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Other then sex on E there is nothing better then getting stoned and having sex.....or getting stoned WHILE having sex wink.gif

Up until this year it seemed I didn't know too many other girls who smoked like I smoked (a lot!), but now it's as if I have a gang of stoner girls always up for a good time. I feel so fortunate, and Im gonna hang on to them for dear life. We recently tried to have a 'girls night' where we were gonna do facials and manicures, but we ended up smoking ourselves retarded and needless to say there were no make-overs that night. We did however invent some awesome munchies and laughed our asses off until we passed out.

Has anyone here tried Salvia? I recently bought some 5x and I've been waiting for the right time to try it. I'm a little nervous about it....any advice to ensure a good trip?
CH- I think I go through those same stages.
The boy loves to get high and have sex. He told me yesterday that his ideal situation is being high with me on top. He says he feels like "wow, I can't believe this is happening to me. Awesome!"
I guess it works because I get kind of hyper and he gets lazy. He is more of a stoner than I am. Given the supplies and opportunity, he and his roommate can and will smoke every hour.

I can't even imagine tripping and watching LnO. The last time I did (waay too much) acid, after 24 hours of tripping, we were ready to come down so we put in "Finding Nemo". The opening has a scary barracuda thing, and my female friend and I leaped behind the couch and screamed for the boys to turn it off. We really felt like the scary fish was coming out of the tv. I also don't recommend Tommy (the Who's) for tripping. It's too, umm, trippy.

And it would be awesome to smoke with some busties.
I love listening to music that makes me feel like I'm travelling through time, or some sort of alternate life. It's fucked up! I did an abs working out while high once, and was it ever good. Most of the time, I can't be motivated enough to work out though. I have friends who swear by it.

Can't say I've ever done acid, though.
Okay, Salvia. Turn off the TV, turn on the music (I like Kid Loco or Fila Brazilia). Sit in a comfortable place. Put ONE hit in your implement, no more than that. Blaze. Hold the smoke as long as you can. If you need to, make sure the chamber is clear (Salvia smoke stales quickly.), reload, & hit it again. The next few minutes of your life are going to be funky. DO NOT TRY TO MOVE! Salvia fucks with your motorskills & you can be on your ass easy. It a seriously fast, seriously intense, seriously SHORT high.

I saw "Tommy" when I was eight & sober. It still fucked with my head. To this day I am terrified of Keith Moon & Tina Turner makes me leery.

Exercising while baked is awesome; I once ran an extra eight blocks because I was so fucked up between the THC & my body's natural endorphins.
Glad to see this thread seems to be back full force. CH, if you ever wanna get high together, wink wink. tongue.gif We totally do get good stuff here.
The friend I was talking about earlier is great to get high with. We always have really intense discussions and we're on the exact same wavelength. Last night I hung out at her place and we pretty much sat around and talked in her room for 3 hours straight. I love our high conversations. I always get pretty awesome stuff here. What i have right now is particularly good. Fucking while high is sooo awesome. We pretty much always get high before we have sex.
Erin, we totally should!!! It would be so much fun!
What could be better than two smart winnipeg ladies smokin' up. It totally would be fun, we should do it...we should be the first members of the winnipeg bust group, DUDE. tongue.gif I definitely don't hang out with enough cool ladies IRL, too many uptight people here.
Erin, I agree, there are uptight people here, but I suppose because of where I work, I encounter lots of fun people. The staff here is pretty alright!
Yeah, I kind of feel like I have my own little bubble of people. I've been pretty fortunate to meet some cool folks by virtue of being in the women's and gender studies department at UofW. Did you know that tonight at Desire there's a dance party with MEN (JD and Jo from Le Tigre)? EEEEEeeeeee! I'm so excited, I just picked up my tickets from Into the Music.
I'm having an Afroman day . . .

I was gonna clean the kitchen . . . but then I got high
I was gonna do some laundry . . . but then I got high
I was gonna go see my grandparents . . . but then I got high
Now I'm watching CSI . . . while I get high, while I get high, while I get high.
Thanks for the Salvia tips auralpoison! I'm excited for the experience and not so nervous about a bad trip anymore, plus I found a great and experienced sitter.

