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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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Today will be the third day in a row where I'll be working 12 hours because we've had so many people quit and they haven't kept up with hiring new people. I'm sick of this, need something that pays better and doesn't have people leaving like rats on a sinking ship.
Wow! -took me forever to get back on here. -changing password etc. Had to change User Id to, formerly strgtgrlwrkpos.

Ugh - Sassygrrl, Keenkitty - biggest sympathies -definately can empathise as can tell by below. Whiew - Thankfully am free of His Bitchy Queeness right now wink.gif

Anna K - you will find something just (hard to keep it up sometimes!) need be persistent
Strangely enough, I had my work review last week. I got a profienct rating, which means whatever to me. All that bullshit about splitting hairs, and she didn't mark me off for tardies.... Whatever. She's still a cunt though. One second she's really nice, and the next wants to kill me.

I also found out really good news: The company will pay be fat bonuses for IT Certifications. And, we get discounts on Dell, Apple, and some fitness clubs.
So, I'm going to check them out.
FUCK, Why is my boss such a cunt? I had a really bad migrane (due to lack of sleep and bad breakup this weekend) and I went into her office around 1, and told her that I had a bad migrane. She was nice for about 2 seconds, and then started bitching, "Well, you have to do what you have to do!!! Go Home!!!"
Um, okay. So, I did.

Ugh. So hate this job. Micro management sucks hard core. In another weird chain of events, I broke down to my cool boss (who flirts with me) about weekend. He gave me cool hug. smile.gif
why, WHY would the higher-ups not supply a back up assistant manager for the two weeks that ours is away (along with two other key people) and leave the New manager, who is just getting familiar with everything, All On His Own?!? the man can't even get a snack for lunch, and the rest of us are running around like a bunch of headless chickens needing him for something every two seconds. wtf. i can see where the profit in banking comes from. it's undercutting staff. stupid, stupid, stupid. this does NOT inspire staff loyalty, lemme tell ya.

oh, i'm so stressed from today that i'm drinking wine on an empty stomach before it's even dark out. i'll be lucky if i don't pass right out before i feed myself and kid. maybe that would be a blessing, i'm in such a rotten mood. i'll give him a box of crackers and go lie down for a while...

okay, first off i want to say i love my job. i'm well paid and i love what i do (graphic design) BUT i'm up for benefits this month and NO ONE WILL TELL ME ANYTHING. the head of HR is an elderly chinese man whose english is difficult at best (we're an apparel company and we do a lot of our production in china, so a large percentage of our employees here are chinese) and additionally seems to have no grasp of the plan offered. apparently the first option (hospitalization only) is paid 75% by my company, but he doesn't know how much it is in numbers. the second plan is 75%, plus more, which i cannot understand, and he will not explain. dental is maybe $7.50 a month, maybe $15. he doesn't know. FURTHERMORE, my coworkers were told that the first option is paid entirely by the company, but all the rest we have to pay for. TO COMPLICATE THINGS EVEN FURTHER, my coworker who was hired a year ago chose the second option and was never charged anything at all. AND my two newest coworkers (who've been here about two months longer than i have) both chose the same plan the other one did, hoping they wouldn't get charged, and not only did they get charged, but they got signed up for the wrong plan. ARRRRGHHH!!!! there is no one i can talk to about this because 1) no one speaks english well enough, 2) i don't speak any chinese at all, and 3) i don't want to suddenly upset whatever delicate balance has caused coworker #1 to not have to pay for her insurance thus far. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH RANT RANT ARGH
That is frustrating Pepper, Mouse.

Sassy are you in the public service? If yes - have you ever worked in private sector? If you have, how would you say the work environments differ from each other? - Or anyone else for that matter who has experience of both. Been in mostly private sector, but wondering if public might be better for now- while figuring out what really want do -job security is big one - it is a waste of energy tiptoeing round bosses that are idiots and have power to fire at any fancy that grabs them - in all cases - but especially when supposed to be just a day job.
Still free of Bitchy Queen though so all fine so far. biggrin.gif

Btw didn't mean to put that red face icon on last post!!?
I was in private sector for non profit. Now I'm in public dealing with a government job. Both have their share of headaches.

