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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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Oh, dude - and I *owned* bodysuits, in the 70s AND 90s. The earlier model was a "blouse" top one, and now that I am thinking about it, what the HELL was the point of THAT?? The only possible use of the 90s bodysuits was that they stayed form-fitting, and you never had to worry about tucking during the "I wanna look like I think I'm from NYC" faux-sleek years. The lycra cling held down by crotch fasteners was the only reason to wear 'em! So ... pouffy blousy bodysuit? I am now dying to call my mom to ask her about that one, as it was her garment before my foolish 12-year-old ass took it ...

I actually faux-tan, but I use Neutrogena at home, and don't go for the coffe-bean burnish. I'm just dead-pale, and do find it improves the look of the skin on my legs, helping to hide scars a little bit, and making me slightly less blinding to the neighborhood kids. I also wear less and less and less makeup, and I really do think there is something about layering the fake-upon-fake thing. If I had fake tan, tons of makeup, bad dye job, fake nails, cheesy fake-hottie outfit - I'd be a CoF. But I feel that the minimization of fakes forgives one transgression a bit. It doesn't leap out quite so overtly on me, I think.

(I hope!)
Oh no! I totally wore bodysuits in the early 90's. But then i realized they were giant onesies for women and that didn't seem so sexy anymore.

Brett that is a definate COF!

I'm pale and I am okay with that. My skin was just not meant to be tan.
LOL, ginger, me too! I sometimes add, "My gramma died of skin cancer, so bugger off with your broiled skin and your cancerous chemical applications!!" (Ok, the second part of that sentence usually happens in my mind.)
this thread has brainwashed me to the point that as i was riding home tonight from my show, i could NOT wait to come and post how i was a total CoF.

walking down a side street in brooklyn, at 11:45 pm tonight, i was wearing:
no underwear
a black bra
a bubblegum pink gown with sequins and ruching at the waist --with a low cut back (see above black bra)
platform wedge peeptoes in dark green with gold sparkles on them
a lavender cardigan tied around my shoulders
a ratty fall wrapped on my head in a messy "beehive"
cat-eye glasses with rhinestones
messed up eye makeup and 2 huge red lipstick kisses on my cheek(s)

yes, i looked the hottness.
(i didn't feel like changing completely after performing tonight.)
Mentioned in Empress thread.
I felt bad for a lady at the new job today (community health clinic). She was wearing these too tight gauchos that exposed the entire topography of her butt. She might as well have worn nothing. She looked like she was really trying to make an effort too, nice enough blouse, didn't get to the shoes.
Miss Pissed, I have a total straight girl crush on you!

Okay. Bodysuits and leotards are so NOT the same thing and they should never be lumped together. Leotards would never in a million years be made with a snap-close crotch, people. Can you imagine that kind of a wardrobe malfunction during a series of fouettés en tournant or a grand jeté? My eyes sting just thinking about it.

Oh, and I noticed that I mentioned Lucy and Ethel in my third most recent post in this thread, and I mentioned Fred in my second most recent post in this thread. So I just have to be complete here and say that Ricky looked pretty damn handsome in those smoking jackets on the show. ::swooning::

ETA: And seriously, another reason why flip-flops should only be worn at the beach. Yesterday I saw a woman fall down the last few steps of her house. She was carrying a square table, the kind where the legs fold up -- and she was wearing flip-flops. Someone else was with her, so she didn't need my help, but the poor woman hurt herself pretty bad all because of those dumb, no-good flip-flops.
I love flip-flops. That is my contribution to CsOF. Well, probably not the only one.

But I would NOT wear them to work, and I would NOT wear them while lifting things, and I would NOT wear them while MOWING THE LAWN! (As this woman in my neighbourhood was seen doing yesterday.)
Raisin, hee - but I'd ask the privilege of sharing the MissP crushin's!

The one forgiveable aspect of bodysuits is that at least their central defining feature (the snap crotch) didn't show up in photos we can laugh at for years to come ...

*Taking lighter to photo album*
maimy, do not burn that photo album!

maybe that's why so many people who should be old enough to damn well know better are getting fashion amnesia about the 80's (and now early 90's). they destroyed all documentation of how bad they looked in it the first time.
OK I have a peeve. I just phoned it into my LJ.

I don't care HOW THIN you are. If you are walking toward me wearing miniscule short shorts, (white denim) and you have a darker tan that my ARAB ass does, (and you are eastern european polish white girl), I have a pointer for you.

WEAR SOME DRAWERS... I don't need to see half a vagina lip flap out at me and wave hello as you cross the street.

