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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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beetlegrl did the 'briefing' go with the pantywaste?? Good I hope......

I'm sending all my good luck for new job vibes to you!! I can't wait to give my notice here...they are all gonna be so lost without me!! HA!

OH and right now, at this very is being performed on my beloved 1973 VW beetle....I'm very sad..... sad.gif But we shall see what happens....the mechanic is way cool, so hopefully that will bring good kharma to my little car!

Let me know what happens with the job hunt!!
Well, I was searching for work sucks stuff on the net, and I ended on this site. Although I am a MAN, I like the posts in here so I joined the pink mafia. I have to say, first, you girls are fucking cute getting mad about your CUNT bosses. I have to say, when women are pissed at each other, you ladies can be CUNTS.

I have found it very difficult to work with women in an office environment, as the ebbs and flows of your moods is almost too much to handle for the long-term. Some women are good, but the majority end up scratching each other's eyes out. Let me say, that your supervisors has no right to act the way they did: MANIPULATIVE. I find women to be totally fucking manipulative in the office, beyond any comprehension. It takes a man to understand that the shit spewing out their mouths is total nonsense.

I guess I will post a thread on working with SMART DUDES. However, when men are mad about something, they shoot people, which somehow seems less painful and annoying.
Oh goody, I get to update my ignore list. Begone, bridgefolk!

My (male) boss wrote a bunch of us up on our last reviews for not meeting production standards and from what I can gather, almost nobody was warned about it. To quote someone somewhere, that's jacked up.

Good luck on your car, beeltegrl.

((((job hunting vibes for everyone)))))
How's your car beetle?

My stupid briefing was okay. DP was actually being dare I say, nice. I think it was b/c there was only 2 supervisors there today. So, I was able to sort of relax.

Still searching in the meantime smile.gif
Glad the briefing went well's the resume update going?

The car is ALIVE!! I'm so happy!!! Only $897!! At least she's breathin...I'll post pics of her (gertie) soon!!

Work is seriously irking me lately. I work in a nontraditional job (HVACR) and am one of three women in a shop of fifty men. I was the first woman hired (yay me!) and there was just one locker room. They just put doors on the urinals and made the locker room co-ed. We had a nice locker room with lots of first aid supplies, big mirror, big scale, eyewash cabinet, really GOOD hand cleaner, a HUGE sink (we get really dirty!).

So they get a grant to renovate our shop. And now since there's three women here they decide to make two seperated locker rooms. So there's the (BIG) men's locker room and our little one with five lockers. But what pisses me off is that the women's locker room is just a friggin toilet, a stupid little lavatory sink, and five lockers! NO first aid stuff at all! I was bleeding the other day and couldn't get a frigging bandaid!!!

So I filled out a parts requisition requesting things for the women's locker room (it's not done yet but it's been TWO FRIGGING MONTHS)..I requisitioned basic things like a box of bandaides, a bottle of eyewash solution, etc.

IT WAS REJECTED!!!! I swear, I have such a basis for a grievance....what if I got acid in my eyewash????? If they took all that stuff away from the men there'd be a riot! And when I bring it up to the guys they look at me like I'm just anal.
Good news! I was the second person on my team to get great numbers (we have to collect 500 pieces of data in 2 weeks) on Thursday afternoon. My % went from 11 to 18 in one day.

I was like "Go me!!" b/c I realize that my supervisor will never praise me. I'm learned that I have to pat myself on the back. This week was much better than the previous week.

Still looking though, just in case...

Glad your car is better beetle...

Treehugger, could you file a grievance with HR? Just a thought. Maybe go over their heads??

Treehugger, that sucks. I would go on a raid in the men's room and steal the necessary supplies. You have to have basic first aid supplies at your disposal in your line of work.

heh...I did just that, ginger kitty. I had to work overtime last Saturday so I snuck in the men's room and got us a bunch of stuff. I just wish I didn't have to do it.

I was told "not to ask for things until the room was done". Well, that was sort of my hint to management, that maybe we kinda need some of these things???