P.S. I LOVE how your last message was posted at 4:20! Definately an Afroman day smile.gif
I got some mushrooms from a friend, I don't want to to them alone, but so many of my friends aren't into mushrooms. And one of my friends, who I'd love to get high with, I'm having issues with. I'll just keep them wrapped up until I can no longer resist their mushroomy goodness.
I don't like mushrooms. I love acid, but with mushrooms I always feel kinda anxious and generally crappy, and I spend the whole time waiting to come down.
See, I like mushrooms better than acid. With shrooms, I can "turn it off" sort of. I can sleep my way out of it. But acid can sometimes just keep going & going & going. My brain won't shut up enough for me to sleep.

And I guess the 4:20 depends on your time zone as it was only 3:20 here. I guess it's always 4:20 somewhere!
Yeah, I agree with hellotampon, but it's a very personal thing. I *always* get really nauseous on the fungus. I also feel that with acid it's much easier to guide things, while with shrooms it seems really emotional and serious. The 12 hour thing took some getting used to, but I really like it because it allows you to stay in that reality longer and get comfortable there and have great insights. Acid really feels warm and fuzzy to me like I'd been wrapped in a love blanket, but I have been blessed with very very good stuff.
But i do have a lot of friends that prefer the fungus. I even had once friend recently describe it to me as "coming home" her first time.

Wow, just checked out the rest of this thread. So glad it's revived, lots going on that I want to respond to.
I used to love weed and it was really magical and comforting. But recently every time I get stone I feel really paranoid and anxious and critical of myself and others. It's really rough, and I just want the good times back.
My theory is that when I was smoking the most about a year ago I was going through a really bad break-up (read: sure we can still have sex, it won't bother me...... right) and we would smoke together often. So I just got stuck in this mind-set and every time reminds me of that state of mind again.
I'm trying to smoke only in situations where I feel really good, and am surrounded by people I love. It's getting better, but not like before. Anyone else experience this?

As far as Salvia, I always have a big pile of pillows that I can just collapse into, so I don't have to worry. The nice thing about it is that it doesn't last terribly long, so if it gets scary, you can come back sooner.

I will have to check in here more often!
My older brother has that paranoid mindset now too. He was the biggest pothead I knew when he was 17-19, but his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 19 and he really freaked out and I think all the stress of having a baby and being married to an alcoholic wore him down. At most he smokes up once a year now because he hates how he feels on it.
I also stopped smoking for a long time as I didn't like how it was making me feel. I do believe this was because I was so stressed and unhappy at work and was making decisions about school. So, I stopped.

Now, I use cautiously because I felt like such an ass and I don't want to go there again.
I just recently had a friend tell me that she doesn't like to call them psychedelics because this often has negative implications. Instead she calls them entheogens which is how many native cultures refer to them. It means "god within" literally, which translates to "inspired". There is a theory that almost all cultures had "drums or drugs" involved in their spiritual practices. I can see that, sometimes dancing can get you into a very "high" (although I kinda don't like that term because it cheapens the experience) state of mind.
mushrooms aren't really my bag ever since i threw up in an amsterdam house music dance club toilet. the colors were amazing, but i thought my head was going to explode. i've always been very good at 'wigging in' as it were. in my circle of friends, it was considered cool to eat as many drugs as possible and still act like you were totally sober. i don't know why we held ourselves to that standard but we did. even with alcohol. i'd wake up in the morning and say, 'man i'm hungover,' and my friends would say, 'seriously? i didn't even think you were drunk last night!'

that being said, with my close lady friends i would always geek out. you know, have play-dough fights, finger paint, watch yellow submarine over and over again. and of course, chain smoke cigarettes. i've always like acid better than mushrooms for whatever reason. i think it might just be the nausea associated with them. i don't mind going deep into my head and taking 4 tylenol pm or a valium to pass out when my brain won't shut up.but, as i said before, candy flipping is my all-time fave. acid makes you say, 'why?' while ecstasy makes you say 'yes!' i always felt like the two drugs were a perfect combination. acid to keep you, er, grounded, and ecstasy to keep you from wigging out too much.

i don't think i'd ever use the term entheogens though, not to bunk your friend themeiu. i guess i've always felt like drugs were a kind of false prophet. for me, it was always about fun and recreation, not opening my mind. that's not to say that i haven't had spiritual experiences while on drugs, but i don't feel like that is their express purpose for me. i know people take san pedro to rid themselves of demons or go to ibogane (sp?) clinics to get over addiction, but for me, that's never been my aim. i just want to alter my conciousness and dance like a hippie.

