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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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Beauty & her Bass
i hope tomorrow goes better sassy. I'm sorry hun.

I can not get myself to do my paper work tonight. I work all damn day and then I come home to another 2-3 hours of paper work. I should have just been a teacher. There would have probably been less papers to fill out! Fuckin' A!
oh sassy, those call centre jerks are taking out all of their bad negative energy on you! i try to remember to put up the mirrors!! the mirrors that deflect any negativity and help you stick-it-to-the-man! that call centre man!

i managed not to cry at work, i guess posting my bit of frustration on here helped! i just neeeeeeeded to tell someone anyone! so interesting how that works. today, when my partner asked me how work was i even mangaged to tell him, "still bad but i was somehow able to handle it". my problem is that i don't want to handle it. i don't want to have to handle a crappy work situation.!! gah!
Beauty & her Bass
...and now i caught the flu from one of the little brats i work with. this week is kicking me in the ovaries!
beauty-i sooo hear you about that kind of work. clients would no-show for a month, and not return any phone calls, and just when i'm about to close their file, they call up with some desparate thing they need-you HAVE to call social services for me or you HAVE to fill out all this paperwork that i'm too lazy to do myself. grrrrrr! that job really changed me a lot-i never used to not show up to stuff, but after being treatedt hat way for so long, i was just like whatever. i also lost a LOT Of my empathy for people (some people) because some were just such users, people who wanted to whine but wouldn't do anything for themselves. (now, i'm not talking about people who are too sick to do anything-i'm talking about the woman who wanted help with her disability papers because she wanted to "suck the system dry." yikes....

thanks for the commiseration about my work people-it's just so dumb and middle-schoolish that i'm just taking a big step back. dumb. they may not invite me cause they think i won't go, but it's still hurtful...bleh.

a new rant-lately the men in my office cannot seem to take a piss correctly. now, some of them are literally 90 years old, so i understand it might be hard to even see the bowl, but then sit your old ass on the seat! wednesday i got to clean up old man piss on the seat, running down the outside of the bowl, and on the floor. oh joy. then today i went in there after some young guy and he had pissed all over the seat-nice. i want to write a note or something, but i don't know how to phrase it other than:

"MEN! IF you can get your piss in the bowl, then sit down and pee while sitting down! or at LEAST clean up your fucking pee!!!!!"

seriously, cleaning up piss? NOT my job....gah...
Maybe you could post a sign:


How to Pee

If you do not sit on the seat, lift the seat before you pee.
Then, put it back down again
At no time whatsoever should anyone deal with your pee
On a toilet seat.


A lot of women seem to need this sign as well.

The "socializing with co-workers" thing is weird.

So many people fight for power by going out of their way to speak to, or praise, some people and not others. It's a way of being verbally aggressive without out-and-out fighting. It's also kind of like a neighborhood mom trying to be popular by making herself the one who doles out the *cookies*, but only to the ones that *behave!*

yeah, even when they lift the seat up, they pee all over the rim-so gross...

it makes me feel better that many people have had this weird work socialization thingy. i was just talking to my supervisor about it..she was saying to talk to the one woman, but really i'm just not going to waste my time on it. i think the one guy is the ringleader and everyone else just kinda follows his lead...

god i'm so grumpy today!!!!!
Yeah, well, I went from one job where there were some fairly cool people but only one clique who went out and used it in a political way -- to another job where no-one in my immediate department wanted to go out, but I went out with people in another department!! Oddly enough, a "higher-up" department.

Luckily they've kind of turned me on to a lot of good professional connections.

So, maybe just cadge around sideways -- are there professional groups, or certain bars where people in your field hang out?
Apparently my place of employment chooses to ignore words like Blizzard warning and level 2 snow advisory. When I called in today, I couldn't get even get out of my driveway on down the alley,( where the two cars on my street who had attemped to leave were stuck) and they told me it was going against my attendance. Only like two thirds of the city are shut down b/c of the heavy snow fall, but not my job they keeping going. I just thought screw it, and didn't go anyway. At this point I feel like getting fired may be the push I need to get the hell out of there.