So, I stayed home yesterday b/c I had a touch of a stomach bug. I got yelled at about it today. Did they really want me to throw up? All this bs about 90 prob period, yadda yadda. And, then I get pulled into the office for something that I was supposed to be doing--faxing!!! Apparantly, I faxed people twice (it was the computer's fault), and I get bitch-slapped about this around 3 pm. Meanwhile, lack of sleep and hormones does not make me a happy gal. I started yelling at my boss, and she accused me of not working. Bloody fuck. So needing to get a new job. I don't get it. I thought I had gotten a decent review last week....WTF? I fucking hate middle management. Apparantly, the boss above my boss is going to take to me. It's like they think I'm an idiot. "Well, we're going to run some reports to see if you've been working...." BFD.
If they decide to keep me past this three month period, I want to apply for a new supervisor. She seems to have something against me. I don't want her fucking job.
Dear misogynist supervisor,
Next time you hold a meeting, do not spend 40 minutes lecturing us on how to be more productive and how we need to stop wasting time, especially when the gist of what you said can be summed up in less than five minutes, and especially when you come in and complain about everyone being too quiet because we're all working, then stand and chat with someone for about ten minutes, therefore preventing them from doing any work. There's a little word called hypocrisy, look it up sometime.

Oh, and don't sound like you resent someone who quits because he had an opportunity to pursue something in his chosen field, especially since you went into the same freaking field.

--the openly liberal feminist who you probably think is a wackjob

P.S. Your jokes suck, and while I don't want to believe the gossip, I think I do.

Dear thread,
Why do I have the feeling I'll be visiting here a bit more often?

*sighs and prepares to send off more resumes*
oh, great. the bank i left for this one just got a new manager and everything is going just Flipping Peachy over there all of a sudden. wtf. i dislike this new job immensely. why, why Why? damn.
Lilac, so loving that letter.

So, WTF? These last two days have been utter hell. I mean, I know I've been sick, but Jesus Christ! The CUNT ran a report to see if I'd been working, and I made the highest production rate on the team (well, top three), but apparantly I hadn't been dialing (because I spent the majority of the day faxing 60 people) on the phone. Well, I get those reports today. And the one yesterday didn't compare with the one day. So, yet again about three or so, when I'm on the phone with a client, CUNT runs over while me being on phone. I'm trying to collect data, and she's all in my ear. I finally turn to her sharply and say "WHAT?? WHAT DO YOU WANT!!" And then realized that I screamed at her. So, then she gets all, "EXCUSE ME!!? We're going to go have a meeting with D(her boss) about your attititude and the RULES. And if you CAN'T follow the RULES, then you can LEAVE!!!" Fuck me gently with a chainsaw....

Go downstairs to Ds office with the stupid dial reports. Explain to Dabout stupid faxing, and the fact that the fucking fax machine was broken. And that CUNT yelled in my ear when I was on a phone call. And CUNT is just giving me death glare look, and D is trying to smooth every out (he's really a pussy, but I wouldn't tell him that). Explains that "we need to follow procedure" (keep forgetting that this is an govt job), and that CUNT is my supervisor, and that I'm still in training, and that I need to listen to whatever she has to say...yadda yadda yadda.

I then spent the next 15-20 minutes crying in the fucking bathroom. Over this shitty job. And I'm PMSing, so not in the best mood anyways.

She'll be determining on whether I stay or go next month. I think she's just trying to get me to quit. And she wonders why the last new hire left?
GOD. I hate working for idiots.

Prepares as well to send off more resumes as well.
((((sassygirl)))) Sucks, don't it?

Your supervisor sounds a lot like my department head. One minute she's sweet, nice as can be, but if you dare ask about anything or don't suck up enough, then she turns against you and acts like the bitch from hell. She has been making life miserable for everyone on my shift because we don't suck up enough and our acting supervisor has actually dared to talk to her about stuff. The old one did that too, and they fired him.

Anyway, I just had my review and found out that while my numbers were good, my quality was good, my attendance wasn't up to par because I've used my sick time, was late a bunch of times, and I got written up for it. This is after the management told us that we wouldn't have to worry about it after August 1, because they were wiping the slate clean for tardies and forgot to tell us that sick time is counted against us. They also included one day that we were supposed to come in and I couldn't make it for the

And three--yes, three--people are planning on quitting on Monday. And two people are planning on being out of the place by Friday, if not sooner, so if I decide to stay, it will be just myself and three other people on my shift (which gets the most work assigned to them), and only two of us have enough experience to handle the work. We're already understaffed because the company is trying to cut costs and nobody has been hired in a couple weeks. I heard it's because this company is getting such a bad rap from people leaving that the applicant pool has dried up. Can't say I disagree, because there is a fucking boulder of truth in that.

