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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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Jenesaispas --- that is why I am afraid of cosmetic counters like MAC etc.. I always want to buy their products, but then I am terrified of what they will say of me say if I'm wearing makeup already when i show up, if I'm not wearing makeup at all, what they will say behind my back.... I was picked on a lot as a child and some things stick... But if there's people like you working there, I shouldn't be scared!
grrrr. the dumb, fat security guard is working today. he's usually in another building. i detest him.
then, i had no spoon to eat my cereal with, and the dollar store to buy a pack of them was not open yet, and the cafeteria in my building is randomly closed today so i could not get a spoon there, and so i went to dunkin donuts - the same one i go to frequently for egg sandwiches. there were no spoons sitting out where the straws are, and i asked the manager, and he said, if you're not getting anything else, it's $1, and i said, in front of a line of people, fuck you! take your dollar and shove it. so i'm not going back to that dunkin donuts for anything.
A DOLLAR for a plastic spoon??? That's ridiculous.

I remember when I used to work at a gas station and they started making us charge 10 cents a cup if you weren't buying a coffee in it (So if you bought a soda and wanted to take a paper cup to drink it out of, you had to pay for it). I was disgusted. It goes to show you how stingy and money-grubbing the company was.
more stuff - I have to redo my background investigation – and I asked Admin if there was someone in Personnel to talk to and Admin explained there was not and why. Then I asked why this was happening/why we are having to redo things because someone else lost the paperwork, and Admin was like, well there are 300 people across the country this happened to so you’re not alone, and I said ok whatever it’ll get done, and the conversation ended.
Later, at lunch I asked Admin if she had gotten other feedback from people in the same situation; if anyone else was as verbose as say, my other coworker who apparently argued with her for an hour or something, and she said well, you were, and of course I responded, like, well I did the background check but the system won't let me validate it yet, so if I don’t get access to computers or whatever, because someone else lost my personnel file….it’s not my fault. I told her also that I had email HQ the same questions.

Seriously, what the f$%#? Of course I did the new background check, but of course also I questioned why it was happening – we’re not in the Army where you can’t question anything, we’re in another branch of govt. I hear Admin talking, like she says other people don’t appreciate all she does around the office…..I’m not sure what her story is and why she’s angry all the time. Today I saw her in the hallway and said hi, and she ignored me….if she’s upset with her job, it’s really not cool for her to take that out on other people....

Okay, work itself doesn't suck. I really like my job and my manager is awesome. But there is a girl at work who I just can't stand. She is a total anal retentive spaz and she grates on my nerves. She can't correct you in a nice way, she has to be all haughty and superior about it and any time she has tried to explain something to me I just don't get it, yet if my boss explains it, it is crystal clear. I wish she would just shut up and stay away from me.
I was supposed to start a new job at a clothing store yesterday. That shift was cancelled and then my shift for tomorrow night was also cancelled. Apparently they are just "not making the dollars". I'm scheduled for Sunday now. Let's see if that happens.

candycane - I hate people like that, it's like theonly way for them to feel good about themselves is to put others down. And it sounds like P's Admin Lady is the same way.

*sigh* I wish I was born rich. gazillionaire rich.
i do medical billing and it's def not going to be my career but i do like doing it for now. i was only supposed to work for the summer, but b/c i was good at it my bosses wanted to keep me. so i stayed. i work my ass off...i stay late, and make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be. we do billing for a lot of different doctors and i do 4 small drs. Since i started working there, 2 girls got fired so they have been training new people and b/c i do the smaller drs. they're giving the new girls their own drs and my drs. too so that they can get practice. Now that they're doing all the billing, i get to make phone calls all day for the past 2 weeks to insurance companies to find out why they're not paying. its AWFUL! and it makes me so freakin angry just to think about it b/c the new girls should be making the phone calls, not me. and why should i lose doing my drs so u can train. my bosses do nothing and i hafta do crap work b/c they need the practice? they went to freakin medical billing much practice do they need...its just really frustrating b/c i didn't sign on to make phone calls all day for 2 weeks...grrrrr...sry it's so long i just needed to get it out haha

I work in a bookstore, and the assistant manager is a crazy micro manager who thinks that talking down to people and making them feel bad about themselves is the way to get results. Newsflash - it isn't. I always get stuck between her and the actual manager, who doesn't stand up to her at all... on Monday the manager had me do something for him, and then when the asst. man. came in on tuesday she complained to someone, in front of me, about how new people shouldn't be allowed ot perform this task because they clearly can't do it properly and its a waste of labour hours because she has to go back through it and fix it herself...