i'm out of good pot. wah. actually, there was an article published in the universiy newspaper about the city-wide pot shortage in new orleans. go figure. maybe i should have been more conservative with my smoking.
I did mushrooms on tuesday and they were sooooo disappointing this time. I really didn't feel much of anything except super sleepy. My friend and I both ended up crashing about an hour and a half after we took them. I think however, that I wasn't in the right frame of mind for them anyways. But still, felt like a waste of money.

So, in the past year I've gone from a very infrequent pot smoker to chronic (only in the last month or so). The problem is, I think I've developed an allergy. I've had hives three times this week and the only common thing I can think of between them is pot. I was really stressed and had them really badly last saturday, then I had a few on tuesday night, and then last night after a night of heavy smoking I popped out with just a few on my hips. I figure since I'm going away for two months on wednesday, and wont' be smoking much on my trip, i'll just pop some antihistamines and enjoy my last few days at home. Hives seem to be the only symptom.
Have you been smoking a different strain?? Maybe that's it?
I am down to just a smidgen of the good stuff. I am saddened that I will soon be back on the Mex. I'm wondering if M can send me some pot. If he packed it in coffee & mailed it first class . . .
So who else is planning a 4/20 celebration this weekend?
My friends are having a movie night on Sat. night and when it turns to midnight we are planning on turning on the dark side of the moon/ wizard of oz thing. Classic. Should be good giggly times. I really need it this week too. School and work have been crazy, plus my dad had heart surgery today. He's doing fine, but the next few weeks are gonna be crazy, trying to balance taking care of him with everything else. eh.
What other plans do y'all have?
themeiu, you just reminded me of this. a few years back, we were sooo stoned at a friend's beach house and he put in the tape of wizard of oz/dark side and followed it up with that clip. holy crap, it was awesome stoned. i just watched it again and it was ok... but after the primo shit we had that night at the beach, that shit was wild.

i will be celebrating 4/20 vicariously through you all on sunday. have a beautiful day.

and another just for kicks: 420 dude
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 18 2008, 03:18 PM) *
Have you been smoking a different strain?? Maybe that's it?

I was thinking about that. I get whatever my dealer has but they've only started selling in the last few months so they're always getting lots of different kinds. I'm not too concerned about it though. I think it also has to do with my level of stress right now.

I totally forgot it was 420 on Sunday. I think I'll just stay home and get high by myself. That sounds divine right now.
ap- go fedex! my bro used to send me stuff from his garden while i was in college all the time. just make sure its vacuum sealed.

erinjane, my brother, the grower is also allergic! go figure. he's fine when he smokes, but whenever he'd tend to his plants he would break out in hives all over his arms and legs. go figure.

there is no pot to be seen here in NOLA, wah. it looks like i'll have a no smoke 4/20 this year. take a big puff for me ladies. le sigh.
Happy 4/20 bust ladies//

I am no longer a user of her majesty, but she is still soooo very relevant in my life. And I want to take some hemp oil, orally, which is supposed to have amazing health benefits. I'll post this info in my fav. youtube...

But anyhow//

I tried Salvia Div. this weekend. And AP had really great advice when dealing with this plant. So, I took her and other's advice and I had some amazing trips. Soooooo. short. But for someone who never really had any hallucinogens besides some mushroom tea... it was intense and beautiful and then it was over.

My boyfriend was my "sitter" I guess, but it just made him so horny that he couldn't think about anything but pawing me. Ever time I came out of the trip he was there, pawing me. =( He's a good guy though, saying NO gets thru to him immediately!

1st experience: I had some Native music playing, the lights dimmed, and I hit it twice, hard - held em' in, and looked forward at my window overlooking a lake and the full moon and dark sky. The light was dark, and orangy. So, for some reason I felt like I was an Native Indian Man from Mexico in a desert with the moon in the background. I was wondering about the room about me ( the room and I felt united as though we were one ) I was saying, "wow, oh! wow" like I was having an orgasm. Which is what it felt like: ecstasy. Well, the boy, whose experience was mellow as hell compared to this, sees me and gets hard as a rock...