And did I mention that one of the people who is quitting is the lead for our shift and the other two are the most experienced?

I am seriously considering on joining them on Monday, or else calling in sick, even though I don't have anything definite lined up for a job. My resumes are out there, but so far, no takers.

Oh, and the supervisor that letter was addressed to (thankfully not the one on our shift) got two girls in trouble on our shift for talking too much, even though they were doing their work and not bothering anyone. I wish they would have gone after his fat ass for gabbing and not working.

Fucking hell, I am so sick of this crap. mad.gif
Lilac, it seems you and I are working at the same company!

I got bitched out for being sick, when I had PTO time! And, the times I have been late, I've made up that day. Double ugh.

I don't know. Everyone seemed to know (word gets around fast I guess) about what happened to me on Thurs afternoon. So, Friday morning everyone was super nice to me, which was weird. And then at the end of the day, my cunt of a supervisor and another supervisor peeked around my cubicle, with a check in their hand. And, I was thinking, holy fuck they're firing me. It was my transit reimbursement. The other supervisor said: "It seems you had a hard week, so go treat yourself this weekend..." And my supervisor was smiling. I did apologize to her, but still.

I wonder what the turn-over rate is in my company. It seems we lose 3 people a week! A friend of mine left b/c she was about to graduate from college(and had been at the job a year, which is long for this company), and people were actually pissed that she was going into her choosen field. WTF?

So fucking sick of this, but it's a paycheck. At least I was about to splurge on BPAL and Lush products this weekend!! smile.gif

Mouse -- any chance you could find some Chinese community group that has volunteer translators?

And you could do one of their members a favor --like call up and wrangle with the phone company csrs or something -- if they would have somebody that could act as a go-between for you and HR/benefits?
hey thanks wombat, i actually ended up calling the insurance company and they were able to give me all the info i needed. i think that, beyond the language barrier, our hr department just doesn't really KNOW and are badly organized. the price list (photocopied to near disappearing) they gave me was from 2004, and he was like "add maybe 10%". and the woman i spoke to from the insurance co said she's been trying to work with our hr dept to get them up to date, but isn't having much luck.

ugh i hate disorganization regarding things like that!!!
whew -- that's good
Mouse, good for you.

UGH. I woke up late today, and walked into work about an hour and a half late. I walked into my supervisor's office, and told her how I would make up the time. And, she told me that I could make up the time 30 minutes extra each day for the next three days. Whatever. Go along working. We then get this email from her stating that "making up time is a privledge, and that we can not assume to make it up, and that is has to go thru approval....Do not TELL me that you will make it up. ". And of course, it was directed mainly at me. Why did she get pissed when I was just trying to make up a plan? Isn't making up a plan and being organized a good thing?

She then throws my July review on my desk, and tells me loudly that my 90 day review is at the beginning of Sept. ???? I already knew this.

So searching for a new job.
Geez, I would have gone insane by now if I were you, sassy. I'm so glad I've found a job I love. Too bad my contract ends in a month.
I'm going slightly mad. sad.gif
lol-making up time is a privilege:) hee hee:) i'd rather NOT make up the time, thank you ver much.

sounds a bit like my control freak boss. i can't complain much cause i have an easy job. but, my boss wants my ass in my chair at all times. she freaks out if i'm 20 minutes late, even though i always call. i know i've been not good about being reliable, but dude-20 minutes? people need to relax and settle down! geez. it's not like i've ever been late for a meeting or something. mostly i just sit in my office working and playing online all day. so it's not like i'm missing something crucial.

she just wants me to be there when she's there, pretty much. she doesn't like it if she comes into my office and i'm not there-she used to ask me all the time where my coworker was-i'm like i dunno, maybe she went to get coffee/use the bathroom/fax something/chat with someone/drop off something/etc. but she would be so annoyed that my coworker ever left the office-psycho!!!!
My boss is a control freak, and a cunt. And a new supervisor at that. I asked to see if I could get a day off in Nov for a doctor's appointment (my doctor is in Fl, and I live in GA), so I bargained to work Veteran's Day if I could have the day after Thanksgiving off. She was like, I'll give you both of them off!! And was smiling?? I didn't understand. I then saw my numbers, and they were high, so it was no wonder she was being nice.