i hate her.
anna k
I work at a museum, and held a woman's coat in the coatroom. She said she had a scarf in there, and I couldn't find it. She was snobby and emphasized that it was a very expensive scarf, and I couldn't find it anywhere, and felt bad about it. Her husband left their contact info, and he called back a little later saying they found the scarf in their hotel room. I wanted her to apologize to me for her rudeness, but knew she wouldn't admit to that.
My favorite boss ever got promoted to a completely different area a few weeks ago, and my group is temporarily reporting to another manager effective tomorrow. I hate him...I've worked alongside him before and he's a yeller and he has a way of making me feel like an idiot and a complete loser. I have never met anyone who could so easily evaporate fifteen years of education and social development and reduce me to a gibbering, awkward 12-year old. I could just puke. This temporary situation will last until March at least, and rumor has it that we're going to have layoffs in the meantime. I might as well just brush up my resume now...
My co-worker/work partner is an ultra-conservative super religious crazy nut. She's fun to be around, but when someone even says "damn" or "shit" she cringes and acts like her pure, virgin ears can't withstand such profanity. She prides herself in that her husband is "the leader of the home" and constantly tells me how guilty she feels that she can't be home with her children and keep the house in order for her tyrannical husband. Ok, I mostly feel bad for her... but when the supervisor gets on her about not doing her job she's always ranting to me saying, "I'm sorry, but my family comes first...this job just isn't that important," it makes me feel like because I don't have kids, that the fact that I AM good at my job doesn't mean anything. I don't want her to pat me on the back or anything, but I want to stop being made to feel like being good at my job is unimportant. I work in human services, so it's not like it's all about me anyway!

All this is intensified by the fact that my husband and I are trying to buy a foreclosure house and we're running into all this red tape. The appraiser is a dick who for some reason overlooked missing duct work in the basement but is so concerned with minor cosmetic changes. We had to convince the bank owner to let us make the changes ourselves so we can speed things along. So that means we are footing the bill for these crazy cosmetic changes. We have the replace ALL the carpet in the house... even the perfectly acceptable carpet. This is getting expensive.

If that isn't enough... we came home tonight and the pipes froze in our rental house which we are renting from my uncle. There is no way to get to the pipes other than tearing up the floor... so we may be homeless soon. Grr.
I need some advice. I've googled "smooth things over with coworker" and I'm not finding anything that applies.
To make a long story short, I thought some work tasks had shifted, so that each project manager took care of preparing their own files. Instead, it seems as though those tasks had NOT shifted, and I still prepare all the files.
But, my coworker got annoyed with me when she gave me some files, and I questioned it. Since then, a few months ago, she'll talk to me, if she has to, but won't look me in the eye. How should I handle this situation; what should I do to make it better?
I am being bullied at work by a nurse. She singles me out for whatever she can find, whenever she can, and recently she's started doing it in front of people. I'm getting really sick of it... she's acting like this is high school or something. I'm not sure what to do... stand up to her? (maybe she is just doing this to me because she can tell I have no spine) or go to HR? She is a nurse who has been there 5 years and I'm a CNA who has been there 5 months, so there is a definite seniority issue here and I don't want to end up fired.
I had a horrible day. That's it.
oh, gaaaaa...we are so backed up it isn't even funny. it started on christmas, i arrived to work with the lovely announcement, "K", I've got really good news for you...heart sank right there. biochemistry building was down. The whole building.

Sooo, we had to have a major project fixing a HUGE problem which involved reclaiming over 500 pounds of refrigerant, repairing a bunch of leaks, rebuilding two BIG compressors (the size of a big car engine) from scratch...spent the whole week.

But the bosses didn't switch any of our new service calls over to other people, so now there is....SIX ultracolds, a cryostat, three cold waves, two domestic fridges, and two water coolers in the shop all piled up. You can hardly walk in there. Not to mention all these hundred pound cylinders of reclaimed refrigerant that I have to haul upstairs for storage, and the fifty gallon drum of waste oil that nobody bothered to empty out for the past week. And I am told that two more ultracolds are coming in today. And customers are starting to call me wondering when.....this and that is going to be done...and i can't start ANY of it today because we have another building shutdown today, it's probably going to be at least a 12 hour day, and now with this cold snap coming in, things are going to freeze up in the buildings so I imagine by the weekend all holy hell is going to break out.

AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! *pulls hair out*
((tree)) hope it gets better...

I haven't been around in a while, working retail at Christmas left me with zero time/energy... but I was just told by my assistant manager that she thinks I have an attitude problem. She says that sometimes I sigh when she asks me to do a task... I definitely would not audibly sigh, maybe she doesn't like that I don't have as chipper a facial expression as I should??? Although i did give her a little bit of attitude yesterday, I was told to organize something by the asst. but the manager had already said it was ok. so I pointed that out, and was told no, its not.... then two hours later I finally finished and came up to the cash while the asst. was in the middle of a transaction with a customer. She looks at me accusingly and says 'you need a task?' and I responded (here with the sass, maybe, just a little.. "well I finished 30 seconds ago and didn't want to interrupt your transaction." and she just said "so yes. you need a task." the customer left and I was told to talk to her in the back about my attitude.

Basically, she doesn't like me. I don't like her either. Good thing its only a couple shifts a week. But it just upset me, because I'm a very nice person and I have a guilty conscience, so I'm trying to think maybe I should have acted better or something... I just don't like when people don't like me. But writing here helps me.

