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This may very well be too OT for this thread (or too much personal information), but oh. my. gawd. I had forgotten how good sex can be when both participants are stoned. Sigh...a full evening and early morning of sex and drugs. Now I just need finals week to be over so that we can try it again!
D.U.D.E.! What's uuuup! :-)

Just too bummed to see this thread so far down, but I can't have any droogs for a while now that I'm a Carpenter's Union Apprentice :-(

On the bright side, I have a cookie recipie that one of you pot-cooking BUSTies have GOT to try! (Only for the chocolate-of-heart, though!) Super Duper easy, too!

-1 box of Betty Crocker or similar dark chocolate cake mix
-1 cup chocolate chips (maybe even mint chocolate!)
-1/2 cup pot butter (cannibuliscious!)
-2 eggs
-3 or more shakes of cyanne pepper! (yes, you MUST!)

beat, bake, and tell us how it goes :-)

It's a recipie my wife and I adapted from her Grandmother's recipie, but we tried adding the cyanne. It adds a wonderful heat to it without a savoury taste. It's like the heat of strong ginger snaps :-) Hopefully someone will try it with cannibutter. I so, so wanna!
hey dudes:-)
i really want to try cooking with pot, but the one time i tried with brownies, i swear it didn't do anything. i tried to make the cannabutter, but i feel like i just ended up wasting a bunch of weed.

the recipe i had told me to sautee the herb in butter for a while, and then to strain out the herb and only use the butter. I feel like next time i'll just throw all of it in, even if it tastes gross.

What do people think?
I don't have any ideas about cooking with pot as I have never tried it myself. I do have a question about smoking it, though. Every now and then when I smoke pot (maybe 1 time out of 8 or so), my heart beats rapidly for a long time, and I get cold. I don't feel panicky or anything, and I generally am still enjoying the high in my mind, but the physical effects are wierd. I can't figure out why this happens on occasion. Does anyone experience anything similar?
Finally I'm stopping lurking and going to say something!

I don't know if any of you read my confession that I'd never tried drugs and really wanted to. Anyway afterwards I got drunk and told my girlfriends and it ended up with us deciding to have a specially designated girly sleepover so I can try pot.

But a debate has emerged about whether it'd be best for us to smoke, or to make hash brownies. I thought I could get some advice from you experts!
smoking is a looot faster :-) you might not feel anything much the first time though...i didn't really. but the next time? wooo hooo!!!
Karma- yeah i get that sometimes too. i've been a regular toker for about 5 years and this has only started happening in the last year or so. Like you, I still enjoy my high but there are times where my pounding heart distract me and I get a bit concerned.
I thought maybe it was this one baggie of pot I had...but it happens here and there.
Was there anything different when you smoked and it made you feel all funky? I used to not be able to smoke and drink booze...that would make me barf! Now it doesn't- funny.

Miss_jane, I would smoke. Eating it can be more intense and it lasts a lot longer so I would just smoke in case you don't like it.
*delurks* I agree with hellotampon, smoking would be a better option for you.
I knew you lot would have the answers! Thanks. I think my friends were just worried that i'd choke or cough my guts up because I don't smoke normally.
Karma, I get that sensation, too! You described it exactly. Sometimes it's stronger than others. It sorta does worry me. My friend calles it the chest-tightening. I also sometimes get prema-grin :D

Maddy, I had the EXACT same experience as you! I totally wasted like a ton of pot on cannibutter with that method, one that others swear by, and I bet it does work, only I don't know why I failed at it so miserably :-(

We made sandwiches with the butter in it, and we went camping, so it was OK for us to get really baked, but sadly we didn't :-(

Those were likely $10+ sandwiches with all the pot my friend and I invested in them.

I just sleep every time I smoke pot. I kind of wish I could enjoy it. Especially if i'd had any alcohol at all, I can literally just fall over sleeping within 1 minute to the point where someone has to carry me to bed because I can't even lift my head. If I hadn't had a drink I at least have half hour to binge before I fall asleep.
Thanks for the responses. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who experiences this! I find that if I get absorbed in something else, I don't focus on it, but it's hard to ignore sometimes.

As far as drinking and weed go, I actually enjoy my high more when I am slightly drunk. I find that the alcohol makes me feel more "high" whereas smoking weed without alcohol makes me feel more "out of it." I tend to only smoke weed when I party for this reason, but every now and then I smoke it just while hanging out and watching TV.

