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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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I know I have a shit job, but I stepped in HUMAN SHIT today at work! Someone was sick, and shit on the bathroom floor. It wasn't even mine, but everyone thought it was me. And then I started throwing up b/c it had gotten on my shoes and my pants leg....

They're already pissed that I have missed work (and hell, it's only been two days), but....

I can't believe this.

Hopefully, my supervisor will be a little sympathic.... she saw me after I threw up, and I looked flushed (I thought I was gonna pass out or have a seizure) and red.


This so sounds like something David Sedaris would write.

that is horrible, horrible, horrible. all of it. esp the shit. sad.gif
oh. my. maude.

they can't expect you to work in those conditions. forcing you to sit there with someone else's feces on you would be inhuman.
farking nasty. un-freakin-believable
Yeah, still in shock.

I almost started crying in my boss's(Boss 1) office.

I mean everyone smelled it on me, so now there goes the rumor mill. But it was disgusting, and wrong.

I'm trying to laugh about it, because considering the week I've had at this place, I thought nothing could suprise me.

Need to go watch Muppet Movie.

reasons to quit your job
Thanks pepper!

(((((sassygirl)))))) Wow, I'm speechless. Can't believe someone didn't go get a janitor or someone to clean that up. That's a health hazard right there, not to mention absolutely disgusting.

That's a good article, pepper. Thanks for posting it.
Yeah, still in shock.


Sassy, I feel your pain with the stepping-in-human-feces thing. I work with disabled people (group homes, etc.) and today I was filling in for a few hours, making dinner and one of the clients managed to shit his pants (while playing in his room), then come scooting out to the kitchen, meanwhile spreading shit all over the floor, walls, himself, etc. It was horrible. I had to stay late scrubbing it off the floor. It got on my shoes. It was unavoidable. Now, I know it's not really his fault, no one knew he'd filled his Depends, he probably didn't do it on purpose, and I'm not even mad at him for it--I'm just mad I still have this shitty job. I've been doing this kind of work for 5 years, and I've been burnt out almost as long. I graduated college in May and have been job hunting my ass off ever since, but NOTHING's happening. I even applied for a job washing dogs because it was near my house and I like dogs. It paid $6 an hour. But I was willing to do that. And I didn't get it! I don't even make $10 an hour now, wiping asses and cleaning and cooking and doing laundry and entertaining and giving meds and on and on and on... Oh yeah and scrubbing shit off floors and walls.

I'm trying so hard to get a different job. I've done half a dozen interviews in the past month but haven't had any luck. The job market where I'm at is really really bad, and I'll have to drive an hour to get to a larger city where I could probably find something. But that's what I'll have to do because I can't handle this anymore. We work our asses off for what's not even a livable wage. I have a BS in English but for some reason I'm still at the same old job.

Argh!! Ok, that's my vent... Going to have a whiskey sour and try to get the shit-smell out of my nose.
Thank you little idiot.... smile.gif

Heh. I keep humming "Why would you do with a BA in English?" from Ave Q.

I feel your frustration with interviews. This job that I have is pure shit. It's basically customer service representative, and it's just booooooooring. I'm good at it, but there's no advancement. Which is why there is such high turnover. And that the fact that the company that we hold the contract for, now knows how all of us feel (our supervisors treat us like robots, and not people). The worst part about the whole shit story, is that everyone thought it was me!

And not to mention that I work with a bunch of bitchy hormonal racist (they're all black, and they still think white people are crazy) woman....

Don't even get me started on living wage debut. Before this job, I worked at a homeless shelter. Although, I had to deal with stepping in shit there, but it was a little more understandable... ugh.

I still have to wash my shit-stained khakis. Bleh.