On a happy note, SNOW DAY!!! YEAH!!!!
I am sick of being the motherfucking emergency worker. I do more than most have at this office. And people don't take me seriously. FUCK OFF! I know fucking policy and managing shit more than most motherfuckers here. Brainless ass hats.

Note this isn't everyone, just a few.
I gave my notice to my company last Monday. On Friday I was pulled into the office and told they didn't need my two weeks. I thought simply they didn't need me. I found out today that I was 'badmouthing' the company to a client. I was working on a construction site and was talking to one of my coworkers about why I was leaving. I told him I was leaving was venting a bit and told him I wasn't happy with the pay scale, what I had thought the company was about and that it wasn't a good fit for me, didn't think they were giving me the opportunities they promised, etc. I really don't remember everything I said but didn't see it as badmouthing. The guy I was talking to agreed and joined in with my conversation. Now I find this out? Gave notice so I wouldn't burn this.

Anybody deal with this before? What exactly is considered badmouthing? Did I do it?
London Escorts
There was that company I used to work for and I faced the same problem there only that the new ones had no training at all and eventually they made a lot of mistakes. They were pointed at and the one high ranks ones as well although they were not supposed to train anybody. That was a wired policy. No wonder the company exists no more!
gave my notice via email (both supervisors are out of town) just under an hour ago. waiting with fearful breathe to hear what they have to say. there's something wrong with being afraid of telling your employer you don't want to renew your contract. bad i tell you!
Same old shit different day. I'm still at my shit job. However, I got called into my supervisor's office for having a "bad smell.." I don't even know how to react to this. I wonder if just someone said "Sassy smells..."

I found this highly ironic considering that we work in a basement, and that there is also a rodent problem.

I got a lecture on taking a shower!!

Cried yet again.

However, now that my internet is working again, I can start looking for a job again....

oh sassy, that's awful. I would be so pissed, I would demand to know all the details of the complaint that was made against you. Your supervisor is a total assbag. I wish you could have quit on the spot.

Practically all the men where I work are complete assholes. One guy was comparing all women to strippers today. Saying all women crave male attention, and you can get a girl to do anything if you say what she wants to hear. I was blown away. I said I was starting a man-hating group, b/c all the men I work with make me sick.
I write obituaries. Isn't that neato?

...No. Not at all. When you want to be a journalist, you have to start at the bottom. Writing obits... that's the bottom. Not only is it depressing (when I had to write one for a newborn my first weekend on the job, I went home in tears), it's the most sensitive department when it comes to errors. Don't you dare misspell the deceased's second cousin's middle name, because the next day there will be hell to pay. I respect funeral directors for having the balls to do what they do, but I have only ever had to deal with a few that didn't make me want to jump out the newsroom window. The family calls about an error to yell at them, then they call me to yell even more. It's so hard to take! Sometimes I want to duct tape them to the office chair and make them type the obits. Then they'll know how easy it isn't.
I was washing one of the double glass doors today when someone walked in through the other door. My coworker and I started cheering him on and when he asked what we were talking about we explained that most people just wait for me to move out of the way instead of walking through the other door.

After that I went outside and later my coworker said that he was like, "I find it funny that you guys are criticizing the intelligence of the customers when she's washing a door and you're working at a gas station."

Um... we were just joking around and laughing. Where the hell did this guy work when HE was in college?

I guess it's good that I didn't hear him say that because I know I would have kept making mistakes on purpose and then said, "Sorry, I'm just so DUMB" and he seemed like the kind of asshole who would try to get me fired for being rude.
I have to say that I am horrible offended by how some people speak to out clients. Just because they are on the other side of the coutner does not give anyone the right to demean or speak down to someone else. I can't believe how unprofessional things are!

