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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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The whole "inappropriate bra" thing is a serious pet peeve of mine. In Miami a couple of years ago, I saw a very lovely woman walking down the street in a backless dress, with a regular beige bra on underneath it. The entire support strap was visible across her back, why, God, WHY?!?! Even my HUSBAND, who is fucking CLUELESS when it comes to these things, said "Why would you wear that kind of bra under a dress like that? It looks so dumb!"

Flash forward a year or so and I'm at home watching TV and flipping channels, and what do I see but Sarah Jessica Parker's character on 'Sex And The City' wearing the exact same goddamned dress, complete with BEIGE BRA STRAP ACROSS HER BACK. It's a good thing that twat didn't show up on camera wearing galoshes and a fucking rain barrel, or we'd have seen it on the streets.
i rarely post in here but every once in a while i just have to!

woman on the subway, mid-thirties (i'm guessing). she could have been really pretty if she'd dressed her age buuuuuut she was wearing:

a blue "yellowcard" tshirt, and not even a flattering fit tshirt, just a boxy, emo band shirt.
vertically striped pants, cotton, in grey, blue, red.
tennis shoes
round, wire-framed glasses
and the worst---hair half up half down (i swear to god that style makes even the most mature woman look like she's in fifth grade) with BARETTES.

i do not understand why people refuse to dress flatteringly to their age. i just do not get it. this woman would have been *beautiful* if she were wearing something else. lawd.
One of the biggest skeevers E V A R:

Mid/late 20's trashy type; gray pajama bottoms with cream colored trim---completely dragging the ground. Man's white (used to be anyway) V-neck t-shirt NO BRA

(big ol' pasty white water-balloons-with-nipples-hangin-swayin-sloshin)

Complete with scrunchy-tied hair in the proverbial "country" type "flip over" ponytail, and

Nasty high-top Keds.


Makes me want to *slap* the bitches.

*Returning to bleach up the eye-dropper*
oh, the sex and the city fashion thing really bugged me. i once worked in a shop during the heyday of SATC which BRAGGED about SJP wearing their clothes on the show.


one thing which maybe people didn't so much grasp about that show was that her clothing choices were SUPPOSED to read as 'fashion victim', not classical elegance. people were not supposed to copy her. they were supposed to look at what she was wearing and think, "heh. who in their right mind would wear a thing like that?'

having their costume people choose your shop for her clothes is not a compliment!

her character is not a trendsetter or a style icon! she's that typical woman you see on the streets of new york wearing jeans tucked into boots with a poncho and just just think "why?"
I don't think SJP's character was supposed to be a fashion victim - at least not according to the creators of the show (I should know - I actually listened to the DVD commentaries and watched the "behind the scenes" Patricia Field featurettes, I'm embarrassed to say). I think she was supposed to be representative of "Old New York" - before rents spiralled out of control and before fashion was squeezed dry of its (supposed?) whimsy. Which is not to say that the outfits were not completely ridiculous, but she was never supposed to be someone who blindly followed fashion, which is exactly what a fashion victim is (and I don't think anyone would have confused her signature Carrie necklace, for example, with elegance so much as "I'm so quirky" ironic individualism) - someone who'll wear whatever's in style regardless of how stupid or unflattering it looks. Actually, my least favourite outfits on that show were usually worn by Samantha - they suited her character, but were always too "Palm Beach" for my tastes.
when I saw Carrie wearing that necklace I froke out ( froke is the past tense of freak, incase you are wondering) I realized that I had one of those necklaces with my name and a diamond that I had gotten for my Bat Mitzah oh about 20 yrs ago and i started to rock the necklace again just so when people asked, I could say " I got it for my Bat Mitzah" also my hubby hated it which made it even more fun to wear.
hm. i've read fashion/costuming world stuff that suggested the contrary. and remember the intro (or maybe it was a commercial?) that had Carrie wandering around New York in a ballerina tutu and you're kind of not sure whether it's a dream or whether she is REALLY trying to rock a tutu?

also it kinda wouldn't do for the creators of the show to admit such a thing on the DVD commentaries AFTER so many women have used her as a style icon. the women buying those DVDs are the same women tromping around in whatever Carrie wore that one time. also, TV show creators are not costume designers, and they often aren't as involved day-to-day as a layperson would imagine. i work for a TV show, and the creator slash executive producer lives accross the country and is not routinely consulted on those kinds of decisions. maybe the creators didn't intend Carrie to come off as a fashion victim when they conceptualized her and wrote the first season or so of episodes, but the costume people definitely had a different opinion about that and it shows in their choices for her.