Back to watching Grey's Anatomy. smile.gif

little idiot, i just left my job working in a group home. i'd been doing that kind of work (day habs, group homes) for about five years, too. this latest group home was my first job out of college and i was lead case manager at a miserable $11.54 an hour. it is pathetic how little human service workers get paid to do that kind of job! there is a misconception that "anyone" can do that kind of work, but i have had so many people tell me "i could never do that". it is such an important job and we have so many responsibilities! sure i hated wiping butts and doing stinky laundry and dealing with other bodily issues, and i got tired of constantly being needed and having to do the same meds-cook-clean routine every night. but i loved, LOVED the people who lived at the home. and it also helped that i loved my coworkers. i've gone to visit everyone a few times since i quit and that is way better than actually working there though!

now i am working as a sped aide - maybe that is an idea? it still doesn't pay much (mine is $14.50 an hour) but it is pretty fun so far.
Laurenann, the weird thing is that all of my close friends have also worked in this field at one time or another in college (that's actually how I started doing it, a friend worked at a house that was really easy and fun and I stayed there for a long time) but now I'm the only one still doing it, which is weird because I'm like the least patient, least tolerant person I know. But somehow here I am still... I truly do love some of my clients, but the bad outweighs the good, pretty much all the time. I actually applied for special-ed teacher's aide positions in 3 different school districts, interviewed for all 3 and didn't get a job. In one interview, the guy told me they had over 35 applicants, 6 of whom were certified teachers, so that gives you an idea of what the job market is like here. The highest-paying one was 11.05 an hour but the other two would have actually been a pay cut for me.

Sassy, I was at Best Buy yesterday and saw the Avenue Q cd sitting there and I bought it, and wtf... this is like a soundtrack for my life. I drove home through my little tiny town with the windows down, blasting "The Internet is for Porn." Anything for entertainment over here... biggrin.gif
Have an interview tomorrow for a temp-to-hire position at a call center... incoming calls, something to do with student loans I guess. I worked at a call center in HS and liked it, so... It's at least 45 minutes one way, but at least I won't be scrubbing any shit off the floor (I hope! and not stepping in any either!).
So weird thing happened at work.

After stepping in shit last week, I got approval on my raise. I still won't know if I get it or not until probably Oct. And my cunt of a supervisor is being dare I say, NICE?? She was even smiling yesterday, and today she wasn't even here!

Is anyone else but me getting freaked out by this??

I'm trying to keep myself focused, but paranoia is setting in.

And by the way, AVE Q is my life.... smile.gif

sassy, Yay! about the raise.

I am so proud I have been super lazy all week and not really accomplished anything. I consider it my revenge for having such crappy employers. tongue.gif
I should know by my next paycheck. It's only like .50, but it would help me move!

Boss is being super nice (like even smiling and trying to joke with me) lately. It's wigging me out. So not used to it.

So cunt of a boss is still being very VERY nice, and it's really freaking me out. She is constantly thanking me, smiling, and laughing. This is SO NOT her.
My co-workers thinks she's maybe getting laid.

Funny enough, I got one of my deadlines done before the deadline time, and I thought she was going to hug me. It almost made me running in terror.

Scared. Very. WTF??

Strangely as well, I thought I was super lazy at work, but I turned out this week to be the best person production wise on my team...hmmm....

sassy, just suck up all the nice and save that feeling for later. when you might need it, ha.
no, really, sometimes it takes people a while to 'test' you out before the start treating you like a human. it's happened to me before, i finally passed some secret initiation thing and all of a sudden i'm one of 'them'. it's weird but just go with it.
sounds like you get more done when you're relaxed and feeling good anyhow so make the most of it.

maybe it was her poop and she's feeling guilty. ewe.
I didn't see a thread here where this would fit and didn't want to make a new one...
Does any one have any advice or imput as to what someone should do who lives in one state but is looking for work in another???
I have been searching for work and keep getting hits and offers in my state, but none in the other state I am moving to. I am using the same resume so I don't know why this is.
Please help!
( I include the fact that I am applying from out of state and can accomadate a job offer readily, I am also apply for similar positions) so I don't know why this is this way...
You mean you're getting job offers in-state but not out-of-state? Are you talking about having a resume posted on monster or careerbuilder, or are you doing searches and not finding anything in the state you're moving to? The problem with trying to find a job in a state you don't live in yet is that most employers prefer to hire locally. I was recently trying to get a job about 20 hours away and I was advised to move there first, then find a job. Unfortunately, that's not an option right now. Someone suggested getting a P.O. box in the city I want to move to, but that seems deceptive to me, especially since if I got an interview, it would be almost impossible for me to jump on a plane and fly there. So I don't know the solution. For now I'm going to try to save money so we can move with our fingers crossed for quick job offers. It's risky but if you're moving to a place with plenty of jobs, it might be the best option.
If this isn't the defination of irony, I don't know what is. I got a book in the mail today called "The Power of Nice." Hmmm....