And Daisy Duke looked cute. IN THE 70s. You look like a freaking pig biotch with your lippy wave at me... k? cover yer shit up, or take a gander of yourself sans panties before venturing out? k?
aw, shucks. it was the black bra that lured you in, i know it!

walkingbitch, you rock.

i did some tour-guiding today with some out-o'towners, and we went to a few of NYCs major sites. i thought today would be chock full of insane fashion choices, but sadly it wasn't.

the only thing i DID see that caused a double take was the woman with the american flag pedicure. yes, folks. her big toes were the whole flag, and the other toes were red with white stars.
ugly, but very artistic.
Its not just the gauchos, its that folded over self-sash kind of thing that goes with. Who thought that up? Because its really ugly.
Hmmm. I am new here and I have been following this thread for a while - and a certain uncomfy feeling remains. Who are we to play fashion police? I used to wear garbage bags as T-Shirts in the punk era, safety pins through my ears and huge 80-ties Dynasty shoulder pads later. I squeezed myself into tiny lace leggins, tutus, velvetdresses with cowboy boots, pyjama pants as evening wear, cone bras a la Madonna, garter belts for parties, a vintage nightgown as my first wedding dress - but so what??? Why not experimenting and playing a bit? I find this judging other women a bit disturbing. I see a lot of women who's outfit I don't like and I am sure they don't like mine either. Live and let live... Isn't there a touch of "lets judge each other mercilessly" in that - the good old hostile game women play?
The only thing I find really annoying is when fashion bores me, like uniform fashion - something I saw a lot in the US. Bermuda shorts to the knees, long baggy T-shirt, shoulder lenghts hair with highlights, sneakers and tiny cut off Californian-plastic-surgeon-noses. But even that is ok, if the women feel cool in it. Just a thought. Tati
hey, we're really enjoy ourselves in here. if you don't like it, well, you know the drill...
don't go spoiling anything for anyone else eh? this is just a bit of harmless fun. and occassionally, the laugh i really need.
tatina, I honestly don't think anyone in this thread is seriously, honestly judging other women. The CoF thread has always seemed to be lighthearted and humourous; we post our own CoFs as well, and laugh at ourselves. We're not honestly trying to be offensive, and I'm sorry if you do think we're being cruel. (Although yes, we are being merciless, and bitchy, but I think everyone here is guilty of CoF as much as the people we describe. Except me. I'm always perfectly dressed and have never committed a single CoF ;P)

I'll confess to wearing those bodysuit things. Under jeans. My twelve-year old self was heartily confused (oh god, I'm dating myself) because it took forever to get undressed when I needed to pee.

And I'm using this weird "holiday skin" mosturiser that contains fake tan. Because my legs actually glow in the dark. Fake tan becomes dangerous when it looks really, really fake.

Walkingbitch, I think I love you.
Hey Pepper - it's not about spoiling anybodies fun - the more fun, the better! The more giggles and laughter, the better. On the other hand, fun on the expense of girls and women who might just have fun themselves and are experimenting with their looks, try on something crazy and wild and chose not to look like mainstream barbies - why?
On a more deeper level, my input was about encouraging myself and others to look into patterns of female hostility - we are so much harsher with ourselves than any man... Our selfhatred and our tendency to critize other women for every little faux pas is still an issue - even 25 years after womens lib. Tati
meh, if we were out there saying these things to other women's faces or snickering behind their backs in a hurtful way it would be awful. but this is an apporopriate venue for it, i think. we all think these things when we see some atrocious outfit, it's good to have a place to share and laugh about it.
i'm not that hard on myself, really. my mom was the ultimate feminist so i guess maybe i've got a leg up on the cosmo crowd in terms of self-acceptance. i wouldn't touch those magazines to make a fire (they smell funny when they burn, ha ha).
Heya Mornington - I understand. And no, I did not feel that anyone was cruel at all - but some postings were a teewee bit on the judgemental side. And it is not that I exclude myself, not at all. I catch myself judging other women all the time. I live in India and I hate saris, one of the most unflattering garment a woman can wear in my opinion. On the other hand I find myself amazingly tolerant about men's outfits - from sweaty T-shirts to bellies wobbeling over tight belts, to stinky sneakers. Its a discrepancy I notice in myself and others and I like to express it and explore it. Big smile, tati
I always liked saris when I was in delhi, how odd. I never wore one, but I was only a kid, and I always wanted one. They're not flattering, but I think they can be elegant. I like salwar kamese too.

I'm horribly harsh when it comes to clothing, but I think I'm just as hard on myself as I am on others. But if someone rocks a look, I'll say it too.

