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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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Wait. Wait. WAIT.

Birkenstocks cost $150????

That is so bafflingly unexpected I may well implode. I always associate them with tree-hugging liberalism (though, as much as I love hugging trees, I won't wear 'em myself). A price tag like that smacks closer to Manolo than I ever could have imagined.

Holy shit.
Heh. Maimy, a friend I had a crush on in college didn't talk to me for a whole day after my friend and I told him how much my Birks cost. He had pretty much the same reaction as you! Kind of makes you think of the tree-hugging liberals that only buy organic everything and drive their beat-up Saab 900s with pride. Back then they were definitely under $100, though. Who knows, maybe I just lucked out and found a bargain? I'd never buy them again, though; they are so not my style now. But it was fun while it lasted. Ah, youth. ::giggling::
Oh yeah, they're freakin' expensive. The two pairs I've owned were licensed knock-offs (made by some sub-comapny of Birkenstocks, but they're basically the same thing) and they were still $40. With the proper care, though, they will last a long time and they're comfy once you get used to them.
maimy - the two pairs I bought ran me approx. $300.00 total. Each pair was between 125.00 and 135.00 + tax and all. I got them a few years ago at a mall in an upscale part of Nashville, TN in a store that specialised in specialty sandals and import shoes. I thought the price was a bit ridiculous myself, I figured it had to do with the area of town I was in, but I wanted them so...... they were still in great shape when the "rotten landlord" threw them out. What a bastard..... Oh well.
*flounces back in*

The pricetag IS ridiculously expensive...I have one pair that cost $130, but it was worth it. I have huge wide hobbit feet with high arches and various other issues and they are the only shoes I can wear consistently without problems. I've tried the podiatrist/orthotics route and like most of my doctors, my podiatrist didn't believe that I was having any pain...

I love shoes but I can't have anything cute. My heart bleeds.
Oh, the CoF over the weekend. I went to a music festival & the *most* HORRIFYING trend was boots with a mini-dress. Mostly slouchy suede ones, but a few cowboys, too. To rectify, I poured a Coke on a nasty girl that said nasty things about myself & some people I was hanging with. She was wearing a blousy, linen, cream dress that barely covered her non-existant ass & chocolate suede slouchy boots. Doused the dress. I made sure to get the boots, too & hightailed it. I didn't tell my friends because they were boys & wouldn't understand.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I own two pairs of Fluevog boots that were about $300 apiece. What's really disgusting is that I flew to SF specifically to buy said shoes. I had no other reason to be there other than to buy the shoes. Yeah, I did some touristy shit, but I went to buy the shoes. Chicks always stop me to grill me about them when I wear them. They're teh hawt.
Aural, I think I first saw that mini-dress/boots combo on an early episode of The L Word... and even then I thought it was a bit dodgy (as I recall, the dress was royal blue and the boots were black, which was also problematic).

For me, this layering of big-ass belt over short skirt/long tunic over leggings ending at the ankle thing (currently everywhere)was always a CoF. I know it's trendy but it flatters NOBODY.
Once again I creep out of my lurking hole to say "hey! I do that and I'm not a CoF!"

I regularly wear boots and mini dresses/skirts. Mine are probably even worse being the shit kicker or dr marten style, but I think I look cute.... in a kind of early 90's trying to be a riot grrrl type way....


Kudos to AP for getting that girl!
oh, AP, you are such my heroine

I have to express my utter distaste for this whole leggings-under-dresses thing that is happening. Add huge belts and boots with minidresses and my head is about to a-splode...

Still waitin' on getting my workspace in our teeeeeeny tiny apartment so's I can make my own simple stuff. Lightly flared skirts, little jackets, flattering, full-length pants...think 1930s Dorothy Parker meets English tweeds meets GAP circa 1998
i wear cowboy boots with dresses all the time. it's actually a really good combination for this time of year because the boots keep me a bit warmer if things get breezy. you have to go either really ironic or really casual and country. in fact, i wouldn't pair cowboy boots and an actual mini, more like a kneeish length a-line or dirndl. my favorite pairing right now is my serious Bad Guy In Western Movie black boots with those retro 50's ish skirts and dresses.

i also rock my slouchy suede boots with tights and skirts in the winter.

so bah. i'm sure i will see pictures in 15 years and think 'oy, what was i thinking?' but at least there are no gauchos involved...
i do the barn boots and the little floral dresses with a cowboy hat...but then again, i am a bit of a farm girl and i only do it on the ranch. although i have done the riot grrl look as well. heheh. which reminds me--i need to get some serious ass kicking boots. any recommendations?
uh, dude, you's all better post some pictures cause i am having an impossible time imagining that as cute. i can see tall, heeled, calf-hugging boots and a dress or skirt, i mean, that's sexy but... cowboy boots or slouchy suede. ugh. i'm keeping an open mind though so make with the pics chicas... reform me already.
once again i am debating going out in the jammies. today it's hot pink terry fleece pants with a navy t, hot pink band logo from i don't know when. huge fuzzy black sweater and black clogs. hair a mess too, of course. sigh, why can't i care more?
bklynhermit I love boots with 50's style skirts! In fact I might do just that tomorrow.

