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Full Version: Crimes of Fashion part Deux...this time, it's personal.
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I think thirtiesgirl described my typical office attire--black, boot-cut pants (natural fibers cost a lot more than the pairs I bought at Target) and a 70's-print blouse from eBay (my sense of "whimsy"), either with black heels or a pair of flats (other footwear I own doesn't go with the outfit). It has more to do with trying to look nice, follow a dress code and being able to afford the clothes than anything else, not to mention this is what most stores are selling for business wear. Personally, I hate khakis and polo shirts with a passion, most of the dresses I see in the shops look horrible on me, and unless I wear boots or tights, skirts are out of the question because I want to cover up my tattoos.

I don't know, at the last office I worked, most of the my female coworkers wore floaty tops and skirts instead of the outfit she described, and floaty tops look terrible on me.

Lilac, floaty tops look terrible on most people. Heh. laugh.gif
thirtiesgirl - oh my god, speak it sister!
That's probably what I would wear if I worked in an office. What are people supposed to wear, a power suit?

I couldn't even tell you what the girls in the office where I work wear, it's so boring and not cute. I have seen one girl tottering in super high heels and I have a feeling that if I paid attention I'd probably notice her in one of those horrible beigey-tan sweaters that are really long. I think tan sweaters are possibly the worst thing ever. They make me happy to wear scrubs, and nowadays you see cute scrubs all the time. Although last night I noticed someone's red pants with a little Nascar tag. I don't get it, I really don't. At least the medical show brand scrubs (like "grey's anatomy" brand) make sense, although I probably wouldn't wear them either.
I agree about the retail-salesperson-wear, but it's true that some girls have to dress that way to keep the job.

Okay, I'll rephrase that, they don't have to dress in that specific way, but it impresses the boss more if you wear that more upscale-office attire that include aggressively pointy-toed heels and the mini-jacket things.

I was always a round-toe kinda girl at the office. That usually includes one of those Khols one-piece combo things that looks like a button-down shirt and sweater vest put together. This is not the most fashion-forward of looks and points you out as a style half-asser to those in the upper-echelons of snooty business casual. No matter how great I did my job and took on extra tasks, I still wasn't part of the cool perfume counter club.
I should admit that when I'm at work, I wear a variety of what I wrote below. Because I'm a top-heavy gal with wider shoulders, slimmer hips and legs, and a thick torso, it's hard for me to dress in skirts. ...Well, I should clarify: it's hard for me to find tops that look good with a skirt. If my boobs and torso were smaller, it would be easier to find fitted blouses that look good with skirts. And dresses, although I usually look nice in them, are too overdone for my job as a school counselor. I don't want to come to work looking like I'm ready to go out for cocktails. So I tend to wear tunic-y tops (usually something that tends to have a '30s-ish or '70s-ish drape to it, particularly kimono-style or wrap tops), and those just don't look good with skirts. So I wear a lot of 'work casual' pants, most of them boot-cut twills, or trouser-style pants.

BUT I don't go for the all-black wardrobe with high heeled pointy boots. That just seems so overdone to me. I want to tell the ladies to mix it up a little, go for some interesting color: chocolate browns, greys, navy, taupe, olive drab. Or textures like houndstooth, glen plaid or herringbone. I do this with my work pants and my blazer jacket type things, too (yes, I do wear them, but I don't match them to my pants, and I always try to go for interesting colors and textures). And try something other than high heeled black boots on your feet. There are all kinds of cute flats and wedges that work well with work casual pants. I should know; I own about 200 of them. I also like the idea of expressing your sense of style and self through unique accessories and bags.

I like lilacwine's suggestion of a vintage blouse with work casual pants, and I totally hear you on the khakis with polo shirts look that seems more like a uniform than an individual sense of style. Ugh ~ polo shirts. I just don't think they look good on women unless you have a more boyish figure.