Still searching for a job. She keeps acting like she's threatening me, and I'm totally just sitting there smiling.... ha.

i'm working my ass off. i get little to no feedback. it's making it reeeeeeeeealllll hard to care, when i barely do now.

let's all go in on a megabucks ticket!

Can I join in on the megabucks ticket thingie?

I have my 3 month review next week. Apparantly, they're only mad at me for being sick for two days. I had to come clean about my epilepsy, which was embarassing for me, but I guess now that's it's out in the open that's a good thing. I've never had a seizure at work though. But, I thought they may as well know, b/c I've been having such shitty migranes.

meh, screw them sassy. they can't actually discriminate against you because of a medical condition so fuck it. they can stuff their "two days sick in three months" uptight business up theirs. what the fuck eh, two flipping days?! not worth all the drama.

so i have been at this job for only a couple of months and the online training system was down for the first bit so i've gotten minimal training (seems to be the way in this field, which is strange considering what we do and are responsible for...). i'm pretty competent considering but the other day i made an entry error (not a big deal but it means that my "cash" doesn't balance at the end of the day) and it put my balancing out a Lot. it's not an issue for long, we always find the difference the next day or something gets returned from the processing center for correction, etc. But, i'm up for a review of sorts and i'm getting the vibe from the mngr that things are not totally kosher with it all. it's not like i screw things up regularly or make huge errors, what happened is totally understandable considering my level of experience with the system there and my training (which was minimal at best).
whateves, but girls cross your fingers for me and send me good vibes for a favourable review. things are about to change and i'd like them to change for the better for me. that is what i need to see happen to stay there for any length of time.
I know! It sucks, but I figure it had to be said. I just feel all self-concious now, like the weird epileptic girl. Even though I've never had a seizure at work. I just hope they don't treat me any different. I hate to get the pity looks.

Favorable review as well. I have mine next week, I think Weds. Thank goodness I'm going on holiday on Friday. smile.gif
whoa, got a call from a casual friend who is also a customer at work. yesterday at lunch the party sitting next to her were a group of people that i work with (including the new manager, i think, and two other people with positions of authority) who had a conversation about me that was so unflattering as to have been outright malicious. she felt so uncomfortable with what had been said that she called to tell me last night. wow.
i'm really, Really nice at work, totally professional and pleasant (other people have commented on how well i deal with problematic customers and what a great mood i always seem to be in), i also take great care with my dress, never wearing anything revealing or inappropriate or too casual and i haven't had even a hint of conflict or anything negative happen in the whole time i've been there.
first of all i am shocked that these people feel that way about me not to mention humiliated that they would have a conversation like that loudly enough to be overheard and in public at a restaurant i used to work at where i know all of the staff and clientelle. i'm pretty offended.
so, i'm in the process of lodging a formal complaint with HR and then i'm going to quit. i feel pretty angry and there is just no way that i'll continue working with people like that. i'm not particularly enamoured of the job anyhow so screw it.
Egad, Pepper. That's pretty lousy. It seems no matter what you do at work, people will gossip. It happens at the school where I teach all the time. No matter how low a profile I keep, someone has something to say. If I don't engage in gossip about the powers that be, I'm a suck up. If I do, I have a big mouth. A girl can't fucking win.
well, i found out exactly who it was and it Wasn't the new manager (thank Maude) but still totally shitty. it's that they discussed me on a personal level in public loud enough for other tables to hear them that ticks me off the most. who else was sitting nearby? maybe someone i do childcare for? a parent of one of the kids at my little boy's daycare or new school? maybe a friend of the guy i'm dating? oh, i'm making myself feel even worse. can't wait to deal with this on monday. i'll be making it very clear to the manager that i will suffer NO phony appologies from any of them, he can reprimand them after i leave, i am in no kind of mood to be kind to them at work or otherwise. if one of them even tries to say sorry i'm afraid i'll spit right in their face. dirty rotten louses.
Pepper, if I could, I'd hand them their asses on cake platters for you. Alas, I can just send them mean karmic vibes.
Pepper, shit that sucks. I can't kick their asses, but will send MEAN vibes their way. I hate that people gossip. People at work think I'm dating a friend of mine there, but we are just silly, (he's married) and we try to make them think that we're dating... I would with a bunch of bitchy woman that have nothing better to do than bitch and moan.

