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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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*bump!!* Don't let it die! We must have a safe space to complain about hideousity!
Oh dear, she's sitting down a few computer from me...
Young femal, probably not even 20. from top down:
Blonde hair that needs to be better taken care of wrappen in a flowery orange-red bandana. Black velour jacket, over what I think is a blue tee. knee length skirt in a pettern that looks like it was made from a baby blanket, from here it looks like a blue backround with ducks or bears or something.) Black, non skintight, cotton leggings with very soiled looking white socks. On the feet are those indian inspired flats.
Oh wait the skirt looks like a gingham one, with little buches of flowers printed on it.
This poor dear needs help.
#1: a purple velvet pantsuit and gold strappy shoes

#2: a pale lime skirt and jacket combo, with an ugly gold belt worn outside of the jacket, a green silk scarf bunched around her neck, white tights, brown leather pumps, and bad hair/makeup.
Leggings worn with oversized shirts and ankle boots are back, apparently. Welcome to 1982.
I got a good one today: lime green headband, lime green hoodie, white cropped pants, lime green socks, white crocs. So that's green, green, white, green, white. (Oh yeah, and carrying a camo bag.)

Or the over-fifty Madonna-circa-1985 wannabe.

Or the woman with the badly permed, over-bleached, uncombed butt-length hair.

Or myself for wearing pigtails way past the appropriate age.
Sweater dress that could have been cute but was a shade too short to be paired with semi-opaque black tights. Another example of someone who looks like they just forgot to put on trousers.

Confession: I just bought a sweater dress but I have made damn sure it is a)long enough and b)will only be worn with thick tights. Who wants an exposed ass in autumn weather?
oh that girl that mentioned friday? I go a closer look and they were JERSY KNIT LEGGINGS
lord have mercy!
Hi fashion busties!

I thought this might be a good place to make sure I don't commit a fashion faux pas! I want to wear stockings and stilettos, I'm just not sure what the rules are. Do the shoes have to be closed-toe? Do the rules change if the stockings are sheer vs. opaque? Both the shoes and the stockings will be black so I guess I can't screw up too bad, I just wanted to make sure biggrin.gif

oh and p.s., I saw a bright, tangerine-coloured leather blazer today... paired with some frumpy, high-waisted light-wash jeans. Yikes!
On a very slim, hippy-ish woman...
Black faded longish vest, revealing most of her back.
Floor length (So had got all scuffed at the bottom) black, slightly baggy leggings, MADE OF SWIMSUIT MATERIAL.
Ugh, it was yucky. I was behind her in the supermarket queue, and it made her arse look so saggy. Quite an achievement, as she was in pretty good shape.
Sheer stockings that are sheer to the toe are good for both closed and open toe shoes.

Opaque tights are good for closed toe, although they can look cute in open toe if you're going for a funkier look--just make sure the toe seam is below your toes.

Sheer stockings that have reinforced toes are for close toe shoes only. (stockings with reinforced heels should likewise be worn with closed heel shoes)

Fishnets generally go better with close toed shoes, IMHO, since toes have annoying habits of poking through the net at the exact wrong moment.
Thanks bustygirl, that's *exactly* what I needed to know! Fashion police to the rescue!!! cool.gif
Ok. Ummm...yeah.

She was in the Kroger's this afternoon.

She had on flared-bottom jeans so tight, she gave the term "muffin-top" a new twist.

They were tinted *red* for Gob's sake.

Sleeveless (that's SLEEVELESS) sweater with a COWL NECK--and gold stuff all through it.


white stilletos with even

pastier white feet! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

Pass the bleach, please!
on the same woman with the green suit:

nice pink fitted blouse, fairly cute
shapeless, baggy black pants with a heavily tapered leg
puffy dark grey, dirty sneakers
It just occured to me that the horrible goucho pants trend did never catch on where I live!

The fashion gods have heard my pleads. cool.gif
You're lucky, I can play "count the gauchos" where I live. So far the highest number has been 10, and that was last week. sad.gif
Yesterday around 5:00 I was in Safeway to buy groceries. Me, I'm wearing jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a sweater knit hoodie.

It's October, right? I didn't just sleep through winter, right? Or wake up without realizing Canada's tectonic plates had somehow slid down to the equator overnight?

I saw a woman wearing a pink tank top, flip flops, and navy blue cotton shorts that ended somewhere at her upper thigh.