She even was like today, "Yo! I have a review right now..."
So, I guess I'm becoming one of the "regulars..." She's still a control freak, and I'm trying to still adapt to corporate world politics.

EEW is right.

**scatches head***

I agree with little idiot on this one. I am looking for a job presently in Oregon, and I've realized that I really need to get there first, before finding a job. I still have to do my homework on it though.

Gah, that sucks huh. I can't wait to get out of this nine-month-winter midwest BS. But have to have a little pile of money to do it. Ugh.

BUT! the good news is, I got offered the call center job. Over $2 an hour more than I make now, and no weekends, so it'll be pretty nice. 'Cept I need to pass a drug test and a credit check first... Hopefully it'll work out ok, cuz I'm putting in my notice at my shitty job tomorrow!
Little Idiot, that's so awesome about job offer! smile.gif

Yeah, to quote from Ave Q (which is presently soundtrack on my life) "It sucks to be me..." Yeah, I need to start saving. But, that would mean I would have to formulate some sort of plan. Double Ugh.

Between work stress and home stress I'm just going ape shit. sad.gif

Me too Sassy. Last night I reminded Mr. Idiot that this WILL be my last winter here, I AM moving South, and he reminded me that he hates the idea, doesn't want to be so far from his family, blah blah blah. I think he kind of knows that I'm going with or without him so he better get ready to give it a try. I know that sounds cruel but I have to do what's right for me, and I can't resign myself to living in his freezing hell for the rest of my life when I know I could be happier and have a better life somewhere else. I very much need to start saving if this move is going to happen, but it's going to be hard! Hopefully with this job it won't be impossible.
Hey, if you want to research somewhere in Oregon try the citydata website--they have TONS of info, stats, facts, etc. plus a nice message board where you can ask questions best answered by locals, etc.
GaaaAAAhhhHHHhhh. i am so busy this week. i need to start pulling my weight at my new job, special education aide, and i'm using it for my teaching practicum for my education license. my boss at my old job just had to fire someone and someone else is on vacation, so i got talked into working all these relief shifts. i have my first observation for my student teaching on friday. i still need to clean the yoga studio where i get free classes in exchange for tidying up. aaaAArrrrRRRGGGGggghhhHH.
I got my work raise. smile.gif It will finalized in my next paycheck. Although, I'm happy about it, I'm still really looking for something else. My next plan is to look for a decent apartment, b/c right now I'm just renting a room and it's bleh.

Little Idiot, thanks for the citydata site. I'll have to check it out! smile.gif
Last day of work today, and it was a lot sadder than I expected it to be. The client I worked with today, I've been with every Friday for over 2 years, the longest she's ever had the same person. Fridays were always my best day, and I'm going to miss it. Her parents have made me feel like part of their family and today they said I'm the very best caregiver she's ever had. It's hard to go... but I'll still visit her sometimes. Anyway I start the new job Monday, and they called today to say I passed the background check and drug screen ohmy.gif . It's just kinda scary to make a change, even though it's one I've been needing for a long time. Hopefully the new job will be good and I won't be sorry...
where is everyone tonight, in general, on the boards?

anyway, i just wanted to mini rant. why the fuck does everyone feel the need to be fucking catty? i'm all for ranting, but everytime the door closes, someone else gets roasted. wtf? and, unfortunately cliche, it's the women.

this in contrast to last fri, when the boys were at play, and the ladies were running the show. it was actually productive. the atmosphere was great. i almost rethought my stance on all-girl schools/learning environments.

and then, plop. back to square one. meow, hiss hiss...

sigh. need. vacay.
crazyoldcat, I hate catty people too!

