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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I'm wearing a pair of jeans from Target that cost me $25. For some reason, I have the best luck with jeans from there, all the Levis I've bought have fallen apart withing a year or two.

Yesterday I heard one of my coworkers brag about her Uggs. She just bought them and was talking about how they were comfortable and warm. As she was talking on her phone on the way to lunch, I heard her say, "When you see these, you'll want to steal them from me." Hopefully if the friend steals them, it will be to burn them...

punker, that actually sounds relatively warm.

oh, uggs are warm and comfortable. if you get the real ones (the ones from oz made from real sheep) anyway. they just happen to be fugly and everyone has a pair. my dog ate my (real) ones.

on the jeans front, i'll pay more if they fit, not because they're "cool". Although I am starting to get annoyed with topshop putting up thier prices now they're the latest place to go.
I love the low waisted jeans, but I have a drawer full of french cut undies I can't wear, and I'm sick to death of seeing plumber's butt and ass antlers.
Spotted this week while WalkingBitch, ManlyMan and I were hunting down a fleece for MM at Old Navy: Full length mink (may have been "mink") coat, flip-flops, and pasty-kelly-green sweat pants.

MM and WB were intrigued by the pants.

I could not get beyond the footwear.
Uggs ARE warm and comfy and I don't care if they are ugly. I hate people wearing them cause they think they are so cool though. It's a surfer thing turned crazy-trendy. That is the annoying part.
Maimy, I am green with envy that you got to hang out with WalkingBitch. I imagine her to be a good loud time. wink.gif

Mink....and flip flops. Mink...............................and. flip. flops.

Nope, head exploded.
Hee - she described herself a couple of times as a cacophany, actually ... *Grin*

Yeah, my head exploded too. Actually. Literally. Ask WB about Friday, when I literally could not feed us, because my head was all exploded. Pretty pitiful.

At least now I realized I should have blamed the fur coat lady.
Hmmmm...I don't remember WB being loud, I remember her being very funny and very engaging.
well, he was only walking his dog, which was a giant white poodle with a red bow and the goofy haircut, but some old guy in my neighborhood this morning - shearling jacket, cowboy hat, boxer shorts, slippers
nickclick, that mental image just made me giggle!

Anyway, a coworker is having seasonal transition issues today: green velvet short-sleeved mock turtleneck, light green cotton capris, and black lace-up ankle boots. Not quite a parka with flipflops, but still...
i can't think of one good reason to even own an item that's mock turtleneck-ed, especially one that's green and/or velvet.
So, the first season of Beverly Hills 90210 is now out on DVD (and wow, that makes me feel old ...), and may I just say, FASHION DISASTERS ABOUND! It's totally insane how horrible the outfits are. I'm talking layered spandex in a variety of neon colors, belted mom-waisted cutoffs, rolled up on the bottom and sitting around belly-button level ... and that's on the "cool girls"! Also, in the episode I watched this morning, Brandon was wearing a white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a vest over it.

If you're ever in need of a little fashion-related hilarity, this is a wonderful choice.
When Aaron Spelling died earlier this year Go Fug Yourself dedicated several posts to his shows, and one of them dissected the fashion taste of 90210. Rather hilarious (and kind of scary if you're old enough to remember that stuff being the height of fashion ohmy.gif ).
QUOTE(dusty @ Nov 27 2006, 06:07 PM) *

I love the low waisted jeans, but I have a drawer full of french cut undies I can't wear, and I'm sick to death of seeing plumber's butt and ass antlers.

What in the world are "ass antlers"!?!?

I just have this mental image of low rise pants with antlers sticking out of the sides, perhaps holding scarves or a handbag...
nickclick, my bf wore a mock turtlenect one day when we first started dating. I almost had to say something to him about it. I almost had to end the date. However, he was such a great guy in every other way, I stuck it out. Now that we have been together almost a year, I outlawed the dreaded mock turtleneck. If he wants to wear it, he'll have to do it on our nights off!
kel, sometimes good people make bad choices, but funny that a mock turtleneck was his choice for looking nice on a date! for our first date my current bf was all business casual, so i thought he was much more mature than i soon realized. but he had on a funky watch and these cool black dress boots, and shoes and other accessories are usually the things i first notice about a guy.

redhead, 90210's 1st season is playing on the Soap Opera network right now, and my roommate and i have been watching every nite, commenting on all the bad fashion that admittedly i also fell victim to in the early 90s. scrunchy socks, ick!
There is nothing more eye-rollingly annoying than college freshman hipster girls (rather, wannabe hipster).

