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Full Version: Don't Underestimate Drugs' Excellence
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no problem.

what do people think about legalizing drugs? About the drug war, etc? Just curious.....Do you think certain drugs should be legal? Decriminalized?
What is wrong with me?

I smoked DMT for the first time the other day and I got a body high but nothing else. I figured this was normal because I always psych myself out when I try a new drug. My subconscious is really good at completely blocking the effects of a drug if I'm nervous enough about it.

But then the next day I dropped acid and just got a body high. A couple hours later I dosed again and still nothing. My boyfriend, who has done LSD way more than me, had the same amount of the same kind and he was spun.

Then I ate a mushroom and once again, only a body high.

This is insane! How could that have happened? I was really pissed when the acid didn't work on me because it was such a gorgeous day, I was at a festival, and getting pretty jealous. I wasn't really looking to trip my head inside out, but I definitely wanted more than a freaking body high. Even smoking pot didn't really help, and I pretty much never smoke pot.

And it's not like I had a tolerance or something because I hadn't done acid in a year. I know it seems like all I do is drugs, based on this thread, but I really only do them in the summer and even then I'm usually way too busy working.

Oh and I had a cup of coffee, which helped my constipation a little, but cocaine really did the trick. haha.
I know this was discussed ages ago, but has anyone experienced kava before? I've been reading up on it and it seems that it would provide a nice fuzzy feeling ideal for sharing with friends any family. I did notice that the product is sold in many forms and I was curious as far as getting the most bang for my buck, so to speak.
I've checked erowid, but the experiences were so diverse (and many non-specific) that I have only a limited idea on what to expect and what works.
I've tried Kava. It's best bought in powder form, then brewed into a strong tea. You really have to make it strong to feel anything, and what you feel is a warm numbness to your mouth and a clear mellowness. It's no funky ride or anything. It's good for sitting around and discussing things, though. That, and doing homework. It makes you able to concentrate really well. Perhaps it reduces mental noise from tension?

You'll also find that it tastes awful. It's like drinking soap water. You could try to mask it. The Polynesians will mix in coconut juice for that. It doesn't really mask it, though. Just picture whatever concoction you made up to mask it having an Ivory soap bar brewing in it, and you can picture the flavor.

It sounds like a bad pitch, but I'd do it again with friends for hanging out and chatting. It's good for that. The Polynesians use it at tribal meetings.

Oh, and sorry to hear about your non-trip, Hellotampon sad.gif That's frustrating. I hope your next experience makes up for it.
a friend of mine used to always have fresh powder kava and used to dole it out to friends who couldn't sleep. Sometimes i put a little kava tincture in a big glass of water when i can't sleep and it usually works for me. tinctures don't taste so bad in a big glass of water or a strong cup of tea, but the powder can be kinda gross. once we put a bunch of powder in some spiced rum and sat around talkin all night-i felt really relaxed and chill but that coulda been the rum or something. you couldn't taste it.
This may already have been addressed but I haven't bothered to dig through all the posts in this thread yet.

FJ and I each took a half a pill of ecstasy over the weekend with some friends. Had a spectacular time. Truly. But the last couple of days we've been sort of emotionally detached. From my own perspective I've been ambivalent or indifferent to pretty much everything. Neither of us has been our usual selves. Is that a common after-effect of taking X or is it just some mood swing that coincidentally happened afterwards? I'd like to know whether this is something we should expect to have to manage if and when we do it again.
ok, i supposedly tried E, but everyone tells me oh that wasn't E, that was speed. it was ok but not "spectacular" or anywhere close. But, the next few days i was really depressed, disconnected, just kinda numb feeling. everything was just really blah. i think this is normal after taking it. i've heard other people say the same thing. it kinda makes sense, after you have that big of an up, you gotta come down. i couldn't eat for like 2 days, was so BORED nothing was interesting. finally i was able to eat. and felt like i could feel again, but it took a couple of days. for me, the depression was so bad and the experience wasn't htat great, so it wasn't worth it.
hey mr fj, that's a 'come down'. (It's kind of known that you have a 'wednesday feeling' - cos it comes 4 days after a saturday night out.) If you'd taken more than a half a pill you may have felt a little down, more than just 'meh', and there's a supplement that you can take to counter it. I'll have to come back to you on the specs- it's a whole bunch of letters that I can't remember. But I'm glad ya'll had a good time.

