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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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ooh, that's a tough one. i have a hard time being rough with people for how they look naturally (most of the time) and i figure it has prolly taken them time and work with themselves to get to a point where they accept and love themselves because of their differences (as opposed to despite them), your hairy-armed woman obviously cares for herself (working out), it must be a conscious choice on her point. it's like women with the frida-esque uni-brow. it's not really a classically attractive look but..... why be pressured to tear hairs out for the sake of conformity? i am dating a boy with crazy eyes and i wonder how that affected his self-image growing up, he is a confidant man now and i actually like that he's different, it suits him and doesn't deter from his attractiveness at all, to me anyhow. but it Did take some time for me to notice just how hot he is, it certainly was a distracting feature for a while. so.....
personal call, i think. if it's something that tweaks your sense of fashion faux-pas then it's a CoF to you. we're in a safe space here, there's no need to censor ourselves, i don't think. if you see it and feel like commenting, do so. we all have our own ideas and viewpoints on these things and it's good to examine them and take responsibility for what feelings they bring up in us. i for one would Much rather have my sensibilities tweaked then have us be all PC in here all that time. what a bore that would be!
carry on...
I have polycystic ovary syndrome, and one of the major symptoms is hirsutism, thicker and darker hair than normal on my arms, legs, belly, and face. i shave my legs, i shave my belly, and i shave my chin (it's taken me years to be able to admit to that, and no one outside my immediate family knows i do it). i draw the line at shaving my arms (the hair is only a little thicker and darker than it used to be before i got sick). my sister shaves hers, and when i touch her arm, it's stubbly! i can't imagine that dark hair is worse than catching your arm stubble in your sweater. my niece is a hairy little girl too; right now hers is blonde, but i worry that it's going to affect her self-image as she gets older (she's five and already worried about being fat). i had a friend back in college who didn't shave anything, and she had dark hair all over the place, even her face. she also had the prettiest eyes, and i thought she was beautiful. i'm not saying that the hair debate isn't a personal choice, but i think maybe we shouldn't be terribly quick to judge people for what they can't help, either.

Glamour magazine went to town last month on men with hairy backs. So unnecessary, so mean.
I wonder if fina saw that? she has a thing for hairy men ... or, maybe that's just their chests?
I'm talking about large amounts of very contrasty hair on somethng that's easy to shave... I'm not bugging about little girls with hair. also, I refuse to pluck my eyebrows.

I'm not sure anyone should remove hair in such a place/way that it causes them pain.
as a hirsute jewess I have nothing but mad love for people who are comfortable with their hairy selves.

I do tend to get a moustache and just get too lazy to remove it but now I am starting to get a few coarse chin hairs that I pluck religously. I would have the frieda monobrow but I pluck. I do dress up like her for special occasions and I will stop plucking my eyebrows and leave my lip for about a month then I still have to draw more hair in.

my father was given the nickname silver back gorilla, he is covered head to toe in hair. the hairest man I have ever seen. compared to him . I call my husband the hair less wonder.

a friend of mine was showing me her husbands back hair, and to me it was nothing. Not even fazed by the back hair.
ditto to the chinny-chin-chin hairs, which i also pluck, and the dratted sproutlets in the breastage area too, not my favourite. i have a friend who obviously has to shave spots here and there where women generally don't grow hair, i know it bothers her though she's never discussed it outright with me.
meh, whatever. if it were my arms i wouldn't shave them either. shaving and other hair removal is Never not painful for me so even though i still do my legs and bikini i'd draw the line at the rest of my body. it may be "easy to shave" but i pay for it with weeks of ingrowns and rashes. why the heck bother?

i'm calling a CoF on myself again. i went out in jammies. green terry fleece pants, sloppy ancient t-shirt, black zip front sweater covered with icky sweater pills, and bright orange socks. atrocious.
I have always lived in communities with lots of Indo-Canadians, Italian-Canadians, Greek-Canadians, etc., and find that dark arm hair (and other body hair) is just as normal as no visible hair or light-coloured hair. (Also, I think women with visible body hair are more "normal" in British Columbia, b/c this is where all the hippies congregate.) Honestly, I don't really notice people's body hair, and I do see the expectation that women have to lighten and/or get rid of it as being not only sexist, but sometimes racist, because blonde is considered more acceptable than dark body hair. I've also dated some very hairy women, and found them quite sexy! Hair is normal! We're supposed to have it!