Yesterday I was at DSW on the lookout for some cute cherry red flats. No particular reason other than I want them. So I’m poking along checking things out, trying on shoes. This girl shows up and she is dressed like she is straight out of the pages of some teeny-bopper magazine – little cloche hat, a haircut that looked like she had a bad run-in with a Flowbee (we’re talking the hipster mullet, but worse, cuz it looked like it was done at home, by a toddler, with scrapbooking scissors), some random screened tee that I’m pretty sure I saw at an Old Navy over the summer, skinny jeans with, and I kid you not, acid wash. This child was not even in-utero during the first go-around of acid wash, but still! That does not excuse acid wash. And… red patent leather peep toed flats and bare feet.
Cute shoes, don’t get me wrong, albeit a little too Blanche Deveraux for my blood. It was in the 20s yesterday, farenheit, with snow. I’m looking at this poor clueless child thinking “what an idiot!” I mean; going barefoot in peep-toed shoes barefoot in winter is stupid. Going barefoot in cold fucking patent leather is just sadistic. I mean, why not create more pain and use razor blades as insoles?
Anyway, so I’m browsing along. Let me remind you all that I was looking for red shoes before little miss-thinks-she’s hot-shit came by. She stood there watching me try on a pair of shoes with this this “oh no she di-int” face on and turns to her accomplice and states, rather loudly, “Gawd, I wish people would get their own style and quit trying to rip mine off”.

Haw-haw. Seriously, I did laugh. I desperately wanted to have a battle of wits with the precious little lemming, but decided that it was futile to fight with someone who was using their first big girl potty when I was graduating high school. The biggest laugh came when no sooner did she turn around than another fashion lemming walked past her- from the choppy haircut to the tight jeans and Sexy Miami Grandma sitcom character style shoes.
Ass antlers, apparently, is the literal translation of the German expression for a lower back tattoo.
aren't they where thongs rise above the waist of trousers?

orange and lime green tartan widelegged trousers. why? please pass the eyebleach someone.

(polly, you're copying me. tongue.gif cherry red flats... are everywhere. but i don't care 'cos they're cute. i wear mine with socks, however)
Polly, I need to start stalking you. Your posts always give me such a laugh, and actual thoughts even occur on occasion. It's nice.

I have been looking for some cute little black ballet flats. I don't wear enough clothing that would match cherry red, but they do sound fab (on the right woman, with the right fashion sense).

I also have to say, when kog3100 wears a mock turtle and tailored, inky-black pants, it is very attractive to me. He has a black one in cashmere-y thin knit, which accentuates his height and his wonderful lithe frame very nicely. I'm not actually sure what is so terrible about them ...
awww shucks wink.gif

too bad CoF is about the only thread I regurally post in these days.
*delurks* polly and dusty are cracking me up.

I too own a pair of cherry red ballet flats -suede with glitter trim- that I adore and wear barefooted or with tights. we're all copying one another and are lemmings to fashion rolleyes.gif .

CoF witnessed over weekend on London tube:

pretty girl with tennis shoes, navy socks with anchors over grey chunky tights, under a torquoise frilly skirt with a different colour of blue tshirt (I think this may also have anchors on), a different colour jacket (who knows what colour, I was too much in shock at rest) and red knitted beret with pompom on head and a badly dressed boyfriend on her arm. ever heard of coordination? although, to be fair, she may have been colour-blind.
I've got cherry red ballet flats with ribbon and bow. Will wear with or without socks. I LURVE them. So comfortable. I will even wear them dancing.
I don't know if this is really a CoF so much as just kind of amusing.