I haven't really smoked pot in over 2 years. I stopped because it usually makes me really anxious. Not to mention that I can't stay awake either. Now I wonder why I ever enjoyed it. But when I first started smoking it was awesome- so, so fun. I never really enjoyed smoking and drinking at the same time though. I would just sit there catatonic!
lorewolf-glad i'm not the only one who apparently sucks at making cannibutter! yeah, those were some damn expensive and useless brownies. Very sad. We just kept waiting and waiting and waiting, and nothing ever happened. Very sad:-(
Hey lorewolf! I love/hate the perma-grin! It is like all of a sudden I think to myself " cheeks feel tight" and then the relaxing of the facial muscles is near painful. Mwahaa.

I am also in the sucky cannibutter makers...well actually it wasn't faulty butter it was that I prob shouldn't have smoked so much before baking. I forgot to half the browni recipi...
The best way I found to make cannibutter is to put a pound of butter in my crockpot with a quarter or more of weed and leave it on low for two-three days. Then I skim the top, strain the rest through cheesecloth in a strainer, and have plenty of mostly clarified cannibutter for all kinds of cooking. I like to saute veggies in it and serve with pasta for extra happy dinner parties. Yum!
Yikes! Is that several days without water to regulate the temperature? I guess I was too worried that I'd burn the THC. I only cooked mine for an hour, boiling both the pot and the butter in water. Perhaps that's why it didn't work for me. Too little heat for not nearly long enough?

Yaay for Venusin' understanding what I meant even though I butchered the spelling :-) I kinda welcome perma-grin because I generally would only toke around people I feel comfortabe being a total freak around anyway. I'm too socially paranoid to ever go to work stoned like some people are able to. I can hardly take being in a grocery store when even slightly buzzed.

Also, struggling to not smile is just hilarious in itself!
No water needed, Lorewolf, just "pure" butter. On low nothing burns in my crockpot, it's just really, really, warm. I've never done it for less than a day, so I could be totally wrong about this, but I think it takes that long for the THC to leech out into the butter. At least, that was the theory of the chef who taught me this method.

God, I miss working in professional kitchens! EVERYONE smokes, from chef down to the Jamaican dishwashers....those were the days....
i'm planning a mushroom trip with two good friends of mine on monday, both of whom have never tripped before. one friend has experimented with other drugs (E, coke, GHB, pot, lots and lots of alcohol) and the other is practically a drug virgin. i'm a little nervous, as i always am before i eat the shrooms, but we're going to a really nice park that i love to trip in (beacon hill, for you fellow islanders) and i'm really looking forward to it. i haven't done mushrooms in ages. i've been feeling uptight and stagnant lately - i'm long overdue for a good mind-expanding shroom experience. i'm really excited to wander around and look at flowers and play silly mushroom games and maybe even go to the petting zoo, if we can keep our shit together!
I'm curious about cooking with cannabis as well.

The stuff I buy is very, very potent. A half lasts me about six months. Generally only takes me two or three hits.

It just seems very, very expensive to use THAT much cannabis in a pound of butter. A quarter costs me $100.00!

How much butter do you have to consume to actually get an effect? Does the butter take on a flavor? Or do you use lower quality cannabis to make the butter?

What about while you've got it simmering? (love the crockpot idea)...but does it make a "weedy" odor? (I live in a BIG condo building, with neighbors walking up and down halls...)

I do think I'd prefer it in foodstuffs to smoking it. Smoking it is so harsh on the throat.
treehugger, where the hell are you where a quarter costs a hundred bucks?!
Treehugger, definitely buy lower quality for cooking! Med. grade or lower, otherwise you're wasting serious money.

I've never really noticed exactly how much cannibutter it takes to get high, because if I'm cooking with it it's generally for more than myself (and I don't measure anything when I cook for more than 1 or 2 people, the aftereffects of cooking in a professional kitchen) and we're all pleasantly buzzed at the end of the meal.

Have you ever tried using a vaporiser for smoking? Much nicer for the throat, and perfect for kind bud.
well, I'm in wisconsin. I do buy very high quality stuff. Mostly I think, because I'm old. I mean I only have one source and that's all I have to choose from. I know, "cry me a river" I'm sure cheaper stuff is to be had here...but at 38 it's hard to get new connections. I guess I just don't get out enough.