Ugh. My review is Weds I believe. Getting anxious about it. My boss is a cunt, but I figure that they only thing they can get me on is missing two days of work (but shit those were 2 days of my PTO time off). My deal is that is we weren't allowed PTO time off, why in hell where we given it in the first place? My numbers are good, so they can't complain about it.

Fucking seizures. Argh. I feel like shit.

Work review should be this Weds. Send me good busty vibes. I'm trying to look for other jobs as well, but just in case I need a raise!! smile.gif

Pepper, how's it going?
i feel like crap.
i talked to a counsellor because i'm not the type, really, to take things so personally and this has just had such an impact on me. it's really tweeked me and brought up so much from my past, from being tormented in school for being different, the new kid all the time. ugh. i'm taking it really hard.
the dude i talked to said that he thinks i'm suffering from situational depression because i'm having such acute mental and physical symptoms, shakes, sweating, nauseous, can't sleep, no appetite, headaches, can't focus, panicy anxiety attacks and crying. it's awful. he told me to go to my doctor and talk to her but she's out of town and her preplacement is this british 'stiff upper lip' woman who basically told me i'm being a baby and to suck it up. completely invalidated my feelings, belittled me, that was the worst part of the day actually. again, i was vulnerable to someone in a position of authority, a health care practitioner, and she slapped me right in the face. one of my fears about all of this was exactly that, that i would be told that i didn't deserve to be upset about this, that my feelings weren't important.
i have issues about being "depressed" too, there is mental illness in my family and i have a mortal terror of anything happening to my mind. i put a lot of pressure on myself to not get depressed, to not focus on negative feelings. i think that it's positive in a way, it makes me focus on the good that can come out of every situation, even a bad one. but i take it too far and don't allow myself to feel "bad". again, it's like i don't deserve to have those feelings, that i need to always be the strong one, i can't have anyone taking care of me, being weak makes me valueless.
i have a migraine, i took some pills for it and now i'm a wibbly mess. it sucks.
((pepper))) That sucks. At least you sort of are working out your feelings. Shit, am I making any sense? I can understand about your feelings about not being depressed. I had to finally give into it myself as of this weekend, due to the seizure and other shit going on...

So, I ask my boss about my review because as of tomorrow I will have been at job for three months. Anyways, she tells me it's going to be another three weeks!! She's been sweating me about 90 day review thing for a month now, and now she's all like "mid Sept???" WTF??
(((pepper))) (((sassy)))

I just loathe my job so much!!! Today was an awful day. My boss was a huge jerk about the attendance policy. The work is so boring, I feel like it's draining the life out of me. I feel stuck right now though. I got a job offer with another company, but couldn't accept it for various reasons, so I am feeling like a rat in cage. They actually passed a survey to evaluate the company and employee moral. Putting your name on it was optional, but I am so unhappy there I used my name and raged about what a awful company it is. I just went on and on and let loose.
Ginger, glad you got your feelings out. I wish they would do something like that at my job. I have a feeling that it would get a lot of people to quit though.

We have some stupid office meeting with some bigwhigs tomorrow, and I so don't care. My job is just so damn boring. I'm trying to look elsewhere b/c I too feel drained. I mean, it pays the rent for right now, but I don't see any room for advancement. I'm looking into IT Certification thru the company, and that may be the only reason that I may stay.

((hugs to all busties...))
(((pepper))) Wow, that sucks. I hope they take your complaint seriously, that is rather unprofessional.

((((sassy))))) Your boss is terrible. My workplace is the same way, though. My review for last month came halfway through this month, I hope the review is worth it and I hope you can get certified.

((((ginger))))) I'm in the same predicament. I was supposed to have a phone interview today with another company, and of course, they call at the worst possible time (stuck in traffic, late for work), so I couldn't talk to them. Sheesh, I didn't even call my work to tell them I would be late because even if I did, I'd get in trouble.

Nothing's been happening here, the department head has been nice to everyone, probably because production has been high. I'm sensing some weird vibes around here, but it might be my paranoia. It just doesn't feel right around here for some reason.

