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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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Yes. It is a code. It means "I am an asshat who doesn't own a mirror."
asshats for sure. and a pair of scissors will make it stop.
Ugh. Every time I go home, I forcibly trim my lil' bro's goatee. Luckily his facial hair is sparse and slow-growing enough that he will probably never be able to braid it, but I have a feeling that if he could, he would.
Eeww, men braiding thier beards, bad!! I hate goatees. I'd rather see a nicely trimmed beard or a clean shaven face. When ever I'm watching TV and see that guy from Anthrax, who does like the long raccoon striped beard, I think if I ever met him...I would grab it and cut if off.

I came to report a lady I work with. She is in her early 40's and is normally pretty trendy with her hair and clothing. We just got back from the holiday break, and she got kind of a mullet-ish hairdo that kind of curls on the ends framing her face. It's nightmare-ish!! I felt horrible b/c she cornered me in the restroom and mentioned the cut, like I hadn't noticed. I panicked not wanting to be rude, and started asking questions about her faimly, and Christmas. It's just terrible!
The only people I've ever seen who braid their beards have been (a) bikers, and (b) the lead singer of Alice In Chains. For bikers, there's a convenience factor - no tangles from the wind in the beard, which may well be pretty long. They also often wrap and/or secure ponytails every inch or so to keep them from tangling.

As for AIC, I figure it was just one of the million It's So Ugly I'm Going to Make It Fashionable trends that people so enjoy. Funnily enough, as I remember it, AIC was rocking that look about fifteen years ago, so - way to be late to the party guys, if you're trying to be fashionable via anti-fashion ...
Well, men and their long hair styling/beard decorating have always been a little hard to comprehend, until you look at their little experiments as attempts at being pragmatic. When I first met my husband, he looked a lot like Anthony Kiedis circa 1991, with long straight hair and the occasional surprise goatee-like "sculpture" on his chin. One day he decided to just leave a kind of inch-wide "stripe" on his chin, something I didn't even notice (or maybe I did but just couldn't bring myself to react to). My room mate came in, looked at him in his new "beard" and started to laugh uncontrollably, just shaking in silence for about a minute and a half. When he finally caught his breath, he said, "D'you have a bike helmet to go with that?"

Still makes me laugh, and it still makes M. ChaCha go and shave.
I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon trying to come up with something witty to add to this, but I can't, so I'll just say it: flip flops and toe socks.
I had to look through fashion magazines yesterday (to get an idea of what's coming for spring), and according to Glamour, giant poofy sleeves are coming back.

No, really. Like the size of your head.

Never have I been so glad that I don't follow mainstream fashion that closely.
All the crappy stuff from my gooky, geeky, gangly teen years is making a reappearance. Like syphilis, it just bides its time and finally resurfaces in a much more important and vulnerable organ, no matter how much you want to believe in penicillin.

Puffy sleeves, mullets, straight legged, skinny pants, bubble skirts, metallic coloured leathers such as scrunchy hobo bags and slouchy boots, and I have to stop now because my head is about to explode. Why are they recycling the generic suburban mall look of the 80's?

Probably because they can sell it to the generic suburban mall population of the 2-noughts.
Chacha, a friend and I went shopping this weekend and made similar observations! On that note, are they making the jeans with zippers in the ankles again? A woman at work has some on today, and they look relatively new...
I've seen the zipper pants on store racks, so, yes, they're back! They're all over the place.

I also hate to report that "The Look" of very skinny jeans, tucked into socks, and great big, (usually white) sneakered feet has also come back for men, I've noticed.

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Jan 8 2007, 09:30 PM) *

I also hate to report that "The Look" of very skinny jeans, tucked into socks, and great big, (usually white) sneakered feet has also come back for men, I've noticed.

That is SO. WRONG!

the other weekend, I saw a non-ironic youngish lass, dressed stylishly, rocking the wall of bangs with perm hairstyle I wore in middle school circa 1989. She was too young to have worn it the first time. Heavens to betsy.

