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Full Version: I'm Mad As Hell!!.... WORK SUCKS!!! rant thread dealing with everything!
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For some reason, my company seems to have a strange hiring pattern. For every competant person they hire, they hire two incompetant people, which slows me down because I'm having to correct their mistakes while doing my job.

The guy I'm thinking about, he's been told repeatedly what he's doing wrong, he's been trained, and yet he's still making the same mistakes. It's like he wants to mess up and slow everyone else down. What is wrong with these people?
wtf, why hire me at full time hours for just long enough (2.5 mo) to make me lose my other part time job and then cut back my hours to just over 20 hours/week?!? thanks a freaking LOT, nice. it's not like i have rent to pay, the student loan office breathing down my neck or a kid to feed. fuck.
Keen kitty, although I liked the idea of Americorps(Corpse that's great) as a whole, the office I was in was one of the most unprofessional I have ever been in. And, I was constantly getting hit on by the staff. We started out with 12 people, and I think the staff is now done to 8. They can't keep people b/c it's a shitty job for shitty pay....Plus working at a homeless shelter was one of rhe most depressing places.

I too almost started smoking again..
Thank God it's over.

Pepper, wtf? That's insane.
know what's insane? i caught shit for my outfit the other day. i was wearing a pair of tailored, hand made (by moi) silk pants with a subtle asian floral print that were, according to my manager, "too loungy". but the two other girls i work with were wearing tan capri dockers with a burgundy indian pattern stretchy top and black sequined slippers, and the other a green and purple peasant skirt with multiple strips of lime green lace with a hot pink tank top, a black sweater, and towering espadrilles. wtf? of all the women i work with i am always the most dressed up, seriously. it's unreal how casual the rest of them get but i'm the one who gets told my outfit is too loungy. ugh. the other day i could see my coworkers ASS, her stretchy lycra skirt was so sheer and her g string so visible. i do not get some people, i just. do. not.
It's true that men make more money than women but the lower paid women do more work. This fact has been proven yet again in my case. I work as a Video Production Supervisor. The Editing Supervisor is a man who is, technically, my superior. He saunters into work whenever he pleases, doesn't help with the hires, I oversee edits he is responsible for, I make up the edit schedule (his job), I make the equipment purchases, I have to ride his ass to get work handed to the client on time. He couldn't hit a deadline if it smacked him on the forehead. What does he do? Bullshits with the staff and actors, sets policy that he feels he doesn't need to follow, is on his cell phone half the day, works from home often and makes my job more stressful. He makes more money than anyone else in the company. I'm resentful but not half as much as the rest of the employees.

So, the solution: I have to have a chat with him b/c everyone else is intimidated by him. I have to give him the laundry list of his wrong-doings and hope that he shapes up. I have to tell him that his personal life interferes with work.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow to be paid less money, to chastise my "superior." Anyone know of any job leads? Kidding, kind of.
My boss is a total racist and treats me like hell ever since i told him that his comments bother me!! It takes everything to get to this place in the morning!! AHHHH how can he be such an ignorant ass?!
I work in a gas station, so the place isn't exactly huge. It's also poorly ventilated. And they're adding a room behind the registers so the dust from the sheetrock gets everywhere. I can't stand the thought that I'm breathing it in. I asked if we could prop the door open but noooooo, it's against the rules and we'll get in trouble with the supervisor.

Then yesterday I showed up at work and there was this awful smell. My boss said it was the glue they were using to put the tiles on the floor. I started feeling sick and dizzy and then I got high for 3 hours. It sucked. I was paranoid and thought everyone was talking about how I was high. It didn't seem to affect anyone else.

I finally felt sane again and then what happens an hour before my shift ends? They bring out the fucking glue again. I don't have to work at that location again until Monday. If they glue things AGAIN I will be pissed.
Okay, I just started a new job. I'm still in training, and will be on the whole 3 month "we'll see if we like you" bullshit. So far so good. It's a decent job. However, there's this guy who I will call Merv the Perv, b/c he so reminds me of that SNL character.

I was getting into my cube the other day, and he sauters up, and asks me if they had spelled my name right (my real name is Jaime, and most people spell it jamie). And, why he is saying this, he's looking straight at my chest....

GROSS. This guy is like older than my father, and probably has a daughter my age. :-(

Meanwhile, I work with like 80% woman, and they seem all high school about it. Very gossipy. I wish there will more men (unlike Merv the perv dude), b/c I always tend to get better along with men (I'm not much of a girly girl). Just going to try to hang out with the boys.

