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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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chacha, where are you? now i want to do a scavenger hunt. you know, if you used to live somewhere and know the city very well but have moved away, you get to send someone who has moved there not too long ago on a foraging expedition to places that you used to go. hidden gems. i could do such a good one! dang, now i miss toronto.

oh, and that lady you met in the store? that sounded just like my mom. her favourite clothing these days is mickey mouse anything. sad. and weird too 'cause she's an old hippie and never liked disney. what is it about that mouse?
Yesterday Mr. Esther and I went downtown to do a little early Christmas shopping and general hanging out with each other.

I know that I, and other natives, have mentioned the treasure trove of fug that is Ann Arbor. Whoa momma is it ever!

I saw man Uggs. A man wearing Uggs! With his pants tucked INto the Uggs. Uggs have the ability to make the wearers feet look ginormous, and on a man?!

I saw chunky heeled pirate boots aplenty.

I saw more than a few girls wearing ugly 80s inspired print sweatshirts (is that the new “thing” now? I’ve seen a lot of those eyesores at my local H&M recently). These are sweatshirts in light base colors with random stripes or frogs or whatever printed all over them, more formfitting than a typical sweatshirt. I recall having one circa 1985, however, it was 1985 and I was 9 so it was ok.

And finally, the Grande Dame of Fug Arbor… She was 50 if she was a day. Her hair was bleached to the point that MY scalp stung just seeing it. She was wearing black thigh high stiletto boots, black tights, a navy blue Eddie Bauer middle-aged man windbreaker, and no pants that I could make out. Or skirt, or, heavens forbid, “formal shorts”. She was wearing panties, and tights. Crazy lady, tights are not pants! mad.gif
Ms. Esther, I will say a prayer for your scorched eyes this night. Thigh high boots plus an Eddie Bauer man windbreaker. That is some kind of wilderness, there. In my mind, also, H & M is an entire universe of fug unto itself (I'm just going to say: the Viktor and Rolfe Wedding Dress horror, just in case anyone thinks I may be wrong about H & M).

Pepper, I am in the Niagara region. The Winners in my story was in Ancaster. It was my first time there, as M. ChaCha and I decided to take one of those long, exploratory drives in what used to be the country but is now construction zone (evidence of the progressive Green Belt conservation strategy, ha ha). And I think at one point, regarding Disney, we all grudgingly give in (though I am nowhere there yet). Are you now in Ontario, Pepper? Man, do I have my haunts in Toronto--how about you?
mmhmm, sassmart in kensington market. do you know that place? it's across the street from the park on augusta. it's like a totally crazy stuff warehouse.
tell me what your favourite store was/is...

i'm in the bc mountains now, been here for three years. i don't miss the smog but do i ever miss the market. the st lawrence one too, though that was just for shopping. kensington was home. *sniff sniff*.

thread jack, ha.
I love the market too (yay Sassmart!)--but not so much for clothes (though M.ChaCha used to love love love it there). A friend of mine opened up her design/boutique there for a little while, called Left Hand...There are still such amazing places to buy great jewellery, accessories and vintage stuff there though. Course, the place has the best secret restaurants in the city (La Palette, The Rice Bar). And, um, a couple of friends of mine made a feature length film in Kensington market, starring all their friends (and I played a kind of Mama Kensington, which is ironic as hell). I used to live in the Bloor Dufferin area, then in Parkdale--but M. ChaCha and I used to walk to Kensington every weekend. I miss it lots, but now I go mainly to buy art supplies like the Japanese paper that some of the smaller merchants sell along Spadina, unique gifts at Christmas time, and food shopping or seeing friends.

St. Lawrence market, not so was so much pricier than Kensington and not quite as much fun. Where did you live in the area?

(total thread On topic: tonight I am wearing an embarassment shoe--scratched up and hacked up Geox clogs. Gad, I'm hideous).
the dude who owns the rice bar is my son's godfather. i gave birth in the home tub of the woman who owns the oil shop on kensington. my x of over 8 yrs lives right on the corner of augusta and nassau. my son's papa is the little boy that al waxman throws an orange to in one of the opening scenes of the king of kensington and his cousins own the spice house on augusta and baldwin (you can star bucks or you can save bucks, ha ha). etc etc etc. the market is in my blood. i love that place, stink and all. hmm, now i wonder if we have friends in common, betcha we do.
st lawrence market was good for fun on the weekend, the crafter's corner has nice stuff sometimes.
i lived all over the place in the city, last time was at ossington and college. i lived there during the big black out, we had no power in our part of town for three days! my friend and i went skinny dipping on the first night and got hauled out of scadding court pool by no less than 12 police officers (like it takes 6 cop cars to respond to a midnight pool hopping!). totally funny.

