - I don't get any remarks on my smell goodness either. As a matter of fact, when I asked my father what he thought of my Follow Me Boy, he said "Well, at least it's not patchouli. You finally smell better than dirt"..... He says patchouli smells like dirt and he hates when I wear it. At least I like my BPAL and other smells!
voodoo, it is funny that you mention that about patchouli. seems like people either LOVE LOVE it or really hate it. i happen to lurrve me some patchouli. (a whiff takes me back to my deadhead well as other good memories..but i digress)

i hate when people don't compliment my scented goodliness! i've been sticking to my old BPAL standbys: vixen and snake i have nothing new and exciting to contribute to the BPAL conversation.

i have discovered that i adore a couple of scents from l'occitane. has anyone smelled their amber and vanille? divine!
i almost never get compliments on my bpal, either. i have gotten compliments from my sister and step-dad when i wore penitence, but that's it. my boyfriend generally likes when i wear it, but he doesn't go out of his way to comment on it really.

voodoo- i forgot to mention that my snake oil smelled like bugspray when i first got it, but after aging for a little over 2 months it's now wearable, not my favorite, but wearable. perhaps it's an aging issue, either the age has changed the scents in a bad way or they need to age more.

or it could just be a weird random body chemistry thing. this has nothing to do with scent, but my body sometimes goes through periods of setting off the security alarms in stores. and then it will just as mysteriously stop. i know it's my body chemistry because it happens when i wear different clothes, carry different bags, with or without my wallet, etc. anyway, just saying weird things can happen with our bodies for seemingly no reason.
I've found that people only respond to the really obvious, heavy, vanilla-sweet stuff. Snake Oil, Snake Charmer, Midway, Dragon's Milk, O, Honey I Washed the Kids (LUSH, not BPAL), etc.

Basically I mainly get compliments on Snake Charmer. People say the weirdest things about it though - "You smell good! Like flowers!"

What? No I don't! I smell good, but definitely not like flowers! I think folks just don't know how to describe smells very well if they're not used to it. My officemate said I smelled good, like a snuffed-out candle. So I sent her to the BPAL website, since I think she'd be totally into it.

Am back to wearing that sample of Padparadascha today. I realized the gross smell was due to my favorite new EARRINGS (still not sure what to do about this) that was making them smell like That Musk Smell, not the perfume. It wasn't like piercing-funk smell, it was the earrings themselves. I think it's the enamel or glue or something, I don't know. I don't know what to do! They're my favorites! But they're stinky!
I heard a rumor that Carnaval Noir will come back in summertime. Is that true?

I also don't usually get compliments on my BPAL except from the Mr. (and I'm also always telling him to smell me, so that doesn't count), but I think I also don't wear enough to get a lot of throw. I don't want people smelling me a whole lot as I'm trying to be very sensitive to that. My goal is to let me smell it and anyone who is about close enough to, say, sit right next to me or give me a hug or something.

eta: I have noticed people standing closer to me when I wear certain scents however. :-)
lady ell - could you try and put your earrings in an alcohol bath for a day or shouldn't hurt the jewels, and might just relieve you of the funk. You're definitely right in that I get the most compliments on scents with vanilla and sweet stuff...

Yup, there will be a Carnaval series again this summer, but new scents! I can't wait - I adored many of the scents from last summer - Snake Charmer, Midway and House of Mirrors are in my top five favorite scents still...
So no Snake Charmer again this time around? I loves me some Snake Charmer and was too slow when it passed through this last time. Ah, eBay for me, I guess.
it won't be called carnaval noir, but there will be a new set of carnie scents! i believe that they'll all be new, since there was a 'one last visit' so recently.