Ugggh... retail sucks.
i know i wrote before that i despise everyone i work with, but that was on a bad day, when someone was dumping me with extra work that was not ever my responsibility.

anyways. today is a pretty good day at work - got a $25Mil project endorsed this morning, so this afternoon is dealing with the memos to various other depts, so they know it endorsed also.

the problem is, i still feel like people are staring at me oddly, like they are staring critically at my clothes - even though i dress as well as i can for an overweight person with BIG boobs. i feel like people who used to say hello no longer do, or don't look me in the eye when they do. and yet others blatantly ignore me when i greet them. my supervisors and co-project managers all talk in the open area near our desks, but don't include me.

and i don't know what to do. so far, i'm pretending it's not happening. but that can't work forever. :-(
I'm getting really frustrated this week with work. I feel really overloaded. Usually I get to debrief and destress with other staff but I haven't had time in the past three weeks. I hate when people send you slightly passive aggressive emails. Last week I said I would write up a good copy of this list of highlights from our work in 2008. I only volunteered to type it up, not put in any missing info. There were a lot of people's names I didn't know and couldn't put in. I passed it off to someone else and figured it was done. Today someone phoned me to ask where the good copy was...I was confused but apparently everyone expected me to some how magically conjure the names and put them in. I checked my email and someone sent me a message that said "As this was part of your role..." I hate when people say stuff like that. Listen, just tell me you thought I was doing it and you want to know what's up. It was a simple miscommunication but instead I feel like an ass because i wasn't doing my "role". Yeesh. I took a kind of passive aggressive approach myself though. I emailed the person it was sent to and told her there was a miscommunication and no one told me I was supposed to fill that info in. I'm taking my sweet time getting the new info to her because I'm in a bad mood today.

My partner was also on me on Tuesday about not spending more time together. I was supposed to sleep at his house on Wednesday but he didn't get off work until after 9pm and I had to be up for work today at 8am so I told him I would rather sleep at home. He seemed to think i should be making more compromises - I got so pissed off because I have a really high stress job. At his job he puts fliers into newspapers. I have to coordinate 20 families who come here for counselling, 5 therapists work schedules, a self defense program, and I have to be on top of all the boards I'm required to belong to - not to mention the fact that I often have to be at three different locations at different points during the week. We ended up in a fight over the whole thing but I think he gets it now. I don't think he realized how stressful things can get for me at work because I just don't verbalize my work frustrations as much as he does.

I don't know why I'm so hard on myself in my career. Everyone tells me how much I do and what I great job I do but I always feel like I'm falling behind even when I'm ahead. If someone else was doing as much as I was doing in a work week I would think they were doing an outstanding job. It's hard to look at yourself from the outside in. I really really really need the weekend.

I'm getting really frustrated with a scatterbrained coworker. She's really nice, and I know she's not lazy- just inept. Working with her usually slows everyone down because she requests your help and then starts answering call lights on the way there, stops to document 5767486 things, tells you the wrong person's name (so you go to the wrong person's room), and then when you get there she's unprepared and you have to wait, or the person turns out to be assist of 1 and you're wondering why the hell you needed to help in the first place. In this line of work you don't have time for this kind of thing!

Last night I washed THREE of her people and put them to bed. I did her paperwork and passed out the snacks (something she was supposed to do). D washed one of her people, showered another, and put them to bed. That left 4 people on her assignment- and one of them doesn't count because he does everything for himself and requires no help whatsoever! How is it that it took her just as long to do 3 people as it took me to do 9, pass snacks, and do paperwork? Not having a shower gave me some extra time, but not THAT much! Then at the end of the night people on her assignment are ringing their call bells and instead of running to answer them (like she does when you need her NOT to), she's cluelessly emptying the trash, laundry, etc.

It's so aggravating because she has no idea. She probably went home last night and thought, "Well, that was a good night." No one can figure out what takes her so long.
Gah!! I just learned about a situation at work today and I'm SO angry about it that I can barely type. My fingers are shaking. But I've gotta vent, so here it is.

Five people at my workplace went on a cruise last week and came back to work today. While that might not otherwise seem like a big deal, I work in education and these 5 people went on the cruise while school is in session. Our week-long spring break is just over 2 months away, and we had 3 weeks off for winter vacation in December/January. They couldn't have gone cruising then, or waited until spring break??

But the thing that really kills me about this whole thing is that school administration cleared it. Meaning, school admin allowed these 5 people to use paid sick and personal days to go on a cruise, while the rest of us practically get the third degree when we use any of our sick days and are actually sick. Not to mention, we get docked pay if we're even 10 minutes late to work, and the counseling department (which is my department) is constantly told no if we ask for funds to attend a counseling conference. Which is actually work related, unlike a cruise.