I was at the grocery store last week, waiting in line when I looked over and saw this incredibly old white man wearing a bright yellow jacket with Sean John in huge block letters across the back. I thought it was kind of cute cause he probably has no idea what kind of label it is but it seemed like he was at that old person stage of "I really don't care what I'm wearing as long as it's comfortable". It kind of reminded me of the time my grandfather showed up at church in a burgundy paisley tie paired with a dark plaid shirt. *shudder*
What's in your scoredrobe?

BarCode: Your Personal Pocket Decoder to the Modern Dating Scene
defines scoredrobe as the lucky shirt, shoes, skirt or dress you wear the guarantees results.

Mine is my Joe Jeans, Free People tunic and black boots. I am irresistible to the opposite sex in this outfit!

What's yours?

BarCode: Your Personal Pocket Decoder for the Modern Dating Scene[/url]
Ummmm. Spam alert.

Please don't shill for your useless website here. This is not the place.

Ironic that you'd place an ad for a designer rimjob site in--of all things--a thread devoted to nothing but poking fun at the very mouth-breathers that think a designer label = style. Bougie much?

By the way, my scoredrobe consists of bacon covered pasties, a paintball mask, panties made entirely out of beer tabs, and thigh high Wellingtons.
Hah! Good one, busty girl.

As Lisa Carver said, men don't care what women are wearing. You gotta just wear something that makes you look good.

I can't imagine the man that would want to sleep with a woman because she had a thousand-dollar handbag.
ooh that's hot, bustygirl....
blink.gif laugh.gif

At the AAA office Friday while paying my car insurance bill:

50-ish woman

Picture Dee Wallace in Cujo; Remember that seriously gathered 70's style top she had on that was tightly fitted around the waist and had the BIG poofy shoulders? Yeah. Well---ok the lady had that kind of top on. Exactly that top. LIME GREEN BASE COLOR.

That's not all. Her pants were black, synthetic-type (almost polyester but not quite---maybe bad rayon blend) and tapered at the ankle.

Open-toed shoes, high heel. FUCHIA.

AND------------The whole damned outfit was COVERED in 70's style polka dots. I'm not talkin' square-dancin' polkas, either. Not the big dime-sized ones. Oh no. I'm talkin' those tiny, pea-sized polka dots like disco style. IN FOUR NEON COLORS...BLUE, PINK, PURPLE AND RED.

I now need an eye exam and bleach. huh.gif sad.gif laugh.gif
this is more of a cob/observation.

i don't care if they're black and have lace around the bottom.
i don't care if you're wearing a satin tunic
high heeled strappy shoes that don't go with your top
and you an expression that declares you're all that and a bag of chips

you do not wear leggings to a black-tie ball.
QUOTE(mornington @ Dec 13 2006, 11:02 PM) *

you do not wear leggings to a black-tie ball.

nooooooo! I have a beautiful satin tunic to wear for Christmas and I'm wearing it with 70denier black tights! this is not the season (weather and taste and etiquette wise) for leggings!
bun, does it cover your arse? if yes, then you're doing a better job than this lot.

besides... black tie...
It does indeed cover my arse (baring the ass of leggings is as wrong as wrong can be, it's the most sinful thing ever). If it's a tunic dress then, reasonably, it should be of suitable dress length and arses shouldn't factor into the equation otherwise it's a tunic top and should be worn with trousers. what were these poor, tasteless girls thinking?
I was a fashion crime today in my pea-green terry track suit and white tee shirt. But I was comfy, and I only left the house to run to the corner store.
I'm a fashion crime right now as I am covered in fleece clothing, but I live in, what I believe to be, the coldest house on the planet. It's warmer outside right now than it is in this glacial little palace I call home.
Twice yesterday I saw someone wearing two different shoes. Please don't tell me that's a new fad: Punky Brewster-chic.
Woman on the subway: Black leather (probably pleather) tight pants, green socks over white socks, pulled straight up, white sneakers with velcro straps, a short sleaved orange blazer with gold buttons over a long sleaved, textured pleatherish shirt. At first I thought that maybe it was a really disturbing attempt to be festive, but the orange doesn't fit that theory.
Seen at a bookstore last night:

Man, 50-ish. Long, gray. stringy ponytail. Khaki, fisherman's style hat.

