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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I think crocs -- is that what we're calling giant rubber clogs with big holes in them?-- are so ugly they're cute. I mean, nobody's TRYING to pass them off as tasteful. That said, I haven't gotten a pair. And now, summer is passing.

I saw a woman TRYING so hard to pass herself off as tasteful that she looked downright bizarre. I kept staring at her on the train, like, wtf?

She had a big birkin bag -- or knock off of same, because it was OPEN on the top, like a tote, albeit with birkinish hardware. This bag was bright orange with that white mix that makes it a kind of glowing"lox" color. She was so proud of this bag that she had it clutched under her arm right next to a RED sweater. Then, she was wearing white pants with a skinny brown belt -- but I could see the belt buckle in the middle of her back side, right above her butt -- and there didn't seem to be some huge decorative item on front.

So, backwards belt and while claiming "STATUS!" don't have enough bags or clothes to coordinate them... and she was quite cute, really, but wearing a hairdo that looked like a wig.

OHOHOH! quietmadness, i just remembered. we saw a guy at the beach a couple weekends ago wearing what appeared to a diaper. we just stared in horror.

now that i think of it, i wish i'd gotten a picture.

it was all saggy and wet looking.

i really want some crocs. i lusted over some the other day at the local ace hardware. hahaha. i can't believe i was thinking to buy shoes at ace hardware.
Bless me busties, for I have sinned.

I own a pair of Crocs.

However, they have never seen the outside as they're only worn in the house (and they are mightily comfortable).

Too busy lately to be out and about observing the fashion disasters. School's back in and soon I'll be back posting about lemming dressing students.
Every time I see a pair of crocs in a store, my feet start to sweat. It's like an instinctual reaction....
In all fairness, I hate the look of Crocs. But my little sister (12) owns two pairs, and the last time I was home, I tried them on. Damned if they aren't comfortable. (I can hear Stacy & Clinton screaming now!)

That said, nothing beats the couple that I saw at work the other night-wearing matching bright yellow Crocs.

I could feel my eyes melting.
ha! i did indeed go out in my jammies and ugly shoes today. my neighbour gave me a ride back downtown later on in my jammies pants and a new tshirt i bought before i came home, and my ugly shoes and HE was wearing his ugly shoes in Bright Yellow. we ran into, oh, maybe ten or so friends also wearing their ugly shoes in a variety or eyeball burning colours, not one the same shade. and that was that. painfully atrocious foot gear.
still don't care, so damn comfortable.
First, I must confess to having been a CoF Sunday for the drive from NJ back to Ohio; I brought a nice outfit with me and everything, but ended up wearing, literally, my pajamas: an oversized grey college tshirt, and black yoga pants. With shiny silver flipflops. *shame*

Also, at my office this week there has been a rash of unfortunate skirt suit/casual footwear pairings, most notable being an absolutely darling pink Jackie O. suit worn with Naturalizer orthopedic sandals in off-white. Bathroom cabinet mirror syndrome again, perhaps?

I've done that plenty of times. From driving home from college (a 6-hour+ trip) to driving to my parents' house from Philly (a 4-hour trip), I'm the queen of slumming it in the car. Plus I usually bring my blanket & pillow (the hubby usually drives) so I nap, so why NOT wear pjs?
Crocs could feel like a foot massage, but I'll never know. I break out in hives when I see shoes that ugly.

Besides, I've got my flip flops for my egregious CoF.
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Aug 19 2006, 03:59 PM) *

Crocs could feel like a foot massage, but I'll never know. I break out in hives when I see shoes that ugly.

I confess -- I was going to alphabetize crates of LPs Sunday and expected some dust. So I wore:
Glasses instead of contacts
No conditioner in my hair
No make-up or jewelry
Cut-off man pants shorts, rolled to the knee
Kneesocks --with stripes of many different shades of blue -- up to my knee
an old, conservative navy blue "shell" top that was originally meant to be worn to the office -- it's faded and sleeeveless and has a silly, fussy little texture to it.