*pop* goes my bust cherry.
thanks for responding, butterfly.

it's funny you mention the wednesday effect. i was "out of it" the very next day and for the next couple of days, whereas mrfj felt fine until about monday night/tuesday following. (we'd taken it on a friday, so that timeline follows well).

i'm not sure if i liked the experience enough to deal with the come-down. the come down is basically the reason that i don't do coke anymore. i didn't feel nearly the guilt or the ickiness that i always felt when coming off the coke, but i haven't decided about this.

the friends that gave it to us told us about the supplement. maybe if i took that, it would help. or maybe just knowing and preparing for the inevitable come-down would make it feel better. as it was, we were at a strange home, hanging with people that we'd only met twice and i just felt very "off" for lack of a better word for it. i was very introverted and distant and just not really feeling anything at all.
Yeah- that'd be it....
The supplement is called 5htp, and is a mix of valerian, and b12 apparently. I don't know- I prefer a bloody mary and a sanguine attitude.

It doesn't have the same feeling of anxiety as coke, and is more delayed which can fool ya. Like i said I guess it depends on how much you're taking etc, but the come down can range from meh, to ugh.

I do think that knowing that that's what's happening helps- tho my friend was just saying that he always thinks "No. This time i actually do hate everyone and everything and it isn't just a come down it's actually YOU". Which is why he passes on it now.

Only you can decide whether it's worth it, but I think mdma can be a lot of fun.

I was so going to come into the bust lounge being edumacated and interesting, and yet here i am advocating drugs. Figures. rolleyes.gif
I'm on a different page than FJ on this. I think I can deal with the trough if I know what's behind it and that it's only temporary. I don't think it's something I'd want to get carried away with but I can see myself goofing off with it once or twice more.
I don't take it anymore (different social circles) but I took E sporadically over a few years. For me, the comedowns were mostly okay and were balanced by the fun I had on the night. The worst thing I used to feel was achy muscles after dancing my ass off. However, I only ever took a half at a time and as I never took it regularly my tolerance for it never built up. The single time I had a bad comedown it was awful; I rang people to make sure I wasn't going crazy. However, at that time I was in a shitty place anyway and was generally very unhealthy and unhappy, so I think my state of mind significantly contributed to the comedown.

I think butterfly is right; if you know what's happening and why it's easier to ride it out. I found the subsequent loss of appetite the most disconcerting; it meant you couldn't do the comfort food thing as you would with a hangover.
yeah, i should add-i had major depression at the time that wasn't treated, so i think for me my comedown was probably worse, and scarier to me since i already had problems with depression.

friends would just take something to knock them out for awhile, to get through the worst of it...
I've only taken E 3 or 4 times, and the first time, the comedown was really hard for a few hours. I was anxious, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't finish a thought. But it was alright because the night before was the best night of my life. haha. The rest of the day I was kind of dead but for the next week or so I experienced an afterglow.

The second time I did it the pill was shitty and I totally don't even remember coming down. I think I slept it off. Nothing memorable about the high or the comedown or the aftermath- literally. I don't remember.

The last time I did it, I came down around dinnertime and my body felt horrible the rest of the night. I didn't have an appetite for a few days and it took about a week and a half after that for me to feel an emotion, which kind of sucked because my boyfriend's moods bounced back right away. I tend to be a depressive person though.

So- one person, 3 different pills, 3 totally different reactions.
huh. i don't think i've ever even heard of the 'come-down' or the 'wednesday' thing.

then again, i always did coke a few hours after taking a hit of E. maybe that countered ... something? always out of it the next day. and maybe for a few days, but i figured that was mainly due to lack of sleep & alcohol consumption.

then again, i never was an E-lovah. reminded me too much of shrooms and acid. (it probably IS acid, right? i have no idea). i've always preferred drugs i can 'control'. plus it made me constantly feel like i had to pee. not horny. pee-y.
See, I loved E. I still think, for me, it is the best drug I've taken. It's lighter and more positive than alcohol and it was great for dancing. I'm a decent dancer now solely because of my E-fuelled clubbing days.