And this wasn't a teenager, whom I normally expect to be the ones who sometimes dress a bit "off the mark" when it comes to the weather. This woman was 45 if a day. (Or maybe younger, depending on how long she'd been working that fake 'n' bake.) You would think by that age, you would have developed some common sense about these things!
brrrrrr..... freezes just readig this.

Yeah, I saw 2 pairs of goucho pants... this year. laugh.gif
A gaggle of bridesmaids in neon pink satin--at Hardees.
This is a letter to all your girls going to weddings.

I understand that social mores have changed, that it's okay to wear sleeveless, shoestring and strapless things to weddings. I can deal with that.

But if you're going to do that COVER YOUR FUCKING UNDERWEAR!

I saw SEVEN girls out of about 40 showing their skanky bras at a wedding on the weekend. But that's better than the BRIDESMAID showing her bra under her dress that i saw the weekend before.
I don't know if I'm just being bitchy, or I'm just old fashioned about this.
A woman I didn't know all that well's funeral (she used to babysit me when i was very young). The womans daughter (I'll let her off the the hook) and four of her friends all decided to wear strappless/halter, short skirted black dresses that showed off their wide array of tattoos. They seriously looked like they were going to a cocktail party. And it was early march in the northwest, so you know it wasn't warm.
Now maybe I'm being harsh, but arn't you supposed to be respectful at a funeral? Not even counting the fact that a few of these girls were squeezed into these dresses and it would have been a crime anyway. I was wearing a tea length black skirt with a dark grey sweater (which was truly the best that I had) an I was feeling a little inappropriate. (The grey). am I wrong?
Showing bras, unless it's a deliberate part of your outfit (and best saved for nightclubs) = never okay, IMHO.

It's likely with the young women that someone told them the best thing to wear to a funeral was a black dress, and maybe those were the only black dresses they had? I'm just guessing. Also, most younger folk don't consider their tats a social "faux pas." Though they could have solved the entire "strapless" problem by adding a jacket or a sweater, I agree!

I went to the Legislature last week with a couple of younger feminists (ages 22, 23). One of them wore all her piercings, showed her tats below her sleeves, and had blue-purple hair - she also wore long striped socks that ended two inches below her skirt hem. The other wore a feminist slogan t-shirt, a skirt over pants, and carried a handmade patchwork bag. I always try to lead by example - I wore a black blouse and black trousers, with a charcoal grey blazer and a silk scarf - but clearly example isn't enough. I guess I assumed they'd "get" the formality of the thing, especially since they were there to be heard by politicians (every one of them in a suit or coordinating jacket and pants/skirt) on an issue. I'm all for freedom of expression, but it was the friggin' Legislature, for pete's sake!

You don't have to spend a lot of money to dress respectfully and conservatively, that's the thing, but if you DON'T dress respectfully and conservatively, some people will automatically tune out whatever you have to say. I adore these young women, and their funky style, but there's a time and a place....I just don't know how I'm going to get through to them - I'm thinking maybe of holding a workshop on dealing with media/public/government, that will include a section on "appropriate attire." What do others think? Would that would work? I's hard especially when feminist theory tells us that no one has the "right" to tell us how we "should" look....which is absolutely true, but also pretty self-sabotaging, if you want people (who don't give a shit about feminist theory) to actually listen to you.
Doodle, its not a feminist issue. You wear professional clothing to a professional situation. Its respect. You show your respect for the institution. You have every right to pull them aside and tell them that they will receive more respect if they show more respect. Showing respect includes dressing the part. Ross has fantastic prices and lots of professional options if money is an issue.
This thing with funerals, also depends on who died, and how conservative the family is IMO.
Like when my friend died, who was a punk rocker, we all came in our usual attire, which would be black jeans, vintage dresses and coats, all fleamarket stuff, but then his family is not conservative at all and his parents were very moved that so many of his friends showed up.
I also think showing up in dark neutrals is always better than wearing a black item, that is just completely out of place, like those cocktail minidresses. ( blink.gif That's really bizarre...)

With the bra thing, I so agree. It's one thing if a bit of black/pink lace is showing in a plunging neckline when you go out in the evenings, but those skimpy tops with showing (dirty) bra straps, blech!
*tentatively peeking in, hesitant since i got jumped the last few times i tried to post here....*

woman, fairly attractive, possibly early middle age, long curly brown hair and glasses, wearing:
--purple, shiny cowboy hat
--purple satin blouse tucked into
--purple leather high-waisted jeans
--purple SNEAKERS

blink.gif Purple is my favourite colour, but that outfit is truly scary! laugh.gif
WHO would jump Mouse????

