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Full Version: Plus size girls are there any cool clothes out there for us ?
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High time I found new slings for the girls...
Usta be that Lane Bryant bras were flimsy pieces of crap. For several years now I have been avoiding them, but maybe time to give them another chance. Anyone have an opinion? Extra cool, if anyone has seen bras with narrow straps. As hardly 10% of a bra's hoisting action actually comes from the straps, I don't understand why I have to tolerate fat wide shoulder straps that look way too maternal!

Also, I'd be all thumbs up about the LB boy cut panties except the crotch is too narrow... turns into floss. Blah!
msgoofball must be exuding some new fabulous confidence! without that quality even the Twiggy gals are ugly and boring. ;)
I found the absolutely coolest swim suit at Target this year.
2 pcs.
top is halter / tank top, tying around neck with wide-ish sturdy tie back
crisscrossing deep V cut front
yello/gold, brown, orange, white large, paisley-ish type print with yello-ish sparkle sequins trimming the V cut front(makes the boobies look jazzy) Top is long enough to reach hip bones and leaves NO belly gap.
bottom is a full cut, brown color to complement the top, with wide waste band that makes tummy look nice. I am truely not embarrassed to be seen in this suit! That's a FIRST!
Mix and Match is the best since I have a 16-18 top and around a 18-20 bottom.
I was so afraid I was going to have to squeeze into one of those "not-so-glamorous" JUNIORS/MISSES swimsuits in x-large...... BLEH.
The suit I got absolutely kicks butt in the glam dept..... skinny girls, eat your heart out!
LMAO I love this thread!
I am 5'1 a lowfat raw food Vegan and STILL am 156 pounds (because of the meds I take because of two diseases I have:Degenerative Bone,Disc, and Joint disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and a neuropathic wasting of the spinal cord disease called Syringomyelia.) So needless to say it is IMPOSSIBLE to find clothes for my pooh bear esc physique!
I'm having such a hard time finding a bathing suit this year, not there is anything new about that, almost all of the plus size suits I see don't have underwire or any support, I cannot let these suckers just bounce around! Does anyone have any ideas of where to go?
I got a great one at TARGET in the womens section.... it's a tankini but covers like a 1-piece and is this awsome orange / brown / yellow paisley type print on top with a cool sequined V neckline and molded boobeh cups and ties halter style around my neck with a wide tie back and the bottom is solid chocolate brown.... it may sound funky looking but it really is super cool and cute! I think so anyway....
beanigirl - Torrid has some lovely suits that fit well. Target also has some two piece sets (buy the pieces separately in your correct size).

You might also check Land's End, Eddie Bauer, and Travel Smith (they've got some gorgeous swimsuits).

I recently found Levi's Relaxed 550 Boot Cut jeans at Sears and these jeans fit quite nicely.

Like all plus size pants they have a large waist that doesn't "fit" but aside from that these are probably my favorite jeans I've ever worn.

I thought I'd pass that along if you've never checked out Sears for the more casual clothes. They carry Land's End brand there so if you like those clothes you can buy them there. They don't have a huge selection but ...
if anyone is looking for a wedding gown, now has them, as does
there are some lovely vintagey ones at kiyonna. has anyone ever ordered from them?
pinkmartyr- kiyonna has some hot shit :-)
yheah no kidding. kiyonna is awesome. and so kind of them to size me as a 10-12! :P
so you guys were pleased with the quality of the stuff you bought, and felt like it was worth the money?
Okay, here's the kicker. I'm 19. I'm 6'2". I'm not fat, but pleasantly plump would probably be right on. I'm a 16-ish waist. I weigh 220 pounds. None of this really bothers me anymore; it really did in high school, but I've accepted that I'm just a big person. I have, however, been trying to lose weight, and this year I found out why I'm having so much trouble. I have polycystic ovarian disease, which apparently accounts for weight gain and the inability to work it off. Now that I know, i'm actually able to cater around the issue, and I've gone down a belt loop since May. Buying clothing is still just as tough. There are stores out there like TallGirl, which is mostly business and really expensive, and there are stores like AdditionElle, which sometimes has some funky stuff, except that it's mostly things my mother would wear. Not that I'm insulting her style, mine's just different. So I have found the best ways of buying clother are the following:
-Need pants that are long enough? Guy's low rise (especially from the Gap) come is 36-37 inseams. Dreams do come true.
-Go see your local Thrift store; it's a tresure chest waiting to be opened.
-Try making your own clothing!
-Don't be afraid to buy extra large sizes. Especially of lots of different styles. Layer them.
-Use patches to your advantage.
-Buy shirts that material can be added to. Cut the seams up the sides and add a different colour, maybe a patch of sorts at the bottom. Add material to the bottom so it's longer.
-Confidence makes everything better. You're beautiful. Fat is a tool to make you more noticeable than the stickly girls. Use it to your advantage.
Hi out there--First time poster in this thread but I have great hopes that you all will be able to help. I am looking for fun, cool excersize clothes. Not skin tight stretch anything. Skinny women get neat capri pants in colorful "outdoor" fabric that are great for casual wear or a hike or something.