Anyway, anything that the guys had, if there was an extra box, I took it (other than the urinal deoderants)...and if it was the last box I took half of what was left in it.

I will be seriously miffed if we get reprimanded for having these things...but I seriously doubt they'd be that stupid. So now we have all the stuff the men have, including the AMAZING hand cleaner. Thanks to Yours Truly.

I wish the other two women would have had the guts to stand up with me.....ugh. Oh, well.
I got yelled at today for having a migrane, and leaving early b/c I thought I was going to have a seizure. Same old story different day. I fucking hate this job.

sassy, those Bastards!!
Damn straight.

They were a little nicer today. So need a new job. smile.gif
Wow, I'm sorry sassy. They should realize that yelling is not a good way to prevent that sort of thing.

I need job vibes, I applied for something that is a little better than what I do now, and I interviewed for it today. I thought it went well, but they said they would let me know on Monday, so now it's a waiting game.
((job vibes))

Still applying for other jobs. Two of my goals in the new year are to find a better job and a better place to live.
I get bitch slapped for wearing jeans today!!! So started applying for other jobs tonight, just in case. If I get fired, I can always collect unemployment. And, it for do me some good to find a new job in the new year.

((job vibes for all those who need them))
Just found out today my company is raising our insurance deductible to $10,000/per year on top of the $1000 one we already have. So that is just awesome! Now I am affraid to get ill.

And they have changed the attendance policy, which will inevitably cause me to point out and be fired at some point in the coming year.
Wendilina Bo Fina
I'm having a little bit of trouble at my current job. i just got hired at a new job, but i dont start until January. in the mean time, i have to quit THIS job. the only problem is that i'm a bit scared to do so. the only time ive had to quit a job, i didnt even talk to my manager. i posted my letter of resignation on her bulletin board, grabbed my stuff, and walked out. i never got a call from them or anything. but at this job, i'm the only employee here and it makes it harder for me to leave. ive only been here 5 months but i have no benefits, few hours (but the pay is decent), no co-workers, little work. and it sucks here. but i can't help but feel guilty for leaving...i need some help getting motivated to leave... unsure.gif
Wendilina Bo Fina
so i told my boss yesterday that im leaving.

it was a bit awkward.

i felt kinda bad, like i had let him down or something.

well, all i can say is...

here's to new beginnings,

new life, new job, new everything!


Good on you for moving on wendilina! biggrin.gif
But can I ask that you make your font regular sized? Thanks.
Wendilina Bo Fina
QUOTE(erinjane @ Dec 21 2006, 02:56 PM) *
Good on you for moving on wendilina! biggrin.gif
But can I ask that you make your font regular sized? Thanks.

Thank you! and i'm sorry about the size! i was a lil' excited but didn't want to yell so i decided typing w/ a big font might be a better idea than typing in caps! haha! i guess i was wrong! hahahaha! but thank you on both notes! :-D

*Delurking*My hubs boss is a massive dick. He has called our house before and told me to get my husband on the phone immediately- this happened a few days after having my first child. Later the same year when my mother was in the hospital having surgery to remove cancer his boss called to tell him he was needed at work. My husband is a salesman that hits his goal. It was not urgent that he was there that day. His boss just loves the power. He owner feels that he does a great job. It is to the point that people leave notes in the owners box telling him different things and he does not care. Today his boss said that if he does not improve (???) then he will be let go. His boss is a short man 5'5 or so and I am tempted to get a signing telegram to him just to be an ass myself. Any ideas ladies?
That's rather tricky, phoneclick. Is there any way to talk to the boss's boss about it, say get a group of your husband's coworkers together and go to that person face to face? That's the only thing I can think of (well, that doesn't involve horrible pranks).

Right now the department head is on personal leave and things are quiet. Add 10 days off for my vacation over Xmas, and work right now isn't sucking. Still want to get out, though.
Beauty & her Bass
ARGH! I HATE COUNTY FUNDING!!!!! I'm a case worker and I have a mom who needed some funding to pay her overdue bills. Well, the county decided to shut down for almost two weeks because everyone cashed in their vacation her checks were sent out way late to the utilities of her utilities got shut off....THEN it becomes MY FAULT! I get screamed at! AGH! I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I DON'T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH FOR MY BILLS EITHER SO BACK OFF!