Sassygirl, The next time Merv the Perv asks you a question but looks at your chest, don't answer him until he looks up at your face. It might take a minute or so, but it should work. You could say something like, "Hey, up here.." but if he is someone who can make your work life suck I wouldn't recommend it.
Being the boss can really suck sometimes. I just had my annual review. It's a 360 degree review where my boss does a review, I do a self review and my employees do a review. Well, the results were that my boss is happy with me, but my employess had not one good thing to say about me. This was a complete shocker because my employees have not said anything to me about being unhappy, and I have never discouraged them from talking to me about anything. I have a truly open door policy and have never yelled or belittled any of them. I am frustrated, and not sure how to proceed from here with my staff. Any suggestions??
Louiskitty, thanks for the tip. Luckily for me, he's not a supervisor. But, he's one of these dickheads that think he knows everything about the company, and the world in general. I thought about saying "Up here" the day the first incident happened ( a seperate incident happened when I was 5 minutes late on day, and b/c I got lost in the building...he went all crazy on me. I just gave him a blank look), but thought he may have some pull with my supervisors.

Hmm... Is there any way that you can broach this in a meeting louisekittycat? I don't know. That's a tough one.
louisekitty, that's rough. maybe broach it in a meeting, and make sure you make it very clear that it's okay if they're unhappy with this, that, or the other thing at work and you don't take personal offense to their criticisms, but that if there is something they don't like if they don't mention it it can't change? or maybe give them a way to mention things anonymously?

so, i got a job working at a restaurant this summer. i really like it, it's fun, the hours are nice (the earliest i ever work is 12, and the latest i ever have to stay after dinner is 9), but i don't get enough hours to pay for my summer vacation and save up for school (i'm going to be exhausting my savings during next school year, and my part-time job at the university won't quite cover my tuition during the year, let alone spending/gifts/those days i just need a coffee to make it through my class), so i talk to my boss and say 'i'm looking for a second job. could you just have me work the same days every week so i can fill out availability forms?' and she's like, no, it's okay, i'll just work your schedule around whatever you end up working. alright, she's really accomodating, this is awesome, right? i started my second job this week, and because of it (and a friend's birthday party) there were 4 shifts out of 13 possible shifts that i was unavailable for (two dinners and two lunches over the course of 3 days), and i let her know this on thursday, which i have okayed with her, since she always does up the schedule for the following week on saturday. i go to check the schedule today, since today was one of the days i couldn't work, and she told me that i wasn't on the schedule at all this week, 'since you asked for three days off, right?' and since i filled out my availability as unrestricted at my second job, and company policy is you have to wait a month between changing your availability, i'm totally screwed for finding *another* job (and two were hard enough to come by), because i could be working any time between 6am-10pm seven days a week, so i can't say 'yeah, i can work these days'. i'm soooooo mad. i gave my boss many, many opportunities to say 'if you ask for x days in a week i won't be able to put you on the schedule', or to have her pick of days for me to work, but she didn't take me up on it, and now i'm fucked, frustrated, and mad. is it really so hard not to be a passive-agressive manipulating bitchmonster from hell?
Wow, you're boss is an idiot Tyger. Sorry, it had to be said.
I really hate my job!!!! I am so sick of favortism. One of my bosses used to date one of my co-workers so she gets away with murder. And then other people get special treatment for various pointless reasons. Being 40 yrs old is not an excuse to slack off and let others pick up your slack. 40 is nothing. 40 year olds are not old, its a prime age. And today I just felt like crying! Oh well I could think of a fifty other work related things to bitch about but I'll keep this short, b/c it'll just make me seem whiny.
Fucking team. Fucking teamwork. I met my new team at my new job today. I introduced myself, and they all grunted at me. I found out later on that they were pissed off that I only had 200 cases instead of the 450-500 they had. However, I also heard from an old co-worker that the reason some of these assholes have all these cases, is b/c they don't work them right. Who's fault is that? Not to mention that I'm the youngest on my team, and I'm only 29!


Not to mention that my supervisor is one of those FREAKY happy people in the morning. "GOOD MORNING SASSYGRRL..." I wanted to just give her an eat shit and die look, b/c my coffee was still in my hand.... or, rather spill my coffee on her shitty looking suit.

I hate new office bullshit politics and the whole concept of teams in general.