We had this stupid bs meeting with some big whigs today. It went on for about 4 hours. Anyways, the only good thing that came out of it is that I realized that I'm not the only one that is bitching about moaning about certain things about this job. And it's stupid things, like a co-worker made a comment about going to the restroom, and then getting an email from her boss stating: "I don't pay you to go to the bathroom..." When you have to pee, you have to pee! Jesus! I even mentioned that there should be some sort of survey, and someone else mentioned that supervisors need some damn training... some people in my work have NO people skills at all....

I still have my review and my raise mid month. Cross all busty fingers and toes. Like I've mentioned before, I'm just in for the IT certification, and just found out that they will pay for some tuition as well(although you have to stay with the company for a year for them to pay it back....)

((ginger)) ((pepper)) ((lilac))
pepper, sorry to hear about that. That sucks. But I am sure you're going to do the right things to take care of yourself. People suck.

ginger, good for you. I hate it when people just act like a bunch of freaking sheep or cattle and just take whatever abuse people in power positions give out. You kick but for that!

sassy, your job sounds like a nightmare. I hope you get out of there.

-I work with some really loud mouthed people. My gawd! What the fuck is so funny and why do they have to be so loud. I know I am just a grouch, but really, there's no reason to be so fucking loud. Ghetto assed mothas!!!!!!! dry.gif
Another letter to misogynist supervisor:

Next time you crack jokes about fat people, I should remind you that your gut can be used as both a sunshade or an umbrella, depending on the weather. It's not funny and you're a lot better when you sleep through the shift. Just shut up.

Dear department head:

If you think that asshat makes a good supervisor, I shudder to think who you are going to hire. Personally, I'd rather have my old one back, even though he shows bad judgement regarding computer usage. Gay porn doesn't piss me off as much as sexist jokes.

Dear job gods:

Um, a little something better here?

(Note: I don't hate fat people, but I have problems with those who do, especially men who are overweight themselves and make fun of fat women.)
My boss is being the biggest bitch about me quitting. My last day is Friday, I gave notice nearly three weeks ago. She hasn't talked to me once since I gave notice. After me emailing and asking in person for info about my health insurance, she finally emailed me today with the info I needed. And that's it. No conversation, no good luck, nothing. I didn't want to leave this job with a big fuck you attitude but she really isn't leaving me much of a choice.
We had yet another bs meeting about attendance policies and monitoring. And we got assigned new people (like co-workers), and I got switched out from this really cool chick (who I think my boss must hate) to this guy that reminds me of one of the mean grumpy muppets. And my bitchy cunt of a boss goes on and on about "monitoring..." and the new girl is a total bitch. Not to mention that I had three hour trip from hell in SC yesterday, and went to Krogay like at midnight last night to get OJ for this damn breakfast meeting, and no one seemed to even fucking drink it.


Job gods, some help here? I'm updating my resume this weekend!

Catsoup, your boss is a bitch.

Hell, it reminds me of a friend who got bitched at for leaving the company to graduate from college! They actaully got angry at her for pursueing a better career. Asshats.

(((catsoup))) I'm probably being way too hippie/compassionate towards your boss but is it possible that she is a.) sad to be losing a good employee b.) jealous that you are moving on?

I don't know.... people do weird things when they are trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings. I know I had some weird/bad reactions when I was in a supervisory position and had someone I really liked want to move on. Depending on how you actual feel, you might want to just write her a note/e-mail telling her that it was good working with her and thanks for everything. It might soften her up.

Or maybe she really is a mean-spirited asshat who doesn't like to see anything good happen to anyone else.

I've had bosses who reacted badly when people quit too, catsoup, and I suspect it was usually out of anger over losing someone who was good. Or else they were being jerks about it. Usually, though, I think it has more to do with anger and not covering it up very well.

Speaking of bosses, my shift got a new supervisor and he cannot do his job at all. I had to spend at least an hour last night correcting his mistakes, at one point I asked a coworker if there had been a change in policy so the mistakes were now kosher (they weren't). Granted, it was his first day yesterday but the person who's training him isn't exactly competent either, so I'm worried and a little pissed off, because I know once he starts working by himself on our shift we'll have to retrain him in everything, and I mean everything.
I hate my boss!!!! I suddently just found out at lunch thru a mutual friend of a friend that my ex is engaged. Fuck me. So, obviously my mind wasn't on my work today after work AT all.