Oh, CoF from last night... what is it with private-school girls not brushing their hair and looking like they've been dragged through a bush backwards. Especially when you know they've spent hours straightening it.
i would love to wear saris and salwar kameez. i don't, because, um, cultural appropriation much? but oh, i would love to.

i occasionally feel icky about my fashion police routine, but then i remember that i'm far more often critiquing those who don't play or experiment or 'rock' a look, rather than those who attempt and fail. it's gauchos and leggings and all the latest stuff in cosmo that i hate, NOT aberrations from that norm.
Tatina, it's hard to make fun of what people are wearing without being judgemental!

If it doesn't feel fun to you, try some of the other threads like the ones in the F-Word and As the World Turns...those tend to be more serious, analytical, overtly feminist, etc. There's something for everyone around here, I think, but it bums me out when people try to change the more frivolous Celebrity Gossip and this one.

I wish I could think of a crime of fashion to wrap up with...please, please can we go back to making fun of clothes?

ETA: What bklyn said! I love people who experiment ...and I love someone who exudes confidence no matter what they are wearing. It's freakin' hot down here in NOLA, and the big women are breaking out the tube tops and short shorts...I love it when they wear it like they mean it!

I hate all the Tulane robots, on the other hand.
Yeah, saris... I guess I've just seen too many. For me they look great and very elegant on tall and slim women but - but thats not exactly the Indian bodytype. That bulging bellyfat that graces the Indian streets can be over the top. I mean, it's 6 meters of fabric. That can be alot around the hips... ;-) And forget about riding a bicycle or motorbike. Yeah yeah yeah - here I go, judgemental myself. I know, I know. It's in all of us, I guess.
Salwar Kameez can be nice, although not exactly the sexiest outfit of all. But great for travelling in Asia, if you want to be left alone. I once travelled with a Chador and that was the most peaceful journey I ever had.
Amalita, nice of you to show me the door, but I'm a fashion junkie AND a feminist and I read Vogue AND Camille Paglia. I don't want to split myself up in this OR that. And not leaving just because I don't agree with everything here and don't clap my little hands to everything that is said. Would be boring, non? Why not a little chilli and pepper once in a while?
i don't think that was amilita's point. generally the way it works here (which i am happy with only to varying degrees) is that there are certain threads which are considered mostly apolitical. this is one. in those threads, there's generally a hands-off attitude about whether the discussion is politically correct (within reason, of course). if you want to discuss politics, especially feminism, there's a whole section devoted to that. sometimes we set up counterparts there to the less political threads elsewhere -- for instance there are multiple threads there devoted to the beauty industry, sizeism, race/ethnicity, etc. where we often take conversations from these threads when they get political. i'm not always happy with this setup, but it's the way it is here at Bust.

and i really don't want to be mean here, but how is it not ok to criticize someone for wearing see-thru pants, but it is ok to criticize people who have more bodyfat than you'd care to see?

i secretly love that in india, it's ok for 80 year old women to run around in midriff baring tops no matter what they have going on in the abdominal area.

back to my beloved salwar kameez... i don't think they're unsexy at all. i mean, they're probably not seduction wear. but i think they're totaly hot. especially the tight tapered churidar ones. which is weird because i would totally report someone here if i caught them in tight tapered jeans and a tunic top, which is basically what that is.
Not saying you gotta all means, stay! But this is a fun thread; let us have our fun. If it's not fun to you, then leave.

And it is boring, actually, when someone new makes the same challenges/analysis in these threads and derails them again in the same aren't the first.
Okay, you asked for it...

My own CoF from some years ago (obviously): black scoopneck bodysuit with white levis. And some amazing cherry doc martins by red or dead, which looked stupid with the rest of the ensemble.
wow, white levis.

i give white denim less than 6 months before it comes roaring back. i mean, it's the natural progression from white leather, right?
Hey Amalita - again - I think both is possible. You can not expect a thread to be eternal sunshine and disneyland - sometimes, like in real life, somebody will raise a question. And then, later you laugh about it. There is always a move, a wave, a swing, a challenge - that's what keeps a conversation alive. It would be ridiculous for me to strictly box the serious stuff in the feminist threads and the funny ones here. List apartheid? Naaah. Life is always serious AND funny. I am new here, I play around and I have no history. If I don't like something, I say it and if I like something I put daisies in my hair and sing...and say it too. Maybe you had trouble in the past - it sounds like - but why cling on it and not treat a new person as a new person?