Eugene E. Garcia
Dean and
Vice President for University-School Partnerships
(480) 965-1329

Sarah Hudelson
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Personnel
(480) 965-3306

Caroline Turner
Interim Associate Dean for Research
(480) 965-1315

Elaine Surbeck
Associate Dean for Teacher Education
(480) 965-3306

James Middleton
Division Director
Curriculum & Instruction
(480) 965-1644

Terrence Wiley
Division Director
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
(480) 965-6357

Elsie Moore
Division Director
Psychology in Education
(480) 965-3384

President Michael Crowe:

Academic/Administrative Requests
President’s Office
Mail Code 7705
Attn: Lisa Fitzgerald
PO Box 877705, Tempe AZ 85287-7705
Phone: (480) 965-5607

Development/Foundation Requests
Mail Code 3208
Attn: Sandra Knight
PO Box 873208 Tempe AZ 85287-3208
Phone: (480) 965-3323
Fax: (480) 727-7333

FAX: (480) 965-0865

Since this information is displayed on a publicly accessible website, I am assuming it's ok to post here, but not if you intend on applying. <wink>
What school is that for?
I'm sick and tired of having everyone in this organization expecting to have everything spoonfed to them. I went through the personnel records to find out who had not had their benefits explained to them, then went to each person and told them to come to my office whenever it's convenient for them so they can have [their benefits] explained to them. Has anyone come to my office to see me about them? Of course not. Yet I know people are going to complain to me about not being informed about their benefits as soon as they loose out on something they could've used.
Meetay, what was that about?
The person who order and stocks the plates, cups, utensils, coffee, etc., at my workplace regularly forgets to order any for my department. We have reminded her but she still forgets. Because of this, some of my coworkers have gone to the other departments to get stuff, so we can drink bevarages without using our hands, eat something besides sandwiches, and stay awake without having to run to Starbucks. You think by this time, people would have figured out that hey, let's make sure my department has everything we need because without us, the entire company would oh, I don't know, fall apart and they would go out of business.

So, what happens? The HR department decides that nobody is going to get any plates, cups, etc, because of theft. Never mind that any logical person would realize that maybe ordering enough supplies for all departments would solve the problem, but apparently the CEO needs a bonus this year and the money is coming out of this part of the budget, and the HR department is run by someone who isn't what I would call "smart." (She told us at a sexual harassment seminar that if we told her anything, she would probably end up spreading it around the office, and I have a feeling the company could get into trouble for that.)

Gah, I'm so sick of companies treating their employees like shit.
I wish my "office manager" would get canned. I use the term "office manager" loosely. He has flat out refused some tasks citing they are not in his job description (we're talking about picking up and deliverying packages here- we're not talking about dropping clothes off at the dry cleaners!) He's really surly, too, and no one wants to interact with him. I get a knot in my stomache whenever I have to speak to him b/c he is so rude. How can 1 empoyee have this effect? And because we're a non profit, there seems to be a lot of red tape when it comes to firing someone. Man, I really hate this guy. He just fucked up, too, and did not send out a Fed Ex I asked him to a few nights ago. There's nothing I can do, it seems. ARGH! Meanwhile, my 73 year old dad is getting hit w/ a "willfull misconduct" suit from some asshole lady after working at her start up biz for 5 days! (she let him go w/o warning saying he "was not up to speed'- as if anyone is after 5 days. I think she's a.) nuts and b.) may be descriminating against him b/c of his age) The age old question: WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH ASSHOLES?????
I feel for you, lilacwine- for awhile our company stopped stocking the breakroom because the huge box of 500 forks disappeared after being put there the day before. That was about six months ago and they're stocking it again.

I found a booger on the wall of one of the stalls in the women's room. What the hell is wrong with people?

I'm pissed at my coworker- my little section of the department is 3 people- me, my supervisor and another guy. It's an insurance company and we're in the accounting department, so the main part of our job is posting payments into the computer system. I post one kind of payments and my comworker posts another. The system I use is all automated, so the system knows what's due, when it's due and whether or not it's been paid. My coworker posts another kind of payments and it's all just Excel spreadsheets- there's formulas that do the math, but he has to print all the bills, keep track of what's due, whether it's been paid, request the policies to be cancelled when it hasn't been and request reinstatements when they have been. It sucks, but that's his job.

The problem is that my coworker is a social butterfly and is only at his desk about 1/3 of the day. The rest of the time, he's moseying (sp?) around the office, talking to other people, talking to the security guard downstairs. About once a week he gets behind and about everyday one of his mistakes pops up. Bills don't get sent out, cancels don't get done, voicemails aren't returned, policies aren't reinstated. He'll do like half the steps and then forget the rest. This causes problems not only for the customers, but for the company because when the customer doesn't pay their bill and my coworker doesn't cancel their policy, the customer is being insured without paying for it and we lose money. If he would stay at his desk, focus and go through all the steps there wouldn't be all these mistakes.