I guess my point is, if you have to wear work casual or more upscale work attire, try some unique colors and accessories. And stop the madness with the pointy toed boots and black with a "pop" of color. Hot pink, salmon-orange and bright minty green were invented for bridesmaids' dresses, not girly-cut button-down shirts and sweaters.
well i would have to say that i consider myself very fashion forward and experimental in my dressing, but despite your comment about the bright colored tops, i gravitate towards them. i agree with the comments below about price being very much an issue. certainly i would look more professional and more 'grown up' if i could afford to shop in nice boutiques, or hell, even moderately fancy department stores. those clothes LOOK expensive. its not a matter of me thinking i look like the cats meow in my imitated versions of classier brands, its a matter of budget. i cant convince myself to spend $100 plus on every pair of shoes i buy, when i have debts that need paid first. i would love to buy suits from victorias secret and prance around in dolce and gabbana heels, but it isnt practical, or plausible. i dont think brightly colored tops look cheap, its a matter of how they are worn. i personally feel that with my dark hair, dark eyes, and usually dark pants, a easter egg colored top is flattering.

while im going on and on, i would have to include the fact that for a 20 something in a business environment who hasnt had years and years to build up a professional wardrobe, there are relatively few options. the super professional tailored suit jackets and blouses look ridiculous and boxy on a younger girl. it is a period of transition, and it doesnt fall into place all at once. i know this, because i am one! i have struggled for years to achieve that polished look without feeling guilty about spending money that i am not yet earning enough of. i guess my point is, give us young professionals a break. if all we can afford is a few pairs of dark pants and one or two pairs of go-to heels, than thats it for now.

what i do think is hideous, is any synthetic fabric. how about complaining about those 70's print polyester reproduction tops where the belt is attached and ties in a bow in teh back and makes you sweat like none other? not to mention the unabashed display of any and every roll. THAT is not cute, and there is no excuse for them. however, stores that cater to teens and 20 somethings refuse to stop making them and displaying them. to me, they have cheap, fashionless, cannot coordinate so i bought a top with every color in the rainbow in it, etc,,,written all over them.

whew. all done. i feel better.
yeah, no. i'm a deeply, deeply budget shopper and it *is* possible to find office clothes that are not polyester flared pants (that pill the second you put them in the wash), badly made button downs (and occasionally the zip-down...shudder) that shrink two sizes, and those hideous little cropped business jackets with fake pockets and printed-on pinstripes. about "natural fibers" being too expensive, um, you can score amazing shit at any thrift or goodwill store that's usually miles better quality than anything you'd find at fashion gal. the look thirties is talking about is totally business-sexy and it is FUG LY.
really not trying to be argumentative, but i never said i wear black flared polyester pants and i specifically said i hated synthetic fibers. so, im on board with that. i dont think i own anything in a synthetic fiber, to be honest, i avoid them like the plague. and yes, i spend a lot of time in thrift stores supplementing my wardrobe with quality items; silk camisoles, sweaters, scarves, the occasional jacket. i think i took issue with the bright pink or orange tops mostly. i love citrus colors, and they look good on me. i hear ya on the cheapy crap, no personality, no sense of style. bleh, that is all.
I do most of my shopping at Target, Old Navy, JC Penney and Mervyn's (before it goes bankrupt), plus a few online shops that make plus size clothes. It's rare for me to spend over $40 for a pair of pants or a top, or even a pair of shoes. But I believe that I manage to look professional (as professional as I need to look working at a school, which is, I'll admit, more casual than the corporate world, in which I've also worked), and maintain my sense of style at the same time. I don't feel that I look generic or like I'm wearing a uniform with my outfits, which is how I see the usual 'business-casual wear' of black bootcut pants, a bright top and high heeled boots worn by so many women in the work place. When I shop at places like Target and Old Navy, I also try to stay away from the 'trend' items or typical standards (for example, crewneck sweaters) that I see so many other people buying in those stores. Both ON and Target (especially Target) sell items online that they don't sell in their stores - at least not in my neighborhood. So I'll look for things online that I wouldn't otherwise find in their stores. My intent is to put together outfits that, while still work appropriate, don't look like things that other people are wearing.

...At any rate, back to your regularly scheduled Crimes of Fashion. Since it's the xmas holiday shopping season, I'm indulging my inner hermit, and I haven't left my apartment in 3 days. Point being, I haven't seen any CoFs out there lately, since I haven't been out there. I leave it up to the rest of you brave souls to tell us what people should not be wearing.
yeah i was drunk & belligerent when i commented. it wasn't aimed at you, superluver, just the general sentiment of "but that's normal office wear!".

oh also confession, i'm becoming a leggings cof myself

Put the leggings down, Mouse. Slowly back away & nobody will get hurt. HAH!

Wait. When did crewneck sweaters become "trendy"? I thought they were a preppy classic. I mean, that's why I avoid them. I prefer a good v myself.