Flannel orange/blue/brown striped shirt, two sizes two big. Baggy navy blue hiking shorts, also way too big.

BLACK LEGGINGS. White athletic socks. Hiking boots.

Aiyee. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Shorter, rounder woman in Harley-Davidson black leather jacket, Harley-Davidson tee-shirt, black running shorts, white socks and sneakers.
Why is there always someone wearing shorts in Chicago in December?
Oh, Possum! That sounds like regular attire in a mt. town. When we go to the hot springs we sit in the local brewery just to watch the guys bundled up in their shorts & tights. Usually topped off with a jaunty jesters hat.
Someone told me that long underwear (possibly leggings) and shorts were a very effective way to keep warm and dry while hiking, the jester hats not required.

Could someone please tell me why anyone would be wearing flip-flops in Minnesota at this time of the year? I saw a college-aged girl (with teased-to-death hair and inch-thick makeup) wearing them outside today.
I saw a high school girl with flip flops too. With legwarmers, a ruffly jeans miniskirt, and some sort of heavy winter top.
I have also spotted the mini-skirt, leg warmers worn with flip flops outfit. Is this new? And if so why?
aw! i went to school with leslie and half the lys. gemsweater is such a brilliant idea.

cof: at the airport! woman, late twenties or early thirties, quite attractive, blonde wavy hair, hot a ONE PIECE LONG SLEEVED HOODED PINK VELOUR ROMPER with gray striped rib on the cuffs and at the (terribly defined and high) waist. as if this alone was not bad enough, she was clearly not wearing a bra and she clearly could not get away with this act. having your bare nipples brush against the seam of the waist ribbing on your hideous one piece long sleeved hooded pink velour romper is not only, i would imagine, painful, it is also incredibly unflattering.
Flipflops...miniskirt...and legwarmers...?

Okay, now I don't feel so bad about wearing a denim mini with generic Uggs...I actually came in here to report myself, you know, but REALLY, now!
I saw the most terrible mullet yesterday. About an inch long all over (and teased within an inch of its life) but for a patch at the back which was about six inches long and in a ponytail. *shudder*

I felt really sorry for her kids though - letting your preteen daughter wear skimpy shirt-dresses then NOT teaching her that having one leg on the table and the other on the floor is a bad look, is not the best.
I went to a game night thing with a friend of mine. I'd never met the girl giving it before. Seeing her was like looking at my friends in 1988. High waisted tapered "Mom" jeans, tucked in plaid shirt, collar up. Bobbed hair, big Sally Jessy glasses. Egad.
new years party last night

thin woman wearing a halter top with an open back that put her back fat on display for all to see. If you have rolls of back fat may I suggest that you NOT wear a backless shirt so that I am not distracted by the trainwreck that is your back fat. Please and thankyou
Hehe, I hardly ever come in this thread, unless I saw something really bad.

It was a late 30's-early 40's woman, with a short, awful haircut that reminded me of someone from New Kids On the Block-really short and sleek around the sides and neckline, longer and styled on top. She was wearing one of those awful, frumpy poly/cotton blend turtlenecks, white with some flowery print on it, with a thick, wool plaid jacket over it-a big, bold, gray/black and white plaid-it was an eyesore against the flowery turtleneck. And, of course, a classic pair of Mom Jeans, too short, socks exposed, with sensible white gym shoes. Oh, shudder..
Okay, no one ever speaks about this or mentions it on this thread but I MUST say something because I'm seeing more and more of this particular male fashion "trend" and I feel I must try to stop it.

Men are braiding their beards. Specifically, some men are just growing beards on their chins alone, and then allowing the hair to reach Samsonian lengths. And then they are braiding the beard.

And then they appear publically, wearing the braided, usually thick and greying, beard. Is this meant to signify something, like a code? How can we make it stop?
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