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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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hehe, you said "uggs" and I thought "crocs" and was visualizing you in crocs for some reason. Yikes!

I am sad that I cannot find non-Uggy boots that are as flexible on the ankles as Uggs are. Working on freezers and having to get up and down off the floor and kneeling on the floor for a good portion of the day, regular boots are sucky because they don't let my ankles flex and are hard on my knees. And winter is coming. Yuck. If anybody knows of any boots that would work for me, give me a shout. Please??
Tree, have you considered Blundstones?

Garmont also makes an amazing shoe. I have a pair of these winter boots, and they are amazing. They were a little pricey, but well worth it.
Jezebel posted an article about the Worst Fashion Trends of the past decade.

I'm trying to think of what CoF really turned me off. Here is what I got: skinny jeans, any emo wear, crocs, and the return of 80s fashion. I'm sure there is more.

Does any one have any fashion trends from the past decade that they shudder at?
gauchos! ick!
Harem pants, ponchos, white belts, trucker hats, girls jeans on guys, anything worn with "irony", Ed Hardy/SMET & Hollister.
High-heeled boots in the winter. In Canada. Hello?

I spent my lunch hour today watching otherwise sensibly-dressed women skitter all over the sidewalks and crosswalks like little tiny toddlers just learning how to walk.

Honestly. Boots with tall, skinny little heels? When there is snow and ice and slush freaking everywhere? I even went for a little skidder myself today, and I have bloody tire treads on the bottom of my boots. These women are tiptoeing around, clinging to the sides of buildings, sliding, falling, and just generally looking like idiots.

Ah yes. Fashion.
LOL Doodlebug-but haven't you heard? Those tiny little stiletto heels, well, they're just ICE PICKS. rolleyes.gif
Can I just say that that Jezebel article made me feel really, really OLD? All of their readers were in high school in the early 2000s. I was twenty-six on Y2K. I dressed like a total dork from about 87-97. OLD!

And to add to bad 2000 trends: ANYTHING JUICY COUTURE.
Ice picks.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jan 6 2010, 12:25 PM) *
Can I just say that that Jezebel article made me feel really, really OLD? All of their readers were in high school in the early 2000s. I was twenty-six on Y2K. I dressed like a total dork from about 87-97. OLD!

And to add to bad 2000 trends: ANYTHING JUICY COUTURE.

speaking of old..... juicy couture? are those the sweatpants with juicy on the ass?
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jan 6 2010, 11:25 AM) *
Can I just say that that Jezebel article made me feel really, really OLD? All of their readers were in high school in the early 2000s. I was twenty-six on Y2K. I dressed like a total dork from about 87-97. OLD!

And to add to bad 2000 trends: ANYTHING JUICY COUTURE.

I have you beat, AP. I was 32 on Y2K. smile.gif Talk about OLD!
I just don't understand how baring your flesh in 10 below weather bespeaks any fashion sense whatsoever.

Seen Saturday afternoon: miserable-looking girl at the bus stop with holes in the knees of her jeans about 10 inches long and extending from seam-to-seam. Honestly, she was shivering and looked like she was about to cry.

Seen Friday Night: girl in sleeveless minidress, open-toed HIGH heels (in the snow), no stockings, raised pink gooseflesh all over her body, buying a hot dog from the vendor outside the bar.
doodle, I went to a club last week and saw similar CoFs. I saw numerous girls in mini skirts, no pantyhose to even cover their legs a little bit, and girls wearing high heeled SANDALS! Is frostbite the popular new look?

I don't understand it. I had on an undershirt, regular shirt, hoodie, jeans and knee socks. And yes, I was very warm.
Um, I used to do this. When I was 19-21, the hottest club in town was a few blocks from my apt. We'd drink, party it up at home & around ten or so head down there half naked. It saved us valuable money on coat check, plus it sobered us up a little bit. It was the walking home that was problematic. I remember once taking off my heels & running through the powder to get home.

Now as a grown up, I laugh. I used to perch on the wall of a parking garage with my cold weather gear & drink a beer watching all the half naked chicks waiting to get into the club.
I call myself out as a CoF. I was looking at pictures from my teens. Research is correct that adolescence lasts until the age of 27. It is funny to see what worked and definitely what didn't in those years. I winced at some of the photos. blink.gif
no one has seen any fashion crimes in 7 months? i refuse to believe that...

saw a dude today who had ripped off the sleeves of his white t-shirt, and ripped open the side seams, them tied it back together at the hem. wtf? it looked like a poncho.
Girl, ain't hardly nobody been up in here in seven months but us chickens!
Woman on the train this morning - 30-ish, smartly dressed for work with skirt, jacket, white scoop-neck top....

... and a bright-pink-with-yellow-flowers bra clearly visible underneath!
Can I ask a weird question?

Bras. They come in many different styles to suit the many different necklines available. I myself have four diff convertible bras, black & beige in colour & two diff styles: one a regular style & the other a plunge for low front/back/sides. I can wear them with anything & they each come with a set of normal straps & clear straps.

So . . . WTF is up with wearing a bra that doesn't match your top? I keep seeing these women in lovely maxi dresses with hot mess bras. Gorgeous summer gowns with standard straps glaring obviously from spaghetti straps, racer backs, halters, etc. Not only that, but wrong colours or heaven for fucking fend DIRTY WHITE bras that are nappy off gray.
I'd rather wear a hairshirt than a dirty white bra clearly visible through my clothes.
My boyfriens is a laid-back man, but his only pet peeve when it comes to women's clothing is a cut-out back with the bra-band running right across the gap. If you don't have the bra/bosom to carry that sort of top off, why would you buy one? Ick.