I am a size 16 and can't get anything fun. I used to be able to do pretty well at Target for straight up excersize pants but I am not shopping there anymore. Does anyone have ideas?

For general clothes I am currently really enjoying the Boden catalog--they go up to a 20 (I think) and the clothes are in that in between price range--j crewish--but pretty fun. I got a good dress for a summer wedding from them.

i feel the need to resurrect this thread.

one more website tries to sell me elastic-waisted pleat front mom pants and imma kill them. and why is it that the only skirts available for this season appear to be pencil skirts?
Hi, new to this thread but for large bras and a great selection of well fitting supportive swimming costumes and even some clothes try Bravissimo, they are on the web at (I don't work for them honest!). They are in Britain but if you buy a lot... and get together with some others I think you'll find the postage is worth it... I'm an American size 18 (gotta love those American sizes - I'm a British size 20!).
oh i hear you about the pencil skirts lowredmoon....whats the big deal with the "skinny" clothes/pants that are all the rage this season. i got enough of a problem buying pants...hell, my burly calves wont even fit into boot cut pants! but on a happy note...finally found that one magic brand of jeans that fits...jeanstar jeans....for those of us with a little extra booty in the pants smile.gif
i tried on some of those "skinny" pants at old navy, just for the hell of it. i looked ridiculous! i admit that on certain people, they look good. but not me, and i'm sick of not being able to find things that look good on me, simply because they aren't "in style" right now. good fit and flattering clothes should never go out of style, dammit! incidentally, i ordered something from a couple weeks ago, in what i was fairly sure was my size. i looked like a pregnant tent. i'd advise y'all to try ordering a size down on the tops... smile.gif
lol yeah i did that too. you gotta love it when ya put on the skinny pants and you look so dang top heavy that it seems as if someone could push you with a finger and you'd topple over.....damn those skinny pants.
Two of my favorites
uk Busties might find Boden worth looking at goes up to size twenty. I've got two great appliqued skirts. Some of the stuff is a bit sloney and its pricyish but good quality
Am looking for a really good bra I wear a 44 DD . I need something with lots of lift but no padding any ideas?
Thanks smile.gif
Go for a Wacoal. They're pricy ($50-60), but I'm a 42DD and I swear by them. They're good for minimizers and non-minimizers (I prefer the latter - not looking to hide my boobs, just give 'em a little lift). Or if you can find them, Lunaire is pretty good. Nordstrom carries them, but their variety has been dwindling.
UK good for bras Bravissimo shops in Leeds, london and Glasgow or John Lewis but more choice of pretty bras in Bravissimo
mad.gif Warning!! mad.gif Warning!! mad.gif

Rant ahead:

I went to Kohl's today and I wanted a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in a size 24 SHORT. No, no, no!! They only have them in Average. They are like 3-4 inches too fucking long in average. I went to two stores and only found one fucking pair. I hate shopping for clothes. Mostly pants because I can find tops out the ass that are very cute but pants are the worst. Nothing makes me want to blow up a clothing store more then when they don't have my size. I never have a problem with my body until I have to go buy fucking clothes. It's the worst. I hate shopping. I can't wait to go to the grocery store. At least there they have things I want.
QUOTE(Divala @ Dec 7 2006, 04:04 PM) *
Go for a Wacoal. They're pricy ($50-60), but I'm a 42DD and I swear by them. They're good for minimizers and non-minimizers (I prefer the latter - not looking to hide my boobs, just give 'em a little lift). Or if you can find them, Lunaire is pretty good. Nordstrom carries them, but their variety has been dwindling.