Work was awful today!! mad.gif I don't think I should have to do someone else's job b/c they are to lazy to do it. I totally lost a friend at work today. I have no respect for someone who doesn't do thier job and lets others pick up thier slack. My worker wasn't not only not doing her job but talking on her cell phone while she was suposed to be working and when I refuse to help her catch up, I became the bad person. I hate busting my ass when no one even cares or seems to notice......
So I've been at my job for less than 2 months. My co-worker, T., is training me as she had the position before me and was promoted when someone else left. Our mutual boss is M. I'm an administrative assistant to M. and part of my job entails shipping out our publications to our members. M. sent an email to T. on this past Tuesday, 10/10. It said something like, "Have Polly ship these out today. I need a count of how many we have in back." Nowhere in the email from M. did it say what I was supposed to be shipping out and to whom. T. then forwarded that email to me, on Tuesday and added her own message that said, "Polly, we'll ship these out Monday or Tuesday. I'll show you what they are and where they are going." Still no mention of what I'm supposed to be shipping or to where.

So I get this message on Tuesday morning, and later Tuesday and Wednesday it was CRAZY busy here- we have our annual convention on Salt Lake City next week, we leave on Wednesday and we were making these board of trustees packets- it's been nuts. Because the email sent on Tuesday said "we'll ship these out Monday or Tuesday" I thought T. meant Monday or Tuesday of next week, because why would you say"we're going to mail these out yesterday"? Thursday, yesterday, it started to quiet down and I did a couple of other UPS shipments. I went over to T,'s desk and asked her a question about those. She answered them and said "Did you mail those Disparities in Health Folders out to so and so?" I said, "um, no, I didn't know what folders you were talking about in the email" and she snapped back, "well, you never asked!" I didn't say this, but when your email never mentions what product you're talking about and it says "I'll show you what they are and where they're going", AND I think it's not going out until Monday or Tuesday of next week, why would I be in a big rush to ask when there's a million other things going on???? All I said was, "Well, I was sort of busy the last couple of days to ask." I didn't say it in a snarky or "making lame excuses" sort of way, I just said it, and she snapped back, "well so was I". I got my other shipping done, and since she said exactly what product needed to be shipped when I talked to her, I now knew what she was talking about and got those together and shipped them out. I still had to go ask her what shipping service she wanted- she said, "it doesn't say in the email?" Again, I didn't say this but I wanted to say, "No, that was the most uninformative email I've ever received!" I actually said, "No, it doesn't." and she said "send it next day."

T. seems to be a pretty non-confrontational person. M., our boss, is very blunt and direct, almost to the point of being insensitive, and I've seen T. be reduced to tears after a conversation with her....not just because of what/how M.'s saying, but because T.'s stressed out with this convention planning and the awards dinner she's in charge of organizing. But then she turns around and pulls the same crap on me. This is not the first time we've had a miscommunication/lack of communication before- a few weeks ago, I was put in charge of ordering these candies for our booth at the convention. They were going to have custom wrappers with our logo on them. After we figured out which ones we were going to buy and from who and I got all the logistics worked out, I went to ask T. what color wrapper and what color imprint we were going to have....not so much ask, as confirm, since I was pretty sure what we had picked out, but I wanted to make sure. She says, in this exasperrated tone, "white wrapper, burgundy imprint- it was all in the email I sent you." I go back and check my email- the only email I've gotten from her that has anything to do with these candies is the one that had the logo attached that we were using for the imprint. So, either something's wrong with our email, or she never sent it.

And I have to spend 8 days in SLC with this person. I'm trying to keep my head down, stay off the radar, follow directions to the T (no pun intended!), but I don't know if/when I should address this issue and say, "listen, I'm trying to do my best here, but we're not communicating well and that's a problem."

So frustrating, because now she's treating me like an idiot and I'm not one (obviously). I don't have any admin asst. experience, so some stuff needs to be explained, but there's all these screw-ups and misunderstandings that are half her fault.
Apparently miscommunication is the theme of the day. Polly, as an admin assistant, I find a lot of the job is guessing what they mean. It's frustrating but it does get easier usually.