On the bright side, I'm not the emergency worker anymore, I got a new assignment! I've not been mad or stessed out once since this assignment. I een had a client lie, and I didn't get mad at her, just gave her a huige lecture about what could happen the next time she pulled a little stunt like this. Amazing what a change in offices can do.
So I started this new job about a month ago, and the woman that I am replacing gave me a 45 minute show-me-around-the-department orientation the same day she left to move to Scotland....she (and now I) am in this unique position where I have absolutely no supervisor and no one in the department knows exactly what my job description is....I have my own office and no one there to help people call me all day with these things I need to do, that she would have easily been able to help them with, but because I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, it takes me forever and people treat me like shit, like I'm supposed to know what exactly who to call and what to do.

One guy got upset at me and was like, "I really thought you would have been trained to do this", and I was like, "actually, I was hired the day before she moved, and I only spent an hour with her", and he was actually nice about it, but I don't want to use that as an excuse every single time I make a mistake.

Like this lady (new member) called me today complaining she never recieved something I was supposed to send her a month ago...I remember the very first day, what this person needed was on my desk but I had no fucking idea what it even was, or who it was for so I just put it in a drawer and forgot about it. I didn't even get a list of the new members or what they would need from me or anything like I guess I'm supposed to implicitly know what people need from me.

I know I have an interesting life and this stupid job doesn't own me or anything, but I can't stop thinking about how angry it makes me feel and how people there must think I'm a fucking fool. It's so draining that by the time I get to my second job as an afterschool teacher, I'm totally wiped and not as patient with the kids.

I can't believe what a piss poor job management does in the office I just came from. That is all.

I am in that office I can feel my blood pressure go up from stress, the second I leave the boundaries of that office and step into another (which is still in the same building), I feel better.

Still at crap job. Had my yearly review. One of my co-workers managed to get a perfect review and gotten written up all in the same day. Oh, it gets worse! We had a bomb scare on mass transit yesterday. Now, we work about 5 minutes from the station (one of the main reasons I took the job), and our bitch of a director did not let anyone leave. Well, they left anyway. Now, they have to make up the work. Granted, it this was a bomb, we all would have died. And dsare we don't collect numbers!! Jesus Fucking Christ! I really gotten go back to grad school man...

oh gumby-that is awful-that's kinda how my first social work job as a therapist was. i got a 20 minute training on how to fill out about 100 forms. i had NO CLUE what i was doing. the crazy thing was-on my very last day there-in my mailbox-was a MANUAL containing all of the things I'd needed to know for the 1.5 years I worked there. I was laughing and crying at the same time-I thought it must be a joke-then I realized-no, this is really how bad the management is here! Crazy.

And I would get in trouble for the teensiest things-forgetting one thing on an intake form. Big deal! It's not like I was ever trained! GRRRRR-I still have nightmares about that job. God that was awful.

sassy-that is just horrible about your job. you gotta get outta there!!!!

hellotampon-that is crazy! god, people are just meanies. who the fuck is he to look down on you for making a living?
Well, the hits just keep on coming. I got a verbal warning for talking to a co-worker. Yes, it wasn't work related.(We were talking about my trip to Seattle in May). I feel as though I'm in 5th grade. "I'm going to make note of this!!" She was still yelling at me as I was leaving her office. My supervisor treats me as one of her children. I really can't stand her. Must. Job. Search.

