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Haven't been in here in a while. Re: MDMA there is definitely a difference. Personally, I'm very careful about where I get all my things from, but especially this one. MDMA is a specific compound while 'e' is a street name for a substance that may or may not include MDMA and who knows what else. The thing is, you are messing with your neurotransmitters. I'm taking a Biological Psych class right now and we've been discussing how molecules bond to various receptor sites. Some things may be very similar in structure but the way they behave in your body could cause some real damage. This is what makes 'e' so dangerous, because it's messed with so often by people who just want to make a quick buck. Moral of the story: know your source.

The last time I did MDMA was at Burning Man this year (actually it was the day after the last post here was written.. my B-Day!) I have taken it about 6 times or so previously over the last 3 years. But this time was way way different. I'm not sure if it was because everything is so intense out there already or something else, but only me and my friend were overwhelmed and our friends were soooooo happy. I finally understood why they call it rolling. I would start walking and then have to lay down in the middle of the desert and would be totally out of control, laying there and experiencing these waves of sensations. When this started to even out, we went back to where our friends were dancing. I thought it had been about 1/2 hour or 45 min, but it had been 3 HOURS. I wonder if I had been able to work through it better I would have been ok, but it's the kind of thing I usually just surrender too because I have the expectation that's it's going to feel good. So, I'm hesitant to try it again for a while, but we will see.

I happen to be a pretty big fan of GHB. Anyone have any thoughts?
e has always fascinated me since I tend to hide my emotions. I have always wondered if the feelings you get from being on it were genuine of if you just felt love and compassion for everything. I never took it also because I would want someone I trusted to take care of me when I. I've heard some cool things, but also some horror stories.

I have been such a stoner the last few weeks. I hate it when I smoke a lot, but it has been helping me deal with some anxiety related issues and it is just fun to smoke and relax and my goodness it helps me clean. Odd.

Right now I am missing valium and related pills. They relax me in a way that weed doesn't. They had a calming effect that brought me to a magical fantasy land. My brain turned off and I just sailed. With weed I need to be doing something, listening to music, singing, writing cleaning

Isn't GHB mixed with other drugs? Unless I knew the chem geek who was making it, I wouldn't try it.
so dude, i didn't know whether to post this here or in the drunken ramblings thread, but i am so nicely stoned right now. and do you know how long it took to find this thread? i was sure it was in the our bodies our hells forum, but it got bumped way down out the bottom, and we don't have the page number thing to get past the first page of listings like we do with the individual threads. oh, and i also dyed my hair an appalling pink color that was supposed to be red, but actually now that i look it again with my hair all did cute, it's growing on my. actually i'm kind of liking it a lot now. the thing is, i've got these red and white striped knee sock with fur trim to wear with my cute black dress to the company christmas party tomorrow, and this half-hearted fuschia trying so hard but not quite making it to be red, is going to clash something awful. but i'll worry about that tomorrow. right now, go go gadget webcam! must take pics of the new hair while it's still cute for say cheese thread! happy.gif

xpost in ok!
Is it just me or does ecstasy give you pimples? I took a G-spot last night and by the middle of the day today my chin was covered in hard, painful red zits that haven't come to the surface yet. I have some zits on my chest now too. It's going to look horrible sad.gif

I seem to remember this happening with previous rolls too.
Great googly moogly, am I HIGH! I'm sitting here rocking out. Well, not rocking, more like rhythmic, I guess. Fink. OMG. I am so HIGH! Permagrin, the giggles, & it took me fifteen minutes to type this.

Penguin. Cafe. Orchestra!
I really like this, it's an nice perspective on substances

nice essay
Just did e for the first time a few weekends ago. Why in this world did I wait this long? Beautiful and awesome. Nothing negative whatsoever.
I <3 weed!
I agree.
I'm trying pot for the first time this Friday (with stargazer, prophecy and humanist, all of whom are experienced.) I've never smoked a cigarette or been really drunk, so I have no idea. We're making some sort of baked (huh, huh, huh) good because I'd rather not involve my lungs in this. What should I expect? Anything I should do to prepare?
Polly, I would go in expecting nothing. Just go with it. Everyone's experience with weed is different. The first time that I smoked, nothing happened to me, so i was pretty disappointed. So, don't worry if nothing happens. With that said, some people get really laughy, of introspective or talkative.

Just see what happens and have fun!!!
Eating weed and smoking it will definitely give you a different high, but I personally don't find them all that different. If I eat it I feel it in my body a lot more and my head gets a sort of weird but pleasant sensation. It takes longer to kick in and lasts longer too. I think the best advise is to just go with the flow and enjoy the feelings.