When I was 13, I experimented and shaved my arms, and it grew back thicker and darker. It's light-coloured now, and though it's visible, it doesn't bother me. As my stepmother once said, as we compared arm hair when I was about 15, "Thank god we don't have to do our arms, too, eh?"

When I was in my early '20s, I had this little patch of about 5 thick, dark hairs on the underside of my jaw. I started with plucking, but then I moved on to waxing and shaving it, because it always grew back worse (more and darker - and, as I would often accidentally shaved too far out, it grew in a wider and wider patch). Now I just Nair the whole underside of my jaw. I am very self-conscious about it, even though it's not that visible - mainly I get rid of it because I don't like the way it FEELS when it grows back! I am thinking about laser treatment.

I also have a facial mole that I pluck as soon as I see even the tiniest hair growth, b/c when I was an overly-insecure 18-year old waitress, I always had to serve this woman who had long, dark curly hairs growing out of a facial mole, and I thought it looked really, really creepy...I've always been paranoid, ever since. And I do eyebrows, but I doubt anyone would notice if I didn't do them. I do it because Carmindy says it makes your eyes look bigger. smile.gif
My mom had this zit-like thing on her face for a while and one day she went to squeezin' at it. It popped and out unfurled this long curly face hair. It was absolutely foul. I don't care if someone plucks, shaves, waxes or not. I don't pluck my eyebrows even though they are crooked as hell. But if my face starts producing fully formed curls, I will draw the damned line. I will be a plucker.
Now, now, notice I said "CONTRASTY" of dark hair on pale skin. I'm not putting down people with darker skin, obviously darker hair on darker skin would not be contrasty.

I have some chin hairs that I didn't get until I passed 35 or so. I don't see a problem with shaving them. I guess I'm lucky that shaving doesn't bother me, I just use a thick moisturizing hippie moisturizer and a really good sharp Sensor razor.

I also shave a few on nipples and above belly button. Pits. Arms if they get out of hand. Legs. If I do cooch or get boyfriend to do cooch, great sex will follow, but stubble on those lips that fold in against the very most tender parts - aaagh! I'd have to balance the amount of masochism I have -- not much -- against the sex, and I can still have sex when still hairy, so the cooch stays furry.

I have one small mole on my chin and very carefully shave off two hairs that grow out. Gross. I am getting my teeth whitened and the next step is to get rid of the little mole. It makes me feel like Broomhilda. However, until I don't have more fun, more pressing things to spend money on, I put it out of my mind.

There is a famous spa near where I work that does a great, painless, not grotesquely obvious-china-doll-cartoon-character job on waxing the brows. I should go every, like, two months or so. I'm a little overdue.

The woman I was talking about was on the subway, white, redheaded, very pale skin, very dark arm hair very copious -- again, I don't feel like condemning women for hair. It just seemed easy to fix. Maybe it isn't. It's not something Id be nasty to her about.
It's a gallimaufry of bad fashion! Vote for your fav:

a. Guy whose fashion sense recalls Marky Mark circa 1991
b. Mega-mullet man
c. Mega-mullet woman with scrunchie
d. Woman in ankle-length, leopard-print skirt and diaphanous floral-print peasant blouse

(Wanna hear something really embarrassing? I seem to be suffering some kind of reverse dyslexia. I, for the life of me, could not remember how to spell scrunchie, and I typoed length--twice, yet I correctly spelled gallimaufry and diaphanous.)

I think.

Edit: Arrrrghhh!
Mullet + Scrunchie = The worst.

When did the Madonna circa "Dress You Up in My Love" look come back? I was in Target last night and there was a woman wearing the following ensemble: brown calf length leggings, acid washed denim mini skirt, ankle books with pointy heels, brown lace tank, strands upon strands of jangly necklaces, earrings the size of dinner plates and huge hair that looked like a bear had been chewing on it. What the hell?
what the hell indeed my friend. scary beyond reason.

mullet + scrunchie = the worst

I'm so glad I didn't throw my pointy-toed, ankle-high, lace up boots away! They are my only remaining all leather shoes, besides my job interview shoes. I take them to the shoemaker to be reheeled regularly and I treat them with Lexol.
Oh the Madonna look is in full swing. I just saw someone --young enough to still be crapping her shorts in 1987--rocking the leggings under the mini + big hair look. And St. Louis isn't exactly a mecca of high fashion.
You're in St. Louis, too? So am I, and so is Pagangrrl.