well, it finally happened. i blew up at my stupid lazy ass co-worker who's always giving me shit for no other reason than that i make a convenient target. i was supposed to get off at 3:30 today, and i spent the last half hour in the lab doing paperwork and entering shit on the computer. there were also some fats to be run that had been building up while i was on the floor doing my checks, and by the time i got done with all my filing, there were only about seven minutes before i had to clock out. now when i first started this job, i would take almost an hour doing my filing and "clean-up" at the end of my shift, and my boss would say i was putting in too much overtime. well, technically, i could've left the fats for my coworker to do, but i knew she would bitch and say i wasn't pulling my weight because i hadn't done any of the floor checks for that hour (which was technically only a half hour), so i went down the hall and told my boss that since my ride wasn't leaving til 4:00, i wouldn't mind getting some of the fats run if it was okay for me to put in a little overtime. boss said okay, so i got started. i got through about half the fats, looked at the clock and it was 3:45, so i told my co-worker, who had come upstairs to the lab in the meantime, that i was taking off and leaving the rest for her. she asked why i couldn't just do all of them since i was already there, and i told her i wanted a cigarette before leaving because my ride doesn't smoke and i wanted time to "air out" before getting in the car. so she asked what i'd gotten done on the floor for the hour, and i told her, "well, nothing. they were running extra product in [one of my departments], so i didn't get up here til after 3:00, and i've been filing paperwork and running the fats, but now i'm ready to go, and i was supposed to be off at 3:30 anyway." so she starts making comments to another co-worker, "well we managed to do all this when we had your job, didn't we [other coworker]?" and "maybe i should talk to [head boss] about [my] poor time management", shit like that intended to get a rise out of me. and stupid me, i let it work. i finished up the last thing i was going to do today, and said "well, what do you want [evil fucking bitch who shall not be named], a fucking gold star?" at which point she started pulling her usual "i wasn't doing anything wrong and now i'm going to be the cool, professional one" and said she was "going to talk to [head boss] about this". i just sighed and said "you go right ahead and do whatever you want [evil fucking bitch who shall not be named]. frankly i'm tired of your passive aggressive and not-so-passive aggressive atittude." then i went straight to my boss's office and told her i needed to talk to her right away as soon as i clocked out. so i came back upstairs afterward and had a chat with her, let her know about the crazy bitchy behavior on the part of my co-worker and that i usually manage to ignore it or chalk it up to "oh, that's just how [evil fucking bitch who shall not be named] is", but that it's a near-constant thing that makes being around her at work very unpleasant, and that i don't like working in that kind of toxic environment, or being made to feel inadequate or lazy or like i'm the one that did something wrong when i call evil bitch on her shit. i didn't leave anything out, repeated the latest confrontation word for word, and said that i realize my reaction and choice of language was inappropriate and unprofessional, and basically threw myself on the mercy of our boss. so we went through some stuff about having respect for your co-workers and not making work unpleasant for anyone, and came up with some ideas about how i could better manage my time in certain areas. usually i don't have problems with that, but my boss said when i do, call her and she'll tell me which of my many tasks she wants to take priority, and if crazy bitch has a problem with what's done or not when she comes on, my boss will back me up and say "i told her to do it this way". i'm not especially looking forward to monday, and i'm still a bit worried about how this little outburst will reflect on me. especially since i have an interview with hr (and then my boss, and then head boss) monday afternoon for a position that will let me keep doing this job i actually love, for a lot more money. i'm pissed off at evil bitch for, well, being an evil bitch, but i'm even more pissed off at myself for letting her nasty attitude and snide remarks get to me just at the time it could hurt me most. i talked with my mom afterward (she's worked in the accounting office of this company since i was a baby, so she's quite familiar with the office politics), and she assured me that the only thing standing in the way of my getting this job would be someone with more experience, which could still happen, but i won't not get it because i had a bad day and blew up at a co-worker, and i did the right thing by going to my boss and immediately owning up and apologizing for it. which was the impression i got from my chat with the boss, so that made me feel a little bit better. and then my boss called, and i dreaded seeing her number on the caller id, thinking maybe she'd talked to crazy bitch who'd made the incident out to be more than it was, and i was in for a reaming. but she was only calling about a schedule change for monday, and we talked and joked around for a bit, and nothing more was mentioned of the incident, and i got off the phone feeling loads better. my favorite dinner at applebee's on my mom's dime and the arrival of the replacement phone for the one i broke in january and finally filed the insurance claim on cemented the deal. i'm still worried about what's going to happen monday, both with the interview(s) and dealing with coworker bitch, because i'm neurotic and paranoid like that and can't help it, but for right now i'm resolved to enjoying my weekend and worrying about all that shit when it gets here.