right now, it's been kinda warm here, and i've been all about the toxin (which, to me, is a herbal-citrus scent.. very clean)
amywoman - talula9 on BPAL forum has some Snake Charmer 5ml available (updated 4/24/06) for $15.00 and takes PayPal / CC......
In case you are interested.
ritahayworth - I think the Halloween imps might have got lost in transit but that's ok. I would have emailed but my address book got wiped out. Drop me an email sometime if you like.
Thanks, voodoo_princess! I may have to grab that.
to feel dangerous/sexy, I'm wearing smut today. gawd, what a flat-out great scent.
Everyone - I just remembered something I have been meaning to mention. I don't know about everyone else, but when I get my BPAL orders in, I just want to smell each and every scent right then but sometimes I can't get one scent out of my nose and it mingles with the next scent and so on, so I really wasn't getting a good idea of the scent of each individual oil. Than I remembered this little trick I used when I was doing candle sales. I have what's called a Smeller Dispeller and it was part of my candle kit. It is a small tin of whole coffee beans. What you do is take a whiff of the coffee beans AFTER each individual scent you are wanting to smell and the coffee beans "cleanse the pallet" (that's what it says on my tin but I'm sure they meant PALATE...) so you are "fresh" for the next scent and there is nothing to mingle and contaminate the next scent. It works really well, so now I use it when I get my new BPALs so I can smell each one and not get my scents mixed (in my nose). Just a thought there, in case anyone else wants to try it.
click'n'ship for my underpants!!!! squee!!!

voodoo princess- that's a really good idea. the last order i recieved had an imp pack and a bunch of frimps and they definitely started smelling all the same. probably didn't help that i kept getting oil on my fingers (i hate those freakin' imp stoppers).
I've got white rabbit on and -- eww -- something in my makeup today is kicking the honey into high gear, to poor effect. I might just have to scrub it off and slap on some dorian to make up for it...
Turbojenn, a long time ago you wrote that you wished Lush made an American Cream perfume. You might already know this, but there was a Lush forum perfume batch and AC was one of the scents ... try eBay or the Lush swap forum and you might be able to pick some up.
Oh yeah, I know there's an AC forum only perfume...but I'm simply not willing to pay the price on ebay for it...they're doing a forum discontinued round for North America soon soon soon, so I'm crossing my fingers that they might have a couple specials in there for us perfume lovers....thanks for the tip thought!

beth spoils us with how wonderful and affordable bpal is!
Yes, the eBay prices were outrageous! Some Lushies have sold/swapped decants, that's how I picked up Fever.
Hey--anyone know when the June LEs are going to go up and if June Gloom will be included?

I am a little too intimidated by the forum right now. Thanks!
I've gotten hardcore into Lush now that BPAL has broken my "if I can't get it in three days, I don't want it" mentality :-)

I've been lurking and even posting a bit on the Lush forums and I have some questions I'm too shy to ask there--

*When they say "on the international forums," is there a specific international forum space or are they referring to the forum linked from the UK Lush site?

*I think that the whole voting on discontinued rounds means that whatever the winners are, they'll bring it back for a limited time along with possibly a forum exclusive or two. Am I right?

*It seems that right now they are at the voting to figure out how to vote stage and not the actual vote itself. Am I correct in that assumption?
pagan - welcome to yet another financially debilatiting addiction! Yup, the international forum is the UK's, to the best of my knowledge. We'll be voting on discons in the next week - it will show up on the forum index page - orders be placed sometime later, and will mostly likely have to be called in, rather than ordering from the site. We'll each be able to vote for three products. That's as much as we know right now - Andrew is posting everytime there's an update, so watch the forum.
MMMMmmmmm...... lovin' me some La Petit Mort today..... smells so different now from when I got it and I must say it ages well..... I'll have to get more soon.... MMMMmmmmmm, divine!
Wheeeee! I just got my Dragon Moon Tee in the mail this afternoon, and it is *so* beautiful! I think this might be my favorite one yet...but I think I always say that! ;)
where are my underpants?! the click'n'ship says it was mailed on friday. we are in the same state. i could have driven down there and picked it up my self by now!!! i fucking hate the USPS!