My biggest fear is when everyone I see here at the university starts looking like extras from a movie about my middle school years. I'm going to have painful flashbacks.
Black wide legged trousers and a black stretchy long-sleeved tee.

Okay, that's perfectly fine. Maybe you didn't notice that people could see your white bra through the shirt, so we'll let that go.

flip-flops... questionable, considering that it's January.

the low-cut crotch-length shirt/dress/beach coverup/thingie made from grey fuzzy sweater material, with a T-back and spaghetti straps, which you wore over the black outfit? Uh, no.

And the frosted pink lipstick just pushed it way over the top.
No, not pants with ankle zippers!! I thought those would never come back!
OhMaude - "extras from a movie about my middle school years" - SUCH a perfect way to put it. It always does look more self-consciously costumey when something goes retro, doesn't it ... ?
Black wide legged trousers and a black stretchy long-sleeved tee.

Okay, that's perfectly fine.

Whew!! I am so relieved. That is a look I like to wear, lately, the long, full legged trousers, often with a nice big cuff at the bottom, with absolutely great shoes and a beautiful sweater or top.

I'm certain I would make the crime of fashion citing 90% of the time, but the 10% of the time I think I'm well dressed...well...I'd hate to think I was operating under a delusion at that time, too.

Things are bad in fashionland when women younger than me are saying "Heavens to Betsy".
i was lurking through the thread history and started remembering some CoFs:

this is usually unavoidable if you're 77, but:

the older woman, beautiful sari...big white shoes or worse dirty trainers.

saris with puffy northface-style winter jackets over them (kind of unavoidable sometimes also)

sari blouses in general *Made in post 2000's!* with the 50's style pointy cones boobs.

any kind of elegant/eveningwear with casual hairwear such as scrunchies.

chacha, i like wide-legged pants too since i'm not too keen on form-fitting bootcuts but still like the flare.

however, my CoF is my pair of grey discount-Express flared slacks with humongous slits on the outer ankles.

plus the other day at the mall I wore: black high-waist windpants with zippers at the ankles, magenta wooly socks (visible due to zippers open) doc martens, grey sweatshirt on which I painted with acrylic paint and sparkly glitter glue stuff in eighth grade, my dad's camel-coloured bulky, puffy vest from the 70s on top, glittery hair clips (probably also from middle school)

I was hot shit.
If skinny jeans are going to be tucked into anything, it should be stilleto boots or to' up motorcycle boots. I have seen the latter, and done the former, and it's looked alright (I think).

And I love love love the grey suede boots I've seen around, but when worn with similarly hued jeans, it looks like you have footie pajamas on.

That said, I would dearly love me some grey suede round toe 40's heels.
i don't like the fit of skinny jeans, but slim leg jeans are easier to tuck into boots - i hope it's not a CoF, because i do it. it's nice to not have to worry about puddles.

tracksuit bottoms, however, should not be tucked into ugg boots. you look like you're wearing a romper suit.
I would go further and say track suits and Uggs should never be worn, and risk the wrath of the busties who prefer their feet comfortable. (what a silly concept! wink.gif )
yes, but there's comfortable and there's looking like an overgrown toddler (with the exception of little eddie wink.gif )
Heh! I would say tracksuits shouldn't even be worn in the gym!!

I just wear a cute t-shirt and some yoga pants or black sweat pants that are thin in shape and fabric.

I see people who have an entire second (or third. or fourth) wardrobe made of shiny, nylon, oddly cut items. Kinda the toddler/robot look.

Heavens to Betsy!!
I have got to agree!!! No track suits, ever.
I'm not all that stressed out about pants that actually don't flare out at the leg. I know they're easier to tuck into boots (and there are occasions where tucking pants into boots is a very good idea. They never involve Pirate Attire, though, before we get into that sphere of delusion). For what it's worth, visually, they actually make someone whose proportions aren't ideal look leaner and taller. Pants with really loose legs, legs that are straight but more widely cut, are also more flattering to the less-than-ideal, as long as they're the right length (whereas capris/gauchos/culottes/whatever the hell they've called them lately NEVER look good because they make everyone look chunkier and sloppier, no matter who they are and what shape they're in).