thanks for the vent guys, sorry it was such a long one.
Why do they always get me to clean up a certain coworkers mess? I'm tired. In general I am just so tired.
Well, they're about to fire me. I hate my stupid fucking job, and it's been too long. Although, I did it for too long. I'm just too tired. 6 people are quiting in the next two weeks so they can hire 10. Then 5 people will quit. Bad management.

I know this is due to the lack of the budget and the due the fact that they don't want to give certain people raises. Asshats.
I'm at work and I haven't done shit all day!!!!! Part of me feels bad about this, but an even bigger part of me is laughing inside my head!!!! I hate this stupid fucking job and this stupid fucking windowless office and this stupid fucking desk. Actually if I had a window I'd be tempted to jump out of it. Even breaking every bone in my body would be an improvement over sitting here with my thumb up my ass. The trick is to look busy. I'm very good at looking busy when in realty i'm not doing one fucking thing. Well I look at things on the internet and pay my bills and play games, but I'm pretty sure that none of those things are in my job description. I want to get up and run away right NOW!!!!! Shit.......2 more hours. TGIF or I might not survive......
[quote name='WildWoman' date='Mar 23 2007, 01:59 PM' post='143671']
I hate this stupid fucking job and this stupid fucking windowless office and this stupid fucking desk. Actually if I had a window I'd be tempted to jump out of it. Even breaking every bone in my body would be an improvement over sitting here with my thumb up my ass.

WildWoman, find a new job asap. Your post has me very concerned. unsure.gif
((((Wildwoman))))) Take care of yourself, okay? I hope you're just having a bad day.

Sassy, I have the feeling I'm about to get fired too, for showing up five minutes late. I have been trying, but it's either five minutes before I'm scheduled, or five minutes after. About the only thing that's saving me is that I know what I'm doing, my supervisor likes me, and the department head is on sabbatical.

Other than that, my job sucks, I've been here too long, and the management is just as bad as it ever was. I really wish my workplace would get it through their heads that they need to hire more people. Mandatory overtime makes me very angry.

so evil bitch coworker and i are back to that post-fight talking-again-like-nothing-ever-happened stage, and she tells me "hey, i saw you turning yourself in at [head boss]'s office, ha ha ha, i wasn't going to say anything, you just played yourself!" *head desk* i wish she would die already. really, seriously, just fucking die.
So I'm back in this hell hole. Oh well. I wanted this job so now I have to do it. The problem is that I just don't like to work period. I just want to stay home and craft and garden. Yesterday was sunny and warm in Ohio. Yes! My boyfriend and I just cruised around on his bike all day and stopped and played some bocce ball with some friends. The sun made my heart sing and dance wub.gif so I feel better today than Friday. Fridays are always bad, because I'm just so ready to start the weekend. It's gonna be a long week.....................................
am at work feeling sick today - am getting over a sinus infection, which is now causing all the goop to run down the back of my throat and sit in my lungs. so am going to get cough syrup after work, to break up the goop. was supposed to work at my parttime job tonight also but thankfully got someone to switch with me, so i could go home and get a good night sleep, courtesy of nyquil. but it irks me greatly that, for my pt job, if no one could swap with me, i would have to go in, because they are so short staffed. and at my fulltime job, i am apparently the database bitch, because now i am getting stuck with entering information *again* in the database (because the database eats it on a regular basis). can't wait to go home and sleep!
OMG! They are hiring 5 new people on Monday. I figured out that is why they want to fire me. They had some BS meeting, when I was out sick (due to a seizure assholes!!) on Monday.
I mean I meet my deadlines on time, and do my job well, what more do they want? Hell, I ran up to a co-worker today, actually sleeping (while at her desk mind you) today...