Good lord. This place is a fucking horror show. We're a good three years behind ANY fashion trend. The de rigeur ensemble for any early twenty-something with a figure (or without, natch.) is faux Uggs, skinny jeans, a sweat shirt touting whatever team, & one of those jackets with the ratty faux monkey fur trim. And HUGE acrylics. Lots of cheesy gold jewelry.

OMG! Is the UK importing Chavs to the states now?! blink.gif

COF: Woman at nail salon. Big stretchy capri pants (Yeah, she was getting a pedi, so was I but I still wore jeans. Her calves were like two giant, SHINY, pink hams.) with Quaker Factory matched holiday themed shirt/sweatjacket. SPARKLY wedge flipflops that she could barely walk in. Trowel applied make up. Huge gold frame glasses. And she worked a piece of gum around her mouth like a cow working some serious cud. She was so . . . cartoony. And not in a good way.

I ordered all of my cousins' gifts from Urban Outfitters because they are trend whores. My nineteen year old male cousin claims he has "Kanye West swagger". I'm not sure what that means, but I think I hit the nail right on the head.
QUOTE(alluna @ Dec 18 2008, 04:06 PM) *
This is a guy I caught walking around the Ohio Renaissance Festival last fall. It is a crocheted full body suit that someone had to have hand-made at some point. He found it in a thrift store in Toronto:

The Man-Onesie:

I imagine someone trying to thank their grandmother for this thing and then swiftly donating it.

holy crap I saw that guy too!!!! also, your icon looked really familiar even before I found out we had been at the same place at the same time at some point. I can't figure out where I've seen you before.
wink.gif thirtiesgirl- I hear ya on the inner hermit! Since I've started working from home, my holiday gifts included super soft blankets, slippers, a heat-up aromatherapy back thing, tea, a Tempur-Pedic pillow and lots of stereotypical bon-bons.

MUCH better than getting new blouses, desk calendars, cutesy post-its, and high-heel gel insoles like last year. (Okay, I secretly miss the cute office supplies.

blink.gif Discowombat- I sent you a message. I dunno where you saw me, but I'm betting it was at the front gate at the ren faire, I was probably dancing around and taking your ticket. Talk about crimes of fashion, our uniforms were HIDEOUS. We were told that they were supposed to be period-accurate, but the ill-fitting elastic waistbands on the pants told me otherwise. The pants didn't fit ANYONE because of the elastic and I couldn't understand why the hell they didn't just use drawstrings, which would have been period-accurate AND adjustable. *facepalm* Nothing says 'I love my job' like a yellow and green disaster with ill-fitting pants.

For your consideration:

The hat isn't supposed to be that way, I'm just a horse's ass and wanted to up the Purple Pieman factor.
oh my alluna- quite stylish ! I do think it could have been worse though.. there could have been a feather on your cap- or tights ! dry.gif

last night's cof: this is nit-picky I suppose, but falls w/ in our lounge's standards I believe.
late 20's-early 30's woman.. super cute pixie bob haircut (thirtie's- you'd have loved the cut too!)
jeans, appropriate belt w/ them, ugg-type boots (but we were at an ice-hockey game & it's cold in there so I'll allow them) : black hoodie - good - sparkly gold design on the back -- a Peace Sign, in Big Thick Ginormous sparkles - and then in equally thick gold lettering - P I N K down the arm.
1st of course, is the vc & the whole pink issue, but for me, the peace sign actually Means Something.
it's not trendy. it's not FASHION.
I wear a small silver peace ring on my right hand, and now sometimes a very small gold/diamond peace pendant that is admittedly, pretty, but also understated & tasteful.

I guess this is a personal ephiany for me but- when did our country's morals & beliefe's become interchangeable

there ought to be a law. sad.gif
Oh, Freckle, I know exactly what you mean. What you saw was a peice of suuuuuper tacky sportswear from Victoria's Secret. The line is called Pink and it's all sooo very ugly, but bougie soccer moms and sorority girls just love the stuff. It's almost all that awful Pepto Bismol pink color and engrusted with rhinestones and glittery crap. They love to wear that shit where I live with their stupid looking logo-ed out aspirational bags (Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney). Barf. blink.gif It's like the sorority girl/middle aged-woman who raids her daughter's closet uniform.
Is this replacing the Juicy Couture stuff that I see so many bougie soccer moms and sorority girls wearing (love that description, btw; it is now part of my lexicon)? Not that replacing Juicy Couture is a good thing; I despise the whole "designer sweat suit" look, especially when paired with Ugg boots or some other kind of awful slipper-boot footwear. It's just interesting to see Vicky's Gossipbox...erm, Victoria's Secret...cashing in on the trend. Not surprising, though; just interesting.
Thanks, Thirties. I love to say bougie soccer mom. When I go to get my hair cut, I tell the girl lady that does my hair that she can have free reign over my hair so long as she doesn't make me look like a bougie soccer mom. Heh. Word on the Ugg boots. They are fUGGly. They aren't even in anymore and haven't been for the past two years. Why won't they just go away, already?!
ok bougie pronounced ' boozhee?' (sort of anyway)?

