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Full Version: scottish busties??
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Argh, so annoyed that I lived in Brum for 2 years (and just this minute left) and never knew there were any Busties round those parts!. With you anoushh though, the place drove me pretty much crazy, had to get out!!
*flings self through door*
I'm back in the land of civilisation and... grrr. I going to see Bon Jovi on the 10th for my mum's birthday. Does it say much about how much I'd like to meet you guys that my first thought was "it's only my mother"? I live in london so... oh how irritating.
*wanders back out, pouting*
welcome back mornington! we've missed your funny kvetches.

I'm seeing Bon Jovi on the 3rd and have golden circle tickets! *~*~*~does snoppy dance~*~*~*

I've bought my tickets for the day of talks so definitely coming down but things aren't finalised, we could always arrange to do a lunch so you can make it? Another meeting is on the cards anyway when sybarite is over so at least you may be able to make that - altho I want to meet you too!

Pouting all round.
sorry for the double post! Just to say that I *may* be in London from the 9th/10th through to the 17th. There's a premiere of a play I deserately want to see. Either that, or I'll be travelling down a few weeks after the weekend of the 10th. Hopefully that will make it easier to coordinate something.
Am I the only one with a soft spot for Brum?

Every now and again I go to my parents house (Bristol) for a couple of weeks and when I come back I have occasionally had to *swallow* back my emotions. Yeh I'm weird... but there's something about the dirty, dilapidated buildings and bright neon lights of Selly Oak that says home to me.

I have occasionally experienced the same thing upon seeing the silver discs on the outside of Selfridges after an absense.

All of this is probably just 'coming home' feelings, but I've never experienced that kind of choked-up feeling when returning to Bristol, where I grew up. And it's the 'nasty' bits of the place that make me go all soppy. Does anyone else get that when arriving back home after they've been away?
ooooo, lunch! I can make lunch... july is a little dodgy for me what with a fine combinations of exams and work placements but if I can make it I will!

beansalad... I have a "homecoming" feeling when I see the arrival lounge of heathrow airport (and Tripoli airport passport control too, oddly enough). And I spent the last fifteen minutes of my train ride into london looking for my friend's house. I'm always soppy when I've been away, but my attachments are to the oddest things - like the "good service" magnet someone pinched from the underground on our fridge.
beansalad, I get like that for, ahem, *Derby*. I spent the first 19 years of my life there, then ran away to London as fast as my legs would carry me. I still get a little emotional when I return to visit my parents though; especially when the train passes Pride Park stadium on its way into Derby station. I like Birmingham too, and Leicester. *sigh* I consider myself a Londoner, but I'm just a midlands girl at heart.
I will be in London from the 9th/10th until the 17th; looking forward to it although will be busy - going to take advantage of the British Library!

Going to see this play on the 16th or maybe 17th - have studied Marina Carr and this is her first play for six years, hence why I'm starying longer!
hey ladies

just wanted to say that i should be up for any meetups, but will be in the states in august (i think) for a wedding in san francisco. if anyone starts an email list please let me know as i'd like to kept in the loop about details!

it would be great to see everybody again or for the first time!
Still finalising dates but will post as soon as I have, and we can take it to email from then?

And cheers surly, good to know!
OK, looking at the last weekend of June/1st of July for London. Am booking later today as thesis-work displacement activity. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Hi again. I'll be in London on 1-3 July. Does anyone fancy a meet-up? If so, maybe let me know here and we can arrange the rest by email...
I''ll be around - I'd love to meet up with you!

heyiya at
depending on when my exam is (it's either the 3rd, 4th or 5th (everyone say woo for disorganised universities) I'll be around too, possibly freaking out quietly in a corner somewhere.

bubblegum_on_my_boots at hotmail dot com is moi
Cool, I emailed you both!
i'm in!
Surly, I emailed you as well...
any Scottish Busties? if you are in Edinburgh fantastic craft night every monday for more info 6-9pm drop in
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