People (including me) did tend to talk a lot of bollocks while on it, but that's true of booze and coke too. The one thing I didn't like was that it could be a little hard to control. I once took a half Friday and another Saturday and came close to losing it... I felt like I was blowing a fuse in my head, kind of like a pot-smoking 'whitey'. That was the only time I experienced that though.

I would usually have a few alcoholic drinks while on E but also drank water. I think drinking with E is generally not recommended. Didn't seem to harm me though.

I also didn't get any sexual feelings on it at all, but loved it if anyone rubbed my back etc. I was an amenable little E-taker. cool.gif
I kind of think that everyone is different, and as Hellotampon said, every pill is different too, so I guess it all kind of depends on a bunch of factors.

Ecstacy is 'meant' to be MDMA (methylene..dioxsomethingchemistrystuff..amphetamine) but often pills can be mixed with other compounds. Which can change the effect, and/or can be dangerous.

MDMA artificially increases the production of serotonin in your brain, which makes you feel great. (and also contributes to feeling a little shady after, although I think Mandolyn's right, and some of that's to do with general partying)

Although I'm not an expert, I would imagine that if your serotonin levels are a little out of whack, it might not be too great for you.

I'd pretty much second what Sybarite said, and also, yeah, not 'horny', but I would say I'd feel sensual.

I might not have completely grown out of it.
I just stumbled across this in Sept. issue of Alternative Medicine, and thought I should share it:

First things first: Smoke in your lungs, especially smoke from cigarettes, does a number on your respiratory and cardiovascular health. But the latest findings of Dr. Donald Tashkin and his team of researches from the University of California, Los Angeles throw a monkey wrench at the steadfast belief that marijuana smoke causes lung and other cancers.

At The American Thoracic Society International Conference, held in San Diego, CA, the team reported that smoking marijuana, even every day, does not trigger lung, bronchial, tracheal, esophageal, laryngeal, pharyngeal, or oral cancer. In fact, the pot users in the study had slightly lower lung cancer rates than normal. The para-doxical findings contradict the notion that since marijuana has higher concentrations of certain carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes, pot smoking must lead to cancer. Tashkin and his colleagues hypothesize that the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may ultimately kill aging or damaged cells before they become cancerous. Ironically, much of Tashkin's funding came from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, and he himself long believed, from three decades of research, that marijuana contributed to lung and other cancers. He's changed his mind on that, but at the conference still admonished "It's never a good idea to take anything in to your lungs, including marijuana smoke"

So to that I say, bust out your vaporizers biggrin.gif

Yaaay! I finally did a drug of some sort again! It's been too long. Anyway, I just tried a whippet for the first time this week for my birthday. It was very, very brief, but good for a laugh. Man, those cartridges sure don't hold much.

I sorely, sorely, sorely miss pot, but I don't want to get kicked out of the carpenter's apprenticeship program, and I've been piss tested six times already this year :/ Every time I get a new job... Why can't I find gainful employment with great benefits in some kind of artistic free-spirit community or something? *sigh* I miss my hookah.
I'm sure this has been asked here a hundred times but I need to know quick! Just got offered a job that I really need and now they want to do a drug screen. Shit! Was a regular pot-head for the past year or so but have recently quit (due to job hunting). I think the last time was maybe 2 weeks ago, and that was probably like 2 hits, and before that I hadn't smoked for maybe 2 more weeks. I have to do the drug test on Thursday. I'm 5'2" and about 125lbs. If I drink a ton of water between now and Thursday do you think I'll pass?? Is there anything I can do/drink/eat etc. that will help?
So it's pretty much been a month of not smoking... I would say you're alright. Since THC is fat-soluble maybe a lot of excersize would help by burning fat? I'm not really sure about that though.
I went to a place today and got a little test... After drinking about half a gallon of water in half an hour I almost peed my pants while waiting for the guy to ring it up! I raced over to a gas station, grabbed a paper coffee cup and booked it to the bathroom. The test was negative, luckily! I'm about 99% confident that it's reliable... Guess we'll see on Thursday!
Lorewolf, are you in the states? If so, I'd reccomend Whole Foods. I work there, and they don't drug test unless they have reason to (like you show up to work visibly high).
Hmm... smile.gif Thanks, Brett. I have a brother-in-law who is a buyer for that industry, and he tokes all he wants on his own time. I dig cooking, too, so whole foods does interet me. I'm not nearly the salesman that he is, so I'd need to check out other positions, but I'll ask him if he knows of something that would be a match for me. Otherwise, I'm sure hoping a patent I'm working on takes off.