*Standing on guard*

I have no crimes to report, but agree on the issues of respect at funerals and respect at the Legislature. Respect may be manifested in many ways, as in the punk rock funeral. But it should always be considered. And then you will find others considerate of YOU.

*Respecting everyone here*
Yeah, if someone younger dies, it's better to consider the parents who've lost their child, which is so horrible.

A bit off topic: My friend once posed for a photo with his mum and aunt, and he was wearing his dads suit and a gas mask! His family is so cool! laugh.gif

(Jumping mouse? Never!!! biggrin.gif )

CoF: It's probably been said here many times before, but those hipster pants, worn with very tight and way too short stretch T-shirts look godawful on size 16+. I'm not thin myself, so I know, there are more flattering ways to show off voluptuous curves.
I'm all for the appropriate attire thing. No bras showing, pants, hair combed, washed, etc.

BUT...on the tattoos tip, that's not a fashion item. To a lot of tattooed people, that's simply their skin, both literally and figuratively. It represents something deep enough to most of them (not Taz tats, maybe, but you know what I mean) to wear it on their bodies for the rest of their life. It is such a personal thing that even though the world can see it, it's not something done with the world in mind. While I would probably cover mine if I was in front on the legislature (and therefore pleading my case and mindful of needing approval), at a funeral/wedding/etc, it is nobody's right to expect you to cover up if you are dressed otherwise tastefully. Particularly if it's outside, particularly if it's hot.

Tattoos are here to stay, in greater and greater numbers every year. At some point people will get it, or they won't. But I'm not covering up unless the situation truly warrants it. If someone can't figure out from the way I carry myself that I deserve (and demand, and receive) respect, then they aren't worth mine.
I want to get a phoenix on my back, the issue being that it will show at my wedding. My wedding being the only time I'm not to thrilled with showing it. any tips?
Point taken on the "respect" issue....I think maybe the problem in the case of young lefties is the lack of respect for government! Which I feel, too, but my disrespect is political party-based, rather than disrespect for the institution itself (though I feel that too, from time-to-time). But yeah, it does come down to whether or not you want your point's just getting them to wrap their heads around the concept that people DO judge what you say by what you wear, and that's just the way it is, so get over it. *sigh* Maybe I should call in Stacey and Clinton to do a special WNTW for political activists.

Just to clarify, I wasn't ever dissing tats in my last post! I *was* dissing strapless dresses at funerals, and also bemoaning the visibility of tats (and piercings and inappropriate attire) when trying to make one's case to political conservatives. I have often thought about getting a tat myself (I want Pippi Longstocking hoisting Wonder Woman with one arm), but I can never bring myself to justify the cost when I'm always scrambling to pay the bills. *sigh*
onna-otaku, i would think that a wedding would be a day entirely about YOU. when better to show off something so incredibly personally expressive? that's the best day for it, IMHO.
Girl in a college district, who I had the misfortune of walking behind today, was wearing blue jeans with horizontal slits just under both asscheeks, from inner to outer seams, giving all and sundry regular glimpses as she walked of the crease where her pale bum met her upper thighs.

Good God.

tell that to my mother, pepper... tongue.gif
Maybe I could find a way to incorperate that into the colors and what not... hmmm
oh girl, you tell that to your mother. she's not the one getting married, right? you'd think she'd want to give you your dream day.
oh well, it's not worth the family discord sometimes. i understand. i'm just lucky with the trippy hippy mom i guess.
Doodle, I wasn't bashing you. More a non-specific kvetching about people not into tats that push the ridiculous idea that immorality somehow gets injected into the skin with the ink. wink.gif

That said, I'd cover mine if I was going to get a loan, to court, or to plead my case in front of the legislature. Of course, I'd also cover my ass, crotch, nips, tits, and thighs. At this point my tats are as much a part of me as any of those bits.