One of the people who went on the cruise was the school dean. Admin cleared her to go. And for the 5 days she was gone, they took a male PE teacher away from his class and put him in the dean's office, while his students had a substitute teacher. Never mind that the PE teacher was formerly the school dean. Just let me write this one more time and see if you don't get as outraged as I am: to let the school dean go on a cruise in the middle of the school year, school admin took a PE teacher away from his students so he could be acting dean, and left his students in the hands of a substitute teacher for 5 days.

I know of two other teachers who went on the cruise; one of them a special ed teacher, and the other works with the emotionally disturbed kids. These are kids who, without proper meds and/or the right person to work with them, can throw dangerous tantrums in and out of class, and do things like light the boys' PE locker room on fire (which one of the ED students did last year). Those students were left with a substitute teacher for 5 days, while their classroom teacher went on a cruise. And while the ED teacher was gone, her classroom aide (who is familiar with the triggers and behaviors of the ED kids, which would have been extremely helpful for a substitute teacher who isn't) decided to take some time off herself, and was gone 4 days out of the 5.

The special ed students are no picnic to work with either, especially since most of them are unmedicated or improperly medicated and are struggling to deal with ADHD, or ADHD-like symptoms. That can be extremely difficult for a substitute teacher to handle. Not to mention, I'm sure the kids didn't learn much for the 5 days their teacher was gone. And on the fifth day, there was no substitute in the classroom. The kids were pawned off on other special ed teachers during their one free period of the day. So instead of having a free period to prepare lessons, eat their lunch or just relax for 50 minutes, the other special ed teachers had to take up the slack of the teacher who was on the cruise.

Again, this was all approved by school admin, this whole fucked up mess that I feel is HUGELY unfair to other teachers, to the students and to the rest of the staff. I have lost all respect for the administration at this school. Not that I had much to begin with. After a semester working at this school, it became obvious what a disorganized, crackpot mess it is, thanks in large part to school admin. I've known for a while that this school's admin plays favorites, and the staff who went on the cruise are among the top. But THIS bullshit is inexcusable. I am so pissed off beyond belief and cannot wait to be rid of this awful school. I only hope I'm so lucky as to find new placement for the next school year.

But with all the budget cuts to education, particularly in California, that are happening this year, some might say I'd be lucky to keep my current job. The way I feel about it now, though, losing my job might be a blessing in disguise. Stupid fucking school principal, playing her little game of favorites while the rest of us can go to hell.
i should know better than to even try to talk about "serious" subjects with coworkers who are more conservative than me. but a bunch of folks are wasting tons of time talking/whining about michael phelps smoking marijuana, so i said something along the lines of, with everything else going on in the world, michael phelps smoking marijuana is the least priority issue, considering companies are wasting the bailout money, for example. then my other coworker said something, that i still do not understand completely (and he would not explain it either - it could have meant one or two things, and i wanted to be clear before i responded, and he would not say, so i said fuck you, if you can't explain yourself then i can't respond), but basically my coworker was insinuating it was not the companies wasting the bailout, it was the govt (ie, the new BLACK president).

i don't think i would be so upset and annoyed if i were not dealing with medical issues, which are making everything else seem so much worse. i also might not be so annoyed if i had other friends at work but i do not.
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Feb 3 2009, 10:22 PM) *
Gah!! I just learned about a situation at work today and I'm SO angry about it that I can barely type. My fingers are shaking. But I've gotta vent, so here it is.

Five people at my workplace went on a cruise last week and came back to work today. While that might not otherwise seem like a big deal, I work in education and these 5 people went on the cruise while school is in session. Our week-long spring break is just over 2 months away, and we had 3 weeks off for winter vacation in December/January. They couldn't have gone cruising then, or waited until spring break??

But the thing that really kills me about this whole thing is that school administration cleared it. Meaning, school admin allowed these 5 people to use paid sick and personal days to go on a cruise, while the rest of us practically get the third degree when we use any of our sick days and are actually sick. Not to mention, we get docked pay if we're even 10 minutes late to work, and the counseling department (which is my department) is constantly told no if we ask for funds to attend a counseling conference. Which is actually work related, unlike a cruise.

But with all the budget cuts to education, particularly in California, that are happening this year, some might say I'd be lucky to keep my current job. The way I feel about it now, though, losing my job might be a blessing in disguise. Stupid fucking school principal, playing her little game of favorites while the rest of us can go to hell.

That is seriously CRAP - wtf? It's appalling that the admin actually cleared it. I mean I know teachers who have HAD to take an extended weekend to attend a wedding or a graduation. But a cruise? That's so non-essential it's not even funny. Not to mention all the money paid to subs for the five days they took off.

When my mom taught there was a fellow teacher who was completely the prinicpal's pet. It was so bad that people called this person "the princess" behind her back. Whatever "the princess" wanted, she got. Two teachers actually quit because of this person.

Gah I just want a teaching job....

I'm currently in a youth care worker position, and really not looking forward to working with a violent teen this week end. I hate breaking up fights, and I really hate having to be an authority. Why can't we all just be friends and get along!
I have some problems that i'm going thur i would really like some imput on.