Little Idiot, you totally hepled me realize what the grocery store cashier was trying to do when he said that he and his friend tried drinking a gallon of water in half an hour and puked. He never explained WHY they tried to do that, but trying to pass the piss test sure makes sense.

At the piss test, it's really hard to not flush the toilet afterward. We're so hard-wired to flush after going, my hand just reaches for the lever on its own accord. Stepping out of the bathroom without flushing just feels wrong, too. I feel like apologising to the test-giver or something, or I need extra reassurance that it's what I'm supposed to do.
Hey lorewolf-

There is an additive called "Urine Luck" which has worked for me several times. Just for ganja, though. When I was getting tested, I would add this to my urine and my tests would come out clean. You have to keep it warm (next to your body) before you add it to your urine and I wouldn't know whether to trust it or not if you are a heavy toker, but for a light user, it should work fine. I got it a a head shop when I lived in Eugene, but you can get it online. Google it.

Sybarite, et al... I've taken E on three or four occasions now and while each episode has had varying euphoric intensities each time there's been a pretty intense comedown for me following a lag of 2-3 days. Newton's Third Law of Ecstasy, I guess. Very elated for a day, then a lull, then a crash. I'm in the grips of a fairly rough comedown right now. It's difficult to articulate but I'd call it a significant emotional trough - like a temporary irrational melancholy - with marked hypersensitivity in my dealings with people. I take things out of context and allow poorly processed cognitions to dictate my mood. Someone didn't return a phone call right away... why is he being such a dick? Stuff like that. I'm aware, however, during these bouts that I am being irrational and that helps me control my reactions to things I may be processing wrong. It's not anything that's necessarily unique to the ecstasy. I mean, I trough every now and then anyway but I've noticed that so far it happens every time I take it. Sort of makes me wonder if it's really worth it if I can count on having this reaction every time.
Ooh, I'm glad to see that a few of you are already on the topic of E. Is anyone here on anti-depressants and has tried taking ecstasy?

I took two tablets tonight and I really didn't feel that high. I'm on 10 mg of Celexa (which is an SSRI) a day and I didn't take any today or the day before cause I thought that would help but apparently it didn't make much difference.

I did it with a friend and after about an hour and a half and one pill she said she could definitely feel the effects. I finally took a second pill and even then I didn't feel that high, meanwhile she was dancing all night! I just felt a bit chatty.

Another factor I was wondering about was the amount of food in my stomach. My friend had a pretty empty stomach whereas I had eaten a plate of macaroni and cheese, most of a donut and half of a caramel apple.

Sorry for the length but does anyone have any reason why the E hardly affected me at all? (with the exception of the fact that it's 5am and I'm not that tired)
Taking something on a full stomach slows absorption, so it makes it a little weaker, but I would say more than anything, it it was the SSRIs since they act on serotonin, like E. This is my very rudimentary understanding: MDMA causes large quantities of our serotonin to be released, and the reuptake inhibitors in the meds hold it in the synapse for a while before letting it back into the neuron again. So there is more serotonin floating around in your brain, but it's still controlled, so the E doesn't really work. Celexa's half life is 35 hours (I'm not a freak- I just know this because I used to take it myself), so I don't think 2 days of not taking it would be long enough to clear out your system.
thanks hellotampon. I guess I shouldn't say that it didn't have any effect on me. I mean, even the next day one of my friends noticed that I was still very chatty. And for most of the night when I was on it, I couldn't shut up. I guess it was just weird because it affected my friend in the way that made her feel like dancing all night. Anyway, I don't know if I'll do it again cause yesterday the comedown was very shitty. But I'm fine today!

i searched the thread for acid, and couldn't find anything. I took one and a morsel of a sugar cube almost thirty hours ago. I had a blast! I was kind of nervous, because i am on lexapro and haven't experimented with anything besides weed and alcohol. But I have great friends, some of who are experts on this and we took care of each other and made lots of cool art.