I'm afraid that sometimes I may tinker on the verg of that from time to time.. bc I bought some fugg knock off's a few years ago for frecklette at payless, but honest to Maud did NOT know that's what they were.
they were just cute, light pink calf boots w/ lamby fabric inside. frecklette really didn't ever wear them, so I have a few times that last year, but bc they - were- warm.
as the mr calls me the Ice Queen, not such a stretch.

and ok, I am longing for that suv that I swore I'd sooner kill myself than posses,, but we have 2 very very Big puppy's that don't fit into my car if we want to take them & frecklette.. but never ever- EVER- will I wear vc (I personally think viet cong or Visitor's Center when I hear that) pink crap on my body.
in fact I've forever thought that if a clothing maker wanted me to wear their lable, they out to then Pay ME for the advertising I was providing.

cof sorta.. I saw a young woman who could have been a dead ringer for jessica simspon's twin sister yesterday, tacky too tight chothing and all.
I went grocery shopping today and saw at least three pairs of Ugg boots in about five minutes, so I'm pretty sure they'll be around here for a while longer. Of course, I live in the middle of nowhere, so fashion forward is about three years behind almost everywhere else...

I dunno, a part of me wants to forgive them because they are warm and it is very cold here, but at the same time, there is other footwear that isn't as ugly and just as warm.
I'm still seeing Uggs everywhere. It seems they went underground for a while, but now they've resurfaced. Blech.

I'd really like to know when it became socially okay for a mother and daughter to look almost identical, complete with hair nad make up. Oh god, it's like attack of the Hilton's everywhere. *vomit*
I wear crocs. I wear dirty dingy off-brand white crocs with a hello kitty button-thing stuck in one of the stink holes. They make my feet sweaty and dirty in all scenarios, regardless of my environment. If I walked around for two seconds in a hospital room, these things would actually yank dirt particles from the sky and tuck it between my toes. The grindle grease that I accumulate in a day wearing these babies outranks your dad's duck butter any day of the damn week.

However. There's no evil plastic flip-flop penis fucking between my big toe and my second toe while I'm naively walking down the street. Just not down with the toe gang bang. I don't get home at the end of the day to find out that my delicate jam has been scraped away to reveal the raw pink layer #3 of my epidermis. The crocs slip onto my dogs with ease, like foamy slippers made of Cool Whip and there's no hanky panky thong bastard beating my webbing raw like a bad little school girl.

I wear crocs. SO THERE.
So I guess Alluna's a prosaically purple CoF.

Yeah, CH, it's pronounced "buzh-ee", sort of. (Just like it's root, "bourgeois" & I LOVE that word.) At least that's how the coloured folks pronounce it. EG: "Girl, why you trippin' & actin' all bougie?" I came from a solidly upper middle class background & a lot of the less fortunate little black girls in HS frequently harrassed me for being "bougie".

I've noticed the mom/daughter matching skank wear, too! It's so WEIRD! I always remember trying to NOT look like my mom, but the times they are a changin'. Matching tracksuits, matching makeup/spray tans/hairdos, etc. And it's *really* weird when the daughter is like, sixteen & the mom is like, thirty-six. Dressing like a kid isn't gonna bring your youth back, lady. And that ass? Ain't so juicy any more. It reminds me of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls as one of the Plastics' moms . . .
QUOTE(alluna @ Dec 30 2008, 04:29 PM) *
I wear crocs. I wear dirty dingy off-brand white crocs with a hello kitty button-thing stuck in one of the stink holes. They make my feet sweaty and dirty in all scenarios, regardless of my environment. If I walked around for two seconds in a hospital room, these things would actually yank dirt particles from the sky and tuck it between my toes. The grindle grease that I accumulate in a day wearing these babies outranks your dad's duck butter any day of the damn week.