I am happy with the stuff I get's pretty kind, that's for sure.

I've considered getting a vaporizer. I tried to make one once, from a lightbulb. It didnt' work well.

I wonder if I asked Matt, if he'd know where I can get some lower grade stuff. Eating brownies sounds a LOT better than coughing half the night! :-)

So, a quarter of lower grade stuff...can I expect maybe $50?
That's the going rate here in Southern CA as well, for some kind green. And yes, I second the suggestion of trying out a vaporizer. They rock.
Boy and I split a hash chocolate cake last night. Yummy *and* mildly head-melty. Very nice.
I heard that you put the stems and seeds and whatever lower-grade stuff into butter. As for dosage, check the Erowid site. Seems like people just substitute it for normal butter when making batches of cookies or brownies, and that's for a bunch of doses, but it depends on how strong you make it and stuff.

Oh, and as for the smell of it, you can expect your place to smell REALLY strongly of pot when you cook it. I love the smell, personally, but I'd never try cooking cannibutter in a dorm or similar place. It's bound to attract attention.

Of course, my personal first-hand experience is rather limited. I just remember the smell permeating.
I looked in archives, but didn't spot this. Has anyone had a positive experience with salvia divinorum?
We discussed it a little on April 12th. That's just a page ago. No personal experience with it myself.

Here is some useful info from a study on Salvia, and here is the general Erowid page for it. You can scroll down to the section called Experiances.
Ya know I was watching "No Reservations" the other night with a big 'ole perma grin and I thought "damn I'd love to smoke it up with Anthony Bourdain." So it got me thinking what other famous people would I like to smoke with..

Anthony Bourdain (duh!)
Kevin Smith
Seth Green
Seth McFarlane
Dave Grohl
Trent Reznor
Kathleen Hannah

This is just off the top of my head, I'm sure I will think of other later. Who are your picks?
Robin Williams - would die of laughter
Thanks for the information Lorewolf. Will check that earlier thread too.
I'd like to smoke with Blue Rodeo. At a little house, where they have a bunch of guitars and mandolins and crap like that.

In fact, I am going to see them live "under the stars" at the end of August, and I'm going with doodlemama (who is very accepting of my little indulgence). She is driving, so I can eat "special" cookies or smoke whatever I want! ME SO HAPPY!! :-) Blue Rodeo, in the summer, in the centre and near the front, under the stars, with COOKIES! This is practically a religious experience for me.

ETA: also, I do a lot of fantasizing about hot boxing the Legislature.

Anyway, I actually came in to post about baking. I've found the best thing to make butter with is shake. Sometimes, if you have a good relationship with your supplier, you can get it for free, or at least very cheaply - especially if you offer to share your baked goods! (I also throw in the seeds and stems when I make butter.) I used to make butter all the time, and freeze it in those little ziploc containers...about 1/2 cup per container. Then you just substitute it for regular butter. I always used the Betty Crocker (or was it Duncan Hines?...whichever one has the red spoon logo) chocolate chip cookie mix, 'cause it calls for butter instead of oil.

One thing though - it doesn't work if you use organic butter. I have no idea why, but I tried it once, and wasted a whole bunch of weed. GRRR!

ETA: treehugger, at 37, I totally know how you feel!
Wow! I'd 2nd Robin Williams!
I'd also love to get baked with the Beastie Boys.
Hmmm, and I would have loved to have smoked out with Carl Sagan, whom I heard was a chronic toker.

Frankly, though, I just miss toking with my friend, Brad.
Carl Sagan was a toker?!? really? the billions and billions of stars guy? How interesting...

Oh I'd like to 3rd Robin Williams and add Dave Chapelle.
Yep! He must have fell short of billions and billions of tokes, but they said that some of his bigger insights came with a little help.

...and doesn't it just make a ton more sense now when you think back on him? Hmmm... I'll try Googling this one...

Ahh! Here's something that relates to the topic quite nicely!