The problem is, i am still antsy and cannot sleep (the night of the day after) I'm not surrounded by friends so our energy is not bouncing off each other rapidly, but I'm still feeling a bit strange. Like, when I close my eyes and try to relax I still get the billions of thoughts bumping around in my head and it's really really difficult to even sit still.

I'm wondering if even a few days after coming down, people can still feel a bit weird. It's not really a sad or down feeling, just excessive energy and a bit of anxiety because I cannot relax when I try.

i don't plan to take it again anytime soon, but i'm curious to hear anybody's thoughts if there are any.


back when i used to take acid, i would always block out 3 days in my calendar. not that i couldn't function-- i could-- but i needed to remind myself that however i was feeling was an acid hangover. most acid now days has speed in it, so that's what all that nervous tension is. also be aware that you might experience some depression on that third day, or even the fourth (my depression usually started on the 3rd, but disappeared within a day or two.) the detachment you are feeling (or weirdness) is also the speed.

one trick i learned since i hate being wired but tired all night is to take the acid first thing in the morning. that way by 11pm or 12 i had come down and was settled enough to get a little shut eye.
My friends would generally do anything from more drugs (nitrous oxide or weed) to valerian tea to ease the active mind. The tea can help calm your mind but it might be hard to find. You could probably get a tincture. Anyway, yes, this is what happens to some of us--you have to be patient and trust that everything will return to normal but it's a slow return. And I would always call people who help me put myself back together, from parents to old friends. They don't have to know what's going on but it can be a nice time to recollect some stories and re-anchor yourself in the world.
Yeah, if you have something to help you sleep, or like xanax or something to calm yourselves down. when i did E i felt similarly-no thoughts, but just couldn't sleep at all. then i got so depressed for a few days-it was scary. I wish I'd had something to make the hangover smoother.

I have a ? about shrooms-how much should you do your first time? Me and the boy want to do them but don't know how much we should try. We're both around 6 ft 200 lbs. Any thoughts? Also, would it be best to stay inside or go outside whilst on them? And what about after-effects of it?
thanks maddy and girltrouble. I am trying to eat and took a multivitamin and some ibuprofin and am drinking chamomile tea.

maddy-- i recommend a "kiddie pool" aproach.
when you are learning to swim don't go in the 20' end, start at the kiddie pool.
perhaps it's a bit cautious, but my rule of thumb for ANY DRUG, is to research it first, then take about 1/4th the usual dose supervised (ie, with a sober friend present). that way you can get the general effects and note any side effects/problems and know what to expect without getting in over your head. be sure to also follow the 3 day rule. take note of as much as you can about it's effect on you.from there go for a single dose-- never more-- the first time. from there you can make your own call.

hey, maddy - i called in the reinforcements for you: mrfj did so many shrooms in his collegedays that he can hardly stomach the ones from the grocery store... i'm sure he'll have some good advice for ya! wink.gif
thanks GT and FJ! i was the sober friend once, and my poor little roommate ate way too many and it was kinda scary.

that's kinda what i was thinking gt-take a little sample dose and see how it is, before trying a "real" dose.

waiting for the expert to weigh in.....

Hey, Maddy. Anything I know about mushrooms is limited to the variety that grows in Central Florida which, as FJ rightly pointed out, I did WAY too many of in college. Perhaps they are the same kind that grow in your local cow pastures but I wouldn't take that for granted. Obviously, the first thing I would suggest is that if you are going to pick them yourself make damn sure you know what you're doing as the consequences are unpleasant to consider. Assuming that you're all set in that department I'd recommend starting with less rather than more. You can always gobble down more later if you need more oomph. On the other hand, if you do too many out of the gate it can get ugly quickly and once you start down that path you're helplessly strapped in for the next 4 or 5 hours which can seem like an eternity of insane panic. Not fun. If you can, have someone you trust babysit you in case you need to be soothed out of an anxiety attack although your first go-round will probably be wonderful. So wonderful that you may want to do them again, right away. Be careful with that. The first few times will be spectacular but the wonderfulness tends to diminish with each use and the more you try to get that superbuzz back the less super it gets until, after a few month's routine of regular use, you are left scarfing down cupfuls of grape flavored shroom-aid with only depressing evenings of grungy and wholly negative introspection to show for it. That was my experience, anyhow.