Whew...I feel better now. Thanks chicas.
Lilac- I wish. The owner for some reason does not care. Quite a few have spoke to him but he is certain the boys manager is great. I am at the point I just want to bring a smile to the Boys face while he is at work.
i need to preface this by saying that i'm really lucky in having a pretty great job (even though sometimes i get antsy and bored--but that's a different thread). this doesn't necessarily have to do with MY job but it is a work-related RANT:

i work at an apparel company. every day we send stuff off to the screenprinters for samples or production. EVERYTHING we do is sent with a screen page detailing the colors we want IN PANTONES. for those of you unfamiliar with the pantone system, it's a universally-agreed-upon system of identifying colors (to get by the fact that things look different on every computer screen and printer). each color is assigned a number, and those numbers are the same no matter where you are or what you're working with.

lately EVERYTHING we've been getting back from the screenprinters isn't the right color. it'll be, like, yellow, but five shades darker than it should be. so we can't use it, and have to send it out again. it's a waste of fabric, ink, and everybody's time and it is PISSING ME OFF. seriously, if you're in the effing industry of screenprinting--a large part of which is virtually MAKING COLOR--wouldn't you take care to NOT HIRE COLORBLIND PEOPLE????????

Have you a white background, like the Pantone chip?
we use all different colors of fabrics, but that has nothing to do with it. if you're using discharge the fabric gets bleached white under the ink anyway; if you're using plastisol or waterbased there's a base put down first under the color. the fact is that the screenprinting company is totally incompetent and everybody loses as a result.
Ah, good to know. Thanks. They do sound annoying.
Beauty & her Bass
rant: I HATE SOME OF MY CLIENTS!!!!!!! social work is great when you get people who are willing to work with you and figure things out. I HATE CLIENTS THAT DON'T DO SHIT, NO-SHOW ME FOR MEETINGS, THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL MY BOSS AND COMPLAIN ABOUT ME! (it was a bad weekend)

Oh well, one case down...I still have about 38 others. No big deal I guess.

I'm still peeved though.
I know this isn't the right place for this but I need to get it out...

We just found out my boyfriend is laid off. He's worked for the company almost 4 years. We don't know what we're going to do. I make barely anything (part time student position). Job situation here is really bleak right now. Pretty much anywhere he could get a job he'd have to start over making what he was making 4 years ago and without benefits.... I'm just feeling really scared and frustrated because he didn't do anything wrong to get laid off for. We can barely break even right now so I don't know what we're going to do while he looks for a job. It's effective this friday. This is my last semester of college--I can't really have distractions (like getting evicted for not paying rent or not having groceries or internet or electricity..AHHHH) while I finish school this semester. But also now I just don't know what is going to happen. The last time he was unemployed it was really bad and he was really depressed. He's not really taking this very well--he has a lot of friends at work. I'm just trying to keep it together during work and classes today.

Beauty, I am also in case management for social assistance no less, and I know how you feel...
Beauty & her Bass
I'm sorry Kayte.

Has he tried for unemployment before? That might be an option until he can find something.

I'm not sure what his field was in, but there might also be a workforce program set up through your county where he can receive training and in return possibly get a little bit of money to help tide you guys over.
QUOTE(Beauty & her Bass @ Jan 17 2007, 09:39 PM) *

I'm sorry Kayte.
Has he tried for unemployment before? That might be an option until he can find something.
I'm not sure what his field was in, but there might also be a workforce program set up through your county where he can receive training and in return possibly get a little bit of money to help tide you guys over.

Thanks Beauty.. He's filing for unemployment on monday. The company said they wouldn't contest it. He was in warehouse shipping & receiving. Would those programs be through the unemployment office?

It's hard cause my first instinct is to give him a ton of advice and job leads but he said that's exactly what he doesn't want right now...