As for ass kicking boots - mine are black catapillar "engineer" boots which I got half price on ebay. They should have been £90. Needless to say I was chuffed :-)
lucizoe so agree with you on the legging under dresses. There is a woman in my office who is usually quite nicely dressed in a hip super trendy kind of way. At least once a week she wears super skin tight jeans with a dress.

She somewhat pulls it off with her figure and her air but really can't imagine most people doing it well.
Ya'll need to post some pics of the skirt/boots combo. I cannot imgine it being fetching in the least. There was one girl in a plaid dress with a thick, brown, woven, low-slung belt & slouchy suede boots that nearly blinded me with her tackiness.

In regards to the nasty girl, we were getting a little shade & they thought we were asleep & decided to talk shit. My friend is a *BIGBIGBIG* girl & I am a big girl, but comments were made in regard to the Hindenberg. That crossed the line. I walked over & said, "Oh, the humanity" & dispensed with the cola. Skinny bitch deserved it.
"Oh, the humanity" & dispensed with the cola

Three cheers for auralpoison!
yeah ha....i mean, hip hip hooray!!! for AP!!!

Three things:
First, AP, you rock. That is all.

Second, miss jane, your docs-type boots + wee skirt combo would seem to echo Liv Tyler in Empire Records, which is in my opinion quite a good thing. :-) Otherwise, I too need to see pictures of the skirt/boots, as I trust it's yummy when worn properly, but can't quite picture it!

Third, I must report myself. I bought a pair of black capri-length leggings and wore them in public. With a black v-neck tshirt, a plain denim miniskirt, and black ballet flats. I need to know what degree of smacking I must recieve for this.
Can I also stick myself in the boots-and-skirt camp. my cowboy boots with a cord circle skirt, or my doc m's and another cord skirt (I have a cord problem). But I honestly think it depends on the person and the combination

ok... those croc-clog things. I saw a pair today. She was wearing them with a floaty dress halter-neck dress, but it looked tatty & you could see the back-strap of her bra (I hate that). And, I know today was the hottest day of the year so far but... why do I want to say "put it away ladies". Yes, the bra-straps that are wider than your shirt straps, the short-short-short skirts (that, when pulled taut did in fact only just cover her arse) and the tight shorts that give serious muffin-top. And the rest of it.

oh, and satin-sheen crop trousers that were a sort of demi-hammer-pant. Whyyyyyyyy?

and ap, you do indeed rock.
damn double post
well, llamas if you were to wear that outfit to any of the shows I've been to recently you would be the most stylish girl in the room. Unless, of course, someone else decided to add a leopard print belt. Then you'd have to concede to being out-hipstered.

Your outfit sounds cute to me, very up-to-the-second without going overboard. It's a fine line, this fashion stuff
I considered the dress/jeans combo today.

I found a dress at the thrift store made out of very thin cotton in a deep peach color. It's got a waist sash and the top half of the dress buttons down and it sorta has little cap sleeves and embroidery in the same peach color.

It's cute, but the material is so thin it's easy to see through. Also, I have big boobs, a big ribcage, and a flat butt, and dresses usually exaggerate my upside-down pear proportions esp when they're flimsy because the material just falls off my shoulder blades like it's jumping off a cliff or something. Dress suicide! I put my jeans and boots back on before I took off the dress and now I can't decide if it looks better that way- it does solve the see-through problem and adds a little weight to my lower body.
hellotampon - I have to admit too that I kind of favor the dress over jeans look. Of course it has to be the right style of dress cause you can't pull it off with just any old rag but I can no longer pull off that look myself as my rear is bigger than it used to be and the jeans under the dress just make me look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Gal. Back in the (skinny) day tho, I was lovin that look!
And your charity shop dress sounds absolutely divine! I do wish I had such luck with charity shopping........

COF today was somewhat large woman at daughter's school wearing button down shirt with big flower print in pastels over white, tucked in to a blue skirt that was pulled up way over the waistline with brownish tan flat sandals and pantyhose.
ap makin' me laugh. i'm gonna pee my chair girl.

girl at work wears outrageously high heels and then stompy run/trips all over the place. maybe it's the leaning-forward momentum that keeps her from being able to walk slowly? i dunno. today, bright green top, hot pink sweater, but not the nice hot pink, the orangey obnoxious one, ditto hot pink skirt. horribly bright easter egg on acid, very distracting. and the gigantic tall shoes.
hello lady, it's the freaking bank already! tone it down a few. and learn to walk in dem things. gah.
hello, i like the dress on top of pants (i have been known to rock the naughty schoolgirl skirt with jeans on occasion, too) it's all about the dress, really. if it's short and quirky, it's totally okay, and awesome, and cute. my friends and i were doing this way before the trend caught on (i'm talking years) out of necessity. it's -30 and we walk to school, do we wear a little dress? no, we wear it with pants underneath to avoid frostbite. plus, that way you can wear super-short dresses without having to worry about ass on chair contact
AP, that is awesome. Oh the humanity indeed.