Anyway, definitely do them outside somewhere if you can in the mid-afternoon. Have someone drive you to a state park or some such place of natural beauty when the air is not too warm. Along the way, roll down the windows and turn up the radio. Walk through the woods for a couple of hours and goof off like a couple of kids trying to be be silly when the teacher's not looking. Wear yourselves out laughing at stupid shit and running around the woods, then by the time the effects start to wear off you'll be able to get some sleep at a reasonable hour.
I haven't eaten shrooms in a few years but when i did I always took half of 1/8 and I'm 5'4" 110 lbs. The last time I ate them I took a whole eighth and I freaked out. Wasn't tripping that hard but it was very mental and I basically just had an anxiety attack for 5 hours. BUT this was in the late fall when my seasonal depression was starting to kick in and I get anxiety during that time of year anyway. Plus I had eaten E the weekend before that, and tried acid for the first time the week before THAT, so it was a bad idea all around and looking back I'm not surprised.
Maddy, I'm not sure about the setting issue that Mr. FJ suggested. If you are really into nature, it can be glorious and if you are inside you will feel drawn outside. But one of my friends, a city girl, freaked out the first time she did them outside because nature can be very lush and overwhelming. (she thought the trees were going to attack!) I prefer to be outside but close encough to home (or some safe inside space) that I can go if I feel like it. It comforts me to have options. If you drive to the desert or whatever, you might change your mind, and, unless you have a sitter, you could feel stuck. But that's just my thing. the other thing you might do, if you are high anxiety, is just visualize before hand having a great trip. You don't have to imagine what it looks like, but just confirm to yourself that you are safe and happy and ready for what comes. As for the dosage, if you are fortunate to be supplied with them through experts you could find out what kind they are and determine the dosing that way. There are websites like erowid that might have that info. It will be a blast!!
you're a life saver. i was thinking about taking shrooms with a friend of mine, and i had no idea what to take. but i'm 5' 4" and about 110 too.
you rule.
i'm thinking i'll take less though my first time. i don't want to freak out. i tend to be quite a lightweight. whether it's alcohol or weed.
Wow. No one has posted in here in a long time.
Well, this weekend, my partner and I went to Harbin Hot Springs, which is super hippy and up in the hills with tons of hiking trails and pools etc.
We were actually meeting my ex-bf and his new girlfriend (who is awesome and i now have a serious crush on - but that's another story). The ex happens to have a fairly impressive pharmacopia, so we were set. I have never had such a crazy fun weekend in my life.
We took acid on the first full day around 3:30pm and it was beautiful, mellow and smooth. We took a long hike, then all ended up in their room for hours of 4-way, half naked snuggling, which I have to say, was about the best feeling in the world.
We also took small amounts of GHB throughout the night, which is quite a pleasant thing. At some point in the middle of the night, maybe around mid-night, we went to the warm pools and I had a major spiritual experience where time slowed down and I could watch and weigh each moment as they arose and see how much choice we actually have in those moments to experience and influence ourselves and each other. It was really beautiful.
This was my second a-trip and was much mellower in comparison. The first was at Burning Man and was quite mind-blowing. Did you know clouds form in fractal patterns? I do now. Beautiful.
Anyone else have any recent experiences to share?
Ever since my christmas holidays i've turned into such a huuuuuuge pothead. I think the only reason I wasn't before was because I didn't know anyone who liked to smoke up as much as me. Then I ran into someone I knew 5 years ago in May, and by October we became best friends. Whenever we hang out we smoke up. We both keep saying how great it is to have a female friend who smokes as much as we do.