My supervisor just loves to nitpick. Apparantly, someone had heard me cuss (imagine me cuss), and went to tell my boss. She actually said, "If you want to vent, come to me!" WTF!! I hate her!!

I am definately getting the Sunday paper this weekend!

it's so sad to hear these stories of bad bosses. i used to have a few jackasses before i started working for myself. i did stand up to the jerk before i left
i'm glad it's going to be a rainy day. I hate when it's nice and warm out (like monday and tuesday) and I'm stuck in this damn office. So bring on the rain. Hopefully today I won't be so distracted so I will actually work. I didn't do shit yesterday. I'm very good at pretending to be busy. Dear God please let today go fast. I wish it was 5pm right now!
raining here too, in NJ. a rainy day can help me be productive.
nevermind---this rain today just sucks!!!
This rain is just what I needed. It isn't helping me be more productive at work, but maybe I'll actually do some laundry when I get home instead of playing outside. I need to dye my roots too. it's hard being bleach blonde. All i did last night was sit around a fire and drink beer. I really need to do some stuff at home. I really need to do some stuff at work too. I'm not lazy, it's just hard to work when I'm not doing anything interesting or stimulating. And when I get off work I just want to fuck around and do whatever I want. Unfortunately I do not want to do laundry or clean......ever. I think I'll go home, put some bleach on my head, and then soak in the tub with a book until it's time to rinse. Sounds like an excellent plan. Now if only I could get some motivation to accomplis something at work.........

I don't know about NJ but it's cold on top of rainy in OH. I'm sure it's cold there too. That's what sucks, the cold, not the rain.
It's raining in Georgia, and cold...

But, I'm just not stimulated at work anymore. We do the same thing every month at work. Every time I ask for new projects, I get turned down for them. So, I just stopped. My boss has it in her mind that I'm an confused moron, and I don't understand my job. I just play the idiot card. I'll be gone soon enough.

Luckily, she's going to be gone until Tuesday!! smile.gif
Sassy enjoy your life until Tuesday!!!!

It's not raining today but it's colder than a witch's tit!
Need to get some stuff done today.
Need motivation.
Need a cigarette.
Need to go back in time and erase all of last night's maragritas.
Need to take a nap after work.
Need a fucking vacation.
Need to stop fucking off on here and do some work damn it!
yeah it's hard to be happy when you're in a job you don't dig. i hear you girl. i used to be miserable until i started copywriting. i am more busy now but happier.
TGIF BITCHES!!!!! Unfortunately I'll will be taking it easy tonight. I don't want to, but I need a break. I drank entirely too much last night and was an hour late for work this morning. Pretty sweet huh? I feel like a total chach. I'm hungover as shit. I would do almost anything to be in my bed instead of here. It has been a long week, and the combination of alcohol, nicotine, tar, and caffeine coursing through my body for the last few evenings isn't helping anything. I think I've had a total of 8 hours of sleep in five days. I'm lucky i'm still functioning (barely). I don't know what was up with all the drinking. I usually don't do that. Oh well. It just sucks being hungover at work. Not exactly good motivation!
j'ai un vagin
looks like an easy weekend for WW is in order! 8hrs in 5 days!?!? i feel so lazy, i think i sleep 10+ a night, but yeah I'm not working. yes, im just lazy..=)
have a nice weekend, gals:)
1) 3 more hours and I'm outta here!
2) I haven't done shit all day.
3) I'm definitely taking it easy tonight.
4) I love Friday at 5pm.
5) I hope this weekend goes very slooooow

acousticgroupie- Thank you. I hope your weekend is lovely and charming and beautiful!
I guess I'm the only one hating work right now. Oh well. So I volunteered to do these "Health Risk Assessments" on my own time. $45 bucks a pop isn't too bad, plus milage reimbursement. Anway, I got lost trying to find one of the crack houses and got caught in construction (this is last night I'm talking about) and started crying. Then I couldn't find my way out, (I was in a town I've never been in before) and I was so angry I could have run someone over! Oh I mean I was PISSED!!!! I can't believe I have to do these things. Fuck the extra money! 5 assessments to do before 4/25. Impossible! I hate myself for saying I'd do these. Especially when they're all at least an hour from where I live. I have community service I have to do. I can't be driving all over creation in my free time. But now I'm stuck doing them. Damn. I'm an idiot. I feel a little better now that I got that off my chest.