I'm at that point in my life that i should know what i want to do for the rest of my life. But i don't know what i want. Do i finish college, what should i major in, Media Studies or teaching, Move back to my hometown or stay in LA. these are the things that keep running through my mind

What i want is to finish school and start a career and then have a family. But at the moment needing money to pay rent and to live is pushing my main priorities back and putting work in front of school.
How do i manage my time so that i can work and finish school with out having to worry about falling a test or paying my rent.

all i know is i need help lol
I feel you on that one, lopie!
Christine Nectarine
Are you in school now lopie? Do they have career counsellors or anyone like that who could help you process all these factors? Ultimately you will have to determine your next move, but it can be so helpful to have a sounding board, and someone who can help you wade through your ideas to figure out your priorities. Good luck!

Ahh, now for a rant:
I’ve been at this job for only 4 months and I’ve already been feeling burnt out. This week has pushed my feelings of dread over the top! An email came out to our whole team (about 11 people) on Tuesday which contained a trail of messages between 2 mangers which was NOT intended to be seen by everyone. Oops, major gaff on the part of the manager who sent it. Worse than that though, the email trail consisted of the manager saying some REALLY damaging things about several of the staff, including that she wished they would just quit already. The way it was all put was totally offensive, and incredibly inappropriate. To make things worse, this is coming from a new manager who has not even passed the 3 month probation mark, referring to staff that have been here for 2, 3, or more years. About a team who got by without a manager for almost 8 months before someone was hired, and had no major crisis during that time. I think these people are capable of doing their jobs!
The tension between the staff and this new manager has been present to varying degrees since she started, but now has totally come to a head. When the email came out, one poor girl was crying, and couldn’t come in the next day. There has been little to no response from management yet to deal with the situation, so bad vibes from staff are only getting worse. The general consensus is this new manager should GO, but we don’t know if that will happen. I can’t believe she has shown her face here the past couple days! Although she has barely said a word to any of us.
The irony is that I work for a mental health agency. They should know better than this! I’m waiting to hear back from another job opportunity. I seriously hope I can get out of here soon. it's bloody miserable sitting at work today, and i won't do it one minute longer than i have to.
QUOTE(lopie313 @ Feb 10 2009, 01:09 PM) *
I have some problems that i'm going thur i would really like some imput on.

I'm at that point in my life that i should know what i want to do for the rest of my life. But i don't know what i want. Do i finish college, what should i major in, Media Studies or teaching, Move back to my hometown or stay in LA. these are the things that keep running through my mind

What i want is to finish school and start a career and then have a family. But at the moment needing money to pay rent and to live is pushing my main priorities back and putting work in front of school.
How do i manage my time so that i can work and finish school with out having to worry about falling a test or paying my rent.

all i know is i need help lol

I went back to graduate school when I was 34, and was already working and paying my own rent. I was living in Los Angeles on my own (and still am), 2 hours away from my home town. I had no intention of moving back home and giving up my independent life while I went to school. I found a graduate program that offered evening classes and I worked during the day. Since I was interested in working in education, I worked as a substitute teacher while I went to grad school, which basically meant my work day was over by 3:30 or 4 p.m. and I was able to make it to class by 5:30 or 6 p.m. It wasn't a cake walk, I'll tell you that, and it was often exhausting. But it was worth it in the end when I earned my MA in 2.5 years and began working in the field I was interested in.

Most of the Cal State colleges in the Los Angeles area offer teaching credential programs (if that's what you're interested in) and a majority of them offer evening classes, so you can work during the day. The Los Angeles Unified School District also has a free teaching credential program, called the District Intern Program, in which all your teaching credential classes are free. They expect you to be employed as a teacher while you go through the program, and offer some help in finding a teaching job when you start. With this in mind, their teaching credential classes are offered in the evening, so their students can work during the day. The downside of this program is that if you ever decide to teach in another school district besides LAUSD, your post graduate units (all the classes you take to earn your teaching credential, which you're earning after you've completed your Bachelors - hence, post graduate) will not transfer with you. You'll still have a valid teaching credential; you just won't be very high on the salary points schedule and potentially earning less money than you'd earn with LAUSD. Nice how they screw you over in that way, innit?

I'd also second Christine's suggestion of talking with a college counselor about your potential interests - media studies or teaching. I'd also recommend taking a free online version of the Meyers-Briggs personality test to help you identify your personality 'type,' and the potential career interests that tend to match up with your 'type.' Try this one, or this one, or ask your college counselor if s/he can offer some other interest inventory or assessment tests to help you figure out your best path of study. This is what college counselors are trained to do.
I’m at work right now and I must rant or I will explode!!