and speaking of lush, i don't think that tramp is discontinued after all. it's back up on the website and i can't find it on any of the cut lists. i think they were originally going to, and it has been been in the UK, but i gathered that individual countries can argue to keep certain products that sell well for them. i guess that we in the US just like smelling like hippy forest fairies. it's a good thing that they aren't discontinuing it, because my boyfriend tried it the other day and liked it. he tends to be rather slathering in his use of shower gel, so i know it's going to go quickly.
WOOHOO!!!! a CnS for my 4/4 imp order and a package from the lovely turbojenn all in one day!!!!!! I am sooooo happy!!!!! Now, if only my nose wasn't snuffed up so I could smell some of these yummy yum yums from tj..... Thanks so so so much turbojenn! Did you get the Minerals yet? The posty said it should be by the end of this week...... let me know. Thanks again!
Check out this pretty little journal book I found to keep track of all my BPAL orders, wishlists etc etc. Isn't it pretty? It just screamed "perfect for BPAL" when I saw it.

Still hoping the stuffy nose goes away soon! I wanna smell my new goodies! :-(
voodoo - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I'm loving the mineral makeup so far!! Gonna do some more reading on it this weekend, but I'm definitely sold on this stuff! Enjoy your new sniffies and luscious journal!
Welcome welcome turbojenn! Enjoy enjoy!
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
lotus moon update is live unusually early. in addition to the lunacy, there's an unpronounceable oil for summer solstice that sounds really nice and... a whole new GC section based on scent responses to art. one in particular is calling out to me. but it's rather on the expensive side ($23 for a 5ml, no 10ml, no imps). but i want it!!! i'm seriously low on cash though, and i have 2 outstanding orders. i guess i could put it on credit. i'm such a bad person.

on a happier note: my underpanties have finally arrived. i haven't yet tried it out, but it smells lovely in the bottle. kind of carmely, but with an underlying spice. i'll report when i've given it a full testing.

oh, and this is a total thread derail, but i'm a huge bare minerals fan. if you even kind of like them, turbojenn, i would invest in a starter kit so that you can get the brushes (and it comes with an instructional video that i watched an only kind of follow, but it's good for giving you a general idea of what to do and how much to use). i use the concealer brush to cover blemishes, scars, and redness, and then use the kabuki brush to give overall coverage. the medium size brush i use to very lightly apply the warmth. and then i use the kabuki again to apply a light layer of mineral veil. seriously, i've never had such natural looking coverage for my deadly pale skin, and it doesn't break me out like liquid foundation does. i love bare minerals!!!
Ach, Beth has created such beauty this month - "And there was a great cry in egypt" is calling my name....but thank maude its a GC, as I cannot indulge just this moment....I need to go to Sephora, after all!

I think I am going to go for the starter kit - its worth the price just to get the brushes. Turboman even came home last night and noticed how great my skin looked - and he didn't know I'd gotten the minerals yet! Amazing stuff! And yes, I have quite pale skin too, and the coverage and natural look is amazing.

As for bpal, I am currently switching it up between my beloved SMUT, Midway and Endymion. Endymion is such a perfect springtime scent. I love the pear on top, but then I smell like lilies of the valley, which just make me happy and reminds me of the house I grew up in which had a whole hillside full of the lilies. The scent isn't very long-lasting on me, but I'm happy to reapply.
that's the one i want, too! but i guess i should follow your good example and sit tight for a bit. at least until i get my first pay check from my summer job (end of may, i think). and even the solstice oil is available until june 1st, so i can wait a bit to decide on that one, too. *sigh*

i tried the monsterbait: underpants last night, and it is really nice. not terribly foody, although the boy did say he wanted to eat me. i was afraid that the sandalwood would take over, as it was the first note to come out strongly when wet (and it totally took over when i tried my imp of velvet last week), but as it dried down everything balanced very nicely. it really was a nice mix of vanilla, sandalwood, and saffron. i think the rum was giving it a slightly caramel kind of note, as opposed to the kind of vanilla smell in snake oil, which i find rather plastic.

my new love is morocco. it's everything that i wished snake oil was going to be, but isn't: spicy, warm, vanilla, musk. too bad i can't afford a big bottle right now. that imp's going to go fast!
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