However. There's no evil plastic flip-flop penis fucking between my big toe and my second toe while I'm naively walking down the street. Just not down with the toe gang bang. I don't get home at the end of the day to find out that my delicate jam has been scraped away to reveal the raw pink layer #3 of my epidermis. The crocs slip onto my dogs with ease, like foamy slippers made of Cool Whip and there's no hanky panky thong bastard beating my webbing raw like a bad little school girl.

I wear crocs. SO THERE.

I wear flips flops as soon as the mercury climbs above 55. The skin between my big toe and next toe doesn't feel pain anymore. I love them. Besides being cheap and bearing no brand name (so there's no 'off' brand fussiness), it's the closest you can be to barefoot without touching the dirty ground. Plus, they give me a chance to show off my only real remaining vice: pedicures.

Crocs are just fugly. They might feel like a thousand puppy kisses, but I'll never, ever know, because I'll have to be dead and cold to allow them near my feet. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd crawl, zombie-like, out of my rotting grave just to huck the offending rubber eyesores as far away as the wind will take them. wink.gif
Damn, yo. Ev'rybody be droppin the footwear science today!
I purposely got the space between my big toe and the rest of my toes widened so I could wear flip flops.

...Kidding, kidding. Really. ...But I do have some space there, so it makes wearing flip flops easier. And this past summer, Old Navy made some Flojos-like flip flops, if you remember those. They were kinda like a rubber huarache with a strap that went around your heel and no toe penis thing. ON made some cuter ones with thinner straps (not the big, thick straps that Flojos used to have). Hopefully they'll bring them back next summer for all you flip flop haters. tongue.gif
I bought several pairs of those in several colours. I dig 'em the most. Comfy & functional.

If this world weren't so gross, I'd be like Britney in a truckstop bathroom. I love to be barefoot!

Which completely contradicts my love of shoes . . .
How much are we loving this sweater people??? How much???
is that wil wheaton????

geek le swoon.
Lol, yeah. That sweater makes me want to bone him too.
OMG. I think you just reignited my crush on Wesley Crusher. Gotta love uncle Willy!
Wil Wheaton...nom. I would post a picture of myself with him back in the day as an 8th grade CoF, but then I would have to kill myself.

A new department moved into the next section of cubes at work; so far they are bringing the bad trendiness hardcore. The best so far: a beige sequin-striped tunic sweater, a black choker, jeans tucked into boots, and entirely too much makeup and hair product. I saw her toward the end of the day, so I hoped that she had just changed to go out after work, but after observing her for a few days, I think not. Also, another woman wearing a nasty fake-satin shiny floral short-sleeved empire top...over a full-on ribbed purple turtleneck sweater. huh.gif

COF: Gold Lamee' leggings so tight they looked like they were painted on and an oversized sweatshirt!
At least the sweatshirt was oversized & you didn't have to (hopefully) see the naughty bits. When some girls wear those tight-assed leggings it looks like they're genitals/asses are hongry for yeast inducing fabric.
Gold lame camel toe...ick.
Wesley Crusher....ahhh. wub.gif

Only thing that trumps gold lame camel toe is perhaps a rubbery-spandex-vinyl camel toe:

CHECK the face of the girl in front of her with the camera phone, reviewing her brand new camel toe close-up. That girl was the wrong height at the wrong time.
OMG. Eyeball bleach, STAT!

You are simply evil, Alluna. I like that in a Bustie.
Man, it would take more than a finger to dig that shit out.
On that same subject, what is the deal with the plastic looking leggings that make women look like...well, plastic? They don't look good on anyone. The shiny leggings I can deal with, the plastic-y ones just go too far.
Christine Nectarine
i don't know, i find the plastic-y leggings (liquid leggings, i think they are properly known as?) kind of funny. a passing fad i'm sure, but they are just so ridiculous and wild, i kind of like them!
well, im picturing someone walking in them and making a major squeak noise with every step from the dreaded 'inner thigh rub' hahahaaaa, serves you right! leave latex in the bedroom, or fetish club laugh.gif
UHG I just started a dead end, call center job leaving me under umployed yet again, but dear maude the fashion crimes I have seen this training class!! It's shocking how people will show up for work - we are supposed to wear bussiness casual, but peeps are taking this casual thing waaaayyyy too far! Just a brief list:

Dirty, torn jeans
Nasty beaten-up athletic shoes
A Jack Daniels hoodie
LOW cut top with everything ya mama gave ya hanging out
Sweater with holes in it
Tank top (it's January in Ohio!)