Hideous. Because I didn't want to mar my "real" clothing with possible dirt and dust i went out to breakfast at the hipster breakfast spot looking like a member of "The Lollipop Guild" from The Wizard of Oz.

Sadder still, the place was full of people that wear horrible combinations of inappropriate items because they've seen it in fashion magazines -- they wear, like, fuzzy boots with white skirts, plaids with polka dots, and outdoor hats and scarves inside, in the summer, so I fit in just fine.
yesterday at the grocery store...90 degree's outside....lady at the check out...all she was missing was a viking helmet...over 6 ft tall....nordic viking build, in shorts and black tank top...complete with brown lace up uggs(?) with white fluffy trim....she even had her hair braided.....i just giggled all the way to my car.
Wombat--Don't we all look like that at home? Maudes, you should see what I wear all day at home: Huge old tie-dyed shirt with a heart on front (circa Fashion Bug--so it ain't even real tie-dye!) and loose-leg grey sweat pants--bare feet, unless I go outside. (I don't go outside looking like this, unless it's in the back yard)

Ms. GB--WTF? Why do people DO that stuff? Furry boots with summer clothes?!? Dumbass.

I wouldn't mind some crocs, for like the pool and gardening and shit.
I actually feel so bad sometimes when I see people who Just Really Don't Know, and today I saw a case of JRDK so perfectly oblivious it bent. my. achin'. eyeballs. She was shortish and fiftyish, and there's not a damned thing wrong with that. She was wearing a fairlylong dress, and there's nothing wrong with that - done correctly.

It was the long, long, long jacket that made her look like an Amazon woman cut off at the knees.

When you are 5'2 and thick across the shoulders ... when you are wearing a long dress that almost hides your feet from a distance ... and when you wear a jacket which is (a) black, over a green dress, thereby rendering you top-heavy in the extreme [with gratuitou shoulder pads, of course], and (cool.gif EASILY thirty-two inches in length, and entirely without any manner of tailoring at the waist, you effectively remove your legs from your body from a visual standpoints.

It's a disconcerting look, and - no - sadly, not at all flattering to anyone.

(A waddling gait is no help in this situation. Eep.)
I had a dream that I was making out with a friend of mine while her boyfriend watched which was really cool, but then I realized that I was wearing pale blue high waisted stretch pants, like mom pants from the 80s or something. In the dream, I was horrified at this realization and kept thinking, I hope no one notices these pants. Ha!
I own a pair of crocs. I convinced myself the purchase was justifiable because they market themselves as 'after-sport footwear' and I was looking for something to wear after my half-marathon. They're okay in that regard - breathable and loose, but covering up the tremendous hideousness of my feet. Thing is, my husband will not allow me to wear them outside the house any more. At first I thought he was joking, but he's adamant: No. Crocs. in. Public.

I think he thinks they're a gateway drug to that terrifying combination of laziness and trendiness that afflicts the youth of today. Today I'm wandering the mall in crocs, tomorrow I'm wearing fake yoga pants and three tank tops.
no, no, no. crocs will never lead to me going out in public in yoga pants and multi tank tops. sorry, it ain't happenin'. my ass doesn't need to be as comfortable as my feet do.
i'm about to leave the house in my ugly shoes. it's a long walk downtown with a whiney five year old (shitty summer bus schedule!!) and, yes, they do feel like a foot massage. ha ha ha ha ha!! what do i care eh? i just don't look down.
Crocs as a gateway CoF. Totally hilarious!
At work:
middle-aged lady with an obscene amount of eyeliner, a fanny pack, and mc hammer pants covered with the frosted flakes logo.
The frosted flakes logo? Wow, that CoF started out bad, but that pushed it to a whole new level.
Hah. That's funny about the crocs, Plynn! I am tempted by them, but afraid they are a CoF.