Wacoal is great. check TJ Maxx and Marshall's and Filene's and stores like that. i've found one or two there for half the price.
LMP - I lerved your rant. I know how you feel.
and usually we just slump off. but not LMP!!!! you're the greatest
Clothes shopping gets to me too. There's a guy in my life who is always telling me that I have the perfect body. I love him but he is skinny and he doesn't know what it's like to try shopping in normal stores and not be able to fit in any of the clothes! And here in Canada we don't even have Torrid! Also I think it's stupid that Torrid carries size 12, that's not even plus size!

I do need to lose weight and get back down to my healthy size but in the meantime would it kill us to have some more stores that cater to plus size women?
I wear a 18 or 20 in Jeans. The only jeans that really fit me well, are from Old
They have the cutest women's clothes and shipping is only 5 dollars.

I'm 5'8" and the average length is perfect on me

Wow, I sound like a commercial wink.gif
I shop at Old Navy a lot because it's the only store that carries my size. But there clothes can be pretty boring!
Since all my clothes are in storage, I've been hitting the Old, too. I've found a few really cute things there. A couple striped things & some really colorful shirts. I tend to let my accessories speak for me. Today it is a serious pair of Fluevog boots, a geometric print scarf, some really rectangular two-tone specs, & some funky vintage jewlry.
Lane Bryant has really nice tops, but the bottoms have wierd crotches... I know that sounds strange, but they are too long or something strange.

I don't like their trousers, either. There is a weird crotch thing going on. I think for most big bottom/skinny waist girls the pants are the hardest. I really liked the ONplus Flirts, but the Diva seems more popular. I keep saying I'm gonna try the customs from Target (If they still do that.).

Tops-wise I like B&Lu & Alight.
My favorite places:

Old Navy
Avenue Plus
Fashion Bug
Just My Size
Kohl's (only go up to size 24)
See, now, I'm a little more edgy than most of those places. I like to do the things big girls aren't supposed to. You should really check out Alight, LMP. I particularly like the Blue Plate brand.

It's weird. I keep getting my mom's catalogues for ugly big girl clothes. Roamann's & the Lane Bryant for women that dress ugly. I suppose most of their clientele is over fifty or blind.
I like funkier looking clothes also.... I find cute tops at Macy's... they sell Plus size Junior clothes...brands like Eyeshadow and a couple of other one's that I can't remember right now. INC has cute plus sizes also.

I enjoyed Alight... I may have to order some of those cute tops.

I heart shopping wink.gif
*pokes head in and waves*
Hi ya'll! I'm not actually plus size myself, but my best friend and most of the women in my family are, so I'm very familiar with the frustrations of shopping. I can't count how many times we've gone from store to store in a futile search for cute clothes. Here are some online resources where we've found cute, contemporary stuff:
Cherished - cute and contemporary
Kiyonna - a little bit "career dress" oriented, like Layne Bryant, but cuter (IMO)
Fashion Overdose - cute casual "alternative/indie" style clothes
Monif C. - pricey, but gorgeous dresses
And, if you're into vintage fashion like I am, Ballyhoo is an excellent resource

happy shopping, ladies! And if any of you have any good petite (aka short) resources, send 'em back at me!
hey ladies, i am looking for a decent bra that doesn't dig in or ride up. i wear a 38C and i'm pretty sure it's the right size, but maybe i should go up to a 40C? i tried 38D and my poor boobs were lost in the cups. i must have a longer length from my shoulders to my chest than most women do, or something, cuz i always have either the straps gouging my shoulders or the band works it's way up and drives me crazy. and let's not even talk about the underwires digging holes in my flesh... help!
Damona, hon, I bumped the large breast group in Our Bodies for ya. Boulder-holder info galore!
thanks aural!