If you feel that strongly about not showing a tat at your wedding, you could always wait until after the date to get it. After all, the wedding is just a day, and if it would make you happy to make your mom happy, waiting until the day has passed may suit you. Only you will know for sure.
Sorry, a bit off topic, but I just have to share my excitement! biggrin.gif

In a second hand shop, I bought a classic pink v-neck sweater yesterday, made of 55% silk, and 45% cashmere, and it was only six euros! (about 7 dollars)

It's the softest thing I ever touched... wub.gif
I didn't think you were busty - I just didn't want to be known as a tat-hater! tongue.gif

So, I'm seeing a lot of leggings out in public lately. But these are not new, "fashionable" leggings. They are leggings women have apparently dragged out of their closets and are going back to wearing (with tent-like t-shirts and sweatshirts) because they've been given "permission" by the trend. UGH, UGH, UGH!

pherber, your sweater sounds lovely!
Heehee, thanks doodle! happy.gif

That legging thing is weird, since they're definetely the fastest ageing clothes ever, and I don't even mean the style, I mean the material. After three months, they look like they've been run over by a train. mellow.gif

Risking to sound like a pompous ass here, but whatever happened to the rule of thumb, that the point of retro is to wear things you were too young to wear, when they were trendy the first time around?
I guess, it's because people won't throw out hideous clothes for the silly reason, that "everything comes back into fashion again" dry.gif
At the risk of getting things thrown at me, I'm going to have to agree with pherber about the retro thing. After a certain age, wearing leggings and a huge t-shirt is going to make you look dated, not trendy, especially if you are old enough to have worn it the first time around (and the clothes look old enough to be from that time).

That's the main reason why I will not wear them (being in grade school counts, right?), plus they don't flatter me.
I HATE those heeled ankle boots that have come back. Especially since people insist on wearing them with dresses. I haven't seen them on an actual person yet, just on celebrity pics, but I'm sure the time will come soon enough.

I just hate the 80s comeback in general. I can't think of any trend from the 80s that wasn't ugly.
I like the way Joan Jett looked in the late 70s and early 80s, (and today!) but that probably doesn't really count, since she is too rock'n roll to be an 80s fashion victim.

My dad kept a huge box of my 80s teenage magazines in the attic, after I moved out.
Flicking through them was more then cringe inducing:
..those poodle perms.... frosted lipsticks in "icy" pink... shoulder pads.... *shivers*

In those times I used to get ridiculed a lot for not being trendy enough. huh.gif laugh.gif

Everybody said that about sixties retro, and seventies retro, too. I was 12-22 in the eighties, and yeah, there were some problems. But no more than other decades, and no fewer either. I'm unrepentant about most of the clothes I wore and other choices. I revisit certain aspects of silhouette and spirit from time to time, too - without apology. I don't see how the dorky fads from my own prime are any more offensive than other dorky fads. Some of us escaped the entire decade without o-ring bracelets, gummi shoes, long-shirts-over-leggings, ponytails-on-top, big hair, and Toni Basil tragedies. We all make our own personal brands of mistakes. The ones my generation made aren't so terrible.
Well, I avoided those dorky fads, but I got beaten up, because of that.
Coming from a country where no school uniforms are required, I have (literally) painful memories, that brands-as-status-symbols was never as bad as then.
Kinda weird, because we're almost the same age, that we recall that time so differently.
Hope this is not going to derail into a flamewar, that's certainly not my intention. sad.gif

Good things about the 80s:
The Smiths
Peel Sessions
Vinyl (records, not clothes! happy.gif )
all sorely missed.

Ironically, I wear cotton leggings a lot, as pyjama bottoms, under jeans and longer dresses, because it's really cold here already.
QUOTE(lilacwine13 @ Oct 14 2006, 09:50 PM) *

At the risk of getting things thrown at me, I'm going to have to agree with pherber about the retro thing. After a certain age, wearing leggings and a huge t-shirt is going to make you look dated, not trendy, especially if you are old enough to have worn it the first time around (and the clothes look old enough to be from that time).

i refuse to wear anything i *actually* wore in the 80s, especially because most of my fashion-conscious days were in grade school, which was a time i don't really want to relive; ie chuck taylors, leg warmers, jelly bracelets....
In the eighties, I wore my grandpa's button down shirts, baggy pants, flats, big earrings, short spiked hair, jelly bracelets (in black), big black t-shirts with bands like the Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees, or Marilyn Monroe. I had these awesome holey secondhand jeans that I loved, plus my grandpa's old leather belts and striped ties.

I had a trenchcoat and a beret that I bought from Goodwill, and a striped wool tall mens' sweater that was about a trillion sizes too big.

I also filched my dad's tweed sportcoat from his closet-I rolled up the sleeves to show the iridescent lining. I had a pair of combat boots and a military surplus jacket with a bunch of pins and buttons. I drew murals on my jeans. I wore opaque black tights with everything, and treasured my granny boots. I had a Sid and Nancy T-Shirt. I sewed it onto the back of my jean jacket when it finally wore out.