and i would NOT call Carrie's wardrobe ironically creative or 'old school New York hip' or anything of the sort. i lived here the entire time the show was on the air and what she wore was in the vein of what the local slaves to fashion wore. the shop where i worked that proudly displayed photos of her wearing their clothes on the show was a shop that specializes in the sorts of clothes we love to disparage in this very thread.
I knew there was a reason I hate coming up to campus. I have to go home and bleach my eyes after. Today's sighting was a gold top... I think it was a body suit as it was very tight and tucked... green valour track pants and a pair of black rubber boots (like the ones you'd wear for equestrian riding only they only came half way up her calf) into which the pants were tucked. It was Madonna meets JLo crossed with Beezie Madden.
I hate wayward bra straps and women who can't seem to figure out that they are not meant to be seen by the general public. It's a huge peeve of mine (spoken by someone who has spent years trying to keep her shoulder bra straps from sliding down and being exposed).

Went to Warped Tour yesterday and I think the worst things I saw were two boys who were wearing tight jeans that had at least three inches of their boxers showing. It looked like their bottom halves were going hip-hop style, then got thrown into a really hot dryer and shrunk. Not attractive at all.
I am trying to wrap my head around the idea of high-top Keds.

And also wondering what I am supposed to be wearing, as a 38-year-old woman. Do tell.

My closest thing to a CoF today is the wraparound skirt I saw today, but only from behind. It was a brown "summer weight" wool - but, dude: summer where, exactly? It is close to one hundred degrees without counting humidity (or "humiture" for the meteorologistophiles out there - what it *feels* like the temp is). NO wool is rational in this weather.

Worse, it was one of those long, straight wraps which is meant to be worn like a column - you've seen them, wool tartans that wrap very, very straight and appear to be intended strictly for the six-footer with nary a curve on her hips or legs. The back of it was higher than the front, significantly. And the front was attached with six inches of extra fabric hanging off to the left of whatever pinned or fastened it. The result wasn't, as I can only assume was envisioned, a sort of drapey, flattery ruffle of extra fabric. It was a flapping band of excess fabric, with nowhere to go, and no drape at all.

Did I mention the backseam? The wool had a vertical stripe pattern, and the backseam buckled around a total betrayal of the "straight" look. The fabric itself was CURVED to accommodate the larger size of the skirt. A stripe was a BADLY conceived pattern choice. Ugh.
I have seen three men wearing overalls with no shirts in the past couple of weeks. Why?
one of my #1 rules of fashion: if the vertical stripes on your clothes are actually curves, the answer is no.
maimy, i'm assuming your "do tell" is directed at me. all i will say is that there are ways of dressing "young" without looking like you are in fifth grade. fifth grade girls are not known for their fashion sense.
out for dinner with mom and pop when we noticed this treasure behind us:
ultimate CoF?
no, wait, it's both of them.
is this a fashion statement that i missed out on or something? very strange.
i'll take seductive gopis for $800, Alex.

was there a blue dude with a flute in this hanging, and maybe some cows? a river?

i'd bet you anything it's from a krishna-seducing-hottie-milkmaids scene. there's a great piece in the Metropolitan Museum (a painting, i think) of Krishna having tricked the gopis into taking of their clothes and getting into the river. in a classic 12 year old boy move he then steals their clothes and traps them there.

it's right up there with Susanna and the Elders as a classic excuse to hang a picture of naked chicks on the walls of your palace.
Re: Sex in the City, did the local slaves to the fashion ever try to rock tutus, though? And I don't mean the ironic hipster types - I mean the people who were supposed to be of the same social status as someone like Carrie (even if she most likely didn't earn enough money to support her lifestyle).

That was kind of my point - she was supposed to look like she was combining whatever was currently being trotted out by Vogue and combining it with her own "insouciant" style. I'm not saying she didn't look ridiculous half of the time, but the idea wasn't supposed to be that she was a slave to fashion so much as that she made her own rules no matter how stupid she looked.

Between the visible bra (including that episode where she was wearing a hot pink one underneath a see-through shirt), the gaudy Carrie necklace, the tutu, and the gnarly, stubbornly manicure-free hands, were we ever supposed to believe that she was conceived as elegant chic?
ugh, remember the outfit she wore to Paris? That black and white horizontal stripe number with the huge fabric flower down the front? *vomit*. Though this was probably the worst ever. Oh, and this and this -- my eyes!

sorry, nothing else to contribute...I guess I miss making fun of SJP's SATC wardrobe.

oh gawd. thank goodness i didn't watch that show. ugh, my eyes already. atrocious.
Heh - that Chanel one was my first introduction to the show (I ended up watching them all later on DVD, though they don't hold up all that well. . .but that's a whole other thread). Just before that scene, my friend was complaining about her character's ridiculous sartorial choices and I was all, "Oh, come on - they're not that bad" and then she came out in that godawful ensemble, only exacerbated by the tacky logo. She looked like Mrs. Roper gone pirate.