Our supervisor is a total milquetoast and turns a blind eye to my coworker's behavior. He'll come to me and tell me that my coworker is behind because he has so much work to do and I should help him with whatever I can. Um, no, he's not behind, he's just lazy and doesn't do his job.

Other people are noticing- should I say something to my boss? Should I hint to someone outside our section to talk to him? Talk to my boss's boss? Human resources? It's really getting annoying!
I can't stay focused here at work, so I am all day long, posting on bust...
I wish I could have BUSTed at work.. work was so damn boring today.

Merv the Perv is back, and he didn't seem to get the hint that I didn't want him to look at my tits.

Not to mention that we have two old farts that remind me of the old muppets from the balcony. They're loud and obnixous, and really fucking annoying. I almost screamed SHUT UP today, b/c we would in a call center, and people are on the phone all day. I'm like, please use your inside voice. I don't think they like me too much.

I'm just at this company location until I can get to move to the Portland location. I'm getting so sick of Georgia.

Not to mention that I work with a ton of bitchy woman. It's so moody in my workplace. They're all this cliques, and I feel as though I'm high school again. And, what is up with the woman's restroom? They're a bunch of slobs! I found a bunch of used pads in the toilet the other day... eeck!

Polly, I would talk to your boss. Or your boss's boss. Just go above everyone's head until you get some answers. See if you can get that dickhead fired.

I so agree with you Sassy,
Today is Monday and I'm not fairing too well.
Thank god the happy woman is in a meeting.
She's so goddamn passive agressive.So I over greeted her when she put a call through to me this morning.Im such a bitch.But she just makes me insane.And there's the clients,ohh yeah bring on the clientele.Then again don't,I just want to go back to bed.
Hummingbird,Im taking a leaf outa your book.:-)
The customer is NOT always right.
I work in a restaurant that serves buffet, for background. Well, these two women came in, and one of them says right off "Do we *have* to eat the buffet?" The hostess says "No ma'am, we have a menu." So she grabs a menu and takes the women to their seat, gets their drink order, and takes the ticket to the waitress.
The same lady says to the waitress:"I need to see a menu! That young lady didn't give me one!" (I SAW her give the bitch a menu)
Anyway, after about 30-45 minutes, the pair came up to pay. My boss was the one checking them out, as I had been in the back for a moment. The other woman was a sweetheart, while the first one is bitching about not getting a to go box (it's a policy at many restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat to not hand out to go boxes), "and what do you do with the food that the people don't eat?"
~Throw it away (It isn't like we can put it back on the buffet)
So my boss is being as nice as she can, and the woman says very abruptly "I don't want to hear anymore!" So, no more was said.
SO I was standing there, nothing to do, and I notice that she is *staring* at me, as if trying to intimidate. So I stared right back at her.
As they were about to leave, she looks at me again and says "When I'm here, DON'T STARE AT ME!!"
~Excuse me????
"You heard me!"
~When was I staring at you?
"I don't know WHY you were staring at me, but YOU HEARD ME!!"
~No, WHEN was I staring at you?!
Whatever, bitch.If I wasn't on the clock, I'd tell you that you're NOTHING to look at.
Go back to the ward, you looney toon.
And that isn't all!
We deliver, too. We had an ass load of delivery orders going to the air force base (like, 20) and only ONE driver. The hostess had to take some. As can be expected, one was late (which is actually pretty damn good, as usually more are late.) The guy calls and says his order was 2 hours late. I corrected him ~ it was 45 minutes late. So he starts being a smart ass. I don't know what the hell to say to him, so I ask the owner what I should tell him. He told me to tell the default story: our drivers get delayed at the gate, what with vehicle searches, and all.
I tell him, and he tells me that's BS. So I go to the back and tell the other owner. She tells me to give him credit for one free entree the next time he calls. *I* would think this is satisfactory, and I relay the message.
But it simply wasn't good enough for him. Instead of agreeing, he keeps bitching about how we were 2 hours late. On, and on, and on, and on.
My patience is gooooone.
~Do you want the credit, or no?
Then he starts whining about us being 2 hours late, AND *my* attitude. He gives me some line about him telling his commander (what the hell is HE going to do? Schpank me?), and having us put on a blacklist of sorts. "What do you say to that?"
~You do what you want (fuckface)
I dunno, maybe I'm abrasive. But I don't care if a person is a customer. They're not going to come in/call in and raise hell with me.
First, after having a glorious weekend (see Crush or LDR thread) I woke up late. Oh, and let me add that while at Pride Parade yesterday afternoon, my phone died in the rain. Anyways, the damn thing wouldn't charge even.