What I'm super happy to see go are the flared "bell bottom" pants (especially the ones with the low waist bands) like Britney Spears still wears. The skinniest man looks like he has a fat ass in those: they add at least 20 pounds of heft and width to anyone, visually. That style can't vacate the stores soon enough.

Ugly simply abhors a vacuum, however, and therefore we're seeing the return of the mutton-leg sleeve, shiny polyester fabrics, and pseudo-80's clothing sucked in to replace the flared leg.
(I hadn't realized Britney was still wearing pants of any kind!)

Sorry. That door was WIIIIIIIIIIIIDE open ...
*unladylike snort* wide open like her legs, huh?

i present this outfit...
pink (possibly fake fur-type fabric) trilby hat
black leatherette jacket finishing on the hips
black patent leather boots in "cheap slut" style
pink leopard-print leggings.

in exactly the same shade as her hat.

you could see the individual ass-cheeks; she was wearing a thong. *Shudder*
The "pajamafication" (Stacy London) of America no longer shocks me, but please refrain from pairing jammies with crocs. Thank you.

Oh, and there was this guy in the supermarket wearing shorts and a tee. It's about 30 degrees outside.
chachaheels one needed to be reminded of that image, Maimy...

When is the style of exposed thong straps (the "whale tail" as some children call it) going to go, though?
At least your sighting was wearing shoes at all, curioushair. There is a guy who comes into my work wearing no shoes. Ever. There can be snow on the gorund and he walks in bare feet. I think he fancies himself a hippie or something. He totally ignores the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" thing.
(Heh - sorry, ChaCha ...)

"So, how can we help you today, Mister Baggins?"

on a middle aged office worker, mid-morning: white cotton long-sleeved blouse and plain black cotton knit cardigan (normal enough);white Doc Marten mary janes and pink ankle socks (not my style, but still fine); platinum bleached hair in a nice smooth page-boy cut (again, not my style, but...); and then, the one article that swerves the vehicle into the COF lane: black polyester accordian pleated cocktail pajama pants about 3 inches too short. With a visible elastic waist.
oh, LORD.

at the Getty (fine art museum):

--brown newsboy hat
--sunglasses indoors
--black fake-fur-lined jacket over
--white sweater that stopped MAYBE halfway down her ass over
--flesh-colored "leggings" (if they had had feet, i would call them "tights")
--BEDROOM SLIPPERS. i kid you not. fat wool-lined brown soft leather SLIP ON SLIPPERS. imagine if uggs made bedroom slippers. like that.

at an art museum. with no pants. or skirt. and a freaking hat and sunglasses indoors.
What is this, 'I'm not wearing pants" thing?
QUOTE(wombat @ Jan 16 2007, 01:22 PM) *

What is this, 'I'm not wearing pants" thing?

Maybe she's homeless and looking for a place to pass time where it's warm? sad.gif

Sorry!! That was supposed to be Mouse's quote in there...I'm so lame at this stuff. unsure.gif
ohhhh no. this was a young rich white girl.

the no-pants thing is increasingly common. the fug girls are up in arms about it.
And here I thought Uggs were bedroom slippers.

clever, chacha, but these were literally SLIPPERS. like, they did not cover her heels. tongue.gif

i saw another no-pants yesterday. wtf.
Maybe the art museum girl was doing a walk of shame, which would explain the sunglasses, slippers and possibly no pants.