I went through a Duran Duran phase, a Billy Idol phase, a Sex Pistols phase, a Cure phase, and a Misfits phase (that one stuck). I loved New York, Cats, Andy Warhol, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Punk Rock, and pretending I was anywhere but a stupid midwestern city with a bunch of Guess-ed out Polo wearing jock assholes for peers. I suffered at the hands of people whose whole lives began and ended on the streets where they lived. Like all introverted, misunderstood, artsy teenagers, I dreamed of someday getting the hell out--living in a dusty loft in the Village, painting, and drinking tiny cups of coffee with Edie Sedgewick (who cares that she was dead?).

In a lot of ways, the eighties was the last time I was that naive fashion-wise, but that naivete allowed me to do things in ways that were totally me, unfiltered through a peer group. In a lot of ways I don't think I was ever as me as I was then.
can you say 'fedora'?
oh yes, i did so.
assymetrical curly do as well. ugh.
my little sister dresses in the 80's fashion TODAY that i wouldn't even touch back then. double ugh.
it was ugly man, it was so very very ugly.
frosted icy pink lipstick and blue eyeliner AVEC navy mascara. i confess.

i wore the leggings and t-shirt with army boots fashion non-statement in the nineties, not the 80's. big, huge pinstriped dickey's overalls with a giant t-shirt or coveralls, you know, the greasemonkey kind. and i had bangs down to here too, covered half my face right up.
what can i say? i was in art school yo. it was comfy and durable attire and i looked CUTE!
I locked myself in my room, listening to the Velvet Underground, and Leonard Cohen... um, well, not much has changed then. laugh.gif

Edie Sedgwick!!! *sighs* I so adore..
i refuse to wear anything i *actually* wore in the 80s, especially because most of my fashion-conscious days were in grade school, which was a time i don't really want to relive; ie chuck taylors, leg warmers, jelly bracelets....

What's wrong with Chuck Taylors?
There is no way I'm reviving anything I wore in the 80's and same for most of the 90's for that matter!

-acid wash
-oversize men's shirts
-anything neon
-tight jeans

I was in elemantry for the 80's, but was really fashion forward for a kid in rural nowhere's ville. My teenage babysitters liked to dress me up and my mom thought it was cute and a sign of independance when I wore her areobics wear and sweaters to get my Madonna on! My fav outfit: mustard chunky sweater that I wore belted over fushia leggings with chucks or little booties with as many braclets as I could pile on...I see girls on St Laurent street and downtown rocking some version of that "80's outfit" and it weirds me out. My god leggings and tight jeans?!! They're not flattering on anything over size 6 or a hanger!! Just because American Apparel and some celeb'u'tramp say it's hot! As a fashion designer you couldn't pay me to endorse those things!

end rant, sorry if I may have offended unsure.gif
I rocked oversize men's shirts, but not the STYLE of oversize men's shirts that was going on - I actually stole men's shirts.

I only pegged my jeans once, because a girl I knew who modeled in Japan and Europe did it to me. It ... didn't stick.

I did steal my boyfriend's jeans all the time. (I look at the current man, and look at my own ass, and am astounded I was ever so small as to fit in a guy's licorice-leg Levis ...) It felt sexy to dwell where the penis dwelt. Heh.

I didn't do big hair, but I did shave one side when I was eighteen. It was easier to take tests; no hair-flipping when it fell in my face. I swear to MAUD that is the reason I did it.

I stole my brother's L'autre Mode (a RIPOFF of Members Only) jacket when he left for college, but only because it was black.

I did hit the Keds-n-long-skirts look for a few years there, but the honest truth is: I actually still like that particular combo. It had a certain functionality, never mind the effin' "fashion statement". Heh.

I wore the same magenta lipstick with every outfit, for every occasion, every day for like six years. Amazing.

Busty is making me miss my Sunday Go To Meetin' Jeans. They were these wonderful jeans old enough to have become soft as Kleenex, and I had all my friends sign them or draw on them all the time. I still have them, in (appropriately) my grandma's cedar chest. It is NOT IN ME to ever throw them out or give 'em away.

I love watching the opening sequence of Sixteen Candles, which has the amazing property of apparently featuring actual human kids, dressed as we really did look. Very few movies manage to actually capture any sort of reality, and that tour of the high school campus is a wonderful microcosm of all the not-too-on-the-nose stuff we just wore because it fell out of the drawer. *Uber grin*

(Pherber, I hope you didn't mean me about flaming; people have a way of taking me as bullying and aggressive, but no such effect was intended.)
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