So, as mentioned I'm an admin assistant but have management like responsibilities. I manage the quality control system for our lab and office. In the lab I'm having lots of problems and I think a lot of it is a language barrier. I'm never really dealt with anything like this before but it's to the point where when I adress our lab techs I just see their eyes glaze over and I don't know if anything I'm saying is getting through. I really try to emphasize the inportance of the systems I'm putting in place while at the same time trying to make them as user-friendly as possible because I know it just makes more work for them. Their direct manager is really laid back and pretty much no support at all. I'm having a hard time finding a balance between being nice (I'm much younger than most of them and it's a small company so we all spend tons of time in close quarters) and making sure I am sucessful at my job - if we were to fail an inspection by the FDA or Health Canada it would mostly fall on my shoulders.
Hi I am new here and communication is not happening at my job. See i work at a psych hospital doing triage duty. There are many different shifts and i happen to work the 3rd. My coworkers are all very professional and fun to work with but one of my supervisors is a real power hungry incompetent bitch. Instead of "coaching" me about forgetting to answer phone messages one time in almost 2 yrs she friggin writes me up!!! And she also wrote up my coworker who didn't check the messages before me. Plus she wrote up someone else for something. Her method of communication is the write up cause she is too afraid to confront people in person.

This supervisor runs someone off by intimidating them and making them quit or get fired. Now she is hunting for a new target. I want to run to her supervisor but the little voice inside my head says "don't rock the boat." Plus i have a family to take care of and make pretty decent money there. Seems she is getting out the ol paranoia gun and aiming it randomly seeing if it will stick to someone.
The ones of us who do complain and call her on it are the ones who get the boot. Hmmmmmmm doesn't sound like a fair workplace, huh. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent. I think that i will take my chances and appeal it. It's just too ridiculous not to and it can affect my review next year.

Thanks for listening,

Puertoricanfem mad.gif
puertoricanfem - your boss sounds scary! Good luck with reporting her. Sounds like she needs it.
Miscommunications seems to be common theme around these parts. Especially at my job.

I was out sick on short term disability (due to my seizures). So, I thought I was able to go back to work this week. I show up today. And my boss gets all freaked out b/c I didn't have a letter in hand. WTF? Am I 10? So, then she gets all bitchy, and tells me to "Go sit at my desk!" I then have to go to her boss, who explains the whole thing to me (which was supposed to be taken care of last week. The doctor's note was sent directly to the HR dept).

Anyways, had to ride up to my doctor's office, get the letter myself. In the doctor's note, it said that I could return to work, 10/30/06. I don't see how much clearer that could be. My boss's boss was all "this is an open-ended letter.., and we need a specific date!" and being a dickhead. I understand that everyone is basically trying to cover their asses, but Jesus H Christ!!

I'm returning tomorrow. I feared if I came back today, I would have to just fucking quit. Did I mention that I not only work for a corporation, but it's also government related?? And, they wonder why they have such high turnover rate?

I guess the flip side is that I got short term disability at all, but to be treated like a child was so not cool. And everyone of course was playing the blame game (mainly blaming me and my doctors. For it's never the company's fault. Shit, when you make a mistake, at least have the frigging deceny and respect to say that you made a mistake!). I'm just so sick of playing this game.

So, searching for a new job on the side. I have a fear that they are going to try to fire me for this. And, I've also already gone over three boss's heads, over something not related to my health. Of course, that issue was swept under the rug. For now.

Thanks for listening,


(((sassy)))(((all the disgruntled busties)))

Apparently, a lot of employers treat adult like they are children. I got suspended from work for 3 days without pay today. sad.gif I feel like I am back in high school.

The whole issue stems from a couple weeks ago when I didn't pick up for someone else's slack. My co-worker was standing around, not working, talking on her cell phone letting her work pile up, and I didn't help her catch in up. So I get in trouble for insubordination. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif My supervisor, gave me a written warning about it, but his supervisor felt that wasn't harsh enough action so an hour later he calls me to his office and suspends me.

I was so mad at work, that I cried. I never cry at work, I feel like such a dumb girl for getting so mad that I cried. I wish I could have said something really witty and clever or quit. It would have felt awesome to say, you know what, "I don't need this, I quit." Alas, I can't afford not to work, while I look for new job. Needless to say, I am looking for a new job. It's been a long time coming, I should have left years ago. I have just been trying to work towards starting my own business, and didn't feel like switching one crap job for another in the meantime. I thought I'd just stick it out where I am since I have benefits and senority.

I long to be self employeed!!!! (So I can be creative and not have to put up with other people bullshit)
I feel as though I was in high school today. Shit, I've felt that way since yesterday.