ok, back on topic, i have been wearing my pj's for two days now. the bottoms are paul frank though, does that still count as a CoF?
I'm afraid the Paul Frank aspect certifies your clothing as a CoF, Pepper...and I bet we do have a few friends in common! One last thing about Kensington: when I was a kid, my mom used to love to go down there to buy fresh live chickens. My mom and aunts used to call it "La marchetta dei Giudi", the Jewish Market, because the chickens were Kosher (so they were actually killed on site). Seeing that process/ritual take place when I was a kid was completely strange--but there are good memories associated with it too, as my mom only went down to shop there when she was planning a big celebration. The market has changed so drastically since then, but it was always really magical. Now when I go there, I'll be thinking about all your connections (and please tell Mr. Rice Bar his restaurant rocks--love the concept of the place and now it is the only place I'll go if I crave a hamburger. I'll drive the hour to get there, too).

Do you know the Moon Bean Cafe? It was the setting for the film I mentioned. I know you must know a couple of friends of mine who've worked there.

Pepper, M. ChaCha says that, left to my own devices, I'd be happy to spend my days dressed exactly like what he calls my "mental patient" look: pajamas with penguins who ski on them and slippers.

We're more than connected at Kensington, Pepper: we're practically soul mates in fashion crime.

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Nov 13 2006, 02:46 PM) *
Not all of the Holiday sweaters are an art project--but those "Gem" sweaters were, in fact, an art project--a type of or a part of some kind of performance art put together by Leslie Hall. She actually still tours.
But, sadly, people do dress like that, I'd even say with the gold spandex pants (circa 1978) and all.
I'm kinda relieved to hear that it's an art project! laugh.gif I must come across like a real dumbass for not noticing, but there's women in my street who dress like that, and not only on holidays, but whenever they feel like dressing up for any kind of party. Ugh!

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Nov 13 2006, 02:46 PM) *
Let me just say that the weather here yesterday was your typical November grey, with a humid chill in the air (the kind that seeps into your bones and drills in a sub-radar chill).
That sentence made me laugh so hard!
I've tried to find words for that physical pain, that serious autumn chill can cause, we've had constant rain for weeks, and it feels like chinese water torture to me!

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Nov 13 2006, 02:46 PM) *
...white gym socks that only go up to the ankle and feature a little turquoise pompom at the back.
I've got socks like that.. *squirms with embarassment*
Those stupid pompons are supposed to prevent the socks from slipping into the sneakers, but if you wear jeans, they can be seen as soon as you bend over, and I hate wearing them, they're the kind of CoF that only children can get away with.
awesome. did you ever go to his place on bathurst right above queen, azul? he also started the chelsea room on dundas west of ossington, really hip little hang out. too hip for me, in fact. too hip for him too i guess since he left it to start the bowl. he'd been dreaming of that concept for Years so i'm glad to hear rave reviews about it. i haven't been back to the city for about 2.5 years. i'll go this summer with the new babe to introduce peeps all 'round.
moon bean, love it. that space used to be my friend trevor's store, alter-natives. do you remember that one? i'm gonna look up your movie now you know.
ugh, the liquid chicken alley-way, source of the stinkiest of the stinky market stench. they still slaughter there, don't know if they'll let you watch though.
girl, What exactly is wrong with paul frank? that shit is Keyoot! i still love my "what aboot it?" red and white maple leaf shirt. that stuff rocks. i do tend to dress like a four year old sometimes though. not right now, right now i am desperately trying to find anything at all to put on over the bump.

so girls, any help here with not being a CoF whilst pregnant? i haven't got a clue what to wear yo. i look ridiculous.
I did go to Azul, but my husband reminds me that the last time we went I got into one of my impatient huffs and gathered the lot of us up and out after we waited just a tad too long for our meal. On days like that, M. ChaCha not-too-subtly tells me again that his nickname for me is Natas, (satan backwards), cause once that blood sugar problem kicks in, so does the arch evil in me. The Rice Bowl is far superior, but I did have some very nice meals at Azul in the past.

Please, please do not look up that movie. No. It is, shall we say, not so good (it's an amateur first time feature length drama made on digital cameras, with maybe one scene that I liked). And I am a complete hambone in it too. Spare yourself, honey, you're eating for two now and you're already losing too many meals as it is. If I take back the Paul Frank remark, will you let that sleeping dog lie? Thanks.