Meanwhile I have my own minor work rant. I work with this total jackass who tries to do my job for me. I'll come in and he's sitting at my desk on my computer doing MY WORK. I've told him again and again to get his own work, apparently he has his own work but he likes mine better. We work under very very little supervision and I know if I tell my supervisor about this he'll ask me to try to work it out on my own. It's just so frustrating, almost every time I come in, to see him working on MY projects. Ugh.
why on earth do people who have no idea what they are doing insist on telling the rest of us how to do our work?????

*head hitting desk repeatedly*

and, people???? seriously, if i tell you that i have a priority that is finishing a renewal application for our grant SO THAT WE GET OUR MONEY TO DO OUR JOBS AND PAY OUR SALARIES, how likely do you think it is that i am going to stop what i am doing to WRITE A LETTER for you that you could write yourself and then just bring me to SIGN???? hello??? are we having a communication breakdown here, or are you just a debil mental???????

jeez o pete!

kayte, that sucks. if i were you, i would keep a written list of every time he does it, what he is working on that is your work, what he should be working on that is his work (if you know) and what you did to stop it (spoke with him, wrote him a note asking him to please not do this). actually, come to think of it, put EVERYTHING in writing. when you ask him not to do something, follow it up with a written reminder to him regarding what you told him. and keep a copy of it. DATED.

that way, you have documentation. if he messes up your work. if you are responsible for his work getting done, by him, and he doesn't do it. if you finally do have to go to your boss, you will have proof that you have been trying to work it out by yourself.

that has GOT to be frustrating, though. what an asshat.
Kayte, I have a similar problem, only it's with my supervisor.

See, he's fairly new here, and he wants the shift to look good, look like we aren't slackers, and he's still learning what we do here. So if he runs out of work, he has a tendancy to hop into one of our projects, without telling us and start doing our work for us. (All our work is on computer and we really can't block someone from doing it.)

The only problem is that it affects people's production numbers, which in turn affects our monthly review, which in turn can get people in trouble. While the entire shift doesn't look like slackers for the night, it makes certain individuals look that way overall. (Plus, I think it's rude to not tell anyone you're doing their work.)

It is very frustrating. mad.gif
I have a problem with a few of my co-workers that do that. They tend to bring all our production numbers down as well, which makes our team like bad. Although, I wouldn't really call us a team at all to tell you the truth. Everyone is out to backstab everyone else. God, I hate corporations!

And my supervisor made one of my good teammates cry, and that really made me mad on Friday. She's a good person, and just trying to do her job. She's one of the ones that isn't doing a bad job. I don't think my supervisor (or any of the other 5 ones) know how to manage at all...

And, I get in trouble for having a migrane... still. I'm so sick of them yelling and moaning about my health problems.

I work full time at a gas station. I used to hate the job when I worked 2nd shift but now that I work first shift (ever since last summer), I think it's okay. A few weeks before the semester started I told my bosses that I wanted to work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour ones, which would make it easier to schedule classes because last semester I had a really hard time scheduling them around my hours. I told them what days of the week I wanted to work, when I was taking my classes, etc. and they seemed fine with everything.

Classes started last week, and I just worked the last 8 days in a row because I forgot to tell one boss that school was starting, so he didn't know not to put me on that day (but he let me out early enough to get to class), and on Thursday my other boss couldn't get anyone to work so I agreed to do it as a favor.

Now my primary boss wants me to work most days (during pretty much any time possible when i am not in class) because the other first shift girl can't do it for a while. I don't want to. Doing it that way would ensure that on one of my days off I would be in classes all day, and on my other day off I would have to get all the work from all 4 of my classes done.

Now they are acting like I'm being a diva, for lack of a better term, because I am refusing to change the schedule we originally agreed upon. On the one hand, I feel bad for leaving them hanging because aside from this I really like and get along with my managers. They are good people. I also feel guilty because they've been really accommodating in the few years that I've worked there- letting me work at 2 different locations, giving me dibs on first shift after it finally became available, etc. But at the same time, it's a damn gas station! It's a crap job that anyone could do. Just hire someone else temporarily, to work the other girl's shifts until she comes back.