Bklynhermit, I think I have been pretty honest and clear about my own contradictions and my own judgements, bellyfat and all, if you check my mails...
And now. Can we close this case and bitchbitchbitch? Love, Tati
I think saris look great. I would love to wear salwar kameez - for, like the two months of the year it would be practical here. I think it is very flattering and graceful.
i think there's something really disingenuous about saying "i know this is, like, totally judgemental, but..." and then criticizing someone over something they have no choice about. such as whether or not they are fat, where they carry that weight, and what the local clothing customs are where they live.

especially just after you have come into a thread and complained that we all catty bitches for pointing out that people should not wear pants that enable others to see their genitals.

but, yeah, let the bitchfest begin...
Maybe I had trouble in the past? What are you talking about? Of course I've had trouble, but I just like this thread to stay fun, that's psychoanalysis needed.

I'm gonna wait to post until I have a COF to report! Sorry for contributing to the derailment!

Those labia-revealing shorts are cracking me up.
Helloo-oooo! Byklhermit! I have never said anything here was "totally judgemental" or called anyone a "catty bitch". I have also not complained - I raised a question for discussion. It could be helpful if you would actually read the threads before you turn them into a Grimms fairytale. Basically, my dear, I am simply not interested in treating people with such negativity and I have been on enough forums where this kind of communication was going on. It is unkind, rude and it will take us nowhere. Where's the fun?

Amalita, I am not talking about your PERSONAL PAST or psychoanalyis. It was you who just told me that I am not "the first one" who disturbed this serene environment with unpleasant questions. So I assumed you had something going on here in the past.

About fashion: I can only write about the fashion where I live. Some don't like black bras, I don't like saris. Once I am back in Europe I will be happy to bitch about cameltoes in spandex pants. Nothing against labias, though... ;-)
Tatina, I think the point is is that we keep this thread for the frivolity. There are a couple of threads ("deconstructing the pretty girl" & "the other bush") where there is more serious discussion. It's just the way it is, and it keeps arguments from happening.

bklyn, white denim is back already. I saw it in h&m. the fear the fear the fear....

And you totally wrote why I love saris. the whole pan-age thing. There is no mutton-dressed-as-lamb.

i think it's weird when women with dark skin wear white pants in the summer with no undies. you can see their butts, like completely. someone else mentioned this, i keep seeing it and find it odd. of course all the men around here love it and stare...

fake tanner-i am SO guilty of that crime. i am soooo pale white and i tried fake tanner and i loved it but when i look at the pictures it's so humiliating to think that i actually went out in public all orange-like! eeek! thank god i accept my extreme whiteness now.

*returns the discussion to simple unadulterated CoFs*

just now, a co-worker walked by my office door. now, this is not a co-worker that is particularly known for her *style* but this one is much worse than i've seen in a while:

apple green tank/halter tunic? i'm not sure because it's got straps that go around her neck, but also around her shoulders. low cut, and the straps sort of form a knot in the middle of her chest and proceed around the neck. paired with a long knit black skirt, slit all the way to her way upper thighs. on. both. sides. and she finished it off with none other than fancy glittery sequined sandal-flops. add it to the kentucky waterfall with grown out highlights and we've got ourselves a criminal, ya'll.

yeah, i saw the white denim too. it's already back. as are zippers. at. the. ankles. (yes, i wore them. back in 7th grade...)

*hangs head in shame for considering a purchase of an oxford-style bodysuit from the VS catalog*
yeah, i've seen zippers already.

took a walk through SoHo yesterday, surprised i didn't see too many egregious CoFs. i think i'm just so over the tourists that the hipsters aren't pissing me off as much. and the tourists are so much less fun to criticize, because they're so uniformly boring: outfit that could perhaps have passed for stylish 5 years ago + too much makeup and overstyled hair + white socks + annoyingly over-secure fanny pak or money belt = tourist.

seriously, when i see out of towners white knuckling their money belts in SoHo, i just want to go up to them and say, "THIS IS THE RITZIEST NEIGHBORHOOD EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. NOBODY IS GOING TO MUG YOU."
I'm judgemental, and not apologetic for it. And Vagina lip flap waving is a crime. period.
::laughing at this whole thing::

Oh, and you know what? I totally have been wanting to go to the Indian store in my neighborhood and learn some basic ways on how to wear a sari. I totally think they're gorgeous.
WB, I don't think anyone can argue that. And, knowing what I happen to know about you, I'm hardly going to be the volunteer to try!

Saris are beautiful, but right now, with heat reaching for 100 and humidity being high, that much fabric sounds terribly warm to me. Especially silk, which I think of in my mind as the fundamental textile for saris. No breathability! Maybe in September it'd be a lovely garment to wear, but right now I'm all about minimalizing.