Maimy, I remember that look being described in a book on how to dress effectively as 'you run the risk of looking as if you're standing in a trench'. Ok, I might be addicted to books on dressing/makeup.

I saw an attractive, well-dressed woman of late middle age yesterday with a smart beige tote. It was a really nice size, shape, colour, sort of that what do you call it, like a beige and brown jacquard canvas with leather trim. But the pattern woven into it was Baby Pooh. I felt sympathetic because otherwise, it was such a great bag, I would have been tempted too.
I just can't get on board w/ the crocs thing. They are to hideous for me to ever imagine slipping on. And they always make me think sweaty feet. Crocs, definate COF.
ugh, saw this chica today wearing what *might* have been an ok outfit 'sept for a couple of terrible mistakes.

low kitten-ish heeled slipper-sandals, tan, cute.
black mini, not too short, cotton fabric, good cut.
Great shoulder-bag, medium sized, black with big blossoms in white and that bright peachy-orange shade.
ok hair, looked naturally red, shoulder-length, sunglasses on top of her head.
white off the shoulder top, again ok fabric and a good cut but with a BLACK bra underneath with, of course, the straps showing since the top was off the shoulder. blech.
and the kicker? straight across the ass of her skirt is great, huge, ye old english font, in White letters, "SEXY". which it definately was not.
why the farg do people do that to themselves? like if it's on their ass and They can't see it, it doesn't really count or something?
i swear, i'm gonna make myself a J-Ho tracksuit and print "TACKY" across the butt and wear it grocery shopping just to make a point.

then again, i was out in olive khakis, camo t-shirt, and bright bubblegum pink holey shoes so blah blah blah. it was a dr appoint and shopping day avec kidlet so what the heck.
This woman I work with wore her crocs to the office and could not stop talking about how comfortable they were. Then around 3:30, she said they were getting too hot and sat at her desk barefoot till quitting time. Those crocs were pure fug, but that doesn't even compare to the sight of her steaming pink feet with toes looking like boiled shrimp. I feel like I should file a workman's comp claim for the nightmares.
heehee lollalee! I knew those things would cause sweaty feet!!!!!

I hate words across the ass, as well! (I just realized I use too many exclaimation points)
the only word I would ever consider (notice I said consider not wear) wearing across my ass is smart.
busties, here's your chance to prevent a CoF:

I've been invited to a party at the creative writing school of NYU. It's a chance for me to network with other writers, to meet people who may be involved with the administration at my top-choice grad school, and possibly meet Famous Poets from the faculty. In addition, it's a first meeting with a guy from the personals. He says it's after work, so it'll be a "casual" event. WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR? I'm trying to figure out what "casual" means for NYU people. Can I get away with a very dark-washed denim, a nice top, and heels? Is a skirt required? My mother says to just wear my job interview outfit, but I'm hanging with artists and I'm on a potential date, and I'd like to look slightly more glamorous and less corporate, y'know? Please help me, I'm clueless.
wow, lowredmoon, I envy you!

I would x-post your query in The Empress's New Clothes too. I think your jeans, heels and nice top is the way to go- you want to look cool yet casual. Maybe a nice scarf/accessories to dress it up but still look funky? I would try to look creative in my dress (yet look like it didn't take too much effort) as it sounds as if you want to make an impression but not stand out too much.
dark blue and heels for sure. nice, understated but funky top, accessories but not too many. whatever it is make it the focal point, a great belt, fab necklace, awsome ring, earrings, but just ONE.
Thanks ladies! I'm thinking about buying this top:
and pairing it either with dark jeans or black pants (at this point, whichever I can get cheaper). Why are all the jeans lately shredded, faded, whiskered, or some other such nonsense? And why do dark-washed, straight-legged jeans that would be perfect cost more than I can afford?

sorry for the derailment. we now return you to your regularly scheduled crimes of fashion.
i wish you lived nearby, i'd whip you up some funky home-couture that would cost you fabric, thread and a bottle of vino.
hit the thrift store and see what you can find, i come up with the best outfits for next to nothing. surprise yourself!