I'd still rather see the Madonna Wannabe look than Ashley Olsen Threw Up.
xing fingers for hammer-pants to come back in vogue too.
saw some jackass actor from Desperate Housewives on some tv interview, He was in a white polo shirt, black and white plaid sports jacket, jeans, and FLIP FLOPS! wtf. why oh why ?
Before I forget these:

Male. Mid-sixties, maybe. Rock-star skinny, tee, cut-offs, BLACK SOCKS PULLED UP TO THE KNEES WORN WITH SANDALS, cowboy hat--not on his head, sitting atop his briefcase (?) which was next to his sandal shod, black-socked feet.



Youngish (I'd say 26, 27) woman, black top, knee-length black skirt slit to the thigh, chunky black boots. That doesn't sound sooo bad, but as I spied those clunky boots I could hear Stacy London screaming all the way from the What Not To Wear studios in New York. She looked European, boot-girl, I mean. With a sexy accent, she may have pulled it off.
blink.gif ohmy.gif

She had on, from the bottom up:

Chunky black combat-like boots, with seriously THICK soles.
Blue-pink tie-dyed style socks--scrunched.
Those "pantaloon-ish" knicker pants-blue.
White t-shirt---wife beater style.

quietmadness, she sounds like a reject from a psychedelic production of Oliver!

I saw a man with a black necktie, single broken white line down the middle, and a micro-machine car stitched to the fabric in such a way as to be driving up his tie. He looked like Sigmund Freud, too. So dignified, with his car tie.
I hate wacky tie guy. Wacky tie = LAMER.

I think when a newsboy cap gets too big it is no longer a newsboy cap. It becomes an "applejack" hat. Maybe that girl was a locker (Popping & locking preceding break dancing. Think Rerun style.)? That sounds like a locker look, especially with the knickers.

Wombat, I have a *single* chin hair that I have to pluck off & on. I do the strays on my brow. I also have one that grows out of my right breast. There are a few stragglers on my toes/feet. But I pluck. I take a perverse joy in the plucking of weird body hair.

I don't shave my pits, but I did used to wax my cooch. HB prefers that I have a bush, so who am I to complain? I save money/time on not waxing & it turns him on.

When I didn't hate my mom, I used to pluck her copious face hairs. She can look like ZZTop & I still won't pluck her facial hair. The hair is blonde & very fine & difficult to see. It was weird. It took almost a half an hour to get them all & since I didn't see her but every few weeks I was plucking inch long hairs out of her face.
I do forgive Wacky Tie Guy, because I like to believe that the ties come from well-meaning kids on father's day. And it does get THAT boring around the office sometimes.

Anyway, the micro machine tie doesn't actually sound THAT wacky. Unexpected - but nothing for tackiness, next to the bright pink tie with the bright kelly green hippoes on it I used to have to look at on at least a bi-monthly basis, in another department.

The only CoF I can keep on my mind today is the brutally overpowering perfume which gave me a migraine for several hours even after I left the building. And the woman who wears this stuff is SO very nice, I can't quite bring myself to bitch at her.

Thank Maud she is only a substitute for my "real" next-desk-neigbhor, who is very cool and never EVER wears perfume. Ever.
Naw, woman. I'm talking *intentionally* wacky tie guy. Young, single, cute wacky tie guy. I had this crush on a baker at the boulangerie. We became friends & when he got a corporate job, he became wacky tie guy. It was like, "I may suck the Man's dick for a living, but I'm still a rebel! Check out my Three Stooges tie! Tomorrow it's gonna be the Tazmanian Devil! I may work in a cubicle, but I'm irreverent & think outside of it!"

Tonight. GORGEOUS young woman. Chic, beautifully cut black trousers. Black, elaborately beaded, deep V halter. Big string of HIDEOUS, WHITE beads from Claires' or some shit. They didn't suit the neckline of the ensemble & clashed horribly. Had she gone with a simple pair of earrings all would have been good, but no.
Related petty peeve: Plastic pearls.
Worn with business ensemble.
Sometimes NOT even attempting to blend in with real-pearl wearers, but large enough to be "campy" as if to say "Yes these are fake!"

It almost goes in the wacky tie rebel category.

Boring, somewhat cheap office clothes with big plastic pearls.

Maybe only in Boston, prep, dowdy, class-war land, would anyone think of such a thing?