I cried at work today. I rarely cry at work.
I get back my first day. My first day in 3 weeks! At 8:15, I get a voicemail from my boss's boss, saying that I need to see him. "Am I in trouble?"

I got written up for not following policies and procedures. Apparantly, this has been happening for 3 months (although, I've been gone the majority of Oct due to my illness). My thoughts: If I'm such a piece of shit employee, why did they give me a raise in Sept? Why not just can me? And, why wait three fucking months to tell me I'm doing a bad job?

So, that's how my morning started.

I was extremely close to quitting. I know that is what they want me to do. My supervisor is a bitch, and her boss is a pussy. "I don't want to do this."
"Am I getting fired??" "Well NO!!" And, then I had to go thru some bullshit training with him later on in the day, where he was able to totally make me feel like dog shit. I mean, I can't jump in my time machine, and fix everything that happened 3-4 months ago.

Nothing like being welcomed back. sad.gif

Yet, I need this job for right now. I need to pay my rent. But, all this stupid stress of this fucking job could cause me to have more seizures. And that i not worth it.

I have three options as I see it right now: 1) look for another job 2) stick it out until they fire me so I can collect unemployment 3) Go back to school to study IT certification (which is what I should be doing anyways).

My goal at this job orginally was to stay a year. They're acting as though I'll be gone by the end of the month. And they wonder why people quit or there is such high turnover?

Needless to say, I'm also looking for a new job. It's been at the back of my mind for the last few months, b/c I thought I don't know, they thought I was doing a good job (good reviews, raise, etc). But, I guess not. Bloody

((ginger kitty)) ((all disgruntled busties))
I have to back to work tommorrow, my silly suspension is over. I'm freaking dreading it!!!! The place is a gossip mill, everyone is going to ask me what happened, people I never talk to and crap. Like they even care.....not to metnion I'll have to see the evil chick that tried to get me fired. I wish I could just go in and quit....but we need the money. sad.gif But the thought of walking into work tommorrow morning makes my stomach tie up in knots.
It's gotten worse.

I was in my supervisor's office 8 times today. And she was saying such bitchy things like : I don't know if you can do this job. You're lucky you're still here. I'm not able to do my job, b/c I have to deal with you.
Lovely woman eh?
I went to the bathroom and sobbed. My eyes were bloodshot.

If I didn't need the money, I would tell the her, DP, and some others to just fuck off. I understand completely about the gossip mill. I have that in spades at this place.

((ginger kitty))
(((((sassy)))))) Holy crap, that sucks. Your boss sounds like evil incarnate.

I have a theory about why the company might not want to fire you: They don't want to pay unemployment and would rather make life so shitty for you that you quit, then that way they don't have to pay you anything, at least that's what seems to be the case at my workplace...

((((ginger kitty))))) Hope everything went well. In a few days that will probably blow over and the mill will be on to something different. They have one of those here too.
That may be a theory as well. I have thought of that myself. Strangely enough, I work with unemployment figures and labor figures for my job. Heh. smile.gif Anyways, I'm too strong to quit. But, now it's just getting fucking ridiculous!

Ginger Kitty, be strong. Most of the gossip mill will blow over. I've noticed that (at least my immediate co-workers) are groovy that I'm back. That at least makes me feel better. smile.gif
Returning wasn't really all that bad, people were really cool. I got a lot of unexpected support and a few hugs, I didn't realize my co-workers like me so much. A few of them even went to management to back up my story and let them know how f*cked up treating me the way they did was. Though, I think I'll always glare at a few people involved!

I found out the reason I was suspended was b/c a former employee who felt they were wrongly fired, filed a racial discrimination suit against my company and somehow that person heard that I had denied to do a job or something, and somehow it back to the company I work for, so they felt they had to do something to me to cover thier own asses with the lawsuit thing. Because I guess the woman has a pretty good case and they thought the incident with me might give her even more fuel. It blows my mind and doesn't make sense, but I guess that is how life goes.....

sassy, what lilacwine mentioned about trying to pressure you quit to avoid unemployment, kind of makes sense. They can't fire you for you an illness. Becarefull sweetie!!
Last week this regular customer came in asking if we had any cigarette deals, and I had just answered the phone so I was listening to the caller instead and had a delayed reaction. I turned to the customer and said, "What was that?" and she started going off on how I shouldn't be so rude to her. Not knowing what to do I just looked at her like, "huh?" and she left.