Anyways as work didn't already suck, my boss kept coming up to me with like a million issues that really weren't issues at all. "Sassy, you have a bunch of returned mail..." So, in my overanalytical mind, I expected like 50 envelopes, there were like 7! Ugh. It's like everything is a minor fuckup to her, and she always comes at me like the world is going to end. She can't just say, "Dude, you got some mail returned..." It's always said with this heavy sigh, like..... "AWWWW.. shit....." I don't really get it.

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

So, I had a four day week due to the holiday. I overslept this morning, b/c I spent most of the weekend traveling, and my body still hasn't fully recovered. I was an hour late, and took my pto time. So, whatever.

I get bitched out for being late,and my three month review is next week. I just have to remind myself that I need a paycheck.

Oh! And my cunt of a boss has now enlisted my co-worker the next cubicle over from me to SPY on me. Like tell her everything that I do wrong.

Fucking A.

Going to go get drunk.

Had my review today. It was okay. I got in trouble by accident yesterday, by reading someone's email (the program popped up by accident). My boss thought I was snooping, and she goes all ape shit this morning....

And all this bs about privacy issues, when I found out that Friday she tried to get one of my co-workers to spy on me. Co-worker didn't do it, but still it's good to know that I have 4 people to vouch that this supervisor is whack. The funny thing is, the receptionist didn't even give a shit or notice that his email was up.

I sent an email to the head of HR (because my supervisor's boss is a pussy.... and I needed to go over his head) about her. She obviously wants to try to find a way to fire me.

Grrr... and I won't get my three month review or raise probably until next month or so.

So sending out resumes this weekend.

(good work vibes for everybody)

Strangely enough, we had a meeting (the company) today, and one of the big whigs asked an office of 70-80 how many people had been there 5 years or less, 40 of us raised our hands. They can't keep people at this job, b/c they treat the employee like shit. Not that anything suprises me in a government job. I just found it highly ironic.
my boss sits on her ass all day. everyone here just "hangs out" when i am running around like mad tryin gto make things work. everyone seems incompetent- here and at different vendors. i really hate this shit and want to scream right now. %&%&*&*&(*(**))+*&%^%#$%#^%*(&()&*)( why can't people do things right?????? just takes a few extra minutes to do things correctly! saves a lot of time and frustration later on! everyone's a dumb ass!!!!

Had a private meeting with my boss's head boss. He didn't believe me. Told me to ignore the gossip! Hello, I had 5 people in my corner telling me she had done this....

He mentioned the tardiness issue (I mentioned that I was switching meds, which is why I overslept one day last week) and he was all condenscing and like, "Well, how long is this going to happen?" It's happened three times (that I've been late) in the last month. Ugh. I wasn't sure if he was talking about the meds or the lateness. Told him that I was working on it.

And some bs about me not following procedures, but they never tell me what I'm doing wrong.

So looking for another job.

However, head HR dude told me just that my job wasn't in jeopardy. However, now that she knows she's going to be on total war path.
Fuck fuckity fuck.

((((caroline)))) Hang in there, sounds really rough.

(((sassygirl)))) Good luck with the resumes. Gah, I can't believe the head boss didn't believe you. What a jackass.

I got my review for last month today and got scolded for being late. Again. The dumb thing is they can't seem to agree what exactly is late, and the parking around here pretty much encourages lateness (as in, you won't get a spot unless you show up 5 minutes late).

I really want a beer now.

Reviews suck!! I mean my numbers were good and my refusal rate had gone down, which I thought was good. But, all she could do was scold me on the damn lateness thing and the stupid "policies and procedures." I guess they think I'm a rebel, b/c I have a tattoo or something. Then again, I do have an issue with authority.

Yeah the deal with lateness at this bs company is shit. There is a policy (I'm basically a contractor thru another company) thru the main company that has a policy that says that you can have a 15 minute grace period for things like weather or traffic. My boss is just a cunt. The thing is, if I'm late I usually end up using my PTO time anyway... (which is what I had to do last week).

Dumbass head boss told me that my three month raise was NOT automatic. I thought it was. And apparantly it's only like .50. However, that would give me the chance to finally move into my own place. But, I'm not probably going to have this review it seems until like Oct or something. And three month review is being done by my supervisor, who hates me.

So getting drunk and stoned this weekend.... smile.gif

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