ETA: See, I think that last one is just fabulously awful (mostly b/c of the hotpants and the cap - the top and shoes and coat would be fine on their own). It's just so ridiculously over the top. On the one hand, you could argue that she doesn't bother to tone down an extreme runway style for every day life. On the other hand, her character was far too self-aware (no, really) not to realize that absolutely no one else (in her social milieu anyway) ever dresses like her. . .and at the same time, she was never a total exhibitionist either.
"She looked like Mrs. Roper gone pirate."

Bwah! Oh snaf, I just woke up my dog laughing at that. hee.
Maimy -re: long column wrap skirts.

I AM a six-footer with nary a curve, and I can tell you, they still don't work! We had them introduced as part of our uniform, in a crazy print in nice polyester silk. Mmm.....

BTW, has anyone else got armies of girls in those 'shit-catcher' pants wandering around? The jersey ones, gathered waist, with the crotch down by the knees.
They're sort of growing on me, but are they wrong?
yeah, um, all those pictures are pretty much the sort of thing you'd see this one girl who everybody knew was trying Way Too Hard wear to a party.

which i'm pretty sure was the costume designers' intended look for her, quite self-consciously.
i think one of the worst outfit SJP wore on that show was the gingham crop top.

I was looking through that site that lot49 linked to see if they showed a picture of it, and they don't, but I noticed another one that I really, really hated:
Fair enough, Bklynhermit - but my point was simply that the intention was never "classical elegance" on the one hand or "fashion victim" on the other on either the creators' or the costumers' part (and the guy who does the commentaries was chiefly involved throughout the whole series - maybe more of a head writer? - who worked closely with P. Field). She didn't blindly wear whatever was popular (again, Samantha always seemed to fall under that category more, right down to the episode where she goes to war over the right handbag); she tried way too hard to be "unique" (often with disastrous results) precisely b/c she didn't want to look like every other fasion plate.

ETA: Hee - thanks, Lot49.
i'm afraid i have nothing to contribute to the SITC discussion. i don't think i ever liked one friggin' outfit on that show. and as someone who's deathly allergic to high-heels, just looking at fuck-me pumps gives me anxiety attacks.

re: the age thing. i think it's all about confidence. how you wear something. i have yet to wear my pink and black converse hi-tops out in public. because i'm a 46 yr-old-pussy.

today's COF is taking place several miles above the earth: i think NASA should rethink the white socks thing. perhaps all is sterile up there, but those socks are still looking grungy. and the chick with the pony-tail is rocking the pippi-longstocking look in zero gravity. and not in a good way.
What bugged me is that they would take an outfit I actually like and then ruin it with a stupid belt/accessory, ugly jacket, or just deliberately wear it in an unflattering way. A dress like that is probably too pink, too poofy, too prommy for most people, but I think it totally suited her character and where she was going (literally and figuratively) in that episode.
I always loved Miranda's clothes...

that's all I got
hellotampon, I always thought of that outfit as "recycling", as she obviously took my great-aunt's wallpaper and made a coat of it....
I fucking hate Sex and the City. Such a lame-ass show masquerading as a way of life, not the kind of life I'd ever want in a bazillion years. There, I said it! ::snickering::
re: age thing
not only is it about confidence, it's about freakin fashion sense. pink and black converse hi tops are a very different bird than payless tennis shoes. (by the way, i think converse look classy on everyone. i hope to be 75 and wearing converse and jeans)

i certainly had no intent on insulting anyone who may be older than the fifth grade here, but it seems to me that if we can come into this thread to bitch about people dressing unflatteringly to their size, era, hairstyle, or even in contrast to our own personal taste, we can also bitch about people dressing unflatteringly to other things.

Hmm. . . the dreaded Carrie Bradshaw portfolio. I once heard her "look" described as "organ-grinder monkey." And, yup, sure was.

Maimy, you doll, wear them Chucks! I'd say pair 'em with knee-length, close-fitting white shorts, a man's wide belt, a tank (show off them fabulous 46-year-old shoulders), a nice watch (a cool steel chronograph, say), and Chanel No. 5.
whoops! That should have been addressed to Mandolyn, and I meant chronometer. I'm standing by the Chanel, though!
mouse, confidence and fashion sense are important at any age. But age... sense becomes more important. You can dress young without people thinking "mutton dressed as lamb". Case in point when I went to my brother's school. One of the mothers was wearing a floaty, babydoll sundress, black leggings, flat ballet pumps, a little black tee and huuuuge black sunglasses. She might have been in fashion, but it didn't look quite right, even though she had the figure to pull it off. "Nother mother, in black polka-dot shirt and jeans - perfect, and fashionable. It's about what suits.

mando, you should wear 'em. With pride. Speedy is so right.
seriously, i'll be wearing my chucks til i am too old to bend down and tie them.
at which point i may invest in the ones sans laces.