2nd experience: same night. I hit it twice and laid down with a naked boy at my side. I went completely out. I was being sucked into a geometry of squarish shapes. EVERYTHING around me disappeared. I was then in a place where the plant was tickling me.

* I am tipsy right now *
i love how they are proposing a waiting period, like its a handgun or something.

still total weed shortage in NOLA. le sigh.
if it's a last minute detox thing.. yeah. i totally agree on the gallons of water. i have figured out that pomegranate tea does wonders-- especially the arizona ice tea, it has all kinds of antioxidants. AND it doesn't have a bunch of niacin.. which can cause flushing and itching/ sometimes resulting in a rash.

also.. there is a MIRACLE product called golden seal.
you can take 10 if it's a must.. but you'll most likely itch and feel shitty so it's best to avoid doing that.

it's not too expensive either, here's a link.

and yes.. if you wikipedia golden seal it WILL say it doesn't work.. but that's because the people tested take the 'recommended' amount. honestly, just take 2 at a time- and if you start to feel negative side effects- stop and keep drinking water.
Does anyone know if nursing homes drug test? I'll be in Amsterdam the first week of July, and when we get back we may stay in Cape Cod for the summer and get tourist jobs (my boyfriend's grandparents live there). However, tonight we learned that they may have already rented out their cabin, leaving us only the laundry room to stay in. If that's the case, then we're coming back to Connecticut, and I'll have to apply for a job immediately after returning from Amsterdam!
hellotampon: I wish I could offer some insight! I have no idea, but I hope things work out...enjoy your time away and good luck.

I read a bunch of previous posts here and someone mentioned having cut back on the green after having been a regular. I'm wondering: was it difficult? Did you eventually get used to not having that buzz all the time and were you fine?

I'm frightened of cutting back, as I mainly use to relax and abate my anxiety; however, I think I need to...I'm starting to get paranoid a bunch, feeling very tired a lot, doing a lot of DUMB STUFF that's really frustrating me...(little getting out to the car yet forgetting my purse...leaving the lights on in my car and battery died (!)...not being able to remember stuff I really need to remember...etc.,...which is actually making my anxiety worse)

If anyone can pump up this prizefighter to get back in the straight ring for a while, she'd really appreciate it.
I cut back years ago, no problem. This was in high school. I figured I was smoking too much and decided no more on weekdays. Eventually I started getting anxious and tired too, so I just stopped altogether for a few years. Now I do it to relax, fall asleep or whatever. I still don't like being totally baked. Just a little buzzed.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, smokes several times a day, and he's tried to cut back before and he's always miserable when he does... I don't even want to be around him. After a couple weeks he starts to get better about it and I notice that he's not such a scatterbrain, and he doesn't eat as much food. Then someone comes over and smokes him up and he's back at square one. haha
jan, i used to smoke a lot about eight years ago. then, i tried to quite, then i tried again, and again, and again. Now, I do not like smoking anymore, except for once and a while and even then, it's at night and i am not going anywhere because it puts me down. the best advice is to start cutting back quickly, the sooner the better, and see what happens.

hellotampon, my bf is the same way.
I'm thinking about cutting back myself. I think once I go back to work in a couple of weeks I'll obviously be doing less because I need a clear head, but right now it's hard because I have nothing to do, no one to answer to, and it's just a nice way to spend a vacation. But one of the main reasons I want to cut back is I have a serious munchies problem. I just can't say no when I'm high and I'm seeing it on the waistline. But I'm working on it now.
It's funny. I got high several times a day for years. Then I just stopped. Cold. It kinda sucked in the very beginning, but I got used to it. It was nice not wandering into the bathroom & then wondering why I was there in the first place. My consumption of Funyuns went done noticeably. I'm back on the pipe now, but I'm not stressed about it. I've been out for several days & haven't been wigging, nor have I called the pusherman.