I always think Pregnant women look gorgeous in dresses that fit a little close to the body and are comfortable to wear (like a cotton-lycra, scoop neck long sleeved dress that comes down to about mid calf or so--you can wear great boots with it, or layer great sweaters over it, put amazing jewellery on with it and you can move freely in it, and it shows off a great pregnant bod).

Just how tall are you, and what kind of body shape do you have (besides pregnant)?

Gotta love those Toronto police officers, they define the term "overreaction". Do you remember the Smokey the Cat vs. Toronto's Finest? I still laugh bitterly when I think about it. Out here in Niagara the cops are practically comatose in comparison (12 cops to a pool on a scorching summer night during a blackout? Yeah, that won't happen here).
My little town was the sole place in the Eastern seabord of NA NOT to be affected by that blackout. It was spooky looking across the lake towards Toronto, and seeing absolutely nothing there.
oh, that last line made me laugh out loud. that would have been rather bizzar-o. it was actually lovely, if you can beleive that. people were out for walks every night, restaurants open by candlelight trying to sell off their drinks and such before it all went warm/off, char-b-que's grilling on patios. very, very nice. though a bit tired out by day three.
of course the police only responded to the call because there were Naked Girls in the pool! 6 cars, ppfffttt! indeed.
smokey the cat? i know of no such creature. when did this occur? refresh my rusty memory...
i won't torture you with the movie then. shall we just say that i know the feeling?

ok, i am about 5'7", usually 120p but i have some curvy bits. i have a hard time fitting a lot of garments because i have a long torso so teh bust point on most things falls too high for me, and i have a handful of boob that doesn't match my slim ribcage so it if fits around, it sure don't in the cup and Even More So Now. i show right away so my bump-in-front is quite apparent. i mean, if it's tight people are going to plainly see that i'm knocked up, it's that obvious. not that i mind, i'm all for show and tell but only if it looks good on me. i don't want a frumpy pregnancy. i have some ideas about sewing up some wraps and longer shirts etc but i really would like some ideas for something interesting, you know? unusual, distinctive clothes for now and then when i need a little wardrobe cheering up. i'm comin' up empty.
oh, crap. i have the paul frank monkey tattooed on my foot. [with andy warhol's banana on the other foot]

does this make me a permanent crime of fashion?
I think they look cool, but right now I'm wearing the same jeans I wore yesterday and a hoodie over a blouse (it's fricking freezing in here and I don't have anything else to wear), so I'm not the best judge.
That Warhol banana saves you, hon. You are redeemed, in my opinion. Pepper's redeemed too--on account of her access to blackmail. As for freezing and wearing hoodies? Last night I went out to look for one. Fleece on the outside and inside--I was determined, cause I'm freezing. And you know what happens when you go out shopping for clothes with a precise idea in mind.

Pepper: Smokey the Cat was an actual house cat that was suddenly extremely hyper and strange. It was in a woman's house (it was her pet) and for some reason she called the police because it's behaviour was making her worried and keeping her out of the house. (I don't think she wanted the police, she probably wanted animal rescuers or something, but she got Toronto Police). Anyway, the police went to the scene and I guess they tried to get the cat out of the house--but got nowhere. So they staked out the cat for about 12 hours, then ended up shooting it, with the excuse that the cat's behaviour was so erratic and violent the shooting was necessary. Of course, the woman couldn't believe they were doing this, but she couldn't stop them. They were determined.

I could understand it if they thought the cat had rabies or something, (and it did not, it turns out), but the story is both ridiculous and sickening at the same time. Grown men cowering in front of a cat, for 12 whole hours, then finally shooting it, in a city of over 2 million people with plenty of other things to occupy police time.

Pepper, empire waists are everywhere--those, combined with long sleeves (it's winter!), a square or plunging or scoop neckline on you would make you look regal. You just have to fit the area around the breast, and the rest will take care of itself--so the actual cut is so easy to work with. Here's a site with some versatile simple pieces--tops, dresses (they're dressy dresses though, not something you'd want to wear every day, though possibly).

The wrap style is also really flattering --as a top or dress. Tunics look good with really slim fitting legwear, like slim jeans.

Here's what I would wear if I were pregnant:


All the time. Just change the footwear and accessories. Why? Because I am so lazy, this looks comfy and hassle free, and I bet my boobs would look stunning in that deep v neckline.
I remember Smokey the cat.