Oh, and on a side-note I was mildly embarrassed the other day as my male flatmate handed me a pair of comfy grey knickers that had ended up in his washing. At least, I was until I looked closer and realised they weren't mine! Apparently his occasional FWB must have thrown them in his laundry basket out of habit while drunk. We were all confused.
First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a horrible looking muumuu. blink.gif
Okay. A fashion trend that I have seen for the past couple years that disturbs me: the faux fur vest or gilet, as they are called abroad.

I love faux fur, I do. I have three fantastic faux furs that I cannot wait to wear again & I would like to pick up two more. The ones I have are all fantastic cuts, I particularly like a sapphire blue coat with a big round collar. But a vest? Especially one that looks like it was made from the carcasses of the synthetic monkey-fur looking jackets (Another CoF!) of a few years ago? YIKES!
went to the farmers market today... thursday afternoons seriously bring out all the hippies in town. it's kind of amazing.

then there are these people:

woman wearing a screaming-yellow, see-through floaty skirt and bright purple tank top. and hot pink gladiator sandals. it made my eyes hurt.

some guy running around with ripped-up patchwork pants and nothing else on. no shirt, no shoes... and it was kind of chilly today, too.

QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 17 2010, 12:29 PM) *
I call myself out as a CoF. I was looking at pictures from my teens. Research is correct that adolescence lasts until the age of 27. It is funny to see what worked and definitely what didn't in those years. I winced at some of the photos. blink.gif

One day I'll brave up and post the photo a friend found of me in a travel magazine. Queen St Toronto, street vendor, me at 15. I won't even try describe what I was wearing, or my hair oh ack. Leave it say that it involved asymetry, torn scarves and bleach spatters. *embarassing!*
I saw the most amazing/horrible outfit last night. I can't decide if this dude was serious about it or wearing it for shits and giggles. I will give him mad props for committing to a look. Even if the look was just awful.

He had on cut off jean shorts, a jeans vest and a layered white t-shirt under a cropped red t-shirt and converse low tops. What really put his look over the top was that he was at least 6'3 and was showing a whole lotta leg.

Then there was a dude in a kilt, shirtless with a jeans vest.

wow just wow.
Sounds like jeans vest are in this Fall. laugh.gif tongue.gif blink.gif
mmmmmm Kilts, yummy wub.gif
i'm with deschats. kilts are yummy. wink.gif
I agree that kilts are sexy, but they are traditionally supposed to be knee length. Sounds like dude may have been wearing his kilt like a mini. Unless a dude is in drag, minis are verboten!

And I'm pretty much against anything denim but jeans & the odd jacket. Vests? And heaven forbid, cutoff SHORTS? On men? NO. JUST NO. PLEASE.

Why do guys think it's okay to load on the denim? I've seen denim shirts with jeans more times than I'd care to admit. Usually with sneakers & those awesome* braided leather belts.


I've got a denim shift dress! It's quite dark, thin denim, just above the knee, form-fitting and with a slit up at the back.

It looks hot smile.gif
I've got a vintage dark stretch-denim, strapless jump-suit - it looks good I swear!

BUT denim crimes are legion. Yesterday I saw denim jeans paired with denim jacket - that's a no. Their only saving grace is they weren't acid wash.
-White halter top. Stretched out and old looking. Also too short.
-Black bra under the halter top. Totally exposed in the back-- band riding up, straps hanging out. Clearly not supportive either.
-Back pleather shorts with a little playboy bunny logo. Also ill-fitting... baggy in the butt.
-Ugly black wedge slide sandals
-Blue bandana tied over her head
Burlington Go train station, I have my fingers crossed this was a parody.

Skin tight acid wash MOM jeans (*shudder* that's enough, right?) with a black satin rock band jacket (can't remember the band, sorry, blocked some details from my mind) with faux leopard skin wedge boots and the ugliest, rattiest, backcombed dark rooted bleach job. Ugh ugh ugh. Pretty sure there was a belt, jewelry and a bag to go with it all but my eyes just shut off after even this much detail.
Oh, Lenny, you are a fashion don't here. But, I still find you hot.
That photo is the logical end result of 'metrosexuality'. Also those boots are fugly.

I'd still do him though.
sukouyant, I agree with the denim. I see way too many ppl in my city wearing denim on denim every single day.

And yeh, WHAT was Lenny thinking? Dear lord.
Hi guys, first time here, want very much be one of your group.
Sorry I don't have special opinion on this topic.
Well, i am new.
But so sad I can't post a new thread, I got a questions want to ask, don't know why, some here will understand me and give me help.
I've been a quiet girl, act right, act normal, not speak bad words, good to others. I fall in love with a guy, and I thought we will be together at the end, but he told me last week, he love other, and I am not the right person!
I manager to know the girl he love, hot and sexy, wild and cool, totally different with me, I am so humiliation!!
All this year, I've been the same look, I even hate myself now.
Should i make a change, and become pretty as the girl like that, and get my bf back.
I am not sure and I am confused.
I ask my bf out next week, and I want to shock him. Should I bought clothing same as the girl? pls help me to decide, and pls anyone tell me if the following dress is hot, sexy and attractive or not!!

1. Rose short dress (I love the color)

2. sexy dress ( friends recommend me the brand)

It's so long, but thank you for reading, I am almost getting crazy now. Thanks again.
Me to I want to create new thread but its hard for me. I want to share my ideas about on eyelash. I hope that someone can help us.
So it seems like floral prints aren't going away for awhile. I'm afraid of looking like I'm in jr. high by wearing floral jumpers. Anybody have any tips on wearing florals and not looking like I've just gone through a horrible 90's time warp?
Fashion is main part of girls/women's and they're incomplete without fashion.
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