I had a week off from my chronic use last week and it was soooo needed. I was smoking way too much but I really needed a full physical escape where I literally COULD NOT access anything (i was out of town for a week). I also realized a lot of my fogginess and laziness at work is own fault. I'm seriously cutting down my use though. I know I use it as a coping mechanism, but I was going a little overboard. I should have healthier ways to cope. Especially now that summer is here and I'm not stuck inside bored all the time. I also feel like I'm getting a lot higher than I have in quite a long time.

I ain't giving it up yet!
Genital shaped bongs
X-Posted in the General Question thread:

Hello. I am doing a project on acid/LSD for my substance abuse class. I would love to show a simulation program to my classmates but I've never done acid so I can't tell how realistic the ones on-line are. Does anyone have any they might be willing to share? You can PM me if you'd rather.

The YouTube clips I have found so far are:

I'm also looking for a way to simulate any sounds and/or taste experiences. Thanks for your help!
Maybe it's just me, but my acid experiences really weren't all that visual. And I used to take a LOT of it back in the day. Yeah, some things were slightly distorted, but that was about it. It was a much more . . . emotional thing for me. I *felt* more.

I saw RAtM & Tool at the first Coachella high out of my goddamned mind & the only thing that really struck me about it visually was when a bunch of people broke open their glowsticks & flung them over the crowd so everybody was dappled with rainbow neon.

Before that, I saw Spiritualized, their whole stage set was candles & velvet & a choir & it was trippy.
I've had some acid experiences that were VERY visual, and others that were not. Either way, there's always a body high and that "off" feeling. I feel like I'm remembering something. It's kind of like getting a wave of nostalgia, or smelling an old deodorant or something and being brought back to the time when you used that scent all the time. You're aware of where you are and what you're doing in a different way than you normally are. It's hard to describe.

The only thing in the first video that seemed familiar to me was in the beginning where the pattern on the drapes moved a little. As for the other 2 videos that trick your eyes into seeing distorted objects- I do see stuff move and melt like that. But you'll also see patterns in the grass, clouds form themselves into shapes, objects vibrating... 2 years ago I had a great trip at a festival and for part of it I was hanging out in my friend's van because I thought I might be getting sunburned. And the upholstery on the back of the seat kept arranging itself into different Seurat paintings. I kept getting auditory hallucinations, and smelling things that weren't there, and I was really giggly the whole day. I went to the same festival a few days ago and took some acid and it was tame; didn't really see anything. I always get disappointed when it doesn't turn out to be visual and come to think of it I think only 2 or 3 of the doses I've had actually were visual.
I know your project is on LSD, kittenb, so this may be of no use to you, but just for the hell of it, here's a little clip that's actually a fair representation of a mushroom trip. I've always wanted to make a video of the kind of things I used to see on mushrooms - I'll keep searching Youtube for them!

Oh, but there is a website I used to frequent that does trippy LSD/mushroom inspired art. Here it is. Check out the flash movies - they're pretty wild. Maybe not the kind of realism you're looking for, but you might find it useful.
Thanks everyone! If you find anything else, feel free to share.
Hey kitten, I've never done acid but my brother has. He told me about one experience when he took acid before seeing the movie The Haunting. It's a scary movie and in part of it it's like there are ghosts that are making the ceiling move. My bro said that when he saw that part it was like the movie was in 3D and everything that was happening in the movie happened an inch away from his face.

He also said later on that he went to the bathroom and he thought there were other people there but later realized that it was all in his head. Like, he imagined an entire conversation between two other people.

I'm sure he could tell me more but I don't know if I'll be seeing him today.
i posted something in the bustie knowledge base, but god, it makes me want to take acid again.... *sigh* i miss it. mr. t and i hung out today and she had some medical pot cookies. she gave me one. i felt not a thing.

I? Still <3 weed!

What is up with the genital shaped smoking para? I've alway thought that was weird. A friend of a friend of a friend had a penis bong. I swear he bought it just to make people uncomfortable. He always had GREAT pot, though, so we would, uh, suck it up & smoke from the thing. Closest a lady's lips have ever been to his peen was him "helping" you by lighting the damned thing.
Bought my first pipe! Cute huh? smile.gif

You can get them so much cheaper online than in a headshop. Also found a 4-piece, aluminum, magnetic grinder on ebay for $10-I couldn't find them for less than $25 on other sites. Ahh, at least I don't drink much~
humanist, that is a great pipe!!!!!
Here's a shout out to all you lucky busties getting high today.
And here's to dreading the day my kids get old enough to ask me about all the drugs I did...

I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from uncle Johnny Cash..."Leave that cocaine and whisky alone"...
Aww, looking at those pretty pipes makes me wish I still smoked weed. I still have two, one of them barely used. They're too pretty to get rid of. I'll just have to give them to a very special stoner one day.

Looking forward to some psychedelic experiences in the near future, though. I haven't done any drugs in years. I just haven't been able to find a decent trip buddy. May take a trip with my little bro someday, though. I think that would be really nice and safe.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Oct 3 2009, 10:49 PM) *
Also found a 4-piece, aluminum, magnetic grinder on ebay for $10-I couldn't find them for less than $25 on other sites.