And on the munchie tip, I have pretty much removed any evil food stuffs. I'll have some cucumber salad with cherry tomaters or a whole grain cracker with a Baby Bell cheese. Cauliflower or sugar snap peas. Good munchies!
i smoked last night. i haven't done it for years. mr. pugs is very against it. well, we've been having problems and had a big fight yesterday. we worked a lot of our shit out but i was still very stressed about it. went to a party later in the day and that night i just wanted to. my friends were and i wanted to. i said i wanted to in front of mr. pugs and he said he didn't care. so i did it. it was great. i loved it. feeling not so hot today but whatever. it was fun.

that is all.

i'm jealous. i finally broke into the pot stash a friend gave me, and got stoned. a few days later i got laid off. so now i've got plenty of time to bake, but there's a catch-- if i want to get a job welding they are gonna want a drug test. never mind that it was about 5 years since the last time i got stoned... now i have to wait this thing out with that good bud sitting on my desk crying out, prendelo!, chica, light it UP!

My consumption of Funyuns went down noticeably.

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
ap, i love you!!!!!! (and yay for an indy ms.pugs!)
blue berries and cherries are the best when you have the munchies.
Oh, yes! I must go to the market tomorrow! I've gots me some stella weed!
wub.gif wub.gif yay! aural's back! wub.gif wub.gif
i missed you lay-dee!
Man do I have a killer weed buzz tonight. I've thought up several excellent posts tonight. Some really intense shit I've been thinking about.

Peace out D.U.D.E.ettes.
I took half a tab of old acid the other night- that was all we had. It was weak, but very mental. I'm going to a festival this weekend and apparently the L my friend has is very mental too.

*sigh* i miss acid.

it was so much better once my friend told me his method: take it first thing in the morning. 8 hours later it burns off and you go about your business. no wee morning hours wishing you could sleep. delightful!
I am running out of weed . . . I don't have too many sources here. My main one is being a douche, the other one I hate & cannot abide going to. Plus, he's a rip off artist & will take a hefty "finders fee". He has this whole cockamamie thing how his dealer only sells quarter bags for $25, I want a full oz & I ain't paying $100 for it. He just wants to make forty bucks off me & likely pinch the bag.

Poor AP, she must suffer here without being stoneded.

I saw one of those Intervention shows the other night & it freaked me out. This girl inhaled up to ten cans of computer cleaner a day. I remember making compression bombs with it to scare the fuck out of customers back in the day, but I'd have never thought to inhale it. I think the main ingredient is like, toluene or something. That's just plain stupid. Inhalants are some scary scary things.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jul 30 2008, 02:24 PM) *
*sigh* i miss acid.

it was so much better once my friend told me his method: take it first thing in the morning. 8 hours later it burns off and you go about your business. no wee morning hours wishing you could sleep. delightful!

That's the only way I'll normally do it. I usually hate doing drugs at night. Or in inclement weather. Or when it's winter. I'm seasonally depressive.
Queen Bull
hooray! i ended my 3 month sobriety!

funny story about that though.

me and my friend linz are at a bar, and this random guy comes up to her and is like here, this is cause i like your hat *it has a pot leaf on it* and hands her a nugget! nervous though i was about lacing, it was good stuff, and i BAACK!


Kickass! This thread is alive again smile.gif

It was dorment for like half a year a couple years ago.

Heeeeey DUDEs! cool.gif
About a month ago at a festival my boyfriend and I took some E (energizer bunnies- they were big white pills), and it was really cold out, and for some reason my boyfriend wanted to lay in the tent under our sleeping bag, and I went in there with him instead of socializing with our friends outside. How stupid. They peaked fast and hard. We had already eaten and started to come down from a small dose of mushrooms by the time we took the E so I was laying there in a sorta dreamy half-sleep and all of a sudden I felt the the peak. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had t fight the urge to run outside and be like, "somebody help me I'm freaking out!" because I knew that wouldn't actually help. I tried reasoning with myself, saying it was just drugs and it would pass, but that didn't help at all. Luckily the intense part didn't last very long. The next day I had a hangover. I know sitting around in the tent was a waste of drugs, but I still don't know if I'll do E again. My first time was amazing, but every pill is different and you never know what they're actually like until you take them and usually it kinda sucks. Has anyone done plain MDMA? I'm wondering if that's any better. I can never seem to get a hold of it anywhere.

I did some acid the other day. It was okay. It didn't last for very long, which was kinda disappointing, but sometimes I get sick of being high anyway. Acid is so good. I've never had a bad trip, and I've had 2 really good ones. Mushrooms, on the other hand, are usually bad for me.
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