SITC is such drivel, fashion and content-wise. not relevant, at least with anyone i actually know.
Well, I certainly didn't watch it for worldly guidance. That's not what TV is for :-) It's funny. What's even funnier is watching people walk around town who are clearly thinking that it WAS relevant to their lives, and that SJP's character was someone to emulate. Yikes!
exactly, luci.

i have to say i never watched it when it was on, and i've only seen it now because edited down reruns come on one of the few channels i get right after seinfeld reruns at like 11pm. which happens to be the most likely time for me to be flipping through my 3 channels looking for something mindless to quell my boredom. and if PBS is having a fundraiser, SITC wins.

i do have to say that if not for my straight guy roommate who would totally make fun of me, i would get the DVDs from netflix. i think it's actually kind of hilarious, in a "Lauging At Them" sort of way.

i always liked Miranda and her fashion sense, but UGH that hair... i want to go behind her with clippers and trim out the mulletty bits from the back. WTF was with that choice?
mouse, i'm sorry if i sounded snotty. i was in fact trying to make light, and maybe show the view from the other side. although i do tend to knee-jerk bristle whenever someone mentions anything middle-aged, but that's because of my own insecurities, and i do try hard not to project. i wasn't being sarcastic when i said i was a pussy. i am forever questioning whether i'm "trying too hard" to look younger.

and by all means. bitch away. i know there's nothing sacred in here. hey, i made fun of a female astronaut. how un-pc is that?

thanks for the thumbs up on the chucks! i shall think of you whenever i do find the gumption to wear them in public ... while people snicker behind my back, lol!
sorry to be a thread hog, but i have an urgent question: if a pair of pants is on the tight side, and produces camel-toe, will the camel-toe go away if i lose a few pounds? i'm thinking no, right? once a camel-toe, always a camel-toe, yes?

ok. that was waaaay to many 'camel-toes' for one post. ew.
chucks and jeans are always classy, mando.

seriously. as long as you're not wearing them with leggings or some other atrocity excusable only on a 19 year old, you're fine.

as to the camel toe, if it's a new pair of pants you're considering (or could potentially still return), i wouldn't chance it. you never know whether they'll go away or not. but i wouldn't throw out an old pair of pants that didn't used to give you camel toe for that offense alone (not that i'd wear them, i just wouldn't trash them yet). i think if you are realistically going to lose weight, keep em around for a while. you never know. i wouldn't have any expectations about it, though.
Mercy, I certainly opened up a big old can of worms with that one SATC comment! Or was it a big old closet of fashion crimes...?
Oh sixelacat, that wasn't the outfit I was referring to! I screwed up and posted the wrong link or something. The outfit I hated the most was the puffy shirt with those stupid black pinstripe pants that went up to the freaking BUST, that's how high the waistline was, and they had these weird straps that went over the shoulders like suspenders.
looking at that link, i think i know what the deal is with Carrie and her fashion crimes. in the beginning of the series (first couple seasons, which i had never seen), if that website can be trusted, she does kind of have a 'downtown' aesthetic, and nothing in any of those pictures is so terrible. but then about season 3 the gigantic bust flowers and weird striped pants and awful headscarves come along.
this is the look that has incurred hellotampon's wrath.

I actually kinda like the recycled wallpaper look in the link you accidentally posted before.

This is so much fun! I think I'm going to use my camera phone to take pics of all the fashion crimes I see and post them here.
Yup, that's it. And I kind of liked the wallpaper look too.
aw, I liked that look. In a "I like it, but only a madwoman like SJP would actually wear it" way. But as luci said, it's not for worldly guidance. Although SATC did teach me what teabagging was.
hee hee, lot49, her trousers are eating her torso! I hadn't seen that one!

It's not that that wallpaper coat looks horrible or anything, it's just that I expect it to smell of Avon's Youthdew and talk about Oklahoma's dustbowl days and the Great Depression....
bklynhermit, thanks for the CT advice! they are new pants, and not worth the risk, you're right. if i lose weight, i can always order them again.

the only thing i ever admired on carrie was how well she carried off the dark roots.
this morning as i was walking to work, wow! she's wearing xtra short black cotton shorts, like the ones you'd hang out in at home, but they are almost like undies they are so short. then, a white cheesy tank top. STILETTO black heels. with cotton short-shorts. hair was slicked back into a big bun, HUGE hoop earrings. very weird.

if she had been wearing a skirt iwth it instead of the shorts, i might not have noticed. but it was like someone wearing running shorts with 4 inch spike heels.

of course the men are all gaga but damn, that was just wrong....
Oh, man, I wasn't even out in public! Just going through my emails, when I see this subject line The best of gold and denim now on sale from Payless....

so wrong....
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