Y'know what is MAD cheap & works just as well as a grinder (If you don't mind a little elbow grease!)? A small wire sieve. That's how my parents always did it, so that's how I do it. Back when I still smoked a lot, I even converted my dealer to it & he in turn got all his people to do it, too.

Since CO is all about he medical marijauna now, dispensaries have popped up all over the place. A friend of a friend is starting an organic gourmet ganja bakery operation. I'm gonna spend a day helping "test" various recipes. Woohoo! Wonder how the TSA feels about flying with weed brownies?
This pot I have is surprisingly good. It is making me waaaaay high. I like.
Okay, so this may not be the right thread to post this but I need some advice!

I smoke pot pretty regularly (like once or twice a week) as a way to unwind at the end of the week. I don't think it's a big deal since we all know that it is fairly harmless.

Anyway, I was home for the holidays and I was with my mom in the car when I pulled out my Lip Smackers and put it on and my mom goes, "That lip gloss smells like weed!" I had no idea what to say except for, "That's strange". Basically I find that every once in a while (like really rarely) my mom will say that something on me smells "funny" or "like weed" (one time it was my wool coat that she smelled and it was two weeks after I had smoked).

So yeah, my mom has a nose like one of those trained police dogs. The thing is, she has never outright asked me if I smoke weed. I feel almost like we have some kind of understanding like I know that she knows I smoke weed but we don't really discuss it. Should I bring it out in the open or should I just leave it at this? I'm usually totally honest with my mom but I feel like she will see me as a failure/irresponsible person/loser if I tell her that I enjoy weed occasionally.

Also, how the hell could my mom smell weed on my lip gloss?!
Candy, I think it REALLY depends on who your mom is and what kind of relationship you have with her. Both my parents know I smoke regularly (but they probably don't know how often) and we talk and joke about it often (neither of them has ever smoked it). I think to them it's like, well, I live a successful life, I'm a hard worker, and most people would never guess I'm a huge stoner. Most of my friends would never be that honest with their folks about it, but if you feel comfortable enough then why not?
i think its best left alone. i dont want to smoke pot with my parents and wouldnt want to smoke pot with my kids. a beer is different. pot still has too many taboos/rituals, even though medical marijuana is now legal here and spreading very fast!!
Candy, given your fears about how your mom would think of you (although I doubt she would) I agree with jade, maybe just leave it alone.

As an interesting side note, I also have a few friends who smoke with their parents every couple of months. Oddly, those people are probably the happiest, most well adjusted folks I know. My dad is dying to try weed, he doesn't say so but he drops hints. I told him I'd make him a brownie or something next time I'm cooking some up. My brother thinks it would be way too weird to smoke with my dad but I think it would be funny. I doubt it will ever happen.
Yeah, I think I'll just leave it alone. Part of me feels like if she doesn't want to come right out and ask me then I'm not going to come right out and tell her.

It's weird cause she always laughs at pot humor in movies and stuff but I think that's as far as it goes. She barely even drinks (seriously, one drink on New Year's and she sipped it for 3 hours) so I think she's pretty anti-drug. I think she would only be okay if it was for a medical reason and even then she probably wouldn't be totally comfortable with it.

I think the other issue is that my dad is an alcoholic so my mom doesn't want to see me engage in similar behaviour. I think I may cut down anyway because I want to lose weight and I think I've been using pot as an excuse to overeat.
Had an awful experience with pot brownies last night. Took too much, spent the night throwing up and thinking I was dying. My whole world seemed to collapse around me. I'm still really shaky.
Aw, dang. I was hoping to live vicariously with a good weed story. I hope you feel better today, Epi!
So, do you think having "magic baked goods" twice in the last year is significant enough to answer "yes" to the "Do you use recreational drugs?" question on a medical history form for a doctor?

Even though I know I'm seeing a doctor and they can't share my info with anyone, I usually lie on the forms and say no to that question. But I do a lot more than twice a year so I would say you can probably say no to that question, depending on what you're answering for.
i would say to not worry about it unless it's something that happened either recently enough to still be in your system, where it may possibly interact with a medication, or regularly enough to have an effect on a certain health issue. i've had very few patients who actually said yes to the question, although there's been a small handful. i'm sure many more partake now and then than will admit it upfront. that being said, while it might get you a little lecture, depending on the doctor, it probably won't make a bit of difference, and of course, your info is confidential.
I always fib a little on the forms because I don't want my insurance to deny me because I had one cigarette or whatever in the last 12 months. I'll reveal what prescriptions I'm on just so if they prescribe a new medicine they will be able to tell me whether they will react badly with each other. I also say I drink but not as much as I really do. I know some medicines may interact with alcohol consumption.
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