I can count the strands on the subway
There is this woman who comes into my work all the time who has to be in her late 30s, at least, and she always dresses like she's 13. Or rather, she looks like I did when I was 13... I don't even think today's 7th graders dress that way anymore.

ringer tee with some "character" of some sort, no bra, tucked into flared jeans.
a brown belt and black stacked-heel shoes
eyeliner and body glitter on her eyelids
hair in princess leia buns.
Aural, speaking of inappropriate/doesn't work jewelry with necklines, can I say



Um. A gold necklace so thin it would disappear but for its shiny-ness ... and yet, so long it hangs between the breasticular landscaping ... which is poorly outlined with an ill-shaped neckline ... and no element of the black and purple dress which can justify, explain, or even invite skinny gold jewelry ...

I'm confused. Distracted as a crow, by that shiny little chain ... and terribly, terribly confused.
ooh, blech.
it makes me feel old that the stuff that was en vogue when i was in 5th/6th grade is coming back.

Do any of you none UK busties know who russell brand? I'm not sure if he is just a curse upon the UK or his irritating shit has made its way overseas as well. And even for the UK busties I'm not sure if hes that famous. I don't know why he's famous. I only know who he is because for some reason I would always catch Big Brothers Big Mouth, which he presented.

Anyway, I was flipping through the sun newspaper and in the gossip section they named him "Most Stylish Man". This is the man who is more often than not, wearing the following:

White t-shirt
Black skinny tie and/or black waistcoat
Incredibly skinny sperm destroying black jeans.
Man Flip Flops which induce hatred even when not paired with aforementioned skinny jeans.

And he looks like this:

IPB Image

And that is a flattering photo. How in gods name did he get classed as stylish? Has the world gone mad??? I know this is The Sun, but I thought even they wouldn't be so blind/stupid/taking the piss.

Most Stylish Man ... ?

What, of 1995?

This was just depressing. Last night I went to a gogo show at a local hipster bar. There were a *lot* of older guys. The chatty guy sitting next to me owned his baldness & I was cool with that. But. BUT. He was working the "fringe" & instead of combing it down, he combed it up & fluffed it up. It was like, a greasy Bozo the clown look. Sadder than hell. I made nice-y nice, though.
oh ugh.

yesterday i saw a strange outfit.
darkish kind of loafer runner things, ratty, laces undone.
limey-mossy green swingy fabric gauchos.
weird homemade top. two triangles of fabric, pointy side down, assymetrically placed, one white the other pink, across the boobs tied in the back. the seam part was messy and pulling, sort of moving around, and the boobs were squashed flat On The Top.
not terrible or anything, just Bad.
i ask myself "why?"
I have a fear of Russel Brand. He was naked in yesterday's guardian and I was very, very afraid. Plus, he dresses silly.

On the tube... couldn't work out if she was doing the walk of shame or preparing for a night out - it was about three in the afternoon. She was in her thirties, big pile of blonde hair heaped on top of her head, strapless tartan mini-dress with pouffy skirt that a) she didn't have the legs for, cool.gif she didn't have the boobs for and she looked both flat and saggy, and finally, c) emphasised all her wobbly bits. She had bad shoes on too - over diamanted mules with super-shiny silver heel. The worst bit was that she could have been quite good-looking if her clothes fit and suited her.

Everyone stared. Fascinating.
Did you read that he was interviewed ove rape allegations and "smirked" the entire time? His colleague/assistant type was charged in end.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Sep 10 2006, 01:32 PM) *

The chatty guy sitting next to me owned his baldness & I was cool with that. But. BUT. He was working the "fringe" & instead of combing it down, he combed it up & fluffed it up. It was like, a greasy Bozo the clown look.

My grandfather used to make me comb his hair up like that all the time and then prompt me to say who he was supposed to look like, which was Bozo.

Nowadays he has even less hair, but for a while he was determined to grow a ponytail after my aunt mentioned that it would make him look cool (I think she was just messing with him). For the longest time he had this incredibly ratty, fluffy, frazzled looking white "ponytail" all fly-away on the back of his neck. My grandmother was always threatening to cut it off in his sleep. It took him 2 years before he finally gave up on it.
Ugh, Russell Brand is one seriously ugly dude.

I have an uncle who doesn't have a lot of hair on the top of head (okay, close to none). After years and years of doing the combover (which looked really bad), he finally decided that he was just going to wear it in a ponytail and grew his beard out to boot. Now I think he looks like a mountain man/aging hippie, but at least it's better than the stupid combover.
My neighbor wins the "fashion don't of the day" because he wears...nothing! (When he's sleeping. With the door open.)