That and "cultural appropriation much?" - Bklyn, EXACTLY. I'm a freckle-faced WASP from VA, nobody's buyin' me in a sari any time soon!
I know, I feel slightly bad about the cultural appropriation of wearing a sari and not being Indian. I don't think it would stop me, though!
I have a Sari that my ex MIL brought back from Saudi...Roseviolet had one too. We always used to joke about wearing them to the airport so that we could drink and eat pork in front of passers by...(this was pre 911 when you could actually hang at the airport)
COF-just about anything you see in a teen fashion mag these days. I looked through Cosmo girl yesterday and was AMAZED at what people call fashion these day...I guess I'm getting old. And when I'm 80, I will walk around with a purple midriff baring top no matter what kind of belly flab I have going on!
i think it would be OK for me to wear a sari or salwar kameez if i had been to india and bought one. or if a good friend brought me one back or something. but i would feel so extremely weird going into a sari shop in Jackson Heights and trying to buy something. i mean, what would i say to the shop ladies? "oh, i just like indian clothes so much, you people really know how to dress?' it would be weird.

i do think that if i do any extensive traveling in the subcontinent, though, i'll definitely pick up the habit of wearing salwar kameez.
I went to an amusement/water park this weekend on a vacation with my family... the crimes were too numerous to report. My mother grumbled repeatedly about the "nasty, trashy" tattoos that were everywhere. I did not tell her about the little cat paws I have inked on my hip. :-)

But the worst CoF was not at the park, but in our hotel. It was a fairly nice hotel, and I was sitting out in the lounge with the familia, nibbling snacky foods and sipping cool beverages. Behold!

Woman, in her 40s or 50s? Wearing a white sleeveless dress. Dress was not too tight or too short or anything. No. But the woman had to have at least DD-size boobs. And NO BRA. NONE. Her boobs were at her waist, and her nips gave what I can describe as a cockeyed appearance. My whole family stopped and gawked, no one saying a word. Woman did not appear sunburned or any other issue that would maybe prevent or inhibit a bra. It looked like she was gonna trip over her boobs any second... it was a living rendition of Mrs. Chokesondick of South Park fame.

Family bonding indeed!
Maimy, the fundamental fabric for saris nowadays is polyester, but the nice ones are crepe de chine or georgette. Bklhermit, of course you can go into any Indian store and tell them you like Indian clothes and buy them, no problem! What makes it hard to get away with a sari though is the total ethno-look. While you can combine a short Kimono jacket with Jeans and a Chuba or a Salwaar with a Jeans jacket and boots and it will look great, a sari is a totally ethnic outfit, bindi and all, and I always giggle when I see white girls in it.
i made a few saris into pants and skirts. so nice. a yoga instructer bought the first pair of sari pants (purple with gold embroidery) i ever made right offa my ass for $50. too cheap yes, but worth it to have to wear my girlfriends spare skirt home and have a story to tell, definately.
Yeah, thats what I do too. I deconstruct saris and turn them into cute little tops and pants and then I love the exotic look and the great embroidery. You have to tune the whole thing down, give it an edge and then it works.
I am 37 and I won't even walk to the 7-Eleven without a bra on.

Odd...I don't find silk to be a heavy or unbreathable fabric. I find it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Of course, I am not rolled up in eleventy bazillion metres when I wear silk,'s usually just one layer! I do know how to wrap a sari, though, and I am on the hunt for the "perfect" one. I am also a freckled pale face, but because of my job, wearing one on occasion would be probably be viewed as a (naive but cute) gesture of respect, rather than an act of appropriation.
I have a confession to make.

i own a pair of white levis, but haven't been able to wear them because they ripped. I am waiting to get them to my friend who can sew. would wear them with a white tank, black leather belt and my black frye motorcycle boots.

I also go to the pool in a florescent orange terry cloth one piece jumper with a white zipper and a collar that I purchased for a nickle at a garage sale and black flip flops. total COF.
doodle, a family from india opened an import store here. many vintage saris and new cheepo versions that are really gorgeous. all my windows already have curtains but i'm searching for a place to hang up even More fabric!
My current greatest CoF:

My NorthFace fannypack. Love it more than life itself. I overloaded it so much that the belt frayed, and now it is clipped together with a pin from the Behind the Magic tour of the Magic Kingdom I took last year with Bill.

A fannypack. With a Disney pin.

I'd bow for you, if I could bend at the waist without my FANNYPACK riding up and smacking me in the back.
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