I woke up this morning at 8:15, and I'm supposed to be there at like 8. Well, of course the work number was in my phone. So, basically I finally found the number, and called my supervisor. And she was all evil about it. I ran around the house screaming FUCK for awhile, and ran to work. While walking to the train station, the bottom fell out and the sky started downpouring... I got drenched.The only good thing is my starbucks crush bought me a free mocha b/c I was wet and late to work... :-)

I got to work an hour and a half late. My supervisor gave me this talk about how I was in the trial period (the whole 90 day bullshit), and that I needed to make it there earlier for the rest of the week. I did make up the time today.

So anyways, of course all of my clients were being bitchy. And the phones weren't working properly, so I had to talk rather loudly (after praticelly losing my voice screaming at the parade yesterday) to try to hear people....

One of my bitchy co-workers sent me a really rude vague email, and was like keep the volume down (spelling volume wrong, which pissed me off something royal) so I wrote back asking if she meant my phone or my voice. She didn't tell me. She's one of these really rude people that never smiles, and of course she's on my fucking team.
What the fuck ever.

So need to go watch Lewis Black right now, and have a beer.

Thanks for letting me vent.

I had a crappy day too -- there was something in the air today, I swear to God! I felt like I hated my job (even tho it's not so bad) but I think it was more about hating the fact that I HAVE to work for a living. It would be different if I was doing something I love, but all I do is push paper around. I want to be a FASHION DESIGNER! I need a doting benefactor.
Yeah, I was feeling that way too yesterday. Thank the world for Lewis Black... :-)
JEEBUS! My bitchy cunt of a co-worker who sent me the rude email did not respond to me. Instead she went behind my back to my supervisor to rat on me. I found out later that my numbers are better than hers. Also, she's a racist bitch (I'm white and she's black) so she thinks that she can fire the new white girl....I can't believe she didn't have the vagina just to come up to me and tell me what was bugging her. Shit, I've only been there a month. And this coming on the tales of being late to work yesterday....

I need the Golden Girls and beer. :-)

I'm kinda mad at my work today cause I really don't do anything all day because call volume is REALLLLLLLLLLY low, which sucks because I work on commission. And they recently moved my seat so I'm really close to my manager's office, so she can totally see what's on my screen and see that I'm not working. AND they blocked myspace, and livejournal and all the other fun websites at work (thank god they haven't blocked bust yet).

However, on the upside, my new seat has a window, so I can look outside all day. :-)
I hate people, especially loud people, that talk all the time.
Hi All
Feel as if going insane sometimes! How is it poss that people who practice dirty underhanded tricks and politics can actually come out on top of someone who is totally straightforward and acts with integrity - as well as doing a much, much better job than them as well?
This bitch from hell is a real bully - stepped up her Bully Bitch tricks from the agitating been carrying out for months now and trying to ram them through when I showed the slightest bit of resistance.- don't get me wrong - I never submitted to any of her lowlife tactics - more : just smile as if nothing to it, be impenetrable. My latest "resistance" is to not smile 100% sweetly to her - not the all out grimace and sneer that felt natural to the situation of being faced with her - just a regular smile with no extra-special-for-BullyBitch-quality that's all. Not a big thing I don't think - for anyone - least of all for BB from whom daily spews forth nasty comments, snickers, spiteful tricks slander to all she can muster(you won't believe the reaches she goes to this end - eg even the doorman is not spared!!)
She is taking "matter?"- what is it? to management!!! Was not nice enough to her royal highness!!!?
BB fancies herself as charismatic -Vooooooomit uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh makes me want to hurl - no more opposite instict surfaces in me at the thought of her!!!
This is crux of her prob - I believe she feels she wasn't paid enough respect by me in beginning. Didn't feel above hurlworthy sentiments then - didn't feel anything didn't know her - but certainly didn't run after/covet her as new best friend or anything - what she demands and expects - DIDN'T KNOW HER FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!
What do next? - Does anybody think anything? Don't believe stupid BB brought it to this! Omg stay tuned...
Does this sound insane to anybody else or am I going insane(about to go insane?) myself?...

Btw decent book to check out for dealing with BB been: "Positive Politics", Holden M. Hope for busties out there and myself for future outside this employer though this is only Huge Bitch out there.

Anyway Thanks for letting me vent really needed it! -Best Wishes Sent Out to All Busties...
You're not going insane....

As much as I love woman, I can't stand working in an office full of them! They're backstabbing, messy, and just plain mean. And I'm getting all these rude looks b/c I'm the new kid in town. I'm just learning to smile and nod. My plan anyways is to move out to Portland in a year or two with the company....