Today she came in again and milled around the store until all the other customers were gone. Then she came up to the register and started calling me a fucking bitch, a rude little snot, etc. I said I was on the phone and couldn't hear 2 people talking to me at once, and she started bitching about how she was more important than a customer on the phone. She continued to swear at me and call me names until I told her I was refusing her service and got my manager to ring her out instead.

I hate customers so much.
dude, why do customers in retail suck so bad and act so fucking bourgeois?
i hear you.
I hear you on that. And especially near the holidays. Bummer. sad.gif
Hey sassy....I am new here but noticed that you work for a corporation which in turn is working for the govt, and I work in the same situation. I thought I would rant a little too....mostly because...


I've been stickin it out for the past THREE years because the company is paying for my degree, which is done in 5 weeks...YAY......

But what I dont' get about these f'ed up places are the friggin zombie drones that work at them and act like anything you do is 'not a good idea'. Is that the kinda crap you deal with sassy??

I had some jerk off pantywaste come up to me in the parking lot and ask me this.....

"did those tattoos hurt?"
"Oh then that's what I'll tell my daughter to make sure she never gets one"
in my mind I say,"Oh I get it, your a lame dick that doesn't get any-fuckin troll".

Oh and let me tell you about my boss.....(I don't want to offend anyone but.....)

He's a friggin NEW JERSEY ITALIAN......if anyone knows anyone from this area that is nice please let me know........he's is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE I'VE EVER MET!!!!! He does 'computer art'-making fractals and distorting them, and then wants to talk to me about selling his ridiculous shit art at my hubby's tattoo shop.....he REALLY asked me to do that.'re kidding right?

OH AND......we had to do this bullshit presentation for some retard who was FINALLY retiring (if he didn't retire I think he would be dead on his desk like all the other idiots around here).....and my boss made me superimpose SALVADOR DALI'S head over his in one of the pics......DALI people.....comapring DALI to some Jersey retard who does COMPUTER ART!!!!!!

OK-sorry about the long rant....I feel better....thanks for listening......

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!!
Beetlegirl, I totally understand!!

DALI? You've got to be kidding me?? Holy Shit.


I actually got in trouble for talking to a co-worker yesterday. Granted, we were just chatting, but regardless.... I have been gone for three weeks, and only back for a week. And honestly, we were just catching up. I got thrown into my supervisor's office for "cubicle chatting!!" WTF? Yet, EVERYONE else can do it?? My supervisor was targetting me, b/c she thinks if she pisses me off enough, I will quit. And that way they won't have to pay me unemployment.

"Look, am I getting fired here? Let me remind you that I have only been back a week and a day..." I also added that I had just reduced my medication (not that my bitchy supervisor gives two shits, but she told me to keep her in the loop due to my health). "I don't CARE about your medication!! We will have a meeting with DAN (her boss) tomorrow about this!! It's not looking good...."

All these fucking "you're fired" terms, and it's getting really fucking old. I keep thinking that they will fire me just for breathing or for having a tattoo. Or not being religious.

And yes, I had a similar tattoo conversation ( I have one on the nape of my neck) a few months ago...."Did that hurt?" "Yes."

Not to mention, that I thought that I could get IT certification from this company (well, they would reimbursement me), but I guess that dream is over (at least thru this shithole place). I'm still researching it in my own time. I would love to work in the real IT field (they consider my dept IT, but it's so not that way at all)

I just have to keep in mind that I need this job to pay the bills. However, I'm still looking for something else in the meantime. I plan to update my resume this weekend. And start sending them out again.

Unfortunely, I found a really kick ass apartment. And I have no idea if I can move into it, because these mofos are being so fucking vague about if I'll even be here by the end of the month. But, I'd love to move by Jan. Of course, that's pissing my landlady (who I don't even have a lease with!) something awful. Beetch.

Ugh. Sorry for the long post. I had to vent!
Sorry about all that crapola at work sassy.....sounds like a bunch of f'ed up morons that need to get laid to me!!