Not that there's anything wrong with sleeping nude, of course, but I really don't like being flashed at 8 am. (At least wait until I've had my coffee.)
I did bunnyb, didn't he say something like "At the time of the alleged rape I was busy having consensual sex with witnesses".

Dirty horrible man. Yuck.
I walked behind an older woman today (mid 60s or so) who's hair was, uh, distracting.

The top and sides were ratted up and sprayed like she alone was in charge of depleting the ozone layer. She really did look like the Heatmiser

But the back was styled duck-butt greaser style, and it was extra frosted. It looked like she had an ass on the back of her head. Seriously.

If she hadn't held the door open for me, I would have surely walked into it (not through) I was that entranced.

Hey! She's the original butt-head!
This is not so much a fashion crime as a fashion pitfall.

Attractive, curvy young lady wearing those GIGANTIC sunglasses, cami top and cute flippy skirt. She looked fine, except...

Her cute flippy skirt was tucked under her backpack, baring her ENTIRE ASS, as she either wore a tiny thong or no undies at all. She was walking in front of a large crowd of people, including women, NONE of whom seemed inclined to clue her in, so I ran across campus and practically tackled her to gasp out "Your skirt *pant* tucked *pant* in backpack!" Luckily, I caught her right before she entered the student center.
The worst part was all of the men, including an elderly professor (yuck!) who just stopped and stared. It made me feel yucky, and they weren't even looking at me.

Isn't it common courtesy for women to tell each other when skirts are tucked up? I always thought so. Geesh, what's wrong with people?
oh maude, *trying so hard not to laugh at the unfortunate woman*. oh.
I love watching people with an off-kilter fashion sense. Sometimes I can't tell if it looks great or grotesque but I have to admire them for trying to be a little different. I can't tell you how sick to death I am of the same straightened hair, big sunglasses, pink lips, and cute little dress with heels look. Or jeans with heels look. It's like most girls try to look like Jessica Simpson. I always feel so uncool when I'm around them (wavy brown hair and vintage clothes) that I appreciate someone else who risks a little in the sartorial world. Interesting street fashion is where it's at. (Not to say I don't comment when a woman's wearing a color-coordinated sweatsuit with matching scrunchy. That's just wrong unless you're a model, 14, and being totally ironic.)
Wavy hair and vintage clothes sounds pretty cool to me. smile.gif

I love the ignore function. Love it, love it, love it.

Me too. laugh.gif
there were many, many crimes of fashion in the city last week, but one has stuck with me so long that i need to report it, except that it's difficult to describe.

a dress. it was red, with some sort of a white print, except that the yoke was plain red. it had kimono sleeves. it was flowing. it sort of reminded me of a 70s caftan, was short. like just-under-the-ass short. like a shift, maybe? her purse was pulling it dangerously high on one side. and with it she was wearing enough large, long gold chains to make mr. t blush.

Woman sitting at the bus stop. Late 40's. Black dyed hair. WHITE roots. You think that's bad? It gets worse. Her hair was meticulously parted in the middle, right down the back. The whole look reeked of Skunk.

Woman in the supermarket, mid-fifties, long, gray Joni Mitchell hair (she looked quite a bit like Ms. Mitchell, in fact, even if she cut her hair pixie-short), tank, cropped jeans, jean jacket, hooker pumps. Now while that's not so bad, maybe a little "mutton dressed as lamb," what really stood out was the horrid, dried blood lipstick drawn waaaaay outside her lips.
I've been trying to buy a pair of shoes for few weeks now, and I don't remember that has ever been so difficult.
Every single pair of shoe I saw has a wedge heel! I mean wtf, whatever happened to choice?

I don't even hate them, I just can't walk in wedge heels, they just feel so weird...

They can look really nice, in some summer/ plateau/ 70s retro chic, but that's not happening now.
All I see in the shops are native american style mocassins, or 20s style charleston shoes with cute round tip, then I turn them round to check the heel, and they all have wedge heels!
It's just so wrong.
I love wedge heels. My favorite sandals have wedge heels. I'm short and my legs look so much better with a little elevation. I don't like the dressiness of straight-up heels (and I can't walk in them either), but wedges are a little more casual. I have SO many really cute flats that I've always wished had a bit of heel.
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