I work as a web and print designer at a natural health company. I genuinely like the work per se, but the environment I work in and some of the people I work for are making me in-freakin-sane. So much so that I don’t know that I can take it anymore. I already know that I’m quitting at the end of May to go teach English in Taiwan for a year, for reasons both practical and precarious. Knowing that has kept me going for the past couple months, but things have gotten so damn bad that I just. don’t. think. I. can. do. it. Seriously. The last straw was a new guy starting today. A guy who does the exact same job I do. A guy getting a $1 more an hour than me to start. All my co-workers (who just so happen to all be male) make $1.50 more than I do to do the exact same work. I accepted it because they’ve been here longer than me. Well, not this guy! And yet he makes more! He starts at more. A stupid dollar wouldn’t even be such a big deal if I didn’t make shit - $10/hour - about a third of what I’m worth as a designer, especially one who can do web AND print. But, living in Michigan, our unemployment rate is almost 11% now, there are just no jobs, so this place can get away with paying their workers shit. Not to mention I could fill pages with complaints about the way this place is run, basically on the whims of a crazy man …. Ugh, I’m rambling... But I’m just so sick of it here. Sick of making less than poverty wages for a so-called “skilled” labor job, sick of being treated as less than an equal for being the only female in my department, sick of making less than my coworkers for that same reason, sick of working my ass off for a crazy person.

I thought I could make it until may, but now I’m just not sure. I’ve checked all the temp sites and there’s nothing. Nothing! I even looked into doing a clinical drug trial thing, I'd rather put untested pharmaceuticals in my body than come here everyday, but the only one coming up goes from April until October, so that won’t work.

What to do. What to do. Sheeeit. I probably will freakin just tough it out. But gawd it’s going to suck. ‘Kay, /rant now. mad.gif
i started a discussion with my supervisor about schedule rules - apparently if you have a "flex schedule", you still have to declare a "core time to arrive" and flex an hour on either side of that. for whatever reason, i'd never been told that, and had not read the handbook since i was hired 5 years ago. i was flexing more than one hour. since my schedule paperwork was not filled out correctly, the supervisor was not making a big deal about it but said when i change my schedule again, only one hour flex.

all this to say, it's not a big deal per se about the work schedule, but i should not have to broach the subject - the supervisor should have come to me about it. i have a feeling that she would have just let it fester until my evaluation later in the year. grrrrr.
Sitting at work, going freaking INSANE.

This damn manager decides to give me a form that needs to be filled out RIGHT NOW.. it's 4 fucking PM on a freaking friday and there are questions that need to be answered and I have no idea who to even get the answer from? My boss is gone for the day so I can't even ask her. He was like ummm... yeah we are going to have to probably call Communications about this biography they want. I know that WE is meant as ME, so I told him it's something I will find out on monday. Then he tells me to ask this other admin who has now left for her 1 1/2 weeks of vacation, yeah I'll just fucking phone her up on her cell phone I'm sure she would love that! Then he keeps telling me how he's really busy right now and needs to get back to his office, yeah sure, go scurry along there buddy you were a ton of help throwing this work onto me at 4pm on friday. Idiot.

He totally reminds me of that boss from that movie Office Space! Ummm... yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to work the weekend. Not that he has ever said that to me but it's the delivery of his conversation that gets me.

Likeanyother... where do you work in Michigan? I live in Michigan which is why I ask.

P_176, I would have been peed off as well if I was making a mistake and no one brought it to my attention. Especially if you are wondering if it would have been brought up come review time. OOOHHHH!!!
I like everything about my job, except one lady that I sometimes have to work with. She says racist stuff around me and it makes me really upset. She complains about Aboriginals having too many kids, not taking care of their kids, being bums and not working... all kinds of bad stuff. Little does she know, I am 3/4 Aboriginal in ancestry. I look European for the most part though, which has put me in weird situations in the past with people sharing her opinions.

I might crack one of these days. I've considered making a request not to be scheduled to work with her, but I'm pretty new with my employer and don't want to complicate anything. Gah!
FYS, that sucks. If I was you I would tell her, plain and simple that you're 3/4 Aboriginal in ancestry. If you let her know that it shouldn't even be necessary to explain that her comments are offensive, she should feel asshole-ish enough and shut her mouth.

rubber - I live in Grand Rapids, what about you? If you know anything about this side of the state it shouldn't surprise you that I'm surrounded by Jesus-freaks and republicans at my job. I know it could be worse. But I'm going to be just ecstatic come May when I can quit. I was seriously considering selling my eggs so I could quit now, but I got a lot of negative feedback on the idea from my boyfriend and my family, so I guess I'm going to begrudgingly honor their wishes and stick it out the next two months. Total suck-fest though.
FYS... it always amazes me when the racial stuff is thrown out there so easily. I used to work with this girl at my last job who decided to tell me about all the damn mexicans that live in her mom's apartment building and you know how those people are. They live like 20 people to a place! I was super shocked and sat there stunned, my husband is 100% mexican... he comes from a family of 9 kids. His mom and dad came over here from Mexico before he was born.