I also hate back stabbing politics at work. For instance, one of my nice people on my stupid little team had just mentioned in passing how she wanted to check out dvds at target this past weekend. We are going to do this mass mailout this week, due to the holidays. Anyways, that got mixed up in saying that she was going to bring a dvd player in, so we got this email from management saying that no dvds,cds, music is allowed..and she didn't even mention it. ???

I swear I thought I was going to get fired last week. My boss is such a cunt. I'm learning to just smile. Even if it's my shit eating grin smile. There are a lot of woman in my office that like to play petty bullshit politics. We need more men in the office... :-(

Yes, my cunt of a boss also thinks she's very charming.... drives me batty. She's a total bitch behind closed doors, but will smile to your face, and cut you...
Do we have the same boss? My department head will smile and be sweet one minute, then the next she'll fire you for something rather stupid.

Sometimes working with all women can be okay, I've experienced that. However, last year at my company the cattiness, gossip and backstabbing got so bad between two of the departments (almost all women in both), that they had to discipline a bunch of people and I decided that staying on my shift (almost all guys), with their fart jokes and guy humor was something I'd rather endure than that sort of BS. I like women too, but at the same time I hate the sort of politics that can occur in their groups. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
My last job it was a mixed environment, but my boss was a guy. Then again, two of the people that interviewed me at this new job were men. I'm a flirt.

I have no idea if my boss even likes me. For instance, today I was 2 minutes late. I had called ahead of time, saying that the train was late. And, she still bitched at me. 2 minutes! 8:02. Then an hour later, smiled and asked me about my 4th of July holiday. WTF?

I can just already see the cattiness, gossip, and backstabbing... and I've only been here for a month. It seems there are more politics with the woman than the men. Ugh.

So glad when the weekend will finally get here!
Yes...which would I prefer...catty gossipy women or pervy men that say inappropriate things...umm...i guess it's a draw.
Can I just say that i HATE passive people? Like much more than I hate outwardly upset, mean people. Like when people say, "why is my insurance so high?!? I'm gonna cancel!", I can deal with their frustration better than if someone says, "my insurance is gonna go down, right? Cause I'd realllllllllly hate to cancel and go with another company..."

Give me a friggin' break. You'd HATE to cancel and save money with someplace else? What an inconvience that must be. It makes no difference to me one way or another if you cancel, lady. Just don't talk to me like a two year old and try to use reverse psychology. I don't like it.

Ugh...I HATE our customers. Sorry.
I recently saw a book called something like "How to Work for an Idiot", so of course I picked it up. The author actually broke the Idiot Boss down into like 7 different sub-types, and told you how best to deal with them (holding your tongue vs. being bold, etc),

Mine? The masochist. Does whatever she can to screw things up so that no one wins. It's a truly amazing thing to behold, because I'm pretty sure she's not doing it on purpose. She just likes to fail, likes to be in pain.

For a while I was very much with her, whining and complaining, everything always on the verge of complete collapse, etc. Then I decided that was not how I wanted to spend my time, you know, I'd rather have fun and hell, even succeed, so I stopped. Now she's cut me off, giving my assignments to other people, etc. It's really amazing, I never thought I'd work for someone so thoroughly and deeply twisted.

Y'all ask how lowdown backstabbers get ahead? It's cuz they work for one. If you're nice and helpful to someone whose world is based on deceit, you'll lose.