eta: i am wearing my all-time favourite skirt today. it's ankle length, full and swingy denim and i got it at lane bryant last summer. i wear it at least once a week. love it!
If anyone else is looking for a new bathing suit, I just got a cute one at Torrid. It is a two piece that is long enough to cover my stomach (I didn't raise my arms when I tried it on) and provides some bust support.
Old Navy's plus size selections (only online now) are nice too - the bathing suits are all pretty basic, but they're on sale now so you can get some good deals. They have a lot of other cute summer stuff, too.

thanks, kitten - I always forget about Torrid. I really like the length of the shorts on the tankinis.
prophecy_grrl - i just bought a bunch of stuff from old navy's plus size store online. i also got a tankini from just my size. it's black and the fabric is crinkle. it's so nice i love it. the soft cup bra inside is very supportive i was so surprised. i bought it in black in case i needed to wear my black bra with it in the pool for more support. i'm glad i don't have to do that. i was worried i was going to have to go to the beach with friends and be the only girl without a bathing suit. that would have sucked. not me!! i'll be looking quite cute like everone else.
*bump* for Mamsack again.

I forgot to add, Torrid is slashing prices through today on clearance items. 50% off already cheap prices.
Oh geez, I'm such a fashion victim clothes horse, so this is the thread for me. Shopping?? No problem! I do a lot of it at Old Navy, too, particularly their plus sizes on the website (I'm glad they didn't get rid of them entirely!). I often shop JCPenney, as well. Some of their newer fashion lines in plus sizes have cute tops, like a.n.a. ('a new approach') with kind of a retro feel (which works for me, being a thirtiesgirl and all). For pants, I tend to stick to their career pants and twills with subtle striping, plaids or interesting takes on solid standards, like weird shades of olive-grey, grey-khaki, navy, tan, etc. I try to think 'Katherine Hepburn in African Queen' when I'm shopping for more casual pants. And like AP, I loves me some accessories: a funky bag, scarf, sunglasses, and SHOES... oh. my. god. - SHOES! Can we just say that a girl can never have too many shoes? At least this one can't. I'm literally running out of room in my apartment. I'm going to need a shoe intervention soon.

Thanks for the link to the Ballyhoo site, crinoline. I love vintage, but rarely find items in my size. I love that this site includes bust and waist sizes on the garments. I'll keep checking to see when they get new items. More shopping for me. Wheee!
thirties, have you checked out Mode Merr? They have great vintage-looking stuff there. It's mostly 50's pin-up girlish. I have a pencil skirt and a peasant blouse from there. It makes me look like a pulp siren. I love it!! Not cheap though.

I read this great entry about Lane Bryant on Big Fat Deal. I'm sure most of you can relate!!
If I say I don't know where something came from it's cos I don't want some other bitch walkin' around in my shirt. That being said, outside of one bra & a single shirt, I have no LB. The intarwebs is a treasure trove of big girl clothes.
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Jul 9 2008, 02:54 PM) *
thirties, have you checked out Mode Merr? They have great vintage-looking stuff there. It's mostly 50's pin-up girlish. I have a pencil skirt and a peasant blouse from there. It makes me look like a pulp siren. I love it!! Not cheap though.

I have seen the Mode Merr website (which I discovered through their ads in Bust!). I love the clothes there, but as I work in education, I have to dress a little on the conservative side, so I haven't shopped there yet. For going out clothes, though, their stuff is perfect. ...Right now I have everything I need when it comes to going out, but the second I think of something else I want to add to my wardrobe, I'm definitely shopping on their site.

I don't mean to be a hater now, but I'm going to make a complaint about Torrid. Actually, a couple of them. One, I really dislike the return policies on their website. I feel they're waaayyy to stringent with the no returns on clearance items policy, and I really dislike all the hoops you have to jump through when you can return an item. You have to e-mail their website, wait for them to e-mail you back with the RA number and the return label, which you then have to print out and tape down on the return package. I've never had to do that much work when returning an item from any other online site. They usually include the return label in the package, often pre-paid, so all you have to do is put the item you want to return back in the package, affix the return label and drop it in a UPS pick-up box.

I also think Torrid way overprices their non-sale items. I find that a lot of their clothes are cheaply made, and I can find similar styles at the inexpensive Korean-owned mall stores like Mode Plus, Tempest, and Plus Size Dress-Up. And they don't cost me a fortune. As much as I love supporting stores that support the plus sized girl, I try to avoid shopping at Torrid.
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