I've had the annoying woman at my job tell me stories of how one time her wallet got stolen out of the office because she was an idiot who left her purse laying on top of her desk. Well you know who stole the wallet? A black person, OF COURSE! Like I'm supposed to sit there and agree, oh yeah I know how black people are?!?!? What's funny is she's told me she's not racist, really because sounds like you got quite a prejudice against different races.
Christine Nectarine
Ack, unbridled racist remarks are something that often infuriates me in my job. I find that a lot of my clients have been involved with social services for a long time, and it seems that a lot of social workers in this area are non-white. Somehow though the majority of my clients seem to be white, and when they get me, a white girl as a worker, it’s like they feel they can finally unburden themselves of all the nasty racist-shit they’ve been (presumably) holding onto. Some non-white clients do the same, which is just as twisted.

I figure if you have to qualify your comments with “I’m not racist, but…” you should damn well know that you are about to make a racist comment. Of course I also love the ultra-defensive “well, I’m entitled to my opinions!” yeah, well, just so you know, your opinions are offensive. I try to use it as an opportunity to open up discussion about prejudices, but that doesn’t always go over so well.

Foryoursplendor, I’d be interested to know how she reacts if you let slip that you are aboriginal (who cares ¾ or ½ or whatever, she likely won’t get the difference). Of course, I understand too that you want to keep the peace where you work, and may not want to deal with the fallout that might ensue.

I find this when clients make homophobic statements, I feel more personally sensitive since I consider myself queer. I’m not typically prepared to disclose that to clients (that’s way too personal, I have major boundaries around personal disclosure) but I will still challenge them on their homophobic ideas. It just feels different when it’s personal though.
I had a co-worker talk about how scary my trainline is, and how she kept a good hold of her bag because of the asians. Apart from the racism, it was fucking stupid since the 'dangerous' bits of the line are down in so-called 'white trash' areas and all the problems recently have been teenaged fuckheads.

She also works at the library branch with the biggest Asian population demographic.
Oh my lord that is so true... if the comment you are about to make starts with "I'm not racist, but..." yeah you sure as in hell are racist.

I remember the first year I started with the company I was at and they made me go to this stupid company picnic. We are sitting at a picnic table in freaking 90 degree and humid heat, sweating like beasts. This new manager brought his chatterbox wife with him who sits down with us. She starts telling us a story about how they needed to go grocery shopping and ended up going to a Meijer down the street and she was so uncomfortable because SHE was a minority. Can you believe that?!?!? Yeah heaven forbid that the aryan princess is in a black neighborhood! I was shocked and got up and left the table. I could not believe that this woman does not even know us and is making remarks like that around a bunch of strangers. Might want to learn to shut the trap you dumb bitch.

I think the hardest part of dealing with the racist remarks is when it's considered acceptable because that person is older. I've talked to one of the chics I work with about this older woman's racial remarks and she's like well she's older. Ummm.. first off I don't give a shit, second you are mexican why are you excepting racist remarks that's she even made towards mexicans? Third... why is age considered to be the ok? This 90 year old woman that used to work there used to make racial remarks but then you'd hear, oh I know some black people and they are the nicest people in the world. I mean what the f*?!?!?!
I need to vent for a minute.

I was supposed to get my first paycheck yesterday. I was pretty excited, seeing as I haven't paid rent yet or bought groceries in over a month and I NEED that money. But apparently I'm not getting paid until I get a new birth certificate and bring it in. Never mind the fact that I'm from out of state and it's going to take awhile, never mind the fact that my boss straight out told me he KNOWS I'm obviously not illegal. He just wants to play his stupid power trip on me like he does every one else. Fuck it, I've been here a week and a half and I already hate it. I could run my department better than the current manager who doesn't even know how to write a weekly schedule. AAAGGHH

I feel you avaadore. I have been struggling with something similar for a while now. Getting a birth certificate or social security card can been a rough process. I lost both of mine a couple of moves ago and now it is coming to haunt me. I can't legally be employed until I have one, even though I was born in this country.
You know what drives me freaking insane. This older lady that works with me, sits in an office right across from mine and she hums all freaking day. I cannot STAND listening to it. She has a fan going on in her office too and I have a radio playing in mine and I can still hear her. It gets under my skin listening to her. Sometimes I want to yell and tell her to shut the f* up but I can't. I'm trying to just let it go but I haven't learned how to block it out, I think a lot of it has to do with me not liking her.

Christine Nectarine
putting up with constant humming would be asking a lot! best of luck rubberdollz.

i returned to work on monday from a lovely week of holiday (at home) only to find that we are even MORE understaffed. in the short 4 months since our new manager was hired, 2 staff have been fired (including said manager) 2 have quit for other jobs, 2 have gone on sick leave due to stress, 1 was already on sick leave, and one has gone to half time hours because of an injury. this out of a total program staff of fourteen. we're dropping like flies! i can't blame anyone for leaving, i can't wait to get out. it's really sad too because the agency is pretty good - i worked in a different program for almost 2 years before coming to this one, and it was great.
how to handle it when your boss does not like you? my immediate supervisor and the supervisor above her chat and mingle with other coworkers, but say hello to me very grudgingly.
I'm so sorry you're going through that p_176, I know how bad and stressful it feels. Are they treating you differently in any other ways? Are you getting assigned to unusual tasks, or do you feel you're losing out professionally? Do you know what the root of their enmity might be? Do you want to get along with them or is it mutual? Do you think it would help if you held your nose and were more outgoing with them? I mean plowing through their frowny faces, and asking them how they're doing, how's their day, small talk-type workplace ice-melters.