A couple of months ago I found mushrooms in the back of my underwear drawer. They had been there for 3 years, but they were tightly wrapped in a plastic bag in the cool dark drawer with no signs of mold. After ensuring (via the old reliable interweb) that they should be safe but may had lost potency. I only took the shrooms from this batch once and I didn't remember feeling much so I was skeptical they'd do much. But me and my boyfriend made tea and oh my god, they were awesome. We had crazy sex that was so hot. It was great. I just bought some more but I'm saving them for the summer.
Y'know, I quit smoking weed for reals about three years ago. I smoked the odd bit here & there since then. But the strain of being home & dealing with all the shit has had me high pretty frequently. I'd been smoking Mex ditch weed until I went home & scored some good shit. Goooood shit. I am high as fuck & jacked into my iPod listenin' to Prince. "Ah ah was all I heard, I'm not gonna let the elevator break us down . . . "
I go through these little binges where I like to smoke a lot, then I'll stop for a while. Mmmm weedtastic.
I'm in one of those binges right now. it is so f-ing hard to get good pot in new orleans. you'd wouldn't think that, right? i mean, i can find dirty schwag anywhere and coke is in 80% of the bars, but no good pot! i finally got some and it's been a mighty haze ever since. erinjane, i know what you mean about finding girls that smoke! i don't have a single female friend here that smokes and i always end up hanging with a bunch of dudes.

about 5 years ago i went to europe with my lady-friends. we were in amsterdam and honestly, it felt like couples and dudes and that was it. there were no big groups of stoner girls, which kind of surprised me. we used to sit in coffee shops, get totally geeked out of our minds and drink 50 or so mini bottles of looza pear juice. those were the days. we'd look around the coffee shop, feeling very paranoid and realize we were surrounded by dudes. there might be one, kinda butch white dreddy (sp?) girl representing, but we would be the only chicks (it felt like) for miles around.

now, it's just me, my pipe and my cat. oh yeah, and 5 or 6 episodes of law and order. something about that theme music is hypnotizing when you're high.

i can't eat mushrooms anymore. they make me stupid. i think my hallucigen days are over. but if given the opportunity to candy flip, one more time, in the right environment, i think i would definetly do it.
Here I can get meth & coke in an instant, but good weed is hard to find. I love this weed!

I guess that only girl I know here that smokes up is my cousin's fiance. And she's annoying. Other than that this is one stoned-ass sausage-fest.

Once I was tripping . . . ovaries . . . watching L&O & I actually started to think I was being interrogated. I kept muttering, "Charge me or kick me loose. Charge me or kick me loose. Charge me or kick me loose", until my friend distracted me.

I've always liked hallucinogens. It's like somebody gave you a magic key & you're eight years old again. I only ever had one bad experience with them, well, two. Acid once that was way too strong & had me rolling for 36hrs+ & some shrooms in Amsterdam that made me lose feeling in my arms.

I'm going to have to third this deal about not finding many women who smoke. I know a few who do, two of them are married and live outside the centre I live in. The third lives on the opposite end of town. I prefer getting high with guys. I find the conversationg a lot more intimate.

I can usually get solid weed here. It's pretty rediculous. Evidently we have nothing better to do here than get high. A friend of mine can get organic Jamaican. It ws fucking rediculous. No munchies either. And when him and I fucked him on it. I've never EVER had an orgasm like that. We came at the same time, and I just kept on cumming and cumming. It was fucking amazing.

AP, Erin and DJ, i'd love to smoke with all of you!
oh i LOVE getting stoned and masturbating or having sex! my bf gets really lethargic when he smokes though, so it makes me feel like a junky when i'm like, 'hey, let's fool around, but i'm going to hit this pipe first!'

'charge me or kick me loose,' bwahahahaha!

a bustie smoke session would be fantabulous

my close group of lady friends are all major stoners, though it seems that alot of us only smoke when we're together. we've all got these semi-professional lives, which don't prohibit smoking, but they aren't conducive to it.

i've never really seriously dated a stoner guy either! i've only had one or two boyfriends that smoked as much as me. another reason i felt like a junky. especially if i'm just going to settle in to watch a stupid movie and eat french fries with my boyfriend. if i were by myself, i'd probably smoke a bowl. i guess it's weird to just smoke in front of some one, even if they don't give a shit and aren't judging you.
I find that I have stages when I get stoned.

CH's stage of Stone.

1. Fuck am I high. This occurs right after I've smoked.
2. Woooow, am I horny, you dirty girl. If I'm with someone, I'll fuck them, if I'm on my own, I'll fuck me.
3. he heeeee that's funny.
4. And now I feel philosophical, this is where the intimacy of conversation starts.
5. Sleepy time or I'm awake, let's do it again, or I'm going home now.

I've fucked a few stoners. Good times.
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