I like wearing boots with skirts. It really depends on the skirt and boot, though, and there's no way I am wearing cowboy boots. (They emphasize my calves, which do enough emphasizing on their own.)

Today's CoF is seeing too many gauchos. I think I saw at least six 10-year old girls wear them in my tour group today, then when I get to work the tech writer who's in her mid-fifties was wearing them. Yesterday it was a purple, short-sleeved shrug sweater over what looked liked a dress that looked like it belonged at a rural Midwestern wedding, and today it was this.
I rock rough & tough with my afro-puff, HEY! to my bad self!

What made it rule was that she had no idea what "Oh, the humanity" meant. There was no revelence to her. Flaming hydrogen was a mystery. If you're gonna make a historical crack, at least have the back ground, yeah.
see, that is where trendy hipster fashion crosses the line.

when everybody starts wearing it.

seriously, if you like to take the occasional fashion risk and rock something ridiculous every now and again, and you carry yourself right and know the proper context, AND IT ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD ON YOU, then sure, as long as you can pull it off.

when they start selling it at K-Mart and it becomes a wardrobe staple for everyone, regardless of whether it works on the individual or not, that's when it goes downhill. I have seen certain individuals look good in gauchos (and in previous trend cycles, capris and tube tops and those stupid cropped jackets from last fall and on and on). And not necessarily tiny girls or supermodels, either. But either you can pull it off or you can't. And if you can't, then don't bother.

Do people not try things on anymore? Do they just blindly buy things because it was in Cosmo or they saw it on sale at Target? Do they not understand how ridiculous they look? WTF?
bhermit, word sister. like, try it on already, eh?
i can pull of most styles, i'm one-a-those tall skinny peeps who has some boobage and a respectable booty but i still don't just put it on 'cause the hoodwinks are wearing it. i mean, come ON now, have some kinda sense o' style eh? one that's your OWN for a change, is that too much to ask?
i wear some freakish outfits but they are things that i like, that look funky together, that are unique and whatnot, ye know? just 'cause every someone else has something on don't make it look styley. like those pants with the words on the ass. ugh, die already.

still waitin' on the pics girls... show a sister how it's done.
We're having a bit of a heatwave in the UK at the moment, so my feet aren't a liking the boots, even for photo ops! I might try later.

My fashion hatred - women above the age of say... 15... who insist on wearing pastel coloured child cut t-shirts with cartoons on the front, specifically eeyore. Nobody can take you seriously while you wear that. Nobody.

There was a good CoF last night actually, in my regular. Theres this woman who is a crime of everything basically, which is why I don't feel bad for attacking her clothes. She always looks awful. Probably because she is about a size 14/16 and wears size 10 clothes but I digress.

Last night she was wearing a denim jacket (fine) a black top that didn't fit (as per usual), big chunky platform boots (the pub is a metal/punk pub so these weren't too bad) and a tiny denim skirt. When she walked you could see her arse. Literally, arse cheeks a flapping in the breeze.
OK, this should have been a CoF, but somehow wasn't. Chinese girl, ladytron haircut, black logo'd t-shirt, grey pleated schoolgirl-style mini, cool trainers and (the kicker) white cotton legwarmers with pompoms attached.

Yet somehow... she pulled it off. Maybe it was the attitude. It is the most unusual thing I've ever seen anyone wear for a final exam though.
I saw someone wearing gauchos this morning, and she looked great. Mind, she was middle aged and very expensive. They were a lovely cut, with a longer jacket, nylons and flats. Plus, she had a great haircut.
will try to model the boots and skirt look for the camera in a bit... it just dawned on me that my laptop + roomie's digital camera + flickr + the internet = putting pictures online practically instantaneously.
ok. i got all dolled up in skirt, boots, etc. only to discover that i can't find the roomie's camera. and i'm too polite to go digging for it. either way, he probably has it with him.
I wear boots with skirts (mini- or knee length)when it's cold-ish out and I quite like boots with, say, knit or jersey knee-length dresses. Tomato, to-mah-to. Ditto the dresses over jeans; doesn't suit me personally but I've seen it work really well. And I love some of the stuff out there now that a lot of people hate: flats (yay!) and skinny jeans come to mind.