I live across the street from where they shot the three pit bulls about three years ago. My understanding in that case is that the victim's life was in danger. Mr. Dusty is in awe because we only found out a year or so ago that they fired about 20 shots and I only woke up in time for the last three.
20 shots? Did they miss a lot?

I can understand that a dog can threaten a person's life (didn't some guy use his pitbull to kill his girlfriend once?) but I'm still wondering how that would work for a common domestic american short hair tabby. Who is 1/10th the size of a human being.

Anyway, we have severely derailed this thread, even after I posted evidence of my elegant but somewhat limited fashion sense over which you might crack wise.
ooh, i'm loving the kiki's! thanks so much, that is EXACTLY what i was looking for. now i sew...

shot the cat? glad i missed that, what a debauchle. almost as embarrassing as mel. almost.

used his dog to kill his girlfriend?!?!? omg, that's horrific. torn to shreds by a pitbull, not exactly how you want to go eh? gah. burn in hell mofo.

i like the banana!! very cool!

redemption via blackmail, heh heh heh, that's very cool too. heh.
pepper, i second the wrap dresses. anything gathered under the bust seems to work really well. although imo, the only cof you can really commit is a bare belly. topshop over here have some gorgeous coats, but I'm not sure if they post overseas (/unhelpful). sudden thought... cowl necks. those deep ones - you sound like the figure that could pull those off.

they shot a cat?!?! huh.gif poor thing... stupid people. Although i can understand the pitbull - those things can take a *lot* of stopping and they're pretty stoic.

applique bambi jumper. and mom jeans. nothing special, but it was a horrible horrible jumper.

Bad shoe alert!
-In a shop window:-
Old-style Moon boots, with a 4 inch high stack heel. In gold, silver or black.

Also, a woman wearing a pair of bottle green jeans, that she had cut and hemmed at the knee.
With argyle knee-highs in black and pale pink, with 3/4 length white stilleto heel boots.
On top, a pale pink,thin lycra polo-neck and the cheapest grey faux fur waist length jacket.
Her eyes were darting left and right. I think she knew this was wrong.
Topshop DOES send over here, although it's recent!!

Chacha -- okay, this avvie is me and as close to Diana Rigg as I can get -- the camera is not as good for one thing! There's also her attitude of sublime, above-it-all cheer -- THAT's kind of hard to copy!
ok, what's with the trend of wide-legged trousers rolled up to display ankle boots? not gauchos - they're too long. rolled. up. trousers.

and flip-flops in november.

margot, I'm blinded, and I didn't even see it blink.gif
Yes, the cat one definitely took the cake...I pictured a cat like the rabbit in The Holy Grail. Except that it wasn't funny.

The pit bull one apparently was justified. There were two dogs, (not three) and allegedly they kept attacking after they were mortally wounded so the police had to keep shooting until they actually killed the dogs. They ended up suffocating one of them with a mattress that was sitting around in the laneway. One of the officers said that the dogs started at the feet and were working their way up so they were worried about what would happen when they got to the neck. The victim lost a leg, and possibly more.

would something like this be what you're looking for regarding a fleece hoodie?
That hoodie looks great on the model, but M.ChaCha just looked over my shoulder at the photo, giggled cause it was American Apparel, then asked if I'd typed that "I could wear that as a bra". Funny.
I was looking for more of a warmth top--less of a closefitting sexy/cute top--my preference would be slightly longer in the body, lots of fleece (so, perfect with a modification!) Truly, it's chilly out here.

Dusty, I think everyone thought of the rabbit in the Holy Grail--but I still can't believe they killed the cat. God blast Julian Fantino (it was during his era) and his blackshirted copsquad.

Pepper, honey, nothing is as embarassing as Mel and his thievin' society wife. The delovely, but ineffectual, David Miller won the election again Monday night...but meh.

Please please please stop the sneaker high heel/moonboot high heel and soon to be earthshoe high heel trend. Aiyee!

Wombat, it is close--but you look wonderful nonetheless.
Thanks, chach!!

I confess, I actually like Moon boots *ducks*

Not enough to actually WEAR them, but, back in the seventies when I was a teenage little "wearing wacky clothes like red silk kimonos over yellow jeans" phase I woulda.

I mean, they are SO seventies.
Moon boots a la Bootsy Collins were so 70's...but moon boots with a four inch heel? How would you maintain eye contact with a person wearing such things? What would they be worn with?