You aren't the only one hating work...I've been off work for two months and it's still stressing me out!

WWoman, could you somehow get reimbursed for purchasing a GPS? Or maybe you could deduct one? I love mine, it's saved me in city driving. You just put the address of where you want to go, and it tells you turn-by-turn how to get there. It refigures it out if you make a wrong turn, even. It's way cool.

So, I go back to the doctor today. I've been off work for two months due to repetitive strain related deQuervain's syndrome, and tennis elbow. The doc said it's "most likely" work related. Well, our shop is so fricking disfunctional (don't even get me started)...there's a hundred different types of steamfitter work they could have me doing, it's blatantly obvious that it's the refrigeration that's messing up my arm, and I've already been told that the plan is for me to go back to the refrigeration shop. D'Oh! It's a long story, involving budgets and funding... in a nutshell, we have too high of a budget at our shop, and working for the state, layoffs are tough to do, so they get around it by shuffling people of the ways to do it, is the refrigeration crew is effectively "free" for the shop because they're paid by departmental funding, not plant maintenance funding.

The part that torques me, is when I was hired, originally, god, has it already been six years?, Anyway, six years ago, there was funding for me. It's all because of management stupidity and laziness...there are several steamfitters getting paid BIG money to do stupid stuff like order bolts and stuff,when that work could be done by a storekeeper...why couldn't one of them change places with me for a year till I can heal?

Anyway, bah. I'm kind of depressed about going back because I think within a month my wrist will be just as messed up as before. Maybe more so. And workers comp having denied my original claim, I'll lose my (minimal) sick leave again and will screw up my income continuation by going back and....I just can't see anything good about it. I visualize either just working through the pain, knowing my wrist is getting worse and worse...or staying off for no pay. Blech.

Okay, I gotta not think about this. It's pissing me off.
Finally stood up to my bitch of a boss last week! However, I got a final final warning...whatever the fuck that means..meaning that I'm not following procedures... See, I work for a government contract..and apparantly the contract is pissed...and they're angry... at least that's the story round the water cooler.. and now heads are rollin...

Anyways, they can't fire me for epilepsy, so they're going to try to pull this shit. I honestly don't care anymore, b/c I hate this job so rolleyes.gif much. Also, it gives me more of a chance to concentrate on moving out to Portland and grad school...

((sassy)) Good work on standing up to your boss though!

I am hating work latley too. It's just so boring. I am definitely living for the weekends. I feel like I just waste so much time here.
Just a general work-related question that I'm not sure where else to post:

I'm arguing about this on another message board- does a company you're working for have the right to ask you why you're taking a personal and/or vacation day?

It's a foodie message board and we're discussing chain restaurants we refuse to go to; someone mentioned Cracker Barrel because of their anti-gay policies, and someone mentioned another company (maybe Carl's Jr.?? I could be wrong; whatever it was, we don't have the chain here in Chicago.) that fired someone because they used their personal day to go to a gay pride parade.

Someone said, "why would a company allow you to take a day off to go to a parade, gay pride or not?" and I said I'm of the opinion that your personal or vacation days are yours to use as you want and it's none of their business what you do with them. The only time I've heard of a company questioning it is when it's a sick day (especially if you've used them all up) and they want a doctor's note, or a bureavement day. I've heard of companies rejecting a request because of understaffing or something like that, but it doesn't seem to me like it's anyone's business what you do with your days off, as long as you still have them.
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