I feel like in the future, I am going to get stuck doing more second shifts (which make me want to die) or less hours, or whatever, because I refused to do something that I don't think is fair.
Beauty & her Bass
QUOTE(go_kayte @ Jan 18 2007, 08:46 AM) *

Meanwhile I have my own minor work rant. I work with this total jackass who tries to do my job for me. I'll come in and he's sitting at my desk on my computer doing MY WORK. I've told him again and again to get his own work, apparently he has his own work but he likes mine better. We work under very very little supervision and I know if I tell my supervisor about this he'll ask me to try to work it out on my own. It's just so frustrating, almost every time I come in, to see him working on MY projects. Ugh.

have you tried password-locking your computer? My mom had to do that at her job for the same reason. She just gave her manager and the IT guy the password so at least someone had it. It worked for her.
That won't work... everyone can log into any computer with their own accounts, and all the projects are on the server so everyone has access to them. I think I need to just keep yelling at him.
AARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Why can't these idiots find their own crap to do? I am sick of having someone start doing my stuff when I am trying to do it and not fucking tell me. Whatever happened to common courtesy, or maybe thinking that maybe the person doesn't want you to help, thank you very much? It only takes a minute to write an email, or to walk over to that person's desk and tell them that hey, you want to help out because you have nothing else to do. Goddammit, communication is not evil.
lilacwine13: I agree that it shouldn't be that hard for them to communicate at work. mad.gif
So Mr.Kayte STILL hasn't been able to get on unemployment yet (a week and a half later). I guess a record number of michigan workers were laid off last week (9000 in one week!) and the system is clogged up. He doesn't have a car and I don't have time during business hours to drive him to the place, and it's kinda too cold for bus-riding, so he's been trying to do it over the phone and hasn't even got through yet. It's very frustrating.
I hate my job and everything it stands for.
Maybe it's just a Monday thing...............
rant: I HATE SOME OF MY CLIENTS!!!!!!! social work is great when you get people who are willing to work with you and figure things out. I HATE CLIENTS THAT DON'T DO SHIT, NO-SHOW ME FOR MEETINGS, THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL MY BOSS AND COMPLAIN ABOUT ME! (it was a bad weekend)

oh i sooo hear that!!!! i used to be a fee-for-service therapist and it basically sucked. i had a good number of clients who i truly cared for and who were ready to do the work, but then i had a lot of people who would just show up, or not, whatever, and didn't really seem to care about it at all. so many days i spent there just sitting doing paperwork, waiting for a client to show up-not getting paid......the front desk people wouldn't call us if our client showed, so i'd have to go out to the waiting room every 3 minutes in case they showed up-so it's not like i could focus on the paperwork i didn't get paid to do. argh!!!!!! so glad i'm outta that business.

my own minor work rant is actually about a social thing at work, but it's very annoying and weird. maybe someone can give me some advice.

ok, so there are three people at work who are friends outside of work. they go out for happy hour, and see each other on the weekends, etc. ok cool. then there is me and this other woman, who get invited along on happy hours sometimes and lunches out. this other woman has a child and lives far from work, so she doesn't always come out with us. so, i don't expect to be invited to everything, since i'm not really friends with them so much outside of work.

however, i have been invited to some stuff-two of them came to my party, one of them met me out at a bar with friends. so, these three people-i'll call them K, M and G. K and M are nice, they always invite me to stuff and are just fine-i have no issues with them. G however, is weird about what he'll invite me to. a few months ago he had a party and i got an email from him saying "sorry i forgot to invite you." i was annoyed and didn't go. because i was like yah right you "forgot."

anyways, last week was G's bday. i was invited by K to go out to lunch with all of them and celebrate. so i went. but, a few people were alluding to this "other thing" later that night, that i was not invited to. this is so fucking confusing and annoying! i mean, why am i not invited? i literally live 7 minutes from G's house. I'm sure he didn't "forget" again. ANd he invited this other woman who doesn't even usually hang out with us-so people were talking about it but kinda quietly and i felt like this huge asshole idiot moron.

so, wtf? anyone have a clue? i mean, i would never have gone out to his bday lunch if i'd have known that i was being excluded from the party later......but he doesn't seem to dislike me, i mean it's always totally friendly and stuff....

i don't care that i don't get invited to everything, but to have everyone else invited and then talk about it in front of me is just humiliating. i mean, this is my little work social group and i like having buddies at work, but wtf? gah.
My job is really getting to me. They changed my hours, which is a good thing. Yet, they're still angry at me for missing work due to my illness. Hello, I have seizures people! I would think they wouldn't believe me, but I did have a seizure at work.