So, the author of the book's advice on how to deal with The Masochist Boss? Quit. And, man, am I trying. Dear Gods of the Workplace, please let me find a wonderful position where people are nice to each other, take pride in their work, and want to actually make money and succeed.
Thanks Sassygrrl and others!! Sometimes feel like am only one talking in to abyss to self with nobody else registering a single word in comprehension!! Best wishes to you in your situation too. So sad there are such shitty bosses out there to make life miserable and get away with it for other busties too.:-( Sympathies, big hugs to y'all (((((((ooooo))))))).
Shithead from Hell is a he in this case - Bitchy Queen Shithead from Hell(BQSH). He would slander me to other team (team?team shmeam. some team! - his encouraged creation, pet bitches etc - see below)members while right next to me, refused to ever greet me, called meetings when he thought I would be out of office... He was crushing down by bullying that which he believed stood in his way - bitchy team after his own kind that would join in his enterprises - last project was getting particular victim out of his team, general enterprises - bitching about one of his supervisors all time and the other one if he thinks she is - in his words - "being really mean, victimising me and ganging up on me" - latter invoked when BQSH called to account re bullying allegations, submitting reports comprised of fabricated stats, fabricated time accounting of team members, allowing finish work half hour/etc early rights to his pet/head bitches.
He did bully one other person out of team toward whom he would pressure other peop in team to join in the verbal bashing of him - again at strategically timed meetings that coincided with victim's absence. BQSH's energy toward this end seemed relentless!! - the latest bottomfeeder behaviour BQSH displayed? - above mentioned victim's sister died and he left after that - he popped champagne in office on him not returning...
Lowlife BQSH had his bitching against me -consisted of "I just don't like her" "she's just funny..." -Wtf?!Whatever!!! but leapt to challenge of making something out of BB's hissy fit - ref previous post, he also made much of a mistake I made (must be record -made 1 in time there whilst others - most notably head BB makes at least 1/day) - not substantial -which could have been put down to his ineffective training (according to his instructions was given 2 hrs instructions as opposed to 4 days for prev person doing the tasks). (Note: the withholding and filtering of inf about you by your supervisor to his managers and likewise engineering what team members hear from management is a power that bad unscrupulous supervisors can 1 mistake by one= reported to mant as that worker's fault no mention of anybody else's possible responsibility, whereas 1.5 avge everyday for 4 months for another=no mention at all - poss read more on in recommended Haddon, M. bk below.)
It is altogether a toxic cesspitt of a team moulded after his own kind comprised most prominently of conniving bitches -weeds which have been given hothouse environment to thrive and strangle all dissenters by BQSH. Remainding few in it are attempting be bitches/just sheep/or f***ees of raping weeds spose.
The update is: This StraightGirlWorker is gettin out of, not forward in that shithole!!

It is true Bebebutton - workers learn and follow the eg of their leaders/those above them in the org - that behaviour becomes eg of what to do to get ahead. Attempting act with integrity in BQSH toxic cesspitt shithole was choosing to be loneranger target and no way to go forward.
Another thing picked up from avalanche reading been doing in attempt find way in Office Politics Jungle - it is not necessarily right or wrong that wins - it is the wily political jugglers that get ahead. The goodies very often just get creamed. And although it might be poss in some offices - in many there is no such thing as "just sticking to straight'n'narrow and out o'the Office Politics"...- that is way to join above mentioned creamed group. Many 'yall will know this from experience.
Again "Positive Politics", Holden, M. recommended -been bolstering read, providing hope that there is way to work with integrity without getting crushed.
Still learning about how to do it, so this might not be last frustrated vent but I hope it is. Really hope for sure though don't bump into another supervisor as 100% totally crappy as BQSH.

Peace to busties of da world xxxxoooo...
You're welcome!

FUCK. Why does my boss have to be the biggest cunt? I get into work per usual yesterday, and I have to go to her office to sign in. So, I do that. "Sassy, you were 5 minutes early signing out yesterday." No, FUCK YOU, Good Morning or anything. "I wrote you an email." I hadn't even gotten to my stupid cubicle yet. So, I just sat at my desk from 4:20 to 4:30 and doodled at my desk. I get the email and the time was at 4:28, about my posted work hours. She then mentioned the whole 90 day probabtionary period yet again. Talk about splitting hairs.

Then about an hour later we got an mass email from her (to the whole team) about productivity, and that she noticed that there was a lot of "cubicle visiting" during the afternoon. We're in a period of not collecting data this week, so my job has been insanely boring (just a lot of paperwork).... I was like whatever.

Meanwhile, my phone hasn't worked. She comes by again to check up on me a little later on. "You're not saying your name and Dept of Labor." I know this was bullshit. I wrote her an email and explained the phone situation again. She called me back later like 2 hours and said she would fix it. Fat fucking chance. Welcome to working for the government.

Apparantly there was something in the air, because everyone's boss was in a shitty mood.

So fucking glad it's Friday!

Hugs to all busties that have shitty bosses. I will try to look for the below mentioned books about bosses. I can't seem to win with this woman. She shouldn't be a supervisor, and is always playing the race card with me which I hate. CUNT. In fact, one of my other coworkers now calls her "random cunt." I'm just glad I have never called that to her face. Yet.
Ok. So, I'm applying for a higher position within my company. It's a training position. And I prepared this 5-10 minute presentation on the passion I have for my job and some examples of how I exude this passion in my everyday work, and all this crap. And my interview is in two hours. This total kiss ass in the office is applying also and I'm freaking out cause I feel like he's gonna get the job because he kisses so much ass and I won't because I don't. Even though I probably have more experience than he does.