Ya know, I think you said you were in Atlanta, I don't know what company you work for, but I think there are a few companies close by that will pay for your cert....It's the same old corporation bullshit, but it might be easier to deal with knowing you are getting something from them for 'free'. I think Lockheed Martin is there and Northop Grumman might be?? Maybe even Harris or may want to check em out, they all have really good tuition assistance and all that crap....just a thought. It's the ONLY reason I have been staying were I'm at. I had a friend who worked for Martin Marietta, but I think that's down in Macon which I think is far from you right?

You know when you do leave....I'm sure there are some things you could 'leave' behind in your boss' office....for instance, shrimp or a banana hidden way back in a drawer...possibly some dog terds....I'm not saying I KNOW from experience or anything wink.gif but let me know if you need some pointers!!

There are also some online resume thingies that might help put some good buzz words in it and get a GOOD job!!

Keep me posted!!
Everyone must get laid! That should be a mantra in my opinion at this place.

Beetle, I plan to download the Forbes list of really good companies to work for, and just start combing through it. It pisses me off. My boyfriend's company (he's an software engineer) is paying for him to get his Java certification for free!!

I just found out that my supervisor would have to recommend me as well. So fuck that man.

Yeah, I'm in Atlanta. I think Lockhart is like in Nocross though. I was going to look into HP as well. I had a old friend who was epileptic (as am I) who worked for HP (I think they have any office in Sandy Springs, which is still on the train line) and they were okay with him having seizures, and even tele-commuting. Gave him an labtop and everything. Anyways, definately going to look into it.

Also, going to repost my resume with careerbuilder, monster, search craigslist (hell, I found this current job from them), etc. Just gotta get re-focused on it.

Been a hella month last month due to my health, and my priorities were shifted. sad.gif

Shrimp eh? Cool.

I'll keep you posted.

How are you doing?
I'm glad you have some options to turn to! Bad jobs are horrible, not to mention can be really bad for your health, which may be a contributing factor to your seizures. I have a friend who is epileptic and she didn't have a seizure for like 3 yrs, and then had some stuff that was bugging and stressing her out and BAM...she started getting them again.

I'm doing boss is out of town all week next week, so YAY......I'm starting culinary school in Jan and was looking for an internship somewhere and actually got a part time job at a Hilton hotel on the beach here....which will hopefully put me in a good place to advance and stuff, so I'm really looking forward to that!
I will be throwing the BIGGEST party when I leave my company, which Dec 12 is my last day of school for my BS, so I'm giving my notice Dec 13!!

I think if more people had healthy sex lives there would be SO much less turmoil....I mean Bill Clinton was obviously getting some and we never had the problems we do now, coincidence??

I had three seizures in one week starting at the end of Sept to the beginning of Oct. I'm not completely blaming work, but it was definately part of it. So, I had to take off three weeks of work due to it. Now, that I'm on a new medication I'm feeling a little better. I'm trying to work on my diet as well. Eat healthy. It's all related. Stress is definately a big factor in seizures (hell in anything).

YAY for PT job at Hilton! smile.gif

I started looking at other companies like HP and the like. I really want to get into the IT field, so I'm going to ask some of my IT buddies to see perhaps what courses to take. I dig computers, but I want to be around people too. I'm getting sick of living in cubicle land. They don't even want me to leave my cube, which is just fucking pathetic. I'm a social person, and I really don't like to be chained to my desk. I need to update my resume, and I plan to do that tomorrow night.

I'm still having to have these morning and afternoon "briefings" each day. I understand that they want to fire me, but I think their tactic is to see how far they can take it before I just crack. Yet, I keep showing up each day. It pisses them off more than anything! Heh. And, I know my job pretty well. I figured out that one of the reasons they are up my ass, is my numbers were low for Sept. What-the-fuck-ever.

My boss won't be there on Monday, but her boss is going to do these briefings with me. He's a pussy, and I know he doesn't like me. Should be an interesting week. Think of the boss in Fight Club, and you have DP. I have more balls than him.

I was thinking about Clinton the other day. Yeah, he was getting a blowjob. I don't give two shits. The economy was better, and we weren't at a war. I am excited about the new policital shift though. We shall see. I guess that goes in a different thread though.
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