It wouldn't explain what she was doing there in the first place, though.
*ahem* Erm...back in 2000, I was on this whirlwind journey, travelling around for several events around the World March of Women. After days and days of walking (and marching), the soles were separating from the leather of my boots, and, no shit, one-third of the surface of my feet were covered in gigantic blisters. So, on the last day in NYC, I sat by myself on the grass at Liberty Island, slipped my boots off, stuffed them in my backpack, and didn't put them on again until I got back to Ottawa (by Greyhound) - and only then, because I was going to Parliament Hill. Then, I checked the boots with my luggage before the flight back to BC, and came home in my black socks.

Yes, I walked around Manhattan in October in black be-socked feet. I figured since it was New York City, no one would care. And no one did!

I would have been GRATEFUL to have slippers! But I was out of money and time to find any at that point.

There. I feel so free for having confessed. Cleansed, you could say. I want to say "liberated," but I already used that joke when I left Liberty Island that day.
eep! I would so afraid to step on glass or something.
Well, if I had forgotten my pants I'd probably want a hat and sunglasses to disguise myself, too.
On a 30 F Ohio day with flurries: Khaki gauchos, bare legs, and maroon shoe-boots. I have no idea about the rest of the outfit, as I was so distracted.

There is currently a picture posted on the website of the band I saw at Halloween in which I look like I'm sporting the no-pants look, but I swear it's just the angle...there's a black skirt there, as well as black tights! Alas, I'm being unfairly represented as a CoF... laugh.gif
Haha!! I love chacha.

just one *zing!!* after another.

I disappointingly have not had anything to report.

People in Boston are being tasteful these days.
good one, chacha.

doodlebug, socks or slippers in public for necessity is more acceptable than for "fashion."

i have to admit i have the page boy Oliver hat and I like it, although i usually take it off indoors. i saw a woman in the crowd of the Australian Open on TV yesterday wearing a tank top and a wool page boy cap. that couldn't have been comfy in the blazing summer sun.
QUOTE(nickclick @ Jan 19 2007, 07:04 AM) *

doodlebug, socks or slippers in public for necessity is more acceptable than for "fashion."

SO true.

last night at the bar:
--black smock/kimono type shirt that everyone is wearing these days
--tall, stiletto boots with goddamn STUDS on the heel

the boots must have been knee high, cos they disappeared under her BLUE JEAN GAUCHOS. the combo made her legs look about six inches long.
Okay I almost had to bleach my eyes after witnessing this one!

Red polo shirt with what appeared to be a Vera Bradley fanny pack ohmy.gif (is Vera Bradley really producing fanny packs)

black leggings

Timberland style workboots with white socks pulled up over the leggings

and to top it off her hair was a permed mullet
ginger kitty, that sounds to me like another attack of NO PANTS!!!!!!
So...what's your worst nightmare turnout?

BLUE JEAN GAUCHOS and boots with "goddamned studs on the heel"


permed mullet and forgetting to put on pants?

Oh, wait, that's another thread.
My sister Heidi walked around new york city barefoot for probably 6 - 7 years, even working in the local Gristedes behind the deli counter barefoot, until she almost completely ripped off her big toe on her left foot getting it stuck in a conveyor belt in the basement of the store.

Yeah. That was many a moon ago, but streets are cleaner now, that was the 70's when New York City was the cesspool that Koch cleaned us up from. Well tried to clean up at least.
Needless to say, Heidi has worn shoes for years now. lol. Today is her birthday too. funny.

I'm a crime of fashion today. Stone Uggs, rolled up bootleg jeans, yeah so they are baggin round top of the pants, stained off white v neck sweater, with obnoxiously coral tank top underneath. I dunno if I'm a self confessin' CoF, or just ugly dresser today, but fuck it it's cold, and I'm bleeding like a stuck pig, and don't rightly give a fuck.
Vera Bradley fanny pack (is Vera Bradley really producing fanny packs)


I used to work with a woman that was really beautiful, smart, sophisticated, good at her job, and NICE.

and she carried a giant effin' Vera Bradly bag.

The only thing that justified it was that she was using it as a diaper bag. For a diaper bag, it's -- bordering on acceptable.
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