I was in a situation where my supervisor just did not like me at all, and it ended badly because I didn't know how to deal with it. It felt so unfair, I thought that the unfairness of it would be obvious to everyone, but when it came down to it, it was my word (and attitude about it) against my supervisor's when the big boss eventually was brought in (long horrible story). If I could do it again differently? I definitely would have maintained my cool. I would have communicated my thoughts about everything more clearly to my other supervisor and I also would have gone to big boss or someone else who could have had my back before my supervisor did, and just ask her if x (x being unusual tasks my supervisor made me do) was standard procedure in the situation. I also would have tried to get along better with the horrible woman. If I could have tried harder, the situation wouldn't have gotten as bad as it did, but I was stuck on the apparent unfairness of it all and couldn't take responsibility or take charge of that situation. Bah, sad story.

I was also in a similar situation -- much like girl logic. The assistant manager and I did not get along in the store I worked at. The manager and her would always give different instructions, and I always got stuck in the middle. She was a very negative person, who never gave any positive feedback. Eventually I quit. She made me cry and actually smiled when the tears started.

I could have made the situation better, by not dwelling on what i felt were unjustices, and just doing my job without complaint, going home and leaving it at that. But I found another full-time job, which paid me more and gave me more hours, so I gave my notice and left. I guess my advice is just don't let it get to you. It's easier said than done, but if you can work it somehow, you'll feel a lot less stressed I think.
QUOTE(lananans @ Apr 6 2009, 08:40 AM) *
Eventually I quit. She made me cry and actually smiled when the tears started...

omg! makes me want to go burn the place down on your behalf. not very professional i know, but aaaggh.
Hahaha thanks girl. I went in to visit yesterday (when I knew the dragon-lady would be absent) and my friend who still works there was just looking completely frazzled and muttering about how he's applied for other jobs because he just can't handle the stress anymore. It's just RIDICULOUS.
Christine Nectarine
Some co-workers from my old job stopped by today to visit (we still work for the same agency, but different program and office). It was soooo nice to talk to them, and a terrible reminder of how much better things were there!

Truthfully, that job had its share of stressors due to the hours and the driving requirements which had a bad effect on my family time. But it was so much less miserable than where I am now! The only advantages of this job are that those minor problems are improved – the hours are great, and there is less (but still too much) driving involved. Everything else sucks! I’ve been getting headaches everyday here, and find that I can’t focus. The only thing I am motivated to do is finding ways to spend my time filling out resumes.

I try to be grateful for having a paycheque, and f/t work in my field only 2 years after graduating, but this place is really draining me.

Sorry to be so whiny, but I’m feeling burnt out, and need to vent.
hi all - sorry for my late reply i lost my password - on the topic of my situation, i'm trying to not let it get to me. i'm not sure of the root of the enmity (great word, by the way!) - i'm trying to figure out why people seem to see me in certain ways (ie, they think i'm dumb or something) - like, if i get a new job, i want to not have this same situation. i know the one girl and i used to get along slightly better - before i settled down with my boyfriend. i guess she thought i was going to stay single forever like her :-/ also - i don't know if i've said this explicitly - but frankly, the other project managers i work with, including my supervisor, get along better with each other because they're all the same race. I'm like the token Asian.
as for people who are jerks for the sake of being jerks - i have little patience for that, and unfortunately they are all people who are higher up than i am, so i still have to accept it. i try to avoid them when they're being jerks, and to not ask stupid questions so they like me.
I havent had a job in years as I'm self-employed. Sometimes when things are a bit slow like today it gets a little scary, but with people losing their jobs in this recession, I am grateful to still have an income.

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Queen Bull
i effin hate my job.
i really and sincerly do.
the only good part is that i DO have a job.
and my immediate boss is cool.
my other managers.
both female.
are CUNTS.
no offense intended to anyone here.
but really.
they are.
they dont know me.
havent taken the oppurtunity to know me
and hate me.
all because i dont want to kiss their fat camel toe sportin asses.
i mean seriously?!
come down of of your fuckin high horse. you work in a fuckin pet supply store too you dumb bitch!
and youre both ugly.
not physically.
you are two of the ugliest people i have ever met in that repsect. and nothing would bring me more joy than to tell you this to your fuckin faces.
but i need the money.
so meek i must remain.
but i still hate you both.
thank you.
sincerly, the sticker bitch.
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