I know it's lean economic times, but how about patching the holes in your sweater, polishing up your shoes and wearing a cardigan over your tank top or low cut shirt? You might as well walk into your training class with both your middle fingers in the air. blink.gif
after watching What Not To Wear today, I have a serious question for you Busties here:

are low top black Chuck's really a fashion faux pas in today's world?
I wear them w/ jeans & whatever.. never anything dressy or skirts/dresses though.

I'm 38 and it just dawned on me that maaaaybe they Don't come off as quirky/artsy, but just kind of stupid on someone my age as I know a lot of teens are wearing them now & I Don't want to look like I'm trying to copy that.
bc I'm not.
so not.
I'm all about the comfort and old school cool & flippin' the bird to the bougie women I see here.

please - give it to me straight?
Freckle, here's my 2 cents. I agree w/ What Not to Wear. I love Chucks, think they're comfortable and cute...but I just don't feel right wearing them at age 39. Also, for my own personal sense of style, they just don't work for me. My feeling is, unless you're a slender woman with a more athletic/boyish figure, I think Chucks shorten a woman's leg line. And if your legs look shorter, I think you look more child-like. It's the big white rubber toe. The white rubber makes the shoe itself look shorter, which, in turn, can make a woman's leg line look shorter. It definitely does for me.

Now I do, on occasion, wear other sneakers, but I don't own any with a big white rubber toe. I prefer a more streamlined sneaker, not one that's flat and wide like a basketball or skate shoe (which Chucks are). I prefer casual running-style sneakers (not professional running shoes, since those make me feel like I'm dressing to go to the gym). I have a pair of KangaRoos in royal blue which works with my jeans (blue sneakers with blue jeans helps elongate my leg line). I don't think they're making this particular style of Roos in royal blue any more, but grey and brown shades work well, too. I also have a pair of Asics like these. They're just as comfortable as Chucks, but they're more streamlined, no big white rubber toe, and I don't feel like such a little kid in them.
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.I suppose Polly, you are right.
and I had never once thought about how they might shorten my legs or the big rubber white toe issue.

it's just that... I Love them. most dearly. and... ok so a part of me, a BIG part of me likes the kid-like playfulness of them ( I also have them in bubblegum pink high tops but don't wear those but every great once in awhile) bc it matches the childlike joy I still have hung on to over the years, but,

I do have a pair of Pr!vo's that are sorta like this only in tan/blue & the strap is up across the toes. I bought them for frecklette orginally, but she's not a big fan of them and they were $90** (!) they feel Fabulous! they have this bumpy/cushony footbed that is wonderful & I can literally wear them all-day & forget I'm even in shoes. made by Pr!vo, which is made by Merrel or Teva I think. expensive but totally worth it.

does everyone else here agree w/ Polly on this ?

despite my whining Poly, I really do thank you sugar - hugs !
Noooooooo! Screw that. I love my low tops (especially the pair covered in comic book art!), and I'm 5"3 with titchy legs. tongue.gif

I love WNTW for showing us which clothes suit different body shapes, but that information is for us to take away and use as we see fit. Which is more important to you, looking like you have longer legs or wearing shoes you love?
hmm, by your quote Persiflager, I am certainly going w/ confidence! lol.
I do agree however, that it's probably time for me to update my style a little though; if I were in the "workforce" I might have felt more pressured to already but as such, have been able to avoid it most totally.
I think bc most of my 'income earning attempts' have been in the creative fields, it's allowed me to stay somewhat undefined, going w/ my moods as far as clothing in general.

many apologies Thirties- for calling you POLLY multiple times in my last post! rolleyes.gif
Freckleface, I say if you want to keep wearing your Converse, go for it! Who cares if they make your legs look a little bit shorter. How often do you go around judging the lengths of other people's legs, anyway?

Another option: Converse One Stars (click here to see a pic). I have a pair in black & really like them. They don't have the white toe cap, but the soles are still white & they have a star on the side. I also like that they offer more support than the old canvas Converse shoes. They are still cute, but have a slightly more grown-up feel. I bought mine at Target last year.

I agree that WNTW offers great advice, but their word is not law. Yes, I believe in age-appropriate dressing, but lets be honest: some people can get away with some items of clothing better than other people. My mom is in her 60s & I think she could look cute in Chucks, but they'd look wrong on her best friend who happens to be 10 years younger than her.
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