Carl's quote on the page: "Looking at fires when high, by the way, especially through one of those prism kaleidoscopes which image their surroundings, is an extraordinarily moving and beautiful experience." now THAT is what I call stoned! :-)
So.... Anybody try whippits? I've only had the tail-end of a whipped cream dispensor, like just under a lungfull. It wasn't enough to do more than make my ears boom and I kinda grinned a bit. I'm sure a lot of what I felt was just from holding my breath, otherwise.
Yeah I had a friend who did them constantly - they knew him by name in the kitchen store in the mall. He'd walk in and they would set a case of them up on the counter. I wasn't a huge fan of whippets 'cause it just wasn't quite enough for the work, if you have access to balloons much better!

When I was in my hippie days I used to get the big 'ole nitrous balloons at shows for about $5 to $10 depending on size. biggrin.gif Good times, good times....
The last time I did a balloon at a show my boyfriend told me to inhale and hold it for as long as I could, and it didn't really work. When I used to do them, I'd inahle and exhale a bunch of time very quickly and it seemed to work better. I wonder what the "correct" way is.

The boy just bought 2 E pills and 4 hits of acid and wants to eat both at the same time. i have no idea what these E pills are like though. They might suck!
I was wondering about that, too. I bet a balloon makes it a lot easier. So you're exhaling back into the balloon and re-inhaling? That's what I was guessing would be best. I'll have to check Erowid.
Yeah. You just breathe in and out rapidly a bunch of times.

Taking just a huge breath and holding it in for a long time didn't work for me.
I'm coming down off a roll right now. I'm so tired and braindead, I just want to sleep, but when I'm not distracting myself I keep thinking of bad things. yech.
that sucks, hellotampon. i've never rolled before, and it's precisely that yukky feling that i'm afraid of. (i did coke in college and hated the comedown).

that's why i dig pot so much. when i smoked my first bowl, i was like.... duuuuuuuude, this is what i was lookin' for all that time! i did coke recreationally for three years on and off before ever having tried anything else.

oh, and i've tried whippits once or twice. that's really all it does, lorewolf, just sort of make your head boom and make things funny as shit. i remember music being awesome. it's a great 20 second high, but then it goes away. i went to a party a few years ago where i did it the first time. this guy had brought a gymsack full of whippits plus two canisters. there were SO many empty cartridges scattered the next morning it looked like a firing range.


*recoils a little, yet listens curiously* I'm kinda afraid of letting a Djini out of a botttle.

Best of luck, Hellotampon. Just remember what's making you feel what.
OK, I know this was a topic a couple of months back, but it's all gone...what's the word on a little bit of pot's longevity in the body, for testing purposes? I've heard everything from 72 hours to 2.5 weeks to 30 days...anyone?
how much is a little? 30 days is more for a regular smoker. also it depends on if you try to flush your system out, etc. do you have a test coming up? also, is it a urine test?
And it's fat soluble so i think the skinnier you are, the less of a problem it is. And lots of cardio excersize should help, right? Since that burns fat.

The E gave me the blahs for a few days but I'm fine now. I'm still constipated though! Which kinda freaks me out, because I ordinarily eat tons of water and oats and fruits and all kinds of things that are loaded with fiber, so it's not really possible to add even more fiber into my diet, since that's all I eat to begin with. But I just learned that coffee makes you shit, so I'll have to drink some. I'm pretty sure ecstacy always makes me constipated.
just a few puffs in the last week, no chronic use, and I'm pretty slim. I don't know for sure if there'll be a test, or what kind, but I don't think it'd be for at least another week. I realized the possibility a little too late...durr. blink.gif What's this flushing process, maddy?

And hellotampon...assuming the ecstasy-induced constipation works like the regular variety (irregular? har), coffee probably would work, also sometimes alcohol, for some reason. but that has problems of its own...also overloading on prunes or dried fruit works like a charm. but you'll be tooting all day! good luck gettin' things moving...
oh you'll be fine. my boyfriend smokes a few puffs most evenings, and he did a lot of drinking water and this detox tea stuff. he also got a special flusher online-but he had a definite test in like 5 days so he was freaking out. he totally passed.

just make sure you drink a lot of fluids, and good foods, to flush it all out. i'm sure you'll be fine if you just have a few puffs every now and then. even if it shows up, which i doubt it will, it'll be the tiniest amount. really though i wouldn't worry.

my boy's brother has random drug screens cause he's on probation, and he'll smoke the night before and then just drink like a gallon of water, and he'll pass. although, sometimes he doesn't, so it's not a sure fire t hing. but if HE can pass, anyone can!
Sweet! Thanks, Maddy. I appreciate it.
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