a double strand necklace with a dangly focal point would look faboo with that top, you could make something yourself for not too much money.

these are pretty:,250,0xf3f2e9
That top is really cute! I agree with everyone though, try pair your out fit with one really great necklace or earings something that will make your quirky side show. Maybe go with all black clothes but some bright sassy heels and necklace along the same color lines.
lowredmoon - Target has some awesome skinny dark denim jeans by Mossimo right now, and they aren't too, too expensive. (About $24). I like them so much, I bought one in indigo and black, and so most of my fall wardrobe is done.

Today I saw a massive, massive man in mandals, faded black massive man pants, faded black I-live-with-my-mom-and-play-vampire-role-playing-games tee, and extremely long bi-level mullet tied back in a sensitive poet (ACKTH!) ponytail. Did I mention that he was in his 40s? Yeeg. He reminded me of all the 'photographers' I met in my early 20s. {{{shiver}}}}
Homer Simpson voice:

"OOOH! It's the comic book guy!"
It IS the comic book guy! Ohmigod, I can't believe I didn't see that first!
I feel like a little old lady when I say this, but I hate distressed jeans. I don't like the look, and it really irks me that the industry has foisted on us this fashion where they sell us clothes that are already worn out and will start to disintegrate in a matter of months.
My husband (the croc-banner) has developed a total denim fetish, and an appreciation for the minutiae of distressed detailing. Luckily he hates the excessively worn and torn look, so I don't have to complain about jeans that will fall apart in a month. He did, however, return a pair of jeans because one line of the 'whiskering' on one hip was too light.

But that's nothing compared to his heart's desire - a pair of 'raw denim' jeans. You buy them and they are stiff as cardboard, scratchy as wool, and, ideally, skin-tight. Oh, one other thing - YOU CANNOT WASH THEM. Water and soap must never touch the precious denim. After an absolute minimum of six months of daily wear, you are finally allowed to wash them. Afterwards, all the wear lines and creasing will show up in exactly the right places for your body. Yeah. Taking CoF to a whole new level...

And one more thing about crocs. It drives me crazy when people say they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I have a pair and they're sweaty and wobbly. The only way someone could think crocs are comfortable footwear is if they only ever buy shoes from Payless. Yeah, crocs are nicer than shoes made from cardboard and glue, but that's not saying much
At least he gets to wear them, not you, hee.

I saw a skirt downtown today that looks suspiciously like one I saw on the Victoria's Secret site advertised as a bathing suit cover-up.
I haven't really gotten out much lately, but I've been shopping online and all I have to say is great googly-moogly, these exist. ohmy.gif

Pink tee, black shrug, stone (one step above acid) washed denim mini--cut and frayed, black and pink striped leggings, black and pink hooker pumps.

First "80's-as-retro-chic" sighting. At least in my conservative midwestern town.
Okay, I know this is shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, but:
Did anyone see last night's episode of Wife Swap?

One of the families was a family from Miami and the wife kept bragging that she owned the most successful modeling agency in Miami. Now, she looked --passable. She was a mom who dressed like a teenager and was terribly shrill and unpleasant and had a face that was --suspiciously tight-- but, no mind.

Their house was tiny and tacky, as was their furniture, their two grade-school aged SHARED A ROOM -- not the standard for wealthy, ambitious, competitive braggarts -- they each went to a skillion lessons and would only wear DESIGNER clothes, and, although they were in GRADE SCHOOL, they each had streaky, obvious highlights and a faceful of makeup. And neither had exactly won the genetic lottery. The oldest one -- 3rd or 4th grade? 6th grade at absolute max -- was trying to do some Britney like band, which was JonBenet-like creepy.

but the absolute corker was the husband. He had weird, billowy waves of topiaried hair, that had a bad, obvious dye job, and ROOTS about 3 inches long. It's one thing to have tacky hair if you're a rock star, but this guy would make a big point of wearing suits and was snarky about anyone that did not. He spent the whole show tittering nastily about other people's bad taste and bad appearance and overall tackiness, and he had a stupid swoopy hairdo with 3-inch roots in bad, orange hair dye.