I shouldn't ask. Thinking this way only brings on ubiquitous fashion spreads featuring those boots in every colour, in a variety of magazines all somehow claiming to be knowledgeable about fashion.
I didn't even know moon boots were a new Thing until I came in here. I bought a pair about six months ago, but they're black and grey, rubber-soles (2.5" thick, if that; I can't think of them as "high" as in heels; they're pretty thick front to back), and the uppers are fake black nubuck and nylon. They are comfy, work well as walk-to-work boots with my pants and pant suits (my sneaks are just too low; I won't have a draggy hem under my heel if it can be helped), and are pretty low key compared to what I'm seeing described here.

The main reason I bought 'em is that good looking, decent quality brogans are harder and harder to find, and these shoes' narrow vertical silhouette is much easier for me to walk on than the ever-widening soles creepers and brogans were getting for a few years there. I tripped on those so badly, even though I liked 'em. So when I found these, I thought they were cool. They are serving very nicely, mostly (but not exclusively) as unobtrusive pre-dress morning dog-walking and work-trekking shoes. For the dog-walking function, they keep my feet drier than any other shoes I've had, even other boots. I fancy they also lengthen the line of my legs in jeans, and I am a stubby-legged girl, so that's kind of nice. Maud love 'em, I don't even care if they're a CoF, for their purposes. Heh.

No crimes worthy of reporting. Okay, all done now.
Now I want to wear a red silk kimono over yellow jeans.
*snort!* I'm all for innovation. I've started to give in to my secret love of corporate things though, except for when we go out clubbin"!

That's one reason I crush on Axl. Check out late 80s pictures. Sometimes a lot of wrongs DO make a right!
Wombat, have I told you today I dig your chili ... ?
And I'm diggin' your chill right back, as always, as FOREVER! my dear maimy!!
OH. MY. GOD.;st=0&st=0
Those are so very 80's. What's really awful, I find, is the link to "Oprah's Favourite Jeans".
"The new fashion rage in Europe"

"These jeans are the epitome of Euro fashion"

No, Nein, Non, etc. Fuck off!
Maimy, moon boots=fine
high,stack heeled moon boots=not fine

confession: I bought some high waisted jeans a month ago (not quite THAT high-waisted) Lovely and comfy, but I only wore once, as they remind me of my maternity jeans. Covering the belly-button and all that.

Okay...Coming out of a VERY classy hotel, I saw a woman wearing a tweed, checked jacket, an Hermes scarf, nicely cut black knee-length skirt.
Her Pink suede, black patent-toed heels were barely visible.

Also, a girl wearing purple, shiny, lycra leggings and pale blue cowboy boots, with a pink scarf tied round one of them.

I also saw some well-dressed people.
margot, those are the worst crimes of fashion, when people totally think they're at the height of some trend and spent a lot of money getting there. i think of those $300 coach purses with their stupid logo repeated in pukey pastel colors all over 'em. ick.
I agree with you, Nickclick. It's like all the logo goods are about is the fact that their price tags are always "visible", so actual taste is not necessary in creating the object. I'm talking about tacky Louis Vuitton white and pastel wear, shoes with the print of a logo all over them (Christian Dior, especially, is guilty of this--hideous polio boots literally covered with dior logos)--how is any of this any different from a 2 dollar T shirt with an iron on Chanel logo, selling for 1000 bucks? Tack. Y.

It's like they know their customers will buy anything for the sake of looking like they can afford it--so they just churn out whatever and don't bother making it even remotely beautiful.

It's insulting to the customer--and to onlookers alike.
Well, the thing is, this lady was 'mature' and she looked really formally well-dressed, until I clocked her CRAAAAZEEE tights.
Maybe she needed her HRT adjusted slightly.
When, oh when will it be out of season to wear open-toed shoes? I have had my foot fetish well and truly sated for the time being. All those succulent, velvety toes have done their unspeakable work; they can now repair to the underworld from whence they came. In the mean damn time, if it's cold enough here in greater New England to wear a puffy coat with fur-lined hood (oh, I'm looking at you, mall vixen with the dysplastic walk!), then should you really be wearing strappy high-heeled sandals? Your feet looked like skinned fish.

Tell me, Busties, isn't there an appropriate bridge-season shoe between the open-toed horrors of summer and the woolly monstrosities huddling like Tribbles on store shelves now? Fall has always beeen one of my favorite times to admire the elegance of which women are capable. I notice now nobody wants to let summer go: big hairy mukluks worn with T-shirts?
I'm old and confused!

Gasp! Speedy!!!!! I missed you SO!