What annoys me is over-layering so all you see is a jumble of clothes. But then, that's down to the wearer's lack of skill. And I'm afraid I really hate the huge coloured belts.
double post?
I just bought some galoshes for the monsoon season on a whim...I think it looks sort of cute. At risk of being called a COF, here's a shot of 'em. With a skirt!
halcyon, I *heart* those. I think they're perfectly charming.
I would way rather see a miniskirt with boots than high heels.

I want rubber boots. Preferably in hot pink or red.
plynn, you've inspired me...
*runs to buy leopard-print belt*

Anyway, I giggled a bit today when one of our office IT guys had his jeans pulled up nearly to his nipples. Young enough to know better, too.
yay, thanks! if you're in the land of fred meyer, that's where I found them...
I just went to the Sheep and Wool festival, which was comprised of the most... varied bunch of people ever. Which also meant that it had the most varied CoFs ever. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

You had your home-schooled farmish types wearing mom jeans up to their armpits with T-shirts tucked tightly in... not just on moms, but on teenaged girls! You had an unsightly load of sport sandals with socks and pleated khaki shorts (again, with the tucked in huge T-shirts). There were the requisite horrible hats - those shade hats that aren't glamorous straw hats of the 40's, but schlumpy khaki or olive drab cloth things with drawstrings and panels of cloth that shade the back of the neck. Lots of shapeless denim jumpers. Granted, some of the shapeless sack dresses were on Mennonite women so I could let those slide, but there were a lot on women who had just decided arbitrarily that they didn't have waists. Pissy looking older women in prissy capri pants and twin sets. God, were those women MEAN! What else... oh yes. The folks who were wearing their fiber arts creations. The ones who were wearing their most complicated-to-create ones. The ones that never should have been made in the first place, but were made simply to show off ones skills. Short boxy vests out of crocheted granny squares of hideous colors. Horrible notions of stripes. Intarsia horrors (think christmas sweaters) but homemade and spring-themed (tulips and scotty dogs).

It left me with eyestrain and also the mantra: just because you CAN knit it, doesn't mean you SHOULD knit it.
dude, seriously.

as a knitter, it is such a pain in the ass to wade through the pattern books trying to find something cool and functional and non-CoF to work on between all the "Yes, it's ugly, but at least it took a lot of skill!" type patterns.

And I saw one of those mom jean teens yesterday in union square. the weird thing is that she was with her mother, who had an un-ironic BEEHIVE and was wearing one of those circa 1972 polyester pantsuits, complete with double-knit vest over some kind of Gingham HorrorTop.

Where did these people come from? They could not possibly be New Yorkers, or at least not from Manhattan or any of the civilized parts of the city.
bklynhermit, after watching umpteenth episodes of "What Not To Wear", i have come to the conclusion that there is some sort of secret shopping mall that carries all things CoF. somehow, they've hid themselves from the saner portion of civilization. not sure how, but there is definitely a conspiracy.

retro poly 70s pantsuits? 80's shoulder-padded Crystal Carrington dresses and jackets?

they got 'em.

i refuse to believe that people will wear things they bought 30 years ago and not understand that it is OUT OF DATE. maybe i suffer from extreme denial, but i can't believe it.

just because it still fits, doesn't mean you should still wear it.

if i had cable, i would watch 'What Not To Wear' all day, every day. I would get TiVo and TiVo every episode and watch them over and over.

I love that show. Preferably the American version (because it's more about wearing clothes that actually FIT you and LOOK GOOD rather than toeing a fashion partyline), but I'll watch the BBC one, too, in a pinch.
I'm sure that part of it is just that they're old and don't care anymore, which I can respect, but I don't get being okay with wearing tons of old polyester- isn't that like wearing steel wool next to your skin? They've improved synthetics a lot over the years, and while I'm still reluctant to buy them, I do occasionally if the item is really good.

Yesterday I saw a woman in what I think was riding gear. That's not so terrible, I mean if you just jumped off a horse, but sort of weird in South St. Louis.
also, the woman i saw had a daughter who looked to be less than 20 years old, and she herself (the mom) looked to be in her late 40's or maybe fiftyish at most.

so we're talking about someone who was a teenager in the 60's or 70's, for whom such pantsuits would have been the height of frump.

unless the mom jean teen thing is genetic, and the mother herself was wearing said polyester pantsuits at the age of 17...

can you imagine the grandmother, also a former mom jean teen, wandering around in whatever was considered frumpy in 1940?
oh, another hilarious people-watching episode from yesterday, though only tenuously related to fashion:

a suburban mom-type (wash n go highlighted hair, baggy capri pants, short sleeved button down top which looked to be from Land's End) gleefully playing tambourine to a street musician's accompaniment on a powder blue fender strat, at Astor Place, in downtown new york.

this is why the east village is my all time favorite people watching spot...

she was totally shakin' it, too.
"Mom jean teen thing"...I like the way that sounds...hee!
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