Payless actually has some cute shoes. I can't afford Jimmy Choos, so I gotta go with what I can git. wink.gif

Crocs, on the other hand, are never, ever cute. Never, ever, ever, ever.


Ever. (Okay, I'm done now.)
good one, bustygirl.

Most Payless shoes are ugly and uncomfortable, HOWEVER, it is worth a glance because there will always be a couple of pairs that are cute and comfortable as well.

AND I've spent over 100 dollars a pair, on a few occasions, for shoes that are NOT comfortable and are entirely made of plastic products -- that's what are in the "nicer" stores too.

Unfortunately, you can't buy shoes made out of leather and wood for less than 700 dollars these days. They used to be 70 - 200 dollars. If you know of any exceptions, I'd love to hear about them.

If they're going to make me pay for fake suede or fake leather glued to rubber bottoms, that will get unacceptably round-heeled in a few months time, I'd rather pay 14 dollars than 80 dollars.

Yes - I'd rather payless!!
ha ha, love my ugly comfy shoes. they ARE the most comfortable shoes ever. so soft and squishy, they don't make my feet sweat at all. so, la la la, can't hear you! a-la-avon-lady.

they are the ugliest things ever.

it's getting cooler 'round here so the multi layers are making a come back. it's just ghastly to see so much fabric piled up, dangling, flowy bits and lots of hemp in jewel and earth-tones. fuzzy leg warmers, oh wait, that might just be leg hair. and patchwork everything with the serging on the outside. when did that get popular again? along with all the ugly shoes it's a fashion fiasco everyday.
okay, I'll admit to having a bit of a bias against Payless, mainly 'cause none of their shoes fit me. Actually, the vast majority of inexpensive shoes I can't even get on my foot. I have a high arch, wide toe box, and a skinny heel so I'm practically restricted to orthopedic/walking shoes or more expensive shoes which have a bit more give and adjust to my foot better. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was able to get a wearable pair of shoes for under $150.

Which means *sob* I never get to buy cute, cheap shoes. Shoe shopping is always an ordeal and it's always an investment. And if you want Crimes of Fashion, just check out the 'comfort' shoe section.
plynn, as a woman who's feet are an exact replica of her father's (flat, wide, and with a high instep), I feel your pain. The only shoes I wear regularly are a pair of Josef Seibel black leather slides from the Naturalizer store, which cost a small fortune.
COF: Woman wearing black polka dot capri leggings and a black cordaroy half vest and black heels. My eyes still hurt!!!
pepper - where the hell do you live?

People are finally getting away from the boho hippie look here (granted, it's just to leap into a Growing Pains episode, but at least it's not all brown), and it's distressing to think it might creep back like the fungus it is.
in the mountains in bc. no joke, i should take some pictures for y'all, you'd laugh your panties into a knot at what passes for fashion 'round here. me included though, i feel free to let that freak flag fly at times and wear some stupid looking far out shit. what the hell, join the party.
Oh, I noticed the "seams-on-the-outside" too, on some returning students who think they are fabulous.

In Boston, the population doubles or triples when the students come back. They often come from places that are 5 or 10 years behind the times. Which can be cool.

I'm looking forward to the great thrift store dump -- they leave their old "image" and buy a new one, and I can get some high-quality prep school staples for work.
I saw a woman on the train today with hairy, hairy arms. Tons of dark hair contrasting with her light skin. I hate to have the attitude that women should shave maniacally all over their bodies, but most women have light, small amounts of non-contrasty arm hair. And when mine gets so it's taking over, I shave my arms.

I worked with one woman who was very pale and only had a few PATCHES of dark arm hair randomly near her wrist and elbow - OUCH it looked bad.

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