In answer to your question, Speedy, I'm kinda partial to the Labour Day law--no more white pants, no more white shoes, no more sandals and spaghetti strapped or tube tops--time to put them away and start reaching for the transitional clothing and shoes. I know people love to make fun of that whole rule, but look what happens when it is ignored: mukluks and t-shirts, parkas and flip flops. The rule has a purpose to serve, and it does serve it well, don't you think?

As for what makes an appropriate transition shoe...there are: closed toed, suede mules, in fall colours (NOT WHITE please); pumps, mary janes, and d'orsays in any number of leathers, fabrics in richer hues appropriate for day or evening wear (as in, tweedier ones for day, brocades or satins for p.m.); leather dress boots in leathers or suedes (you can wear them without destroying them in the snow and ice!), ballet slipper style flats/slip ons, loafers if that's your thing, ankle boots, riding boots, funky oxfords or loafers a la Fluevog, ankle strapped pumps...all in colours other than white....I don't think there is any shortage of choice here. I had to edit this to add that the tribbles are never appropriate, not even if you are making one of those trips to the deep north to visit the Dene people or the Inuit. They might look like they'd fit in there, but believe me, your feet will freeze right off in those fluffies. For the love of all things of the spirit, leave those things on the shelf.

Margot, I think HRT is the reason why the tights made their appearance. That stuff kills, usually more than one person at a time. As you know.
I think the tribbles are considered summer foot wear. You wouldn't want to get salt on them.
I think you're right, Dusty. And that confirms it for me: those boots are yet another sign of the end times.
tribbles.... pfft. laugh.gif for any time of year, it seems.

maybe people are trying to fool themselves into believing that summer is still going (either that or global warming appears to be having an effect on the fashion criminal fraternity). I've always wondered about the ability of both women and men in these parts to toddle down the street in a middrif-baring top, miniskirt and white (noooo) boots or a t-shirt respectively. Especially when I'm wearing several layers and I'm still cold.

do they not get frostbite of the nipples?

I just hope so, mornington.
Being a teacher of 13 year olds, I see fashion disaster at every turn. And seeing Speedy's rant about the dividing line between seasons, well, I can agree. I have a front row seat for this girls are wearing tiny t-shirts made of that barely there cotton, huge puffy down vests, knee shorts and flip flops. Or they wear eskimo hooker look: short skirt, bare legs, big furry lace up boots, faux fur lined jacket over tiny tee. I'm very confused. Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, winter has not hit with a vengence (I think I'm spelling that wrong, but my spelling brain isn't working), however, it's only about 50 degrees most days. These girls are slaves to fashion trends. If Lindsey Lohan is wearing it, they are wearing it, frostbite be damned.

Oh and long exactly are shirts gonna get? Everything's a damned tunic now. This is a great look for long and lean ladies. For the long and slightly pudgy...not so good.
You won't find me wearing strappy sandals in snow, but I must confess that in my neck of the woods winter is a bit fickle: some days are simply not cold enough for a toe prison. On those days, though, I will wear a 40's inspired peep-toe, and make sure my toes are up to date.

I hate labels. I won't wear one, and with the exception of one t-shirt style I sold 5 years ago, I won't put them on my designs, either. If I'm going to advertise someone's wares, they are gonna damn sure PAY me. For that matter, I have very little patience for label whores in general. I've never seen $150 jeans that look any better than Levi's or Gap.
Interlinking peppers concerns and winter CoFs, last january when it was cold enough to snow, I saw a heavily pregnant woman (at least 8 months gone), wearing a crop top. And no coat. Her entire, massive belly was exposed to frostbite weather. I cried a little bit.

On another note, my favourite winter thing is quite possibly big chunky boots, thick woolen tights, denim mini, jumper, big coat, scarf and hat. I can't help myself. So I can't judge anyone really...

i promise not to do that, k?
$150 dollar jeans? Don't you mean, $500 dollar jeans?

I have a pair of low waisted, boot cut jeans with the pattern and softness that shows they are what used to be called acid washed -- ha ha, ie. not just any old denim, the distinctive lacy griddish pattern of denim and a good color, great fit with no bagginess, and I paid -- 50 dollars, in 1997, and, they are still in style. Hell.
This isn't really a crime of fashion, but I saw an unfortunately coiffed woman today...this is hard to explain: her hair was teased in a way that looked like she was hiding a tissue expander under it. Kind of a front bun.

Re: jeans.
Mine are Levis. Straight leg, dark wash, $30 on sale.
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