Beauty & her Bass
kayte: ((hugs)) i'm sorry hun! It sucks to be up in the northern mid-west right now and trying to find unemployment/work. Tell Mr.Kayte to hold on. It's a frustrating system but when it kicks in, it's worth the trouble.

maddy: and now i can relate to you too!

The same thing is happening at my work! You know how it is is the social service/therapy don't really get to talk with your co-workers a lot because you're too tied up in other people's problems.

Well, a girl called "R" threw a sex-toy party and invited just about everyone from the office (i work in a very liberal office of a Christian non-profit) ...except for me and some of the new girls. Now I live a few minutes from "R" and she knows that. Also, every time we're in the office we will chat with no problem. I was actually really hurt. Not only did she invite everyone, but she put fliers on their desks to invite them. It was like gym class in the 3rd grade all over again!

However, I found out a nice little fun fact about my co-workers ("R" included). One of my legitimate friends at work went out to the bar after a work event with some of the girls. They ended up leaving her high and dry with food and drinks on her tab that they never paid her or the bar for. She had almost $115 in a bar tab that she had to pay for them and they still haven't paid her back! I would rather be left out then stuck with those kinds of people.

RANT: And again, I was no-showed by someone who only shows when she needs something. She then called me at bitched at me because I took back a heater that I let her borrow while her gas was off. It's back on now but her furnace doesn't work so well. She tried telling me that it was bullshit and that she deserves this heater and that I better bring it back. I told the client to call her landlord and get her heater fixed. I told my boss about this and my boss laughed. That actually made me smile about it a little bit. I can't stand the "gimmy-gimmy" people!!!!!! I'm starting to think that when I move, I'm going to try for an office job.

Maddy, your problem at work is so similar to mine last year that it was like I read what you wrote and assumed I had written it. Seriously! At my work, there was a group of 4 serious clique type friends who would invite me and another coworker (we both weren't as close) out sometimes. But then they stopped inviting me, still invited the other guy out, and would openly talk about it right in front of me. They would talk about both future plans and "how much fun they had last weekend, blah blah". One time I was uninvited from plans they had made beacuse they had changed the date to a day they knew I couldn't go. But they still acted friendly-ish towards me. And we would walk home from work in the same direction, and like they would all walk together and not wait for me, and I felt like such a fucking tool. So yeah, I totally empathize. It's so confusing!

Maybe because because you aren't as close to them than they are with each other, and maybe if you say no to plans with them a lot, maybe they assume you aren't really interested? Maybe they didn't want to hurt your feelings if everyone had plans together after the dinner and they wanted to spend it together? It's hard figuring out the motive....and it's like, if they just invited you to dinner and not the party it wouldn't feel so personal. Or weird.
Tr*ll no one here cares how many bowling pins can fit in your ass.

Now my rant about work. I am sick and tired of cleaning up the mistakes of other people's crappy work. You want to know how you can avoud fraud? Ask the right questions and listen to what people are not saying. Maybe even pick up the phone every once in a while. And to top it all off, I am returning to the office where the most mistakes are made, and the craziest woman I know is there. Oh well, I suppose I could be there forever, which would be worse. mad.gif
okay, so what's the deal with crying at work? i'm the only one in my office? i just want to cry my face off rather than responding to emails all catty??!!! grrrrrrr!
I cried for 20 minutes at work today. First, our dfrector yelled at us for having low rates (I work in a call center), and then my team mates, and then lastly my supervisor.

I almost quit.

This job shouldn't be causing me to cry. It's a shit job. The worst part of it, is that the people I knew were emailing crappy things behind my back. They wonder why office moral is so damn low?

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