And to top it all off, as I'm silently freaking out to myself, he comes over to me to ask when my interview is and mentions casually that he's applying as well, but the woman interviewing is SOOOO nice (like i don't know her or something) and to not worry cause I'll do SOOOO well". All condasending and shit. I want to either cry or punch him in the face...or both.
I would have, but then again I didn't punch the customer that spelt out Canada for me earlier.
anna k
My manager in the chain sandwich store where I work is a pill. He's not in the store when I need to talk to him, and he brushes me off when I say that I need to formally apply and put my name down as an employee (He gave me the job without an application, and I'm working in the two-week training period now). Then he bitches me out about not being a fast-enough worker ("you've been here for three days, you should know this") and for doing the dishes in the back room when I should be up front (despite that his employees told me to do the dishes). The thing I'm bad at is taking the sandwiches out of the conveyer belt oven because it's really hot and I can never get the tongs to slide quickly under the tray the way the others could. So he bitched at me about that, and just haraunged me about everything I was doing wrong. I just nodded and took it, being polite, but wanting to snap at him inside, wanting to snap "For someone who hasn't worked in the food service industry before, I think I'm doing a pretty good job." I hope I don't get fired over something stupid, I really need this job.

One of the employees told me to do the dishes, and added that she had to reclean the dishes that I did the day before. I clean everything using soap, rinse, and sanitizer, and got rid of crumbs and crap. So her aside ate at me while I cleaned and scrubbed dishes.

He also would tell me how I have to clean everything all the time, wipe the tables and be busy cleaning when I'm not doing anything else. He sounds like my manager at a movie theater where I worked, where he always wanted me to be sweeping up popcorn and wiping countertops when I wasn't cleaning the theater. I get the importance because it's an eatery, I just wanted to snap, "I know, I've held a broom before."
Oh my boss is a wicked bitch of the east too.

First off she is condescending as hell. She treats everyone who she is the supervisor of like they are retarded. she plays favorites with males (she loves men, men can do no wrong) she openly competes for attention from the men, when other women are around.)

She says shit behind peoples back, she lies, she makes proises and then reneges saying she never said anything like that.

OH did I mention she is a power obsessed control freak? Its her way or the highway, even if your way is better.

She never proofs ANYTHING she sends, blames everyone and anyone else when she drops the ball, her poor husband is treated like a bitch and the kicker?

SHE is the ASSISTANT director! She isn't even the director! And everyone who is below her has a BA or MA of MFA she has a high school diploma.


What bullshit. I can't seem to find a job with a BA and years of work experience but she flashes her underwear and flirts with our director and suddenly she is made assistant director?

Did I mention her sister in law is our office manager and her cousins do all the maintinence and outsourcing for center events?

Holy nepotism. Her sister in law sits around not doing anything and trying to get me to do her work while she fukks around on myspace and yet I GET yelled at when she finds me talking to my husband for 5 minutes asking him to pick up a prescription for my diseased intestines!

UGH Can not WAIT to get a job where I can use my brains and not get m ass handed to me on a platter.
anna k
I got fired from the sandwich place this morning. The manager said that I wasn't fast enough in making sandwiches, and he didn't want to take the time to train me when I wasn't learning fast enough. So I have about $100 that I made from the job.

This really sucks. I was counting on that job to set me up with enough money for my summer trip to Charleston. I applied to Old Navy, Waldbaum's, and Subway today, looking for another catch. Plus i'm living on L.I. for a month and a half, then going back to NYC, so they may think I'm too short-term.
*peeping in* (my work doesn't suck, but i like reading this thread as i have had many jobs that HAVE sucked)

anna k, DON'T TELL THEM YOU'RE LEAVING. you won't get hired. say you're on indefinitely, and then quit when you have to. it's not like you sign a contract binding you to any amount of time, but if they *know* you're temporary, they won't hire you.

and don't feel bad, there will ALWAYS be someone happy to get your job after you leave. promise.
Mouse is right. It's underhanded, but after getting rejected time and time again because I was too honest about my goals and too honest about how long I'd be in the area, I finally got hired by saying that I wanted to see how far I could go with the company, etc.

Besides, the manager sounded like he was an asshat, so it's better that you don't have to put with his bullshit anymore. Good luck with the job hunt.
anna k
Thanks, guys. I don't say that I'm here for a short time, I act like I'm here year-round. The work is just cashier/temp stuff, I'm very replaceable.
Well this afternoon I found out the company I work for it doing worse than everyone thought. They have decided to cut most of the employees down to 3 days a week. Which completely blows, I can't afford to work parttime. The really f*cked up part was they didn't have a meeting or send out a memo, they just posted lists of who would be working what days, with no further explaination. I'd prefer to be laid off, unemployment would pay me more. I guess it's time to start job hunting.......

*wonders off disappointed with America*
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